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Safety instructions • Use LC Slicer only for cutting polymer clay.

User manual

• Before using LC Slicer place underneath the anti-slip mat. • When you use LC Slicer, beware of the very sharp knife blade.

LC Slicer is used for cutting blocks of polymer materials

• Never put your hand under the blade of the knife. To lift the knife, use only the handle. Never pick up the knife in any other way. • Do not move the clay by hand, use a moving mat for it. • Do not carry LC Slicer holding the handle of the knife, hold it with a metal structure.

3. For a complete removal of the protective film it is necessary to loosen the nuts by the included wrench. Loosen the nuts one by one and gradually remove the protective film, then tighten the nut always back before loosening next one. Avoid the disassembly of LC Slicer. Finally, make sure that the nuts are tightened. 4. Before you will continue to the next point, turn to the other side where you can find the assembly procedure of LC Slicer. 5. Carefully remove the protective cover of the blade. 6. To compensate the knife, loosen the nuts on the sides, align the knife with the plate and tighten the nuts. 7. Place all protective plastic covers on the nuts. 8. Your LC Slicer is ready to use.

• After each use of LC Slicer park the moving section in the lower position and secure with the secure screw..

Technical details LC Slicer is consisted of 5 main parts: • Metal frame • Base with worktop • Movable knife

secure screw

Lucy Clay® Tools 2017

Operating part

• The tool is not designed for children and should not

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Czech Republic

• Operating part • LC Ease

be used by children without a proper supervision of a responsible person.

LC Ease

Movable knife

• Always follow the safety instructions for your and others' safety. • LC Tools s.r.o. is not liable for injuries or damages incurred by improper handling with LC Slicer.

metal frame Base with worktop

Quick assembly

1. Take out all parts of LC Slicer from the package. 2. Remove the protective film from all parts. For easy removal of the film, it is recommended to lay the parts on a flat soft surface..

• Size: 22 x 20 x 25 cm closed 22 x 20 x 35 cm opened • Weight: 1,9 kg • Cutting window size: 14 cm x 10 cm • Blade length: 16 cm

Video: LC Slicer 2017 Assembly manual

LC Slicer: Assembly procedure 1 2

Lets prepare your LC Slicer. Take a preassembled part with blade. 5


Install the red secure screw to the nut at this part. Follow a right orientation according to picture 6

Install a secure stainless plate to the upper two screws, the middle holes must fit to the red secure screw.



Attach a handle using a two screws (M4x12). Follow a right orientation according to picture. 7

Put on washers and M5 nuts with flange to marked screws and slightly tight by hand.


Attach prepared part from step 3. to the face of the slicer frame. 8

Insert a whole set of frame from the front to the base plate, align holes at the frame with holes at the plate. Please, follow orientation of the plate acc. to picture.


Put M5 screws with countersunk head and M5 nuts with flange in to marked holes and tight it by included wrench. Tight M5 nuts from step 6 by included wrench. 12

Support You can watch many useful videos on our YouTube channel, such as: removing protective film, blade adjustment, blade replacement and more.

Attach a back pad according to the picture.


Put M5 screws with hexagonal head and two washers with M5 nuts with flange in to marked holes. Tight it slightly by hand. 14

Insert LC EASE from the side.

Note: its recommended to place a sticker with ruler included in the package to LC EASE before this step.

Align holes at the ease module with holes at the base plate and insert M5 screws with countersunk head and washers with wingnuts in to marked holes. Tight it slightly by hand.


After balancing the rod we can tighten it all up. Note: if the LC EASE isn’t spinning freely, loosen necessary parts, settle them and tighten them up again. Screw in threaded rod.

Note: for better lifetime apply LC Lubricant before this step. We recommend that you occasionally reapply.

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Screw in the threaded rod all the way and secure it with a nut. Manufacturer and distributor: LC Tools s. r. o. | |

Ver. 17/02

LC Slicer (2017): User Manual [EN]  
LC Slicer (2017): User Manual [EN]