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Working with Priscilla Shirer Alex said that it’s been a pleasure working with the well-known author and public speaker and hopes she will do more movies. “She’s an excellent actress. I think that’s a talent she did not know she had. She poured herself into War Room with acting coaches and things like that. She’s such a pro and a great friend. We have really been blessed to work with her, and hope we continue to work with her.”

A Tale of Two Coaches This isn’t the first time that Kendrick has played a coach. In Facing the Giants (2006), he plays a football coach who has a losing team and follows

him as he fights for a victory. Kendrick said he enjoyed playing both roles. “These coaches start from opposite ends of the spectrum, but they both end up with a balanced view of faith and the role God plays in our lives.” He notes that one coach starts with victories and has that stripped away; the other starts with loss and must fight for the win. “We must find ourselves in Him,” Kendrick explains, “in the value He gives us, being who He says we are. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He loves us more than we realize. He’s the One who created us, so why wouldn’t we take Him for our identity above everything else? “I had to ask myself, if I’m never able to film another movie, do I still know who I am? And I was able to solidify in my own faith walk that my identity is anchored in the unchanging character of Jesus Christ and what He says about me.” Kendrick and his fellow filmmakers have a goal in mind for the Overcomer audiences. “It’s a very entertaining and inspirational film, but we want them to leave the theater asking themselves the right question: ‘What or who gets to define who I am?’”


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