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Editor’s Note

Fall has finally arrived, and with it, a plethora of festivities for many a student to enjoy. The theme of this month’s issue is “abundance” – that is, an abundance of events and happenings, exams and assignments, and, of course, food and drink! While the workload may be rising at a steady crescendo, students can take comfort in the fact that the social life need not suffer. You can take in some movies at the Edmonton International Film Festival while enjoying a bag of Chickitos, the brainchild of our community spotlight, Kate Alexander, or enjoy a scrumptious, budget-friendly Thanksgiving dinner with the people you know and love. We’ve decided to feature Jessica Ireland on the cover of this month’s issue. As the head of the Business Exchange Association this year, you can consider her your personal guide to an experience that will surely change the rest of your life! We encourage you to expand your horizons wherever you go, from within our faculty and community to lands far and away!

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Arts & Sports

The Benefitsof By: Braden Lauer


In the summer of 2010, I got my first taste of yoga. While at a resort in Mexico with three of my friends, I decided that

it would be a great idea to do a class to relax my body and get a good stretch. I reasoned that trying yoga while in Mexico meant not having to chance a run-in with somebody I knew from school that could make fun of me. The copious amounts of cerveza’s may have also swayed my decision to give it a shot. The yoga class on the beach ended up being one of the highlights of the trip; I have been doing yoga ever since and am not embarrassed or ashamed to say so. It is interesting the way yoga has evolved over the past ten years; from being a relatively small niche activity, to being fully embraced by people in western culture. If you haven’t already tried out yoga, or if you have and are curious about the activity, we’re here to help you out!


Yoga’s history is not very brief at all! It is believed that yoga was practiced long before humans began to read and write - for over 5000 years. Although it is a spiritual practice, yoga has no association with any specific religion, contrary to popular belief. Many eastern religions have adopted yoga, however. For example, Buddha Is often depicted in a yogic meditation pose and the activity is embedded in Hindu philosophy. The yoga in the classes that we can take involve learning physical poses, breathing and meditation techniques, and some are just for relaxation.


As a university student the benefits of yoga are countless. After I started to do yoga my ability to focus increased tremendously. This is because a big part of the yoga experience is being able to relax and meditate. Your objective at the end of any class is to let go of any stress or worry; you meditate in what is called, “shavasana”. The ability to relax one’s mind and focus on absolutely nothing translates to being able to focus time on studying and handle stress. Flexibility is another great thing for all of us who are immobile for many hours in the day. Yoga will stretch your muscles and all the soft tissues in your body. The healthy stretching of the body will also release the lactic acid that causes tension stiffness and fatigue. On top of these, the practice of yoga has been known to give you better breathing techniques, better posture, more strength, and can fight conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome and asthma. Yoga is rampantly becoming a part of our western culture. If you look at the hits on Google, the keyword “yoga” has a whopping 339 million hits! It really is addictive. Stretch your comfort zone and give yoga a try! You can find plenty of yoga classes through Campus recreation at the UofA. There are both drop-in and registered classes.


Student Life

While Facebook, Twitter, and uLearn eat up a lot of your internet time, there are plenty of other amazing sites that offer amazing content and services that you may have overlooked. Here is a small selection of sites we’ve come across that are both useful and a good way to pass the time. The Facebook of professional networking! A fantastic resource to help expand your network, see what companies are offering, and to get your name out there. When hiring, most companies will check if you have a profile, so be sure to create one and be sure to fill it out well! Check out colours, palettes, and patterns that you can use to make your PowerPoint presentation stand out more or your design work more flavourful. The best site devoted to what is happening in the social media world. From news articles, opinion pieces, and how-to’s, if you want to stay ahead in the social media field, Mashable is an extremely valuable resource. Chances are one of your professors have shown you a video from TED Talks. A large collection of presentations from experts in a diverse amount of fields, TED Talks are a good way to kill a couple of hours while learning from some of the best in the world in their respective fields. Buy and sell nearly anything in the Edmonton area! Look for services, jobs, community events, it’s all there. I’ve used the site to help clear out much of my unused junk that I haven’t touched in years.

By: Paul Lopushinsky A good compliment for colourlovers, dafont has many unique fonts that you can download to use something cool instead of times new roman for your presentation. A site that allows you to sell textbooks, share study materials, and more in order to help make your University experience a better one. While it’s a little late now when it comes to textbooks, be sure to make use of it when the winter semester rolls around. A website with free online lectures in nearly all fields. Bill Gates is a huge advocate of its services. Take a look at what the site has to offer and you too will be blown away! Similar to what Kijiji offers under its “community” section, Meetup is devoted to club meetings around the Edmonton area. Many options are available and give plenty of information of what to expect. A great way to meet like-minded people! A photo blog that will give you your daily internet chuckles. Photobomb Friday is a personal favourite of ours. If you’re looking to change your computer’s wallpaper, look no further. The random wallpaper generator is very addictive, and many times after browsing I’ve downloaded 10+ new wallpapers to use. 7

Student Life

By: Paul Lopushinsky


ooking for a great event to attend that delivers a great cultural experience and refreshing drinks? Look no further than Oktoberfest to Rocktoberfest, hosted at Shaw Conference Centre on October 29th. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are no doubt aware of Oktoberfest, the annual festival that runs for a couple of weeks in Munich, Germany from late September to early October. Oktoberfest is a time to consume beer and enjoy some German cuisine, as well as the German culture. A one-day event, Oktoberfest to Rocktoberfest brings the spirit of Germany to Edmonton. Have you ever tried sauerkraut, knackwurst, or spaetzle? Can you even pronounce them properly?! If not, you’ll be able to indulge in these foods at the Great Bavarian Feast provided with your ticket purchase. Oktoberfest is also a time to expand beyond your typical North American beers, which, in comparison to beers around the world, are frequently referred to as being “watered down”, to put it nicely. Instead, indulge yourself in some quality German beer whilst drinking from a German beer.boot. The timing of Oktoberfest, Saturday October 29th, also offers a unique opportunity as a source of inspiration for your Halloween costume (come dressed in a “Tracht”, the traditional costume worn by the Germans.) Not only will you take part in the German cultural experience, but it’ll also make for a great Halloween costume. So come stop by, enjoy a nice feast, and have some beer with your friends! You’ll have plenty of time to head out afterwards to a party rocking your Tracht outfit. Tickets for the event cost $32.50. For more information on the event, check out their website out at: 8

Arts & Sports



The 2006 playoff glory days are long gone and I must admit, the last few seasons for the Edmonton Oilers have been slightly painful. With the new season just around the corner, Oiler nation has high hopes for this year’s young team. While I still think we’re far off from winning anything spectacular, last place finishes in the past two consecutive years leave the team with only one direction - up. The regular season starts on October 9th when Sidney Crosby comes to town. Tickets for games aren’t exactly affordable for the average student, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. Head out to your favorite pub and watch the game on the big screen. Last season ended bittersweet, with the Oilers in last place. But that means that we did end up with the first overall draft pick. Here’s are some highlights on what happened during the Oiler’s offseason.

Ryan x 2

Oiler’s got first pick in the 2011 entry draft, selecting Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. He’s at training camp with the team right now, but whether or not he’ll find himself a permanent spot in the Oiler’s line up is up in the air. Perhaps one of the more exciting trades that occurred in the last few years was the team’s deal for Ryan Smyth. For once, a player wasn’t requesting to leave the Oilers, but was actually requesting to come back! The Oilers traded with the L.A. Kings and brought back a little hope and some good memories to the Oiler’s lineup.

New Arena?

Apparently they’re still “talking”…

Jail Time

Finally, the last little bit of summer excitement, the Oiler’s goalie, who gets paid about 3.75 million a year, spent 15 days in Maricopa County jail, plus another 15 on house arrest in sunny Arizona. He was convicted of a DUI. He even admitted to the National Post that he signed a few autographs for his fellow prisoners.


Student Life

This fall from September 23rd to October 1st, Edmontonians can enjoy the Edmonton International Film Festival (EIFF). The festival is pumped full of exciting independent films that are another great way to spend your time at school this year (who really wants to study all the time!). The festival boasts 55 feature length films and 110 shorts which make for an extremely full and diverse schedule of movies. As a student you can come out and enjoy a relatively cheap night out, or you could even participate as a volunteer. As a business magazine, we took the time to look at the advantages of having such an event in Edmonton, from various “business-related” perspectives.

For Business People

It is of particular interest to a business student to see the festival from a businessperson’s point of view. Firstly, the festival is a great place to advertise for Edmonton area companies that want to present themselves as hip or reach out to an audience that has a higher income. Advertising in the Film Festival’s program gets seen by every person who hits the festival in the upcoming month. Companies can also look into major sponsorship roles within the festival.

For the rest of us

The Edmonton International Film Festival is worth checking out for two reasons: The exciting and innovative films that stem from it, as well as the huge variety of genres. To see if there is something at the festival to your liking, the different movie “streams” that the EIFF has to offer include: CONTEMPORARY INDEPENDENTS: Independent movies from the United States spanning all genres. WORLD CINEMA: Some of the best international films that are (usually) premiering in Edmonton for the first time. DOC CENTRAL: A stream full of hard-hitting passionate documentaries that have been on a number of topics. EDGE OF NIGHT: These films are right at the end of the night for a reason. They’re much more edgy then the other films by being horrific or just plain bizarre. OH, CANADA!: This is full of great films from our own country. In the past, this category has given the viewing audience such gems as, “SCORE: a hockey musical.”

The Edmonton International For Entrepreneurs

Another business side of the festival is the entrepreneurship aspect. The festival is an opportunity for many local directors to get their work shown to many. This not only markets the individuals themselves to the community, but it markets Albertans to Canada, and furthermore markets Canadians to the world. After all, the festival is international.

For the City

The festival is also great for the city itself. The city of Edmonton wants to attract people with higher incomes into the city and give a little boost to the local economy. Other than the strict economic advantages, the City of Edmonton is also using things like the EIFF to enrich the community and to bring more people into Edmonton.

Film Festival By Braden Lauer

INTERNATIONAL SHORTS: This is the cornerstone of the Festival. These are also organized into the special series described next. Lunchbox Shorts. “Over the past 6 years, thousands of people from all walks of life have ‘checked out of work’ and ‘checked in’ to these 45-min, lunchtime packages. Heck, lunch is even included in the price of admission!”


OUR OWN BACKYARD: Unique films created by Albertans for Albertans. That’s right kids, we don’t just do oil!

If you want ticket information or schedules head over to



5 Sartorial Rules -------Every Business Student Should know

By Lance Chung

1.Fit is King If there is one rule to follow, it is the rule of fit. Buying clothes that are too small for you look ridiculous, while those that are too big give off a lazy and sloppy impression. Here’s a tip: when buying a blazer, ensure that the sleeves are slim throughout the arms, the armholes are cut high, and the shoulders line up. The overall piece should hug your body, not hang loosely or constrict it.

2.Details Are Key While your outfit should remain classic and professional, that is hardly a reason not to inject some added flare into some subtle detailing! In doing so, you can really refine your look. For the men, try a neat and clean pocket square, and the ladies, a nice accent piece of jewelry!

3.Infuse Personal Style In business, you will learn to differentiate against your competitors. The same concept should be noted when it comes to building an outfit. Add your own personal twist to your look, but make sure to do so in a professional manner. Whether this means a ribbon around your hair or a whimsical tie, have a little fun with it. No one likes a standard uniform, or remembers the person wearing it.

4.There is a Time and Place for Everything Please know that there is a very big difference between business casual and business attire. When presenting a project that you and your group have been working on for months, jeans are not acceptable. Know when it is appropriate to wear what.

5.Dress to Impress As students, it is understandable that sometimes putting any more effort into your outfit than throwing on a pair of sweats is less than ideal. However, as business students, you should understand that you are always representing yourself. First impressions are not everything, but they are crucial. You never know when you might run into your next networking opportunity, and when you do, you definitely do not want to be caught doing so in a pair of sweatpants. 11


Community Spotlight: Meet Kate Alexander. A recent graduate of the University of Alberta with a BSc in Nutrition and Food Science. Pretty far off from your typical business student. Yet Kate has come up with a product that is quite an impressive - not to mention solid -idea for a BUS 201 project. What’s this brilliant idea? Chickitos – a healthy chip.

By Breanne Pisani LF: You won a National competition! Congratulations! What now?

Here’s Kate’s story in a ‘nutshell’ of how Chickitos came to be… “It all started as a class project. Our group had to invent a food product from scratch; much like the R&D people would for a food company. As a celiac, I wanted the product we made to be gluten-free. Our TA gave us a brochure for the Pulse Canada Mission ImPULSEible Competition. The competition was aimed at post-secondary students around Canada to come up with a new food product using pulses – a crop harvested for its seed. We decided we wanted to enter it. Our group chose to use chickpeas because they’re a source of both fiber and protein and we all loved hummus. The “snack” started off as a cracker, but we quickly found out that people didn’t like them. Going back to the drawing board we turned the cracker into a chip. We entered our chips in the provincial competition at NAIT and won! This past July we headed to Vancouver for the national competition and beat out the two other competing teams”. We caught up with Kate to find out a little more about this healthy little snack. LF: How long did it take you to finally come up with this product? KA: We made over a dozen batches between both the cracker and chip prototypes. When we found a formulation that tasted okay, we made small changes until we were happy. Overall, it took us over a month. 12

KA: We’re in the process of finding out how and where we can produce our product and expand our line of chickpea chips. We hope it will eventually be available for sale. It would be amazing if they could be on the shelves and in vending machines by next year fall. LF: What was the biggest challenge you faced? KA: I think the hardest thing was trying to separate us from our product. When you work so hard on something you tend to be too close to it to be objective, and sometimes you need to take a step back and look at it from a different perspective. LF: What are you most proud of? KA: That’s a tough question. I think I’m proud of our product, and all my other personal products I’ve made. People taste Chickitos and they are surprised by how good they are. They actually taste like a regular chip! I’m happy that they actually do offer a tasty and healthier alternative to conventional snack foods!

Congratulations to Kate and her group for all their success! We hope to see your chips in stores soon!


How many times have you found yourself staring between the lines of your latest textbook readings, mouthing the words but not taking anything in? We all have our own personal preferences when it comes to study breaks, but if you’re anything like me, a worthy option is looking up the latest on your favorite stocks. As future business men and women, stock markets have an allure that is irresistible to many of us; as current students, our empty pockets have a tranquilizing effect on this same pull.

It can be a definite challenge to put aside money for savings when the student life is so full of expenses. And then, even once you’ve made your sacrifices and saved up enough money, how can you tell the difference between a good investment and a Nortel? Do you ever wish you had a chance to learn the ropes of equity markets, without the inconvenience of putting up your own savings? Whether you’ve found a genie in a lamp or have been wishing on shooting stars, your dreams are about to come true. The Business Finance Association’s annual Mock Market Challenge is set to begin again soon. This event has been running for over 25 years, through bears, bulls, and Eurozone crises, allowing undergrad students to manage their own portfolios as they see fit. Not only is this a valuable learning experience, but there are also real cash prizes for top performances! With virtual dollars at your disposal and countless securities and derivatives at your fingertips, the possibilities are both exciting and endless. Will you be the next Warren Buffett, or suffer the fate of John Meriwether? How do you stack up compared to your friends and colleagues? There will be an information session for the Fall Mock Market on October 5, in preparation for the market opening on October 10. This event will include sign-up procedures, a run-over of our stock simulator, as well as the rules and a Q&A session. More details will be available soon at, or by email at We hope to see you at the info session! 13

Student Life Business

JDC West 2012

Organizing Commitee

The largest student run business case competition in Western Canada is being hosted in Edmonton from January 13th to 15th. JDC West is a competition that pushes delegates to their academic, athletic, and social limits. Although JDC West 2012 has many stakeholders, none are more important than the roles of the 200+ dedicated volunteers that it will take to ensure the competition runs smoothly and efficiently. But what is JDC West? JDC West is the largest student-run business case competition in Western Canada, and is a three-day event that showcases academic competitions, athletic challenges, a social competition and charity initiative. Over 550 students from 11 of Western Canada’s top Universities unite annually to compete in this competition that is solely organized by, and for, business students. JDC West 2012 is all about “Fueling Productivity”, and volunteers will be critical in ensuring the competition reaches its productive capacity. Each volunteer at JDC West will have the opportunity to experience the atmosphere and dynamics of JDC West that has amazed hundreds of former undergraduate students in years past. Not only will volunteering at JDC West allow you to give back to the Alberta School of Business and the University of Alberta, but you will receive many other benefits. You will be hooked up with some fantastic swag, meet students from across Western Canada, connect with your fellow School of Business peers, and add a nationally recognized brand to your resume. Volunteering will also get you an invite to the much-anticipated Volunteer Appreciation Party.

Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to experience the largest undergraduate business competition in Western Canada.

There are many volunteer opportunities at JDC West that can fit with your particular interests and schedule. Volunteer opportunities at JDC West are available in: • Athletics • Academics • Corporate Relations • Educational Resource Center • Events • Hotel Relations • Logistics • Social Volunteers will be needed for the entire duration of the competition. You will be able to indicate the area you prefer to volunteer when applying online at If you are unable to volunteer for the whole competition, any volunteer hours you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Volunteer positions are not restricted to School of Business students, so please feel free to spread the JDC West word. There will be two JDC West Volunteer Information Sessions on: • Wednesday, October 12 at 5:00pm in Business 2-05 • Thursday, October 13 at 5:30pm in Business 2-05 If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact VP Human Resources, Keely Evans at

Apply online now at


Student Life


hanksgiving dinner usually includes turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegetables, gravy and cranberry sauce. However, throughout the Thanksgiving holidays, many students decide to stay in town for the festivities. We’ve provided some tips for the budget-conscious/ domestically-challenged student looking for a great Thanksgiving dinner that’s, dare we say, as great as our own mothers! Ok, perhaps that was a bit ambitious. Nonetheless, there’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal, and we here at Lazy Faire are here to help you out! Instead of making a turkey, why not substitute it for some turkey burgers? Compared to a traditional turkey, it’s simpler to cook and easier on the wallet. Who doesn’t like a good burger? In addition, you can also put your own Thanksgiving twist to it by adding stuffing to the burger and topping it with some cranberry sauce. There’s also no need to tediously make anything from scratch. All you have to do is make it your own! One of our favourites is to panfry some bacon with walnuts, and add it to some instant stuffing. Not traditional, but delicious nonetheless! For vegetables, try steaming them with pepper, salt

By Eileen Lee

Thanksgiving Dinner on a Budget and butter, or a fresh salad should do fine. Also, for dessert there are plenty of choices to choose from! Aside from the traditional pie, you can make a simple apple crisp or substitute it with any other fruit – it’ll taste great with ice cream!

side dish or something for a certain course of the meal. The best thing about a potluck is being able to try a variety of different foods without having the burden of preparing them yourself. Furthermore, as a good host/hostess, don’t forget about providing your guests with drinks and snacks inbetween dinner!

Overall, you can make an impressive meal without having it be too expensive. If you need some inspiration, the KraftCanada and FoodNetwork websites always have a plenty of drool-worthy, yet simple, recipes.

Hopefully these tips will give you some inspiration for your Thanksgiving on a budget. Lastly, don’t worry about spending too much time or money on Thanksgiving - after all, this holiday is all about being with the people you love and care for (and great food)!

Another great idea is to turn Thanksgiving dinner into a potluck. After all, sharing is indeed caring! Tell each guest to bring a

To read more about Thanksgiving dinner and for recipes visit our Lazy Faire blog at 15


Jessica Ireland Lazy Faire had the opportunity to meet with the exchange expert, Jessica Ireland! Being one of the most busiest and organized people we have met with three jobs, being president of the BEA and taking dance, Jessica grasps every opportunity to share her enthusiasm and love for travel and exchange! Lazy Faire: Do you personally prefer backpacking and hostels or tours and hotels? Jessica Ireland: I have never been backpacking. I have only gone on tours and to hotels but I think I would say I’d prefer backpacking only because I do a lot of things that are within my comfort zone and that is something that I am trying to get away from. Your life doesn’t really start until you get out of your comfort zone and do something. So, that is my goal when I go to Europe. My exchange will be my first time being away from home for that long by myself, so I’m just going to try to see as many places as possible and soak everything in. So, that is going to be my main focus when going on exchange. LF: What are some of the benefits of going on Exchange? JI: It will set you apart. I have talked to so many people that have gone on exchange and just by putting that on their resume, that’s all they end up talking about in an interview. The BEA alumni, they work everywhere from Paris to Munich down to Mexico. It also opens your eyes and makes you a more well rounded person in general. If you

Our VP Internal, Kyle, explained it really well. If exchange was a blind date and you were the person going on the date, we are just the match maker.


only know how business works in Canada it will cut you short in what you’re able to do and what your skills are. If you understand other cultures and see things in other places it will allow you to be innovative here at home. I think exchange is underrated. You gain a level of maturity when you are done and you are able to fully understand yourself. How many people get to say “I studied in France for 6 months,” it will set you apart in interviews and resumes. LF: For students anticipating on going on exchange how can they prepare for and maximize their adventure? JI: For those that haven’t applied yet it is really about asking questions. We have a pretty good system where a lot of people that have gone on exchange, allow us to give out their contact information to people that want to go to the same destination. That is something that I did. I met up with someone that went to the same place that I was going to and roughly figured out what my costs were going to be. That is something I recommend in order to get (your application) ready, talk to someone that has done it before because they can shed light on it unlike anyone else. The Application process can be done in two weeks but I would not recommend it. If you go through the School of Business there are only a certain number of spots available for certain countries. The earlier you apply the better because it then reserves that spot. If you have it in your mind that you want to go on exchange but you keep thinking about it, coming to talk to us or seeing an advisor kind of kick starts you in going. When you apply, there is a waiting period to learn about courses and if you’re living in residence. Once you get that information it is about talking to an advisor right away so you can figure out what courses you can transfer back. We want students to go on exchange no matter what so it is never too late but it is really about being prepared.


We are going to have our very first international business competition! It is going to be different from every other competition. You won’t be able to pick your team going in and we are going to mix you up with international students that are here on exchange. You will have a chance to present with people that are from different countries because that’s what you are going to be doing in international business. All you have to do is list what your main skills are and we will put the teams accordingly. Applications will be available as the date approaches. With our social events during the year, we want people to meet exchange students and if you plan on going on exchange it would be awesome to meet with people from where you want to go and make connections. Then when you go there you know a familiar face. There is our Nation 2 Nation once a month and there is a different theme every month. For October it’s a golf theme, so everyone will come dressed in crazy golf gear and each drink is a certain par. We always crown the winner every semester. Austria won last semester so it will be exciting to see who wins this semester. We also have our ski trips. We have one in December and another in January and we just like to take the exchange students skiing. Some of them have never skied before and if they see a moose it is like the greatest thing ever! LF: What is the BEA’s role in the exchange process for business students? JI: Our main role is to be a hub of information. Kyle, our VP Internal, explained it really well. If exchange was a blind date, and you were the person going on the date we are just the match maker. It makes perfect sense because we are not the one physically sending you on exchange, the University is. However, we make sure you have all the information you need. If you have a quick question we have office hours everyday Monday to Friday all afternoon. When I wanted to go on exchange that’s what I did. I was in and out of the office asking questions and if we don’t know the answer we will be sure to find the answer for you. We are really here for the students because we really want them to go on exchange and do what some of our members have already done. So, that’s what we really do we are just the middle

man between you and exchange. The matchmaker.

LF: What are some events that the BEA holds and how can students get involved? JI: This year we have a bunch of new events and are trying to balance the social and academic aspects. We are having an International Business Speakers Series on October 12 and February 15. CGA is our main sponsor for this because they promote international designations and they will talk about how you can get your CGA and work abroad. Also, we will have some speakers that have internationally driven careers. The speaker series is free and will take place in the MBA Lounge at 530pm and anyone can come!

Honestly you meet some of the greatest people. These are people that just want to be here and learn and hang out with Canadians.

The biggest misconception is that the BEA sends students. The School of Business does, we are just a group that help facilitate and promote it. The BEA, does not send you anywhere. The BEA is just a group of people that got together and really want to promote exchange so we help the School of Business and the Education Abroad Office. We are here to guide you to the right direction. LF: what are some of the things that the BEA offers that students do not want to miss out on? JI: Our buddy network because most people don’t really know about it. Every time we get a batch of exchange students we need people to sign up as buddies and pick them up from the airport, meet with them and help them transition. Honestly you meet some of the greatest people. These are people that just want to be here and learn and hang out with Canadians. This network is something we want to promote and want people to get involved in. You do make lifelong friends with people from other countries and it is not something you can get on an everyday basis. We have BEA Membership which works towards all our events like the ski trip and it helps get you discounts and free swag. It is only $5 and it is something that hooks you up for the rest of the year. LF: Most importantly, if you could have any superpower what would it be? JI: If I were to have a super power, I must say it would be teleporting because the amount that I want to travel is ridiculous. That way, I wouldn’t have to pay for flights and if I was ever in a tough situation I can just teleport away. But if I could be any superhero, I would be Batman. The greatest thing about Batman is that he doesn’t need superpowers to be awesome. He is just incredibly smart and knows the right people. He is like the perfect businessman!

Remember to check out the BEA’s October Events! Nation 2 Nation October 6 Speaker Series - CGA Presents the World October 12 Travel Award Application Deadline October 15 Deadline for Winter 2012 Exchange October 15 Halloween Night October 28 17

Student Life

Halloween Costume Guide By Sally Au


alloween is definitely the spotlight event of October. Following the first round of midterms, students can let their stressed minds go free with a night out enjoying the festive and wild Halloween events. Whether you are hosting a party, hitting Whyte Ave., or even trick or treating, you’ll probably need a costume of some sort. In any case, costumes are probably the most important part of any Halloween party. With the sheer number of choices, finding your desired costume can be a fun but tedious process. Provided are some great costume ideas that we’ve come up with, from homemade outfits to local stores! Enjoy!

Homemade Costumes Ideas On a tight budget? No worries, use items around your house and make your own one-of-a-kind costume without draining your wallet.


Search for your dad’s collared shirt and wear it tucked into an oversized pair of pants/skirt, with suspenders. If you’re wearing pants, tuck them into your socks and carry your good old TI-83: The perfect nerd.


Dress like your favourite (or hated) celebrity, politician, fictional character, or friend.

Ordering Online If you’re looking for a specific costume and starting ahead of time, you could try an online source. There are hundreds of costume shops on the internet, so make sure you trust the one that you decide to go with. Be sure to double-check sizing and any shipping/return policies before you complete your order!

3. Tape a quarter to your back: The quarter-back.

Costume Shops Custom Costumes #178 3803 Calgary Trail NW Edmonton, AB T6J 5M8 A temporary Halloween store opened from the first weekend in September until November 1st. This is the go-to place for finding unique costumes, props, décor, masks, wigs, accessories, shoes and makeup.


Value Village 11850 103 St NW Edmonton, AB T5G 2J2 Having costumes for all ages, value village is a one-stop shop for costumes, makeup and accessories at good prices. Check out their website for some step by step and DIY spooky decorating ideas.

Karrie’s Kostumes and Dance Supplies 2001 Tudor Glen St Albert, AB T8N 3V4 Visit Karrie’s Kostumes to rent or buy costumes. Packed with get-ups for all ages, you’ll find everything you need from headto-toe.


Case Competitions Case competitions are the perfect oppor-

Lazy Faire: How will your role help the Students at the School of Business? tunity for any business student to challenge Doug Leong: I want students to get themselves, meet new people, and gain involved outside of classes. And if they do some valuable experience. Throughout these get involved in competitions, help them get competitions, teams are given a business case the most out of their participation. I will fill a study in which they will have to exercise their role of advisor, point of contact, coach, and problem-solving skills to find the best solution administrator. Whatever role I can do to make to a problem, and then present to a panel of the experience for the student successful. judges. This is all done with a time constraint of usually 3-36 hours, depending on the LF: We also noticed that you were recruitcompetition. In short, case competitions are a ing students for the Citi Case Competiperfect combination of stress and fun. tion in Hong Kong. What are some key For this issue, Lazy Faire had the opportunity requirements you are looking for when to ask Doug Leong, the new Undergraduate recruiting students? Competitions Coordinator, a few questions. DL: We were looking for students with As such, Doug will be involved in coordinatpast experience in competitions, involved in ing important case competitions that SoB extracurricular activities at the SofB and good students will be participating in, such as JDC students. West and the EDGE Business Competition, among others. He’s definitely the person you LF: What can they expect during the want to talk to if you’re interested in getting interview? involved. DL: Fast pointed questions!

By Eileen Lee

LF: Are there any upcoming case competitions for students who are interested? DL: Live (University of Toronto), Alberta Internal Case Competition, JDC West, Manitoba International Marketing Competition, and the Dalhousie Business Ethics Case Competition. There have been many School of Business students who have placed in these competitions…why not be one of them and potentially earn some bragging rights? For more information about case competitions and how you can get involved visit the School of Business website at Programs/BachelorOfCommerce/CurrentStudents/Competitions.aspx or contact Doug Leong at Also remember to check your inbox for recruitment notices.



Lazy Faire October 2011  

The Lazy Faire is a student publication created for Business Students by Business Students. This is the January 2010 Issue of the Lazy Faire...

Lazy Faire October 2011  

The Lazy Faire is a student publication created for Business Students by Business Students. This is the January 2010 Issue of the Lazy Faire...