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HEALTHTRACKS to restore my health by learning the lesson in the process. Failure to learn from your journey opens the door to making the same mistakes over and over again. It keeps you from making forward progress toward something better. Let’s not spend another year avoiding the scales for fear of what number will display, and find the lesson to be learned. Is the lesson to learn how to find comfort in God and not food? Is the lesson to learn how to trust God enough to rest? What lesson are you currently learning?

feel very accomplished or successful, but I promise you there is someone who is a few steps behind you longing to be standing in your position. Extend a hand back to help them progress forward. Look for ways to be light in darkness and love in a world filled with hate. Find friends to randomly bless on social media with an edifying post. Send a love note text to your spouse. Pack a lunch for the homeless. Surprise someone with a needed hug. Who do you know that could use a little encouragement today?

5. Don’t compare; instead, share. Comparing journeys is a quick way to become discouraged. 3. Own your right to say yes or no. Are you a There will always be someone who appears to have people-pleaser? This is a title I’ve worn for most of more of everything you are seemingly missing. my adult years. I don’t like conflict. So when faced Resist the temptation to let another’s success with a decision that may disappoint someone, I would rather give a reluctant yes than a heartfelt no. drain your joy. Replace comparing with sharing. Encourage those This situation would who have reached always lead to me a level of success feeling as if others were “Resist the temptation to let another’s taking advantage of me success drain your joy. Replace comparing you admire and tell and further complicated with sharing. There will always be someone them how inspiring their story has been my life. Embracing my who appears to have more of everything for you. Share their journey required a hard you are seemingly missing.” story with others. look at the reasons why Let their journey fan I feel compelled to say the flames inside yes. you to see what is possible. Then share your story The best version of me is one that is not with others, including both the ups and the downs. overwhelmed with activity, but overflowing with Authentic sharing unlocks the hard places of the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, heart and invites in community. Don’t underestimate faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. This the power of your story and how God can use it to requires a healthy ratio of both yes and no. This also empower others. applies to other choices I make like when to say What would 2019 look like if you resolve to embrace yes to dessert and when to say no. Understand the your journey? power of every yes and no, look at the effect it has on your journey, and then make a choice that takes your closer to your desired outcome. How will you use your right to say yes or no today?


4. Show kindness to those on the journey with you. None of us are in this alone. Don’t forget to acknowledge those who are a part of your support system. This includes praising and worshiping God as well as extending kind words of gratitude to your co-workers, family and friends. In our self-focused culture, taking the time to esteem others will help you remain humble on your journey. You may not


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