Tennessee Turfgrass - October / November 2014

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Thomas Trotter, Nashville Sounds, Nashville, TN

Job title: Head Groundskeeper Number of years in this position: I’m currently in my sixth season. Where did you attend college, and when did you graduate? Clemson University, in 2006 What was your major? Turfgrass How long have you been a TTA member? 5 years What year did you get started in the turfgrass industry? My first job was at Hejaz Shrine Golf Club in 2000. Why did you choose a career in the turfgrass industry? I had a lot of work experience in turfgrass during high school, so I figured it would be an easy transition into college. My

career just evolved from there, and fourteen years later, I’m still having fun doing what I do.

Major Leagues for the first time. I also like to watch my former employees progress in their careers.

What did you do before your current job position? I was the assistant groundskeeper for the Louisville Bats, the AAA affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds.

Have you won any job-related awards? TTA 2010 Professional Sports Field of the Year

Who have been your mentors in the industry? My biggest influence within the industry has been David Greene, superintendent at Hejaz Shrine Golf Club. There is no way I would be where I am today without having worked for David. Tom Nielsen, Luke Yoder and Bill Marbet are a few others among many who have helped me along the way. What do you enjoy most about your job? I love seeing a player get called up to the

What have been your contributions to the industry? I’d like to think I’ve helped a lot of my interns and other employees be better turfgrass managers. That’s certainly my goal. I had a lot of help along my career path, so I’d like to return the favor. How has TTA enhanced your career? The networking opportunities are invaluable. Every person you meet has different experiences than your own, and they always know certain things that you may not know. I think it’s important to continuously grow in this industry, and TTA allows us the opportunity to do that as a group.

Newlyweds Thomas and Becky Trotter.

What are your hobbies? Working on my house and hanging out with my wife. Tell us a little about your family. I’m originally from Greenville, SC. I’ve been married to my wife Becky for eight months. We currently live in East Nashville. T

Home field for the Nashville Sounds


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