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Make a statement – is the name of the game for summer 2012 by international designers. This will be implemented with the power of radiant colours. Electrifying purple, coral red, vibrant orange and vitalizing green are the main performers throughout metropolitan designer showrooms. Generously helped by the summer colour spectacle, each look becomes an extravagant eye catcher. But even in small doses these radiant nuances will set special highlights. Harmonious opposites of the StatementColours are soft tones like white, subtle nude but also a sparkling gold. Fitting the Colourblocking-Hype LCN presents this summer the new Beauty Trend “colour me up”.



COLOUR me up 04 – 07 CoLOUR ME UP Colourblocking for summer 2012



COLOUR TWISTER What colour are you?

09 NEW COLOUR GELS Revolutionary colour gel formula 10 – 13 FREE YOUR MIND Easiness for Spring 2012 14

COSMIQ GELS Innovation: exclusive moonstone dust

Welcome to our Spring / Summer Edition of the “LCN BeautyNews” with its most beautiful Beauty Trends for the coming season. And now please enjoy the LCN Trends and product news Spring / Summer

Beauty comes from within and unfolds when body, soul and mind are in harmony with each other. The relevance of well being is often forgotten during a stressful daily routine. This spring the focus is on basics: to live the style of well being. In the spring of 2012 the international world of fashion is reflecting the “casual chic”. Flowing fabrics, minimalistic cuts – fashion which is comfortable and underlines the female beauty without distracting from her. While summer colours 2012 are loud, the subtle Understatementcolours for spring are more demure. The LCN Spring Beauty Trend “free your mind” invites you to dream and relax. Please enjoy discovering the feel good trend.

free your mind 15 WHITE DIAMOND GELS ... are forever

20 – 21 UNITS Black Diamond light unit Classic file unit

16 Barefoot & CONNEX SILVER PLUS Silver-ions-complex

22 – 23 Care & EFFECT POLISHES ... for your nails


24 – 25 Cake & PIE CARE Indulgence for the senses

COOL DOWN The ultimate refreshing burst for feet

18 – 19 MAGNETIC GELS & POLISHES Magnetic fun goes on

26 – 27 displays Flexible studio lines




COLOUR me up 3in1 Bronzing Powder “Sunshine in a Box” The unique LCN Bronzing Powder provides a natural and beautiful tan for every skin type. The moisturizing complex contained provides for an even complexion. Art. No.: 88195


Poster “colour me up” DIN A1 Art. No.: 63733


Nail Polish “colour me up” LCN Trend colours for Spring / Summer 2012: (- 326) colour me up, (- 327) some like it hot, (- 328) spice up your life, (- 329) fanappleistic.

- 328

0 4

- 326

Art. No.: 43179 -..  8 ml Art. No.: 43079 -..  16 ml

- 327

- 329



Gel Lipstick “colour me up” delicious tango Art. No.: 46007-328

Promotion Set Trend “colour me up” 4 x 8 ml Nail polish (- 326) to (- 329). Art. No.: 43246-25

Special Mono Eyeshadow “golden sun” Contains vitamin E and C.


Art. No.: 44697-11


Lip Gloss “colour me up” (- 327) show your passion, (- 328) girls night out, (- 329) gold fever Art. No.: 46008-..

- 328

- 329

- 327


The new LCN trend files compliment together with the LCN trend polishes the summery atmosphere in your salon. Grit 180 / 240. Art. No.: 21121


0 5

– 326


– 327


– 328

Matching the “colour me up” series we are offering you the matching LCN colour gels (- 326) to (- 329) as permanent polish already in our new formula. Colour Gel

Nail Art Tip

Art. No.: 20605-..  5 ml Available single or as set with each two matching rhinestone minis boxes at 50 pieces as well as the nail art set “colour me up”. Trend colour set LCN Colour Gels “colour me up” 1 x each Colour Gel, 5 ml, (- 326) to (- 329); Rinestones minis, at 50 pieces (- 326) and (- 327) as well as the nail art set “colour me up”. Art. No.: 21078-3

– 329

Nail Art Tip

NEW: LCN Recolution comes now in a convenient bottle with integrated brush. For as easy an application as nail polish. Remove with LCN Loosener.


Matching our trend colours our heart shaped nail art set “colour me up”. Purple rhinestone flowers; nail art flowers (genuine dried mini blossoms); square red stones as well as light green rhinestones. Art. No.: 88181-1 New miniature rhinestones available in the following colours: (- 326) light violet mini and (- 327) red mini. Art. No.: 42050-..  50 pieces

- 327


Our summer trend “colour me up” is also available in our soak-off line LCN Recolution UV-Colour Polish in the following colours: (- 326) colour me up, (- 327) some like it hot, (- 328) spice up your life, (- 329) fanappleistic. Art. No.: 21061-..  10 ml


Trendy watch “colour me up” This original trend watch by Tom Watch combines highest quality with a trendy design. A must-have accessory this summer. Art. No.: 88231  pink Art. No.: 88233  white

- 326


0 6

Display “colour me up” Make-up 4 Nail Polishes “colour me up”, 8 ml, 3 Lip Gloss, 1 Gel Lipstick, 1 Special Mono Eyeshadow and 1 3in1 Bronzing Powder “Sunshine in a Box”. This display is stocked with 1 tester each as well as 3 each for sale and comes with the “colour me up” poster, size DIN A1. Art. No.: 88200  assortment of 3 each

6 7

Display “colour me up” Polishes & Lips 4 Nail Polishes “colour me up”, 8 ml, 3 Lip Gloss and 1 Gel Lipstick. This display is stocked with 1 tester each as well as 4 each for sale and comes with the “colour me up” poster, size DIN A1. Art. No.: 88202  assortment of 4 each

Khol Eye Liner Pencil “green” As long as stock lasts.

LCN Shopper – This is how shopping turns into fun: A stylish shopping bag with a practical carrying handle.

Art. No.: 40007-15

Measurements: W: 38 cm x H: 43 cm x D: 8,5 cm Art. No.: 88239


Mono Eyeshadow As long as stock lasts. (-3) pretty pink, (-4) lilac, (-7) apple green Art. No.: 44495-..



0 7

Vitamin containing fruit shakes make the best thirst quenchers and supply our body with important nutrients. Now your skin can look forward to such a refreshing thrill with our new LCN “colour twister” hand & body creams, available in four enticing varieties. Each deliciously scented “colour twister” hand & body cream by LCN contains ProVitamin B5 and intensively nurtures the skin with its “repair-effect”.

COL twister

Black currant extract

Green-Tea extract

Coconut extract

Blackberry-leaves extract

contains a lot of vitamin C, has an antioxidant effect and provides a subtle skin condition.

stimulates micro circulation of the skin, has a vitalizing effect and refreshes the skin.

is rich in minerals, trace elements as well as vitamin B and E.

have a anti-inflammatory effect and refines the skin.

Raspberries extract

Limes extract

contains mild fruit acids and presents the skin with a delicate complexion.

has a nurturing, strengthening and purifying effect.

Banana scented oil

Violet extract

leaves a seductive fragrance of sun ripened bananas. Glycerin and panthenol supply the skin with intensive moisture.

calms irritated and stressed skin.

Hand & Body Creams “colour twister” (- 1) bananarama, (- 2) marry me berry, (- 3) green tea twister, (- 4) lola viola. Art. No.: 64175-..  50 ml Art. No.: 64177-..  300 ml All four LCN “colour me up” hand & body creams 50 ml are available as a “colour twister” set, for everybody who has difficulties to choose. Art. No.: 64179 Display “colour twister” – A juice bar for the skin. All products are available in 3 pcs or 6 pcs assortment plus tester. Art. No.: 64181  assortment of 3 each Art. No.: 64182  assortment of 6 each

OUR gel

0 8


0 9

- 517


- 524


- 522


- 523

- 520

- 516

- 519

- 518

- 525

- 521

We have revised our colour gel formula. All new LCN colour

From a powerful sparkling purple-violet to a very subtle mauve

gels can now be applied in one thin layer which will result

and natural shades – a match for each taste. LCN colour gels

in a perfect application. Cleaned with the Super Shine Finish

provide a permanent colour experience!

Cleaner your nails will try to outshine each other. However LCN Colour gels can certainly also be sealed with a sealant. There will be ten new colours complimenting our assortment of LCN colour gels to give you an even larger colour variety.

new colours: (-516) light denim, (-517) sunshine, (-518) forever in love, (-519) pinkie winkie, (-520) just nude, (-521) so in lilac, (-522) bloody mary, (-523) strawberry red, (-524) raspberry metallic, (-525) light mauve trend colours: (- 326) colour me up, (- 327) some like it hot, (- 328) spice up your life, (- 329) fanappleistic basic colours: (- EW) extra white, (- NA 8) black Art. No.: 20605-..  5 ml


Nail Polish “free your mind” The LCN trend colours for Spring / Summer 2012: (- 330) free spirit, (-331) free your mind, (-332) sky high, (-333) dreamcatcher.

- 333

Art. No.: 43179-..  8 ml Art. No.: 43079-..  16 ml


- 331

Lipstick “free your mind” day dream Art. No.: 46007-332

- 330

- 332

- 330


- 333 - 331

4 5

Lip Gloss “free your mind” available in 3 beautiful and gentle colours: (-330) soft peaches, (-331) white pearl, (- 333) pink flirt. Art. No.: 46008-..

Let your eyes shine! Special Mono Eyeshadow a creamy pastel shine. Art. No.: 44697-12

Silky Pearl Eyeshadow a creamy eye shadow with brush application in a glossy “silky pearl” and a long lasting effect. Art. No.: 46041


Blusher Duo “luxury peach fusion / shiny sand” A luxury bicolour blusher with a silky soft texture for a natural look. Sets highlights perfectly and puts the face into shape. Enriched with vitamin E and apricot oil, known for its nurturing and soothing properties. Ideal for daily use. Art. No.: 46011-10

free your mind 7


Promotion Set Trend “free your mind” 4 x 8 ml Nail Polish (- 330) to (- 333). Art. No.: 43246-24

Poster “free you mind” DIN A1 Art. No.: 63735

1 0


1 1


X-TAME Light Curing Nail Polishes This light curing nail polish with the following slightly transparent colours (- 330) free spirit, (-331) free your mind, (-332) sky high, (-333) dreamcatcher. Art. No.: 21069-..  10 ml

- 333 - 332

- 331 - 330

NEW: X-TAME – a completely new dimension of polishing. The worldwide unique light curing nail polish.



Display “Touch of Gold” SilkMilk Gold, 50 ml and 3in1 Bronzing Powder “Sunshine in a Box” in a 6 pcs or 12 pcs assortment plus tester.

SilkMilk Gold Nurturing body lotion with a seductive fragrance and a slight glimmer effect. Places breathtaking highlights. Art. No.: 64214  50 ml Available from March 1st, 2012

Art. No.: 88197  assortment of 6 each Art. No.: 88198  assortment of 12 each


Available from March 1st, 2012

Matching our trend colours comes the heart shaped nail art set nail art set “free your mind”. Yellow tinsels; crystal coloured rhinestone flowers; pink bouillons and crystal coloured square stones. Art. No.: 88181-2

Nail Art Tip

5 - 19


Sparkling Effect Brush silver As long as stock lasts. Art. No.: 44496-2

Nail Art Stickers Self adhesive nail art stickers for the so called half moon at the back part of your nail. Not only the french manicure part of the nail but also the back part of the nail is suitable for decoration. Available in black or white: (-19) black crown moon, (-20) white crown moon and (-21) white heart moon. Art. No.: 43498-..

- 20

- 21

1 2

Display “free you mind” Make-up 4 Nail Polishes “free your mind”, 8 ml, 3 Lip Gloss and 1 Lipstick, 1 Special Mono Eyeshadow and 1 Silky Pearl Eyeshadow. This display is stocked with 1 tester each as well as 3 each for sale and comes with the “free your mind” poster, size DIN A1. Art. No.: 88204  assortment of 3 each

Display “free you mind” Polishes & Lips 4 Nail Polishes “free your mind”, 8 ml, 3 Lip Gloss and 1 Lipstick. This display is stocked with 1 tester each as well as 4 each for sale and comes with the “free your mind” poster, size DIN A1. Art. No.: 88206  assortment of 4 each


1 3

just Our new COSMIQ One Component Resin F and COSMIQ Glaze Gel with precious moonstone dust – an exclusive refinement of our two bestsellers. The moon stone received its name because of its sheen which is reminiscent of a shiny moon. Captured in a highly effective formula, LCN succeeded in incorporating this shine into our resin bestsellers One Component Resin F and Glaze Gel. This unique addition of extremely fine ground moon stone dust optimizes the stability of the resin without affecting its elastic qualities. Besides its purely physical properties also a healing affect is attributed to the moon stone. Furthermore this extraordinary precious stone increases vitality as well as the female charisma.


COSMIQ Glaze Gel

This high gloss sealing gel with UV protection, refined with moon stone dust, provides a subtle “Moonlight Glow”. Radiant reflexes are set with its glimmer effect. With its slightly thicker consistency it is easy to apply and prevents it from running into the paronychial.

COSMIQ One Component Resin F

Your advantages: no running into the paronychial, easy application, UV-protection, compatible with all LCN resins.

Classical 1-phase resin perfected with the added moon stone dust. Convince yourself of its uncomparable strength. COSMIQ One Component Resin F convinces with its good allround properties, increased firmness and greater stability.

Art. No.: 21113  10 ml Profifile COSMIQ Grit 180 / 180. 6 pcs / pack. Art. No.: 21058


COSMIQ Brush Set Modelling turns easy with this new LCN COSMIQ Brush Set. For maximum flexibility while working we have extended our 2 successful LCN Protech gel brushes with 3 more brush shapes. This new 5-piece set convinces through its real gold clamps as well as its classic anthracite coloured acrylic handle.


5 brushes in a practical aluminium box: Protech gel brush straight, Protech 1 gel brush and Protech 2 gel brush for individual modelling techniques, Protech gel brush slanted, for application of a French manicure, ProtechBond for bonding agents. Art. No.: 21122

Your advantages: universal application, good elasticity, compatible with all LCN resins. Art. No.: 21111  20 ml


1 4

... are forever


Sculpture Formatur White Diamond Firm modeling paste for paper form extensions. The diamond dust added improves stability against breakage, improves modeling of the free nail edge and prevents running of the material. Available as special edition “White Diamond” with a pearly diamond glimmer. Art. No.: 21109  15 ml


WILDE-PEDISEAL White Diamond – The perfect finish to seal toe nails. An elastic, light curing sealing gel for toe nail application with UV protector. Enriched with glitter particles which sparkle beautifully in the light and are visible even on toe nails. This clear gel follows the movements of the foot and complements the highly elastic Barefoot silver plus. This gel is easily applied even with difficult paronychial conditions and does not run into the folds. Its UV protection stabilizes a permanent French manicure and protects especially colour variations of Barefoot silver plus from the extreme exposure to light like for example tanning beds or sun bathing. Art. No.: 21119  10 ml


1 5

Barefoot silver plus SILVER The antimicrobial effect of silver ions has been known for a long time. Already the ancient Greeks and Egyptians wounds were covered with silver foil. The antimicrobial effect of silver has been a matter in numerous researches. The majority of studies proves the antimicrobial activity within a wide spectrum of microorganisms.

1 Toe nail reconstruction has very special requirements. As a consequence LCN has developed the new Barefoot silver plus. This 1-phase resin is highly elastic in order to be able to follow the rolling movement of the foot and to avoid pressure on toe nails. In addition the present LCN Barefoot plus 1-phase resin contains a highly effective antimycotic component. Through the addition of the active ingredient silver Barefoot plus has been refined in a unique manner. The innovative Barefoot silver plus possesses a anti bacterial effect which is contributed to this precious metal. As a result the already existing antimycotic components are supported even better. This highly effective formula has silver incorporated in form of micro silver. Toe nails can optimally be treated. Available as (-1) clear, (-2) pink, (-3) opak (a milky colour in order to better cover up discolourations) and (-4) pastel (a mixture of pink and opak). Art. No.: 21115-..  10 ml


silver plus


Air drying bonding agent with antimycotic factor to reinforce adhesion of Barefoot silver plus. Connex silver now also contains in addition to the antimycotic factor silver in form of colloidal silver and therefore complements perfectly Barefoot silver plus for pedicures. Art. No.: 21117  10 ml

This summer our new Foot Care series LCN cool down offers the ultimate freshness boost for hot feet and heavy legs. Vitamins contained in these care products provide the skin in addition intensively with important nutrients. LCN cool down – the effective first class refreshment!

1 6


1 7

cool down Prickling Ice Spray The best refreshment this summer for hot feet and tired legs comes out of a spray can! This new LCN cool down Prickling Ice Spray provides an intensive boost of freshness. With a WOW-effect: The spray transforms on application into a cool, prickling foam and settles in a soothing layer on the skin. Provitamin B5 and bisabolol nurture and soothe burning feet and tired legs during long and hot summer days. Application: Shake well before use. Hold can upright. Spray onto hands and distribute or directly onto legs and feet from a distance of approx. 20 cm and rub in completely. Art. No.: 64210  75 ml Display “cool down” All products come in an assortment of 3 plus 1 tester each. Art. No.: 88228  assortment of 3 each

cool down Foot Gel

cool down Foot Peeling

Especially during summer a lot of people are suffering from swollen feet and or legs. The new LCN cool down Foot Gel counteracts this condition and nurtures and refreshes feet and legs during a hot summer. Alcohol and menthol are easing the tension and the witch hazel extract acts vitalizing. Glycerin and panthenol are providing moisture and sooth the skin. Due to its mild texture LCN cool down Foot Gel is absorbed immediately and does not leave any oily residue.

This soothing foot peeling has blue beads incorporated which have been enriched with vitamin A and E. These nurturing ingredients are being released by rubbing it on in a uniform manner. Finest peeling granules gently remove dead skin cells and provide silky soft skin.

Art. No.: 64206  100 ml

Art. No.: 64208  100 ml

Application Apply the desired Magnetic Colour Gel in a rich layer – best to use a Protech brush – place magnet immediately for approx. 3 seconds over nail. Now cure the design for 60 seconds in the skyLED or 2 min. in a UV light curing unit. As a finish apply a sealant of your choice for example LCN Sealant and cure.

Magnetic Colour Gel the power of magnets The extraordinary LCN Magnetic Polishes are now also available as LCN Magnetic Colour gels. Metal particles contained in these gels create fascinating designs within seconds with the help of a magnet. LCN Magnetic – pure attraction of colours!

Set Magnetic Colour Gel 1 x each Magnetic Colour Gel, 5 ml No. (-1) to (-6) as well as magnets No. (-1) diagonal and Nr. (-2) star as well as gel brush Protech 1 and directions for use.

Magnets (-1) diagonal, (-2) star Art. No.: 43527-..

- 1

Art. No.: 21107 Magnetic Colour Gel Available in the following colours: (-1) never without purple, (-2) easy loving, (-3) go on silver, (-4) magical, (-5) i lilac it, (-6) thrilling.

- 2

Art. No.: 21106 -..

- 3 - 4

- 5

- 2 - 1

- 6

Magnetic fun goes on ... New and fascinating Magnetic nail polish colours (-9) bordeauxlicious, (-10) stunning orange and (-11) delicious olive. Available single or as a set and as Display as well as new magnet motives and a magnet holder.

1 8


Application Shake desired Magnetic Nail Polish well and apply in a rich layer. Place magnet for 3 seconds over nail and then wait until polish is dry. The results are incredible nail art designs!

- 3

- 4

Magnetic Nail Polish, 8 ml Available in the following colours: (-9) bordeauxlicious, (-10) stunning orange, (-11) delicious olive Art. No.: 43524-.. Magnets, NEW (-3) snake, (-4) curve Art. No.: 43527-.. Magnet Holder Single without magnet Art. No.: 43535

- 9 - 11

Starterset “Magnetic Nail Polish” 1 x each Magnetic Nail Polish, 8 ml, No. (-9) to (-11) as well as magnets No. (-3) snake and No. (-4) curve. Art. No.: 43536 Display “Magnetic Nail Polish” 1 x each Magnetic Nail Polish, 8 ml, No. (-9) to (-11) as well as magnets No. (-3) snake and No. (-4) curve. All products in an assortment of 3 each plus tester as well as 25 directions for use. Art. No.: 43538

- 10

1 9

BLACK DIAMOND light unit


For nails as strong and shiny as a black diamond! A black diamond is unique and most of all known for its strength and its special shine. With this new LCN Black Diamond Light Unit we have managed to transfer the special features of this precious mineral onto a light unit. For the best possible technique as well as an optimal curing result. The innovative technique of the spiral shaped light bulb has a three times higher life span and supports optimally the product quality of LCN nail resins. This functional unit has a removable base plate in order to be able to utilize it for pedicures as well.

Black Diamond light unit Art. No.: 13123

Upgrade your salon with this classic and space saving LCN eye catcher and provide your customers with an experience of a particular kind.

Small but mighty!

The new LCN Black Diamond light unit combines highest quality with a classic design! Technical data: Operating voltage: Voltage: Power: Measurements: Weight:

power adaptor 100 – 240 V 12 V 12 W / 1A W: 175 mm x H: 85 mm x D: 160 mm approx. 560 g

2 0



2 1


file unit

LCN CLASSIC file unit – the perfect finish in next to no time for your customers finger- and toe nails. All you need are the two controllers at the front of the unit: By turning the left controller to the left or right the desired direction of rotation as well as the desired rotation speed is selected. The progressive adjustable rotation speed appears in the 2-digit digital display in the middle of the control panel. The desired suction power is regulated with the right controller. A sufficient suction power with this innovative LCN CLASSIC file unit is obtained with a setting at “12 pm”. This is due to a Eco-Position which offers an efficient vacuum in this setting. The noise level of the turbine stays within a comfortable range.

For the perfect finish –

› Simple operation

the new LCN CLASSIC file unit

› Strong suction power in a medium rotation range

Contrary to competitors’ vacuum units which have to run on their maximum setting, the LCN Classic file unit will reach a comparable efficiency on its Eco-position. The new LCN Classic file unit has a modified filter bag cover. The electrical connection is now integrated into the connection of the vacuum hose, a separate connection is not necessary anymore and handling is simplified. A further advantage of this unit is the comfortable quick release drill chuck which allows exchange of drill bits without loosening of the grip sleeve. This relatively small unit uses very little space on your work table and has practical notches on the top to hold all your favorite drill bits!

LCN Classic file unit Drill bits are not included. Art. No.: 16045

› Modified filter system › Comfortable drill bit exchange › Minimum space requirements


Technical data: Operating voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz Voltage: max. 350 W Micromotor hand piece: max. 50 W / 24 V /  30.000 rpm Measurements control unit: W: 160 mm x H: 185 mm x D: 240 mm Measurements hand piece: L: 118 mm x D: 17 / 27 / 31 mm Weight: approx. 2800 g

› Easy handling


e Tips l b i x Fle Flexible



The revolutionary LCN Flexible Tip combines application benefits of the paper form technique with the easiness of applying a tip. Ideal for all nail types: due to its special flexibility this new LCN Tip adjusts itself perfectly to the natural nail and thus prevents tension on the nail. The thin material is ideal for French manicures as well as for a natural look. Time saving and protection of the nail through minimizing of file work: slightly “buff” nail that’s all in order to guaranty a perfect look. Art. No.: 30712  Tip Box mixed sizes  150 pcs


The LCN 7in1 Wonder Nail Recovery combines:

Wonder in1Nail Recovery

This innovative top class multi function polish combines 7 properties in one: Base Coat / Top Coat / Wet Look / Quick Dry /  Super Hardener / Ridgefiller / Whitener Especially for sensitive, thin and brittle nails, this LCN 7in1 Wonder Nail Recovery strengthens the nail plate and evens out surface irregularities. Like a protective shield, this viscous polish settles on top of the stressed nail and offers a means of recovery for the nail. Nails are shiny and firm and due to the whitener function brightened. Ideal to use as base coat to avoid yellowing of the nail caused by colour polishes as well as ensuring longer durability. Its ridge filling function ensures an even nail structure.

LCN Miracle Set

Art. No.: 43970  8 ml Art. No.: 43972  16 ml

For a perfect Wet Look Finish this super fast drying LCN 7in1 Wonder Nail Recovery can be used as a Top Coat sealant.

LCN Miracle Set The Power-Wonder set for your nails! LCN Keratin Protein Miracle Growth Double protection for nail growth: Keratin – base element of nails – strengthens nails without diminishing elasticity and protects from dehydration. Glycerin and D-Panthenol provide optimal moisture and nourishment for the nail bed as well as the cuticles. Application: apply and massage into natural nail. LCN Propolis Grid Miracle Protect The protective shield for healthy toe nails: Propolis derived from bee glue is said to have antibacterial and antimycotic properties. Besides the valuable active ingredient of proplis, the ingredients bisabolol, panthenol and jojoba oil nurture and soothe sensitive cuticles. Eucalyptus and menthol provide a pleasant freshness. Application: apply on toe nail and let it soak in. LCN Miracle Set in a black organza pouch. As long as stock lasts. Art. No.: 88242  2 x 8 ml

Limited Edition

Display “7in1 Wonder Nail Recovery” All products in an assortment of 6 plus tester Art. No.: 88216  assortment of 6

LCN Effect Nail Polishes –

2 2

are you in the mood for a change?


2 3

Art. No.: 43973  8 ml Art. No.: 43975  16 ml

A new special nail polish by LCN for all It-Girls who want it rocking and smokey. This LCN Smokey Midnight Coat top coat provides nails with a cool Smokey-Look. Whoever loves smokey eyes and the “Biker-Style” will love this polish! In next to no time a suitable for daily use nail polish turns into a special Party-Look. Due to the Smokey-Effect of the LCN Smokey Midnight Coat every polish receives a trendy and rocking finish. Simply apply a layer of this special polish on top of the polished nail and wait until a smokey veil darkens the colour of your polish. For an even darker and more colour intensive result apply a second layer.


The result of the fast drying LCN Smokey Midnight Coats compares to a high gloss smoky quartz.


Display “change the mood” Adapt your nail polish to your current mood. All 3 Effect Nail Polishes as well as the LCN 7in1 Wonder Nail Recovery are available in an assortment of 3 or 6 each plus tester. Art. No.: 88219  assortment of 3 each Art. No.: 88220  assortment of 6 each


Opposites attract!

Set “change the mood” The special quartette – all 3 LCN Effect Nail Polishes as well as the LCN 7in1 Wonder Nail Recovery available in a stylish “change the mood” cube.

Now you don’t need a whole range of nail polishes anymore for a different look. Just change depending on your

Art. No.: 88221


mood one of your favourite colour polishes with a magic finish. LCN Matte Effect Polish Converts every colour polish fast and easy into a matte polish. This milky-matte top coat for intensive matte effects can be used on its own or on top of any colour polish. Art. No.: 43508  8 ml Art. No.: 43507  16 ml


LCN Sparkling Effect Polish Magically provide a sparkling high gloss surface on top of any colour polish. This high gloss glitter top coat can be used on its own or on top of any colour polish. Art. No.: 43510  8 ml Art. No.: 43509  16 ml



LCN strawberry cheesecake and LCN lemon apple pie Bath Pearls are a real highlight for hand- and full baths. A tantalizing experience for the skin and senses. Urea supplies moisture and nurtures the skin intensively. Art. No.: 64185  strawberry cheesecake  220 g Art. No.: 64186  lemon apple pie  220 g

Art. No.: 64193  strawberry cheesecake Art. No.: 64199  lemon apple pie


LCN strawberry cheesecake and LCN lemon apple pie Lip balm. For delicately soft and seductively scented lips. Art. No.: 64191  strawberry cheesecake  10 g Art. No.: 64197  lemon apple pie  10 g

Sweet TIP



The LCN strawberry cheesecake and the LCN lemon apple pie Nail Care Pen are the “summer editions” to our LCN Nail Care Pens best sellers. They nurture nails and cuticles intensively this spring and summer while smelling like a delicious dessert.

Use the LCN strawberry cheesecake set or the LCN lemon apple pie set as a gift presented in a sweet box comprising of 1 x Hand Cream, 1 x Bath Pearls, 1 x Nail Care Pen, 1 x Lip Balm. Art. No.: 88207  strawberry cheesecake Art. No.: 88211  lemon apple pie

A sweet seduction without any calories! LCN strawberry cheesecake and lemon apple pie Hand Creams nurture hands extensively and leave a silky soft feeling. Art. No.: 64189  strawberry cheesecake  50 ml Art. No.: 64195  lemon apple pie  50 ml

All products available from March 1st, 2012


for the senses

strawberry cheesecake, the new and intensively

nurturing and seductive smelling assortment LCN strawberry cheesecake consists of a hand cream, a lip balm, a nail care pen and bath pearls. The fragrance of ripe strawberries encased with the aroma of a creamy cheesecake will bewitch your senses.

lemon apple pie for all those who like it a bit more

fruity! The new and intensively nurturing fruity-fresh smelling assortment LCN lemon apple pie consists of a hand cream, a lip balm, a nail care pen and bath pearls. You will not be able to resist the smell of a freshly baked apple pie with a slight hint of citrus.


Display “cake & pie” All products in an assortment of 3 or 6 plus tester. Art. No.: 88209  assortment of 3 each Art. No.: 88210  assortment of 6 each

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Studioline Display Exclusive free standing display in a high quality white varnished wood in combination with bamboo application supplies a luxurious wellness atmosphere to your salon. Equipped with four box shelves, this decorative display offers a clear and stylistic presentation of the LCN SPA product lines. The refined construction of this display enables you full flexibility: decide for yourself if you want to stock your display with testers only or if you prefer stocking it with an assortment of 3 sales products each. For this purpose just extract the brown acrylic inserts of the box shelves.

Nails & Lips: SPA Nail Builder, 16 ml; SPA Nail Sealer, 16 ml; SPA Base Coat (normal / dry nails), 16 ml; SPA Base Coat (weak nails), 16 ml; SPA Base Coat (damaged nails), 16 ml; Orchid Nail Polish Remover, 100 ml; Bamboo Cuticle Scrub, 2,1 g; Bamboo Cuticle Care Pen, 2,1 g; Soft Sugar Lip Scrub, 2,1 g; Macadamia Nail Serum, 16 ml; Macadamia Nail Oil, 16 ml; Avocado Nail Butter, 15 ml Hand & Body: Milk & Orchid Hand & Nail Bath, 150 ml; Hydro & Balance Hand & Body Bath, 15 ml; (1 box at 12 pcs); Hydro & Balance Hand & Body Spray, 30 ml; Hydro & Balance Hand Lotion, 50 ml; White Tea Hand Cream, 50 ml; Cocoa & Pomegranate Delight Hand Cream, 50 ml; Bali Relax Massage Cream, 200 ml; Bali Relax Cream Foam, 200 ml; White Tea Body Cream, 200 ml Peelings & Footcare: Hydro & Balance Hand Peeling, 50 ml; Lemon Sugar Scrub, 50 ml; Hibiscus Foot Bath Salts, 150 g; Almond Foot Lotion, 150 ml; Bali Relax Chapped Skin Balm, 50 ml; Bali Relax Peeling, 100 ml; Sugar Cane Foot Scrub, 100 ml; Spearmint Foot Pack, 100 ml Masks & Footcare: Hydro & Balance Hand Mask, 100 ml, Orchid Hand Mask, 100 ml; Bali Relax Foot Cream, 100 ml; Cocoa & Bamboo Delight Foot Cream, 100 ml; Peppermint Foot Butter, 100 ml; Bali Relax Mask, 100 ml Measurements: D: 500 mm x W: 650 mm x H: 1950 mm Art. No.: 88229  empty Art. No.: 88230  assortment of 3 each Art. No.: 88237  assortment of 6 each

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Flexible Studioline Display The Studioline “more than make-up” is now also available stocked with LCN Make-up Trends as well as in a new design for more flexibility. With this new design of our attractive LCN Studioline Display “more than make-up” you can now choose how you want to display your LCN Make-up products yourself: each of the 3 levels is now divided by three white acrylic blocks for full flexibility and easy interchangeability. The new LCN Flexible Studioline “more than make-up” now also offers space for the make-up products of one of our LCN Make-up Trends. Due to the possibility to exchange trend products in your display, your display will always be up to date. Stay on top of your time with the new LCN Flexible Studioline “more than make-up”. All products available in an assortment of 2 or 3 + Tester, a “more than make-up” colour chart as well as 25 “more than make-up” end user brochures DIN A6.

Level 1 – Face: Block 1: Blusher Duo: luxury peach fusion / shiny sand, luxury rose pink / shiny light rosé, romantic rosewood / luxury apricot dream; Tanning Powder: madagascar cinnamon, golden bronze. Block 2: Compact Powder: light beige, natural beige, warm beige, sun beige, bronzing. Block 3: Cream Foundation: light beige, soft beige, natural beige, sun beige, warm beige, ambre beige; Cover Stick: porcelain, light, medium, green; Perfect Light Concealer. Level 2 – Eyes & Trend: Block 1: Mascara hypnotic Volume; Mascara hypnotic volume waterproof; Lashes Care & Shine; Permanent Eyeliner: black, brown, blue, green; Duo Eyeshadows, available in 14 colours. Block 2: Make-up Trend “colour me up”: Nail Polishes, 8 ml “colour me up”: 326, 327, 328, 329; 3in1 Bronzing Powder “Sunshine in a Box”; Gel Lipstick - 328; Lip Gloss: 327, 328, 329; Special Mono Eyeshadow: golden sun or Block 2: Make-up Trend “free your mind”: Nail Polishes, 8 ml “free your mind”: 330, 331, 332, 333; Lipstick - 328; Lip Gloss: 330, 331, 333; Special Mono Eyeshadow: cream pastel shine; Silky Pearl Eyeshadow. Block 3: Kajal Liner: black, brown, grey, white; Double Eyebrow Pencil; Perfect Eyeshadow Foundation; Eyeliner Eyes Deep black; Make-up Correction Pen. Level 3 – Nails & Lips: Block 1: Nail Polishes, 8 ml: 41, 59, 70, 84, 87, 102, 103, 113, 114, 117, 127, 255. Block 2: Lip Gloss: transparent, shiny rosé, pearl brown, golden rosewood, brilliant pink, fascinating fuchsia and passion red; Permanent Lipliner: vinola, begonia, bordeaux, plum, chocolat, mahagony, light brown, café, cacao; Lip Liner Pencil: nude, rose, golden orange, sunny red, bordeaux, pink, purple, chocolate. Block 3: Lipsticks: light rosé, apricot cream, rosewood, pink delight, pink passion, sunset orange, cherry red, intensive red, rouge noir, red copper, light brown and fancy purple. Measurements table top: D: 515 x W: 630 x H: 350 mm Measurements drawer unit: D: 350 x W: 430 x H: 750 mm

LCN Flexible Studioline “more than make-up” Table Top Art. No.: 88245-1 incl. Trend “colour me up” assortment of 2 each incl. Tester Art. No.: 88245-2 incl. Trend “colour me up” assortment of 3 each incl. Tester Art. No.: 88246-1 incl. Trend “free your mind” assortment of 2 each incl. Tester Art. No.: 88246-2 incl. Trend “free your mind” assortment of 3 each incl. Tester LCN Flexible Studioline “more than make-up” Table Top incl. drawer unit Art. No.: 88248-1 incl. Trend “colour me up” assortment of 2 each incl. Tester Art. No.: 88248-2 incl. Trend “colour me up” assortment of 3 each incl. Tester Art. No.: 88249-1 incl. Trend “free your mind” assortment of 2 each incl. Tester Art. No.: 88249-2 incl. Trend “free your mind” assortment of 3 each incl. Tester Acrylic Inserts Art. No.: 88250-1 Art. No.: 88250-2 Art. No.: 88250-3 Art. No.: 88250-4 Art. No.: 88244-1 Art. No.: 88244-2

Acrylic inserts Level 1 (Face), complete incl. Tester Acrylic inserts Level 2 (Eyes & Trend “colour me up”), complete, assortment of 3 each incl. Tester & Poster Acrylic inserts Level 2 (Eyes & Trend “free your mind”), complete, assortment of 3 each incl. Tester & Poster Acrylic inserts Level 3 (Nails & Lips), complete incl. Tester Block “colour me up” seperate, assortment of 3 each incl. Tester & Poster Block “free your mind” seperate, assortment of 3 each incl. Tester & Poster

just Our new COSMIQ One Component Resin F and COSMIQ Glaze Gel with precious moonstone dust –

Art. No.: 63750-USA; 12 / 2011

an exclusive refinement of our two bestsellers.

All information is subject to change.

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Spring/Summer 2012  

Colour Me Up and Free Your Mind are the latest trends from LCN - Europe's premiere luxury nail and hand care cosmetic.

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