Learning Express Toys November-December 2018 Catalog

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Squishy Squad* Slow-rising backpack clips, jumbo squishies and stickers in food and other fun designs. Squish them and watch them slowly Collect all these great Squishy stickers!* rise back to their original shape. Many styles to collect! Ages 5+

Starting at $4.99 each

Toys kids


Squash Buddies* Slow-rising, scented plush friends and key chains to carry everywhere. Super soft, cuddly and satisfying to squeeze! Ages 3+

Starting at $6.99 each


UnderCover Plush* The only thing cuter than a chubby stuffed animal is a chubby stuffed animal in disguise! Includes one plush and one costume. Mix and match costumes and collect them all! Ages 3+ $29.99 each

Personalized Organizers* Keep all your collectibles neatly stashed away in these sturdy containers. Personalized FREE at Learning Express Toys! Contents not included. Ages 3+

LOL Surprise! Stylin’ Studio Design trendy outfits for your favorite L.O.L. Surprise! characters using brightly colored designer markers, crayons and fun stickers. Open up your set to reveal surprise stickers and accessories! Ages 5+ $14.99

Scruff a Luvs* Who will you rescue? Bathe, blow dry and comb your mystery pet to transform it from a matted scruff ball into a cuddly plush friend. All it needs is your love and care! Ages 5+

Bubbleezz* Experience the addictive sensation when you squeeze; each character is full of Bubbleezz Beadz! Squish and stretch them to reveal the hidden charm inside. Ages 8+ Starting at $9.99 each


Eagle Zipline Turn your backyard into an adventure park with this 90-foot zipline kit. Takes only 30 minutes to set up! Ages 7+

$189.99** Receive a FREE Zip Brake Kit (a $39.99 value) with the purchase of the Eagle Zipline.

Ninjaline Obstacle Course Kit Train like a Ninja! Create a unique set of challenges from beginner to advanced. Hang the 36-footlong Ninjaline between two healthy trees and you are ready to go. Ages 6+ $99.99**

Get in on the action!

Receive two extra rings FREE with the purchase of the Ninjaline Obstacle Course Kit!

American Ninja Warrior Competition Set Design your own challenging courses, and let the family competition begin! Includes two reinforced hop sacks, eight agility rings, two jump ropes, birch wood bear crawl posts, over 150 feet of twine, and diagrams for suggested courses. Ages 5+ $59.99

Passback Football This football training tool bounces against a wall and back to the thrower. Perfect for practicing throwing, catching and improving reaction time. Ages 9+ $24.99 each


Quarterback Touchdown and Grand Slam Toss Game Play four different games on this reversible mini football and baseball target. Portable and great for camping, the beach or backyard! Ages 6+ $59.99

Laser X Gaming Tower Use the tower to add a new dimension of play to your Laser X set. Practice your aim solo or head-to-head, send out a remote-control blast, or play capture the flag. Ages 6+

Regular Price $49.99 Special Price $39.99**

Laser X This two-player laser tag set can be played indoors or outdoors, day or night! Includes two Laser X blasters and two receiver vests. Additional blasters work together! Ages 6+ Regular Price $49.99 Special Price $39.99**

SpyX Micro Gear Set See in the dark with a clip-on ear light, write secret messages with invisible ink, protect your lair with a motion sensor, and listen to secret conversations from afar with the micro listener! Four handy spy tools clip onto the adjustable utility belt. Ages 6+

Regular Price $34.99 Special Price $29.99**

SpyX Lazer Trap Alarm Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Protect your treasure with this invisible LED lazer beam trap! The alarm sounds or flashes light when an intruder passes the barrier. Ages 6+

Invisible Ink Pen

Ear Light

Regular Price $34.99 Special Price $29.99**

Ear Listener

Motion Alarm

Slimeball Dodgetag Aim the soft, squishy balls at your opponent’s vest! Balls stick to target, but won’t stick to anything else. Includes two adjustable vests and four slimeballs. Ages 6+ $24.99

NEW! Slimeball Light Claw and Glow Target Practice your aim in the dark! Hang the glowing target anywhere, then use the Light Claw to charge the light-up slimeball. It stays lit as it splats onto the target! Ages 6+ $29.99


Foot Golf Use your soccer and golf skills together in this inventive game! Includes soccer ball, inflation pump and three targets with raised flags. Ages 6+ $39.99

Tiki Toss Surfboard or Basketball Games* Toss the suspended ring or ball through the air and try to snag the hook or land a basket. Players of all ages will enjoy these tests of skill. Ages 6+

NEW! Bocce Sack Game A new twist on the game of bocce using colorful hacky sacks. Ages 6+


Mini OgoDisk Set Includes two mini “hand trampolines� and an Ogosoft ball. Play on land or in water! Ages 8+ $24.99


Tiki Toss Surfboard $29.99 Free Toss Basketball $34.99 BulziBucket Game Compete to land bean bags in the three-tiered bucket target. Collapsible design travels easily, and even floats! Includes two buckets and six bean bags. Ages 6+ $59.99

Lacrosse Launcher

Show Off Your Skills!

Pump up the launcher to shoot balls high in the air, then catch them in the net with this all-in-one lacrosse stick. Ages 8+

$19.99 each**

Sling Stix Power Sling Stick the jumbo bouncy ball to the suction cup, and pull the trigger to sling it up to 30 feet for an action-packed game of catch. Sling it, stick it and sling it again! Includes two sling stix and one ball. Two players. Ages 6+

True Balance Coordination Game


Grab the handle and use small movements to stack all the discs in a row. This skill toy is harder than it looks! Ages 8+


Squap Close to catch, open to launch! This active ball-and-catcher game can be played by children of all skill levels and is compact for easy travel. Includes two squap mitts and four balls. Two players. Ages 6+ $24.99


Mix & Makeup Nail Sparkle Kit Mix your own set of five sparkly nail polishes! The kid-friendly polish peels off easily. Includes nail polish base, glitter, mixing cup, stir stick, funnel, three color drops, lollipop containers and nail stickers. Ages 6+

Regular Price $19.99 Special Price $14.99**

NEW! Sweet Escentials Roll-Ons Kit Mix four fresh fragrances with shimmer to create a roll-on perfume as unique as you are! Combine vanilla, strawberry, apple and jasmine with shimmer powder to create four roll-on scent bottles. Ages 8+ Regular Price $17.99 Special Price $12.99**

NEW! Cupcake Bath Bomb Holiday Boxed Set

Gift pack of three cupcake bath bombs. Limited edition sold as boxed set only. Ages 3+ $16.99


Mix & Makeup Lip Shimmer Kit Mix your own yummy colors and flavors of lip shimmer! Includes five ice pop containers with key chains, lip balm base, three scented, flavored color drops, rainbow glitter, mixing cup, stir stick, 28 stickers, and instructions. Ages 6+

Regular Price $19.99 Special Price $14.99**

NEW! Sweet Escentials Diffuser Kit Make your room a relaxing haven with your customized scent diffuser. Mix your choice of vanilla, lemon, lavender or jasmine, insert the reeds and enjoy the color-changing light for added ambiance. Ages 8+

Regular Price $21.99 Special Price $16.99**

Pinch Me Therapy Dough* Soft, pliable dough infused with stress-relieving aromatherapy scents. Squeeze, massage and rejuvenate! Ages 4+ $14.99 each

Good Vibes Only Mega Bath Set Indulge in bathtime luxury with this berry-scented set. Includes shower gel, body lotion, shimmer body mist, bath confetti, a soap bar and a bath fizzy. Ages 7+


Receive a FREE three-pack of bath poufs* (a $4.99 value) with the purchase of the Good Vibes Only Mega Bath Set!

Spaver Sleepo Fun!

Sweet Dreams DIY Kit Learn the tips and tricks for a perfect night’s sleep! Make your own sleep mask, bath crystals, dream journal and lotion bars. Includes 36-page book with 14 activity ideas and recipes, and everything you need for four projects. Ages 8+ $24.99

NEW! DIY Cosmetics Set Create custom beauty products that are girly, trendy, and fun to make! Create your own beauty box that you can use yourself or give as personalized gifts. Ages 10+ $24.99

NEW! D.I.Y. Bath Bomb Donuts Kit Mix and match colors, scents and sprinkles to make a half-dozen donut bath bombs! Ages 6+

Regular Price $16.99 Special Price $12.99**

Mer-mazing Bath Burst & Soap Super Set Create 10 personalized bath bombs and six ocean-themed soaps with your favorite color and scent combinations. Add in a touch of glitter for an extra special glamorous relaxation retreat! Ages 6+ $29.99


NEW! What Do You Do With a Chance? Book From the award–winning creators of The New York Times best sellers “What Do You Do With an Idea?” and “What Do You Do With a Problem?” comes this beautifully illustrated story of learning when to say “yes” to a chance--and allowing amazing things to happen. Ages 5+


NEW! Life is Beautiful Collection* Selection varies by store. Ages 6+ Starting at $6.99 Gold Glitter Lava Lamp Ages 8+


Name & Initial Jewelry* Express yourself with this trendy personalized jewelry. Ages 4+

Color Changing!

Starry Sky LED Room Light Transform your bedroom into a dreamy galaxy of 10,000 soft, glowing stars! Set the LEDs to color-changing or white. Ages 10+ $9.99


Magical Unicorn Nightlight Gentle color-changing hues create a dreamy atmosphere for your bedroom. Ages 3+ $14.99

NEW! OOLY Art Supplies* Ages 3+ Starting at $5.99 each

Write in

NEW! Pouches* Ages 6+ $12.99 each


Dot Journaling Gift Set Organize and document your life, from schoolwork to friendships, using the simple and stylish dot method. Includes how-to guide and blank dot-grid journal. Ages 6+ $22.95

Creative Lettering Kit for Young Artists From bold graffiti-style lettering to flowing cursive, learn tips and tricks for personalizing note cards, report covers and more. Includes calligraphy pen, art paper, stencils, glitter glue and brush markers. Ages 8+ $24.99

NEW! D.I.Y. Agenda Set Have fun organizing and decorating your to-do list, thoughts and plans with this personalized, spiral-bound agenda. Includes all the colorful glitter gel pens, and sticky notes you need to make your agenda pop! Ages 14+



NEW! Clack Game Roll the dice to determine the colors and shapes to collect, then stack up the magnetic pieces with a “clack!” Whoever stacks up the highest tower wins. Two or more players. Ages 5+ $16.99

Yeti or Not! Game Use a keen eye and a quick mind to count the yetis, gnomes, mermaids, dragons and more. Be first to choose the correct number of “unfindable” creatures! Two or more players. Ages 6+


ITZI Game Be first to say a word from the given category that starts with one of the letters from your card. Several ways to play this fast-paced game! From the makers of our best-selling game, TENZI. Two or more players. Ages 8+


Die-Cut 100 Piece Junior Puzzles* TENZI Dice Game*

Poster-sized, uniquely-shaped wildlife puzzles. Named among Oprah’s 2017 “Favorite Things!” Ages 5+ $19.99 each

Choose a color, roll the dice, and keep rolling until all 10 of your dice show the same number – before your opponents! Two or more players. Ages 7+

$14.99 each set

Life in the Sloth Lane Book


Lessons from this cute, sleepy creature on mindfulness and the art of “taking it slow” in a fast-paced world. Ages 8+ $12.95

Maze Racers Game Battle your opponent to build the trickiest marble maze using magnetic pieces – while racing against the clock! Swap maze boards, and tilt your way to victory. Two players. Ages 8+ Regular Price $34.99

Special Price $29.99**

5 Second Rule Game Name three items from a given category in just five seconds! Two or more players. Ages 10+

Special Price $19.99**

5 Second Rule Jr. Game Quick-thinking categories for younger players. Two or more players. Ages 6+

NEW! Break Out Game

Regular Price $19.99 Special Price $14.99**

Use logic and strategic thinking to connect your pieces of plastic rope to form an escape plan for your prisoner, while trying to block your opponent’s path. Two players. Ages 6+


NEW! Zategy Game Arrange the flat, colored tiles to get four of your color in a row, while blocking your opponents’ tiles. Many ways to play! Two to four players. Ages 8+ $19.99

Star Cube Geometric Puzzle This transforming puzzle changes from a 2x2 cube to a pair of 12-point stars before your eyes! Single player. Ages 8+


Rubik’s Cube A puzzle phenomenon since 1980! How fast can YOU solve it? Single player. Ages 8+


Pac-Man Mini Arcade Game Single player. Ages 8+



Fold & Go!

Popsockets* Personalize your smartphone with these cool, colorful and multifunctional handles! Get a better grip for selfies or wrap your headphones around them. Also works as a kickstand, perfect for watching or taking videos. Ages 8+

$9.99 each

Vent Mount for Popsockets

Pop Tone Comfort

Pop your PopSocket right into this clip-on dashboard Headphones* Super-soft headphones with flat, vent to hold your phone for music, directions and tangle-free wires. Answer calls with calls. Ages 8+ $14.99 the inline mic, plus play and pause your music. Fold and go! Comes in an assortment of colors. Selection may vary by store. Ages 6+ $9.99 each

U-Laces* As seen on Shark Tank! Colorful, no-tie shoelaces for kids and adults. Add a pop of color to your sneakers, and turn them into slip-ons! Selection varies by store. Ages 5+ $3.99 for 6 lace pack

Logo Loops Headbands* Ages 4+ Regular Price $14.99 each Special Price $9.99 each**

Gifts to make you say YAAASS! Squishables Pillows* Super squishy, huggable and cute! Styles and sizes vary by store. Ages 3+ Starting at $19.99 each

Jellyfish Lamp


Watch majestic jellies float and glow with this soothing Jellyfish Lamp. Three AA batteries required, not included. Ages 14 + $24.99

Sing-Along Pro Karaoke Microphone and Speaker* Sing like a pro! Wireless microphone and dual Bluetooth speakers connect to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Ages 6+

Regular Price $39.99 each Special Price $29.99 each**

Singing Machine Groove Cube* Get ready to rock out with this karaoke party in a cube! Play CDs or stream through your Bluetooth device, and follow the karaoke lyrics on your TV screen. Multicolored LED lights synchronize with the music! Ages 6+


Rock and Roll It Rainbow Piano Rock out on this flexible keyboard made from a silicon rubber material. Then, roll it up and take it with you! Features 49 standard keys, special sound effects and record and playback functionality. Includes play-by-color songbook, which makes it easy to learn to play! Ages 6+ $59.99

NEW! Rock and Roll It SpecDrum This flexible, portable rubber drum kit comes with everything you need to begin drumming. Features a play-by-color song booklet, multiple instrument tracks, record and playback buttons, headphones, drumsticks and two foot pedals. Ages 6+


Piano Dance Mat Get your toe-tapping tunes on! At nearly 6 feet long, this step-on piano plays 38 notes so you can dance and make music at the same time. Record and replay your favorite songs! Ages 3+

Regular Price $79.99 Special Price $69.99**


Crash, Bounce,

and Go!

Smart Bot Command this robot with either hand gestures or its remote control! Smart Bot can dance, glide, and make facial expressions. Program it to perform sequences of up to 50 actions. Ages 5+ $49.99

Monster Smash-Ups* These RC monster trucks are made to smash! With super suspension, these trucks are incredibly fun to tilt-turn, race and swerve. You can even activate the ejector seat and send your driver flying across the room! With the building block design, you can crash, rebuild and race again. Ages 3+

$49.99 each vehicle

Roller Coaster Building Set Engineer your own motorized roller coaster with this 753-piece building set! After putting it all together, watch as the car is pulled up the main climb by a pulley then plummets, spins, and winds back to the start. Real motorized parts help propel the car through as it twists and turns. Ages 8+ $39.99

Auto Moto Transforming Robot Car* This 2-in-1 transforming toy changes shape before your eyes! It starts out as a sleek, RC sports car, but just say “transform,� and your voice commands it to smoothly change into an upright robot that walks, spins and stomps all over the room! Ages 8+



Our best-selling tabletop games! Lightning Air Hockey Set Ages 5+ Regular Price $29.99 Special Price $19.99**

Super Slam Basketball Set Ages 5+ Regular Price $29.99 Special Price $19.99**

2 for $30

NEW! Bank and Bounce Game Bounce the ball from the launch pad and land the bank shot in the rotating scoring cups in this arcade-style game! Compete to see how many points you can bank in 30 seconds. Ages 5+

or $19.99 each

Rack’Em Pool Set Ages 5+ Regular Price $29.99 Special Price $19.99**

Super Stadium Baseball Game Step up to the plate! This miniature baseball game uses levers and hidden contraptions to replicate the excitement of a real ballgame. The unique magnetized infield and spring-loaded bat gives players control while they play. One to two players. Ages 6+ Regular Price $39.99

Special Price $29.99**

Regular Price $29.99 Special Price $19.99*

Premier Foosball Set Ages 5+ Regular Price $29.99 Special Price $19.99**

Red Zone Electric Football Game Be the coach and call the plays! Two teams of 11 football action figures move from vibration as you command a fully detailed scale model football field. Share this retro childhood favorite with your child, now updated with an interactive app for Android and iPhone. Ages 6+ $29.99


Crazy Aaron’s Hypercolor Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Kit

NEW! Crazy Aaron’s Firefly Thinking Putty

The firefly is not a fly at all, but a bioluminescent beetle that emits one of the most efficient lights in the world. Firefly Thinking Putty is just as intriguing. It changes from black to red with just the heat of your hands and glows green in the dark. Ages 3+ Only available at Learning Express Toys!


NEW! Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Holiday Tins* Ages 3+ Starting at $3.99 each

Create five of your own Hypercolor Thinking Putty tins with this super-cool activity kit! Five tins of clear putties are included, plus everything you need to mix your own colors and decorate the tins. Ages 8+ $19.99

Stikbot Dino Movie Set Make your own stop-motion dinosaur thriller with this miniature movie set! The laminated cardboard provides a perfect surface for Stikbots to stick to. The movie set features a large and a small dino cage, reversible play platform, motorcycle and accessories. Ages 5+ $24.99

NEW! Day And Night Globe Learn about both geography and astronomy! This illuminated globe shows the constellations in the night sky when lit, and a geopolitical map of Earth when not illuminated. Ages 7+ $49.99

2 for I Dig It! Dinosaur Excavation Kits* Dig through the soft layers of plaster to expose the replica fossil - just like a real paleontologist! Many styles available; styles vary by store. Ages 7+


$12.99 each**

NEW! Mad Mattr Tool Box

Seriously Science!

Build countless bricks and structures with the 20 sculpting tools in this toolbox, then pick up the Mad Mattr material and watch it stretch and flow through your fingers like sand. Never dries out! Ages 5+ $29.99

Super Slime Masterpiece Mix up 6 different colors of Super Slime, grow water absorbing polymers and add glitter and foam balls. When you’re done playing, stretch and dry out the slime and hang it in the window for a unique work of art! It even glows under the included blacklight. Ages 8+ $19.99

Ooze Labs Chemistry Station This playful introduction to the basics of chemistry includes 20 experiments, from glowing slime to oozing bubbles. Includes test tubes, petri dishes, pipettes and more to set up your lab just like a real scientist! Ages 6+

Regular Price $39.99 Special Price $29.99**

NEW! Gross Out Magic Wow your friends and disgust them at the same time with these 40 magic tricks guaranteed to leave an impression! From disappearing slime to a rubber cockroach, these tricks are part magic, part gross-out prank. Ages 7+

Regular Price $24.99 Special Price $14.99**

Scientific Explorer Kits* Discover the science behind slime, electromagnetic motion, chemical concoctions and more with these fun, educational kits! Ages starting at 6+ Regular Price $16.99 Special Price $12.99**


Hi-Def Creation System It’s the future of coloring! Get velvety smooth coverage with 60 hi-def Hyperstix. Includes two templates and a double-sided Fusion Blender which intensifies any work of art by allowing advanced blending techniques, creating millions of colors! Ages 8+


Only 4 Girls Jewelry Caddy Make beaded bracelets and friendship bracelets to wear and share with your BFFs. Store everything inside the plastic storage caddy! Includes beads, charms, friendship bracelet wheels, embroidery floss, elastic cording and instructions. Ages 8+ $16.99 each

Design Divas! Butterfly Fairy Lights Kit Arrange the butterflies, flowers, colorful clay, sparkling gemstones, fairy dust, glitter glue and glow-in-thedark stickers inside your light-up base and globe. When you’re done crafting, watch it shine! Ages 7+


My Fairy Garden Unicorn Kit Sparkles The Unicorn Decorate this magical unicorn with fun, reusable felt stickers to make it your own. Its sequined back changes color as you pet it up or down! Ages 5+ $24.99 each

Sequin Art Kits* Create dazzling sequin art by following the pre-planned designs. Choose from butterflies, unicorns and more! Just push the pins through each sequin for hours of relaxing crafting. Then hang it on the wall and enjoy your work! Ages 6+


$22.99 each

Create a magical garden for your fairy and unicorn friends! Includes soil and seeds to grow real plants and flowers. Ages 4+ $24.99

DIY Paper Swirls: Swirl Station Kit This kit helps young crafters enter the world of quilling: making art with rolled paper strips. Make art, cards, toys, jewelry and more! The Swirl Station rolls the strips in seconds with the press of a button. Includes 200 self-adhesive paper strips, quilling board, body forms, tweezers, glue, beads, jewelry findings, cord, stationery and instructions. Ages 8+

Regular Price $29.99 Special Price $19.99**

DIY Paper Swirls: Mermaid Ocean and Unicorn Fantasy Kits* Use the Swirly Gig quilling tool to roll strips of paper into perfect spirals with the push of a lever. Make adorable fantasy or under-the-sea themed art, and display your 3-D creations on the included cardboard stage! Includes all materials and instructions. Ages 8+ Regular Price $19.99

Special Price $14.99** each

Good Vibes Bracelet Super Set

Grow Your Own Crystal Mini Worlds Kit Grow your own magical mini worlds while exploring the science of minerals and crystal formation! The kit includes materials for three projects: a dragon’s cave, a unicorn’s forest, and a seahorse’s coral reef. Ages 8+ $22.99

Spread kindness and good vibes when you share message bracelets that you designed yourself! Use wood letter beads in rainbow colors to spell out names and affirmations for your entire squad. Includes over 300 beads, 6 metal charms, 6 metal message bars, 6 tassel charms, 8 skeins of cording and water transfer decals. Ages 8+


Gel-Pen Kit Let your imagination run wild as you make cards, drawings, letters to friends and more with this gel pen and stationery set! Includes 16 colored gel pens, colored stationery paper, sheets of note paper, cards with envelopes, glitter glue, assorted embellishments, and colorfully designed stickers. Ages 8+ $24.99

Boogie Board Jot 8.5* Ultra-thin and sleek LCD eWriter for notes, lists, doodling and more. Built-in magnets for refrigerator mounting. Includes protective snap-on cover! Ages 4+

Regular Price $29.99 Special Price $24.99 each**


Llama Super Stationery Set Doodle, draw and write about all your llama drama with this 90-piece set! Includes lapboard, journal, note paper, envelopes, postcards, stickers and markers inspired by this furry creature. Ages 6+ $19.99

Craft-tastic Yarn Llama Kit Fall in llama love with this adorable yarn llama! Just assemble the cardboard form, wrap it with yarn, and dress it with a colorful bridle and blanket. No prob-llama! Ages 8+ $19.99

Furry & Cute

Scented Sloth and Llama Pillows*


Ages 6+

$22.99 each

Thelma the Unicorn Book Reversible

Reversible Sequin Crossbody Bags* Rub the sequins to transform the colors! These sparkly zip-closure bags with snake chain shoulder straps add glam to any outfit. Ages 8+ $24.99 each


This delightful story is a lesson about being happy with who you are, whether or not you have sparkles or a unicorn horn. Ages 3+ $14.99

Magical Daydream Smash Journal Super Set Use the glitter shaker pen to record all your feelings in the foiled cover journal, then add stickers and stamps. Store your goodies in the Magic Sequin pouch that changes from a rainbow to a unicorn! Ages 8+ $29.99

Unicorn Dreams Super Stationery Set Record your dreams and wishes with this magical 90-piece stationery set. Includes lapboard, journal, note paper, envelopes, postcards, stickers and markers. Set is full of unicorns, narwhals and caticorns. Ages 6+ $19.99

Receive a FREE Mini Plush Musical Unicorn* (a $9.99 value) with the purchase of a My Magical Sound & Lights Unicorn!

My Magical Sound & Lights Unicorn This majestic 17-inch plush unicorn features light-up wings and makes sparkling sounds when you pet her back! Ages 3+ $39.99**

Mercat Scented Furry Pillow Ages 5+


Mercat Pillow Size 21 1/2� x 14�

Dessert String Art Kit Push pins into the sturdy foam canvases and string away. Makes two string art canvases: a cupcake and an ice cream cone. Ages 10+ $19.99

Unicorn String Lights Brighten up your room with some unicorn magic! This set of rainbow-colored lights will add a special sparkle to any room. Ages 6+


Pandacorn String Art This pandacorn has real star power! Makes two string art canvases: a pandacorn and a starburst. Push the pins into the foam and string away! Ages 10+ $19.99


Heavy Cargo Transport Head to the worksite outside the city limits! Ages 5+

Your local


Arctic Ice Crawler Recover incredible things from glaciers! Ages 6+

Avengers Hulkbuster Smash Up Relive the excitement of Avengers: Infinity War. Defeat Proxima Midnight and get the Infinity Stone! Ages 7+

Emma’s Art Stand Use the scooter to tow Emma’s art trailer around town, and set up her painting station by a tree. Ages 6+

My First Animal Brick Box Toddlers can build the animal train and sort by color with these chunky brick pieces. Ages 12 months+

Gadgets Kit This 78-page illustrated guide includes all the instructions and parts you need to create 11 amazing LEGO gadgets, all while learning about physics and mechanics. Ages 8+



NEW! Magformers Sky Track Playset Build your track and watch your sky shuttle race, swoop and turn! Create ups, downs and even a 360 degree spin with the 44-piece magnetic building set. When your track is completed, the sky shuttle can go off-road in its sky car! Ages 3+

Regular Price $109.99 Special Price $79.99**


Plus-Plus Learn To Build Basic Set Build flat mosaics or 3D creations with this unique construction toy. Includes 300 basic and 100 neon pieces, a baseplate and a guidebook full of step-by-step instructions. One shape, endless possibility! Ages 5+ $24.99

Magformers XL Cruiser Set Construct many types of vehicles by connecting magnetic shapes. 32-piece set includes 16 squares, 12 triangles, 2 hexagons, and 2 wheel sets. Ages 6+ Regular Price $59.99 Special Price $39.99**

Magnatiles Building Sets* Ages 3+

Starting at $49.99

SMARTMAX My First Safari and Farm Animals Sets* Little hands easily click together the fronts and backs of friendly magnetic animals. Mix, match and create adventures. Ages 12 months+

$19.99 each set


Micro Mini and Micro Maxi Scooters*

Big Wheel Racers* The original low-riding trike, just like you grew up with! Colors vary by store. Ages 3+ Regular Price $69.99 each

Special Price $49.99 each**

Top-rated adjustble scooters that provide a smooth, quiet ride. Mini designed for children 2-5 and Maxi for children 5-12.

Starting at $89.99 each

PlasmaCar* Ages 3+ Regular Price $69.99 each Special Price $49.99 each**

Purple and Pink PlasmaCar only available at Learning Express Toys!


Fold & Go Trampoline Ages 3+

Regular Price $99.99 Special Price $79.99**

Dirty Dunk

Shooting hoops with dirty laundry makes cleaning your room more fun! Ages 4+


NEW! Over-the-Door Speedbag and Basketball Combo Challenge your friends to a round of horse, or play against the clock with scoreboard and sound effects cheering you on. Then practice your hand-eye coordination with the easily converted speedbag! Ages 3+ Regular Price $59.99

Special Price $49.99**

Let’s Get Moving!

Doinkit Darts

World’s best magnetic dartboard. Ages 6+


Doinkit Darts Refill Ages 6+ $14.99

KaBlocks Stack and balance 30 soft foam blocks, then take a jump to send them all flying! Ages 3+


Spooner Boards* Ages 4+

Starting at $39.99 each

Build and Blast Construction Set!


Real Estate for Sale!

Calico Critters Town Ride-Along Tram

All aboard - the tram has arrived! Includes a movable tram with foldable doors, seats, tram stop, and a hat for the driver. Critters available separately. Ages 3+

Regular Price $39.99 Special Price $29.99**

Calico Critters Town Grand Department Store Gift Set Spend your days shopping and browsing at this upscale mall! Visit the Boutique Fashion Store, Cosmetic Beauty Store, Fashion Showcase Store, and Chocolate Lounge. Includes Stella Hopscotch Rabbit. Additional critters available separately. Ages 3+

Regular Price $129.99 Special Price $99.99**

Introducing the new Town Collection from Calico Critters. The Town Collection offers new characters, as well as elegant and detailed designs. Connect, collect and create your own town today! Calico Critters Baby Castle Nursery Babies have plenty of time for play at this nursery school! Includes piano, swing, a slide that can be set alone or used from the second floor, and a table that turns into a seesaw. Critters available separately. Ages 3+

Regular Price $39.99 Special Price $29.99** Calico Critters Red Roof Cozy Cottage Includes bedroom, kitchen and dining room furniture, plus one Critter. Ages 3+

Regular Price $34.99 Special Price $27.99**

Calico Critters Forest Nursery Gift Set Includes 2 adorable Critters, seesaw, piano, furniture, accessories, double-decker bus & much more! Ages 3+

Regular price $79.99 Special price $49.99**


Additional critters sold separately.


Wooden Floor Easel Supplies sold separately. Ages 3+

Regular Price $79.99 Special Price $49.99 each**

Giant Giraffe Over 4 feet tall! Ages 3+

Regular Price $99.99 Special Price $79.99**

Lifelike Sloth Arms clasp together for hugs and piggyback rides! Ages 3+

Regular Price $29.99 Special Price $23.99**

Easel Accessory Kit Ages 3+

Regular Price $34.99 Special Price $24.99** with the purchase of a Melissa & Doug easel.

Save 20% on all stuffed animals!* Selection varies by store. Styles shown are just a sampling from our collection!

Giant Unicorn Almost 4 feet long! Ages 3+

Regular Price $99.99 Special Price $79.99**

Floor Puzzles* Starting at Ages 3+

$12.99 each** 2 for $20

2 for Selection varies by store. Styles shown are just a sampling from our collection!


Light Helmet* Ages 3+

$16.99 each

Personalized Free!

My First Workbench Use the kid-safe hammer and power drill to hammer and screw the 120 colorful nails and bolts into the workbench any way you want! Create designs from the 10 included templates or create your own. Includes handy storage drawer. Ages 3+ Regular Price $49.99 Special Price $39.99**

Squigz Toobz Create fun silicone structures that wobble and bend with suction-cup connectors that POP! Stick them to each other or any smooth surface. Includes six original Squigz and 12 Toobz. Ages 3+ $24.99

Receive a FREE Mini Squigz 30-Piece Set (a $9.99 value) with the purchase of Squigz Toobz!

Deluxe Road Rug Play Set Create a world of adventures, from a bustling town to a busy barnyard! Includes 49 wooden pieces and a machine-washable rug. Ages 3+

Regular Price $79.99 Special Price $49.99**

Tricky Marble Run Build, rearrange and spend hours of fun with this 100-piece marble run. Translucent tubes let you see the marbles as they drop through, then down the action ramps they go! Includes 25 glass marbles. Ages 5+

Regular Price $19.99 Special Price $14.99** Wood Castle Blocks Build elaborate castles with bridges, towers, and arches. 75-piece sturdy wooden set allows countless configurations. Ages 3+



Knight costume not included.

Play Dirt Monster Truck Rally It looks and feels like dirt, without the mess! Mold the soft play material into epic roads, obstacles and jumps on the play mat. Includes 2 trucks, roller and play dirt. Ages 3+ $24.99

Receive a FREE Play Dirt Construction Zone Set (a $7.99 value) with the purchase of a Monster Truck Rally

Little hands,

Big Fun!

NEW! Magic Tracks RC Set Zoom the RC car along 10 feet of tracks that bend, flex and glow! The remote control gives you seven extreme functions — go, stop, turbo, reverse, flash, lights and horn. Ages 3+ $29.99

Create With Clay: Dinosaurs Kit Bring three dino fossils back to life by covering their skeletons with clay. Finish with details and googly eyes! Ages 5+ $14.99

Dig It Up Dinosaur Eggs Soak and chip away at the clay egg “fossils” to reveal a different dino inside each one. Contains 12 eggs and 12 chisels. It’s a paleontologist party! Ages 4+ $24.99


NEW! Moonlite Story Reels* Selection varies by store. Ages 3+

NEW! Moonlite Gift Pack

NEW! Moonlite Story Reel and Projector Starter Pack

This award-winning, easy-to-use device turns your mobile phone into a storybook image projector! Read along with the pictures with the free mobile app. Includes Moonlite Projector and five story reels from the Little Golden Books collection. Ages 3+

Includes Moonlite Projector and two story reels (Goodnight Moon and Sago Mini on Vacation). Ages 3+

Gecko Blocks Stick, stack and build! These lightweight foam blocks are coated with a unique, safe adhesive that makes them cling to each other or to hard surfaces - try them in the tub! Ages 18 months+ $29.99

Perfect Petzzz* Adopt a cuddly life-like pet. Styles vary by store. Ages 3+


*Phone not included.

Dalton the Storytelling Dragon This soft, cuddly dragon is the perfect storyteller for five classic fairy tales! His head and mouth move and his book magically lights up as he recites the stories. Ages 2+

Regular Price $34.99 Special Price $27.99**

Square Panda $39.99 each

Make screen time reading time! Connect your tablet via Bluetooth to play 10 free interactive word games using the 45 tactile Smart Letters, which children love to pick up and put in the tray. Practice spelling, phonics, rhyming and more - the program adapts to your child’s level. Tablet not included. Ages 2+ Special Price $49.99**

Dimpl Pop the colorful silicone bubbles back and forth with this satisfying sensory toy! Safe, durable construction is perfect for little hands. Ages 6 months+ $12.99

NogginStik Your child’s first learning toy, this developmental light-up rattle changes color and encourages early milestones in infants. Your baby learns cause-and-effect as he taps the NogginStik and it changes color! Ages birth+ $22.99 each

Play to Learn! Fun Time Tractor Gather all of your animals in the back of the farm tractor! Includes five animals that make sounds. Tractor moves on its own, plays a melody and makes engine and horn sounds. Ages 12 months+ Regular Price $34.99 Special Price $24.99**

SpinAgain Stack and sort and watch them spin, then lift the corkscrew, let the disks spin off, and start over! Ages 12 months+ $29.99

NEW! Magic Touch Piano Toddlers can make their own music with this smooth wooden piano. The colorful keys use Magic Touch technology - no buttons or keys needed! Includes three color-coded music sheets with simple songs. Ages 12 months+ $29.99

NEW! Magic Touch Drums Little ones can rock out with this portable wooden drum set featuring Magic Touch technology! Just touch the friendly characters to make the sound. Switch between melody and percussion mode. Ages 12 months+ $24.99


Happy Holidays! Cookies For Santa Bake a festive assortment of cookies while making memories. This 18-piece set includes sturdy, kid-sized cooking utensils, cookie presses, cookie cutters and recipes. Ages 6+

Turkey on the Table Kit Create a family tradition of gratitude by writing what you’re thankful for on the turkey’s feathers, then using it as a centerpiece. Includes heartwarming book. 10 meals are donated for each kit sold! Ages 4+ $39.99

Regular Price $24.99 Special Price $19.99**

*Santa hats not included.

Reindeer in Here Plush and Book Set

A new family tradition! This 8-inch plush reindeer becomes a special friend for your child to carry around for the month of December. The storybook contains a delightful rhyme about Santa’s plan to learn how each child is unique--just like the reindeer. Reindeer plush and book also sold separately. Ages 3+ $32.99 for the set

Plush Starting at $19.99, Book $14.99

NEW! Ages 3+

Holiday Plush* Starting at $3.99 each*

The Night Before Christmas A beautiful hardbound copy of the classic poem, with pages to record your family’s holiday memories. Ages 3+ $19.99


Holiday Squish-amals* Unwrap a surprise! Ages 5+ $4.99

Melting Snowman Create your snowman and watch as he melts. Quick, build another one! Ages 5+ $9.99 each

Insta-Snow Powder Add water and watch as a realistic, fluffy snow substance emerges. Ages 4+ $4.99

Snow Ball Holiday Smencils 5-Pack Includes five scented pencils that are made from 100% recycled newspapers. Ages 3 +


Crunchy texture! Fun to knead and squish. Ages 3+ $3.99

Christmas Magic Pen Game Book* The special pen produces a rainbow of colors instantly. Ages 5+ $3.99

Jumbo Flashing Lights Headband & Necklace*

Christmas Invisible Ink Game Book*

Lights flash and speed may be adjusted by repeatedly pressing the power button. Ages 6+

Includes pen which can be used to reveal the hidden pictures and answers. Ages 5+ $1.99

Headband $5.99 Necklace $7.99

Holiday Bath Bomb Trio

Gift pack of three holiday bath bombs. Ages 3+ $14.99 each set

Collect them All!

Mr. And Mrs. Snowman Floof Create your own snowmen with Floof, a molding material as fluffy as snow! Includes ball-shaped molds and accessories. Ages 3+


NEW! Holiday Surprizamals* Holiday Bath Burst Sets* Set of 3 bath bursts. Ages 8+

$7.99 each set

Plus-Plus Holiday Tubes* Build flat mosaic or 3D designs with these plastic bricks. Ages 5+

$7.99 each

Who’s inside? Open the capsule for a surprisecollectible mini-plush! Ages 3+

$4.99 each

Christmas Train Ride Set* All aboard for a festive journey. Features a red locomotive, three mini figures, and more. Ages 7+


Choose a FREE Mini Holiday Craft Kit (a $5.99 value) when you spend $25 on any Creativity for Kids holiday kits!

Gift Cards Available We make shopping even easier! Say Happy Birthday in a unique way! Make giving & receiving gifts extra special! Demo our Top Toys!


Made by hand, from the heart. Creativity for Kids Holiday Craft Kits* Ages starting at 3+

These holiday craft kits help your child make gifts that will be treasured forever.

Starting at $12.99 each**

*Selection may vary by store. **Cannot be combined with coupon. While supplies last. Prices valid in-store through December 31, 2018.

Selection varies by store. Styles shown are just a sampling from our collection.

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