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Assembly Instruction LC Mini Slicer LC Mini Slicer is a cutting tool for polymer clay.

Safety Instructions • Only use the LC Mini Slicer for cutting

Basic plate

polymer or metal clay in the raw state.

• Place a non slip matting under the LC Mini Slicer Slicer Blade Front connection part Rear connection part Blade support

before you start using it.

• Be cautious of the very sharp blade while operating the LC Mini Slicer.

• Do not put your hand under the blade,

to prevent cutting yourself use the handle for lifting the blade. Do not lift the blade by touching the blade area.

• Do not put you hand on the clay to move it to cut. Moving pad

Slide the clay by pushing the base the clay sits on.

• When cleaning the blade it is advisable to wear Blade cover

Lucy Clay® Tools 2015

Bolt for blade connection Pad for blade connection


Morseova 5, 301 00 Plzeň Czech Republic

by children without by a responsible adult.



• Always follow the safety instructions for your

Bolt for blade cover connection

• Lucy Clay Tools is not liable for any injuries

safety and the safety of others. or damage.

Nut for blade cover connection Grid sticker Magnet

• This tool is not for children and should not be used

Nut for blade connection IČ / ID: 018 76 864 DIČ / VAT: CZ01876864

cut proof gloves. Do not use a thin cloth or wipe with your bare hand inside of it or you can cut yourself. Use extreme caution when cleaning the blade!


For a quick installation guide, see the second page of this document.

Please visit LC Mini Slicer website to see full installation guide and videos with insatallation.

See full assembly manual

Quick Installation 1


Remove a protection layer from all Dibond parts from both side. 3b


Insert magnet to the small hole.


3a - 3b: Bending of Dibond parts.


Assembly of Dibond parts

Support On our youtube channel, you can watch a lot of useful video tutorials. For more detailed assembly manuals and bonus documents, check our Issuu profile.



Blade assembly 8

Blade insertion - blade edge is parallel to pad/base.

For more information please visit:

Secure blade by bolt and nut.

Made by & Distribution: LC Tools s. r. o. | |

Put the Grid sticker on moving pad and your LC Mini Slicer is ready.

ver. 15/06

LC Mini Slicer: Quick guide  

New cutting/slicing tool for polymer clay. The compact size of LC Mini Slicer will let you take it with you wherever you like.

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