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BOOKSTOREAD THE ONE TRUE LOVE OF ALICE-ANN by Eva Marie Everson Eva Marie Everson’s The One True Love of Alice-Ann is a triumphant novel about ordinary people finding themselves in the will of God for their lives. When the novel opens, Alice Ann is turning sixteen and vows to reveal to her brother’s friend Mack that she secretly loves him. War has just broken out, and America decides to get involved after the Pearl Harbor attack. Her small town is suddenly immersed in issues and tragedies they had not previously faced. As the story unfolds, Alice-Ann discovers God’s answer to all of her prayers is not exactly what she pictured. Her joy comes in small things each day until she realizes the purpose of her life and the insignificant gestures that she makes that leads her to her destiny. We cheer with Alice Ann as she makes this transformation, and are inspired that as we make small daily choices, God is leading us right into His will for our lives. ­— Melissa B Rice

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