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Let’s Pull Together! Harness Technology Work as a Team Lead with $Profit Seedstock



March 23rd & 24th Wellington, CO

What does a team of horses have to do with cattle breeding? As creatures of habit, all of us resist change. We also much prefer to be independent so that we can choose our own paths. In many ways, we are like a young horse before they are broke to work in a team. Training a team of horses requires CHANGE. The three must learn to work together – TEAMWORK. However, a team generally outperforms the work that can be done by the horses working separately. The benefit is SYNERGY – where 1+1+1 = 4. The vision of three wonderfully independent, powerful, and spirited draft horses channeling all their collective energy through a single tongue and plow is a sight to behold. The results exceed what any could have hoped to achieve alone.

CHANGE + TEAMWORK + SYNERGY = LEADERSHIP At Leachman’s, we see $Profit as being like a single plow behind the three horse team of the Seedstock, Cow/Calf, and Feeder sectors. This will require CHANGE in the way we do business. It will require independent operations to adopt an attitude of TEAMWORK. The resulting SYNERGY will exceed anything we could accomplish separately. The result will be industry LEADERSHIP.

It’s Time to Change the Way We Do Business! CHANGE:

Fragmented ownership and breeding of cattle has put our industry at a disadvantage. Our competitors, swine and poultry, have made more genetic progress on production efficiency. As an industry, we cannot afford to fall farther behind. We must respond by identifying, multiplying, and improving the animals that produce high quality beef most efficiently. It’s time we change to ensure that our family businesses survive and thrive.


Here's our plan to increase teamwork: • Share data and our index technology – we call this the $Profit Share program. • Align with other progressive seedstock producers so they can select for $Profit. • Advise ranchers to help them make the right bull selection decisions. • Provide $Profit on commercial heifers to help ranchers pick the right replacements. • Score feeder calves with Verified Beef to help ranchers get paid for superior genetics. • Partner with feedlots like Decatur County to collect data and validate our systems.


Together, we will make more genetic progress for improved profitability than ever before possible.


Together, we will breed cattle that excel for all of the economically relevant traits and lead the industry in profitability.

Right: Leland L. Leachman, Lee’s grandfather and name sake, judging and showing heavy draft horses, Ohio State University. Circa 1938

L E AC H M A N C AT T L E OF C OL OR AD O | · (970) 568-3983


$Profit Share


Far Right (L to R): Great Grandmother and Great, Great Grandmother Leachman, 1st Leachman Bros, Billy Leachman and James H. Leachman. Leland L. Leachman and Lester J Leachman were not born yet. Circa 1908 Adamsville, OH.


Join the $Profit Share Team Today! Four Ways to Succeed: Top 10% Cow/Calf Producer:

By following the 5 Steps to Profitability, cow/calf producers can move their herd into the nation’s top 10%. Using time tested principles of genetic progress like shortened generation interval and targeted selection – any herd can move to the top quickly. The ranchers documented in this publication, show the success that is “inherited” when you apply the $Profit system to your herd.

Leachman Test Herd:

Test herds have preferential access to top $Profit sire lines. Typically, they utilize AI to sample both proven and young herd sires. The value of using the very top sires pays for the added cost of artificial insemination. These herds collect data on their cowherd and on their steers fed to finish. Test Herds also benefit by having Leachman indexes calculated on their entire cowherd at no additional cost.

Leland (Lee) Leachman II

Leachman Cooperator Herd:

Leachman Cooperator herds raise bulls. They have access to all of our proprietary information and genetic lines to make maximum genetic progress. They keep complete records on all traits. The top 50% of their male calves sell as bulls when they earn the Leachman brand. Leachman cooperators typically net two times commercial steer prices or more for their bulls.

$Profit Share Seedstock Herd:

Leachman now shares its unique $Profit technology with other, independent seedstock operations. By submitting data to Leachman, $Profit Share herds then receive $Ranch, $Feeder, and $Profit indexes along with all Leachman EPD’s on their entire seedstock herd. This includes strategies for feed efficiency data collection and analysis and access to Leachman’s complete sire summary on feed efficiency and profitability. $Profit Share herds will make more genetic progress and have more services to offer their commercial customers.

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Become a Top 10% Rancher

What do we call a top 10% rancher? This is a rancher who is on top of his (or her) game – a professional manager of grass and livestock. He implements the best technologies available. He knows his cost of production. He markets his output. He works with a long term plan in mind. By being better than 90% of the industry, he stays profitable in all but the most difficult of times. In the pages that follow, we feature some top 10% ranchers. These are by no means our only customers that fall into this category. These ranchers are featured because they have expressed a willingness to tell their story. Whether you study their ranch, their grass, their people, or their cattle – you will be impressed. By studying their success, we hope that you can pick up a philosophy or strategy that could be put to use in your operation.

Move Your Herd Into the Top 10% Genetically 1. Establish Your Targets

Successful programs maintain long term selection goals and stick to their plan. They either target high end product quality (Angus & Red Angus) or they focus on production efficiency with crossbreeding (Stabilizer & Charolais). Both targets work! Then they fine tune by setting goals for cow size, milk level, calving ease, etc.

2. Find a Doctor

No, you don’t really need a doctor, but you should seek help from an outside advisor. Pick someone that you trust and ask them to help you design a program that best fits your targets. At Leachman, we have professional Representatives that know our system inside and out. Let one of them help you make the best possible decisions.

What Drives $Profit

Many traits affect $Profit, but these are the major drivers:

Cow Size ● Growth ● Carcass Quality Carcass Weight ● Feed Efficiency If you can move all five of these traits in the right direction at the same time, then you will build more profitable cattle. $Profit does this for you!


L E AC H M A N C AT T L E OF C OL OR AD O | · (970) 568-3983

3. Use $Profit to Pick Your Bull Genetics

$Profit and $Ranch are the two strongest tools you can use to select your bull battery. Use $Profit to maximize profit from birth to harvest. Select for $Ranch to maximize profit from birth to weaning. Any other selection criteria you use will result in less profitability. Whether you pick an elite herd sire to use via artificial insemination or buy a group of yearling bulls to turn out – our indexes are your best breeding tool. $Profit and $Ranch allow you to make decisions as well or better than any master breeder!

4. Select Your Replacement Heifers with $Ranch.

Let’s face it, selecting replacements is one of the toughest jobs you have. It’s not that you are not a good stockman – the truth is that it is nearly impossible to predict which heifers will turn into the best cows. Now, there is a new way. We can DNA type your heifer calves back to your turn out bulls. Then, with the aid of DNA markers, we can predict $Ranch and $Profit on your heifer calves. Then you can simply keep the most profitable ones. Start this year, by stockpiling DNA samples on all of your turn out bulls.

5. Capture the Value of Your Calves.

Calves vary in value at weaning by over $300 per head at the same weight. Do you know how your calves rank? If not, then how are you making them better? It’s impossible to manage what you do not measure. Leachman Cattle is working with Decatur County Feed Yard to help ranchers benchmark their production. We also have used our $Profit technology to power the new “Reputation Feeder Cattle” program by Verified Beef.

Reputation Feeder Cattle

For around a penny per pound, Verified Beef will score the genetic merit of your herd, document your health and nutrition management, verify source and age, and promote your calves to feeders that want to pay premiums for superior calves. Call them today to start promoting your superior calves. (406) 867-BEEF (2333)

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"We’ve done well with our Leachman bulls. My cows weigh 1200 pounds and wean over 600 lb. calves. The steers convert 5.1 to 1 and finish at 1425 pounds… A typical RT Cook steer on feed in CO. They feed for $0.20 under the lot average and finished at 1425 pounds at 15 months of age.

Rod Cook purchased possession on Leachman Yosemite X730Y, a $14,800 $Profit yearling bull.

Cook’s calves are born in April and May but still weigh over 600 pounds in November.


L E AC H M A N C AT T L E OF C OL OR AD O | · (970) 568-3983

I have been buying Leachman bulls since 1993. I made it to the sale in 2012, but all of the other years I have had Lee buy bulls for me Sight Unseen. They give you all the data, so it’s easy to pick a list of the ones I want. I like to buy high $Ranch because that makes my cowherd better. We ranch at high altitude, but I’ve never had any problems with brisket. I’ve never tested, but why test if you don’t have problems. We also have to feed for most of the winter, so I want to build cows that eat less. I’ve always tried to buy the best bulls. It has definitely paid off. I had my calves scored in the Reputation Feeder Cattle program. Verified Beef said they scored among the highest in the country! I retained ownership for the first time on my 2011 calves. They made money. I made money again in 2012. I’m retaining ownership again this year. My calves perform so well that feeding them is not risky.”

~ Rod Cook Craig, CO

RT Cook, LLC Goals: • Build a high profit, low input cowherd. • Calve in April / May to be in synch with nature. • Reduce the feed requirements of my cows. • Use both $Ranch and $Profit for bull and heifer selection. • Keep back as many high profit replacements as possible. • Retain ownership on my calves to keep track and make more money.

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“I’ve always topped the market with Leachman genetics. When I strayed, we went backwards.

A Big Gene bull calf destined for the breeding pasture.

A daughter of Leachman King Rob.

Ben Arnold Goals at age 86: • Make every calf crop better than the last. • Lean on advice from the Leachman’s to stay on track. • Avoid making “genetic” mistakes that won’t last in the cowherd. • Keep breeding red cattle that are as good as or better than blacks. • Use the best Leachman bulls to make my cows more efficient

and keep my calves at the top of the market.

• Leave something good and lasting for my grandson.


L E AC H M A N C AT T L E OF C OL OR AD O | · (970) 568-3983

Through thick and thin, my cows always bring home the ‘bacon’ – they top the market. The pay weight on my steers was 704 pounds right off the cow. In December, my bred heifers were the high selling lot on the Northern Video bred heifer sale at $2,100 apiece. They outsold the blacks. Forty years ago, I was attracted to Red Angus for their disposition and durability. Leachman was leading on performance. I sampled all their great sires, like King Rob and Heavenly. I also used some red Stabilizers. This year, I’ll breed my heifers to high $Profit Red Angus and my cows to high $Profit Stabilizers."

~ Ben Arnold, age 86 Arnold Ranch, Molt, MT

A Big Gene heifer calf in early fall.

“I keep my cattle on good grass and water all the time. I check them every day.”

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“Our 2012 born steers graded 54% Prime at just 15 months of age


L E AC H M A N C AT T L E OF C OL OR AD O | · (970) 568-3983

… and they converted better than the feedlot’s average of 6.25 : 1 even though we did not use Rumensin, implants, or beta-agonists. Our 2011 steers graded 99.5% Choice or better with 88.4% Certified Angus Beef and 25.1% Prime.” ~ Jerry Kusser, K Lazy K Ranch Highmore S.D.

K Lazy K Ranch Plan: • Build the highest carcass quality and feed

efficient herd of Angus cattle possible.

• Artificially inseminate all heifers and

mature cows to the highest $Profit and feed efficient yearling Leachman Angus bulls.

• Turn out high $Profit, embryo transplant

bulls custom designed for us to maximize the genetic improvement of our cleanup calves.

• Calculate Leachman’s $Profit and $Ranch

on our females to maximize our rate of genetic improvement.

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“We wouldn’t trade our replacement heifers for anybody else’s in the country –

The Leachman bulls moved us faster than we could have imagined.

Sweetwater Ranch Manager, Chad Williams & Owner, Bob Schmidt

Bob Schmidt is long time cattlemen and successful, selfmade business man. He was once a Leachman cooperator and then a R. A. Brown Ranch and Gardner Angus cooperator. In fact, he raised the Leachman herd sire GAR-EGL Protégé! His current project is to raise the best commercial cattle possible. With manager, Chad Williams, an accomplished AI technician, it was easy for Bob to make the decision to become a Leachman Test herd.


This Leachman Porterhouse son graded Prime!

L E AC H M A N C AT T L E OF C OL OR AD O | · (970) 568-3983

We started with a really good herd of Angus cows. Then we crossed them with Stabilizers. We wanted hybrid vigor, without making our cows too big. So far, the females are right where we want them to be. Bob is a business man, and he wants to run a low input, low cost operation. We believe that being low cost will ensure our financial viability. Bob believes that Leachman Cattle will help us get this done.”

~ Chad Williams, Manager Sweetwater Ranch, Hays, KS A stout Trinity daughter.

A daughter of Leachman Profitmaker. A pair of Trinity daughters.

Sweetwater Objectives: • Make money with our cows. • Be efficient – low input and high output. • Use AI to cost effectively sample the best genetics. • Have cows that can withstand the tough years. • Build one of the best cowherds in Kansas.

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“We’ve kept and studied all the data for years… Now we have one number that’s easier to use and works better - $PROFIT. Grubl Alkali Ranch Strategies: • Stack the highest $Profit sires via AI and natural service. • Measure every trait that matters. • Build the most profitable cow herd possible. • Expand the herd so that our two sons can make a living in ranching. • Continue to add value to the calf crop by marketing the top 50% as Leachman bulls.


L E AC H M A N C AT T L E OF C OL OR AD O | · (970) 568-3983

We use it every time we sort cattle:

- Selecting our bulls and semen

- Planning our matings

- Picking our replacements

- Culling cows

- Showing off our herd and progress

- Marketing our cattle for what they are worth."

~ Chris Grubl Grubl Alkali Ranch Sturgis, SD

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“We rolled the whole cow herd to 100% high $Profit, Leachman sired females! We studied the ranch and feed lot data. Our first calf crop beat the year prior by 93 pounds as yearlings off the ranch. They gained more on feed. They finished 50 pounds heavier and were harvested 30 days earlier. The daughters fit our maternal goals perfectly. First, we switched out all of our bulls to high $Profit Leachman bulls. Then, we made a business decision to rapidly replace our foundation herd with daughters of the Leachman bulls. We are convinced that those females will make us more money. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

~ Trace Walker Gary Backhus, Manager and Trace Walker are proud of their gentle, hybrid, phenotypic look-a-like cowherd.


Businessman & Rancher WW Ranch, Brookville, KS

L E AC H M A N C AT T L E OF C OL OR AD O | · (970) 568-3983

WW Ranch Strategic Plan: • Optimize the use of their ranch resources with cows. • Build a highly efficient, no grief herd. • Harness hybrid vigor in the females. • Reproduce at high levels with minimal levels of strategic


• Graze cows 365 days of the year. • Make calves that work in the feedlot and on the rail.

All of the Walker replacement heifers are AI’d to Trinity.

Cattle in sync with their environment.

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“Show records?

From 1997 until 2011, the $Profit average of our calves went from $3,599 to $7,451 or an increase of about $2.75 per head per year. Since then, we have moved up to $9,137 – that’s $8.43 per head per year. We are making incredible progress. My father, Robert, started breeding composites in the 70’s. We started out with RX3 cattle from Pioneer. They were a mix of Red Angus, Hereford, and Red Fresian. The composite theory was similar, but the cattle were no comparison to what we have today. My wife, Debbie, and I started crossing with Leachman genetics in 1997. At first, we used the Range Makers. They were a combination of South Devon, Salers, Tarentaise, and Angus. Then, we eventually migrated to the Stabilizers. We have tremendous hybrid vigor in our herd and try to keep it that way. We are always looking for outcross hybrids. We collected performance records from the beginning. Gerald Parks helped us with sire selection. We performance tested all the bulls and picked the high performers to come back into the herd. When Lee started helping us with matings, we focused on adding muscle and reducing birth weight. That’s a tall order – but we’ve made tremendous progress. Now, with the power of $Profit, we are making huge improvements. It’s fun….”

~ Marc Rieger Rieger Ranch, Plevna, MT Born in eastern in Montana, UX437 is a six breed composite. Despite weighing under 1200 pounds, she has quite a production record having produced two herd sires: the $29,000 Big Gene and the $19,500 Stability. She is now a donor in the Leachman elite herd.

Running on short grass country, just south of Plevna, MT, the Rieger cows are the picture of maternal productivity.


Big Gene could have been named “Big Hip” as pictured at 2 years of age after natural service use.

L E AC H M A N C AT T L E OF C OL OR AD O | · (970) 568-3983

Yeah, I'll show you my $Profit records...

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Joe had a plan: •

He bought into the high $Profit bull. He collected semen and bred his herd.

He scored the calves with Verified Beef.

He sold them on Superior through Jim Davis.

~ Joe Tugaw, Twin Falls, ID (deceased September 3, 2012)


L E AC H M A N C AT T L E OF C OL OR AD O | · (970) 568-3983

“They brought $10/cwt more than the market…. Everybody was thrilled. I am sure Joe was watching. He would have been proud.”

~ Jim Davis

Representative, Superior Livestock

May 31, 2013 Today, you can document the value of your calves through the new Reputation Feeder Cattle program offered by Verified Beef. Verified Beef estimated a Genetic Merit Scorecard (left) for the Tugaw calves. It predicts that the calves are worth $12.06 over the national average calves (a score of $10.00 is national average). This scorecard is based on our $Profit technology. Call Verified Beef today to have your calves scored at (406) 867-2333. They can score your herd regardless of where you bought your bulls or which breeds you have used!

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LCoC Stabilizer steer bred and owned by LU Ranch, WY AP Grid (Angus Pride), YG 3 (Yield Grade) . . . 888 lb. HCW (Hot carcass weight) LU 2012 born steers averaged 3.8 average daily gain, 79% Choice, 862 pound average carcass weight and CONVERTED 4.9 to 1. (lbs of dry feed per pound of gain)

Key Profit Drivers and Their Relative Importance Analysis of over 200,000 calves feed through DCFY

1) Feed Conversion 35% 2) Grid Value 30%

3) Carcass Weight 18% 4) Animal Health 17%

LCoC Stabilizer steer bred and owned by Grubl Ranch, SD CAB (Certified Angus Beef), YG3, 950 lb. HCW Grubl pen averaged 74% Choice, 860 pound average carcass, and CONVERTED 5.1 to 1.


L E AC H M A N C AT T L E OF C OL OR AD O | 路 (970) 568-3983

“On the traits that drive our profit– Leachman bred calves consistently rank in our top 15%. We’ve never seen cattle from such sound maternal backgrounds with this kind of feedlot and carcass goodness!" ~ Kevin Unger, Manager Decatur County Feed Yard

Decatur County is the industry leader on objective feedlot data collection and analysis. They feed each animal to their full genetic potential and sell on the grid.

LCoC sired ST x AN steer, by Trinity, bred and owned by Sweetwater Ranch, KS CAB, YG 3 with 941 lb. HCW Sweetwater pen averaged 84% Choice, 832 pound average carcass weight, and


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For 70 Years, We’ve Been

Resolution (Angus)

13,991 $Profit – Top 1% 51.97 $Ranch – Top 1% -72 Feed Intake – Top 4% -0.34 Feed:Gain – Top 8% 21 Sons on test.


(Stabilizer) 14,411 $Profit – Top 1% 48.02 $Ranch – Top 2% -74 Feed Intake – Top 4% -0.15 Feed:Gain – Top 8% 55 Sons on test.


L E AC H M A N C AT T L E OF C OL OR AD O | · (970) 568-3983

Known for Our Bulls....

Big Gene

(Red Stabilizer)

13,962 $Profit – Top 1% 40.40 $Ranch – Top 4% +11 Feed Intake – Top 33% +1.25 Ribeye Area – Top 1% 28 Sons on test.


(Red Angus)

15,488 $Profit – Top 1% 34.54 $Ranch – Top 10% -56 Feed Intake – Top 7% -0.31 Feed:Gain – Top 9% 17 Sons on test.

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Leachman Spring

Bull & Female Sale Sunday, March 23rd

Seminar: Plan to Build a More Profitable Cowherd

Learn More about: ▪ Two Pathways to Increased Profit. ▪ Why Leachman Angus & Red Angus Maximize Carcass Value ▪ How to Use $Profit to Pick Better Replacement Heifers. ▪ Market Your Calves to Feeders Who Pay for Reputation Feeder Cattle ▪ Join $Profit Share and start Calculating $Profit on Your Seedstock Herd

Banquet: Great western music & the best smoked ribeye you’ve ever eaten.

▪ Don’t miss Lee Leachman’s Outlook Presentation. ▪ Poetry by Waddie Mitchell & music by Sons and Brothers! ▪ Bring your whole family!

“I started with a pretty average herd of cows and had received pretty average prices for our calves. I didn’t buy the highest $Profit bulls, because they were outside my budget, but I bought the best I could afford. This past November, we sold a set of Leachman sired steers on Superior that topped the market. In one generation, our calves aren’t very average anymore!” ~ Allan Maze, Medicine Lodge, KS


L E AC H M A N C AT T L E OF C OL OR AD O | · (970) 568-3983


Sunday & Monday


rd 23


th 24

Monday, March 24th

Leachman’s Top 50 Yearling Heifers

▪ Handpicked ▪ Top $Profit ▪ If you want to buy the best, don’t miss this first time offering.

Leachman’s Top 450 $Profit Bulls ▪ The highest $Profit average ever. ▪ Over half are heifer bulls.

75 Angus, 75 Red Angus, 300 Stabilizer, and 10 Charolais Sale to be held at

CSU’s ARDEC Center Wellington, CO

An Average 2014 Sale Bull

Our “average” bulls are far from industry average! • More calving ease! Over 300 heifer bulls available. The average birth EPD is just +0.1 -- that’s 1.7 pounds under the average Angus bull!

• Cattle with better beef! Marbling drives eating quality and big carcass premiums. Our bulls rank in the top 15% of their respective breed on marbling EPD.

• Cattle that eat less! Feed efficiency that ranks in the top 25% of the industry.

• Cattle with more profitability! An average $Profit of $11,400 ranking in the top 4%.

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5100 ECR 70 Wellington, CO 80549

Leachman Spring

Bull & Female Sale 50 Elite $10,000+ $Profit Heifers 450 Elite Bulls – Highest $Profit Ever!

Angus, Red Angus, Charolais, & Stabilizer Sunday, March 23rd - Seminar & Banquet

More fun and education than you’ll find at any other bull sale. ● Lee Leachman’s Outlook, Prime Rib, & Waddie Mitchell! ●

Monday, March 24th - Sale Day at CSU ARDEC ● ●

50 handpicked, elite heifers from the Leachman system. 450 bulls – Avg +0.1 BW EPD and $11,400 $Profit! Make your hotel reservations today at the headquarters, Embassy Suite Loveland Hotel (970) 593-6200. Ask for the special Leachman sale rate. Order Leachman Semen and/or a semen catalog by calling (970) 444-2855 today!


Leachman Customers