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Creating common areas that aren’t .


Sweet Mustard by Valspar

carneros milk glass


12" dia , $249, potterybarn com


two -panel door

Steel, $774, jeld-wen com for stores

heymland house numbers

6", $20 each, cb2 com

a rling ton handleset

Kwikset Signature Series, $144, lowes com



boot tray

Good Directions, $41, homedepot com

dash runnered classic sled

$199, llbean com

block plaid doormat

Wallace Sewell, $30, westelm com

H A N D L E S E T, B O O T T R A Y P H I L I P F R I E D M A N / S T U D O D HGTV Magazine 1


j a nu a r y | fe br u a r y 2 HGTV Magazine 60

fun decorating

Wow! What

out + about

Now That’s Curb Appeal Stop and stare at these Pensacola, FL, houses, then steal some ideas 80

house tours Made in Memphis This custom build embodies the spirit of its owner and her hometown 4 8 Good on Paper How does a wallpaper entrepreneur decorate her own house? 6 0 Rocky Mountain High Tour the HGTV Dream Home 2023 70 in the kitchen Just a Splash A Minnesota couple embraces color for the first time 75 Good Taste Melt someone’s heart with double-chocolate cookies 78
he Southwest See
Come On In! 1 Editor’s Page 4 Shop the Cover 6 Watch This! 8 How Bad Is It? 11 Paint Index 8 8 Sources 9 0 One More Thing 92
Would You Buy an Adobe-Style House? These homes are beloved in t
why 86
Color Is That? Get inspired by these paint shades 14 The High/Low List Different price tags, such similar style. Whatever you add to your cart is a score 19 2023 Trends to Try Here’s what’s in (and what’s back) this year 2 2 See the Light These cool specialty bulbs should be exposed ! 26 Kitsch It Up We all need more pink in our lives Just ask the winner of HGTV’s Battle of the Bling 30 Flea Market Flips Turn an unloved nightstand into a dreamy piece for your bedroom 3 3
Order in the House! Here are tips for making every room more efficient, plus gear to get the job done 37 Jazz Up Your Junk Drawer A few new trays and gadgets will change everything 46 26 48 78
get organized!

New Yea r,

e F rs

Ever since my husband, Ben, and I moved in together six years ago, we have been dreaming of all the updates we would make to our New Jersey cabin The place looks adorable on the outside, but the interior was redone in the ’90s by the previous owner, with drop ceilings, mismatched wall paneling, and laminate kitchen counters that are starting to chip Even worse, there’s wall-to-wall carpet in the living room And it’s white! And we live on a lake! And we have a dog who loves running around in the mud! Carpeting is back in style (see page 22 for more on that), but it doesn’t make any sense for us

Despite all the design decisions I make in this job, I sometimes have a hard time picking out stuff for my

My dog, Frankie, making herself comfortable on our new LifeProof LVP floors

own place I get overwhelmed by all the options, looking for just the right thing So I gave myself a deadline: By the new year, Ben and I would have a new floor I did my research and gathered recommendations, and a few months ago I committed We installed LVP (luxury vinyl plank) in a medium wood finish, and I could not be happier The space looks brighter and more modern, plus LVP doesn’t stain The only thing missing is a rug to bring back that warm, cozy feel and give the room a little personality See below for my four top picks They’re equally fun and bold and best of all, they’re washable


Read more about the HGTV Dream Home 2023 on page 70, then go to hgtv com/ hgtvdreamhome to enter for a chance to win it.

e d itor ’ s p a ge
Lhasa Boho
x 8 ' rug, s r
x 8 ' rug, $398 , annieselke com
4 HGTV Magazine P O R T R A I T : B E N G O L D S T E I N ; H A I R / M A K E U P B Y D E V R A K I N E R Y A T R A Y B R O W N P R O
exc l u s i ve l y a t E x p l o r e o u r 2 0 2 3 C o l o r C o l l e c t i o n o f t h e Ye a r, V i n t a g e H o m e s t e a d , f e a t u r e d t h r o u g h o u t t h i s l u x u r i o u s m o u n t a i n e s c a p e. H GT V H o m e ® b y S h e r w i n -W i l l i a m s i s a p r o u d s p o n s o r o f t h e H GT V ® D r e a m H o m e 2 0 2 3. © 2022 Warner Bros Discover y, Inc or its subsidiaries and affiliates All trademarks are the property of their respective owners All rights reser ved LHG SW1080/22 Live the Dream in your Own Home. HGSW7083 D arkroom Color of the Year

shop t he cover

Bring home some great pieces and look-alikes.

cylinder pot

6¼" dia., $38, mommapots com

color block print

Both Something & Nothing 4, unframed from $57, artfullywalls com

ceramic table vase

16 ¾", $75, wayfair com

montclair side chair

$390 for 2, jossandmain com

rainbow candleholders

From $65 each, dwr com


Lucy Interiors, lucyinteriordesign com

shae pendant

25" dia , $1,560,

aria dining table

36", $1,229, roomandboard com

COVER Photograph by Adam Albright Styled by Kelly Ryan Kegans
6 HGTV Magazine

w atc h t h is !

Chri stina in the Country

Designer Christina Hall’s latest series chronicles her family’s life beyond the L A area as she settles into their new vacation home near Nashville, TN See how the two cities stack up

Na s h v i l l e

L o s A n g e l e s








Music City $446K

Hot chicken

Cotton candy



City of Angels $950K

California roll

The internet


Down Home Fab

bonfire nights candle


Premieres January 16 at 9 p m ET

ri i e i L.A.!


January 12 at 8 p.m. ET

Former teen reality star Chelsea DeBoer is all grown up, and she has her own design business to prove it In Down Home Fab, Chelsea and her husband remodel farmhouses in their home state of South Dakota Here are some of her favorite finds

faux-cowhide rug

4'6" x 6', $349, ruggable com

Premieres January 7 at 9 p.m. ET

Rico to the Rescue

Denver, CO, contractor Rico León has become famous for helping homeowners whose renovations have gone wrong Get to know the new HGTV star.

AGE: 35

HOMETOWN: Pittsburgh, PA


He’s a serial entrepreneur with six businesses, including a real estate company.


Golf and playing with his Great Dane, Nova


Fraud, divorces, and contractors literally running from a house



golden noir throw Safavieh, $64 50, amazon com

Ask for references from three homeowners If a contractor takes more than a week and a half to get back to you, that’s a big red flag.

8 HGTV Magazine
Make sure you catch these fun new shows coming to HGTV.
we all bring unique flavor to the bowl

how is it?

Experts answer the questions that stump us all!

how bad is

it to let hair go down the drain?

Loose strands wreak havoc on pipes “They

accumulate, mix with

soap scum, and create

an impassable clump

that will slow or stop

the water completely, ” says Louie Poulos,

owner of Snake the

Drain Plumbing &

Drain Services in East

Northport, NY To

how bad is it to let your dog eat snow?

It’s perfectly fine, but only if dogs eat small amounts, and the snow wasn’t treated with an ice melter “We see problems when they overindulge, which could dangerously lower their body temperature, or when they ingest products that contain urea, sodium chloride, or potassium chloride, ” says Cristina Robinson, an associate veterinarian at the Aspen Animal Hospital in Aspen, CO Stick to freshly fallen snow in moderation

nd collect any hair you

prevent a buildup, add a strainer to your drain a

see Another pro tip:

Brush your hair before showering

how bad is it to dump lef tover drinking water in your houseplants?

One of the main reasons houseplants die is overwatering, and if you mindlessly empty your glass into a pot, you won’t know how much or how often the plant has been watered, says plant stylist and Wild at Home author Hilton Carter “Watering should be slow and deliberate, ” he says Most plants need H2O only when the top inch of soil is dry, so use what’s in that glass to hydrate yourself!


how bad is it to put wine in the fridge without a cork?

You should let wine breathe when you first open it, but extended exposure to air will mute the flavors and eventually cause it to spoil, explains Leslie Sbrocco, author of

The Simple & Savvy Wine Guide “Using a cork will slow that process, ” she says Better yet, seal the bottle with a vacuum pump system like Vacu

Vin (about $20), which helps remove most excess oxygen

how bad is it to toss your kids’ art?

“Imagine handing your children 18 years’ worth of their ‘masterpieces’ when they move out, ” says Corinne Morahan, founder of Grid + Glam, a professional organizing company in Boston, MA “They won’t want to deal with that clutter, and you shouldn’t have to either ” Use your discretion about what to keep for example, things with handprints are special and toss the rest (But maybe do it while your kids are asleep ) Remember, Morahan says, “If everything is precious, then nothing is precious ”

how bad is it to leave your sprinklers hooked up all winter?

If you do this , prepare for a fl ood of problems “ Remaining water c an get trapped in your pipes or sprinkler heads and f re eze, which c an lead to cracking or other damage to the syste m , ” says landscaper and H GT V host Chris L ambton H ave a pro blow out the lines to avoid a headache in the spring


how bad is it to leave your heat on while you’re out?

You probably turn the heat down when you leave home for a full day or more, but you should also dial it back when you’re leaving for just a few hours Any extra time that the heat isn’t cranking is a good thing “The general rule is to turn it down five to eight degrees, which will save energy and money, ” says Mark Woodruff, senior product manager at the HVAC company Trane Residential “The longer you’re gone, the greater the benefit ”

1 2 HGTV Magazine
© 2 0 2 2 T r a n e . A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d . E V E R Y T R A N E A I R C O N D I T I O N E R , F U R N A C E A N D H E A T P U M P I S E N G I N E E R E D , B U I L T A N D T E S T E D T O R U N , R U N A N D R U N J U S T L I K E Y O U .

duke gray

f u n de c or at i n g
F R O M M AG N O LIA H O M E BY J OA N N A GAI N E S “I love all of the decor in this room, and the bold paint color really elevates the space It’s an interesting shade of green only in low light do you see the hint of gray that the name suggests ” Camille Lai, @houseof lais, Orlando, FL what color is that? Get inspired by these awesome paint shades. PRODUCED BY RACHEL BARKER

slate violet

“What’s great about this soft violet is that it kind of wants to be gray, so it’s not too sweet

To find it, I scanned a shower tile with the Sherwin-Williams colormatching tool Anyone can use it. ”

ghost ranch

“After a trip to Mexico City, I was inspired to paint my bedroom

terra-cotta The effect is really warm and grounding I just did the one wall to keep the small space from feeling too dark ”


HGTV Magazine 1 5
B A T H R O O M , A M A N D A G E O R G E M R A N D A E S T E S

old glory

“This cross between vibrant blue

and navy is so fun for a nursery

It enhances the intricate trim and

breaks up the wallpaper pattern

I’d use it as an

accent in an adult

bedroom, too ”


“I had to paint these cabinets a golden color to cheer up what was a dark and drab kitchen This pick isn’t too green or too yellow, and it bounces back any light it gets It’s the color of sunshine!”

middleton pink

HGTV Magazine 1 7 f u n de c or at i n g
very time ”
muted pinks com
as juvenile
, but not thi
s one It looks super sophisticated on the cabinetry in this home office You can spin the color any way you want boho, e
K I T C H E N : L E S L I E B R O W N ; L A U R E N E L D E R : E L L E P A T T E R S O N ; N U R S E R Y S A R A H W I N C H E S T E R ; N C O L E H I R S C H D A R I P I L L S B U R Y O F F I C E S P A C E C R A F T I N G P H O T O G R A P H Y

A c t i v e c o o l i n g a n d w a r m i n g b y z o n e o n e a c h s i d e

A u t o m a t i c a l l y r e s p o n d s t o y o u

Pe r s o n a l i z e d i n s i g h t s f o r b e t t e r s l e e p

I n c l u d e s s m a r t a d j u s t a b l e b a s e f o r l i m i t l e s s a d j u s t a b i l i t y

A d j u s t fi r m n e s s a n d c o m f o r t o n e a c h s i d e R a i s e y o u r p a r t n e r ’ s h e a d t o a l l e v i a t e s n o r i n g ‡

SLEEP HOT ? SLEEP COLD? Meet t he NE W Climate360™ s ma r t bed, t he only s ma r t bed in t he world t hat ac tively cool s, wa rm s a nd ef for t les s ly res pond s to bot h of you. * Did yo u k now 8 0 % of co uple s s ay o ne of t he m s le e p s to o hot or to o cold? † T he revolu tio nar y Climate36 0™ s mar t b e d w ar ms yo ur fe et to help yo u f all as le e p f as ter t he n ac tively d r aw s heat aw ay to ke e p yo ur b o d y co ol So yo u b ot h s t ay as le e p, lo ng er and d e e p er A nd s cie nce p rove s q ualit y s le e p is vit al to o ur me nt al, e motio nal and p hy sic al healt h. * B a s e d o n u s e o f t e m p e r at ure fe at ure s a n d o ur p r o p r i e t a r y R e s p o n s ve A r ® t e c hn o o g y † R e s u t s f r o m a 2 0 2 0 S l e e p N um b e r s ur vey o f 1,0 0 4 re s p o n d e n t s w h o re p o r t e d t h ey o r t h e r p a r t n e r s o m e t im e s s l e e p t o o h o t o r t o o c o l d ‡ M ay t e m p o r a r i y re i eve c o mm o n m l d s n o r n g in o t h e r w s e h e a
hy ad
s S L E E P N U M B E R , S L E E P Q , S L E E P N U M B E R 3 6 0, t h e D o u b l e A r r o w D e s i gn, a n d S E L E C T C O M F O R T a re re g s
e re d t
ad e
S e e p N um
© 2 0 2 2 S l e e p N um b e r C o r p o r at i o n REQUES T SPECIAL OFFERS
1- 877- 558 -2931
s leepnum / hgt v mag
u t
m a r k s o f
b e r
o r p o r
i o n
SleepIQ Score

the high /low

HGTV Magazine 1 9 f u n de c or at i n g
et a si m i la r cu r v y si l houet te but in soft velvet Lucia chair, price is for 2,
$738 G
ood news: The snow y wh ite fabr ic is sta i n-resista nt Hawkins chair, price is for 2,
A simple polyester cover cuts the price of this play ful pick. Snake Boho Lines 12" x 17" pillow, society6 com
Silk tassels add a n elega nt touch to this cotton sateen pillow. Snake 12" x 21" pillow, shopwillaheart com Different price tags, such similar style. Whatever you add to your cart is a score.
Con ica l brass- capped legs g ive t h is one more of a m id- cent u r y-moder n feel. TOV Furniture Christine 62" dresser, paynesgray com
Th is sleek d resser is made from susta inable ma ngo wood. Ida 60" dresser, westelm com
$1,298 G $45
2 0 HGTV Magazine $1,550 Tha n ks to chun k y cha nnel tufting, this look-a like doesn’t even need pillows Everly Quinn Jodanna 88 ½" sofa, $3,295 A n extra- deep seat ma kes this puff y sofa a n inv iting spot for a nap Quilton 97 ¾" sofa, $350 At ha lf the height, this one is perfect for a credenza Regina Andrew Grant 15 ¾" lamp, meadowblu com $1,288 The ba ll accent at the base is made from marble Eichholtz Luigi 31 ½" lamp, lumens com $14 Go for a modern nautica l look w ith ha ndcra fted, interlocked lin ks. Natural Wood Knot 4" sculpture, worldmarket com $94 Intricately stacked wooden cubes are a great addition to a book shel f. Cyan Design Mira 4" sculpture, burkedecor com $1,995 This fridge is sized right for a den a nd comes in 200 -plus colors Retro 24" x 36" fridge, $280 Keep your secret stash of ice crea m in this little fridgefreezer combo Galanz Retro 19 ¼" x 35 ¼" fridge,
f u n de c or at i n g $299 Check out the trendy scalloped fra me on this one Sarah Sherman Samuel Wave 30 ½" mirror, westelm com $498 Tr y this charming peta l mirror in a powder room Poppy 36" mirror, caitlinwilson com $449 Graphic sisa l g rass cloth will add texture to your wa lls Tribal Abstract Maze wallpaper, price is per roll, spoonflower com $199 This durable pick ca n be clea ned w ith a da mp cloth Chris Benz Buka Patchwork wallpaper, price is per roll, wallshoppe com $749 Top g rain leather–w rapped ha ndles are a luxe accent Four Hands Rosedale 27 ¼"-wide nightstand, $3,640 The drawers on this tea k nightsta nd have self- closing slides Palma 30"-wide nightstand, $110 Chev rons, st r ipes, dots t h is pou f has it a l l Christopher Knight Home Hamler 16" pouf, overstock com $330 Add boho st yle to a fa m ily room w it h t h is fr inged find Mistana Spurgeon 18" pouf, wayfair com

BHere’s what’s in (and what’s back) for home decor. Start your vision board now!

’ 70 s St yle

The disco decade is cool again The luxury antiques site 1stDibs has reported a 20 percent spike in searches of iconic furniture from the ’70s, and designers are embracing vintage hues, like rust and avocado, along with wall-to-wall carpeting and old-school conversation pits. These cozy seating areas are supposed to be sunken, but you can mimic the feel without a renovation: Pottery

Barn, Burrow, World Market, and Albany Park all sell oversize sectionals with square layouts.

C h r o m e H a r dwa r e

After a 10-year obsession with matte bronze and black hardware, we’re shining things up a bit Design pros expect chrome to dominate showrooms this year on faucets, furniture legs, and drawer pulls

Demeter 2 ½" knobs, $26 for 2, anthropologie com

Amerock St. Vincent 5 ½" pull, $14,

f u n de c or at i n g
Ashley Norton Hex 2 ½" pull, $41, Room design by Patalab Architects, @patalab architecture WRITTEN BY ERIN ZAMMETT RUDDY

S q u a r e Ti l e s

Consider these the new subway tile Designers have long loved square tiles, but this year you’ll see big stores stocking them, and at all price points: The Tile Shop has handmade-style ceramic options for less than $13 per square foot. Look for 4-inch tiles, which are the perfect size for a backsplash or bathroom walls.

B o l d M a r b l e

More-is-more maximalism will be in full force in 2023, and that applies to stone, too Richly colored marble with over-the-top veining is showing up throughout the home, beyond kitchens and bathrooms Try a side table or accessory, like a pedestal, to add some drama to your space

T i g e r s

The Year of the Water Tiger is coming to an end, but the majestic cat seems to be here to stay We spotted the animal all over the fall trade shows and not just the stripes The whole tiger was featured on wallpaper, rugs, and so much more

HGTV Magazine 2 3
Room design by Jessica Luque, @stussiluquedesign Furn Tibetan Tiger wallpaper, $23.50 per roll, worldofwallpaper com Bamboos and Tigers IV 18" pillow cover, $39, spoonflower com Tiger trinket dish, $65, jonathanadler com
O P P O S I T E P A G E S A B R I N A R O T H E ; T H I S P A G E : C Y G I L B E R T
Rue 20"-tall side table, $229,

G i a n t Acce s so r i e s

Home companies are going big: Lamp bases are getting fatter, couches are getting longer, and floor mirrors practically take up entire walls Anthropologie’s Gleaming Primrose mirror (pictured here and all over Pinterest and Instagram and TikTok) stands at 7 feet tall and more than 5 feet wide It’s already a bestseller!

Gleaming Primrose 7'-tall mirror, $1,598, anthropologie com

F l a t - F r o n t W o o d C a b i n e t s

“These cabinets are winning all of the design awards right now,” says Jeremy Parcels of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) According to the group’s latest trend report, modern styles like these will lead the way over the next three years as we start moving away from ubiquitous Shaker-style cabinets

White remains the number-one cabinet color choice, but a new survey by Houzz reveals that medium-toned wood is a strong second

2 4 HGTV Magazine
f u n de c or at i n g
Room design by Lindley Favor & Kaylee Moehling, Salt + Willow Room design by Krystin Lee, @krystin lee

P l e a t e d

L a m p s h a d e s

Designers are calling it “nostalgia decor, ” and we’re loving the grandma vibe Pick up a shade in an unexpected print: Try That Rebel House, Society Social, and Etsy

W i l l i a m M o r r i s F l o r a l s

British textile designer William

Morris became an icon in the 1860s

as the founder of the Arts and

Crafts movement Now his intricate

botanical designs are gaining new

fans as brands like Williams Sonoma

and Spode launch tableware with

his Morris & Co patterns

S ta r P re d i c t i o ns

We’re going to see table lamps in unexpected spaces kitchens, bathrooms, even laundry rooms. ”
I’m anticipating lots of luxe fabrics supersoft velvets and channeled upholstery.”
Rich, dramatic colors are back Think autumn shades like burnt orange, olive, and burgundy.”
Brian Patrick Flynn, HGTV Dream Home 2023
Egypt Sherrod,
Married to
Real Estate
Lauren Makk, HGTV Urban Oasis 2022
paint Turkish Coffee by Sherwin-Williams Room design by Bradley Odom, @bradley odom Blue Wicker lampshade, from $208, shopsocietysocial com
O P P O S I T E P A G E F R O M T O P K R Y S T I N L E E ; H A L L I S P I E K E R ; T H I S P A G E : J E F F H E R R
Golden Lilly napkins, $40 for 4, williams-sonoma com


ialty bulbs should



t a l a b u l b

$15, rejuvenation com

designers have spent the past century hiding bulbs beneath shades and elaborate pendants, but now they’re doing everything they can to show them off.

“There’s been an uptick in popularity of fixtures that let you see the bulbs, ” says John Barnes, a lighting expert at Lamps Plus. The options for exposed bulbs are limitless now, and they’re way too cool to cover up! Take a look.

f u n de c or at i n g

g o l d mirrored b u l b $12, colorcord com

m o l n a r t b u l b $12, ikea com

b u bb l e b u l b NUD, $88, anthropologie com

fl i c ke r fl a m e b u l b $5, shadesoflight com

fi l a m e n t b u l b Sunlite, $24, lightbulbs com

b l a c k m e t a l c a g e b u l b Next Glow, $23, homedepot com

c r yst a l i n a b u l b $13.50,

e m b e r b u l b Next Glow, $35.50,

g 1 2 5 b u l b Wintergreen Lighting, $23,

HGTV Magazine 2 7

fixture i

a l e g r i a c h a n d e l i e r 30" wide, $1,299,

d ot st r i p e co n co rd s co n ce 12 ½" tall, $359, cedarandmoss com

t r i p o d l a m p 18" tall, $135, onefortythree com

s c u l pt u ra l g l a ss c h a n d e l i e r 47" wide, $739, westelm com

m i m a l a m p 8" tall, $180, virginiasin com

2 8 HGTV Magazine

ce ra m i c p e n d a n t

5 ½" dia , $280,

b a i l ey

c h a n d e l i e r

24" dia., $466, mitzi com

t ra n s l o e t j e l a m p

10" tall, $139,

m i n i e d i s o n l a m p

Kenroy Home, 11 ¾" tall, $98,

m e m p h i s l a m p

10 ¾" tall, $200, sazeracstitches com

rohe l a m p

18" tall, $299,

i t up Kitsch

We all need more pink in our lives. Just ask the winner of HGTV’s new show Battle of the Bling!

When California photographer Jamie Nelson bought her San Fernando Valley house in 2017, the exterior was Barbie pink Instead of breaking out cans of white paint, she went all in on the theme, transforming the place into a girly, 1970s-inspired dream home, complete with a round bed, fuchsia shag carpet, and heart-shaped topiaries on the porch “I basically setdesigned everything so that it would look good in a photo, ” she says Her work caught the eye of the producers for HGTV’s Battle of the Bling, who were searching for the most over-the-top house in the country Going up against 14 other homes, Jamie didn’t think she would win “My house is fun, not extravagant or expensive, ” she says But her quirky style earned her the top prize, and now she has us believing that

h ea r t wreat h

16", $86, theboxwoodshop etsy com

seas h ell pillows

From $25 each, tapestrygirls com

chaise lounge pool float $79, funboy com

phoebe u m b rell a 90" dia , $575, onekingslane com

pink everything!
f u n de c
stat ue
or at i n g carousel
57" tall, $1,399,
of loungers make the pool perfect for parties

Even when all your garbage is all gross . G lad ® with Clorox™ bags eliminate food and bacterial odors to keep all your trash all under cont rol .

This product is bleach -free.

T h e U l t i m a t e Ro a d m a p

t o L o ve a n d H a p p i n e s s

Your greatest power is your abilit y to love learn how to show it, receive it, and validate others.

F i l l e d w i t h va l u e s t h a t O p r a h b e l i eve s a r e e s s e n t i a l t o e s t a b l i s h i n g t r u s t e d r e l a t i o n s h i p s , t h i s l i f e - c h a n g i n g g u i d e d j o u r n a l u s e s w r i t i n g p r o m p t s , a c t i v i t i e s a n d i n s p i r i n g q u o t e s s o yo u c a n ex p a n d l ove i n a l l i t s f o r m s : f a m i l y, f r i e n d s , r o m a n t i c a n d s e l f.

FlEa aRkE

Turn an unloved nightstand into a dreamy piece for your bedroom.


pa i n t so m e st r i p e s

Remove any pulls or knobs, then sand and prime the body and drawer fronts Paint them red and let dry for 24 hours With the drawers out and facing up, lightly draw a horizontal line with a pencil across the center of each drawer, then apply strips of 1-inch delicate-surface painter’s tape, spaced 1 inch apart, above the line Repeat below the line, staggering the stripes Paint the drawers light pink Remove the tape while the paint is still wet and let dry Attach pulls or knobs

PAINTS Peppery and Mellow Coral, both by Sherwin-Williams

HEX BAR PULLS 6", $19 each,

f u n de c or at i n g

a d d t ex t u r e

Remove any pulls or knobs, then sand and prime the body and drawer fronts With the drawers out and facing up, glue resin flower appliqués to the fronts using a heavy-duty adhesive like Liquid Nails Weigh down the appliqués with a heavy book while they dry Clean any excess glue with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab, then paint the entire piece and let dry Attach pulls or knobs

PAINT Pure White by Sherwin-Williams

FOREST FLOR A RESIN APPLIQUÉS $11 each, 1824farmhousecreates etsy com

MEGAN KNOBS $28 for 2, anthropologie com

BEFORE 3 4 HGTV Magazine

a p p ly a b ra s s d ec a l

Remove any pulls or knobs Clean the entire piece with

Murphy Oil Soap and water Cut the decal to fit your

surface (we covered just a drawer front), then remove

the backing and rub the decal onto the wood following

the package instructions We also painted the lower

compartment for a pop of color Attach pulls or knobs

PAINT Sicily or Cyprus by Backdrop


$13 for 3, gracepaintsnevada etsy com

f u n de c or at i n g
©2020 Tyson Foods, Inc
HGTV Magazine 3 7 get or g a n i z e d ! Order House! i e Here are tips for organizing every room plus all the gear you need to get the job done. Save time during the morning rush with a tidy mudroom everyone gets a cubby! A L E X L U K E Y PRODUCED BY KATE DOHERTY AND RACHEL BARKER WRITTEN BY JAIMIE DALESSIO CLAYTON

Stack your c osmetic s

The drawers in your bathroom vanity won’t get any bigger without a reno, but you can put every inch of space to use with stackable bins (these are by The Home Edit for Walmart). Clear boxes are key so you can see what’s inside

I use tension rods everywhere! Place one low in a closet and rest shoes on it; you can also install one under the sink and hang spray bottles from it

Buy some baskets and bins

3 8 HGTV Magazine
le Li e C n er
Rainbow bin, from $28, containerstore com Candy Swirl basket, from $49 50, colonialmills com
Mika Kleinschmidt, 10 0 Day Dream Home
Ombré basket set (large is 12" dia ), $27, honeycando com

Color c o de your closet

Arranging your clothes in rainbow order will speed up your search for certain pieces plus you’ll be able to see how many items you have in the same shades If you’re long on some colors, pare down your collection, or at least take a break from buying blue sweaters!


get or g a n i z e d !
J E F F M I N D E L L / S T U D I O D I Y

Create a command center

Give family members one defined area, ideally near an entry, where they can find a calendar (this one is from Girl Friday

Acrylics on Etsy), paper for writing to-do lists, mail, and other essentials. Designating a single space for all of your administrative tasks will help tame countertop and fridge-door clutter To up the style factor, paint the wall a dark color

get or g a n i z e d !

Stor e fo o d in clear c ontainers

Organizing experts often say that if you can see something, you’ll use it, so put perishables like

fruits and veggies in see-through, airtight bins and

bags in your fridge Keep your freezer in order by storing packaged foods in wire baskets.

Buy some hooks

Amigo Modern Peace hook, $32, burkemercantile com

Orbit hook, $25, containerstore com

Moon hooks, $26 for a mixed set of 2, worldmarket com

HGTV Magazine 4 1
We follow the rule of one thing in, one thing out. When we buy something new, we donate an item we don’t use as much
Li le Li e C n er
uke C aldwe
ll, Outgrown

Embrace shelving

Make use of vertical space above a desk and mount shelves all the way to the ceiling (this system is from The Container Store).

Use big canvas boxes on the top shelves for papers you don’t need to access often and reserve the lower shelves for small boxes and binders with important documents DESIGN BY SIMPLY SPACED


how to fold clothes neatly You’ll create more room in your drawers and you’ll look organized, even if you don’t feel that way!
a mail organizer get or g a n i z e d !
le Li e C n er Pocket wall mail organizer, from $32.50, breannaprado luxury etsy com
race Mitchell, One of a Kind
Mercer41 Davanie mail organizer, $31, wayfair com Rattan Cane wall mail holder, $32, poppyand honeybee etsy com

Start an outbox

Designate one large container where you can put the casserole dish you have to return, the

bag of clothes you want to donate, and anything

else that needs to leave your house Keep the bin

by the front door so you can easily grab those items on your way out.

HGTV Magazine 4 3
A big basket is an ideal outbox!
D A N E T A S H I M A O P P O S I T E P A G E P O C K E T W A L L O R G A N I Z E R P H I L I P F R I E D M A N / S T U D O D

Hang cleaning supplies

a binder with manuals and warranties for your home’s major appliances. When you leave it for the next owners, they’ll be amazed! Li le Li e C n er Buy a file cabinet get or g a n i z e d !
Taniya Nayak, Battle on the Beach Pivot 28 ½"-tall cabinet, $349, store moma org Stockpile Curve 24"-tall file cabinet, $220, lauradavidsondirect com Carson Carrington Erfjord 33"-tall file cabinet, $177, overstock com
attach wire baskets for storing soaps
, and other products
Instead of leaning brooms and dustpans in
he corner of a closet or your laundry room, mount
m to the wall. Install a pegboard and
, sprays

23 T hi ng s to To s s

Old tech/gadget boxes

Expired spices

Take-out menus

Umbrellas with bent or broken spokes

Old face masks

Free gifts from cosmetic purchases

Broken costume jewelry

Incomplete decks of playing cards

Ditch the cardboard

Unidentifiable keys

Old birthday cards

Orphaned mittens and socks

Wire hangers

Outdated travel guidebooks


nonstick pans

Unidentifiable cords

Checkbook registers

Put a strip of Velcro on the back of your TV console and on the backs of each remote Stick the remotes to the console, and you’ll never have to hunt for them again

Worn-out underwear

Destroyed pet toys

VHS tapes, DVDs, and CDs if you don’t have that device to play them

Junk mail

Stretched-out hair ties

Filled coloring books

Picture frames with broken backs

Li le Li e C n er
Leslie Davis, Unsellable Houses Ri ! HGTV Magazine 4 5
Keep track of what you have in stock by transferring dry goods into canisters and dispensers (these are from Honey-Can-Do) Then outfit your shelves with bins they act like drawers because you can slide them out and see what’s in the back. You don’t need a giant pantry to use these tricks; they work just as well in a closet! DESIGN BY HANDMADE HAVEN

Junk Drawer azz r

A few new trays and some essential gadgets will change everything.

A lint roller is key for quick touch-ups as you’re heading out the door This retractable one takes up minimal space

$10, meetflint com

Tray: $2,

Vary your container sizes This mini tray is perfect for stamps and matches

$30 for 3, papier com

Line your drawer with removable wallpaper. It wipes clean and comes in so many patterns!

$29 for a 2' x 3' roll, spoonflower com

Avoid crumpled receipts by laying them flat and securing them together with a binder clip

$8 for 6, kikkerland com

Tray: $16 50, kolabconcrete etsy com

A nest of tangled cords will make any drawer look messy. Corral them with

Velcro cable ties and cord wraps.

$6 for 8,

Tray: $5, containerstore com

A label maker is an organizer’s best friend This model is so compact, you can store it anywhere $65, konmari com

Tray: $20, neatmethod com


Designate a spot for fix-it supplies like glue, a flashlight, and a small multi-tool.

$18 50, kikkerland com

Tray: $8, neatmethod com

If you keep spare keys in here, make sure you label them! These acrylic tags are customized $20 each,

Always losing your glasses? Make a rimmed tray their home base

Tray: $4, containerstore com

Keep a bandage stash handy so you don’t have to visit the medicine cabinet to treat little cuts

Tray: $1,

Store two sets of scissors: a regular-size pair and a tiny one for snipping tags

Trays: from $3 each, containerstore com

HGTV Magazine 47 get or g a n i z e d ! FOR SOURCES, SEE PAGE 90

e in

This built-from-scratch stunner embodies the spirit of the homeowner—and her hometown.
A purple front door and a herringbone accent wall, painted Rare Gray by Sherwin-Williams, make for a fun entrance The house is filled with work by Black artists, including these Basquiat prints. PHOTOGRAPHS BY LISA ROMEREIN STYLED BY EDDIE ROSS WRITTEN BY ERIN ZAMMETT RUDDY

XErIor The Hills updated the traditional brick house by painting it white (Greek Villa by Sherwin-Williams) They often hang out on the porch, chatting with close friends who live nearby “It’s very Southern!” Chenobia says

c a n n o t b e l i eve I l ive h e re , ” s ay s

C h e n ob i a We b s te r - H i l l of h e r

3 , 2 0 0 - s q u a re - fo ot Me m phi s , T N, home

C he nobi a g rew u p i n S o uth Me m phi s a nd was a s i n g le mom by 14 ; she h ad he r s e c o nd chi ld at 17 “ Eve r yo ne told me I wou ld b e nothi n g ”

T h ey we re w ro n g Sh e b e c a m e hi g h s ch o ol va le d i c to r i a n , g radu ate d f ro m the Unive r s ity of Me m phi s ( whi le rai s i n g two k i d s ) , a nd we nt o n to ear n her doctorate at the Univers ity of Tennessee Sh e s ta r te d a c a re e r i n s o c i a l wo rk , m e t h e r f ut u re h usba nd , t r uck i n g c o m p a ny ow ne r Corey

H i l l , a nd h ad two more k i d s . T he fa mi ly of s i x l ive d i n a 1 , 375 - s q u a re - fo ot C ra f t s m a n ( w ith o ne b ath ro o m! ) for 1 5 ye a r s whi le they s ave d u p for thi s d re a m home , a c us to m b ui ld i n the c ity ’ s hi s to r i c d i s t r i c t . To p e r s o n a l i ze the s p ace , the H i l l s hi re d Me m phi s de s ig ne r M a g g i e C la rke , a nd tog e the r they fi l le d the ro o ms w ith f u r nit u re a nd a r t wo rk t h e c o u ple love s . “ T h e re ’ s n o way t hi s sh o u ld b e my l i fe , ” s ay s C h e n obi a , wh o ’ s n ow a c ol le g e p rofe s s o r “ B ut I ’ ve e a r n e d eve r y bit of it ”

HGTV Magazine 4 9
hou s e tou r s
Corey and Chenobia with their daughter, Harlem, 9, and son Reed, 11

I I G r o The dramatic

chandelier, from Hinkley, was

Corey’s pick; Chenobia chose

the smoky plastic chairs from

Modway “They bring the drama!”

she says Gray faux-mohair CB2

end chairs and a wood table from

Anthropologie anchor the room

5 0 HGTV Magazine
hou s e tou r s
This photo of Biggie Smalls lyrics is Chenobia’s favorite: “My life really is a dream ”


kI C E Chenobia and Corey host a lot of parties, and the quartz island is where the fun always starts “I turn it into one big charcuterie board, ” Chenobia says Wood pendant lights from Dezaart make a statement in the sleek white space; black leather barstools from CB2 tie in with the Jeffrey Alexander hardware

Relentless Olive by Sherwin-Williams

lI I G r o Tons of seating and a big

fireplace make this the ultimate lounge The velvet couch, from CB2, and green chairs from Kathy

Kuo Home are where guests go once they have

their drink and cheese plate, Chenobia says. Corey

lobbied for the oversize Serena & Lily pendant

because it looks like a disco ball

hou s e tou r s

AlF A Hr o

The Hills went for a speakeasy vibe here “All our guests use this bathroom, so we thought, Why not make an impression?” says Chenobia Maggie created a luxe, moody look with gold-flecked Hygge & West wallpaper that continues onto the ceiling

HGTV Magazine 5 3
We wanted a home that was posh but comfy and made for sharing with friends.
5 4 HGTV Magazine hou s e tou r s

Ai E Ro

Chenobia always wanted a canopy bed, but not the drapery that typically comes with it This minimal one from RH lets the Kate Zaremba wallpaper take center stage A chaise lounge from Four Hands brings in a pop of green and provides a fun perch for Harlem. “It’s where she does all of her TikToks!” Chenobia says

fA IlY r o The kids spend a ton of time in here watching movies, playing video games, and listening to Corey’s record collection, so Chenobia wanted everything to feel soft and inviting. The channeled Joybird sofa has a super-plush seat; velvet ottomans from Four Hands serve as coffee tables

hou s e tou r s FOR SOURCES, SEE PAGE 90


HaRlE ’ s r o Layered blue and

white bedding from Ballard Designs and a

fluffy throw rug over carpeting make this

a cozy retreat Maggie found the gold lamp at a vintage shop and bought a pink shade

for it The custom drapes feature an indigo

print by local artist Whitney Winkler

HGTV Magazine 5 7
Inky Blue by Sherwin-Williams
5 8 HGTV Magazine Get
Look schmidt table Four Hands, 20" tall, $299, houzz com smoke ghost chair $175.50, overstock com teal campo pillow 13" x 21", $109, bannon pendant 20" dia , $270, wayfair com basquiat framed print 29" x 29", $200, store moma org harlem toile pillow 20", $90, store metmuseum org





hou s e tou r s
leighton mirror 18 ½", $70, augustine ottoman 21½", $499, diamante gold wallpaper per roll, hyggeandwest com pisolino rug 5' x 7'6", $289, jungalow com perimeter sofa 103", $2,499, cb2 com colored glasses for 2 of one color, estellecoloredglass com colorblock throw
T H R O W P H I L I P F R I E D M A N / S T U D O D
kirklands com



hou s e tou r s
like a cream sofa and a black Rejuvenation coffee table let the bold
fireplace shine
ow does a wallpaper entrepreneur decorate her own house? With lots of style
nd a little restraint

Elizabeth Rees isn’t an interior designer, but as the cofounder of the wallpaper company Chasing Paper, she has learned a lot about decorating So when she and her husband, Brian Leadley, bought a 1927 Tudor home in Whitefish Bay, WI, Elizabeth couldn’t wait to renovate it. A total redo allowed the couple to add color and pattern in big ways, like navy kitchen cabinets and a teal Zia Tile surround for the fireplace in the living room “I know I like cool tones, so I started with blues and grays, then layered on other colors with paint, fabric, and of course wallpaper,” she says. She had so much fun with the creative process, she jokes with Brian that they should do it all over again “He’s like, ‘Oh n o !’ ”

HGTV Magazine 6 1
Elizabeth and Brian with Uma (left) and Marlow


Elizabeth and Brian were immediately drawn to the home’s charming Tudor details, including original leaded windows, green-gray trim, and stone accents. “My personal aesthetic is traditional with quirks that make things interesting, and that’s a Tudor for sure, ” Elizabeth says


The couple built an addition, starting at the arches, to create this kitchen Choosing a cabinet color was tricky: Elizabeth wanted something bold that would stand the test of time. “Navy will still look great in 10 years, ” she says And the wood stools from Anthropologie and red oak herringbone floor really pop against the dark hue


Built-in cabinets and leaded windows make this the most traditional room in the house For contrast, Elizabeth brought in contemporary furniture and fixtures, including a mod table from Crate & Barrel, orange velvet chairs from CB2, and a globe chandelier from West Elm

hou s e tou r s HGTV Magazine 6 3


“I once heard that bathrooms are the jewel boxes of the home, and I definitely leaned into that idea, ” Elizabeth says She chose her company’s Ladder wallpaper for its funky geometric print, then added a green vanity and lots of brass accents Everyone asks her about the modern cup pulls on the cabinets: They’re from CB2.

6 4 HGTV Magazine



Elizabeth travels a lot for work and was inspired to create a primary suite that felt like a fancy hotel room She kept the furniture minimal just a blue velvet West Elm bed, CB2 nightstands, and a Knoll chair “I wanted zero clutter in this room, so I didn’t even put in a dresser, ” she says “When I walk in and close the door, I feel truly relaxed ”

hou s e tou r s
I love all the slanted ceilings in our home. They make everything cozier.


“I had been wanting to use this print since we launched it, ” says Elizabeth of the wallpaper, her company’s modern take on toile featuring trees.

“It turned out to totally suit Marlow she loves to be outside!” The board-and-batten was already here, but Elizabeth painted it green (Oakmoss by Sherwin-Williams) to play off the paper

hou s e tou r s
Board-and-batten is so in right now, and it works perfectly with wallpaper on top.


A powder room is a great spot for wallpaper because you don’t need much to make a big impact “I liked how this pattern of hand-drawn circles felt ’70s yet new,” Elizabeth says She paired it with simple fixtures, including a light from CB2 and a matte black faucet from Kohler



aria end table

18" dia , $569,

tree toile and dot comb


$135 per roll,

walton dining table

90", $1,499, crateandbarrel com

ombre v4

framed print

24" x 36", $225,

azalea chair $399, cb2 com

castell pendant

45 ½" wide, $399, lights com

splatterware serving bowl

14 ½", $150, marchsf com

abstract pillow

20", $79, allmodern com

n3 counter stool

Ethnicraft, $449, burkedecor com

pompidou corner and medium vases

Green is 13 ¾" tall, from $175 each, jonathanadler com

solid stripe

sea rug

8' x 10', $1,200, pehr com

HGTV Magazine 6 9 hou s e tou r s

hou s e tou r s

Rock y Mou nta in H igh

Take a peek at the new HGTV Dream Home in Morrison, CO, and enter for a chance to win it!


Pewter Green from HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

H GT V i s g iv i n g away a nothe r s p e c tac u la r hous e , a nd thi s o ne c o me s w ith a n adde d b o n us : The H GT V D re a m Home 2 0 2 3 i s o n 2 4 ac res of secluded la nd in the fo othills of the Colorado Ro ckies

“ D e nve r i s jus t 4 0 mi n ute s away, b ut you fe el l i ke you’ re h u nd re d s of mi le s f ro m othe r h u m a ns , ” s ay s de s ig ne r B r i a n Pat r i ck F ly n n , who filled the roug hly 3,000- square-foot space with calming colors and organic materials, all inspired by the landscape. “There are jaw- dropping views from almost every room, even the bathroom,” he says. Tur n the page to see more of thi s stunning home.

The color of the kitchen echoes the greenery outside


e x te r i o r

Trex decking stretches the full length of the elevated house, and there’s outdoor seating for almost 70 people! A coat of Clary Sage from HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams ties together the mixed siding

l iv i n g r o o m

Plush, deep seating makes this sprawling space feel cozy Brian set the tone with soft grays plus hints of orange and brown, an ode to the famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre in town. He commissioned the five-foot round coffee table from fellow HGTV star Steve Ford “Stores don’t really have them this big!” says Brian

HGTV Magazine 7 1
You can be outdoors yearround here, so we focused on designing the outside as much as the inside.
© 2 0 2 2 W A R N E R B R O S D I S C O V E R Y, N C O R I T S S U B S I D I A R I E S A N D A F F I L I A T E S A L L T R A D E M A R K S A R E T H E P R O P E R T Y O F T H E I R R E S P E C T I V E O W N E R S A L L R I G H T S R E S E R V E D P H O T O S © 2 0 2 2 W A R N E R B R O S D I S C O V E R Y, N C O R I T S S U B S I D I A R I E S A N D A F F I L I A T E S A L L R I G H T S R E S E R V E D
Brian Patrick Flynn

d i n i n g a r e a

When you have nearly 20foot ceilings and a soaring limestone fireplace, a sixfoot-wide chandelier is the only way to go Brian got this double wagon wheel fixture from Wayfair “We needed something big enough to anchor this open space, ” he says

7 2 HGTV Magazine

m a i n b e d r o o m

Brian opted for a subdued combination of gray and muted blues in the bedroom, paired with fun buffalo check drapes (they’re custom made by Margaret Nichols)

He loved them so much, he put them in the living room, too “The pattern is so mountainy It says ‘grab a book, light a fire, and relax ’”

o utd o o r k itc h e n

Colorado gets about 250 days of sunshine every year, so a space for outdoor cooking was a must with a roof for cover. “It can be 70 degrees and sunny in the morning and then snow later that day!” says

Brian The light wood planks come from a local mill

hou s e tou r s paint Wall Street from HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams
This house captures the Colorado lifestyle at its best.
special Want to see more?
get a full tour, stream the HGTV Dream Home 2023 special, hosted by Brian Patrick Flynn and Breegan Jane, on discovery+ Then go to hgtv com/hgtvdreamhome for info on how to enter for a chance to win the house For complete rules, turn to page 91
Breegan Jane,
HGTV Dream Home 2023

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The ultimate handbook from the experts at Good Hou sekeeping helps you get anything and everything done faster and easier! Discover 850 genius solutions and pro-tested advice to save you time and money every day. Plus, you'll get to add fun and flair to every corner of your home.

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HGTV Magazine 7 5 i n t he k itc he n
j u
A Minnesota couple embraces color—without going overboard.
Teal cabinets help anchor the dining area
s t a

n t he k itc he n

pantry A coat of

Charming Pink by SherwinWilliams turned the swinging porthole door into eye candy

“It adds so much personality, ”

Colleen says, “and Larry and I have both been happy with it ”

f te r a l m o s t 4 0 ye a r s of m a r r i a g e , fo u r k i d s , t wo g ra n d k i d s , a n d t h re e d i ffe re nt h o us e s , re t i re e s Col le e n a n d L a r r y S o u k u p de c i de d it was fi n a l ly t i m e to h ave s o m e re a l f u n de c o rat i n g t h e i r h o m e T h ey s ta r te d w it h t h e k itch e n i n t h e i r n ew pla c e o n L a ke Jo s e phi n e i n t h e M i n n e a p ol i s –S t . Pa u l s ub u rb s . “ We ’d s taye d p re t ty t ra d it i o n a l a n d n e ut ra l i n o u r ot h e r h o us e s , b ut e nv i s i o ni n g o u r g ra n d k i d s c o mi n g ove r to s w i m , k aya k , a n d fi sh m a de us wa nt s o m e t hi n g l i g hte r a n d b r i g hte r t h at eve r yo n e c o u ld e n joy,” s ay s Col le e n Fo r h el p w it h t h e de s i g n , t h ey hi re d lo c a l p ro Lu c y Pe n field . “ He r s tyle i s m o re c olo r f u l t h a n mi n e , a n d I k n ew sh e ’d b re a k m e o ut of my c o m fo r t zo n e , ” s ay s Col le e n . Wit h Lu c y ’ s g ui da n c e , t h e c o u ple i nt ro d u c e d l i g ht wo o d to n e s a n d wove n tex t u re s i nto t h e i r m o s t ly white k itch e n , t h e n a dde d p o p s of bl u e a n d play f u l pi n k a c c e nt s “ W h e n we de c i de d to p ai nt t h e p a nt r y do o r, eve r y t hi n g c a m e tog e t h e r, ” s ay s Col le e n “ It ’ s my favo r ite p a r t of t h e s p a c e as i de f ro m t h e v i ew of t h e wate r ! ”

island Colleen retired

last year, but she still uses this countertop as a workspace for answering e-mails “It’s close to coffee, and you can see the

lake, ” she says The stools, from

Hayneedle, have cushioned seats and comfy woven backs, so she can sit here for hours

76 HGTV Magazine
Colleen and Larry Soukup

lighting The teal cabinets inspired

Colleen to choose matching pendants from

Crate & Barrel While she wanted to incorporate color into the lighting, she also had her heart set on a white chandelier, by

Arteriors, for the dining area The two styles ended up working together perfectly

cabinets The couple needed lots of storage but

didn’t like the monotony of one long row of lower cabinets Lucy solved the problem by making half the cabinets look like a built-in dining room credenza She painted them Jade Garden by Benjamin Moore and added brass-finish knobs


Melt someone’s heart on

Valentine’s Day with a plate of chocolate cookies

7 8 HGTV Magazine
i n t he k itc he n P H O T O G R A P H B Y R Y A N D A U S C H

s i l ic one wh isk

$23, williamssonoma com

double-chocolate sandw ich cookies


water c olor hea r t tea towel s

$24 for 2, bedbathandbeyond com

h a nd m i xer Smeg, $180,

du s k y p i n k pap er plate

$11 for 8, merimeri com

½ cups all-purpose flour, plus more for dusting

½ cup unsweetened D utch-process cocoa powder

¾ teaspoon plus a pinch of salt

¼ teaspoon baking powder

1 ¼ cups sugar

1 stick unsalted butter, at room temperature

1 large egg

1 ½ teaspoons pure vanilla ex trac t

4 ounces white chocolate (not chips), chopped

½ cup heav y cream

1 . Whisk the flour, cocoa powder, ¾ teaspoon salt, and the baking powder in a bowl. Beat the sugar and butter in a large bowl with a mixer on mediumhigh speed until fluff y, about 3 minutes

Beat in the egg and 1 teaspoon vanilla Reduce the mixer speed to low; beat in the flour mix ture until just combined

Cover the dough and refrigerate until firm , about 30 minutes

m i x i n g b owl s

$55 for 5, surlatable com

2 . Positio n ra ck s in th e u p p e r a n d lowe r thirds of th e ove n; p re h eat to 3 5 0˚F Lin e 2 ba king sh e et s with p a rch m e nt p a p e r Roll o ut th e d o u g h to ⅛ in ch thick o n a lig htly fl o u re d sur f a ce , th e n cut o ut co o kies with a 2-in ch h e a r tsh a p e d cut te r A rra ng e 1 in ch a p a r t o n th e p re p a re d pa ns B a ke , switching th e pa ns h alf way th ro ug h , until th e co o kies a re slig htly fi rm , 8 to 1 0 min utes Let co ol 5 min utes o n th e pa ns , th e n tra nsfe r to ra ck s to co ol co m plete ly 3 . M a ke th e filling: C o m bin e th e white ch o colate , th e re m aining ½ teasp o o n va nilla , a n d a pin ch of s alt in a la rg e b owl B ring th e h eav y crea m to a sim m e r, th e n pour over the white chocolate and stir until smooth; refrigerate for 30 minutes Beat with a mixer until creamy, then sandwich between the cookies

hea r t c ut ter Fox Run, 2", $1, bakedeco com

n ’s

curb appeal
Live-edge teak benches add a natural element to the exterior.
siding makes the dormer stand out from the rest of
house. Stop a nd sta re at t hese e sa , FL, houses, t hen stea l some ideas!
The retaining wall and stairs are painted Bitter Chocolate by Sherwin-Williams

About Ou r House

BUILT IN: 1912

BOUGHT IN: 2010 for $83,000

SIZE: 2,700 sq ft

FAVORITE FEATURE: We have a metal roof above our porch

Many traditional homes in the area have them, and we wanted that historic look

BEST UPGRADE: When we renovated, we added four oversized columns The brick comes from one of the many old factories in the area

NEXT PROJECT: Buying comfy chairs for the front porch

Neighbors stop by a lot, and we wind up sitting on the stairs!

pa mpas papy r us pillow Jaipur Living, 13" x 21", $86,

audrey sconce

16 ¼" tall, $249,

Early American by Varathane

lux classic pot 36", $427 50, lumens com

r ut h ie bench 48", $449, luluandgeorgia com

SUNSHINE LIGUSTRUM provides a pop of yellow year-round.

MARIGOLDS can take hot temps, so they’re a smart choice for the South

MEXICAN PETUNIAS attract butterflies to the flower beds

FLAX LILIES’ long, skinny leaves are a near-perfect match to the siding!

pa i nt HOUSE Storm Cloud Gray by Benjamin Moore sta i n SHUTTERS

White trim subtly contrasts with the cream siding, giving the exterior depth

About Ou r House

BUILT IN: 2016

SIZE: 3,300 sq ft

INSPIRATION: We built this house,

and when we were designing it, we wanted to evoke New Orleans’


and French doors on the second floor

upstairs it has better views

This gas pendant comes from a vintage shop in New Orleans. Simple square columns keep the front from feeling too busy. Ned McWilliams and Emily Jeffcott with kids Trey and Lettie

swer ve 3 la ntern

12 ¼" wide, $299, wayfair com

RED AND WHITE PETUNIAS match the striped pillows, bringing Americana vibes to the entryway

rock creek

modern house numbers

6", $65 each, rejuvenation com

dell xl pla nter 31 ½", $189, rejuvenation com

antique striped pillow cover 20", $49 50, potterybarn com


Simply White by Benjamin Moore

out + ab out
pa i nt HOUSE Silver Satin by Benjamin Moore Long-stemmed AGAPANTHUS blooms lining the porch look like purple pom-poms. adina rock ing cha ir $393,
P E T U N I A S , A G A P A N T H U S G E T T Y I M A G E S

Many homeowners remove rafter tails (the trim extending from the roof) because they can rot, but the Burlesons wanted to keep the integrity of the century-old house

Stucco made of Portland cement, rock, and horse hair (you read that right!) covers the exterior walls It’s called “old-fashioned pebble dash ”

The granite in the porch and columns was originally used as ballast in ships in Pensacola’s port.

About Ou r House

BUILT IN: 1912

BOUGHT IN: 1995 for $100,000

SIZE: 2,400 sq ft


“airplane bungalow” because the second floor resembles the cockpit of an old plane

LANDSCAPING WIN: Although we’re on a busy road, we have privacy thanks to our garden The tree out front is a rare century-old Franklinia that’s been certified authentic by arborists from Philadelphia

BEST COMPLIMENT: Some neighbors asked for the name of our paint color and ended up using it on their house, too

vei kous porch sw ing 52", $189, homedepot com

loloi yellow a nd ivor y pillow

22", $79, kathykuohome com

jerico house numbers 6", $6 each, rejuvenation com

pa i nt TRIM

Extra White by Sherwin-Williams

HOUSE Intellectual Gray by Sherwin-Williams

7506 therma l sash door Douglas fir, from $2,300, simpsondoor com

27 ¼", $134 for 2,

ELEPHANT’S EAR, like its namesake, can get very big! The plants anchor the left

welcome to guests and pollinators.

WHITE CALADIUM, planted by the vinca, has heart-shaped leaves that flourish in the warm climate

HGTV Magazine 8 5 out + ab out
l it z home la ntern
E L E P H A N T S E A R V I N C A , C A L A D I U M : G E T T Y I M A G E S
distinctive homes are beloved throughout the Southwest. Take a look! HOUSE? u n out + ab out Tucson, AZ 1,300,000 3 BR, 3 BA, 3,693 sq ft

El Paso, TX 7



West, CO

674, 00

4 BR, 3 BA, 6,440 sq ft

Taos, NM

7 5 ,000

2 BR, 2 BA, 2,188 sq ft


Hot Springs,


7 ,000

3 BR, 4 BA, 1,896 sq ft

Real estate expert Drew Scott of Property Brothers: Forever Home gives us the scoop on this house style


Traditional adobe houses are built with a mix of soil and clay that retains heat in the winter and stays cool in the summer, which can help you save on energy bills The adobe is often covered with stucco for durability.

I T ’ S F O R A N YO N E

You’re most likely to find houses constructed of adobe in the Southwest, but builders can re-create the look of these homes anywhere If you want the real thing, make sure to ask if the house is true adobe versus adobe style.


Adobe homes are known for rounded corners, flat roofs, and earth-tone exteriors Drew points out that there are variations on the style, too he likes the more modern iterations with sleek rectangular edges.

HGTV Magazine 8 7
T U C S O N , A Z : C O R Y F I T Z G E R A L D, L I S T E D B Y M A R Y B A U M A N D V E R O N I C A V O N D R A K R E A L T Y E X E C U T I V E S A R I Z O N A T E R R I T O R Y; E L P A S O, T X : J O N A T H A N W E I N G E R S , L I S T E D B Y L Y N N W E S T B R O O K , B R O K E R E D B Y E X P R E A L T Y L L C ; P U E B L O W E S T C O : K E N N Y R H O D E S , L S T E D B Y E D P E R R Y, R E / M A X A S S O C I A T E S T A O S N M J I M M E R R I T T L I S T E D B Y J O H N C O R N I S H C H I S U M R E A L T Y G R O U P K E L L E R W I L L I A M S D E S E R T H O T S P R I N G S , C A : L I S T E D B Y P A T T Y S C H U L T Z
5 BR, 4 ½ BA, 4,521 sq ft


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25 essential vitamins and minerals to keep cats happy and healthy for a lifetime

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paint index

pages 84–85 Intellectual Gray #SW7045 Sherwin-Williams pages 60–66 Chantilly Lace #OC-65 Benjamin Moore page 25 Turkish Coffee #SW6076 Sherwin-Williams pages 82–83 Simply White #OC-117 Benjamin Moore page 14 Duke Gray Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines page 73 Wall Street #HGSW7665 HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams page 35 Sicily or Cyprus Backdrop page 63 Narragansett Green #HC-157 Benjamin Moore page 33 Mountain River #4005-6C Valspar pages 84–85 Extra White #SW7006 Sherwin-Williams page 15 Slate Violet #SW9155 Sherwin-Williams page 76 Charming Pink #SW6309 Sherwin-Williams page 48 Rare Gray #SW6199 Sherwin-Williams cover, pages 75–77 Cloud White #OC-130 Benjamin Moore pages 64–65 Boothbay Gray #HC-165 Benjamin Moore page 33 Peppery #SW6615 Sherwin-Williams page 15 Ghost Ranch Backdrop pages 80–81 Storm Cloud Gray #2140-40 Benjamin Moore page 48 Mature Grape #SW6286 Sherwin-Williams P R O M O T I O N H GT V M a g h g t v m a g a z i n e h g t v m a g o n l i n e c o m E V E N T S , P R O D U C T S , P R O M O T I O N S & M O R E m
a r ke t fi n d s

s ou r c e s

T h r o u g h o u t t h e i s s u e : PILLOWS Pillows shown are often sold as pillow covers only (which will be noted in the pillow’s buying info); for pillow inserts, including sizing and buying guides, go to amazon com/pillowflex ART Art shown framed is often sold unframed only (which will be noted in the art’s buying info); for frames of various styles, sizes, and prices, go to pictureframes com


INTERIOR DESIGN Lucy Penfield and Stephanie Lalley, lucyinteriordesign com PENDANT Shae pendant, ar teriorshome com SCONCES Blink Swing-Arm wall sconces lumens com ART Both Something & Nothing 5 , Color Ideas 51: Thinking about Thinking, and Both Something & Nothing 4 by Jessica

Poundstone, all ar tfullywalls com CANDLEHOLDERS

Rainbow candleholders , dwr com VASE Lyngby Copenhagen vase, williams-sonoma com MUGS

Utopia Dog mugs , jonathanadler com CABINETRY

HARDWARE Jasper cabinet pull and C adet cabinet knob, emtek com TABLE Aero dining table, rh com

CHAIRS Freeman armchairs , palecek com CHAIR

UPHOLSTERY Voyage fabric , leeindustries com

FLOORING Lambrusco flooring, urbanfloor com

fun decorating

F l e a M a r ke t F l i p s , p a g e s 3 3 –3 5

Pa i n t S o m e S t r i p e s BEDDING Hepta coverlet set, dusendusen com BED Sk yline Furniture Upholstered platform bed, hayneedle com MATTRESS Zenhaven Natural Latex mattress, saatva com RUG Loloi Joie Garden Par ty rug, riflepaperco com Ad d Tex t u r e WALLPAPER Butter flies wallpaper, hyggeandwest com SCONCE Larkspur Single sconce, serenaandlily com BEDDING 40 0 Thread

Count sateen duvet cover & shams set nordstrom com BED Sk yline Furniture Upholstered platform bed, hayneedle com MATTRESS Zenhaven Natural

Latex mattress, saatva com RUG Natural woven jute rug, worldmarket com A p p l y a B r a s s D e c a l

LAMP Rylee table lamp, westelm com BEDDING Organic Half Moon duvet cover and shams , westelm com BED Sk yline Furniture Upholstered platform bed, hayneedle com MATTRESS Zenhaven Natural Latex mattress, saatva com RUG Australian single sheepskin rug, onequince com

get organized!

J a z z U p Yo u r J u n k D rawe r, p a g e s

4 6 – 47 PEN Groove rollerball pen, papier com

COIN POUCH Lunch Money coin pouch, threepotato four com BAG CLIPS publicgoods com SCISSORS

SHEATH Inazuma Polka Dot embroider y scissors sheath, snugglymonkey com

house tours

M a d e i n M e m p h i s , p a g e s 4 8 – 5 9 INTERIOR

DESIGN Maggie Clarke, maggieclarkeinteriors com

E n t r y RUNNER Kiel rug, rejuvenation com D i n i n g

R o o m PENDANT Archer pendant, hinkley com

DINING TABLE Q uillen Marquetr y Double Pedestal dining table, anthropologie com CHAIRS Foley

Faux Mohair dining armchair, cb2 com; C asper plastic chairs , modway com TRAY Nadia tray, roomandboard com RUG Bower y Midnight/ Taupe rug, loloirugs com K i t c h e n PENDANTS Dezaar t Scandinavian pendants , amazon com

CABINETRY HARDWARE Jeffrey Alexander Sutton cabinet handles , build com GLASSES Stemware, estellecoloredglass com CUTTING BOARD Broad

Cur ved cutting board, craf tedglor ydesign etsy com

COUNTERS C alacatta Venice quar tz counter and

island, msisur faces com for stores COUNTER STOOLS

cb2 com L i v i n g R o o m PENDANT C apiz Honeycomb

pendant serenaandlily com WINDOW TREATMENTS

Solar Shades , blinds com PILLOWS Sheila Bridges

Harlem Toile de Jouy pillow store metmuseum org;

Black Grey Gold pillow cover, and Mudcloth pillow cover, both vididhues etsy com SOFA

Perimeter camel sofa , cb2 com COFFEE TABLE

Matter rectangle coffee table, cb2 com CHAIRS (green) Halle Modern Classic Occasional chairs , kathykuohome com CHAIR (white) fourhands com

RUG safavieh com H a l f B a t h r o o m SCONCE

lampsplus com WALLPAPER Diamante wallpaper, hyggeandwest com MIRROR cb2 com COUNTER

C alacatta Ultra counter, msisur faces com for stores M a i n B e d r o o m WALLPAPER Pinstripe Floral wallpaper, katezarembacompany com MIRROR Saul round mirror, uttermost com BED 19th C French canopy bed, rh com BEDDING Sheffield duvet cover, roomandboard com PILLOWS Kravet Herringbone pillow cover, indulgencefabric etsy com LAMPS

Geo Rectangle table lamps , reginaandrew com

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ARMCHAIR Lilian Industrial armchair, kathykuohome com RUG Pisolino Ivor y/Multi rug, loloirugs com

H a r l e m ’ s B e d r o o m DRAPERY whitneywinkler com

DRESSER Shagreen Embossed tall chest, cb2 com BED safavieh com BEDDING Company Cotton Voile quilt and shams , thecompanystore com;

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R o c k y M o u n t a i n H i g h , p a g e s 70 –73

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in the kitchen

J u s t a S p l a s h , p a g e s 75 –7 7 INTERIOR

DESIGN Lucy Penfield and Stephanie Lalley,

lucyinteriordesign com PENDANT (over table) Shae pendant, ar teriorshome com SCONCES Blink Swing Arm wall sconces , lumens com ART Both Something & Nothing 5 Color Ideas 51: Thinking about Thinking and Both Something & Nothing 4 by Jessica

9 0 HGTV Magazine

Poundstone, all ar tfullywalls com CANDLEHOLDERS

Rainbow candleholders , dwr com VASE Lyngby

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Utopia Dog mugs , jonathanadler com CABINETRY

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R o c k y M o u n t a i n H i g h , p a g e s 70 –73

NO PU RCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and D C , including territories , possessions , and commonwealths , age 21 or older as of Promotion star t date Void where prohibited Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received Promotion ends at 5:0 0 p m ET on Februar y 1 6 , 2023 For full Official Rules , prize disclosures, and to enter, visit https://www hgtv com/sweepstakes/ hgtv-dream-home/sweepstakes or https://www foodnetwork com/sponsored/sweepstakes/ hgtv-dream-home-sweepstakes Sponsored by Discover y Communications , LLC , 230 Park Avenue South, New York, New York 10 0 03

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This “new” checkered fabric was designed in 1965 by architect Alexander Girard, a friend of the Eameses A molded plywood frame gives the chair its distinctive shape

More than six decades after its arrival, the iconic Eames lounge chair has a new look.

The checks come in nine colorways, including blackand-white and shades of blue

Eames lounge chair (with ottoman, not shown), from $4,995, dwr com

You’ve probably seen this chair before: It’s one of the most popular pieces of furniture of the 20th century Charles and Ray Eames designed it, along with a matching ottoman, in 1956, and since then the lounger has made countless appearances in movies and TV and earned a spot in New York City’s

Museum of Modern Art For decades the standard upholstery option was leather, then came solid-color fabric, but furniture company Herman Miller just teamed up with textile maker Maharam to release a patterned version The checks are so charming, we can only wonder, what took them so long?

histor y in the making

This is one of the earliest advertisements for the chair, from 1956

in the ’90s

9 2 HGTV Magazine one mor e t h i n g
In 2021, architect Michael Ford turned a chair into an art installation against racism. It had a starring role on Frasier
B O T T O M , F R O M L E F T : C O U R T E S Y O F H E R M A N M I L L E R , G E T T Y I M A G E S , M O D M E D I A P R O D U C T I O N S A N D D E S I G N C R E D I T S T O M I C H A E L F O R D
AVA I L A B L E A T C O U N T R Y L I V I N G . C O M / F L O W E R S Introducing Farm Fresh Flowers Delivered to Your Door
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