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iSeekLaw App is a ‘Win Win’ for Lawyers and Clients Alike By Rebecca E. Neely The iSeekLaw app, as described at the company’s website,, is a ‘’mobile search engine for lawyers’’, and is ‘’dedicated to helping the consumer find the right lawyer from any mobile device’’. The app is not only empowering both consumers and lawyers, it’s catering to an ever growing, technically sophisticated population who utilize Smart phones for everything from conducting business to getting directions.

Recently, the Burbank, California based company announced an update for its app - version 2.3 - which can be utilized with the iPhone, iPad and IPod Touch devices, according to the September 13th press release at Essentially, the app makes innovative use of the Smart phone market by enabling consumers to find the lawyer they want and need, quickly and efficiently. By using a search engine, users can fine tune results through fifteen different criteria, which include experience level, practice areas, whether free consultations are offered, and more. The app is lawyer friendly too. It enables lawyers, through the search engine, to post press releases as well as links to personal blogs, ensuring they give prospective clients timely, dynamic and accurate information about themselves and their practices. Best of all, the app makes the selection process seamless and quick. The criteria focus on values, as well as professional credentials and accomplishments. According to information


at the company’s website, ‘’iseeklaw believes that a lawyer’s personal background and interests can be a powerful indicator of shared values.’’ Therefore, the app not only allows prospective clients to find the lawyer they want and need quickly, the process works to ensure the ‘match’ is one based on similar backgrounds and values, thus, hopefully, ensuring a more satisfactory client-attorney experience. The app, in essence, is revolutionary in that it’s saving clients time, not only via the use of the Smart phone technology, but at the ‘front end’ of the process - selecting a lawyer - as well as the ‘back end’ of the process - clients suitably matched to lawyers will be more likely to have more efficient and effective communication. The iSeekLaw app puts prospective clients in control by giving them an interactive experience; this is vastly different from information available through companies such as and; prospective customers are merely provided with lists of practices and have to search for what they want.

iSeekLaw App is a 'Win Win' for Lawyers and Clients Alike  

The iSeekLaw app, as described at the company's website,, is a ''mobile search engine for lawyers'', and is ''dedicated to...