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If You Have Limiting Beliefs You May Choose To Discard Them Limiting beliefs are just that, limiting. What we believe is true for us. Allow me to try to illustrate a point with the following parable. The Sun and the Wind were having a discussion, they were trying to decide which was more powerful and neither could prove the point effectively. So the Wind said to the Sun “You see that man down there, we will each try to get his coat off of him and that will prove who is more powerful.” The Sun agreed so the Wind began by blowing gently on the man in the hope that he would blow his coat off him. This didn’t work so the wind blew harder and the man clung harder to his coat. Finally the Wind blew so hard that the man had to struggle to stand upright. The man yet clung ever more fiercely to his coat. Knowing that to blow harder would harm the man the Wind had to give up. The Sun then took his turn and shone brightly and gently down on the man, gradually increasing in intensity until the man began to wipe his brow. The temperature gradually rose as the man became ever warmer until he voluntarily removed his coat himself. At this point the Sun said to the Wind, “You see my friend, the more you try to force something on someone the more he clings on to what he has, whether it be a coat or his limiting beliefs. But if you cautiously and gently provide an alternative then there is a good chance that the one you are trying to influence will come to a helpful decision on his own.” Our beliefs are like this; they can limit us or make us free. If we try to force our opinions on others their egos will force them to cling to their opinions like the man to his coat.

On the other hand if we gently go about our business each day by being kind, considerate and a good example then we are much more likely to influence rather than force others to be kind as well. If you believe you have limiting beliefs you may change them in an instant. After all what is a belief except something we each assume to be true. You need not regret the time that you spent believing a certain thing either because it has been a part of you up to this point and has helped make you who you are today. We have all changed our minds about something. Your long standing beliefs are like the man’s coat in the story, something you have clung on to because it became comfortable. If that belief is limiting you, let it go. Take it off and drop it. It doesn’t matter how long you have held on to it or who handed it to you to wear. No one can hand you a belief if you don’t want it. Compare it to a gift that you don’t want. If you don’t accept it then that does it belong to? The person who tried to give it to you. Like the coat perhaps your belief was something that someone handed to you one day and said “Here, put this on and try it for size.” Well perhaps it fit you once but now you have outgrown it. At some point we all change our minds about something. Deciding to drop some long held limiting beliefs can be as easy as turning left or right at a traffic light. All you have to do is make up your mind to do it. There is no shame in discarding something that is no longer useful to you. If a limiting belief no longer serves you, then it no longer serves you! It really is that simple. Find more information visit at

If You Have Limiting Beliefs You May Choose To Discard Them  

If you believe you have limiting beliefs you may change them in an instant. After all what is a belief except something we each assume to be...

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