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LEANN BARNES ‘Surreal Creations’ - 2018

SU R R E A L I S M - 2 0 1 8 My passion for photography has allowed me to experiment and expand into different areas of the medium. I have recently been creating digitally manipulated photographs and this has quickly become my favourite part of photography. For me, surrealism has helped me to portray stronger feelings and illustrate stories in a more powerful way than a non-manipulated image would. In this booklet you will see a series of surrealistic images that I have been creating since the beginning of 2018, which involve a variety of different messages and emotions - childhood imagination, freedom, and the afterlife.

‘Fishing In Your Own Imagination’


‘The Gift’


‘Sleep Elevation’



Booklet leann barnes 2018  
Booklet leann barnes 2018