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Learn the Value of Meditation What exactly is meditation anyway and what is the value of meditation? Well that is a very good question because you will get many different answers wherever you look. One thing you don’t have to do is sit in the Lotus position and chant. This is a popular conception of meditation and indeed it is an option but far from the only one. I can only give you my definition: It is a way to quiet and calm the mind to give you the inner peace you deserve. The meaning is simple but the practice can be hard to define. Please allow me to explain. The result of meditation is peace but how you practice it is entirely up to you. The method you use to meditate can be anything that works for you. Through meditation you can learn to become the observer to your life. In this way you can observe what is all around you but become only as involved with it as you truly wish to. If you were to do a quick search just on the value of meditation you would find hundreds or thousands of ways to actually perform it but in the end you have to find one that you understand and enjoy. If it quiets your mind then it has to be good. You don’t have to be active in the pursuit of serenity. You can start with passive things like communing with nature. You can start with something you may not even think of as meditation. Remember there is no right or wrong here, just what works for you. For instance: Take a walk in the woods or a stroll on a beach. Any form of communication with nature could be considered a form of meditation if it brings you peace. Do you have a dog or a cat? How do you feel when you pet it? Animals know things that we have lost touch with and when we are close to them we feel their serenity and share in it. Yet they know nothing about the value of meditation. Are we so advanced that we can’t learn from our furry friends? With that in mind you might go to a zoo if you have no pets. Animals put us in touch with the universe in a pure and simple way.

I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t appreciate any form of music. Do you have a particular song or genre of music that has a calming effect on you? This would be an excellent way to get started with the feeling you desire. By now you may be beginning to get the idea of the value of meditation. Meditation can start any way you wish it to. If you wish to be more active in the role of meditating then there are again many ways to do so. One such way is visualization. Try to see the hands of a clock for instance. Both hands are at 12:00 and do not move. Only the second hand is moving. Picture it going around from the number 12 to 6 for instance. You can use the type of hand that stops at each second or continuously moves smoothly all the time, whatever works for you. Close your eyes and try to see the second hand in your mind and think of absolutely nothing else but that second hand. Start at 12 and each time a random thought comes into you’re mind you start over. When you practice this you may realise just how busy your mind really is with other things. It may take time to make it the full 30 seconds without having other thoughts but you can do it with practice. As you become more successful you can increase the time from 30 seconds to whatever you want and eventually you will be able to do it for as long as you like with no trouble at all. Still not convinced on the value of meditation? Consider someone who practices it every single day and the feeling of serenity that you may get from him when you listen to him. I am talking about Dr. Wayne Dyer, my mentor and greatest teacher although I have never met him. Please take some time to find out everything you can about him as he is in touch with a higher plane of existence that we can share. Learn more at

Learn the Value of Meditation  

The result of meditation is peace but how you practice it is entirely up to you. The method you use to meditate can be anything that works f...