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March 2018

Lawrence University

Staff Monthly

Upcoming Events Staff Connections March 14th, Drop-In Lunch with 12:00Guest Christyn 1:00pm Abaray -feel free to come and go as you are able! Wellness Center Open House -Tours of the building -Info on wellness offerings -Chair massages -Chef demos for healthy snacks -Healthy treats.

March 29th, Drop-in anytime 1:003:00pm

Staff Recognition

Thanks to all who participated (both making and eating chili), and an extra big congratulations to our top chefs! 

1st place—Megan Spranger, Development

2nd place—Mary Bell, Financial Aid

3rd place—Kara Muchow, Development

Finance and Administration update from Christopher Lee Over the last few months, we’ve had discussions at faculty and staff meetings about our efforts to identify about $2.5 million in expense savings that can help strengthen Lawrence’s financial position. This has been an extraordinary campus-wide effort over the last nine months, and we have identified about $1.8 million in savings so far – an incredible achievement in a short period of time! Our goals are to maintain the quality of the Lawrence experience in any decisions that we make, and I greatly appreciate the thought and coordination that colleagues have put toward these efforts. Colleagues around campus are working with the planning team on budgets for next fiscal year. This is again a delicate effort to manage our expenses while maximizing the impact of a Lawrence education. We look forward to sharing our 2019 fiscal year budget with you later this spring when the process concludes. On the facilities front, work continues in Sage Hall, where a new common kitchen was opened near the lobby over winter break. The new 10-student loft in the lower level is under construction now and will be available for small group housing in the fall, and other painting and carpeting in public areas will take place over spring break. This follows work to remodel kitchens, bathrooms and common spaces in Ormsby Hall, the final phase of which will be complete this summer, as well as the new small group lofts and common spaces in Colman Hall. Investments in our student residences are critical for attracting and retaining Lawrence students. This week’s snow is a reminder of many of the ‘hidden figures’ that exist on the Campus Services team. Our grounds crew, custodians and safety officers are at work, many times at strange hours, to keep our campus safe, walkable and clear of ice. Many thanks to those colleagues who ensure we are able to operate in spite of the lovely ‘spring’ weather!

Photo of the Month “Ice Storm Remains” -Morgen Moraine Don’t forget to send submissions for the photo of the month to!

Here’s some jokes to get you through the last bits of winter, be sure to spread the joy! Share these jokes and others with your coworkers for a good laugh. Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything! What did the Tin Man say when he got run over by a steamroller? “Curses! Foil again!”

March Staff Monthly  
March Staff Monthly