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A WORD FROM LANSON A vision of elegance started in 1978 when I visited the great gardens, architecture and art of the Renaissance Period. We’ve always, as a company, passionately embraced these ideas as they relate to design. It was and is my dream to bring European gardens to my clients’ homes and scale them to fit their homes. Now, we are venturing into this new phase of our company and scaling our services to fit the needs of our clients as we provide a vision for their life. The ideals on which our company is founded are historically rooted, but the message is contemporary. We’re creating spaces and designs that foster places to gather with your family and loved ones. Spaces and designs that go beyond the reach of your garden and permeate into your home from your furniture design to your dinner party to the larger weddings, gatherings and soirees that you may be hosting. I’m excited for the new paths we’re forging, and I’m excited to bring our clients and friends on this journey. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

This year, we’ve ventured into a new life for our company, and as we close the door on a wonderful 2016, we are so excited to share the face of this adventure with you. Lanson B. Jones and Company has long enjoyed being more than a landscape architecture firm; rather, we’ve continually focused on the friendships we’ve forged with our clients and the opportunity we’ve been given to become a deeper part of their lives. As we expanded our company this year to include new services, team members and visions, we bring it all full circle in our first edition holiday catalog. This year’s catalog features tips from our team on anything in your home from seasonal color in your gardens to the parties you’ll host. So, sit down with your cup of hot coco or glass of wine and dive into the pages we’ve carefully curated to bring spirit to your holiday!

TABLE OF CONTENTS : * Seasonal Color Guide * FramingYour Holiday In Green * Your Holiday Entertaining Guide: Inside Out * 2016 Holiday Gift Guide * The NewYear Please contact Lanson B. Jones & Co. with any questions on booking the services you see in this catalog, pricing or proposals. We’re happy to bring beauty to your garden, home and event!

SEASONAL COLOR TIPS OF THE TRADE BY LANSON B. JONES and CHRISTIAN RIVAS Be it Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, we love designing your garden with seasonal color. Using the classical European Scaled Garden 8 Guide Points that dictate our style, we find ways to approach your seasonal color with Christmas cheer!


Using an antique English lead pot we sourced directly from England, we chose to embrace the cooler tones of the season rather than the warmth of a traditional Terracotta pot. Embracing the beautifully detailed circles-in-squares patterning on the container, we added a dome of purple Kale as the sole dose of seasonal color letting these patterns emerge. It’s simple, but hugely impactful at your entryway.


Start the axis of your garden off with an exclamation point! Use and ornate planter to contrast the modern European lines of the garden.Your guests will immediately feel a sense of ease and comfort just from the careful execution of your well-designed garden.


The Boxwood frames that highlight the entrance of our “cover-story” home offer a bold contrast to the red Cyclamen planted in a grid. It’s all about the lines and patterns that we’re creating with the color to provide maximum impact, providing stunning curb-appeal!


In our floral centerpieces, Dusty Miller is more of an accent foliage, but in these aged stone planters it is the focal. We loved the idea of using cool tones instead of the traditional reds and greens to bring a snowy feel that the weather surely will not offer Houstonians! Bonus: this pot and its contents can liven-up your indoor or outdoor spaces!

FRAMING YOUR HOLIDAY IN GREEN Wreaths and garland are simply a given during the holidays. Whether you incorporate them over your fireplace, along your banisters, or at your front door, these ribbon and rings of foliage herald the start of the holiday season. We’re excited to bring you our version of traditional and non-traditional holiday greens!


A traditional Boxwood wreath with a black and white bow reads clean and modern. Adding a red or burgundy bow roots it a bit more in the world of traditional design. But whatever color bow you choose, the monochromatic greens of a Boxwood wreath make a clean and strong statement. Mix with a Cypress or Pine garland to play with textures! Available in sizes: 20” ($35) / 24” ($50) / 32” ($75) / 36” ($100) *ribbons not included in pricing


The classic Frasier Fir wreath is still one of our favorites, but integrating other textures is a trend that we’ve been happy to see emerge. A simple ivory bow married with colored berries and shades of green is whimsical and stylish. Available in sizes: 12” / 14” / 16” / 18” / 20” / 24” *prices depend upon foliage choices,


We love the idea of leaving part of your wreath exposed to give it an earthy-rustic elegance. Tying unassuming elements like berries, gold painted leaves, or plumes like we’ve done here gives this pieces a sense of personality that pairs with any greens you may want to add. We’ve tied in Magnolia and Myrtle, which can easily be foraged in your own yard or in your surroundings! 12” / 14” / 16” / 18” / 20” / 24” *prices depend upon foliage choices, ribbons priced separately

HOLIDAY LIGHTING A home lit in soft Christmas lights is wonderfully festive, and nothing illuminates your garden quite as well. Use well-timed lighting and décor to illuminate and wrap trees and shrubs creating a winter wonderland. We’ll show you how! *Lanson B. Jones and Company is happy to offer any wreath or garland design; these are simply samples of our festive holiday designs! All prices for customized wreaths are tailored to each order. Please allow ample order time to ensure timely arrival and availability - the sooner the better! Call us for a holiday wreath, garland or lighting proposal or any questions!


Holiday entertaining is my absolute favorite kind of entertaining! Whether it’s our beautifully styled indoor and outdoor dining tables or a moment with your family at the foot of the Christmas tree, or even on the sofa watching the annual viewing of A Christmas Story – the holiday season is full of moments that offer an opportunity to foster a memory that will give your family something to hold on to year after year (and your friends something to look forward to)!


Dining rooms are lovely, but there is no rule that says dinner must be had in the dining room or that a dining room itself cannot be reinvented. Set your guests up by the fireplace, or weave loose holiday greens into your dining room chandelier. Create a place that showcases the holiday spirit!


Passing plates generates conversation, especially if guests don’t know each other. And creating colorful dishes creates a centerpiece all its own. • Red & Green: combine baby spinach, sliced fresh strawberries, dried blueberries and toasted walnuts with poppy seed dressing. It’s incredibly easy and colorful with a no-muss-no-fuss ease! And in the summertime it can be reinterpreted with fresh blueberries for a recipe that can be used all year long. • Give the gift of good luck: Hoppin’ John is a true Southern staple that my family has been serving at our table for generations. It is said to bring good luck into the new year when eaten on New Year’s Day. Boil one cup of dry field peas in salted water until tender (black eyed peas work too), then add peas and one cup of the liquid in which the peas cooked to rice. Next add diced, cooked bacon and diced onion (tip: I like to sauté my onion in butter first for extra flavor). Put in rice steamer or double boiler and cook for 1 hour or until rice is done. Feelin’ lucky yet?


Green and red are all stunning, but infusing a pop of color like blue or yellow into the table is unexpected and truly a stunning inclusion. It shows guests that you as a hostess are confident in your ability to entertain, and it reads contemporary.


Using ornaments, rosemary, or gold painted pinecones, create placecards and menus for guests that offer a holiday infusion. But never skip the special printed menu or place card as it truly heightens any tablescape.


Having wine chillers, carafes and a nearby stationed bar cart, allow guests to treat your home as if it were their own by serving themselves, passing wine and libations around like an intimate cocktail party. And instead of an additional side or organized hors d’ oeuvres, use an easily passed, elevated cheese board to please guests’ palates. Here we have an almond and sage encrusted goat cheese. To make: combine marcona almonds and sage in the food processor. Spread the herb mixture along a wax paper surface and roll a 10oz goat cheese log until fully coated. Either wrap in cellophane and refrigerate or serve immediately to hungry guests!


If the temperatures do drop a little through the course of the evening, don’t fret! Providing pashminas wrapped in a coordinating ribbon on female guests’ seats (displayed almost as if it is a gift) is a delicate touch and much appreciated!


In Houston, we are blessed with amazing winter weather. Never plummeting too low, we can take advantage of these stunning gardens by dining al fresco. Using holiday lighting to wrap our trees and shrubs, dangle whimsical ornaments from focal branches, or display seasonal pieces front and center. We create environments that are unique to our guests and promote feelings of seasonal excitement.


Use the stunning ambiance of your gardens to dictate the design of your table. Whites and greens offer a neutral earthy vibe, and consider bringing in color with berries in your salad or a colored taper candle. We’ve chosen to go completely neutral for our outdoor holiday table, but the beauty of a neutral table is that it can carry a pop of color very seamlessly.




“This elegant marble wine chiller allows for you to enjoy a relaxing glass or two of chardonnay outdoors without it losing its crispness or you to lose your comfy seat in your garden.” ($137.50)


“The Charleston Rice Spoon is an heirloom that dates back to the early days the colony was settled when rice was a major crop. This long handled spoon was never missing from the table at Sunday 2 o’clock dinner. It is hand crafted by Kaminer Haislip, famous Southern silversmith, and is a stunning piece to add to your collection.” ($300)


“Whether you’re new to the world of cooking or are a world class chef, having an organized outlet for your recipes is crucial. The special part of this recipe box is that it can be handed down from one family cook to the next, becoming a fun heirloom to treasure right along with the recipes it houses.” ($24)


“Casual, everyday elegance is the root of a hostess’ curated collection. These canvas placemats paired with the sturdy tumblers, designed from repurposed wine bottles, create a welcoming yet easy table for your family.” (Canvas Placemats $16, priced individually / Rewined Tumbler $36, sold in sets of 4)


“As the weather cools, a hearty holiday candle is a must-have for any home. Our pinot noir candle is earthy and sweet at the same time. Try any of our wine-infused collection of candles!” ($28)


“The marble backdrop to an elegant cheese board is a stunning focal on its own. Used as part of a tablescape or to serve a midafternoon snack, it’s the ideal and unexpected serving pieces for the everyday hostess.” (Cheese Board $70, Rattan Cheese Tools $60)

WHITE STACKING BOWLS “These white ceramic stacking bowls make as much of an impact on your table as your centerpieces. Using one or all three sizes, we like to stagger them to allow for a fun, family-style feast” ($237.50)


“These floral embroidered cocktail napkins boast a different pattern on each one. For a quick and easy hot toddy to accompany your cocktail napkins combine apple cider or juice, honey, and mulling spices bringing to a boil. Add whiskey, a squeeze of lemon and a cinnamon stick and serve on a cold day…with a cocktail napkin and good company of course!” ($80, sold in sets of 6)


“Our jaws studs and cufflinks are an amazing wedding, holiday, or birthday gift, and a great conversation piece. Made from salvaged, fossilized shark’s teeth these are really one of a kind.” ($88 each)


“With wavering temperatures, layering not only looks gorgeous but it is a functional tool for keeping up with the highs and lows. These lightweight, handpainted scarves can carry you through seasons.” ($58)


“Match your fellow with this fashionable and playful accessory. Handmade in Charleston, South Carolina, this piece is a festive nod to the seaside town where it was created.” ($92)


“A lady loves her jewelry. The Houston studs, sold exclusively in the LBJ online boutique, are a creative comingling of rose gold and smoky quartz. These subtle pieces are sure to become an everyday go-to.” (Silver Floral Bowl $400, Houston Studs $50)

To purchase, please visit our online boutique at We also gift wrap!

THE NEW YEAR BY RACHEL GIBBS and MARIA WENZEL Planning ahead is the hardest thing for most of us to do. Whether it’s a meal, a vacation, the day-to-day, or our gardens, it proves to be challenging. But prepping the future of your garden impacts it’s health all year. Take it from us…“the experts!”


• Paperwhites are one of our all-time favorite seasonal color accoutrements. It’s important to plant them 6-weeks before you want them to bloom with optimal bloom times being right around the time Santa is coming to town. • Blooms should last about two weeks, then you’ll know it’s time to plant round two!


• Tulip bulbs have to be refrigerated, so allow for ample order time. The thing we love the most about tulips is that these bulbs can be planted while your winter color is in bloom. • To allow them to grow in early spring, plant them in the first two weeks of January. Our Houston climate allows for this rare bloom, and incorporating tulips in any color is a fabulous approach to a more modern garden. • Bonus tip: the look of staggered layers of seasonal color is hugely impactful in your garden. Allow this approach to provide texture (and envy from all your neighbors).


• It’s time to cut back your Crape Myrtles! Remove all pencil-size and smaller branches to allow for a sculpted look. This is guaranteed to give you lots of joyful blooms come summer! • This approach to trimming isn’t a common practice, but it truly adds to the aesthetic life of your Myrtle. It promotes a softer silhouette than what you traditionally see, and it is pretty with and without foliage. • Around Valentine’s Day, it’s time to prune your roses. We encourage roses to be on your mind all February long! Pruning at this time of year, believe it or not, maximizes your blooms so come spring you have the prettiest roses on the block. And with a shrub that can bloom for multiple rounds, this is the best way to get the most bang for your buck.

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*Please contact Lanson B. Jones & Co. with any questions on booking the services you see in this catalog, pricing or proposals. We’re happy to help bring beauty to your garden, home and event! A special thanks to Caroline Fontenot for the images you see here. Thank you to Halfmoon Lettering for the printed paper goods. And thank you to Kelli Durham Photography and Swift & Co.

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