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NASHVILLE LIFE MUSIC Taylor House SessionsCat

Nashville Life Music, of Nashville Life Church (led by senior pastors Alvin Love and CeCe Winans Love), has released a six-track EP, through Integrity Music, titled Taylor House Sessions, named for the studio where they recorded the EP. Nashville Life Music is a diverse group of musicians, including outreach director Alvin Love III (son of Alvin and CeCe), worship director Dwan Hill and others strongly involved in the church. What began as around-the-piano singing sessions in the living room has evolved into something that has been influencing and reaching their church and will now reach a broader audience with the hope-filled message of Jesus. You won’t want to sit still during Taylor House Sessions. This isn’t just toe-tapping music; this is up-onyour-feet, whole-body-moving, clap-along, raise-your-hands praise music. These energetic artists know how to celebrate the amazing goodness of God and inspire others to want to join in.

INFLUENCERS Just the Cross

Influencers, of Influencers Church (Atlanta and Australia), has released Just the Cross (May 17, 2019), a 13-track collection of live recordings put together over the course of two years. They come out of worship experiences in both Haiti and the United States. Just the Cross carries the type of authenticity, from start to finish, that draws listeners to freely lift their hearts in worship to God. Vocally, musically and lyrically, each song deeply engages and focuses attention in all the ways effective worship music should. For most of the album, a certain sound familiarity threads from one track to the next, which is comforting. “Believe Again,” on the other hand, is a particularly stand-out moment, as musically, and especially vocally, it is more distinctive than the rest of the recording. These 13 tracks, from this group whose heart is simply to serve those they come across, would be worth adding to your collection.


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