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Established by Corey S. Finkelstein, an alumnus of the class of 1972, in honor of James P. Holmes, a mathematics and computer science teacher at Lawrence from 1968 to 1981. Awarded to that student who has demonstrated outstanding proficiency in either math or computer programming and who best emulates the qualities of excellence and dedication that were so characteristic of Mr. Holmes’ work.

Established by the classes of 1885 and 1886 in honor of Rev. Nathan Thompson, principal of Lawrence Academy in 1881. Any student above the first year is eligible. This year’s award is given to a uniquely qualified student of English at Lawrence.

Maksim Tochilkin ’19 Maksim’s natural ability to think logically is a critical asset of any computer scientist. He uses this ability to write elegant code in order to solve unique and difficult problems. Maksim’s innate curiosity is the catalyst that enables him to achieve a very high level in computer science. THE LANGUAGE PrIZE The Language Prize is awarded to that member of the senior class whose expertise in a language other than English is exemplified by a strong and continued interest, versatility, and scholarship in the study of foreign or classical languages.

Grace Harlan ’18 Grace has taken both Spanish and Latin during her four years at Lawrence and is a curious and engaged Spanish language scholar. She is an inspiring natural leader in all conversations, and her compassionate, creative mind surveys literature from multiple angles. In Latin, Grace has demonstrated both an outstanding aptitude for the language and a natural intuition for the profound content of the material. In addition, Grace has a knack for explaining Latin concepts to her peers, and she works to facilitate a greater comprehension and appreciation for the language with classmates.


Maddox Angerhoffer ’18 Maddox’s sophisticated approach to literature displays careful reasoning, disciplined understanding, and sensitivity to the nuances of whatever she reads. In classroom discussions, she lays out a steady stream of insights. Not surprisingly, her writing is full of beautifully crafted and varied sentences that clearly and succinctly explain the authors’ ironies and implications. THE CLASS OF 1965 PrIZE FOr ArT Awarded to that senior who shows the most outstanding achievement in the field of art. The Class of 1965 Prize for Art is awarded in the memory of Virginia Smith Gray, Class of 1982.

Alexandra Tansey ’18, Lilly Harvey ’18, Milenna Huang ’18, Bella Rielly ’18 and Fandy Wu ’18 Each of these five artists has completed two years of the Honors Visual Art program to form a powerful, creative quintet. In an extended quest, each student has produced a portfolio of quality work that demonstrates her inquisitiveness and quick mind. They have reached this quota without being quixotic or querulous. Their deservedness cannot be quibbled or quarreled with, and there are no qualms about giving all five artists this quintessential award.

THE CLASS OF 1965 PrIZE FOr MUSIC Awarded to that senior who shows the most outstanding achievement in the field of music.

Anna Duffy ’18, Maddox Angerhofer ’18, and Nate Althoff ’18 Anna Duffy has been a member of LA Singers since her ninth-grade year. She performed with Lawrence Academy at Carnegie Hall, on tour in the Coachella Valley of California, and at many All-New England choral festivals. For two years, she has been in the Honors LA Singers, and she regularly performs at recitals. Anna is a passionate singer who works hard to prepare all elements of the work, studying the language, history, poetry, and music theory of each piece. “Did you hear that?!” “That was amazing!” “Such fluidity and poise!” “That boy can screech out them high notes unlike anyone I’ve heard.” “I love her tone and how she can play 16th note lines with clarity.” These are just a few of the ways people describe Nate Althoff ’s trumpet solos and Maddox Angerhofer’s clarinet solos after an LA Band concert. The art of improvisation through any artistic medium is not for the faint of heart, and these two have shown the courage to, time and again, play it by ear and from the heart. Both Maddox and Nate love playing their instruments so much, that they got together a motivated group, called Spartan Swing, to rehearse on Thursday mornings. Their time management, motivational leadership, and passion for creating highquality music have earned this dynamic duo this Award.

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Academy Journal, Fall 2018  

Lawrence Academy's annual alumni magazine.

Academy Journal, Fall 2018  

Lawrence Academy's annual alumni magazine.