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At KlickFloor we create stunning designs, inspired by nature and current trends. Our unique flooring system ensures pure comfort, soft and silent, with a look of class and desirability. Exceed expectation with KlickFloor innovation.



INSPIRATION comes from you. What you NEED. What you WANT. What you LOVE.

inspiration There was a time when we used to think of rooms as individual spaces, each with a specific function. Today spaces organically flow into one another: a kitchen is part of the living area and a bathroom in the master bedroom is no surprise.

Flooring solutions need to be able to handle every situation. Functionality is key when it comes to flooring. But it’s the design that makes all the difference. We want it to look good. Genuine. And true to nature. We favour authentic materials but we don’t want to give up on convenience. That’s why we choose design inspired by nature, cleverly improved to match our desired level of comfort. We love to play with contrasts nowadays – and rightly so, it makes an interior much more interesting. By mixing and matching materials and design elements, we build a unique and personal interior. A floor is often the supporting act, but it can be the eye catcher of a home as well. 4

design At KlickFloor, we’re constantly researching trends, design and performance to ensure we put together a contemporary range of beautiful, practical and durable design floors that meet expectations.

Registered Embossed What’s your first impression about the Impress collection? The ‘embossed in register’ process brings to life the smallest details of real wood: the embossed texture allows you to see and actually feel the depth of the wood rains and knots.

True to Nature Design

Design variety Original hardwood planks are never identical. There always is some kind of natural variety within the designs. A KlickFloor is absolutely unique too. We create an authentic floor with hardly any repetition of planks or patterns. Our bestseller size has no fewer than 90 unique planks per design.

The wood and stone designs of the KlickFloor collection are all inspired by nature and entirely designed, developed and printed in-house. Every design has pin-sharp details, making sure your floor looks as unique as nature. The collection ranges from pure and more pronounced woods to elegant and more distinctive stones. One by one beautifully designed, so you’ll definitely find a floor that fits your expectations and interior.

Natural Look & Feel


KlickFloor Floors are inspired by nature, so they have to look and feel that way. Next to design, we increase their realism by improving the floors’ texture as well: the added texture ensures a natural appearance and truly authentic touch.


Silent Acoustics One of the main benefits of a KlickFloor floor is its acoustic comfort. Vinyl is resilient, so it reduces reflective walking sound and transmission sound to a very comfortable level. That’s a valuable asset for both you and your neighbours below. If you want to avoid any annoying noises inside, KlickFloor simply offers you the ultimate flooring solution. Do you want to please your neighbours even more? Use a KlickFloor underlay for even better transmission sound reduction.

Soft & Warm Without knowing it, your feeling of wellbeing increases when walking over a KlickFloor floor. The resilient layer anticipates your body weight, offering you that soft feel underfoot. And what’s more, it feels naturally warm too. Because a KlickFloor floor has great insulating qualities, its temperature remains comfortable in every season.


performance Fully Waterproof Vinyl repels water, making a KlickFloor floor the perfect solution for kitchens and bathrooms – and for every space at home for that matter. Water balloon fight inside? No problem. The floor is water and slip resistant, and easy to maintain. Did you know a KlickFloor floor is one of the most durable flooring solutions available?The in-line calendered lamination of the different layers prevents the floor from delaminating due to moisture, so you’ll enjoy the floor for years.

Low Maintenance Not that big a fan of household chores? The protective top layer repels dirt, dust mites and other allergens. Any stains can be removed in seconds. Simply sweep, mop or vacuum your KlickFloor floor to keep it spotless and hygienic – saving you time for fun.

Protective Top Layer Your KlickFloor floor can take a beating – that’s very reassuring, don’t you think? It is wear, scratch and stain resistant. The wear layer and patented Protectonite PU coating protect the design, prevent wear and limit scratches. A KlickFloor floor can grace any place. Intensive use allowed. Even a big crowd is no problem.

No Indentation Although a KlickFloor floor is resilient, it has no indentation issues. The floor returns to its original state when weight or pressure (from heels or furniture legs for example) is educed, this is what we call the memory effect.


KlickFloor Klick Woods Portland Oak Klick Range

Richmond Oak Klick Range

Colorado Oak Klick Range

Amarillo Oak Klick Range

Kansas Oak Klick Range

Boston Oak Klick Range

Sacramento Walnut Klick Range

Texas Oak Klick Range

Caribbean Pine Klick Range Fontana Oak 8

Denver Oak Klick Range

Huntsville Oak Klick Range

Madison Oak Klick Range

Stockton Oak Klick Range

Cleveland Oak Klick Range

Tuscon Oak Klick Range

Fontana Oak Klick Range

Norfolk Walnut Klick Range

PLANK SIZE 210mm x 1494mm 2.01m2 per pack


KlickFloor Klick Tiles Volcano Bronce 46470

Pomena Stone Klick Range

Klick Range 46470

Pasadena Stone Klick Range

Volcano Negro 46990 Klick Range 46990

Frisco Stone Klick Range

Burbank Klick Range

Silver Stone Klick Range 40950

Pasadena 10


Pomena Stone

TILE SIZE 324 x 655mm 2.0m2 per pack


KlickFloor Premium Woods

Coast Oak Premium Range 24219

Rustic Oak Premium Range 24823

Rustic Smoked Oak Premium Range 24851

Alabaster Glade Oak Premium Range 22220

Tawny Glade Oak Premium Range 22852

Cedros Grey Oak Premium Range 24935

Alabaster Glade Oak 12

Cedros Grey Oak

White Sherwood Oak Premium Range 24126

Grey Sherwood Oak Premium Range 24913

Fawn Sherwood Oak Premium Range 24238

Sand Sherwood Oak Premium Range 24245

Taupe Sherwood Oak Premium Range 24876

PLANK SIZE 191mm x 1316mm 1.76m2 per pack


KlickFloor Premium Tiles TILE SIZE 324 x 655mm 1.49m2 per pack

Ailsa Silver Granite Premium Range 46931

Ailsa White Granite Premium Range 46111

Fleur Stone Grey Premium Range 46109

Fleur Stone Silver Premium Range 46936

Copper Stone Premium Range 40862

Grampian Slate Premium Range 36970/3

Metal Stone Premium Range 40937

Jurassic Aalenian Grey Premium Range 46956


Ceramico Beis Premium Range 46210

Ceramico Argento Premium Range 46915

Ceramico Gris Claro Premium Range 46920

Sierra Bianca Marble Premium Range 46156

Sierra Grigio Marble Premium Range 46913

Sierra Nero Marble Premium Range 46976

Sierra Bianca Marble


KlickFloor P r e m i u m PLUS W o o d s

Oriental White Oak Premium PLUS Range 53117

Arizona White Oak Premium PLUS Range 53926

Persian Oak Premium PLUS Range 53830

Oriental White Oak Fontana Oak 16

Stockton Oak Klick Range

Brown Lightning Oak

Khaki Lightning Oak Premium PLUS Range 80827

Brown Lightning Oak Premium PLUS Range 80883

Black Lightning Oak Premium PLUS Range 80995


Persian Oak

191mm x 1316mm 1.76m2 per pack


KlickFloor P r e m i u m PLUS T i l e s TILE SIZE 324 x 655mm 1.49m2 per pack

Polished Concrete Premium PLUS Range 46244

Pizarra Antracita Slate Premium PLUS Range 70928

Pizarra Negra Slate Premium PLUS Range 70948

Brecca Grey Rock

Brecca Grey Rock Premium PLUS Range 46961

Willow Wood Tile Premium PLUS Range 46882


Starstone Sirius Grey Premium PLUS Range 46280

Starstone Graffias Grey Premium PLUS Range 46939

Starstone Avior Anthracite Premium PLUS Range 46959

Starstone Nembus Brown Premium PLUS Range 46860

Starstone Orion Black Premium PLUS Range 46985

Pizarra Antracita Slate



NEW Innovative Flooring System Klick Engineered is a multi-layered vinyl floor that combines beautiful design with supreme comfort and unrivalled strength. The clickable vinyl is engineered for the extreme: strong as hardwood and tiles, yet perfectly stable in all conditions and capable of adapting to every space, setting and challenging situation at home. Klick Engineered vinyl floors come with an integrated underlay. It ensures easier installation, better sound dampening and better levelling of uneven surfaces. Here at Klickfloor, we love a challenge. Our brand new Engineered Vinyl provides the perfect solution to home renovation... taking vinyl flooring to a whole new level.


Each Klick Engineered plank is made up of 12 layers, which when combined, create a strong and exceptionally durable product providing three core benefits – design & performance, strength and comfort. Klick Engineered is also extremely durable especially when its properly cared for, so each Klick Engineered floor comes with a Lifetime Domestic Warranty.

Brand NEW Klick Engineered comes with integrated underlay, our most advanced feature throughout the whole Klick Range!! This ensures much easier installation, better sound dampening and better leveling of uneven sub surfaces.

Klick Engineered is engineered vinyl, making it the perfect solution for renovation projects. Thanks to its non-telegraphing core, Klick Engineered has the ability to bridge gaps and slight unevenness in the sub-floor. High and low spots won't telegraph through the surface. What's more, the integrated underlay feature covers any imperfections. No levelling preparation is needed. Klick Engineered is easy to install without any adhesive required.

Klick Engineered consists of 12 colours, all designed and inspired by natural wood and stone. Every design has pin sharp details and few repetitions, ensuring that your floor looks as unique as nature.


It looks and feels as real as nature itself.

KlickFloor Engineered Woods


Elegant woods... natural colours

Full of charm and character. A vinyl floor with a great story to tell. And a bright future in your interior. A touch Bohemian mixed with chic shades. But beautiful everywhere.For years and years to come, our Klick Engineered Oak Range is ready to stand the test of time.

Seratta Oak Klick Engineered Wood 22926

Cerris Oak Klick Engineered Wood 24913

Taupe Suber Oak Klick Engineered Wood 22942

Grey Aleppo Oak Klick Engineered Wood 24938

Brown Suber Oak Klick Engineered Wood 22949

Kermes Oak Klick Engineered Wood 24235

PLANK SIZE 1890mm x 1317mm 1.99m2 per pack



KlickFloor Engineered Tiles

Stone cold look... with a natural finesse. Authentic and natural style vinyl tiles. Beautifully mottled. As water resistant as they come, but softer and warmer underfoot. Just what you want when you step out of bed in the morning, on your way to a nice bath. Dive in. Don’t mind the splash.

Dove Celestial Stone Klick Engineered Tile 46996

Ash Matt Concrete Klick Engineered Tile 46930

Carbon Celestial Stone Klick Engineered Tile 46998

Flint Stone Klick Engineered Tile 46968

Metallic Rock Klick Engineered Tile 46937

Pewter Matt Concrete Klick Engineered Tile 46944

Flint Stone

TILE SIZE 303mm x 610mm 1.85m2 per pack


K l i c k F l o or Accessories XTRAFLOOR UNDERLAYS
















12.5M2, 1.1MM THICK


10M2, 1.5MM THICK

6.5M2, 1.8MM THICK



6 X (2400X60X12.5MM) = 14.4M








FAQ's Can KlickFloor be used with underfloor heating?

maintenance & queries

Yes, to a maximum of 28 °C. Water based systems are recommended, KlickFloor must not be used directly on top of electric mats systems and must be separated from KlickFloor by use of a solid substrate i.e. particle board, cement board etc. Can KlickFloor be used without underlay? Yes, if the subfloor is very flat and smooth. However, KlickFloor is always enhanced by use of Klick ExtraFloor underlay. Can KlickFloor supply matching skirtings? Yes, most KlickFloor products have a matching skirting available. Please check with your dealer. Can a damaged plank or tile be replaced? Yes, contact installer for details. Is KlickFloor Dog proof? Yes, KlickFloor surface will not be affected by even large dogs claws etc. Use of KlickFloor Consumer Care Kit will help to maintain the surface finish. Can I install KlickFloor over existing ceramic tiles? Yes, but you must ensure the ceramic tiles are not loose. Use Of ExtraFloor underlay will enhance the installation. What is best way to cut KlickFloor? KlickFloor can be cut with Stanley type knife, jigsaw with a metal blade or chop mitre saw can all be used. Once the surface is scored, a clean break snap apart. How do I clean KlickFloor? Sweep, mop or vacuum regularly to remove surface debris. Use of Klick ExtraFloor cleaner will maintain the SuperGuard surface. Abrasive cleaners should not be used. Can I use a Steam Mop on KlickFloor? No, this will react with the SuperGuard surface protection. Is KlickFloor waterproof? Yes 100%. Is KlickFloor slippy when wet ? No, KlickFloor has an R10 anti slip rating. 26

Do's & Dont's ✓Do Always acclimatise KlickFloor to room temperature (18-26 degrees celcius) for 24 hours before installation. ✓Do Always store and transport KlickFloor on a flat surface. Improper storage can cause damage to joint system. ✓Do Always use a hand roller to install end joints. ✓Do always check batch numbers before installation. Different batches should be mixed to ensure uniformity. ✓ Do always use a non-latex entrance mat to protect KlickFloor from unwanted surface debris. ✓ Do always use protective felt pads on furniture legs & feet. (Supplied with Consumer Kit).

X Don’t allow south facing doors/ windows to cause ‘hot spots’ on KlickFloor. Use of blinds etc must be facilitated to prevent overheating in specific areas. X Don’t use rubber backed mats on top of KlickFloor. This can cause plasticisation transfer of colour from one to another.

Troubleshooting Issue



Long Joint Failure

Sub-floor Issues /Incorrect Underlay/ Long-joint not locked on install.

Contact your installer to rectify.

Surface White Bloom

Standing Water/ Dampness reacting with Supargaurd Surface

Bloom will disappear in a few days once the cause is removed.

End Joint Failure

Forced Install/ Floor off Square/ Sub-floor Movement

End Joints can be fixed using Superglue

Mild Surface Scratching

Day-to-Day life

Klickfloor Consumer Care Kit

Deep Surface Scratching

Day-to-Day life

Klickfloor Scratch Repair Kit


ECO Green energy production KlickFloor floors contain up to 50% recycled material of verified origin, and are themselves recyclable. Post-industrial recycling also enables us to obtain an especially pure type of PVC with a limited impact on the environment. Furthermore, we are always looking for new ways to package products and limit waste Ingenious cooling system By manufacturing our products as close to the customer as possible, we minimise the impact transportation has on the environment. This helps to keep CO2 emissions and our ecological footprint to a minimum. 28

Eco Standard

KlickFloor sets the standard for future generations of luxury design floors. On the one hand, it combines sustainable production with the ease of installation and maintenance of vinyl floors. On the other, KlickFloor truly stands out because of its range of designs and innovations.

Silent Acoustics With a diverse range of durable, stylish products and the convenience of an all-in floor solution, as well as excellent customer service and unparalleled ‘green’ credentials, KlickFloor is proud to be different. KlickFloor is produced in our vertically integrated factory in Avelgem, Belgium, which is specially constructed to enable us to produce flooring in a responsible manner. In addition, we have a fully automated warehouse on site with the capacity to store 2,000,000 m2 of KlickFloor flooring. Not only are a large number of energy-saving and waste reduction measures in place in our factory, unlike other producers we have full control over the design, production and logistics process. This allows us to retain total control, every step of the way. KlickFloor is the residential luxury design floor manufactured by IVC Group, a world leader in the development and manufacture of design floors. Since 2015, the IVC Group has been part of Mohawk Industries Inc., the world’s market leader in flooring.