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BC3 Guest Experience Audit©

Find out which of your products, services and amenities you can eliminate or downsize to immediately improve EBITDR

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Guest Experience Audit

Designed to understand what are the specific experiences you already deliver that make people want to stay with you 

What impacts the way in which the guest experiences the hotel o

What makes them say: −

I made the right choice, I like being in this hotel

The hotel was more than I expected, they even had ….”

“I’ll never forget that the hotel …..”

“If you’re ever in Calgary, you have to stay at the ….” “They understand I have less money to spend on my travel, but want the same experience – this summer they are charging LESS and I am having a BETTER EXPERIENCE. How do they do this? ”

What would make the experience more memorable, more authentic and more compelling

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Value to the operation

Designed to deliver actionable ideas that can be implemented immediately 

The process helps hotel leadership to focus resources on what really matters to the guest in terms of: o

Physical plant


Associate interaction with the guest (training and development)


Services and amenities

Provides guidance as to what messages will have the most impact: o

Internal merchandising


External communications

Is the surest, most authentic and cost effective way to create buzz o

If they’re going to blog, make sure they’re saying what you want them to say

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What is the audit? A small, cost effective customer research project, conducted on-site by trained professionals We talk to 10 to 12 guests per customer segment (business, leisure, etc.) Recruit at check in 

Front Desk Associate asks if they would like to participate in a research project, in return for which they will receive an incentive (possibly a discount or added value from the hotel) as well as a digital camera Guests expressing interest are directed to BC3 Strategies staff who explain the program o


Respondent (guest) is asked to photograph everything that captures their attention in the hotel as they move from the check-in to their room. They are told to photograph only things that are salient, not other guests. They are also told this is not a “satisfaction study” so we are not looking for negatives (unless they are particularly salient) They are given a digital camera and an appointment is made to meet in the afternoon for 30 to 45 ,minutes to discuss their photographs and opinions

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Hotel team and BC3 meet at a workshop to discuss the findings BC3 conducts the research and prepares a top-line report BC3 communicates with Front Office Manager and/or Customer Service Manager to set up date, time and logistics Hotel team briefs BC3 on the key brand impact points and the beneficial differentiators in the properties

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Why use the BC3 Guest Experience Audit

 

Unlike other forms of guest research and surveys, the Guest Experience Audit takes place in “real time” (or as close to real time as is possible without influencing the study) The Audit is fast, scaleable and affordable Experts in the hotel business share the results with you and your leadership team in a workshop setting

It shines a light on the things that can be done in order to ensure that every guest leaves the hotel wanting to tell somebody about their experience

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FAQ’s Q Will this interfere with our guests’ in any way? A No. Guests are asked by hotel personnel when they check in if they would like to participate. If they decline, they hear no more about it. If they accept, they are introduced to the BC3 interviewers right there and then. Q How will this impact the operations of the hotel? A Not at all. When the guest is briefed on the task, they are given specific parameters: they do not have carte blanche to photograph everything; they may not photograph other guests, they may not photograph hotel associates unless there is something specific and they ask the person. They are told not to go into any areas that are off limits to guests.

Q Is this a new kind of guest satisfaction study? A No. Participants understand that we are not looking for “dust-bunnies under the bed,” but rather we want to know what stands out and what catches their eye. Q Our guests probably won’t be interested in participating. A Our experience has shown that guests love to be asked and find participating in the study to be interesting and fun (and rewarding: we give them $100 plus a disposable digital camera!) Page 7

We can help you maintain and increase profitability while your competition are discounting and losing money Call us for more information. Today. Laurence Bernstein 416.967.3337

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About protean strategies

We are a brand strategy and research consultancy that believes consumer research is the foundation on which brand strategies are built We use research to probe for ideas, develop possibilities, test hypotheses, anticipate effects, track results and measure performance We develop and manage strategies based on the nexus of the consumer, the product and the company We help turn products and services into differentiated experiences We have considerable experience in the hospitality category, having developed positioning and brand strategies for Holiday Inns, Radisson Hotels and Resorts, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Delta Hotels and numerous boutique and independent properties

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Protean Brand Experience Audit  

Find out which of your products, services and amenities you can eliminate or downsize to immediately improve EBITDR. Too much of hwta you fo...

Protean Brand Experience Audit  

Find out which of your products, services and amenities you can eliminate or downsize to immediately improve EBITDR. Too much of hwta you fo...

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