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Hello, fellow BComms! I am Kirsten LePage, the Editor-in-Chief of LF 2012-13. As a Finance major going into my second year of Bilingual Business, I am looking forward to attending conferences, joining new non-profits, studying finance courses galore and, of course, being a part of Lazy Faire! For the latter specifically, I am incredibly excited to begin the fall semester with such a creative and dynamic group of individuals. All in all, it’s going to be a time for new experiences and opportunities. Here’s to another exciting year of business!

Hi everyone! My name is Alex Manolii and I am the Content Editor for LF 2012-2013. This will be the final year of my BComm degree, which sounds weird, since last year was my first. Although my stay in the School of Business was not long, I enjoyed the things I learned and the skills I acquired. I also really enjoyed business competitions and hope to participate in a couple this year, time permitting. I look forward to this upcoming year, graduating, and editing content in between!

Hey everyone! I’m Julian Ng and I’ll be serving as the Design Editor for this year’s Lazy Faire. As this is the final year of my BComm degree as well, I intend to make the most of it, and help make the magazine even better than it has been in past years. As Business Students, we pride ourselves on understanding that looking great is part of the overall package. That is my goal for this year’s Lazy Faire -- to highlight the great content we produce in an attractive, modern and clean design. I can’t wait to get started!

Together, we have envisioned a multitude of new features for you to look out for – like Community Center and Clubs’ Corner – and exciting ways for you to get involved, such as student polls where you will be rewarded as a reader or follower of LF. We’ve also made our blog easier to navigate so that you won’t miss out on what’s happening with business clubs and students if you couldn’t get your hands on a printed copy of one of our monthly issues. If you missed our Summer Welcome Guide for new students at orientation, make sure to check it out online! 3


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By Sherin Kayat, Sr. Contributor Designed by Colleen Do

When five ambitious women from the Alberta School of Business first came together, they had a vision. As they expanded their executive team, they transformed their vision into a concrete and progressive phenomenon. The Network of Empowered Women (NEW) offers eighty delegates the opportunity to attend a four-day conference at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louse designed to shape the lives of young undergraduate women across Canada by creating an experience of mentorship and empowerment. The Lazy Faire had the privilege of sitting down with its two co-chairs: Anna Leyva and Birkley Doll.

Let’s begin with the creation of NEW. How did the idea of forming this club first come to light? Anna: A couple of other female business students and I participated in the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business conference last year. We got back here to Edmonton and thought to ourselves: why do we have to go so far to experience something so unique? Birkley: We really did want to take on Harvard and improve on what they were doing. We wanted to take the knowledge and experiences from all of the conferences we have attended collectively as a team and incorporate it into NEW.

Did you have a specific goal or vision in mind when you first created this conference? 6

Birkley: We had the vision to provide delegates with mentor-

ships and the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals in the undergraduate program across Canada, as well as with sponsors, alumni and female business leaders. Anna: We want student delegates to leave this conference with a better sense of self; we want them to feel that they, too, can reach their goals and follow their professional aspirations.

What image are you hoping to portray to sponsors in terms of the delegates that you are selecting? Anna: We are looking for ambitious individuals. When we sit down with potential speakers and sponsors, we tell them that this is a group of well-rounded delegates who proactively take their future into their own hands and that are here for their sense of development. We are looking for people who have that drive and who aren’t just looking to get away for the weekend. That is the niche audience that we are promising to our sponsors.

In regards to the application process, are men eligible to apply or is it open strictly to women? Anna: While we will be focusing on accomplishments by females in the business realm, many of the topics discussed do pertain to both men and women so we are confident that there will be value in attending NEW, regardless of gender. Obviously, we are expecting the majority of the students to be female, but males can certainly apply.

Birkley: There needs to be a stronger network between professional women so that they can support each other. If we are able to provide delegates with the opportunity to see and hear female business leaders that have excelled in their field, it will be incredibly empowering, not only for the student delegates and our executive team, but also for other sponsor representatives and alumni that will be present.

Can you give us a preview of what participants can expect throughout the conference? Anna: There will be a Dragon’s Den style competition, and many opportunities for networking. The conference will also include both academic (discipline specific, i.e. finance, accounting, marketing, etc.) and non-academic (those that focus on softer skills, i.e. acknowledging success and effectively negotiating) workshops. Also, there will be a sponsor job fair to give delegates the opportunity to learn about our sponsors and what they have to offer new grads. Birkley: The conference will also feature keynote speakers. We are excited to announce that two out of the three keynote speakers have been confirmed: the President and CEO of CMA Alberta, Kara Mitchelmore, and the President and CEO of Ford Motor Canada, Dianne Craig. Delegates will also be participating in theme nights and networking activities. Our goal is to have a well-rounded conference. Every activity is designed to engage and assist delegates in working together.


We really want to make sure that in the next five years, this becomes an across Canada conference that might even include our southern neighbour.

Finally, where do you see NEW going in the years to come? Anna: We really want to make sure that in the next five years this becomes an across Canada conference and that might even include our southern neighbour. Birkley: Anna and I want to plant this conference well enough so that it is an event that will continue to grow for many years to come. We want to continue actively raising awareness so that NEW grows to be a conference that students across Canada will actively apply for.

Delegate Fee: $450 Applications Open: Sept. 2, 2012

Why do you feel it’s important to gear your efforts specifically towards women? Anna: It’s very easy for men and women alike to say “this is my mentor or idol,” and a large amount of the time that mentor is a male. Female business students are constantly bombarded with examples of business world success and, more often than not, these great leaders are males. I think as a female business student, it is difficult to look up and say ‘I want to be in that position’ or ‘I want to emulate this person’s characteristics’ because females have very different gender roles. There are many examples of great female business leaders and many of those who have managed to find a happy balance between career life and family life. It is important that students, females especially, recognize that it is possible to rise to the top career-wise and that if one does rise, it is possible to have balance between work and relationships.

Application Deadline: Oct. 31 , 2012 Conference Date: January 24-27, 2013 Website: For the full interview with Anna and Birkley, where they provide a much more in-depth or look of the NEW student club, please go to the Lazy Faire blog, found at: or visit their club website at 7

Your School of Business on a summer’s day


Events Happening in September By Eileen Lee, Sr. Contributor Designed by Jenny Truong


The Ignite Retreat (formerly known as Frosh) is a weekend filled with fun activities which will give Business students a taste of what the SoB has in store for them. Why should I join? This is a great networking event where you will meet people from different cohorts and clubs. It’s an opportunity to discover that a Bcomm is not just a degree and that the SoB is not just a faculty, but also a community. You will learn great team-work and business skills which will help you throughout your first year and onward. How do I join? Students can find registration forms online. There are only 72 spots this year on a first-come first-serve basis, so hurry and apply!


October 18, 5:30-6:30p BSA Annual General Meeting

The BSA will be holding its first ever General Meeting on October 18th. The purpose of this meeting is for the BSA to stay accountable to its stakeholders and to report to its members on various important topics, such as current financial controls, the budget for this school year, changes that are occurring, the next BSA Election, and other major projects for the upcoming year. Attending this meeting will be all 23 club leaders, SU executives, Dean Joseph Doucet, Undergrad Associate Dean Elaine Geddes, and undergrad students. Why should I join? You will be able to have a first-hand look at the initiatives taken by this year’s BSA council towards becoming more accountable and effective in serving the student body. This is a great opportunity to see how your dollars are being spent and to understand what is going on in the community. It’s also a chance for you to ask any questions and make sure your opinion counts. How do I join? All undergrad students are invited to attend. The location will be CCIS 1-430, right after the BUS201 Lecture. More information is available on posters, Facebook, and the BSA website. The agenda and some documents will be posted on the BSA website prior to the meeting.

On-going (Sept-Oct) PRIME Applications

PRIME is an investment management group at the SoB for students who are interested in portfolio management. It is a two year commitment which involves the management of over $1.2 million in the University of Alberta’s Endowment Fund. Why should I join? Along with having two years of portfolio management experience before graduation, you will receive credit for FIN436, access to an extensive alumni and mentor network, and gain valuable insight of the markets to make investment decisions. How do I join? Recruitment which occurs every year around September and October is a 3-step process. Letters of intent are due at the end of September. These letters are then reviewed by the program’s director and managers who then set-up interviews with qualified applicants. Candidates will be evaluated on technical and behavioural aspects. Finally, students chosen to continue will write two research papers on topics announced in early October. For more information and exact deadlines visit PRIME’s website: aspx

Charge Your Future with ENERGIZE By Eileen Lee Designer & Sr. Contributor


Energize is an annually held career conference hosted by the BSA. This year there will be corporate speakers representing 8 different majors at the School of Business. Some of the confirmed speakers/sponsors include Deloitte (the presenting sponsor), CGA, AIMCo, and TEC Edmonton. The theme of this year’s conference is “Charge Your Future.” It will be held on Saturday, September 22nd at the Northlands- Edmonton Expo Centre.

sold ll be cati w lo ets D ss ffice tick th, BSA o busine How 5 r e e e h b h t tem utside or of t o Sep On 35.00 o cond fl e $ as s r o e f th oon a s n o s a on ed ing. kets ble d r tic availa buil u o y get hey are basis. nd t the a rve s y a Tr can, t-se y to king s r t r n fi e or r you come, etw ude incl nd a n ode fo . first l l i c l essona ls, a et w tick , mea The dr rofessi h c e . p Ea erenc ards ess f con t afterw s busin there! i n eve event see you s o i t h t e hop We

ign oIS

This year’s conference will be held for one day. It is a great chance to discover what you can potentially do with your BComm and to hear how other professionals have gotten to where they are today. Usually speakers talk about topics such as their experiences in school, initial experiences in the real working world, and valuable lessons and skills they learned throughout their career. Along with receiving a great learning opportunity, there are also some awesome door prizes which will be up for grabs (spoiler: there will be some jerseys from a certain hockey team whose name starts with O and ends in s). Energize is a great networking opportunity which will give you a chance to interact with your Bcomm peers and industry professionals. The day will be concluded with an after dinner social and bar events.

DO YOU HAVE IT? Interested in competing in Canada's most realistic simulation case competition? The EDGE Internal Round is open to all School of Business students interested in competing in the 2013 EDGE Business Competition. This is your chance to secure your team a spot at EDGE 2013 (and maybe get your delegate fees paid too!) The Internal Round will take place November 3, 2012. Please note that if you are interested in competing in EDGE 2013, you must register for the Internal Round.

For more information Visit:

February 1 - 3, 2013



Aileena Minhas and Courtney Huchulak enjoy a nice brisk walk in preparation for their run this September


RUN FOR THE CURE By Braden Lauer, Sr. Contributor Designed by Colleen Do


his year, the Alberta School of Business is joining CIBC for their 21st annual Run for the Cure, with Aileena Minhas and Courtney Huchulak as Co-Captains for this event. The Run for the Cure is Canada’s largest single-day, volunteer-led fundraising event dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer research, education and health awareness programs. The CIBC Run for the Cure will be held on Sunday, September 30 starting at Sir Winston Churchill Square.


Each year roughly 9000 people take to the streets of Edmonton to run or walk the five kilometer course. Dressed in pink, every participant comes together to show his or her support for the fight against breast cancer. One in nine Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer within her lifetime. An estimated 22,700 will be diagnosed in Canada this year, with countless others being affected by this illness. By supporting this cause, efforts to find a cure are increased with your donations.

Courtney: Last year, I remember there being an email sent out from the Undergrad Office about the Run for the Cure to encourage students to participate in this fundraiser. I had always heard about the Run through my family, but for some reason I always decided to make donations instead of actually participating. Last year, I recall Aileena mentioning that she was going to take part in the Alberta School of Business team and told me that I should do the same – so I did, and here I am today, a CoCaptain of the Alberta School of Business team for the CIBC Run for the Cure.

Who are you running for this year? Courtney: Thankfully, I have not had any family members or friends diagnosed with breast cancer, but that doesn’t mean that this illness hasn’t affected others. Breast cancer is something that you cannot plan for and that affects everyone around you. I’m running for all women who have been diagnosed or affected by breast cancer. Stay strong ladies!

Without a doubt, it is important for business students to show their support for the community. In terms of supporting this event, a student can either participate in the event itself or through a simple donation – both of which are seriously appreciated. Over the past several years, the Alberta School of Business has participated in the CIBC Run for the Cure. Not only have they participated in the run itself, but they have promoted the Run at the School and recruited members for the School of Business team. They hope to build on their success this year as well. The Lazy Faire team talked to the two Co-Captains for the upcoming event to gain a bit more insight into the run: How did you get involved in the CIBC Run for the Cure? Aileena: In my first year in Business, Andras Marosi, my Finance 301 professor, had advertised about the Run in our class and I immediately knew that I wanted to get involved. After running in the event, Andras Marosi approached myself and Courtney Huchulak to help him promote the Run for this upcoming year. Personally, I am always looking for something to get involved in that is fun, but at the same time for a good cause. Other charity events that I have participated in recently include 5 Days for the Homeless and Habitat for Humanity. Once you attend the run, you will be amazed by the atmosphere, the energy and the want these individuals have to give back to those affected by the disease.

Aileena: This year I am running for the cause. I am running for everyone that has been affected by breast cancer. Be it be an individual that personally has been affected, a survivor and/or anyone that’s had to support someone who has been affected. You need to have a lot of courage to be there for someone going through an often fatal illness and I have mad respect for every single person affected by breast cancer in some shape or form.

How many people do you expect to be running for the UofA Business team this year? Courtney: As Co-Captains for the Alberta School of Business team, it is our job to try to recruit as many participants from the SoB as possible. Last year, there wasn’t a strong presence of business students at the fundraiser, so we’d really like to get more people out there to show their support to the community this year! We’d love to see the BSA, club executives and members, as well as business staff at the Run on Sunday, September 30th. Whether people run or walk, they are still helping put an end to the battle against breast cancer.

How do you become a part of the Alberta Team? How can you help out otherwise if you are unable to run? Courtney: It’s very simple! Go to the CIBC Run for the Cure website and click on “Registration and Locations” and then “Edmonton”. From there, click on “Join a Team” and type in “Alberta School of Business Team” (Team Name), “University of Alberta” (Multi Site Team Affiliation) and “Post Secondary Challenge” (Team Type) and then proceed to follow the individual steps.

have any advice for the batch of new students coming into the School this fall? Aileena: Enjoy your time at the School of Business. Before you know it, the years will have passed you by. I personally am involved with the Alberta School of Business because I enjoy providing opportunities and events to other students to help them succeed with their goals. Not everything is related to academics, but that’s what makes everything more enjoyable. Getting involved with the clubs and associations at the School of Business has provided me with many opportunities and I have made some really amazing friends. There are many different kinds of things to get involved with such as the Coop Program, discipline specific clubs/associations, charity events, exchanges and/or other academic related opportunities. No matter what interests you, you will definitely find something exciting and enjoyable for yourself to get involved. The best experiences and memories that I have created here at the Alberta School of Business have been by being involved and having an open mind. I have learned more hands-on skills which will help me further my career because of my involvement in many different aspects of the Alberta School of Business. Courtney: Get involved! Don’t be scared or intimidated by anybody. You’ll be able to create a huge network throughout the School of Business that could help you in years to come! One last thing, don’t forget to relax and enjoy your university years – they’ll fly by!

Business students have always been involved in the community around them. It is for this reason that the Community Center feature will be a staple of the 20122013 issues of Lazy Faire. Through it we will be highlighting the various ways that School of Business students are involved, as well as opportunities for students to engage and be a positive force within their communities. Make it a goal to be present for at least one (or for all) of the events that will be featured. And when it comes to the CIBC Run for the Cure, don’t wait: Register, participate or donate!

For those who don’t want to run, there is always the option to volunteer or simply show up on September 30th to cheer on all the participants. Don’t forget that donations are always welcome!

Both of you have been extremely involved in the U of A School of Business. Do you





eing a business student with a LinkedIn account is not uncommon. In fact, many of you may have already used LinkedIn to land a previous job. Fortunately for rest of us, Lazy Faire had the opportunity to speak with the Marketing Relations Director of LinkedIn, Eric Kennedy, and Recruitment Product Consultant, Perry Monaco, at a recent Lunch and Learn session hosted by ATCO I-Tek. In this article, you’ll read some of their best tips to effectively network online and get the most out of your LinkedIn experience. By Kirsten LePage, Editor-in-Chief Designed by Julian Ng

A New Type of Social Networking LinkedIn was officially launched in 2003. Since then, it has grown to operate the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 175 million members in over 200 countries and territories (as of August 2, 2012). Impressively, its corporate hiring solutions are used by 85 of the Fortune 100 companies. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networking sites, LinkedIn focuses on the professional relationships individuals will build throughout their work experiences and the connections they will form with the companies and industries in which they work; yet, the company still manages to succeed and pride itself on being much more than “just another job posting board.” As Perry aptly describes the platform, “it is a place where like-minded professionals gather and network.” In other words, LinkedIn presents the opportunity to position yourself as a prime candidate within your desired professional network.

Setting Up Your Profile 12

Just like any professional material or

resume you prepare, it is important to carefully consider your targeted audience when creating or revamping your profile.


essarily need to be professional and that you can feel free to show your personality, as long as the photo remains tasteful. Showing your personality will also come into play when customizing the headline that appears below your profile picture.

Let your personality show, but remember, people all read into things with tone. So be genuine!

“A common mistake is to simply repeat something, like a job title, that is already visible on your profile,” Eric cautions. “Use some creativity!”

“You are representing yourself and the company,” Eric begins. “You are a brand ambassador, and I’m not talking about Corporate or company brands; I’m talking about employment brands. An employment brand is very different from the (corporate) brand that people influenced by a service see. With a full, complete profile, you can influence others to want to work where you work too.”

“Let your personality show, but remember, people all read into things with tone. So be genuine!” Perry reinforces.

With this mentality in mind, let us begin with the profile personalisation stage. According to LinkedIn statistics, you are 40% more likely to be found on LinkedIn if you include a profile picture. “Including a photo eliminates the perspective that you may have something to hide,” Perry explains. Both professionals also add that the photo doesn’t nec-

In addition to a personal summary, past and current work experiences, personal status updates, and up to 50 different skills, your page on LinkedIn can also feature recommendations from some of your contacts, like previous employers. This allows potential future employers to see statements of praise about you and immediately be linked to the credentials of the individuals who recommended you. Overall, Perry emphasizes to “remember that the more you put in, the more you get out” when managing your profile. “You shouldn’t rely on the ‘post and pray’ mentality,” he warns.

“Update your status or share an article that includes a oneliner with your opinion or a quote from a specific line that you liked,” Eric suggests. “If you include your thoughts, it won’t seem like you are just pushing articles at people.” LinkedIn also includes several features that allow you to keep your personal information, well, personal. One such feature is the Public Profile. This option enables you to create a more limited version of your full profile so that you can restrict full access to people who are already one of your accepted connections.

Managing Connections It is also important to consider who you should add on LinkedIn. To help you out in this process, the site uses specific algorithms that create assumptions based on your common connections with other members. It then uses this information to suggest other people or groups who you may already know or with whom you may already be affiliated. These connections can be organized as well through personal tags that categorize them into groups. Apart from connecting with individuals, you can also subscribe to companies to follow their news and updates, as well as join groups that suit your interests and skills/designations. To grow your connections, you are able to send five requests

per month to your contacts so that they may introduce you to one of their LinkedIn contacts with whom you would like to build a professional relationship. In any scenario, Perry recommends that any connection requests you make be personalized. “Often times, people will refuse invitations that are not personalized or that do not include context.” Finally, although accepting all of your received invitations may be tempting, Perry and Eric advise keeping your lists reserved to people who you’ve actually spoken to. “If you can’t say anything about a person on your list, chances are they are not a beneficial connection to keep. Your connections should be defined by their value,” Perry advises. “You should also keep in mind that people in a hiring position usually do not directly connect with candidates.” All in all, LinkedIn is a growing part of the contemporary professional lifestyle and a versatile virtual platform that is up for your consideration.

All information contained in this article has been obtained and verified via the LinkedIn website and through Perry Monaco and Eric Kennedy. If you’d like to learn more, the LinkedIn website has a Help Center that includes standard Q&A, FAQ and tutorial videos for your reference.

BSA Booksale What?

When? Where?


Students will sell their books used in previous business courses to other students. The BSA will sell these books on their behalf (in many cases, at the lowest prices for selling used books on campus).

September 6 and 7, 2012 BSA Buyback Business Atrium

All Business Students!

How? 1. Students bring in books they wish to sell and name their price. 2. The BSA organizes the books and makes them available. 3. Other students (or the same students if they have seller’s remorse) come in to buy the books that are available. 4. All of the books that are not sold are picked up by the original students. Students whose books have been sold collect their cash.

September 10 – 14, 2012 Textbook Selling Business Atrium September 17 and 18, 2012 Unsold Textbooks/Cash Pick-up BSA Office/Atrium Why? 1. To help sell previously owned Business books to students enrolled in Business courses. The BSA will sell the textbook on behalf of the student for a small fee. 2. Students can make a return on books they no longer require. 3. YOU SAVE MONEY!





Catching Up with

Paul NatlanD By Alex Manolii, Content Editor Designed by Bonnie Truong


uring the month of August, we asked Lazy Faire readers to nominate who they believed was an outstanding current School of Business student or recent graduate to be featured in September’s Student Spotlight. Since so many business students in the faculty do so many different – and often exciting – things, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for the Lazy Faire team to keep track of everyone. For this reason, the Lazy Faire has asked for nominations from other Business students, and will continue to welcome suggestions throughout the year for subsequent Student Spotlight articles. It was through the process mentioned above that we received many great nominations. Of these, we found Paul Natland, a 2010 BComm graduate from the School of Business and a current entrepreneur, to be the most fitting for the September Student Spotlight feature. Paul Natland is the current Chief Operating Officer and a founder of NetworksMD: a strategic venture that is based in Singapore that involves the Invida Group (the largest pharmaceutical commercialization firm in Asia) to promote leading webbased healthcare collaboration platforms and technologies. We sat down with Paul and asked about his involvement while at the School of Business, what some of his current projects are, as well what advice he has to offer to current students.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you did while at the School of Business? I graduated from the Alberta School of Business in 2010. Throughout my tenure as a student, I was involved in a number of things: everything from JDC West, the ICBC competition several times, as well as a number of student clubs - one of them being the Commerce Energy and Environment Group. As well, while I was learning a lot about business through classes, I was also working as a financial analyst for a venture fund out of California where I was able to apply what I was learning to an actual business. I started in 2007 and finished when I graduated in the summer of 2010. That began my involvement with technology companies and ultimately got me to where I am today.

You are currently the Chief Operating Officer for NetworksMD. Can you tell us more about the company and what the position involves? Sure. NetworksMD was built to allow physicians and specialists to connect with one another. It sounds like a very simple premise, but in health care the data and systems are so disparate and fragmented that it becomes much more difficult. The basic premise of NetworksMD is to provide physicians and specialists with secure collaboration around a patient’s treatment. In lots of cases – ranging from autism to severe trauma – there are numerous practitioners involved in a patient’s treatment, including roles such as surgeons, radiologists, and nurses. Having everyone in the loop about a patient’s health history and treatment plan is critical to successful outcomes. Prior to NetworksMD this was done in a very cumbersome form – phone calls and paperwork were shared between healthcare professionals, often with significant delays. Human resource wise, our company has less than 20 people, but we have some great partners – one of which is Invida, the largest pharmaceutical commercialization firm in Asia. So although in human resource terms we are nice and lean, as far as overall reach and global reach, we

are quite large. What I do on a daily basis ranges from shareholder relations, shareholder management, all the way down to actually managing a technical team that builds out our product. In many ways, I bridge everything straight from pure business all the way to the technical side of our company.

Your latest endeavour involves the University of Alberta, specifically making it possible to pay University fees using a credit card. Can you tell us more about that project? I recently started working with a company called Plastiq ( to help bring tuition payment using a credit card back to the University of Alberta.

B If you are outside of your comfort zone – continuing to push that envelope– that’s when things will start to happen for you. There have been several attempts by providers in the past to offer credit card tuition payment processing to students. Plastiq recognized that there were disadvantages to each of the previous approaches including settlement risk and security concerns with respect to howthe funds were being transferred to the University. Previous providers had to actually wait for the funds coming from students to settle into their own bank account before writing a check to the University, and then once again wait for those funds to settle into the University’s accounts. Plastiq’s approach is to make tuition payment by credit card much more economical, and to never touch the tuition funds - they are deposited directly to the University. This means that the settlement risk is significantly minimized while generally showing up in Beartracks within 24 hours.

Several providers have tried to accomplish the same goal over the past

few years, but none have become a ubiquitous way to pay tuition. In your opinion, what have some of the challenges been? In my opinion, one of the greatest challenges for other providers has been the actual processing of the tuition. This includes the payment infrastructure, including a merchant account. That is one massive hurdle. The second is making the service economical to students and their parents – traditionally, it has been very expensive to pay tuition with a credit card. With Plastiq, all major credit cards are accepted and rates are the lowest for tuition payments in Canada. MasterCard cardholders paying tuition at the University of Alberta will receive an incredible promotional rate of 1.50% for payments of any size. Plastiq is thrilled to work with all card brands with rates varying up to 2.39%. That means all the rewards points, security, convenience, and simplicity of using your credit card for an incredibly low rate.

Without a doubt, you have a very exciting job and have been very involved since graduating. A relevant question, then, would ask what you believe every business student should do in order to be successful. I’ve been asked this a few times, and I’ve put a lot of thinking into an answer. The biggest thing I’ve struggled with once I graduated and started working formally – in the summer of 2010 – was not always having a “correct” answer. In school,you’re always taught that there’s a right answer – either A, B, C, or D. You’re always taught at the end of a financial analysis that you either accept or reject a deal – you’re in the red or you’re in the black. There’s always finality in that there is always a right answer. What becomes very apparent, very quickly, when you start working is that there are often no right answers. You are simply trying to make the best decision with the information you have available. In my case, what I’ve come to find is that it’s sometimes useful to get out there and try different things. If you are outside of your comfort zone – continuing to push that envelope – that’s when things will start to happen for you. 15

Online or Offline: Winspear Is Your Key By Kristine Gu, Sr. Contributor Designed by Eileen Lee


t’s only September and she steps out of the glass doors of the Winspear Business Reference Library with a confidence that lines the very path she walks— a sophisticated edge that flanks the upward swoop of her lips. As Kathy West deftly moves past, Busines students often wonder: what is her big secret? It may appear that she has the key to success tucked into her pullover pocket and that it is unattainable; but, things are not always what they seem to be and our library is no exception to that rule. Behind the peaceful atmosphere that domes over the space, the moment you enter the doors, is actually a bustling hub of data, resources, and amazing people who are here to assist you and guide you to the information that you need. From the digital, to the old school, and all the way to consultations and back, the Winspear Business Library is a collection of ready-available knowledge. Kathy West, the head librarian of the Winspear Business Library, introduces us to the vast assortment of possibilities that lies behind those glass doors. The Winspear Business Library is a great place to find a quiet study space or to book a room for a group meeting, but what are some other resources that students can use that may not be as well known? 16

In the Winspear Business Library, you can also find the undergraduate print reserve readings, and popular business magazines/ newspapers such as Fast Company, Globe & Mail, Fortune, and The Economist. The E-Winspear Library connects you with resources anytime and from anywhere. As you know, we are all living in a world of information abundance. The Winspear reference team has personally selected the best places to start gathering information for your assignments to help you save time. On E-Winspear, you will find a series of Subject Guides for business topics and disciplines (e.g. accounting, marketing, stock markets, family business etc.) in which we identify and link to the best authoritative resources. We also have online tutorials, BIZ Tutorials, on popular topics such as how to find market share, a SWOT analysis, financial ratios, etc. In addition, we have a BizFAQ, which tells you where to find commonly asked for economic and stock markets statistics, company information and more. And, we are on twitter. We tweet what has caught our attention, including new resources and information on School of Business events and people. The databases contain an incredible selection of data, and those who have used it can understand how valuable this collection is. For those who may not be so familiar with this resource, could you briefly explain what a database is and what the Winspear library provides students? The Winspear Business Library has the best collection of business databases in Canada and one of the best in North America! Databases are produced by large multinational companies in the busi-

to Successful Studying and Research ness information industry. The proprietary information (e.g. on consumer markets, financial markets, international business), contained in these databases cannot be found free on the Internet— the information found in these databases are used by Fortune 500 companies and Wall Street investment firms to inform operational and strategic decisions. It is important for business students to become familiar with business databases. Having access to the same databases means that UA business students can use the same information for their assignments that companies like Microsoft, Suncor, Procter & Gamble, and Merrill Lynch use on a daily basis. The staff at the Winspear Library is an amazing group of people as well as a great source of information and research tips. What is the process of booking a meeting and how can a student use this time to its full potential? The Winspear Library has a great team of helpful and knowledgeable staff. Personalized drop-in service is available from our Service Desk. Consultations can be booked with a librarian. Click on “ASK US” in the top right corner of the green header of the Winspear Library web page. Do some prep work before making your booking. This includes mak-

ing sure you have some sense of the product, service or idea you are researching including who your potential customers are, and thinking about what information you are looking for. Be sure to provide as much information as you can when booking an appointment. This ensures the librarian will have sufficient background information to use to prepare for your meeting. If a librarian has been to your class to do a presentation, there will be a Library course resource guide on the Winspear Library webpage. Use this as a starting point in finding information that is important and relevant to your ideas. The Winspear Library has a lot of databases with great information for business plans. These databases will provide industry overviews, market studies, consumer demographics and more. Don’t pass up the opportunities that await you at the Winspear Library be it online, offline, or in person. Whether you are searching for individual study space, a place to brainstorm your thoughts on a SMART Board, or for some guidance, this is the place to be. Anyone you talk to at the School of Business can share an experience with the library including Janelle Wong, a second year student who made it with her group to the 2012 Dean’s Competition with the work they completed with the help of the staff and the resources available. “Take time to know your BUS 201 plan thoroughly and be sure to meet with your group beforehand to brainstorm every possible detail that has to be covered. The librarians are very helpful— their valuable time and knowledge is at your disposal, use it! There’s always something there for you whether it’s a quiet cubicle to study or some delicious treats.” For more information :


Follow the Winspear Library on @WinspearBusLib and Visit the E-Winspear Library: 17


I highly encourage all students to attend many different conferences both at the U of A and other universities,; they can teach you what textbooks and lectures cannot. Mark Wang, Student Activity Funds Director

# # BSA


Conference FUND By Garry Deng, Sr. Contributor Designed by Jenny Truong


t’s that time of year again: the start of a new school term. Business students near and not-so-far from the North-East side of campus are off and about, finding and attending their classes.; however, with the hustle and bustle that comes with the start of the Fall term, many students often find themselves too distracted or busy to reflect on opportunities with deadlines arriving early in the year. One such type of opportunity involves applying to the many conferences available to Business students. Conferences are an amazing way to gain networking experience, as well as the opportunity to listen to what the business leaders of our time have to say on a wide range of topics. Though between textbook and tuition costs, where on earth would one find the extra cash to attend these conferences? Luckily, there is no need to fret! If you’re interested in attending a conference this year, but lack the financial resources to cover the full cost, then look no further; the BSA Conference Fund can take care of these problems for you.


What is the BSA Conference Fund and its benefits?

Am I eligible to apply?

Designed to provide some financial support to students attending external conferences, the BSA Conference Fund reimburses a number of expenses consisting of delegate fees, flight costs, and accommodation costs. The BSA Conference Fund receives its contributions from the Student Activity Fund which, in turn, is created through the Business Students’ Association’s Faculty Association Membership Fee (FAMF).

The eligibility criteria for applicants as provided by the Conference Fund Director, Mark Wang, are as listed:

How do you apply? The application form to apply for the BSA Conference Fund can be found and downloaded online on the BSA website. Students can simply save the file and then fill it out electronically. The finished application should then be emailed to by the application deadline for the respective conference to which you are applying. In addition, a post-conference form listing the type of expenses and amounts will have to be completed and submitted along with the respective receipts to the BSA office after attending the conference. In order to receive reimbursements, the forms and receipts should be submitted within 10 days following the end of the conference. Once the post-conference forms are processed, the reimbursement cheques will be issued. NOTE: In order to be environmentally friendly, only electronic copies of the application will be accepted.

1 2 3 4 5 6

You must be a full-time or part-time undergraduate student at the Alberta School of Business You have not opted out of the Business Students’ Association’s FAMF The conference must be hosted by an institution that is not the University of Alberta You must be in satisfactory academic standing (2.0 GPA in the most recent Fall/Winter year) You have not received funding from the BSA within the current school year (September 2012 – April 2013)

Conferences not listed by the BSA and international conferences are also eligible provided that the conference pertains to your business major and your self-betterment


You are welcome to apply to several different conferences but can only be approved for funding for a maximum of one conference

What are some available conferences coming up in Fall 2012? Out on Bay Street Conference Date: September 7-8, 2012 Queen’s Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (QACE) Date: September 27-29, 2012 Meet the North – Going Global 2012 Date: October 4-October 5, 2012 Queen’s Business Forum on the Fashion Industry (QBFFI) Date: November 1-2, 2012


Queen’s Conference on the Business Environment of Today (QBET) Date: November 1-4, 2012 John Molson Sports Marketing (JMSM) Conference Date: November 8-10, 2012 Queen’s Women in Leadership (QWIL) Date: November 8-10, 2012

The Conference Fund is truly one of the best opportunities while you’re at the School of Business. Make sure you get your application in and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.



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When I graduated from the School of Business in 2008, I had never considered a career in Sales; it just wasn’t something I thought I would enjoy or be successful at. I took a risk and decided to pursue Sales at Segue Systems. I worked there for two years now and I am so happy I decided to take this route. I have learned many valuable skills that are useful in any field, met amazing people and have taken advantage of all the contests, prizes and trips. Now, I work directly at Xerox as a sales consultant for large accounts which is just a testament to where your career can take you. Natasha Genoud, Xerox Account Executive B.Comm, University of Alberta, 2008

A career with advancement and development opportunities. I started at Xerox as an Account Manager, then Product Specialist, GM and then Marketing Director. In my current position as Director of Sales for Western Canada I am responsible for managing and supporting a team that assists customers in achieving their business objectives. I truly enjoy the challenge of solving business problems and driving revenue growth strategies. Chris Budra Director of Sales Western Canada U of A – Faculty of Business Commerce Degree - 1993 Marketing and Finance

Come visit us at to find out the challenging and rewarding opportunities that are now available! Diana Wyley Sourcing Specialist Talent Management

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