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Leslie Blake October 2011

Tornados W r e ck Havoc on America


Women are Crazy for Shoes and we’ve got some you just might be crazy about!

Our 1st Issue!

A Pictorial

Being Superficial

The New Antioxidant

Coffee! Pour Me Another Cup, Please!

Taking Care of Your Skin from Head to Toe

The Eighties Are Back!

Our Book Club Book of the Month

Knowing Your Value

There’s nothing new under the sun, not even in fashion

Mika Brzezinski’s New Book

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Leslie Blake an interactive e-magazine June 2011 Volume I

Table of Contents FASHION & BEAUTY

Number 1



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Fashion Week

Isn’t it All Just Tap Water Anyway?

Runway fashion from Fall 2011. See who’s wearing it. Are you?

Bottled water may not be a ger free as you think

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A Cup of Java on the Rocks

Four pieces that are a must for every wardrobe


Iced coffee recipes aren’t just for warm weather. Enjoy iced coffee all year round page 67

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Fashion Trends Fashion is all over the place, but see these trends that are colorful, fun and funky

Diet Crazy The things that people do to lose weight,. Do any of them really work?

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The new age hippie-style comes back looking great

Wrinkle in Time The fear of getting wrinkles have caused a plethora of anti-wrinkle products to hit the market

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Stretch Marks are the Devil Stretch marks making you ashamed of baring your skin? A writer tells her experiences.

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Leslie Blake

We’re unpacking our boxes and moving in, a whole new interactive experience



Tornados Wreck Havoc on America A pictorial of the what’s left in areas ripped about by April and May’s tornado activity page 50

Coffee! Pour Me Another Cup, Please! New studies show that coffee may be good for you. page 47

The 80s Are Back There’s nothing new under the sun, not even in fashion page 34

Being Superficial Before you add on, be sure to take care of the basics.

page 66

Knowing Your Value

page 53

By Mika Brzezinski Learning your self-worth as a woman in a man’s world. Our first read for Leslie Blake’s Book Club

Women love shoes, and we’ve got some great ones for you to see.



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FEATURES page 74

Don’t Ever Say Anything You Wouldn’t Want Written on the Front Page of the Newspaper


In the Eye of the Beholder New photographer show what they got. LIFESTYLE page 27

Wineries An Adventure of Beauty and Taste Need to find a winery? Pick a state. Surprisingly wineries are everywhere. page 12

People and Their Money

page 62

What they do with it and how to decide what to do with yours LOVE AND SEX page 75

Emerging Democracies

The Whole Truth

Old fights in even older countries spark unrest anew. But an underlying story is not about the country but about its women

Well, maybe not How much should you tell your new love about what you did with your old ones

Social media etiquette - - is there such a thing and does anyone care?

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Sketches of the Future An up and coming designer shares her sketch book, and her hopes and aspirations. page 77

Autumn’s Song New photographers capture Autumn’s beauty

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Tighten Up Weak vaginal muscles can affect sexual enjoyment. Ways to keep it tight. page 33

Is His Smart Phone Making You Dumb? Today it’s so easy to find out what oyour boyfriend is up to, are you caught up in that spy game?

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F A S HIO N Trends Claudia Schiffer

Floral Print Floral Print are in: Kristin Davis in Oscar de la Renta a beautiful black dress with bright floral pattern Claudia Schiffer floral smock worn onver a turtleneck sweater and black leggins Fergie Dolce & Gabbana contrasted on the white background large flowers.

Kristin Davis in Oscar de la Renta

Fergie in Dolce & Gabbana

Metallic & Shiny Pink, Metallic and Shiny! Try O.P.I. new Pirates of the Caribbean Collection Swatches and Silver Shatter and Dior

Bold Color Blocking Remember the “Mod Look?” We’ll it’s back! Take a look at Yves Saint Laurent’s 1960 haute couture. Once again, bold color blocking and geometric shapes are in. Check out: Catwalk: color-blocking courtesy of Lanvin, Josh Goot, Richard Nichol and L.F Markey’s collections Bottom-left: Jimmy Choo Lily sandals ($795, and Bottom-right: Jessica Simpson ‘Bendie’ platform shoes ($88.95,


Nautical Strips Strips will make you feel as if you were headed off to sail away the winter blahs. Fun and breezy describes

J. Crew Denim Jacket ($98.00

BCBG Max Azria Striped Skirt ($158.00

Hermès Bracelets ($225.00

Marc by Marc Jacobs Hobo Bag ($398.00

Halle Berry Michael Kors Wedge Sandals ($139.95 )

Gucci Sunglasses ($295

Guess Denim Short ($59.00 Junya Watanabe Turtleneck ($379.00


Politics 101 To be well-rounded, being able to discuss a little politics is crucial. Politics 101 will be a permanent part of LeslieJames, discussing American governments in general and keeping you informed on current issues. In this issue, we’ll start with the basics.

Becoming a Law The Beginning. Laws begin as ideas. These ideas can come from anyone, a member of Congress or any citizen. The idea is presented to a Representative, who, if they agree, researches the idea and writes it into a bill. A Bill is Proposed. Once a bill is written, it will need a sponsor. The Representative talks with other Representatives about the bill in hopes of getting their support for it. Once a bill has a sponsor and the support of some of the Representatives, it is ready to be introduced. Introduction of the Bill. Only Representatives can introduce a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives. It’s read and assigned a number that begins with “H.R.” The Speaker of the House then usually sends the bill to one of the House standing committees. The Bill Goes to Committee. When the bill reaches committee, it will review, research, and revise the bill before voting on whether or not to send the bill back to the House floor. Sometimes, if more information is needed the bill will be sent to a subcommittee. The Bill Is Debated. Once the bill is ready, it is sent to the

House where it will be debated. Representatives discuss the bill and the Representatives may recommend changes. When all changes have been made, the bill is ready to be voted on. The Bill Is Voted On. There are three methods for voting on a bill. House of Representatives Viva Voce (voice vote) - The Speaker of the House asks the Representatives who support the bill to say “aye” and those that oppose it say “no.” Division - The Speaker of the House asks those Representatives who support the bill to stand up and be counted, alternatively those who oppose the bill stand up and are counted. Recorded - Representatives record their vote using the electronic voting system. Representatives can vote yes, no, or present (if they don’t want to vote on the bill). If a majority votes for the bill, it passes in the U.S. House of Representatives. But still has to be voted on by the U.S. Senate. The Bill Is Referred to the Senate. When a bill reaches the U.S. Senate, it goes through many of the same steps it went through in the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill is discussed in a Senate committee and then reported to

the Senate floor to be voted on. Here, Senators vote by voice. Those who support the bill say “yea,” and those who oppose it say “nay.” If a majority votes for the bill’s passage the bill is ready to go to the President. The Bill Is Sent to the President. When a bill reaches the President, he has three choices. He can sign and pass the bill at which point the bill becomes a law. He can refuse to sign, or veto the bill and it is sent back to the U.S. House of Representatives, along with the President’s reasons for the veto. If the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate still believe the bill should become a law, they can hold another vote on the bill. If two-thirds of the Representatives and Senators support the bill, the President’s veto is overridden and the bill becomes a law. While Congress can vote to override a presidential veto, this is rarely done. Third, the President can do nothing (pocket veto) and if Congress is in session, the bill automatically becomes law after 10 days. If Congress is not in session, the bill does not become a law.

Luke Mahoney


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People & Their Money

So, if you had millions of dollars how would you spend it? On a lot of bling? Would you invest it, or would you try to hold on to it as long as you could, even after you’re dead?

Wellington Burt Michigan lumber baron, former mayor of Saginaw and a state senator, died when he was 87 years old. At the time he was approximately the eighth wealthiest man in America.

He knew he couldn’t take his money with him, so when he died in 1919 he left a will denying his six children and grandchildren much of the estimated $100 million estate. He did give his favorite son a yearly allowance of about $30,000, but left the rest of his

relatives the same $1,000 to $5,000 annuities that he gave his cook and housekeeper. In fact, his will stated that the bulk of his estate was to be frozen until 21 years after the death of his last surviving grandchild. Well, now it’s been 21 years and those who


will inherit are three greatgrandchildren, seven greatgreat grandchildren and two great-great-great grandchildren each receiving between $2-16 million. The oldest beneficiary is 94. Interesting note: in most states children can be written out of a will but a spouse can not.

Newt Gingrich The Republican presidential candidate’s wife reported that he was responsible for a no-interest revolving charge account at Tiffany & Co., with a limit between $250,001 and $500,000, Gingrich stated that “People should be free to spend their own money the way they see fit.” A revolving charge doesn’t have to be paid down to a zero balance. If you make timely payments such extensions can help build an excellent credit rating, improve your lifestyle

through purchases that are only possible with credit, makes it easy to utilize services that are only available if you have a credit card, like renting a car, and are good for paying for unexpected emergencies. Tiffany’s did report that Mr. Gingrich did pay his bill as agreed. Whether he was trying to improve his lifestyle, or he considered items from Tiffany’s an unexpected emergency, $500,000 worth of jewelry is a lot of bling!

Barack and Michelle Obama Disclosure forms released by the President and First Lady reported between $1 million to $5 million in Treasury bills and $500,000 to $1 million in Treasury notes among their assets through last year. While most of President’s wealth comes from sales of his

books “Dreams From My Father” and “The Audacity of Hope,” (he only earns $400,000 a year as President), he does invest. Treasury bills, notes and bonds are sold by the U.S. Treasury Department. They’re the safest investments in the world, since they are backed by the U.S. Government. But because they are so safe, they tend to have the lowest interest rates. This type of investment makes Mr. Obama appear that he is not much of a risk taker, and while not investing for the long term (treasury bills are only issued for terms less than a year, and notes are issued in terms of 2, 3, 5, and 10 years whereas bonds are issued in 30-year terms) he seems to believe in the soundness of his employer- the federal government.

By Bree Anderson

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Celebrities Marriages that Last and Last and Last

Bubble Baths

Designer Jean Paul Gaultier

Love at First Sight 13 Myth or Magic

Roberto Cavalli

Fashion Week

Milan, Italy

In February 2011, designers showed their wares at Fashion Week in Milan, giving us a show of what we’d be wearing come Fall/Winter 2011. Fall is here, is this what you’re wearing? Well, check out who is. Bottega Veneta Gianfranco Ferre

Emilio Pucci

Dolce & Gabbana14 Alexander McQueen

Franco Moschino

Franco Moschino’s Milan-based company is been directed by Rosella Jardini. True to his style, his Fall 2011 fashion is artistic and iconoclastic. And, although while he was alive his style was antiestablishment, it certainly seems that the establishment likes his style. See left: Michelle Obama in Moschino.


Fendi Fendi started as a fur and leather specialty shop in Rome in 1918 by Adele Casagrande, the business underwent a name change in 1925 when Casagrande married Edoardo Fendi. And certainly the fur and leather takes a standing ovation in the fall line. See left: Kate

Moss wearing Fendi fur.

Aquilano.Rimondi Aqulano and Rimondi may have lost their jobs, but not their flair. See left: Nina Garcia in Aquilano.Rimondi.

Next (4) pages:

Emilio Pucci

16 Halle Berry in Emilio Pucci





Issa London

Vibrant colors and an easy-going flair reminiscent of the beauty in her homeland of Brazil, Daniella Helayel, who is Issa London, now doing business in London brings a style that is all her own. See right: Kate Middleton, Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Cambridge in Issa London gown.


Salvatore Ferragamo

Nearly half the looks in the fall collection were pinstripe, and when not pinstripes, it was dots, houndstooth, and check. And, black and white was everywhere. See below: Sarah Jessica Parker in Salvatore Ferragamo dress.


Kerry Washington


Drew Barrymore

Jennifer 23 Lopez


Bottega Veneta Tomas Maier , designer for Bottega Veneta was playful and colorful. Kneelength skirts, trim little cardigans, and sleeveless shifts were vibrant and classical. And the use of pilly wool and densely woven, threedimensional yarn, used in colorful “ladylike� coats brought an old kind of beauty to the runway. See right: Emma Stone in Bottega Veneta




An Adventure in Beauty and Taste The ancients who invented wine thought it was inspiring, that is was a conjuring contrivance for good thought, a muse for the creative and a healthy force of passion. This vivid legend has inspired thousands of wineries around the world, and many of them are open to visitors. And not all of these wineries are found in the typical wine regions such as France, Italy or even California. Surprisingly, wineries are found in every state of the union, even Alaska. In other words one is not far from you. Even if you are not an enthusiastic wine lover, you may still enjoy learning about wine growing, the long history of wine, the different types of wine and what makes each style unique and sets it apart. We’ve listed a few states where you might be surprised to find a winery - - Ohio and Michigan, even with their harsh winters, the arid and dry lands of Colorado, the historic state of Maryland and in Louisiana where the infernally hot summers don’t melt the southern charm or it seems, affect the taste of wine. We give a quick overview and the number of wineries in the state. So, when you visit a state, any state, on vacation, or if you just want to take a day trip in your own state, wherever you are in America you’re not far away from a wine. Sip on the nectar of the gods and enjoy an adventure in beauty and taste. Michigan: (112) Michigan’s wineries are along the shoreline of one of our great lakes. The Lake Michigan Shore Wine Country has been called the Napa Valley of the Midwest. Like the rolling hills of California, the fertile lands here are ideal for producing fine wines. Michigan boasts charming resort towns graced by a bubbling shoreline making you long for the bottles of bubbly waiting to be uncorked.

Discover the more than dozen Michigan wineries each with its own style. The wineries and tasting rooms are clustered within a short drive of each other. Yet, each offers a different experience whether you seek a romantic getaway with dinner overlooking the

vineyards, expert advice on selecting the right wine or a grapestomping good time try Michigan wineries . Ohio (108): “Ohio Wine Country” offers more than 20 local wineries for your exploration. The Ohio wineries are some of the best in the nation, with the Ashtabula and Lake County grape growing regions, which produces more than 60% of


all the grapes grown in Ohio. The Grand River Valley growing region is a rich and fertile soil formed from the remnants of glaciers on Lake Erie which have produced luscious and flavorful grapes for generations . Enjoy the state’s charming wineries from the quaint boutique wineries, to the award winning family owned and operated wineries or large captivating wineries. Come discover the wonderful vineyards and restaurants of Ohio’s wine country. Its presence is for your pleasure. Ohio invites you to share its grape passion, education and Ohio Wine experience with travelers. Colorado: (72) When you think of Colorado you think of its mountains, its ski resorts and its canyons, but the fertile valleys and vineyards of Colorado invite enticing enjoyment that parallel the state’s known attractions. Colorado’s

national and international award-winning wines are attributed to the area’s abundant sunshine, warm days, cool nights and low humidity Colorado’s wineries are all small family-owned estates that have a welldeserved reputation for producing a wide variety of premium wines. Winery promoters of the state rave that Colorado offering runs from “deep Merlots and expressive Chardonnays , luscious fruit and honey wines as well as deep ports, to elegant Rieslings and Cabernets” Come to the Colorado Wine Trails and discover a Colorado that you may not have known even existed. Maryland: (31) The wineries in Maryland have won prestigious awards across the country and around the globe.

Experience more than 400 different wines perfect for any palate and every budget. Maryland’s skillful winemakers draw from generations of perfecting a drinking experience that is a class above the rest. The state’s wineries are scattered throughout the mountains of Western Maryland, its plains in Chesapeake. delightful settings for a family adventure, a gathering with friends, a romantic interlude, or a moment of quiet solitude. Louisiana: (7) The state only has three wineries that have seen much controversy, but the French and Spanish warmth, charm and influence that is seen throughout the state, is filled in its bottles of wine. One of the state’s homegrown wines won awards at the World Industrial Exposition at New Orleans in 1885. Article by Luke Mahoney

Our Experience We visited two wineries and wanted to share our a few tips with you. Remember, before you visit any winery you should do a little research on any winery tour that you may be considering. Find out which days of the week and at what times the winery tours are offered. Some wineries require that you call in advance to book a spot on the vineyard tour, others you can just show up. Click on the links below to leave a comment or find out more information.


Click Here to Find a Winery Near You 28

In the Eye of the Beholder

By Pikel Saunders

Wikipedia finds that “Photography is the art, science and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor or chemically by means of a lightsensitive material such as photographic film.” Quite boring and technical. But the definition of photography is taken to an entirely different level making it a spectacularly visible concept, sensory inspiring and so much more than ‘the recording of images.’ Through the right eye, the familiar that our senses perceive everyday- - light, color, dimension is transformed tingling those senses and warming the soul. The term photography was first coined around 1839 and since then has struggled with its place as art. For so long, photography was considered nothing

Photo by Clayton Chase, Source: Wireimage.

Carter Smith, already widely known as a director of music videos, has added photography to his impressive resume. He makes a mark in whatever he endeavors. He has a wonderful eye and this artform welcomes his contributions. Photos: Women in Two Piece Metallic Dress and Mini Dress and Sweater in Autumn’s Song

Are you a photographer wanting to publish your photographs? We accept fashion and beauty layouts. Contact us at

more than a reproductive medium and the terms “photographer” and “artist” were mutually exclusive. Great photographers of the last two centuries fought to have a photograph be construed as artwork and used softly focused pictures imitating contemporary techniques used in paintings to help persuade the naysayers. It is no easy feat to create art, it is an inherit talent, not to be had by many. And certainly is art. On the next three pages and in the layout, Autumn’s Song, we showcase four young, talented up and coming photographers who’s fashion photography is beautiful and magical. Some with a little more experience than others, but all creating amazing “art work.”

Dimitri van Hoewijk. Fourthyear photography student at Academy for Photography in Amsterdam, already showing amazing talent. Photos on following pages: Women in Red Dress and Woman with Hair in the Air 29




Is his Smart phone making you Dumb? Or, at least do dumb things. Like going through his cell phone? Cell phones can do just about anything, find where you are, shake you up a good restaurant, or tell you the name of a song and its singer just by holding it up to the radio. It can find you, and anyone else hooked up to your GPS, giving the exact location. It can keep a list of the phone calls you’ve made, a record of who called you, and how long you talked or show an entire text conversation - - from two weeks ago. Smart phones can keep info forever. Calling plans offer unlimited usage, you can stay on the phone or text as much as you want for about $70 a month. It’s a handy dandy little thing to have – -or for your boyfriend to have. So, does his smart phone have you finding yourself just waiting for him to leave his phone, just for a minute, so you can check to see who he’s been talking to and just what he’s been doing when you’re not around? By Pikel Saunders. Nowadays who he talked to, who he tweeted and what someone is commenting about on his Facebook page is just a click away. But is checking his cell phone the smart thing to do? And what exactly would you do if you did have that chance? Would you answer it if it rang, maybe check the caller ID? Would you check it against the list of numbers you have memorized from his phone that you have yet to match up to a name or face? Would it be your chance to link his GPS to your phone so you can find out where he is, day and night? And then, once you gain all this information from your “investigations,” what are you going to do with it? Will you tell him what you know? Are you going to stop seeing him? Colette from Allentown, PA and her new boyfriend shared a phone plan. She heard that he might be talking to another girl. So she confronted him with it and a heated argument ensued. He denied doing anything wrong of course, but she didn’t believe him and knew exactly how to find out what she wanted to know. She could check all phone calls he made and received by going to her online phone account. And that’s just what she did. She found

out that she was the first person he called every morning and the last person he called at night. She felt foolish. But she couldn’t tell him, because she didn’t want him to know she was checking up on him and not trust her, or worse, change his phone plan. They made up, but for some reason she couldn’t stop looking at the phone records. The calls were posted just ten minutes after they ended. It was almost like being a fly on the wall, she knew who he was calling, when they talked and for how long. She had become obsessed. It eventually took a toll on their relationship, especially when some of the same numbers were popping up more often than she thought they should. Even though he didn’t treat her any differently and there was no other concerns with the relationship she knew about the “other” phone calls and it drove her crazy. In order to get past it, she had to stop sharing a plan with him and, to her dismay, break up with him. She couldn’t stand the fact that she couldn’t check up on him anymore.

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She vowed never to go through another boyfriend’s phone records, but she lost a good man in the lesson. Colette recalled that her grandmother used to tell her “if you look for something you’ll find it.” Going through your mate’s cell phone is not wise. The thinking is that you go through the cell phone records, email or their social networking pages to find out if he’s being faithful or to see if you can catch him in a lie. If you feel he’s lying to you and has a lot going on with other women behind your back, then you don’t need to be with him anyway. Once you start spying the most essential part of the relationship - - trust is lost. When you lose trust the relationship is headed no where but down. Wondering whether your mate is cheating takes up all your energy and it can eat away at what is otherwise a good thing. The basis for a happy and healthy relationship is trust. If you go through his phone you will surely regret it later, it’ll not only hurt your relationship, but it will hurt you, mentally and emotionally, and maybe just break your heart.


Being Superficial

The core of all beauty starts with cooperative well being. Taking care of not only your face, but your body, hair and teeth promotes overall health, reduces stress and gives us a sense of well being. The skin is the largest organ of our body, it is a living, breathing entity and needs to be nourished and pampered. Don’t take the rest of you for granted - - love the skin you’re in. Taking care of yourself is not just about vanity and looking good, but it is a reflection of your health, and it promotes a feeling of relaxation of your inner self and mental well being. cleansing exfoliating and moisturizing the three musts of skincare. What your hair needs to be healthy and how your body best thrives from

exercise and a healthy diet. The skin is one of the first body parts to show the effects of aging to stay healthy and happy. But a collective body care routine will enable you to fight the visible effects of aging and feel and look younger beyond your years. Taking care of your skin is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself. On the next few pages discover total body care and learn how to obtain an overall feeling of beauty and well being, inside and out. We’ll even help you to get started by sharing our favorites. Confucius once said, "true quality of life comes from a lasting harmony between the body and the mind."


Face & Neck S

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Cream Cleanser $7.99.


The #1 rule for having good, clear skin is to clean it the right way. Proper cleansing removes the irritating and poisonous agents that could hurt your skin or be absorbed by your skin and cause harm to other parts of your body. Keep your skin clean and healthy looking by ridding it of germs that are produced by your own body and by the environment such as: 

Dead skin cells. If your complexion is not regularly washed, dead cells will make it appear become dull and lifeless.

Sweat. You have millions of sweat glands all over your body.

Sebum. The oily material that gives the skin its softness and elasticity. When it builds up, acne pimples result.

Pollutants. They’re in the air - everywhere.

Particles. Grease and grime from gas stations and fast-food restaurants settle on your face.

MaryKay Cosmetics $130

ROC MultiCorrexion 4-Zone Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 $9.00

 Wash your face every morning and at night.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub $4.00

 Exfoliate at least once a week. Get rid of dead cells with a mask, a scub or face brush.  Moisturize even if your skin is oily there is a moisturizer for you. Be sure to never leave home without moisturizing. Did you know that drinking water is vital in keeping your skin well hydrated, looking its best and keeping that enviable youthful glow? Drink at least six 8oz glasses a day. You’ll notice the difference and so will everyone else!


on’t forget about your neck.

Be sure to include your neck in your facial routine. Your neck will show the same signs of aging and neglect. Include it as part of your care for your face.


Body Origins. Incredible Spreadable Scrub Sea Salt Body Smoother $26; Ginger Body Scrub Smoothing Body Buffer $31; Salt Rub Smoothing Body Scrub $31

Carol’s Daughter Body Aches Bath Salt $18

Swissco Loofah & Brush Bucket $27 Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Advanced Anti Aging Body Wash– Deep Penetrating Moisture $7.99 Swissco Loofah and Terry Back Scrubber $11

Nivea. Original Moisture Daily Lotion with Vitamin E $9.99; body Skin Firming Moisturizer Q10 with Advanced q10 Complex $9.99


he rest of you

Just because the majority of your body is usually under your clothes, doesn’t mean it should be neglected. And it’s not just washing it in the shower. Exfoliate and moisturize it too. Be careful not to dry your skin out with your daily shower. Use moisturizers in the shower aroma therapy in the bath and firm and soften once you’re out to keep your body soft as satin.


Hair Boar Brustke Bursh $18 to $22 Cedarwood, thyme and rosemary for healthy hair

Y Ace All Purpose Comb $2.00

Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol $4.

our hair has to be nourished just like your body.

Feed it. Love it. Pamper it. Your hair contains proteins and when you use hair relaxers, heat, (to dry or flatten), or coloring, nutrition is striped from your hair. Lack of vitamins slows hair growth and makes your hair look dull. Hair needs vitamins A, C, E, biotin, inositol, niacin, B5, B6, and B12. These vitamins help to prevent and guard against graying, hair loss and split ends, and, will help you make your hair shiny. Garnier has the most vitamins, minerals and herbs we found in a shampoo and conditioner. Herbal remedies are ancient but proven - rosemary, cedarwood, thyme and lavendar are great ways to stop thinning hair.

Virgin Olive Oil $8.

Tweezerman Stainless 2000 Styling Shears $25.00

Garnier Fructis Shampoo $6.79 and Conditioner $7.98 37


his is not about your nails but the skin around them Many people will pamper and color their nails but pay no attention to their hands or the heels of their feet. Why go for younger looking face when your hands look ten times older than they really are. Push back your cuticles

Hands & Feet Foot Spa Exquisite Nail Systems Heavy Duty Paddle $1.50

Revlon Emery Boards $1.29


Sally Hansen Age Correct retinol Hand Crème 4oz $4

on’t forget about your neck.

Peppermint Cooling Pumice Foot Scrub $14

D Hanes All Day Women’s Ankle Socks 6-pk $10.00; Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 7.5oz $3.69

on’t forget about your elbows.

Elbows for some reason have a harder time than knees. They become dry, scaly and dark. Take care to be sure to lotion them after every bath or shower.


Sunscreen Neutrogena Ultra Sheer DryTouch Sunblock SPF 30 $10

Shiseido Sun Protection Stick Foundation SPF 35 $35 Skin Ceuticals Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30 $37

Badger SPF 30 $15

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid $32

Tropical Sands SPF 50 $20


un care is very important when spending time in the sun. And, it’s now just for summertime. Sun exposure can cause permanent damage because it breaks down the elastin in your skin, destroys antioxidants, all leading to wrinkles. So, it’s never a bad idea to apply sunscreen every time you leave your house. Wear it in your moisturizer, your makeup, or as the lotion. SPF 15 is fine for most, unless you have a history of skin cancer, lupus or sensitivity to light then use SPF 30. But be careful about the sunscreen you choose as can be harmful ingredients in your sunscreens in the drugstore that are literally toxic to your body. And you not only need to screen UVA, but UVB, so a broad spectrum is best.


Teeth Reach Dental Floss Unwaxed. $4

Plax Plaque Loosening Rinse $7.00

If you take care of them, they'll help take care of you. Strong, healthy teeth not only help you look your best, but aid in digestion by ensuring that you chew your food well and they help you to speak clearly. Taking care of your teeth is the one of the basics in taking care of you. It is important to protect your enamel and get rid of plaque. So, taking care of your teeth should include brushing twice a day, flossing after meals, and visiting the dentist twice a year. Oral-B Manual Toothbrush $3

Crest Complete and Crest ProHealth Flouride Anti-Cavity Toothpaste $4

Regular Check-ups Prices Vary


Mind & Soul E

XERCISE Regular exercise is an important part of staying healthy. It takes care of boredom, tension, and anxiety, keeps your body in good shape, and enhances the color and texture of your skin by improving the circulation of the blood that provides nourishment to the skin to build new cells, helps it get rid of impurities, and keeps the skin looking healthy and glowing. Walk, stretch, swim, jog, don’t over exert yourself but get some exercise in at least twice a week for balance to look and feel your best.


EST When you don't get enough rest, circulation is cut down and the skin receives less oxygen and nourishment. As a result, your skin may look dull and sallow, acne zits can flare up, and dark circles can appear under your eyes. Truism: You need your beauty rest.


IET What you eat reflects on in your skin. Drink plenty of water to hydrate skin. Eat plenty of whole, natural foods that have come from the Earth, not a box or bag in a supermarket. Learn to cook nourishing and delicious food seasoning with herbs. Poor eating habits can cause temporary hair loss, cracks in the corners of your mouth, and changes in your nails. Your skin may bruise easily, heal slowly, and look dull, drab, and ashy. A good diet keeps your skin healthy, helps your skin have good tone, texture, and color, and protects your skin from disease. Vitamin supplements aren’t needed if you eat properly.


I think that the best way for our relationship to last is to keep things like they are. What do you think? Signed - Scared to Commit

Dear Chloe It takes a little wisdom to make a relationship work, and a prudent question is one-half of wisdom.

Dear Chloe, I’ve had the same boyfriend for almost two years and I have a feeling that he is cheating on me, although I’m not sure and I don’t have any proof, things just seem different. I’ve done a couple of “stakeouts,” went through some of his stuff, tried to follow him, and questioned his friends but I couldn’t find out anything. I haven’t said anything to him yet, but I want to confront him. I just need him to tell me the truth so I can make a decision on what to do about our relationship. To be honest, I want to stay with him, but I don’t want to be with him if he is going to cheat on me. Signed – Seeking the Truth Dear Seeking, If he told you he wasn’t cheating would you believe him? Seems to me you already have your mind made up. Aside from that, I’ve found that if you look for something, you’ll find it. Why would you want to go

looking for something that you know will hurt you? Your suspicions seem unfounded or else you’re not a very good detective. So, stop looking for trouble and enjoy what you have. And, unless you plan on following through on your plans to leave if he’s cheating, you’re better off holding your tongue. If he is cheating and you don’t leave like you threaten to do, the cheating won’t stop and he’ll be able to rub it in your face because he knows you won’t follow through on your threats. My suggestion is to leave wellenough alone and “seek” not. Dear Chloe, I think that I have marriage phobia, if there is such a thing. I’ve been dating the same guy for six years and we’ve been living together for four. He keeps asking me to marry him, and things are great between us, but I think that if we get married things will change and we’ll end up getting a divorce.

Dear Scared, In case you hadn’t noticed, the justice of the peace doesn’t give you any kind of potion to drink, doesn’t make you recite any incantations, or cast a spell over the two of you that would cause your feelings for the other party to be different after the ceremony. Other than the legal aspect, being married has no effect on the relationship you had before you said “I do.” And the legal part of the relationship only comes into play when you’re breaking up. It certainly does not seem healthy to worry about your break-up when you’re promising to stick with your mate ‘till death do you part.’ It’s true, breaking up is always a possibility, but there is that possibility even if you’re not married. People change as they age and mature, you can’t stop that, essentially, what I am saying is that there are no guarantees, things could change. But marriage, or any relationship, must be nurtured and cherished for it to last. The only way to conquer your fears is to face them.


let’s cook

Recipes by you

Al dente - An Italian phrase that translates "to the tooth" and describes the correct degree of doneness when cooking pasta and vegetables. The food should have a slight resistance when biting into it, but not be soft or overdone or have a hard center. Braise - Cooking method where meat or vegetables are first browned in butter or oil, then cooked in a covered pot in a small about of cooking liquid at low heat for a long period of time. This slow cooking process both tenderizes the food by breaking down their fibers and creates a full flavored dish. Cut in - When a solid fat such as butter is mixed with a dry ingredient like flour until they form small particles. Demi-glace - A rich brown sauce made from reduced veal and beef stock that is used to make classic sauces. Dredge - When food is lightly coated with flour, cornmeal, or breadcrumbs and usually pan fried or sautéed. What’s the Difference in Roux and Gravy? Basically, they are the same. Both are made from a mixture of fat and flour. Roux, however, is mostly used as a thickening agent for gravies and sauces and is made using butter or oil, the fat used in gravy is usually drippings from the meat.

Mise en place – pronounced meez ahn plahs is a French term for having all your ingredients prepped, cleaned, peeled, chopped, diced and measured before starting to cook. Resting - Removing meat or poultry from heat before reaching ideal internal temperatures to allow the redistribution of juices in the meat. This helps keep the meat retain its juices, evens out temperature and doneness and easier to carve. Roux - A mixture of flour and fat that is cooked over low heat and used to thicken soups and sauces.

Saute - From the French meaning “to leap or cause to toss” is to pan fry foods that are cut small quickly over direct heat with a small amount of oil turning frequently. Stock – Liquid, used for making soups, sauces, braises or by itself, prepared by simmering meat, poultry, fish or vegetables in water with some added herbs; aka broth and bouillon. 43

S k e t c h e s o f t he F u t u r e

An up and coming designer shares her sketch book, hopes and aspirations Fashion designers dress the world. From sketch designs, to the selection of colors and fabrics they help set fashion trends and create clothing and accessories for billions of people. From celebrities to everyday people with discriminating taste it’s their job to make them look and feel good. Becoming a fashion designer is no easy task, but Jasmine R. Williams, 22, is certainly a design star in the making. She’s a senior at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio in its Fashion School, a program that has been awarded the designation of “Center of Excellence” by the state. She hopes to continue her education by getting masters in both accessory design and luxury fashion before making her mark on the fashion industry. She’s passionate and smart and finds that “failure is not an option.” We’ll be keeping an eye out for her and think that you should, too. Leslie Blake: The fashion design industry is certainly an exciting field, but a competitive and difficult one not only to get in, but to be successful. What made you decide to become a fashion designer?

Jasmine: I was always a creative kid. I loved to play dress up and put on a show. When I was about 10 years old I took a pair of SpongeBob house shoes, sewed them together, and made them into a purse. I was always cutting up clothes and trying to make something new and coloring my jeans with bold letters that spelled out my name. I always knew I was different, and very artistic, I could draw anything I saw. I decided when I went to high school I would take a fashion design class to see if it was a good fit for me. I haven’t looked back since. Leslie Blake: Certainly, creativity is the foundation needed for the industry, what else are you doing to learn about the industry and to follow through on your dream? Jasmine: School actually is my main focus, but it isn’t the only focus. I feel that I have learned a lot from KSU, for example, Kent has taught me 44

the foundational techniques I needed to know in order to correctly construct a garment, and it has given me the motivation to do things on my own. But at the same time I feel you don’t truly learn until you have experienced things in the real world. I think just being the normal college student, just going to class and solely doing projects given and never going off on my own tangents, I wouldn’t be headed where I’m going today. Leslie Blake: Besides school, what are you the things you’re doing today to get you where you want to be? Jasmine: I have done over 15 local fashion shows, and I was part of one that seated over 200 people who got to see my work. I have done web interviews, photo-shoots and blogs. And, I am recommended to do other things and it’s always fun when it’s about fashion. To get people to see who I am as a designer, to get my name and face out there is very gratifying. Leslie Blake: Everything has gone global, but the fashion industry is one area that has always had international status, with fashion hubs primarily based in Europe. Are you willing to go global? Jasmine: Definitely! I want to own boutiques here in the states and abroad. My ultimate goal is to make worldwide money in every currency. I have had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy. I got to travel to Milan and Paris, which was a dream come true. There are so many possibilities and things to learn by going to the fashion capitals of the world. Leslie Blake: How was your experience studying abroad? Jasmine: It was a wonderful experience, some of the best experiences I’ve ever had. To


live for a semester - 4 months in a foreign country not knowing an ounce of Italian and dealing with the language barriers and money conversions. And, the fact that you’re finally a grown up and you have to buy your own groceries every week and cook dinner for yourself took some getting used to. But, it was an awesome experience to learn about the fashion industry. Having instructors from different nationalities, being taught on how it’s done by someone who is actually in the fashion industry, it was great. I learned techniques that have been around for ages and had them demonstrated to me and got one on one help on projects. Plus, I got to go to tradeshows, visit museums, beautiful historical sites and gardens, and travel to 7 different countries. I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world, it has really allowed me to expand my horizons beyond where I came from, it gave me insight to a new world outside of the U.S. Leslie Blake: What kind of work did you do for the semester? Jasmine: During my semester abroad in Florence, we had a drawing project and we had to research a designer and design a 60-piece collection as if we were working for that

designer. I chose Roberto Cavalli, he is a very inspirational designer and his clothing is very saucy and sexy and shows off a woman’s curves. I thought this was a great choice to push myself and to put my artistic flare into his point of view. It was amazing to actually go the Cavalli store in Italy and see how well the garments are constructed. I was able to make one garment from my collection inspired by Cavalli, I think I definitely captured his design aesthetic and had a lot of fun with the project. Leslie Blake: Other than Roberto Cavalli, what else inspires you? Jasmine: Family, friends and my dreams inspire me. I want to be able to provide for my family and friends and be that go to person whenever they may need something. I want to be able to reach my goals and to succeed in my field so I can take care of my loved ones. They give me motivation to never give up and to keep pushing towards my dreams. I want to take them to the places I’ve been and see the things I’ve seen. I want to fly everyone overseas to let them know they don’t have to be stuck in their current situation and there’s more to life than whatever is going on right now, there is so much more.


The 80’s are Back! Turn back the hands of time, reach way back in your closets and pull out your old 1980s frocks. We know you still have them. The 80’s are back in full effect. Women are again wearing that masculine look - -square shoulder pads, loose pants, high waist bottoms, and leather jackets. And don’t forget about the printed fabrics, the ruffles, and body revealing lace to show off your curves. Even the hair made a comeback - - full and flipped!

Emilio Pucci 2011 Runway Collection

Michael Kors 2011 Runway Collection


The 80’s are Back!

Burberry Leather Jacket (

H&M Boot-Cut Jeans ($39.95

American Apparel Spandex Dress ($42.00


The 80’s are Back The 80’s were a time of funk. Artists wore their hair big and eccentric. Hairstyles took on personalities. Mousse and hairspray were part of everyone’s daily routine for shine and volume.


Coffee! Pour me another cup, please! (No, really, it’s good for me.)


Ahh, the smell of freshly brewed coffee! Even if you’re not a fan of the drink, just the smell entices. And for those that do enjoy that cup first thing in the morning, not only praise the good taste, but stand firm to the assertion that it’s the necessary starting switch to their day. How many times have you heard (or said) “I just can’t get my day going, until I’ve had my cup of coffee.” But the good news is that coffee may just be good for you.

number of studies have shown that coffee drinkers, compared to nondrinkers, are less likely to have type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and dementia. And those that drink the brew report fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, and strokes. In fact, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found that men who drink six cups or more per day compared to those who don’t drink any had a 60 percent lower risk of developing the most terminal type of prostate cancer and a 20 percent lower risk of forming any type of prostate cancer. Enthusiasm for the drink goes as far back as the sixth century. Numerous legends account for its origin. One is of a Yemenite Sufi mystic traveling through Ethiopia where he observed birds having unusual vitality. He took note of the berries they were chomping on and tried them. And from that point on, the berry was no longer “just for the birds.” It’s likely the ancestors of Ethiopia were first to recognize the energizing

effect of the coffee bean plant, but it didn’t take long for the world to discover it as well. So, with centuries of drinking coffee, how are we just now finding out that it might be good for us? Well, the findings aren’t conclusive. And the results of these studies are a complete turnaround from previous beliefs - - that drinking coffee caused pancreatic cancer, fibrocystic breasts, fatal heart arrhythmias, elevated cholesterol and a host of other diseases. Plus, regular coffee contains caffeine. And everyone knows that caffeine can raise your blood pressure and adrenaline levels. Too much caffeine can also upset your stomach, give you killer heartburn and gas, make you jittery and for some, make sleeping nearly impossible. But, other than that, new studies show that coffee might just improve your risk of disease. Coffee is filled with antioxidants. Antioxidants - nutrients that help prevent tissue damage caused by oxygen-free radicals - - are all the rage for health enthusiasts these days. For sure, coffee topped the list of foods that are densest in antioxidants, surpassing blueberries and broccoli. And only chocolate,

dried fruits, and dried beans rank higher in antioxidant content. One negative, however, is that the good stuff found in coffee may not be effectively used by our bodies. But if that’s not found to be true, then coffee could soon be listed as a “health food.” Something else that calories counters will love, coffee has zero calories (when you drink it black) and contains minerals such as magnesium and chromium, which help the body control glucose (remember, maintaining blood sugar is suppose to increase energy levels and decrease appetite). So, we don’t know for sure about the health benefits (coffee lovers keep your fingers crossed), and no one is suggesting to up your intake (who drinks six cups of coffee?) And certainly not all old concerns are baseless. For example, pregnant women should still abstain, since there's concern that more than a couple of cups a day may trigger a miscarriage. But if you’re already drinking more than two cups a day, research is hard pressed to come up with a reason you should cut back. And for sure, coffee drinkers are taking in a boatload of a leading source of antioxidants. And how could that be a bad thing? By Bree Anderson.

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A Cup of Java on the Rocks Iced Coffee ? Definitely not just a Summer Drink! Here some recipes that you may enjoy all year round. And, although the cream, milk and sugar may add to the calories, it makes the drink delightful.

Slush it Up     

4 cups hot, strong brewed coffee 11/2 cup sugar 3 cups milk 2 cups half-and-half cream 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Directions Mix coffee and sugar in a freezer safe bowl until sugar is dissolved. Chill in refrigerator. Add milk, cream and vanilla and place in freezer. Remove from the freezer thirty minutes before serving. Chop until slushy; serve immediately. Add whipped cream as desired.

Iced Delight      

4 cups fresh brewed coffee 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional) 1/4 cup white sugar 1/4 cup boiling water 3 cups cubed ice 1/2 cup cream

Directions Stir vanilla and sugar in the boiling water until dissolved. Mix coffee, cream and sugar and refrigerate until cool. Pour over ice and add fresh mint leaf for garnish.

Expresso Shake    

4 cups milk 4 tsps expresso coffee powder ½ cup sugar 6 scoop of Vanilla Ice cream

Directions Blend milk, sugar, vanilla ice cream and coffee powder in a blender. Pour in individual glasses and top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Sprinkle with cocoa for decoration. Serve chilled.

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People put their personal lives on Facebook – arguments, life and health problems, what they’re eating, where they’re going - - you know how it is. But sometimes, they give us a little non-personal humor to enjoy.

funnies ˙ ˙ ˙˙˙˙˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙˙˙ ˙ ˙ ˙˙˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ OM ˙ ˙ ˙˙G˙ ˙!˙!!˙!!˙ I˙ w ˙ a˙s ˙i˙n˙a˙p˙u˙b˙l˙ic˙ t˙o˙ i˙le˙t ˙a˙n˙d ˙h˙a˙d˙ j˙u˙s˙t ˙s˙a˙t˙ d˙o˙˙w˙ n˙ w ˙ ˙h˙en˙ ˙a ˙vo˙i˙c˙e ˙f˙ro˙ m ˙ ˙ the next c˙ub˙ i˙c˙le˙˙s˙a˙ i˙d˙ ˙"˙H˙i!˙ ˙H ˙ ˙o˙w˙ ˙˙a˙re ˙y˙o˙u˙ ?˙"˙˙ ˙ ˙˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ E˙ m ˙ ˙b˙ ˙ar˙r˙a˙s˙se˙d˙, ˙I s˙a˙id˙ ˙, "˙ ˙I'˙m˙ d˙ o˙ in˙ g˙ ˙f˙in˙e˙.”˙ T ˙ ˙h˙e˙ ˙ v˙o˙ ˙ic˙e˙ s˙a˙i˙d˙ ˙"S˙ o˙ ˙w˙h˙ a˙t ˙ar˙e˙ y˙o˙ u˙ ˙u˙p˙˙˙t˙o˙?˙" ˙I ˙s˙a˙i˙d˙, "˙J˙u˙st˙ d˙o˙in˙ ˙g ˙th˙ e˙ ˙s˙a˙m˙ e˙ ˙as˙ y˙o˙ u˙, ˙si˙tt˙in˙ ˙g˙ h˙ ere!" F˙ro˙ m ˙ ˙ n˙ ˙e˙x˙t ˙do˙ ˙o˙r˙,˙"˙C˙a˙n˙ ˙I˙c˙o˙m˙ e˙ ˙o˙v˙e˙r˙?˙" ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙˙ A˙ n˙ n˙ o˙y˙e˙d˙ ,˙ I˙ s˙˙a˙id˙ ,˙ "˙R ˙˙a˙t˙h˙e˙r˙b˙u˙s˙y˙ r˙i˙g˙h˙t ˙n˙o˙w˙.˙"˙ T˙ h˙ e˙ v˙o˙ i˙c˙e˙ s˙a˙ i˙d˙,˙˙"˙L˙i˙st˙e˙n˙,˙ I˙ w ˙ ˙il˙l˙h˙a˙v˙e˙ to call y˙o˙u˙ ˙b˙a˙c˙k˙,˙th˙˙e˙re˙'s˙ a˙n˙i˙d˙i˙o˙t˙ ˙n˙e˙x˙t door answering all my quest ions."

I figured out why I'm fat. The shampoo I use says, "For extra body." I should have used my dishwashing liquid. It says, "Dissolves fat that is difficult to remove."

Vodka and ice will ruin your kidneys. Rum and ice will ruin your liver. Whiskey and ice will ruin your heart. Gin and ice will ruin your brain. Coke and ice will ruin your teeth......Apparently ice is lethal!!! Warn all your friends: Lay off the ice!! Copy & paste this immediately, it can save a life!

A grandma who lay dying beckoned to her granddaughter to come closer. “Grandma, don’t try to talk,” she said. The grandma could barely speak. “This is important,” she said. I want you to have my farm. I have $83,510,465, a villa, a barn and livestock and a stable with horses, and I want you to have it all.” The granddaughter was shocked, “Wow, Grandma, I didn’t know you had all that. Where is it?” With her last breath she whispered, “On Facebook.”

To err is human, to blame it on somebody else shows management potential.

52 Send your facebook funnies to Submissions may be edited for grammar and content.

Shoe–pendous Giuseppe Zanotti Patent Peeptoe Slingback $595

Jimmy Choo ‘Kevan’ Suede and Feathered Tribal Leather Ankle Boots $2, 495

Chris Valentino Asymmetric Lace Christian Louboutin ‘Fortitia’ 875.00

Prada Patent Platform Pumps $720

Dior Caged Leather Sandal $1,200

Manolo Blahnik Peep-Toe Bow Pump $765

Giuseppe Zanotti I16074 $775

Women are CRAZY for shoes. “Obsessed” is probably a better word. From the time we’re toddlers trying on Mommy’s heels, to the time we’re searching for a place to live that has enough closet space to hold all our shoes, they’re a part of our hearts, minds and souls. There is really no explanation. We will buy and wear them even if they’re not quite our size, too big, too little, when we gotta have them, we gotta have them, we don’t care if they pinch our feet, or the heels are so high that our legs get kind of shaky if we stand too long. On the next few pages, we showcase a few, to like or not like, to wish you had, or to go out and buy. Enjoy!

Giuseppe Zanotti Flap Over Suede Booties $525

Miu Miu Patent Peep Toe Flared Sandal $595



HIGH can you go?

Valentino ‘Bridal’ 5 ¼” Platform $795

Nicholas Kirkwood Python 5” heel Platform $995.

Christian Loubitin Ecotrash, 6” heel Platform Slingback $1,095

Alexander McQueen 6” Platform Pump with Metal Toe and Heel $985 Aperlai 5” heel Net Sandal $835

Or how

LOW . . . Miu Miu Two Toned Patent Leather Pump $585

Aperlai Tartan Loafers $695

Prada Paillette Ballet Flat $650

Ralph Lauren Usita Packable Ballet with 54 Storage Bag $395

Badgley Mischka ‘Babbette d’Orsay’ Pumps $225

Badgley Mischka ‘Sublime’ Peeptoe Pump $200

Giuseppe Zanotti Color: Crack Oro Vecchio$650

Dress it Up! Oscar de la Renta Macrame Lace Pump $745

Giuseppe Zanotti E10131 $750 Manolo Blahnik Oppure Sandal $945


and then there was SUEDE . . . Giuseppe Zanotti Platform Pumps $650

Miu Miu Royal and Ink Blue Two-Toned Suede Open-Toe Pom Pom $675

Guess ‘Karune” Strappy High Heel Platform $110

Gucci ‘Akerman’ Open-Toe Bootie $1,100

Sam Edelman ‘Roza’ Pump $225

Kate Spade ‘Linette’ with Maribou Patent Bow $335

Sam Edelman ‘Lorissa’ Peeptoe $225 Sergio Rossi Swirl Pumps $895

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Wrinkle in Time


Rhytiphobia Rhytiphobia

Rhytiphobia Rhytiphobia

Rhytiphobia Rhytiphobia

Rhytiphobia Rhytiphobia




Forty is the new thirty, fifty is the new forty, and sixty is the new fifty, or so it’s being said. But how can you be fifty, trying to feel and act forty, when your face, neck and hands tell the real story. By Francy Walker

Wrinkles, scary, huh? Every society over the centuries have determined what is beautiful - pale white skin and plump, round women were a thing of beauty during the Renaissance. Facial tattoos in some cultures and tiny feet made possible by binding were once coveted as a thing of beauty. What people perceive as pleasing to the eye has changed over time and continues to change in every part of the world. And, of course, everyone won’t make the proverbial beautiful list but we work with what we have, and try, for the most part to be as “pretty” as we can. The desire for a wrinkle-free appearance, however, is universal. Women and men have long struggled to hold on to their youthful. And with people living longer, this desire do all we can to stave off the onset of wrinkles is even greater.

At one point I taught young adults in a vocational program. I always made vocabulary a part of the curriculum no matter what vocation the student chose. One week, the vocabulary assignment was learning the meaning and spelling of different phobias. The students were allowed to pick the words. One student found ‘Rhytiphobia’, “Ooh, Ms. Tyler,” she exclaimed, “you have this one - - the fear of wrinkles.” I smiled and added it to the week’s list of words and wondered how did she know that about me? Was it that obvious? Sure, at home I had a shelf full of anti-wrinkle cleansers and creams, but I didn’t know I had brought that fear to work with me. The appearance of that first wrinkle starts an obsession that brings us back to the mirror again and again, pushing up our face, pulling back the skin on our hands to see how much elasticity they have lost. It affirms the

immediacy of mortality. Unequivocally, you realize that the glow and rigor of your youth has dissipated and it now constantly mocks your determination to continue to act with the same vigor so effortlessly exerted, it seems, not that long ago. Those wrinkles represent a fear of loss - - a loss of time to do the things we want to do, to love more, to live longer. And these thoughts can become overwhelming because we fear what we believe those wrinkles say about us. Thankfully with modern technology we no longer have to go “’wrinkled’ into the good night.” There are creams, surgery and injections that can keep those wrinkles away a little longer. But still, these advances and the manufacturing of anti-aging concoctions were borne out of our fear of getting and looking old.


Who wears this Gucci dress the best?

Larry Crowne’s Taranj P. Henson and Mad Men’s January Jones both wore this Gucci dress. Henson chose, black ankle strap peep-toe sandals, a silver clutch and blue nail polish to compliment her dress. Jones is seen in black pumps. So who do you think wears the dress the best?

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Stretch marks are the devil What to do about those darn marks? I think the curse against women way back there in the Garden of Eden wasn’t hard labor in child birth. That pain is temporary and you don’t remember how bad it hurts (because if you did remember, would you have another child?) No, the real curse is getting those darn stretch marks. Okay, okay, I may be exaggerating a bit, but doesn’t it seem like they have to come from somewhere where evil reigns? I mean, for the most part you get them from bringing another life into the world, (although they can also come from gaining weight, bodybuilding / weightlifting, and from rapid growth spurts), and giving birth is a good thing, right? (Well, until they’re here, holding on to your leg, crying for 18yrs - wait that’s another story, I digress). But no matter how you may have gotten them, they are a mark of apprehension and they’re just so hard to get rid of them. Personally, I have tried just about everything. During my pregnancy I used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter lotion (the one specifically for pregnant women), and a gaggle of different creams and oils that purportedly prevented stretch marks. Fight them before they came, that was my plan. I was obsessed, I refused to get them. Look at all the movie stars, Demi Moore, for example, five children and looking good in a bikini. So, I

thought I can do that too. And it worked, I didn’t get any stretch marks, well, at least not until two weeks before I delivered. I was doing my weekly check with the mirror (my belly was so big I couldn't see it without one) and low and behold I found not one, but two squiggly little marks right under my belly. OMG! I dropped the mirror and, in a panic, called my best friend. I told her to hurry and come over to my apartment because my worst fears had just been realized. Once she got there I made her get on her knees and examine the bottom of my belly. I needed to be assured that I was, in fact, correct about my sighting. And yes, it was true, my daily moisturizing routine had failed. She tried to help minimize my ensuing panic attack by relaying how bad “hers” were and that you could hardly see mine. They weren’t so bad, she said. No need to freak out. Well, I didn't want to hear any of it. And her comments aside, those two little marks just made me more determined to

do everything I could not to get any more. From that point on I obsessed about them - - examining them daily and wondering what had I done wrong? Why did they come? I had gained about 60lbs by my ninth month. And as I counted down the days until the baby came, I moisturized even more (well, I guess you could say I “greased up” because I had so much oil on that you could have slid me across the floor on my belly just like a penguin on ice). After the baby came and I lost all my weight, my belly regained it’s color and I could see that I had a few stretch marks, more than just the original two. But they weren’t so bad and I still felt comfortable enough to wear a bikini. Everyone told me that they were barely visible and in time, I agreed. Still, I kept trying different products, just to appease myself . Then 2 1/2 years later I was pregnant again with my 2nd child. This time I gained 70lbs. And, I went through the same “greasing” routine as with Stretch my last marks pregnancy even appear on adding a few breasts, new products. thighs, Now, 3 years stomach later, even and though the buttocks. weight is gone, the stretch marks persist. And


this time I don’t feel worked, or which would have comfortable in a swimsuit, been better alone). The thing especially a bikini. I have with these products is that stretch marks on my thighs as you have to apply the product well as my belly. I haven’t 2-3 times a day and results given up on the lotions & oils don’t show for 6-12 weeks. though. Huh!! Okay so who has time The products I used over to apply lotions three times a the past six years day if you have You have to are Palmer’s Cocoa children, you barely apply the Butter, Bio Oil, have time to brush product 2-3 Mustela, Madera, your teeth! And who times a day Tri-Lastin-SR, has the patience to do and results StriVectin-SD wait 6 weeks to see don’t show for 6-12 which is $150 for a results. The products weeks. 6fl oz tube & now only promise to “fade the newest the appearance,” none product is Celtrixa $200 for are 100% guaranteed four 3oz tubes. I have no So, my with all my complaints about the determination, I still got products. I think that they them, although they are light. may have made a difference (I And then I found out that used so many, all together those Hollywood stars don’t who knows which one gain 60-70lbs. Yeah, it’s true,

heard after my two little ones came that you’re less likely to get stretch marks if you don’t gain more than 50lbs, who knew? And Hollywood moms have more than creams to work with, there’s laser surgery. But in these hard times, laser is out of my budget so instead I’ve learned to EMBRACE MY BODY AND LOVE IT, STRETCH MARKS AND ALL.

By Danielle Vandiver

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Tri-Lastin-SR $87.00 one month supply ( Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks $5.47 (Walmart)

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A must in every closet - - a trench coat, a blazer, a leather coat and jeans. Then mix them up and build your wardrobe.

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Jessica Alba Sarah Jessica Parker

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Kim Kardashian

Emerging Democracies By Pikel Saunders


In 1923, American women of the National Women’s Party proposed an amendment to the Constitution that prohibited all discrimination on the basis of sex. And even though the aptly called ‘Equal Rights Amendment’ for women was never ratified, for the most part, American women have won the battle for equal rights as have many other women around the globe,. But there are women in some Arab countries that are not permitted to share in the same passions or freedom. Unbelievably, these age old battles still rage in women’s hearts in the Middle East.

During slavery, women’s suffrage, and the fight for civil rights for blacks in the 1960s, protestor raged for equality from the authority and power of a burdensome and what they believed to be a cruel government and its policies. Slavery brought laws that banned literacy and years later women and blacks were deemed second rate citizens. And these injustices are a vicious circle, repeating again and again in all parts of the world. The protests that began last February in Arab and African nations read like a history book relaying again the periodical radical social and political upheavals in the world. Unrest. as a means to fight for the basic right of freedom from oppression, has once again caused masses of people to take to the streets in protest and sometimes shrouded in violence. The winds that sweep across these nations today have many roots - - the quest for political reforms due to the lack of political

freedoms, the overthrow of totalitarian governments, and discrimination. But of the plethora of reasons given, inequality seems to be the underlying theme. Decades of autocratic rule have increased frustration. Here, the countries are rich in resources but the vast wealth of these oil-producing countries is in the hands of a privileged few. This frustration is finally boiling over. Government in these countries is sometimes aloof and makes small, if any, concessions to its people. But the quest for freedom and democracy, as history shows, is unquenchable especially in the young. And, these are the usual protestors, the young, welleducated, and energized wanting to create a positive future. And doubly concerned are the women in the crowd. Most anyone asked is well aware of laws that require Arab women to cover their faces and walk behind men, but if you speak to Arab women you'll find that the controversy over the

Muslim veil is the least of their concerns. Arab women struggle for what the men fight for and more. They are sometimes treated less than second-class citizens. They struggle not only to gain equal access to education, the job market and political rights, but simple fundamentals such as freedom of thought and verbal expression. They face daunting hardships and a face insurmountable obstacles that range from spousal domination at home to gender discrimination outside of it. The area which encompasses Arabia, the Levant, Iraq, Turkey and Cyprus has a disproportionately low number of girls in schools and extremely low job prospects for them. Ironically, a report from the UN finds that Arab girls who attend school outperform the boys, but generally have fewer educational opportunities. Suprisingly, Arab countries collectively have one of the highest rates of 63

female illiteracy in the world. Lack of education and gender discrimination contribute to unhealthy lifestyles, resulting in higher rates of disease and deaths linked to pregnancy and childbirth. And what’s worse Islamic jurisprudence

unequivocally codifies discrimination against women. Laws and society alike leave these women centuries behind their global counterparts. Indeed, popular Arab proverbs tout as a basic truth that women measure up with only “half a

mind, half a creed, half an inheritance." Find out more on Arab women’s rights in a series of articles by the Arab Human Development Report entitled "Towards the Rise of Women in the Arab World."

America’s use of Illiteracy Laws during Slavery and protest during the Civil Rights Movement

The French Revolution French Women Rioting For Bread and Liberty Leading the People

America’s Fight for Women’s Right to Vote


Roberto Cavalli From sketch book to brand, Roberto Cavalli is fashion in all forms. Born in Florence, studied at the Florence Institute of Art and married for more than 30 years, his signature style -- bold prints and flamboyant aesthetics is etched in his beachwear, shoes, sunglasses, fragrance, home and accessories collections and his vodka. In Sketches of the Future (p. 44), Jasmine R. Williams relates how she was inspired by Cavalli during her semester abroad and comments that his designs are “saucy and sexy.� Exactly. And Cavalli explains why, “I love women and they love me." This is my life. I started working in fashion because I love femininity, and to me the most important thing is to make women feel more beautiful." 65’s

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Diet Crazy America is overweight. And, it doesn’t just start with that mid-life spread, ask Michelle Obama. Children and adolescents rank in its numbers. Hard to believe with the plethora of diets out there that any of us would suffer for long with the problem. But most of these diets don’t call for a change in eating habits, they are quick fixes. Permanent weight loss comes with a change in lifestyle and attitude.

The Ice Cube Diet No, these are not the ones that you find in your freezer and use to chill your Pepsi, these contain the appetite suppressant Hoodia. It’s touted to curve your hunger and stop cravings, and promises that you will eat less. The result? You lose weight. You just put it in your mouth and “suck” on it just like you would do with a piece of ice. Reports are that it doesn’t taste bad, and it won’t melt until it’s in your mouth so you can pack it in your purse or brief case. Who knows what the long term impact would be because it hasn’t been out that long and the company only reference one test involving 111 women. Hoodia isn’t new though, it’s a cactus plant indigenous to Africa and has been around for centuries.

The Baby Food Diet The idea is simple and makes good common sense. Substitute jars of baby food, which is low in fat and calories yet fortified with nutrients, free of additives and preservatives, and low in fat, sugar, and salt offering a moderate selection of fruits and vegetables for higher calorie snacks and meals that adults eat. The diet created by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson provides several variations of the plan – you can replace all your food, one or more

meals, or just as a replacement for high-calorie snacks with baby food. The basic plan though calls for eating 14 jars of baby food throughout the day, with an option to have a healthy adult meal at dinner. The theory? Eating baby food served in portion-controlled jars will prevent overeating and keep you satisfied with smaller Hollywood celebs like Lady Gaga, portions of Jennifer Aniston and food. The Reese Witherspoon have reportedly used small jars the baby food diet to range from slim down. 15 to 100 calories. And true, baby food does supply the needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for a baby to grow to be healthy. But that’s the thing, it’s for a baby, a person that needs nourishment to sustain a body that is probably 1/8 the size of the overweight adult on the diet. Plus, babies and adults have different calorie and nutrient needs, including fiber, calcium, and vitamin D, which baby food lacks. There's also a chance you'd wind up overeating and not losing any weight if you overeat the combination of baby and adult food.

Weight Watchers Leslie Blake picks Weight Watcher’s the best diet that it reviewed because it teaches the dieter the right way to eat. This diet has been around forever. And 67

now it’s keeping up with the times and is new and improved. Chief science officer for Weight Watcher, Karen Miller-Kovach, RD, states that the rehauled diet is an entirely “new approach to safe, effective, and steady weight loss that takes advantage of cutting-edge weight loss science.” Basically, you still are counting points. The only difference is that you no longer use the points any way you chose, but it steers you to use your points in consumption of foods rich in protein and fiber. “These foods fill you up, keep hunger at bay, and help you lose weight in a healthier and more nutritious way,” Kovach says. The new diet adds unlimited quantities of fresh fruits and non-starchy vegetables. The new overhaul includes new on-the-go technology as you can access the point counter online and on your smart phone. You’re only a click away from help with your dieting. Weight Watchers teaches its participants to change it eating habits, helping to build a lifestyle that you can stick with the rest of your life.

snacks. Eventually, clients are weaned off the prepackaged foods and Jenny Craig counselors help clients learn to cook at home and to eat out. Part of the support system allows clients to go into one of Jenny Craig’s 650 centers or to get information by telephone and mail. The program has advisors which include certified professionals in medicine, psychology, and nutrition.

Jenny Craig

Bariatric Surgery

No food is taboo. This concept has helped Jenny Craig to be the “go to” diet help since about 1983. The program’s goal is to help people lose weight and keep it off. The program offers support for its clients, including a 24/7 telephone line. The focus is on moderation, a balanced diet, and exercising. The diet teaches its clients how to eat small, frequent portions of whatever they want with Jenny Craig supplying prepackaged food for breakfast lunch, dinner and

Bariatric Surgery is not for the shy or the slightly overweight. It is help for the extremely obese to lose weight. This “diet” achieves weight loss by reducing the size of the stomach with an implanted medical device (gastric banding), through removal of a portion of the stomach (sleeve gastrectomy or biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch) or by resectioning

NutriSystem The NutriSystem diet plan started in 1972. And like Jenny Craig it takes away the inconvenience of preparing special diet dishes. The diet delivers a month’s worth of meals to your door in microwave-ready pouches. Overall, the meals are low in sodium, saturated and trans fats, and include whole grains and a wide variety of foods. And portion-controlled meals offer an advantage for anyone who has trouble with portion size. The NutriSystem’s system is a “glycemic advantage” approach. This approach ranks foods low on the glycemic scale, which help stabilize blood sugar and reduce cravings, and satisfy hunger on fewer calories. The diet has had many celebrity endorsements.


and re-routing the small intestines to a small stomach pouch (gastric bypass surgery). This method will cause significant weight loss. It also improves health issues, recipients of the surgery has shown recovery from diabetes, improvement in cardiovascular risk factors, and a reduction in mortality from 23% to 40%. There can be serious after effects, including death, from the diet and recovery can be long and includes regular follow up visits to a doctor.

Zerona Laser Approved by the FDA a few years ago, Zerona laser, also called laser acupuncture, promises ‘painless liposuction.’ It has become a popular alternative for those who want to get rid of body fat without surgery. The laser diet works without requiring a change in eating habits or maintaining a exercise routine instead, it melts the fat cells and breaks down fatty tissues from the outside with laser technology. There is no risk of burning or scarred skin. The procedure is designed to be a body-sculpting and contouring procedure, so it is not for the very overweight. There is no recovery time and, reportedly, there is no pain, swelling or needles involved. The procedure can be performed on the neck, back, knees and arms.

Cold Laser Cold laser or light therapy is a new method for speeding up metabolism and promoting weight loss. Cold laser utilizes a low-intensity and non-thermal form of radiation, considered to be almost painless and non-invasive. It is also said to be harmless to the body. Not much is known about the process, positive results have been seen, but the long term effects are unknown. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the low-level laser is a “nonsignificant medical device.” The laser light is beamed only at points targeted for reduction, penetrates the body and supposedly stimulates metabolic processes by allowing for faster conversion of foods into energy and preventing the body from storing excess fats. It also helps regulate the proper digestion of foods, helps cleanse the body of toxins and other harmful wastes that clog the system, and disrupt digestion. The procedure, besides aiding in weight loss, may reduce the feelings of anxiety, depression and other negative emotional factors that affect a person’s eating habits. By Francy Walker

Who hasn’t seen the food pyramid? The government came up with their first food pyramid back in the early nineties. Help with what we need to eat is important today, especially since healthy eating is a difficult thing to do when there are so many fast food restaurants and not enough time to cook. Now the pyramid has been done away with and MyPlate has taken its place. The plate and cup show the portions of fruits, vegetables, grain, protein and dairy we should consume daily. Of course, it has it critics. See The New Food Plate article on our website,


Isn’t it All Tap Water Anyway? So when you drink bottled water, do you picture some geeky lab tech, outfitted in very white, very sterile, laboratory gear, gloves and mask, carefully carrying a cache of empty plastic bottles to a stream, somewhere lush and green, capturing the water that came from the not too distant water fall that mists the air and then bottled it as it comes rushing, bubbling over the rocks below, fresh and cool? Think again. Everyone’s looking for a healthy way to quench their thirst. So, instead of guzzling down sodas and other sweet beverages, health conscious Americans are reaching for water - - and more often than not, bottled water. Bottled water, some believe, is cleaner, safer, and healthier than tap water. Some people are actually afraid, or so they say, to drink tap water because it has too many germs. But just where do you think the water comes from that’s in those bottles? Well, in case you can’t guess, here’s a hint - from the same source that gives us our tap water. That’s right, a lot of it is from municipal water sources. And before someone had the bright idea to bottle the stuff, say for about the last 6000 years or so, we drank it as it came. Sure, water supplies can become contaminated and cause disease and even death, but the United States has very safe drinking water. Nonetheless, over the past decade or so, after the big conglomerates started bottling water, people are complaining

that they just can’t drink water from the tap anymore. Some say it tastes like sewer water. Who ever drank sewer water? How would they know? But not bottled water. “It tastes good.” “Crisp.” “Natural,” they say. “Natural?” Oh, come on. Not even the bottled water is natural. No water is straight from the source. You may see the word “natural” on the bottle, and the water can be only advertised as such if it contains spring or well water where the natural “chemical composition” hasn’t been altered, but it still isn’t bottled straight from the source. Read the labels, even this “natural water” is processed using reversed osmosis, it’s purified or enhanced, and usually something is added. For example, Dasani’s bottle reads that the water has been “enhanced with minerals for a pure, fresh taste.” Well, so is tap water. So, what’s the difference? A few years ago, ABC’s 20/20 took five national brands of bottled water and a sample of tap water from a drinking fountain in the middle of New York City and sent them to

microbiologist Aaron Margolin of the University of New Hampshire to test for bacteria. He found that “There was actually no difference between the New York City tap water and the bottled waters that we evaluated.” Tap water comes from municipal water supplies, streams, lakes and rivers. Bigselling Dasani and Aquafina, according to their manufacturers, CocaCola, and Pepsi, respectively, are reprocessed tap water from municipal water supplies. So, somebody comes along and puts water in a bottle and sells it to you for a buck fifty (or more) and all of a sudden it’s the best thing going. Probably, the only difference in taste in tap and bottled water is that when you buy the bottled it’s in the cooler, cold water tastes better. My suggestion? Put that buck fifty back in your pocket and fill up your glass from the tap because I’d be willing to bet that if you put some tap water in your refrigerator, once it’s cold, if you’re honest, you won’t be able to tell the difference. And if you’re still being a germaphob about it, get a filter. By Carinne Bruce

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Bohemian Surprise, it’s not just a fashion for warm weather. It’s for those that have an artistic and free spirit flair all year round. And, as bohemian style cycles in and out of high fashion, we can always look to certain designers for the standard. Major players keeping the trend stylish are Diane Von Furstenberg, Mara Hoffman, Anna Sui, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs and Matthew Williamson

Sienna Miller

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When looking for bohemian style pieces, go for flowing, light fabrics with ethnic or floral prints, embroidery and/or fringe. Layering and accessories are key to achieve that carefree, yet put together look.


The Peasant Life

Riverbed Polished Pebbles $48.00 WillOak Studios (

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Photo from French Revue de Monde Layout Photographed by Thiery LeGoues Styled by June Nakamoto

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Etsy 1920s Vintage ($80.00 Milly Hobo Bag ($445.00

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2011 Fall: Striped Boho Dress Marc by Marc Jacobs and Black Leather from Diesel Balck Gold

Queenie Bohemian Fairy ($225.00

Nicole Richie

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Don’t Ever Say Anything you Wouldn’t Want Written on the Front Page of the Newspaper! When I was a young girl, my mother used to tell me, “Don’t go out embarrassing yourself. “(I think she was more concerned with me embarrassing her). She would say, “Think before you speak” and “Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want written on the front page of the newspaper.” Well, in those days (I grew up in the sixties) it was embarrassing to have “all your business” put out “on the street.” But today, it seems the norm for Facebookers and Tweeters alike. They tell all their business to whoever is reading. Their pages tell what they’re doing, when they’re going to do it, and who they’re doing it with, all day long, to people all over the world. And the readership through social media networks is easily 100 times greater than any newspaper in print today! So take a little advice from my mother and be careful what you write.

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By Edith Braumhyer

2. Don’t give others ammunition to use against you. What you think might be an innocent statement could lead to other “socializers” using it against you.

3. What you say on social media may be all that people know of you, as you may never meet them. Are the things you say and attitudes you exhibit really you? No matter how much you may say you don’t care what others think of you, when it comes down to it, you really do.

How many people are listening to you?

4. Are you discussing your love life on Twitter and Facebook? My mother also said “don’t let your left hand know what you’re right hand is doing.” And I say, don’t let other people know either; it’s none of their business.

A little

1. Giving your location might not be such a safe idea. Be careful when you Tweet or Comment where you are, lots of people are listening.

5. Why are you telling all your business online to maybe hundred of people that you don’t know? Is it an insecurity problem? Do you have a need to be noticed? Check your reasons for putting your “life online” and be smart about how much of “you” you share.

e t i qu e t t e


The Whole Truth?

Well, maybe not everything . . . By Melanie Louise It’s different for guys. Women, aren’t we tried of the double standard? It’s acceptable for men to sleep with as many women as they please, but it’s not acceptable for women. I asked a couple of guys how many girls have they slept with, both answered, “Honestly, I don’t remember.” If my boyfriend were to ask me how many men I’ve slept with and my answer was that I honestly don’t remember he would probably change how he feels about me. He would probably think of me as “promiscuous” to put it nicely. Even today, with all the advances women have made, they still are not equal in so many areas. It’s still more acceptable for a man to sleep with a lot of women than a woman to sleep with a lot of men. Well, let’s be honest, in this world we live in, fewer

and fewer people believe in settling down, or at least not right way. And yes, women are as sexually active as men, but does that make them bad? It’s funny, most of our knowledge about relationship comes for movies, books, television, and talking to a friend and family; and it seems that most of that information is wrong. When you start dating someone new you enter the relationship with high hopes. You build a physical, emotional, and intellectual bond with the other person. For the first couple of months, your relationship feels amazing. And, for women at least, before you know it, it feels like you’re in love. Still, when entering a new a relationship, you’re hesitant to show your true colors. Eventually, you do open up,

but do you ever tell your new man how many men you’ve slept with before him? So my rule, the past should be kept in the past. Of course when entering into a new relationship we want to be honest. But, unfortunately things women do are looked at differently than if a man were to do those things. Really, do your sexual experiences define you? Yet, you can have all the qualities a man is looking for in a woman: great personality, ambition, and good looking, but none of that would matter if he thought you were a “skank.” (Check that word out in the Urban Dictionary!) Don’t let your past get in the way of your future, even if he does ask, don’t tell, well - - don’t tell everything.


Finance Corner

by Aggie Key

Let’s talk money! In each issue of Leslie Blake we’ll offer some finance information, answer questions that you submit, including those about financial instruments and definitions, and posts comments you’ve shared with us. In our first issue we share an easy way to save.

U.S. Savings Bonds When my kids were small, I had my employer take $25 - $50 out my check each pay to buy a savings bond for them. The bond was issued for twice the amount I paid (i.e., for $25 I received a $50 bond) and was issued with their names and mine as parent. When I started making more money I bought higher denominations and two each pay, instead of just one. They took seven years to mature, but I could cash in the bond earlier and get what I paid plus any interest that had accrued. Once they were matured, I got the face value of the bond. Savings bond EE Bonds are a great way to save. They are a reliable, low-risk government-backed savings product. Great for a birthday or graduation gift, or supplemental income when you retire, savings bonds are available for purchase from the government through a personal online account. Series EE Bonds purchased on or after May 1, 2005, earn a fixed rate of return, letting you know what the bonds are worth at all times. Electronic bonds are sold at face value. But paper bonds are still available and can be purchased at most financial institutions or online and are sold at half their face value. COMMENT

From a Writer’s Desk Consider yourself a writer? Got a great idea for an article or a blog? We would love to publish your work in our magazine. Leslie Blake is looking for new, somewhat new and well-seasoned authors to write for us. Email us at 76

Autumn’s Song Vibrant, bold, glistening fair My heart leaps as my eyes behold Making music in the air To be gone ere long The leaves falling, fluttering A dance to autumn’s song Vivid and lively colors abound, a formidable format for the fashion photographer’s eye. Fall is here in its full regalia. Beautiful. And it captures the beauty of nature and that of the art of photography. On the next few pages see more of the new photographers (Eye of the Beholder, p. 29), showcased in this issue, this time with the beautiful colors of autumn as their backdrop. Nadiya Partsey is a mystery to us, all information we find on her appears to be in Russian (or something similar), but her artwork translates “beautiful” in any language. See: Below and the Couple in the Leaves.



Dimitre Caceaune from Bucharest, Romania is only 18 years old. With his camera he creates sensual art that is breath taking and beautiful. See: Woman in Yellow Dress; Women with Red Hair; and Girl Sitting on Log.





Tighten Up

Worrying about having a loose vagina or weakened vaginal muscles? Nothing to be ashamed of, it may happen after multiple childbirths or can become stretched with age. Loose and weak muscles can diminish your sexual excitement and desire, and can cause problems for both you and your partner during intercourse and might just destroy your love life. In her role as Polly on NBC’s Las Vegas (2002-2008), Suzanne Whang likened having sex with a loose vagina to “throwing a hotdog down a hallway.” No sensation there. Here are several methods that will help improve your tone and control of your vaginal muscles. So, come on girls let’s tighten up!  Improve your tone and control by stopping and starting your flow while

urinating. Urinate with your legs apart then start and stop the stream several times.  Barbells, and vaginal weights or cones are useful devices designed to be held

in the vagina and to improve muscle tone. A set consists of several weights. Starting with the lightest, insert it into the vagina and squeeze the muscles to hold it in place. This can be done while doing regular activities. After being able to hold the device in place successfully for ten to fifteen minutes, you move up to the next heavier device until you’re able to hold the heaviest.  Electro-stimulation or TENS devices administer an electrical current through

an internal probe, which causes the muscle to “twitch” causing the muscle to contract and relax.  Rubber resistance balls and indicators are similar to weights. These devices

provide a nominal resistance to squeeze against. The device is equipped with a gauge to show much pressure is being applied.  Vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation surgery is becoming a common cosmetic

surgery. It’s a standard gynecologic surgical procedure that tightens vaginal muscles and surrounding soft tissues. The results are immediate and results in more friction during sexual experiences. It takes a few days to recovery, but the main drawback is that it may take 4-6 weeks to return to sexual activities. There is low surgical risks, which include infection, bleeding, and scarring.  Vaginal tightening creams and sprays are popular. Most are made from herbal

ingredients, often aloe and manjikani. The cream or spray is applied prior to intercourse. It’s true, weak muscle can cause problems for both you and your partner during intercourse, but there are ways to improve your sex life. Don’t give up on pleasure because your muscles aren’t as tight as they once were. Try one of these techniques that you’re comfortable with. Just be sure to follow the directions with any product you use. Don’t overdue it, results may take a while to see, or rather feel! Suzanne Whang

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Top Picks in October 1 Real Steel 2 Footloose 3 The Thing 4 The Ides of March 5 Dolphin Tale 6 Moneyball 7 50/50 8 Courageous 9 The Big Year 10 The Lion King 3D

Our Picks A biographical sports drama based on Michael Lewis' 2003 book of the same name. The film follows the Oakland Athletics baseball team's 2002 season and their general manager Billy Beane's attempts to build a winning team.

An inspirational and courageous story set in the black and white 1960s South. Friendships start and end around a secret writing. The film is filled with poignancy, humor and hope.

An action film about a former boxer who, teaming up with his estranged son, gets one last shot at a comeback when he builds and trains the perfect contender for the sport of robot boxing.

Dolphin Tale is a family film inspired by a true story. A young dolphin loses her tail, but with the help of an 11-year old boy and the compassionate strangers who band together, her life is saved.

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Going Green There are so many ways that you can “go green,” some are simple and some require a lifestyle change. But, you may ask, why do it, why go green? What immediately comes to mind, especially with all the news as of late, is global warming. Yes, the global warming controversy pops up everywhere you go. You know the story - - ozone depletion due to the emission of an abundance of CO2 in the air, probably due to industrialization and the inevitable pollution that ensued, which is causing an increase in our sun’s rays entering the atmosphere, melting glacial land masses, dumping the melted ice into ours oceans and setting the scene for the next ice age. A mouthful, huh? And, counterintuitive you may add. How can melting ice cause the Earth to freeze over? That, however, is another conversation. And since there are so many anti-global warming enthusiasts, and we’re not here to convince anyone to the truth of it, we’ll base our reasons for going green on something we all can agree on - - the world’s population. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the world population will spill

over the 9 billion mark by 2050. That means that if the world’s natural resources were evenly distributed, people in 2050 will only have 25% of the resources per capita that people just one hundred years earlier enjoyed. We’ve only got so much to give. We’ve depleted some of the world’s natural resources already, and the large increases in population will surely put a strain on what’s left. People are living longer nowadays, so while they’re sharing the world with their children, grandchildren and possibly great grandchildren, we’ll need to make plans today in order to preserve the standard of living we enjoy for tomorrow. We have to plan and change our habits if we want to save clean air, water, fuel sources and soil for our future. Leslie Blake wants to take part in ‘Saving Our Planet.’ And, while we don’t know a lot about it, we’re willing to learn with our readers as we endeavor to inform you. We’ve started by being an e-magazine and not using paper unnecessarily by publishing. We also use a green web hosting company, and we’re turning off our computers when we finish up for the night. It may take a while to make a change, but we’re willing to try. So, in our magazine and on our website, we offer you Going Green.

Trees purify the air, increase natural beauty, calm our souls, and are a perfect way to honor and remember special people.



LIBRA Libra is the only sign of the twelve zodiac signs that is not represented by a human or an animal. The sign is the object of much affection. Libras are often good looking, posses good taste, are naturally kind, very gentle, and are lovers of beauty and harmony. They look impartially at matters, but do not tolerate challenges of their opinions. Once they have reached a conclusion, its truth seems to them self-evident; and among their faults is an impatience of criticism and a need for approval. But their characters are on the whole balanced, diplomatic and even tempered. Libras also have a great appreciation of art, luxury and elegance.

Libra (September 24 - October 23) Relationships of all kind, home, work, and friends, draw your attention this month. Stand up to the challenge, keep them separated and keep them good, you will need them all. Wishing others would change is not going to work but you have a natural ability to be fair minded and reasonable! Matters dealing with joint finances and a new job come to the forefront. Lessons you learned from past mistakes will be advantageous for you now.

People Born under the Sign of Libra Clockwise: Clive Owen, Oct 3 (47); Gwyneth Paltrow, Sept 28 (39); Will Smith, Sept 25 (43); Simon Cowell, July 12 (74); Kate Winslet Oct 5 (36)

Capricorn (December 23 – January 20) Family issues need all your attention and your practical good sense and dry humor will help you step up for the challenges. Just speak up and the steadiness and guiding hand that is you will overcome all obstacles. You’ll find that an increasingly harmonious feeling will underlie your days this month. Your personal abilities could be very lucky for you.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22) Don’t forget to take care of home, just because work is taking up so much of your time and attention. Plan a celebration with that special someone and be sure to spend time with friends and family. There is an

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 22) This month get back on track with things that you’ve let lag. Don’t let routine, mundane chores get in your way. Take serious care in business and your health, both need extra attention. Dust away the cobwebs and rediscover family and friends by spending more time with them. This is your month for love and romance. Work may be causing much mental anxiety, but something good waits around the

It’s in the Stars! The path followed by the Sun is called the ecliptic, and any constellation (a group of stars visible in a certain place in the night sky), inside the ecliptic is called a zodiac constellation. At the moment we are born, every planet in our solar system as well as the moon and sun occupy a particular position in the ecliptic. So, whatever constellation (for example, the group of stars known as Cancer that appear in late June) that occupies the eastern horizon in the sky just prior to dawn, and is immediately replaced by the rising sun, is said to rule the heavens for that period. The zodiac constellations were once thought to have great mystical and astrological significance.


Taurus (April 21 - May 21) Aquarius (January 21 - February 19) Don’t get caught up in the details. Others are willing and able to help out, you don’t have to do it all yourself. Just relax, you’ll find that calm is restored. Family affairs top the agenda as home will be the central focus this month, but with a little love and understanding all will be well. Watch where you put your money, bad choices could cause you much agitation and worry.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22) Focus your attention on your spiritual side, shifting slightly your beliefs about yourself. Trust in a friend’s advice to help stop worrying about those concerns deep inside. Think about your life direction, where you are headed, and what you can do to get back on course. Good prospects are just ahead. Don’t miss them because your head is in the sand.

Pices (February 20- March 20) Get your finances and your house in order this month. Don’t put things on the back burner, seize every new opportunity with enthusiasm. Show your talents and abilities and you will be profiting from them. Your hard work will be rewarded. Communication is the key word this month.

Aries (March 21 - April 20) This is your month to make things happen. Initiate new ventures and put the past firmly behind you. Be enthusiastic. Find people who are inspiring and fun to be around and it might just bring that someone special to your love life. Avoid any conflict as you might regret it. It’s important while the stars remain so on your side, to seize every opportunity and also, to create your own where possible.

You’ve got plenty going on, and how you handle it will be important. It’s a great time to take special notice of your circumstances, use what you know to answer some old questions. Take things slow, but don’t worry because good things are coming your way. This month could bring you much happiness and monetary security. Discuss things with your mate and be open to their ideas to make the most of your opportunities.

Gemini (May 22 - June 21) Much can be gained by team work this month, link with others who share a common goal. Do some charity work, and give back. Use your time and energy for the greater good. Be focused, less scattered. Be careful with personal income, be frugal. Things t guiding hand that is you will overcome all obstacles. You will find that an increasingly harmonious feeling that will underlie your days this month. Your personal abilities could be very lucky for you. hat dictate your future are starting to happen quickly, watch out for opportunities. Look at your mate, opening your eyes will reveal much cooperation there.

Leo (July 23 -August 21) This month promises to be filled with fun things to do. Don’t say no, don’t think about it, just do it and see where it takes you. Travel, possibly abroad, for business and/or pleasure, is waiting for you. So be prepared to indulge in “foreign affairs.” Watch out for some trouble involving your mate, nothing to worry about, because you know how to get your way

(August 22 - September 23) Virgo Learning a lot lately, about you and your world, be sure to back everything with some book knowledge. Do what feels right, don’t count on others, it’s all about you. Don’t let the hurt in your past stop you, if you can’t break through, work around the obstacle. Don’t let the difference of opinion at home get in the way of work, good things will happen there.


Tornados Wreck Havoc on America A Pi c t or i a l By Franklin Nash

On April 27, 2011,one tornado out of more than1000 reported tornads for the month of April, tore through Tuscaloosa, Alabama killing more than 40 out of the hundreds killed in Alabama-. And then on May 22, 2011 a 6-mile wide tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri, destroying at some estimates 75% of the city and causing the highest death toll from a single tornado in 50 years. Newspapers, television networks and people alike memorialized the tornados that ravaged over the south and Midwest with their cameras. No words could relay the devastation better than those pictures. On the next few pages, we share some with you. 88






HELP IS STILL NEEDED FOR JOPLIN: Habitat for Humanity - 315 S Blackcat Rd, Joplin, MO 64801-8931, (417) 782-6533, website:, or email:; The Salvation Army – checks made out to "Joplin Tornado" may be mailed to The Salvation Army, PO Box 21787, St. Louis, MO 63109-0787, donate $10 via wireless phone bill by texting “JOPLIN” to 80888, or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY, website:; Children’s Haven – Safe play environment for chilcren displaced by storm. Website:, 701 S. Picher in Joplin, Missouri 64801; Missouri Southern - Scholarships for college students that were victims of the tornado. Call (417) 625-9325 or e-mail at; Crosslines – Helps with food, clothing and moving expenses for tornado expenses, mail: Crosslines Churches of the Joplin Area, Inc., 131 S. High St., Joplin, MO 64801, (417) 782-8384, website:, Economic Security Corp. – helps replace vehicles, pays sales taxes and licenses, website:, Economic Security Corporation of Southwest Area, P.O. Box 207, 302 Joplin, Joplin, MO 64802 417-781-0352. FOR TUSCALOOSA: Red Cross, by texting “REDCROSS” to 90999 to donate $10 via your wireless bill, or by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS; The Salvation Army – website:, text “GIVE” to 80888 to make a $10 donation or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY. If you have more information on where to help please email 94


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