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July 27, 2011

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to Furnish Guest House in Haiti

Last October work began on the Guest House in Jacmel, Haiti. Part of the Building Homes and Hope in Haiti project, which partners LCMS World Relief and Human Care and Lutheran Church Charities, the Guest House will be used to house mission groups working in the area. The walls are up and the interior work has begun. Many items are still needed before the Guest House opens this fall so we are having a "Guest House Shower". If you or your group would like to be a part of the "shower" and help furnish the Guest House you can make a donation for any item(s) on the list. LCC will arrange for all donations, Dollar per Dollar, to be sent to Haiti to purchase the items. This is a great opportunity for individuals, congregations, mission teams or organizations to be part of a project that will have a lasting impact in Haiti. Thank you to Jackie Rychel and the Ohio District for all their work overseeing the construction and furnishing of the guest house.     If you have any questions regarding items on the list, please email Jackie Rychel at    Click here to read the list of items     Click here to donate to furnish the guest house in Haiti   

Tim's Pick of the Week

Single Mother Needs Car for Medical Treatment and to Find Employment

Request from Pastor Harold Wahl, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Thornton, Illinois

I am working with an unemployed woman who has several issues affecting her life at the present time. She is a single mother, unemployed, and under a doctor's care for some serious problems. She has recently lost her home and her automobile is shot. She needs assistance in many ways, but her most urgent need is for an automobile. This will assist her in job hunting and getting to medical appointments. If someone has a reliable used automobile to donate, this would be most appreciated. If you have a car to donate please contact LCC at 866-455-6466 or email

LCC has many resources available to congregations, businesses, and individuals. Click here to visit our website and learn more   

St John Lansing Family Home Destroyed in Fire Request from Pastor Duane Fluechtling, St. John Lutheran Church, Lansing, Illinois    A member family of St. John Lutheran Church experienced a house fire this month. The house and all its contents are a total loss. Thankfully dad, mom and their 11-year-old son were not injured. Since the house was destroyed they are in need of everything. They will be moving into a rental soon and St. John will be able to store larger items for them until they move.   If you have items you can donate please contact Jeanne Tsolakos, Church Secretary, at 708.895.9240 to make arrangements. The family is currently living in a motel; any monetary gifts would also be deeply appreciated as they pull their lives back together after the fire.   The family is need of the following items:

LCC connects needs with resources, working with more than 400 congregations to help Christians "Make a Difference in People's Lives and in God's Kingdom" To meet our staff, click here For more information about LCC and its human care ministry, please contact LCC staff at: LCC@LutheranChurch More...

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Team Needed to Paint Wheelchair Ramp in Hillside Request from UKANDU Chicago   

Daily Devotions  

Prayer Requests

During this summer's UKANDU Mission Trip a wheelchair ramp was prepared to paint but due to the rain all week this project wasn't able to be finished. We are looking for LERT Teams, Youth Groups, Men's Groups or individuals who would be willing to volunteer their time to paint this deck. UKANDU will fund the materials for finishing the project, we simply need volunteers to donate their time. If this is something you or group would like to help with please contact Pete Imlah at (866) 455-6466 or

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The Jugenblasorchester (Youth Concert Band) of Bibertal, Germany will be visiting Chicago between August 17th and 20th. They will present a concert at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Melrose Park on the evening of the 18th. We are looking for families or individuals that are willing to provide overnight accommodations for these high school and young adult musicians. For more information, please contact Jenny Robinson at 708-383-6534 or via email at


"Send a Spoken Prayer"

LCC Tops 1,000 Volunteers for Tornado Disaster Relief!   "The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."  Matthew 25:39-41   A milestone was surpassed in disaster response last week as Lutheran Church Charities processed its 1,000th volunteer for disaster response to the Alabama and Joplin, Missouri areas. Engaged in such activities as debris clean up, chainsaw work, distributing water and food, giving care through our K9 Comfort Dogs, working in the medical clinic, serving in the kitchen, building shelves for the Immanuel Relief Center, and much more. Whatever the task, great or small, volunteers took the charge and responded with the Mercy and Compassion of Jesus Christ. Individuals and teams are still registering for work in Alabama and Joplin. Are you ready? It's as easy as clicking the link!     Click here to volunteer in Joplin, Missouri   Click here to volunteer in Alabama      Click here to donate to Tornado Relief in Joplin, Missouri     Click here to donate to Tornado Relief in Alabama  

LCC's "Send a Spoken Prayer" e-Card site is available. To learn more, Click Here  

LERT Volunteers Clean Up Storm Damage in Waukegan   On Thursday, July 21st, LERT volunteers from Illinois and Southern Wisconsin converged on Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Waukegan to clear trees from the property that had been knocked down by the severe storms on July 18. Pastor John Shumate and the leadership of Prince of Peace called on LCC to rally chainsaw certified volunteers to cut up and remove more than half a dozen trees downed or damaged by the storm. One tree struck the church building causing significant damage to the sanctuary roof.     Ten volunteers along with several church members were able to cut up all the downed trees, drop most of the damaged trees, and started hauling brush to the curb. On Saturday, July 30 the work will resume (the scheduled completion was halted because of last weekend's heavy rains) with volunteers being invited out to finish clearing the cut timber from the property. Donuts and coffee will be on hand for volunteers arriving at 8 a.m. and lunch will be provided at noon. Please consider joining the team this Saturday morning for as much time as you can contribute. Prince of Peace is located at 2720 McAree Road in Waukegan. Call Dianna Bonfield or Tim Kurth at (866) 455-6466 with any questions or drop Dianna an email at and let her know you'll be there on Saturday.


Kenyan Pastor Needs Replacement Vehicle for Ministry and Family   Reverend Daniel Mulwa, an Anglican pastor living in Nairobi, Kenya has asked LCC to assist him in replacing his vehicle. Reverend Mulwa is coordinating the medical and construction projects for the upcoming trip to Africa being led by Tim Kurth of LCC. His old minibus that is used to take children from the slums to a Christian school every day is finally beyond repair. A replacement vehicle that will continue to allow Daniel to transport children to school will cost about $15,000. If you would like to help Reverend Mulwa continue his ministry of providing transportation for poor children to receive a Christian education and for his family, please click below to donate.   Click here to donate to replace Reverend Mulwa's vehicle

Single Mother of Three in Need of Car

Request from Pastor Pete Zadeik, King of Glory Lutheran Church, Elgin, Illinois  We have a single mother, faithful member of our congregation, with three children, a cancer victim, who has just had the car she depends upon to get to her work repossessed. We are meeting some of her other needs through our own Helping Hands fund, but her pressing need is for an automobile so that she can get to her job.   If you have a car to donate please call LCC at 866-455-6466 or email  

Jordan Aubey Returns to Joplin     Jordan Aubey and his parents, Rev. Dennis and Bea Aubey, arrived in Joplin last Monday, July 18 to begin settling Jordan into his new apartment. Jordan again sends his thanks to everyone who donated furniture, gift cards and monetary support. He also thanks everyone who has been praying for him since the tornado hit Joplin on May 22. He will return to work this week at KOAM News - Joplin's CBS affiliate.    The Aubey family delivers Care Cards to Click here to watch an interview of Jordan on Principal Jeremy Schamber and Pastor KOAM Gregory Mech at Immanuel Lutheran   Click here to read an update from Rev. Dennis Church and Martin Luther School Aubey   Click here to donate to the Jordan Aubey Recovery Fund    Click here to donate to Tornado Relief in Joplin, Missouri   

Your Donations Make A Difference Thank you to Boerman Moving and Storage for their service of moving the LCC North Campus Ministry Center to its new location at the Westchester House Ministry Center at Faith Lutheran in Westchester, Illinois.

Rev. William Duey dropped by the LCC offices in Addison to drop off a donation of tools to be used for Disaster Response

Pastor James Keller of New Life Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana and the head elder for the Burmese service, Kyaw Sann received the check on behalf of Rev. Charles Edwards for Scholarships for students in Myanmar

Looking to be in an in-depth Bible Study? Does Your Church Want to Host a Study? Your Small Group?  

Over 150 weeks of In-Depth Bible Studies available on DVD

Tim Hetzner, President of Lutheran Church Charities, has led over 40 Biblical Studies Trips to the Middle East over the past 30 years. Learn his insights into the Biblical Text, the Culture and Customs of the People, the History and Archeology of the land - but MOST OF ALL - discover the MIND-METHOD-MANNER and MINISTRY of our Lord Jesus Christ.   All Courses are available on DVD and also on the Internet.  Become a host site for Word Among Us Studies and find Answers in the Bible for Life's Many Difficulties and Questions!      For more information and registration, Click Here...    To find out more information contact Tim Hetzner at 866-455-6466 or email at 

Families in Need Help Make A Difference Lutheran Man in Need of Pro Bono Criminal Legal Counsel and Representation Request from Rev. Douglas Hoag, Trinity Lutheran Church, New Lenox, Illinois   Request from Northern Illinois District President to Help District Pastor Request from Rev. Dan Gilbert, President of the LCMS Northern Illinois District

Family Loses Everything in Fire Request from Larry Baade, Organist, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Addison, Illinois  

Disaster Response Immanuel Joplin Begins Transition to Long Term Recovery: LCC Continues to Support Their Efforts

With the school season quickly approaching, Immanuel Lutheran Church and Martin Luther School in Joplin are beginning the process of transitioning their disaster relief center into a long term recovery ministry. LCC will continue to register volunteers for the efforts in Joplin and update our website and newsletter with all the latest information.   Click here to donate to Tornado Relief in Joplin, Missouri  Click Here to Volunteer in Joplin, Missouri 

Immanuel Joplin in Need of Utility Vehicles for Relief Efforts  

The fleet of UTV's at Immanuel Joplin was diminished when two of them suffered mechanical failure. They are looking for either a donation or a short term loan (two to three months) of two UTV's to replace the ones they've lost.    If you can make an outright donation or a short term loan of a UTV please contact LCC at or call Tim Hetzner at 866-455-6466.  The purchase of a new UTV runs between $6000 and $12,000 should anyone be interested in helping in that way.   Click here to donate toward the purchase of a UTV

Alabama Recovery Continues - Volunteers Still Needed

Reverend Ed Brashier, Southern District Disaster Response Coordinator, has sent us an update on the progress of recovery in Alabama. He writes...   In the Gardendale, Hanceville, Cullman areas (Birmingham and north) we are still doing tree and debris removal.     In the Tuscaloosa area we are still doing tree and debris removal PLUS some rebuild and remodel of homes.     We are currently still housing volunteers in Gardendale and Tuscaloosa. Currently all rebuild work in Tuscaloosa is organized through another ministry. All tree and debris removal is organized through Shepherd's Heart Ministry.     I estimate that we will be working tree and debris clean up for another 4 months. Rebuild efforts will probably last another year.     Please continue to encourage volunteers to come to Alabama.   Thank you for all your work in support of the disaster recovery efforts in every location! Ed     As you can see there is still much to be done in the south and we encourage individuals and churches to consider organizing a team to help in Alabama. Click on the link below to volunteer. Contact Dona Martin at 866-455-6466 or with any questions.   Click Here to Donate to Disaster Relief in Alabama     Click Here to Volunteer in Alabama 

With LCC CARE CARDING You Can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in a Tangible Way So many people want to help the people of Joplin, Missouri in a meaningful way - but are not sure what to do. Here is an opportunity to provide Mercy and Compassion and Help to an individual or family right now!   Click here for more information    If you are unable to do a CARE CARD but would like to contribute to the purchase of gift cards, click here to donate.

LCC Needs Chainsaws for Disaster Recovery One of the greatest challenges faced by communities hit with tornadoes and hurricanes is the removal of fallen trees. Those involved in disaster response know you can never have too many chainsaws!   Read more...   Click Here to Donate

Travel Trailers Needed for Disaster Response Work Request from Rev Ed Brashier - Associate Pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Gardendale, Alabama and Southern District Disaster Response Coordinator

LCC is in need of a donation of 1-4 travel trailers, the kind you can pull with a car or truck and live in, to be used down south for the longer term recovery efforts because of the tornadoes and flooding. Read more...    

Comfort Dog Update   Star and Tillie Special Guests at Autism Summer Camp   On Wednesday, July 20, Lutheran Church Charities was invited to bring LCC Comfort Dogs Star and Tillie to an Autism summer camp that was held at Christus Victor Lutheran Church in Elk Grove. Twenty-five students were able to spend time learning about what the dogs do and petting them. Much research has been done lately on the positive effects that dogs have on individuals who have Autism. Students ranged from ages 4 - 17 and the visit with the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs brought smiles to everyone's faces.

Pete Imlah at Stade's Farm in McHenry   On Sunday, July 24, Pete Imlah (LCC's Director of Mission and Outreach) was invited to share about the mission and ministry of Lutheran Church Charities and about the K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs at Stade's Farm in McHenry, Illinois. With the help of Tillie the Comfort Dog, Pete shared about how the dogs are used as outreach tools to build bridges with individuals. Upon petting the Comfort Dogs most individuals will have their blood pressure come down, heart rate will lower, and they become calmer. When this occurs many individuals will open up about what is going on in their lives and are able to receive the comfort that the LCC K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs can provide. Lynn Buhrke (LCC K-9 Handler Volunteer) also shared a personal testimony of how working with the dogs has changed her life and also about her experience working with the K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs down in Joplin, Missouri after the tornado on May 22nd.   Click here to read an article about LCC Comfort Dogs from the Joplin Globe


Butter and Star at The Clinic in Crystal Lake on Saturday, July 23rd On Saturday, July 23rd, Comfort Dogs Butter and Star were invited to help out at "The Clinic" hosted by Immanuel Lutheran Church in Crystal Lake. As the economy and family budgets get tighter, Immanuel is "upping" its generosity. Through an event called The Clinic, the church reaches out to community members by providing free professional assistance to anyone who needs it. Visitors had a chance to see doctors, dentists, optometrists, audiologists, hair stylists and more at no cost. The mobile food pantry, Loaves and Fishes, handed out boxes of food for participants to take home and the Blessing Barn had a clothing giveaway. Another highlight to this great outreach ministry was the chance for participants to meet and greet the LCC K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs. During their visit with the dogs many individuals opened up about what they are going through in life, received encouragement and were prayed with.

Hope and Strudel at VBS LCC Comfort Dogs Hope and Strudel were both involved to the VBS at Grace Lutheran Church in Northbrook this past week. Not only did the children learn and grow in their faith in Jesus Christ but they got to spend some time loving on and being loved on by both dogs. Strudel is placed at Grace Lutheran Church and Hope was a special guest.   Click here to schedule a K-9 Comfort Dog visit

Donate to the K-9 Parish Comfort Dog Ministry

Vehicles Needed to Help Individuals and Ministries All vehicles that are donated to LCC go directly out to families or individuals through our congregations. NO vehicles are sold. LCC has received numerous requests from churches for vehicles for families in need of reliable transportation. The need for cars and vans to provide a means for getting to work, school and medical appointments has never been higher. If you have a working car or van please consider donating it to LCC for one of these families. All vehicles that are donated to LCC go directly out to families or individuals through our congregations. NO vehicles are sold. Here are some of the most recent requests, but we have others that are still waiting for some word... Single Man in Need of Transportation for Work Single Man in Need of Reliable Transportation for Work    Single Man in Need of Reliable Transportation Cars Needed for Immigrant Families  Click here for the complete page listing the needs 

If you have a vehicle to donate,  please contact or call 866-455-6466

Faith Led Feet - A New Opportunity to Put Your Faith in Action

Lutheran Church Charities has created a new page,"Faith Led Feet", on our web site that will help Christians who are involved in activities for a charitable cause as an expression of their faith to spread the word.   Click here to read more.

Other Stories Still Seeking Support Help bring See Through the Scriptures to Haiti and the Dominican Republic Help support former Iraqi Muslim attend seminary Help Crossways International Bring the Word of God to Christians in the Phillipines and Make A Difference to Thousands of Lives Help Support our Lutheran Outreach Efforts in Lebanon

Items Free for the Asking LCC works THROUGH churches and is not a Direct Service Ministry. To request an item on our "Free for the Asking" list please contact your Church and ask that they call us (866-455-6466) requesting an item.  Arrangements will then be made to connect the item with you.  If you are not a member of a Christian Church then please call LCC to place you in contact with one of our LCMS churches who can assist you.   Pictured: 1930 Cable Nelson baby grand piano - good shape, needs a little TLC and a tune-up (item #2877) 2876 California King mattress (72"Wx84"L) with support blocks, a plastic mattress cover and set of sheets for the mattress  2873 Savin 3350 Duplicator 2872 3-5 drawer black lateral file cabinets for drawings (ie. architectural dawings or art work). Measures 16"T with four drawers 4'W x 3"D 2869 Slotted mail bin (sits on top of counter). Mesurs 5'W x 14"D x 33"H 2868 Table and 4 chairs wrought iron outdoor set 2867 3 drawer low boy dresser, approx. 60 inches long 2865 Convertible sofa bed,queen,chenille type fabric Click here for the full list of Items Free for the Asking  To OFFER an item for this section, or to get a Receipt for an item you have donated, CLICK HERE for the NON-MONETARY DONATION FORM


Ministry Needs Help Make A Difference Help Ebenezer, Chicago with VBS Community Outreach!

Request from Pastor Richard Gizynski, Ebenezar Lutheran Church, Chicago Ebenezer is again planning on holding its annual Vacation Bible School during the week of August 8-12. Last year we were able to serve over 100 children from the neighborhood, and we hope to do the same this year. However, we can only accomplish this goal with some support. Click here to read more... Click here to donate  

Items Available to a Ministry

Reed Organ Available Ten stop antique reed organ available to a congregation. The instrument, of solid oak construction, and lovingly waxed and polished, has been in the same family since it was built in the late 1800's. Although modest in volume by today's standards, it might well serve a smaller congregation in providing support for its liturgy and hymnody. Currently in storage for the last several weeks, this organ, operated by mechanical bellows using pedals, has been played until recently.  A bench is included.

2877 Cable Nelson baby grand piano 2875 Pastor's Library  2873 Savin 3550 Duplicator 2856 Hammond Commodore Series 300 Organ Wood is in excellent condition, teak color, includes bench. Was serviced about a year ago. Two manuals/keyboards, full foot pedals, many stops. 2849 (100) HS98 Hymnals 2848 (175) Lutheran Worship Hymnals Click here for the full list of Items Available to a Ministry      To OFFER an item for this section, or to get a Receipt for an item you have donated, CLICK HERE for the NON-MONETARY DONATION FORM 

Mission Opportunities Help Make A Difference   Short Term Mission Opportunities MOST Ministries  

Carly Stevens, Executive Director MOST Ministries

Lutheran Church Charities endorses MOST Ministries as a valuable partner in Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in works of service to others in places throughout the world. We have worked with MOST in the past and endorse and support this ministry. If you are interested in Short Term Mission opportunities, please click here to find out what currently is available. Or you may go directly to their website at   We thank God for the ministry and partnership of MOST Ministries and encourage those who are interested to be involved with them in serving others.   Thank you,   Tim Hetzner President Lutheran Church Charities

Malaria Initiative The LCC Malaria Initiative provides treatment for malaria and research in multiple countries to combat the spread of Malaria.   For more on the Malaria Initiative, click here   Visit their web site: or E-mail:  Click here to view a video about this project   Click here to donate

COME LORD JESUS, BE OUR GUEST ... You recognize this prayer written by Martin Luther ...

Come Lord Jesus, be our guest And let thy gifts to us be blessed. Amen If we really mean this prayer and want Jesus to be our Guest - wouldn't we feed him also? Consider becoming a part of LCC's individual challenge and FEED THE INVISIBLE GUEST AND MAKE HIM VISIBLE program to help feed the hungry. Click here for more details | Click here to donate now Click here for a Bulletin Insert

International Ministry Concordia University Texas Summer Break Mission Trip  

The team from Concordia University Texas and a few graduates from Immanuel Lutheran Church in Palatine, Illinois, who joined the group from Texas, arrived in Jacmel, Haiti on Saturday, July 23rd. This team is part of the Haiti Summer Break trips that were funded by LCMS World Relief and Human Care. The team will be working this week at the Village, painting and preparing homes for families to move into. They will also be distributing shoes at a local tent city. This has been a successful way to encourage students at the Concordia Universities to become involved in international mission trips.

Haiti ESL Update  The summer ESL program led by Sofie Martin of Immanuel Lutheran Palatine, Illinois and Jacob Deal of Trinity Lutheran Toledo, Ohio is going strong as over 100 students participated last week. Due to requests by the First Lutheran Church of Jacmel and Pastor Marky Kessa their trip has been extended by one week and they need assistance to cover the costs of food, housing, and travel expenses. Please consider helping them by donating -  Click here to donate

"Fill the Bus" is Rolling Along!

Immanuel Lutheran Church - Richton Park, along with their community members, made a commitment to help the children of Jeremie, Haiti, in particular the 30 orphaned children living with Pastor Isaac Jacquet. They have decided to do this by purchasing a pre-owned school bus that will be used as a shipping container. The "Fill the Bus" kicked off with a concert and recently a ham dinner held at the church. The next event is Immanuel Fest at Immanuel, Richton Park on LCC's Puppet Ministry, led by Christine Saturday August 13.   Rechsteiner, performed at the Immanuel   Richton Park ham dinner in April The cost of this project is substantial and will be funded through donations and fundraising events.     Call the church office at 708-748-0558 for more information on the upcoming events. You can also contribute to the "Fill the Bus for Haiti" project at the link below. Every dollar of your donation goes directly to "Fill the Bus".     Click here to donate  

Here are Ways to Help Our Ongoing Haiti Relief Efforts Physical Needs Water Filters - School Version - $185 - Home Version - $35 Building Homes and Hope in Haiti Shoes - $5 Motorcycles for Pastors - $1,000 Support College Students Volunteering in Haiti - $150 Goats - $50 each General Disaster Response Donations

Spiritual Needs Staff Workers in the Tent Cities - $200 a month Bibles in French - $6 each Luther's Small Catechism in Creole - $5 each See Through the Scriptures manuals in French - $2 each Developing Projects Radio Ministry - click here to learn more Hosting Haitian Christian Music Group for U.S. Tour - click here to learn more

Christian Education Projects in the Philippines Help the Lutheran Church of the Philippines (LCP) move toward establishing 100 new church and school ministries by the year 2017 to reach more people with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ!  Rev. James Cerdenola is the LCP President.   Read more...    Click here to donate 

LCC Ministry Resources Ministry Resources Available to Congregations    Looking for Ways to Share the Mercy and Compassion of Christ to Those in Your Church and Community?      How to Conduct a Successful Mission Fair  

Click here to learn more about these and other Ministry Resources available from LCC

LCC Staff and Comfort Dogs Available for Church Functions and School Chapels! Click here to learn more!

Servant at Heart - Online Christian Business Directory Looking for a Christian business? Lutheran Church Charities has an online Christian Business Directory, Servant@Heart. This online directory allows:  - Christians businesses to advertise their services without cost.  - Christians looking for employment a place to post their resume - Christians with job openings a place to post those opening  - Others to seek out Christian businesses and employees

Click here to learn more 

Now Available: Join Tim Hetzner this fall as he leads a CHRISTKINDL MARKETS trip to the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria, November 27 to December 5, 2011 December is the time for the Christkindl Markets (Advent Markets) in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria, a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Literally translated, the street fairs are Christchild markets. They happen in nearly every city and village, large and small. They are always cause for celebration and for shopping, for some roasted sausage, music on the streets and the insides of centuries-old churches, and, of course, some hot, spiced wine.     Let this be an invitation to focus on Advent and the Coming of Christ in bringing in the Christmas Season.   Tim Hetzner President, Lutheran Church Charities   Click here for more information on this trip 


Tim's Pick of the Week

Experiencing God Workbook By: Henry Blackaby, Richard Blackaby, Claude V. King For more than 15 years, God has used Experiencing God in His work, showing believers how to know Him intimately while encouraging them to step out in faith and join Him in His work with miraculous results. The revised Member Book has been updated with new illustration and testimonial content that demonstrates how this study contributed to some truly miraculous results.  

Help us Feed People in Need

In Disaster Response and Outreach Events Because Christians do food well - and food is always needed in a Disaster Response situation and other outreach events, LCC is looking for a FOOD WAGON that we can cook and serve food from. Needs to be portable - can be a pull trailer or mobile unit.   If you know of anyone who has one they would like to donate, or if your group would like to help purchase one that would be shared with our NID congregations and beyond, please contact Tim Hetzner at LCC at 866-455-6466.

Thrivent Choice - Help Support Making A Difference Through Lutheran Church Charities Thrivent Choice is the new charitable grant program through which Thrivent Financial for Lutherans members are able to direct Thrivent charitable funds. Eligible members are designated Choice Dollars, based on insurance premiums, contract values, and Thrivent Financial volunteer leadership which are directed by the member to Lutheran organizations.

LCC Emergency Assistance Fund LCC gets requests daily concerning people who need assistance, and it is increasing because of the current economic times we are living in. LCC works through our churches to provide assistance by making the need known - and dollar per dollar we give the money to a church to help the family or individual. However, we receive some requests that are emergencies, and money is needed that day or the next day and we can't always get the need out in our weekly email newsletter first. Would you consider making a gift to our LCC Emergency Assistance fund so that when these emergency needs occur we can help (through our churches) quicker? This is an important way for the Body of Christ to share the Mercy and Compassion and Proclamation of Christ. To contribute please click here Thank you for continuing to Make A Difference! Tim Hetzner

"Sing Praise" Choir Camp

August 1-5 from 1-4 pm with Performance on August 6th at 5:30 pm Immanuel Lutheran Church 5211 Carpenter St. Downers Grove, Illinois

Lights! Camera! Action! A musical has been chosen for Immanuel Lutheran Church's Sing Praise! Choir Camp 2011. This year's camp is for students 2nd-10th grade who love to sing and perform! The camp will be held August 1-5 from 1-4pm with a final performance on August 6 at 5:30pm. Come and join a fun week preparing, practicing and getting ready to perform a musical! The registration deadline is July 25th. After signing up, each participant will receive a listening cd of the musical "SOLID ROCK CAFE" that will perfomed. Sing Praise! Choir Camp is a great opportunity for students to express their creative talents as they are immersed in singing, art, drama and fun; all in a supportive caring atmosphere. The camp will be held at Immanuel Lutheran Church, 5211 Carpenter St. in Downers Grove. There is a $30.00 fee. Scholarships are available.   At the SING PRAISE! CHOIR CAMP, participants will meet new friends, have fun, learn singing skills and techniques, grow more comfortable on stage, gain self confidence and present a musical. Each camper will receive a camp t-shirt and music cd.   Registration information can be found at or by calling the church office at 630-968-3112

Mark Schultz Concerts Thrivent Financial for Lutherans with Habitat for Humanity will be hosting two concerts featuring Christian Singer/Songwriter, Mark Schultz. Mark Schultz is a Dove Award winning, platinum selling artist that has become one of Christians Music's most acclaimed singer/songwriters. Mark has also earned the top spot on Billboard magazine's Christian Adult Contemporary songwriter list. The opener for each concert will be Christian Artist, Lynn Stoneking.   All proceeds from the concerts will be going to Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity.   Tickets for both concerts are available NOW through .   Locations, dates and times for the concerts are below:     Friday, August 19, 2011 at 7pm Hales Corners Lutheran Church 12300 W Janesville Rd Hales Corners, WI 53130     Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 7pm The Hemmens Cultural Center 45 Symphony Way Elgin IL 60120


21st Anniversary Pig Roast August 21 - food served from 12 noon to 5 pm St. Matthew Lutheran Church 24500 North Old McHenry Rd. Hawthorn Woods, Illinois   Menu Board: (for the price of a meal ticket) Pork Applesauce Baked Beans German Potato Salad Rolls, Butter Pickles, Tomatoes Hot Buttered Sweet Corn Coffee    For more information visit  

Lutheran Catechetical Society - The Magdeburg Conference August 26 & 27 Christ Lutheran Church Normal, Illinois

The city of Magdeburg, Germany received a new pastor: Martin Luther. By Luther's preaching the Word of God, the city defected from Roman Catholicism and joined the cause of the Reformation. Emperor Charles V outlawed the town repeatedly. Even under siege, the city retained its independence. In the years to follow, Magdeburg gained a reputation as a stronghold of the Reformation and its furtherance, even being the first major city to publish Luther's writings.   - The Magdeburg Conference has a simple goal: to find refuge in God's Word and the Lutheran Confessions from the siege of false theology.   - During the Magdeburg Conference we will delve into and study the Augsburg Confession, one of the most basic Lutheran confessions of faith after the Small Catechism. (Each conference participant will receive a complimentary copy of the Augsburg Confession.)  Click here for more information    - The spirit of Magdeburg lives on   - The Reformation lives on

Upcoming Events - Click Here for a complete listing of Upcoming Events

How To Support Lutheran Church Charities All contributions go dollar per dollar to the causes listed in this newsletter. If you would like more information on how to help or if you have items to share please contact or send contributions to LCC, 333 West Lake Street, Addison, IL 60101 or contribute at our web site at or call us for credit card donations at LCC's office at (866) 455- 6466  

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