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“When God Calls the Heart at Christmas”

lights for Christmas by michelle s. cox


THE SNOW BEGAN FALLING ON DECEMBER 17. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL AS IT COVERED EVERYTHING IN A BLANKET OF PRISTINE WHITE. The trees in the woods around our house looked as if God had sprinkled powdered sugar on them.

Yes, it was gorgeous, but the flakes continued to fall ... and fall ... and fall. The wet snow began to weigh down the branches of the trees, and soon loud cracks were heard as limbs started snapping. We’d been through this before, so we knew there was a good chance that we’d be without power

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before too long. We quickly began our snowstorm prep, gathering lanterns and candles, and carrying firewood in so it would be dry. Sure enough, just as we finished our preparations, the power clicked off, and the cheery lights on our Christmas tree went dark. The first day without power wasn’t too bad. Even the second day wasn’t too uncomfortable or dreary, but as day after day without power went by, our spirits began to droop. By this time, the food in the refrigerator and freezer had thawed and spoiled, and food choices were becoming more and more limited. All of us were a bit aggravated. We had places to go and things to do. After seven days without power, I called our electric company on the morning of

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