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June 11, 2012 | Volume 45, No. 28 |

JOIN Plan, do something and survive LA VOZ Staff and faculty learn what to do by reenacting on-campus shooter scenario Ed Chuck Staff Writer

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There was  a  loud  bang  at  the  rear  of  the  Campus  Center  con­ ference rooms, and as bystanders  looked back, they were surprised  to  see  an  armed  man  bearing  down on them. He  was  UC­Davis  Police  Sgt.  Paul  Henoch,  playing  his  part  in  an  active  shooter  survival  work­ shop  for  staff  and  faculty  at  De  Anza College May 31 and June 1. The workshops were presented  by  volunteers  Michael  Valenzu­ %*/6' !"#$%&"' /77/)3!' 57-'.%36' /&$' 8/39' 8/.)/!6' !/7%"9' 57-'.%30' :%; noch  assisted  in  demonstrations  during the workshop. Designed  to  provide  viable  strategies and create a survivalist  mentality during an active shooter  situation, the optional workshops  made active shooter preparation a  topic of conversation. <4%' -'3!"' 2)%.%' 57' /$=).%' 57; fered by Valenzuela: “To the best  of your ability, remain calm.” He  suggested taking deep breaths and  distracting yourself with swaying  or rhythmic movements, like tap­ ping your knee. Three key points were stressed  over  and  over:  have  a  plan,  do  something and survive.

WEAPONS - From top left, clockwise, assult rifles, shotgun, training pistol, knife , machine pistol, and pistol. All these weapons are displayed at a safety demonstration for staff and faculty.

Macias emphasized the impor­ tance of making plans to take ac­ tion in the case of an active shoot­ er in your everyday environment.  She said to look for “active inci­ dent  safe  places,”  or  areas  with  multiple exits that can be locked  and barricaded. The  speakers  said  it  is  impor­ tant  to  have  a  winning  attitude  during an active shooter situation.  They  emphasized  the  5  o’clock  concept,  a  work­place  willing­ ness because at the end of the day, 

you have to be willing to do what  it takes to go home. Valenzuela  and  Macias  said  that doing anything is better than  doing nothing. Macias,  who  created  a  model  lockdown  plan  for  her  building  at  UC­Davis,  said  scattering  is  a  good strategy. “You go until you  can’t go any more,” she said. Valenzuela  said  that  since  ac­ tive shooters look for a high target  environment, Valenzuela said that  general  emergency  procedures 

De Anza budget teams: Cuts in the near future Ami Bruce Staff Writer De Anza  is  facing  major  reductions  in  funding  to  the  tune  of  $5.5  to  $7.5  million,  which will have a drastic effect  on students.   The  Instructional  Planning  and  Budget  Committee  met  on  May 29 and May 30 last week to  plan out the future of the college  and  the  classes  potentially  headed  for  the  chopping  block  due to state budget cuts. Faculty  and  staff  held  presentations  for  a  day  and  a  half,  defending  the  value  of  their division’s hold to De Anza  students.  While  the  Student  Services  Planning  and  Budget  Team  has  come  up  with  $2.4  million 

in proposed  cuts,  the  “IPBT  has  not  yet  come  up  with  a  list  of  targeted  cuts,  but  has  been  holding  many  hours  of  discussion  scrutinizing  details  of  every  program  and  many  courses in every division across  the  college,”  said  Karen  Chow,  president  of  the  academic  senate. Both  Chow  and  De  Anza  President  Brian  Murphy  make  it  clear  that  this  drastic  cut  in  funding  has  nothing  to  do  with  De Anza, but rather the state of  California. “None of us chose this crisis.   We  did  not  manufacture  the  state’s  inability  to  support  education,”  said  Murphy  in  a  letter to staff on May 31.  While  there  is  a  $2  million  gap between the best and worst  case  scenarios  for  budget  cuts, 

clearly neither  situation  is  a  good place to be.  Where  De  Anza  will  fall  in  these  cuts  rests  solely  on  Gov.  Jerry Brown’s tax initiative and  a competing ballot measure. If  the  governor’s  initiative  passes,  community  colleges  will  be  in  slightly  better  shape  with  some  of  the  more  severe  cuts  getting  bypassed.  The  competing measure focuses only  on funding for K­12 schools and  would  not  provide  any  relief  to  higher education. “Every  potential  cut  is  extremely  painful,”  said  Chow.  “The  impact  of  budget  cuts  on  !"#$%&"!'()**'+%'!),&)-'./&"01' According  to  Chow,  both  colleges  are  supposed  to  give  a  list of proposed reductions to the  district  by  June  30,  for  further  discussions  and  deliberation 

over the  summer.  The  district  board  of  trustees  will  be  23%!%&"%$' "4%' -'&/*' 23525!%$' cuts in the fall. No matter how it’s sliced, cuts  will be made and people will be  affected.    With  cost  of  tuition  continually  rising  for  higher  education,  many  students  may  be left without options. “It  is  impossible  to  avoid  the  obvious:  All  options  will  negatively  affect  our  students  and  their  families,”  as  well  as  staff and their families, Murphy  wrote.

ED CHUCK | La Voz Weekly

are ineffective.  Having  meeting  places would just give the shooter  more opportunities to kill. Other strategies suggested were  turning your body away from the  shooter  and  running  in  an  S­pat­ tern because smaller, moving tar­ gets are harder to hit. In  a  situation  where  running  )!&>"'/&'52")5&6'-'&$)&,'4/3$'.5=%3' and making yourself invisible are  the next priorities.

see SURVIVAL pg 3

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Journalism Association of Community Colleges | |


11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Hinson Campus Center, El Clemente  Room Educational workshop on therapy  provided and sponsored by Health  Services and Psychological Services.  Workshops are not intended to provide  diagnosis or treatment. Contact  Mary Sullivan for more information at


5 to 7:30 p.m. Euphrat Museum of Art A cultural program celebrating and  honoring De Anza authors, featuring  a panel dialogue with visiting artists,  refreshments and entertainment.  Sponsored by Euphrat Museum of Art,  !"#$%&$'"$()*+,-.$/'%+01$2*3,+%&.$045$ Multicultural Education, Humanities  Department, and Institute of Community  045$6+7+%$(4808&9&4,:$6'4,0%,$,;&$()*+,-$ !"#$%&$"'<$9'<&$+4"'<90,+'4$0,$=>?@?A=@ BCC?$'<$4&017&<'4+%0D5&04E0:&5*

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13 DE ANZA CUP: INTRAMURAL SOCCER TOURNAMENT 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. Soccer Field The event will include an intramural  soccer tournament. Food, drinks, music  will be included. Sponsored by LEAD.  Contact Marc Coronado for more  information at coronadomarc@deanza. edu


12:40 to 2:30 p.m. PE12U F<&&$G'3,@&7&4,$3G'<,3$903308&:$/+84$ up sheets are available at th Physical  (5*%0,+'4$!"#$%&$H''<I1'%0,&5$J&;+45$ the diving board). Contact Deb Tuck for  9'<&$+4"'<90,+'4$0,$=>?@?A=@?K>B$'<$



3 to 5 p.m. Visual & Performing Arts Center  Auditorium Do you sing? Act? Dance? Recite poetry/ spoken word? Are you an outspoken  activist? Start your summer off right  J-$0,,&45+48$,;+3$)*0<,&<1-$'G&4$9+%.$ hosted by the Creative Arts Department!   Anybody can watch, and participation is  limited to registered students of De Anza.  If you would like to perform, please arrive  J-$KL=B$G:9:


12:30 to 3:30 p.m. California History Center 6'9&$045$%&1&J<0,&$,;&$M>@-&0<$ anniversary of the Listening & Speaking  Center. There will be live entertainment,  8<&0,$"''5$045$G<+E&3$<0"N$&5$'"":$O0"N$&$ ,+%P&,3$0<&$QK$045$R+11$J&$070+10J1&$+4$ST$ C>=$045$0,$,;&$5''<$045$0,$0$,0J1&$3&,$ up between The Campus Center and the  ATC. Contact LSC for more information at  =>?@?A=@BC?B:


10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Sunken Garden and Conference Room A Ceremony followed by a community  dialogue in the second hour of the event  +4$6'4"&<&4%&$O''9$S:$6'4,0%,$2*1+&$ Lewis for more information at lewisjulie@


June 11, 2012

All Day Library S44*01$U+J<0<-$V''P$/01&$,;<'*8;$,;&$#$<3,$ week of summer session. Donations of  books, textbooks or paperbacks for the  sale are encouraged. Sponsored by the  1+J<0<-:$6'4,0%,$T<0%-$U09$0,$=>?@?A=@ ?=CW$'<$109,<0%-D5&04E0:&5*

LEARN ABOUT DEPRESSION 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Hinson Campus Center, El Clemente  Room Educational workshop on depression  provided and sponsored by Health  Services and Psychological Services.  Workshops are not intended to provide  diagnosis or treatment. Contact  Mary Sullivan for more information at


1:30 to 3:40 p.m. Multicultural Center The panel features Maia Sciupac of HEAT  Watch Alameda County and a LEAD  alumna. Contact Marc Coronado for more  information at coronadomarc@deanza. edu.


7:30 to 10 p.m. Visual & Performing Arts Center H055+'$V+8$V0453$"&0,*<+48$O045-$X+4@ cent, Mary Fettig, Mike Olmos and Dave  Eshelman perform at the VPAC. Tickets  are available at the door. Contact Bob  F0<<+48,'4$"'<$9'<&$+4"'<90,+'4$0,$=>?@ ?A=@?B>Y$'<$"0<<+48,'4<'J&<,D5&04E0:&5*


7 p.m. Visual & Performing Arts Center H04%&$G&<"'<904%&$J-$3G<+48$)*0<,&<$ 504%&$%1033$3,*5&4,3:$/G'43'<&5$J-$6<&@ ative Arts. Contact Warren Lucas for more  information at


7:30 p.m. Visual & Performing Arts Center

Symphonic Winds ensemble performs at  the VPAC. Admission is $5. Sponsored  J-$6<&0,+7&$S<,3$045$HS/V:$6'4,0%,$2';4$ O*33&11$"'<$9'<&$+4"'<90,+'4$0,$<*33&11@


2:30 p.m. Visual & Performing Arts Center Performance by Vintage Singers and  Chorale featuring choruses from opera  and musicals, Beach Boys, and the  V&0,1&3:$S59+33+'4$+3$QM>$"'<$8&4&<01$ audience and $5 for students. Sponsored  by Creative Arts and DASB. Contact Dr.  IIan Glasman for more information at


7 p.m. A11 (45$'"$,;&$)*0<,&<$G*J1+%$<&%+,01$J-$H&$S4E0$ music students. Admission for the concert  +3$"<&&:$/G'43'<&5$J-$6<&0,+7&$S<,3$@$Z*3+%$ Department. Contact Ron Dunn for more  information at


6:15 p.m. Writing and Reading Center ATC 309 !7&<$QC>>$+4$G<+E&3$0R0<5&5$5*<+48$,;&$ publication reading/celebration. Awards  8+7&4$,'$,;&$,'G$,;<&&$G'&,3.$#$%,+'4[%<&@ 0,+7&$4'4@#$%,+'4$R<+,&<3$045$0<,+3,3:$F'<$ more information, contact Ken Weisner at  =>?@?A=@BYWY:


Marc Coronado for more information at


9:30 to 4 p.m. California History Center Student curated exhibition features political  buttons, posters and other artifacts from  ,;&$MWA?$G<&3+5&4,+01$&1&%,+'43:$!G&4$,'$ the public, and class tours are available by  appointment or open hours. Contact Tom  \E*$"'<$9'<&$+4"'<90,+'4$0,$=>?@?A=@?W?A$ or


Monday,June 18 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunken Garden and Conference Room A   Community conversation on suicide &   $ 04,+@J*11-+4;$%'4"&<&4%& Tuesday, June 19 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Main Quad $ S57'%0,&$50-L$'<804+E0,+43$3*GG'<,+48$$   the LGBTQI community 3:30 to 6 p.m. MCC 11   Health & Wellness with guest speaker   $ 2';4$S45<&R3 Wednesday, June 20 11:30 a.m. to 1:20 p.m. MCC 13 $ ]^0+3$+3$V*<4+48_@$Z+4+$#$19$"&3,+701$045$$   discussion 6 to 9 p.m. MCC11   ]S$20;+5$"'<$U'7&_ Thursday, June 21 6 to 8 p.m. Euphrat Museum   An art, open mic and live perfomance     showcase

3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. California History Center Enjoy food, music and performance by  U'3$U*G&4'3$0,$,;&$&45@'"@,;&@-&0<$U(SH$ party. All are invited to the party. Contact 

The Making of the Western Mind Reserve your place NOW for Fall Quarter! Just across 85 from De Anza, FREE PARKING Meets once a week, with snacks and break Taught by Professor William Fredlund (Stanford Ph.D.) one of Silicon Valley’s most popular lecturers! 3 units of academic credit per quarter from UCSC Ext. 3 quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring): 9 total units transferable to De Anza, University of California, and other universities (letter grade available) Wednesday nights, 7:00 PM Fall Quarter: October 3 – December 10, 2012 Tuition: $335 (10 weeks)

INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION 10060 Bubb Road, Cupertino To register, call: (408) 864-4060 M-F 10 AM to 6 PM For required texts and syllabus, visit:

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June 11, 2012

from SURVIVAL pg 1 L+& %0,B& -& 7-+.)(50%& %!"0-"!5+C& what you  have  to  do  to  survive  8!.B"& +5"& 9)& %5& *6)-%-+"<& @"-::& -+7& :-,06"#& I)()& "(-!+)7& "5& *6-#& 7)-7& 9#& ,5M)(!+.& "B)!(& 957!)%& I!"B& "B)& -6()-7#& 7),)-%)7<& L+& -& 6-%"&7!",B&)::5("C&=-6)+30)6-&7)8­ onstrated  how  to  take  the  shoot­ )($%&I)-*5+&-I-#C&-:")(&IB!,B&"B)& M!,"!8&%B5067&"0(+&"B)&I)-*5+&5+& "B)&%B55")(< Q^5%"& %B55")(%& 75+$"& )P*),"& "5& .)"& 50"& -6!M)CA& %-!7& b)+5,B<& R:& 5M)(& NSS& !+,!7)+"%& %-8*6)7& !+&Q2,"!M)&@B55")(CA&-&a)I&c5(D& F56!,)& 1)*-("8)+"& *096!,-"!5+C& ZS& *)(,)+"& 5:& ,-%)%& )+7)7& !+& "B)& %B55")($%&%0!,!7)< 4B!):&J5+&?)M!+)&5:&"B)&\55"­ B!66K1)& 2+3-& 45880+!"#& 456­ 6).)& 1!%"(!,"& F56!,)& 1)*-("8)+"& %-!7&\b12&5:',)(%&B-M)&-66&9))+& "B(50.B& -,"!M)& %B55")(& "(-!+!+.& -+7&().06-(6#&*(-,"!,)&"B)!(&%D!66%<& b)& 8)+"!5+)7& "B)& -M-!6-9!6!"#& 5:& -+& )8)(.)+,#& +5"!',-"!5+& %#%­ ")8C&-M-!6-96)&"B(50.B&^#F5("-6< Q@"07)+"%& %B5067& 0+7)(%"-+7& "B-"& "B)& ,566).)& 7!%"(!,"& !%& ,58­ 8!"")7&"5&"B)!(&%-:)"#&!+&-66&%!"0-­ "!5+%CA&%-!7&?)M!+)<&Q/#&5::)(!+.& "B)& d-,"!M)& %B55")($& "(-!+!+.& "5& :-,06"#&-+7&%"-::C&I)&B5*)&"5&*()­ *-()&"B)8&:5(&-+#&-+7&-66&*5%%!9!6­ !"!)%&"B-"&8-#&-(!%)&5+&,-8*0%<A

STAFF VS STAFF - Staff and faculty familiarize themselves with non-firing weap- ED CHUCK | La Voz Weekly ons and practice take-away drills, reenacting take downs and fighting.

GET DOWN - UC Davis Police Sgt. Paul Henoch tests audience reaction in a typical firing stance in an active shooter simulation

ED CHUCK | La Voz Weekly

contact Ed Chuck at

VTA route changes will shorten commute time Mariah Bravo Staff Writer Valley Transportation  Author­ !"#$%& '(%"& %")*& !+& ,()-"!+.& -& /0%& Rapid  Transit  line  will  speed  up  1)&2+3-& 4566).)& %"07)+"%$& ,58­ 80")&9#&:-66&;0-(")(< =>2&%"-")7&!+&!"%&?!8!")7&@"5*& Line  323  Overview  “there  has  9))+&-&(),)+"&%0(.)&5:&@-+"-&46-(-& 450+"#& ()%!7)+"%& 0%!+.& *096!,& "(-+%*5("-"!5+<A& /(-+7!& 4B!67()%%C& 8)7!-& %*5D)%*)(%5+&:5(&@-+"-&46-(-&=-6­ 6)#&=>2C&-78!"%&"B-"&%!+,)&"B)&9)­ .!++!+.&5:&"B)&E,5&F-%%&F(5.(-8& GH& #)-(%& -.5C& "B)& ),5+58#& B-%& ,B-+.)7& 7(-%"!,-66#C& -+7& "B)& *(5­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

9#&%0**6)8)+"!+.&?!+)&NO<A >B)& ?!8!")7& ONO& 6!+)& I!66& 9)­ .!+&5+&@50"B&@")66!+.&J5-7C&-65+.& F-(D!+.& ?5"& 2C& -+7& ,5+"!+0)& "5& 75I+"5I+&@-+&T5%)<&?!8!")7&ONO& I!66&(0+&I))D7-#%&5+6#C&9)"I))+& UVOS& -<8<& "5& UVOS& *<8<& )M)(#& GW& 8!+0")%<& ?!8!")7& ONO& I!66& B-M)& 5+6#&NX&%"5*%&,58*-()7&"5&"B)&YZ& %"5*%&5:&?!+)&NO<&[+6!D)&?!+)&NOC& ?!8!")7&ONOC&"B)&(50")&75I+&@")­ M)+%&4())D&/506)M-(7C&,5+"!+0)%& %"(-!.B"&!+"5&@-+&4-(65%C&+5"&%"5*­ *!+.&-"&=-66)#&\-!(&>(-+%!"&4)+")(C& 90"& "B)()& I!66& 9)& -& %"5*& 9)"I))+& =-66)#&\-!(&-+7&@-+"-+-&J5I<&>B)& ,B-+.)&5:&"B)&/J>&I!66&+5"&-::),"& *(!,!+.&5:&"B)&E,5&F-%%&%"!,D)(%&5(& 1)&2+3-&%"07)+"%<& >B)& 9!..)(& /J>& *(5]),"& I!66& *(5M!7)& %)(M!,)%& :(58& 1)& 2+3-& 4566).)& "5& "B)& >(-+%!"& ^-66& !+& 75I+"5I+&@-+&T5%)C&90"&"B)&/J>& *(5]),"&%"!66&B-%&8!6)%&"5&.5&9):5()& !"&!%&-&'+!%B)7&*(570,"!5+<& Q_)& -()& ,0(()+"6#& !+& *()6!8!­ +-(#& *6-++!+.& 5:& "B!%& ,5((!75(CA& %-!7& 4B!67()%%C& Q-+7& I)& )P*),"& ()M)+0)& %)(M!,)& "5& 9).!+& !+& 6-")& NSGH<A F6-+%& :5(& "B)& /J>& *(5]),"& I!66& 9)&'+-6!3)7&!+&@)*")89)(<

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DASB past and future: newly elected senators sworn in Joann Pham Contributor a)I& %)+-"5(%& %-!7& .5579#)& "5& "B)&50".5!+.&%)+-"5(%&5:&NSGGKGN& -"&"B)&12@/&L+-0.0(-"!5+&!+&"B)& \!()%!7)&?50+.)&>0)%7-#C&T0+)&W<& E-,B&5:&"B)&:5(8)(&,B-!(%&5:&"B)& %!P&,588!""))%&!+&12@/&%*5D)&!+& B5+5(& 5:& "B)!(& 8)89)(%& -+7& "B)& %0,,)%%& 5:& "B)!(& ,588!""))%& :5(& "B)& NSGGKGN& ")(8C& ()e),"!+.& 5+& ;0!(D#& -%& I)66& -%& %)(!50%& "!8)%& "B(50.B50"&"B)&#)-(<& @B()#-& @B-+D-(C& "B)& :5(8)(& M!,)& ,B-!(& 5:& "B)& E+M!(5+8)+"-6& @0%"-!+-9!6!"#& 4588!""))& I-%& 7)%,(!9)7& 9#& 27(!-+& 2%90+C& "B)& :5(8)(& ,B-!(& 5:& E+M!(5+8)+"-6& @0%"-!+-9!6!"#C&-%&Q"B)&:0)6&"5&8#&

85"5(A& IB5& D)*"& B!8& 85"!M-")7& -950"&,588!""))&I5(D<& f0)%"%& -"& "B)& !+-0.0(-"!5+& !+­ ,607)7& ,566).)& *()%!7)+"& /(!-+& ^0(*B#C& %"07)+"& "(0%"))& E8!6#& g!++)(C&7)-+&5:&%"07)+"&7)M)65*­ 8)+"&^!,B)66)&?)/6)0&/0(+%C&-+7& ,566).)& 6!:)& -7M!%5(%& ?-& 15++-& c085(!Kg-D0&-+7&T5B+&45.+)""-< ^))(-&@0()%BC&"B)&:5(8)(&,B-!(& 5:& "B)& %"07)+"& (!.B"%& -+7& %)(­ M!,)%& ,588!""))& B5+5()7& >-6--"& -%& Q5+& *5!+"A& !+& B)(& I5(D& -%& -& '(%"K#)-(&%)+-"5(C&-+7&>-6--"&I-%& 6-")(&-I-(7)7&"B)&.6-%%&*6-;0)&:5(& Q^5%"&L+%*!(-"!5+-6&@)+-"5(<A& 2%& -& '+-6& I5(7& 5+& 9)B-6:& 5:& :5(8)(& %)+-"5(%C& %)+-"5(& ?))6-& Tanikella told  the  new  senators  5:&"B)!(&!8*)+7!+.&)P*)(!)+,)%&!+&

"B)& 12@/V& QL"& 06"!8-")6#& ,58)%& 75I+&"5&IB-"&#50&8-D)&5:&!"&-+7& B5I&80,B&B)-("&#50&*0"&!+"5&!"CA& despite what  other  senators  have  %-!7&!+&"B)&*-%"< 10(!+.& "B)& !+-0.0(-"!5+C& -66& 5:&"B)&:5(8)(&%)+-"5(%C&!+,607!+.& "B5%)&IB5&B-7&()%!.+)7&8!7K#)-(C& (),)!M)7& 8)7-6%& "5& B5+5(& "B)!(& I5(D&I!"B!+&"B)!(&,588!""))%<& \50(& %)+-"5(%& I)()& .!M)+& -7­ 7!"!5+-6&-I-(7%&:5(&%)+-"5(&5:&"B)& #)-(C&9)!+.&"B)&85%"&"(0%"I5("B#C& B-M!+.& 50"%"-+7!+.& 6)-7)(%B!*C& -+7&9)!+.&"B)&85%"&!+%*!(-"!5+-6C& IB!6)&"B)&:5(8)(&*()%!7)+"&5:&"B)& 12@/C&2(M!+7&J-M!,B-+7(-+C&()­ ,)!M)7&-&%*),!-6&-I-(7&:(58&-7M!­ %5(& 45.+)""-C& -+& B5+5(-(#& ,65,D& 85+5.(-88)7& I!"B& J-M!,B-+­

THE OLD WITH THE NEW - Several senators of the newly elected body are part of the 2011-2012 senate term, allowing the new senate to have a MAYLEA SAITO foundation of experience.

OLD FOLKS - The ex-De Anza Associated Student Body Student Senate gather for the last MAYLEA SAITO time at the 2012-2013 Senate Inauguration.

7(-+$%&+-8)&-+7&"B)&%)+-")&")(8<& >B)& ,588)85(-"!5+%& )+7)7& I!"B& -& ,65%!+.& %6!7)%B5I& 5:& "B)& :5(8)(&%)+-")&70(!+.&!"%&")(8&9)­ :5()& ,588)+,!+.& I!"B& "B)& *(5­ ,)%%&5:&%I)-(!+.&!+&"B)&+)I&%)+-­ "5(%<& J-M!,B-+7(-+& '(%"& %I5()& !+& "B)& +)I& 12@/& *()%!7)+"C& F-965& h-85(-+5C&IB5&%I5()&!+&"B)&()%"& 5:& "B)& +)I& 8)89)(%C& )-,B& (),!"­ !+.& "B)& 12@/& R-"B& 5:& R:',)& "5& 0*B567&%)+-")&,57)%&-+7&9#6-I%<& >B)&+)I&%)+-")&8)"&:5(&!"%&'(%"& 5:',!-6&8))"!+.&!+&@"07)+"&450+­ ,!6&4B-89)(%&5+&_)7+)%7-#&T0+)& UC&"B)&7-#&-:")(&"B)&L+-0.0(-"!5+C& "5&*(5,))7&I!"B&*096!,&-++50+,)­ 8)+"%C& 7!%,0%%!5+%C& 85"!5+%C& -8)+78)+"%C& -**(5M-6%C& -+7& 59­ ]),"!5+%<& The new  senate  dealt  with  its  '(%"& ,5+"(5M)(%!-6& "-%D& 5:& "B)& ")(8V& -**(5M!+.& "B)& ,B-!(& )6),­ "!5+& *(5,)70()& :5(& )-,B& ,588!"­ "))<&2:")(&"B())&*(5*5%)7&-8)+7­ 8)+"%C&"B)&%)+-")&I-%&'+-66#&-96)& "5& -.())& -685%"& 0+-+!850%6#& on  the  proposal  that  all  senators 


*-("!,!*-")&-%&-&.(50*&!+&)6),"!+.& )-,B&5:&"B)&%!P&,B-!(%C&.!M!+.&)-,B& +58!+-"!5+&"I5&8!+0")%&"5&%*)-D& -+7& "B())& 8!+0")%& :5(& -& i& j& 2& %)%%!5+&-:")(I-(7%<& 4588!""))& 8)89)(%B!*& -+7& ,B-!(%& 5:& "B)& ,588!""))%& I!66& 9)& ,B5%)+& +)P"& I))D& !+& "B)& %),­ 5+7& 5:',!-6& 8))"!+.<& 10(!+.& "B)& I-(8K0*& )P)(,!%)%& :5(& 8)89)(%& "5& %)6),"& *5")+"!-6& ,588!""))%& 5:& "B)!(& !+")()%"%C& %)+-"5(%& 7!%,5M­ )()7& "B-"& "I5& ,588!""))%& -()& !+& 7-+.)(& 5:& 9)!+.& 0+7)(()*()%)+"­ )7V& )+M!(5+8)+"-6& %0%"-!+-9!6!"#& -+7&8-(D)"!+.<& _!"B& -& B5%"& 5:& 70"!)%& I-!"!+.& :5(& "B)& +)I& %)+-"5(%& !+& "B)& %08­ 8)(C& !+,58!+.& *()%!7)+"& h-85­ (-+5& B5*)%& "5& .)"& "B)& ,B-!(%& :5(& )-,B&,588!""))&)6),")7&-%&%55+&-%& *5%%!96)&-+7&:5(&"B)&%*-,)%&I!"B!+& )-,B&,588!""))&"5&9)&-7);0-")6#& '66)7<

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Features | 4

June 11, 2012

Environmental Studies program !"#$%"&%'()*&+)(&*"'%,-+.!*" Leila Forouhi Opinions Editor De Anza College hosted a wild­ life celebration at the Kirsch Cen­ ter for Environmental Studies on  May 31.  !"#$ #%#&'$ (#)*+&,-#.$ '"#$ /(0'$ publication  of  “Safe  Passage  for  Coyote Valley,” a student­led re­ search  project  that  aims  to  bring  protection  to  the  Coyote  Valley  Wildlife Corridor.   The  publication  is  a  milestone  in ongoing work by students, fac­ ulty and community members. The  Wildlife  Corridor  Tech­ nician  program  started  over  six  years  ago  under  the  guidance  of  environmental  studies  professor  Julie Phillips, who drew attention  to the important role Coyote Val­ ley plays in the movement of lo­ cal wildlife. “De Anza  students  have  docu­ mented over 200 wildlife species  that cross Coyote Valley, located  in southeastern San Jose between  the Santa Cruz Mountains and Di­ ablo Range,” said Phillips.“Their  1*(2$"30$4##&$5,%*'36$,&$,&78#&)­ ing  decision  makers  to  conserve  the area.” The  opportunity  for  students  to  research  local  wildlife  is  part  of the environmental stewardship  program  offered  by  the  environ­ mental studies department.  “This  whole  process  has  been  a  true  awakening  for  me,  and  it 

helped me  mature  to  everything  in  my  life,”  said  environmental  studies  major  and  wildlife  corri­ dor team leader Richard Malupo,  28.  Since  2009,  the  program  has  *99#(#.$)#(',/)3',*&$'*$0'8.#&'0$30$ wildlife corridor technicians. “It’s  been  very  inspirational  ­­  the ethics passed down have been  instrumental to everything in my  career  with  the  environment,”  said  26­year­old  Josh  Goodwin,  a former wildlife corridor student  team  leader  who  was  honored  at  the celebration. Additionally,  students  have  learned  the  importance  of  part­ nering  with  community  organi­ zations  and  local  agencies.  The  Amah  Mutsun  Tribal  Band  of  Ohlone/Costanoan  Indians,  Cali­ fornia  Department  of  Fish  and  Game, City of San Jose, Commit­ tee  for  Green  Foothills,  Green­ belt Alliance,  Santa  Clara Valley  Transit  Authority  and  U.S.  Fish  and  Wildlife  Service  are  among  the collaborators in the project. :;<#$ 1#(#=$ /+"',&+$ 9*($ >*?­ ote Valley when we didn’t have a  lot of hope,” said Brian Schmidt,  who  was  acknowledged  for  his  advocacy with the Committee for  Green Foothills. “This is an honor  being associated with it.”

MR. PRESIDENT - Brian Murphy addresses the crowd after receiving his copy of the publication “Safe Passage” on May 31.

HONOREES OF THE WILDLIFE PROGRAM REPRESENT (below left) - Student interns with the Wildlife Corridor Technician program gather for a quick snapshot at the event at the Kirsch Center on May 31.

A MAP OF MOUNTAIN RANGES (below right) - Professor Julie Phillips presents findings on the wildlife corridor in Coyote Valley located between the Santa Cruz and Diablo mountain ranges in southeast San Jose.

Photos courtesy of Julie Ceballos

A rare beauty: the transit of Venus Brenda Norrie Features Editor

“It was beautiful,”  said  Eric  Peterson,  astronomy professor  at De Anza College,  1"*$4(,#7?$13')"#.$ the  rare  moment  of  the  “twin  planet”  passing  in  between  Earth and the sun on  June 5. Geology professor  Marek  Cichanski  set  up  the  telescope 

for curious  eyes  on  campus  before  the  sun  disappeared  for  the  day,  and  also  talked  about  the  event.  It was the last oc­ curence  this  life­ time, as the next one  won’t  come  until  December 2117.

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“The Knight of the Burning Pestle”

A play review Alix Metanat Sports Editor Francis Beaumont’s  amusing  mashup  play  is  an  English­lan­ guage  parody  that  played  from   May 25 until June 10 at Foothill  Theatre.  The  play,  directed  by  Tom  Gough,  satirizes  17th  Century  London  society,  and  is  full  of  naughty  innuendos  and  tongue­ in­cheek  dialogue.  At  the  same  time,  it’s  a  pleasure  to  hear  the  language  of  the  play  articulated  so well by a well­versed cast. The fourth wall is immediately  broken  as  a  grocer  and  his  wife,  along  with  the  grocer’s  entou­ rage,  interrupt  a  troupe  of  play­ ers  in  their  production  of  “The  London  Merchant.”  The  couple  insists  on  having  the  grocer’s  dim­witted  apprentice  Rafe  star  as a lead character.  Naturally,  the  theatrical  com­ pany  is  forced  to  work  around 

photo by Foothill College

Rafe’s intrusion.  Rafe  gladly  be­ comes his own character, and thus  we are introduced to “The Knight  of  the  Burning  Pestle,”  and  his  trusty  sidekicks,  a  dwarf  and  a  squire.  The  cast  starts  off  with  Jim  Johnson  as  George  the  Grocer;  Lori Grass as the Grocer’s Wife;  and Joshua Messick as Rafe. The  production  team  includes  director  Tom  Gough,  scenic  de­ sign by Carlos Aceves and Thom­ as  Weaver,  costume  design  by  Julie Engelbrecht, lighting design  by  Streven  Mandoli,  technical  direction  by  Bruce  McLeod,  and  Julia Rotakhina as stage manager.  With its sharp and clever stag­ ,&+$ 3&.$ 3$ 0*6,.$ )*@53&?$ *9$ /&#$ comic actors, “The Knight of the  Burning Pestle” provides farcical   entertainment.

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ED CHUCK | La Voz Weekly

5 | Sports

June 11, 2012

What sport would YOU like to see at De Anza? La Voz Weekly is conducting a poll to see which sports De Anza students would like to have offered. Find us on Facebook at “La Voz Weekly” and participate in the poll!


Soccer star graduating Jay Chow Staff Writer Demba  Diallo  is  a  25­year­old  history and kinesiology major.  He was born in Mali, West Af­ rica  and  lived  there  until  he  was  17.  He  started  playing  soccer  at  the age of 4 and has played on the  De Anza College soccer team un­ til his graduation this spring.  He  says  that  he’s  had  to  over­ come  many  obstacles  in  his  life,  *'=/2(*'<#!#$>,?8,!%#+!=@#*'02%8-# a  three­year  ankle  injury,  and  a  "1"!/#/1&&#14#$"',&&#!&#.,//#!&#3!­ jor weight gain that followed. But  he says that of all those obstacles,  the biggest obstacle he faced was  the way he was treated by others  during his hard times. Yet through  hard work, patience, and faith, he  was able to overcome. As  someone  who  has  been  around  longer  than  any  of  the  other  players,  Demba  has  seen  both good and the bad times. He  was part of the division and con­ ference  winning  team  of  2007  and also part of this year’s team,  which he says, was the worst year  as a program.  But says, “I would not trade [the  good  times]  for  anything;  times  .),'#.,#.,%,#$<)"*'<#&1#)!%(#41%# our  school  and  times  where  you  meet  so  many  great  people  and  share so much. De Anza provides  a lot in terms of personnel, plac­ es, and experiences that no other  place can offer.”   Demba  has  enjoyed  working 

under Colin  Lindores,  who  has  +,,'# /*@,# !# <%!'(4!"),%# $<2%,# "1# him  and  the  team.  “[Colin  Lin­ dores] is one of the most respect­ ful, responsible, mature, wise and  humble  person  that  I  have  ever  had  the  honor  to  came  across  in  my  life,  as  his  people  skills  will  get  everything  out  of  a  player,”  Demba says. Current coach Mark  Landefeld  is  doing  a  great  job  with the program, Demba adds. Demba’s  most  memorable  game  was  this  past  Fall  against  current  State  Champions  Mount  San Antonio in Los Angeles.   He  recalls.  “I  think  I  covered  more  ground  that  day  than  any  other  day  in  my  life  and  so  did  my teammates. We unfortunately  lost to two late penalty kicks, but  it  was  one  those  few  days  I  felt  so proud of being part of the pro­ gram.” Demba will pursue a bachelors  and  masters  in  History  and  Ki­ nesiology  at  Cal  State  East  Bay,  along  with  coaching  licenses  in  the  next  three  years.  He  says  he  plans  to  coach  and  teach  at  the  community  college  level  and  hopes to someday coach interna­ tional level.   He  credits  many  for  his  suc­ cess:  God,  his  late  grandmother,  Mother  Theresa,  John  Paul  II,  Michael  Jackson,  London  Dono­ van,  Thierry  Henry,  and  Colin  Lindores. 

Softball Players of the Year Casey Showalter Sophomore Casey Showalter is  on her way to Menlo College next  year as a business major, continu­ ing her softball and academic ca­ reer at a four­year college. As  a  utility  player,  she  made  appearances  at  three  different  positions  this  year  ­­  the  corners  !"#$%&"#!'(#")*%(#+!&,-#!&#.,//#!&# pitcher.

Tawni Jobke  is  a  freshman  012%'!/*&3#3!01%#!'(#*'$,/(,%#41%# the De Anza Dons softball team. Jobke’s  focus  on  offense  and  teamwork led to many opportuni­ ties to prove herself, allowing her  to  earn  a  conference­leading  13  home runs. One  of  her  goals  was  to  make  it  into  the  postseason  this  year, 

!" Pizza: Asian Chicken  w/ Scallions & Sesame  Dressing !" Salad: Chinese  Chicken !" Pasta: Beef Stroganoff

Taylor McCloud, freshman, is  studying kinesiology at De Anza  while  playing  third  base  for  the  softball team. McCloud  had  to  overcome  a  hand injury this season in order to  improve her offensive game. Her  hard  work  and  dedication  paid  off when she boosted her batting  average  and  notched  in  the  most  runs of the team this year.


!" Pizza: Hamburger  Cheddar !" PANZANELLA SALAD:  Smoked Ham, Cherry  Tomatoes, Basil,  Provolone, Pepperocini,  Romaine, Spring  Mix with Toasted  Torn Sourdough and  Balsamic Vinagerette !" Pasta: Southwestern  Pasta

which the  Lady  Dons  accom­ plished  in  April’s  games  against  Sierra College. Jobke  is  looking  forward  to  coming  back  and  working  with  next season’s new talent. She  was  named  MVP  of  the  Coast­North  Division  Confer­ ence,  CalJC  All­American  In­ $,/(,%-#!'(#5//#6"!",#7/!8,%9

Taylor McCloud

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“My favorite  has  always  been  third  base,”  said  Showalter.  “It’s  a different mentality.” Recently named De Anza Col­ lege’s  female  scholar­athlete  of  the  year,  Showalter  earned  a  $1,000 scholarship. Her other accomplishments in­ clude All NorCal and First Team  All League awards.

Tawni Jobke

De Anza College Menu: Dining Services June 11 ­ June 15 MONDAY

photos and interviews by ED CHUCK

!" Pizza: Margarita !" Salad: Spring Greens,  Fresh Apple, Candied  Walnuts, Cranberries,  Blue Cheese and Oil &  Balsamic Dressing !" WORLD RISOTTO  LEBANON: Lebanese  Braised Lamb Risotto,  Sun Dried Tomato,  Garbanzo Bean, Feta  Cheese, Roasted Pine  Nuts and a Coriander  Cumin Yogurt

Page 5 | Sports |

“I started when I was 8 at a lo­ cal  rec  league,”  said  McCloud,  who has played third base almost  her whole softball career. Her goals are to continue prov­ ing herself at her current position  and  to  raise  her  batting  average  from .412 into the .450s. McCloud  was  named  a  First  :,!3# 5//# ;,!<2,# *'$,/(,%# ")*&# year.

For all of your on­campus dining needs, visit the FOOD COURT in the upper level of the Hinson Campus Center THURSDAY

!" Sun­Dried Tomato, Caramel­ ized Onion & Feta !" Salad: Southwestern Chicken !" Pasta: Broccoli Bow Tie Pasta

Flatbread Naan: The Club ­ The Caesar ­ The 

Bombay, combined with a small salad Burger of the Week: Indian Burger ­ Premium Beef  Flavored with Korma Spices served with a Sweet  Chutney and Raiita

Sports | 6

June 11, 2012


Upstream battle of Santa Clara fish

“What new sport would you like to incorporate into the 2012 Olympic games?” Julianna Trejo, 18, Message therapy

“Walking in heels. They are definitely hard. Especially the higher the heels are, the harder the walk. I’d like to see guys walking in heels; make them wear the other shoe.”

Santa Clara Valley Water District Photo

Peter Pham, 18, 01*2$/&*/"1& “We should add [skateboarding]

because there are so many good skateboarders around the world that don’t compete against each other, I’d like to see that somehow incorporated.”

Kelly Tanimura, 20 !"#$%&##'('%)%*&')%+' ,-.$/$*).'#*$&%*&

“I really want them to put softball back in, because I used to play softball, and when I was little I wanted to go to the Olympics for softball. Then they cut it.”

<2&)'=&1%)%+&>9':;9' 3-44"%$*)/$-%#

“Tree hugging. Whoever can hug the most trees and give the most love because that just sounds like its fun. I think that would be fun—to see people going around hugging trees, instead of going around tearing muscles and limbs off each other, and try to get a gold medal in sports I don’t care about.”

Andrew Puckett Staff Writer


Having grown  up  as  a  Boy  Scout  in  the  Bay  !"#$%& '& ($)#& *$+,& -.+/& *#*."0#1& .-& 2&1(0+3& 0+& Santa  Clara  County  lakes.  Many  of  my  after­ noons were spent lazing next to the water with a  cool drink and a snack, joking with friends as we  4$53(6&$&-#7&2&1(8&&90++#"&7$1&6(#&:#168&;#&7.5</&& ".$16&.5"&-"#1(&4$64(#1&.)#"&6(#&4$*=2&"#&$+/&#+> joy a delicious meal together. ?$/&7$6#"1&+.6&:##+&16.4@#/&706(&2&1(#",>"#$"#/& trout, I may not have those childhood memories.  A(#& B$<0-."+0$& 9#=$"6*#+6& .-& C01(& $+/& D$*#& 4$+& +.& <.+3#"& 16.4@& 6".56& #$10<,8& A7.& +.+>=".2&6& conservation  groups,  The  Center  for  Biological  90)#"106,&$+/&6(#&E$402&4&F0)#"1&B.5+40<%&:".53(6& 1506& $3$0+16& 6(#& 9CD& 0+& GHHI%& $<<#30+3& 6(#& 9CD& was  not  determining  the  ecological  impact  of  16.4@0+3& 7$6#"1& 706(& ($64(#",>"#$"#/& 2&1(& 706(& sound science.  Of  the  eight  lakes  in  the  county,  half  of  them  ($)#&,#6&6.&:#&"#)0#7#/%&0+4<5/0+3&J6#)#+1&B"##@& F#1#").0"%&<#$)0+3&6(#*&.+&6(#&K/.&+.6&16.4@L&<0168 KM.&15")#,1&$"#&45""#+6<,&:#0+3&4.+/546#/%L& 1$0/& D#."3#& M#0<<$+/1%& 1#+0."& #+)0".+*#+6$<& 140#+6016&15=#")01."&.-&6(#&2&1(0+3&3$*#&/#=$"6> *#+61& >& N$,& 9#<6$& F#30.+8& KA(#& 9#=$"6*#+6& does not have the manpower and time. 

0%?&.'0.*)>)19':@9' !"#$%&##')+4$%$#/1)/$-%' 4)18&/$%?')%+' management

“Mixed martial arts because we already have UFC but that’s like payper-view stuff. But it would be actually cool to see people who are dedicated. This is for honor so that would be a cool thing to put in.”

04$5)'6)7+&8)19':;9 !$-*2&4$#/15

“I would say cricket because it’s a really popular sport in India and in England. So I would like to see it in the Olympics.”

Christopher Garvin, 21, 3-44"%$*)/$-%#

“I wish [there could be] football. But since it’s not really international, throughout the world, I don’t see that happening soon. But that would be really fun for me to see.”


Page 6 | Sports |

A(#& N$,>9#<6$& J=."6& C01(0+3& O+($+4#*#+6& Stamp Program, a local tax  for the sale of sport  2&1(0+3&<04#+1#1%&7$1&/#)#<.=#/&&6.&:#+#2&6&K1=."6& 2&1(0+3& .==."65+060#1%& $+/& $+3<#"1& 706(0+& 6(#& 16$*=P1& 3#.3"$=(04& "$+3#%L& $44."/0+3& 6.& 6(#& /#> =$"6*#+6P1& 7#:106#8& A(#& =".3"$*& 4.5</& 1=#+/& up  to  $1  million  a  year  on  projects.  Santa  Clara  County waters did not fall within the geographic  "$+3#%&6(.53(&=$"6&.-&6(#&N$,&9#<6$&F#30.+8 KA(#&=5"=.1#&.-&6(#&16$*=&7$1&6.&-5+/&=".Q#461& 6($6&:#+#2&6&1=."6&2&1(#"0#1%&1=."6&2&1(0+3&.==."65> +060#1%&$+/&$+3<#"1&0+&6(#&J$+&C"$+4014.&N$,&9#<6$& and  the  Sacramento  and  San  Joaquin  rivers  and  6(#0"&*$Q."&6"0:56$"0#1&5=&6.&6(#&*.16&/.7+16"#$*& /$*%L&1$0/&R$"#+&S064(#<<%&#+)0".+*#+6$<&140#+> 6016&$6&6(#&/#=$"6*#+61&2&1(#"0#1&:"$+4(8 The  department  funded  ecological  studies  of  J0#""$& M#)$/$& ;0</#"+#11& <$@#1%& $11#110+3& .)#"& TH&=#"4#+6&.-&7$6#"1&:,&GHHU8&!:.56&.+#&6(0"/&.-& 6(#1#&7$6#"1&7#"#&=<$4#/&5+/#"&$V5$604&:0./0)#"> sity plans.  But Santa Clara County waters did not receive  such treatment.

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June 11, 2012

LA VOZ WEEKLY Editorial and Advertising Offices are located at L-Quad Room 41 21250 Stevens Creek Blvd. Cupertino, CA 95014 P: (408) 864-5626 F: (408) 864-5533

Loss of state parks would hurt state image

E: W:

EDITORIAL BOARD Sara Gobets | Editor in Chief Vivian Nguyen | Production Manager Ailya Naqvi | Managing Editor Leila Forouhi | Opinion Editor

Ami Bruce Staff Writer

BUSINESS STAFF Cecilia Deck | Faculty Adviser Walter Alvardo | Lab Technician Michael Mannina | Business Manager

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Pause for a moment and think  about how many times you have  experienced  going  out  to  nature  !!" #$" %&" '()" *" +$,-" &)%./" .,$*01)$" or work.  Think  about  the  time  you  and  other  tourists  ­­  who  play  an  important role in our economy ­­  have enjoyed these areas. Although  we  are  surrounded  #2" 3*&1)*," #$*1&2" %3" 4*,%'()3%*/" Gov.  Jerry  Brown  recently  announced  the  possible  closure  of 70 of our 278 state parks due  to budget cuts.  There  is  more  that  goes  into  making  a  community  desirable  than  jobs  and  school  ­­  what  is  offered to the community through  natural  areas  cannot  be  replaced  by  great  restaurants  or  shopping  malls. One  of  the  reasons  the  Bay  Area is so popular is because we  are  spoiled.    We  have  access  to  just  about  everything  we  want  !!"51,&1)$/"*)&0/"3*&1)$"!!"6%&7%3"*" short drive.  Many of those short  drives lead us to state parks. While  we  may  not  use  them  -*%,2/" 0&*&$" .*)80" *)$" %9.()&*3&" for  a  healthy  lifestyle  and  $3:%)(39$3&/" *3-" *)$" 10$-" #2" everyone no matter what age. 

to air personal grievances. La Voz does not guarentee that submissions and letters to the editors will be printed. La Voz reserves the right to edit letters and submissions for clarify in accordance with Associated Press writing style. Letters submitted for the printed edition of LA Voz Weekly may be published in the online

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according to SF Gate. I appreciate Brown’s attempt to  +D"&7$"0&*&$<""E$"%0".)(*5&%:$"*3-" diligent in his efforts.  But he may  have  lost  his  marbles  thinking  that cutting parks would have any  )$*,"#$3$+&"&("4*,%'()3%*30"%3"&7$" end. Most  people  are  not  aware  of  the  ins  and  outs  of  the  state  #1-;$&" *3-" +;1)%3;" (1&" 7(6" &(" 7*3-,$" &7$" -$+5%&" 5*3" #$" &)%582" business.  F" -(3G&" #$,%$:$/" 7(6$:$)/" &7*&" the closure of state parks is going  &("0*:$"10"*32"0%;3%+5*3&"*9(13&" of  money  in  the  long  run  when  5(9.*)$-"6%&7"&7$"*5&1*,"-$+5%&<"" State  parks  are  vital  to  what  California is all about.  I  have  to  wonder  if  there  are  other areas that can be examined  and  if  cutting  funding  to  state  parks  is  just  a  stupid  decision  6%&7")*9%+5*&%(30"'*)";)$*&$)"&7*3" what most would anticipate.

contact Ami Bruce at

SERENITY - Boulder Creek winds its way through the trees of Big Basin State Park

SARA GOBETS | La Voz Weekly

Nintendo’s Wii U lags behind


for which it recieves press releases. Contact

Silicon Valley  is  a  high­stress  *)$*" (3" %&0" (63/" %;3()%3;" &7$" other  stressors  of  daily  life  like  057((,/" '*9%,2/" *3-" #%,,0<" =3$" ('" the greatest ways to relieve stress  is walking and being in nature.  Our state parks provide a release  ')(9" *,," &7$" &$30%(3/" .)(:%-%3;" tranquility  and  allowing  visitors  to  get  away  from  the  hubbub  of  daily life. 4*0&,$" >(58" ?&*&$" @*)8/" located  along  the  crest  of  the  ?*3&*" 4)1A" B(13&*%30/" %0" (3$" ('" my  favorite  local  parks  and  has  received  a  temporary  closure  reprieve  for  one  year  thanks  to  the Sempervirens Fund land trust.  Twelve  additional  parks  so  far  have  received  these  temporary  reprieves.  While  this  is  great  3$60/" &7$" 8$2" 6()-" 7$)$" %0" “temporary.”   Fifty­seven  out  of  278  state  parks are technically still at risk.   Not  only  is  our  own  personal  enjoyment  and  sense  of  calm  at  0&*8$/"0("*)$"&7$"C(#0"('"&7$"9*32" 6()8$)0"$9.,(2$-"*&"&7$0$".*)80/"

Nintendo’s “Wii U” came years  late  to  a  party  that  has  almost  ended  in  an  attempt  to  set  itself  among  the  caliber  of  the  Xbox  360  and  PlayStation  3  by  being  5*.*#,$"('"HIJI."7%;7"-$+3%&%(3" )$0(,1&%(3/" Nintendo  discussed  a  variety  of new video game titles that will  be among the launch list for Wii  U’s  new  6.2  inch  touchscreen  “GamePad”  controller.  The  GamePad  was  showcased  at  the  annual  Electronic  Entertainment  KD.("%3"L(0"M3;$,$0"&7%0"9(3&7/" Reuters stated. What  Nintendo  has  presented  at  this  year’s  E3  convention  for 

&7$"0$5(3-"2$*)"%3"*")(6/"7(6$:$)/" shows just  how  far  behind  the  company really is.  The  limited  ability  of  the  Wii  U  to  handle  the  intense  graphic  qualities of the latest productions  was obvious to video gamers and  developers since its initial release  in November 2006.  Nintendo  has  subsequently  #$$3" ,$'&" (1&" ('" &7$" &)1$/" 3$D&! generation  quality  contest  that  has continued between Microsoft  *3-" ?(32/" $''$5&%:$,2" 51&&%3;" &7$" Wii U out of large portions of the  gaming market.  Now  with  the  latest  claims  of  the  Wii  U  being  capable  of  bringing  back  the  serious  gamer  demographic and the presentation  ('" &7$" 3$6" N*9$@*-" 5(3&)(,,$)/" developers  are  seriously  considering  making  their  games  for the new Nintendo platform as  well. With the possibility of the next  generation  of  graphic  quality  5(9%3;"(1&"*)(13-"OIHP/"&7$"Q%%"

U is presented as being built upon  similar  concepts  and  capabilities  as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation  3 ­­ consoles that were made over  5 years ago.  With  no  clear  presentation  of  new  consoles  on  the  part  of  B%5)(0('&"()"?(32/"&7$"5(9.*3%$0" are  likely  working  on  their  next  generations.  M0%-$"')(9"5(9%3;"%3",*&$/"Q%%" U  will  have  problems  selling;  especially if Nintendo releases it  around  the  same  time  Microsoft  and  Sony  announce  their  new  consoles.  Video game developers should  pass  over  the Wii  U  in  releasing  new  software  and  instead  focus  on  platforms  that  will  be  able  &(" )13" &7$%)" .)(-15&0/" ,%8$" &7$" hypothetical  Xbox  720  or  PlayStation 4.  

Page 7 | Opinions |

contact Greg Anderson at

Colleges should reconsider support for Brown initiative

Leila Forouhi Opinions Editor California community colleges  are  making  a  huge  mistake  by  throwing  their  support  behind  Gov.  Jerry  Brown’s  California  R*D"E%8$"F3%&%*&%:$"&("0*:$".1#,%5" education  from  severe  budget  cuts.  F3"*3"1,&%9*&19"&("4*,%'()3%*30/" Brown  has  threatened  to  cut  $5.2  billion  from  K­12  public  $-15*&%(3/" SH<O" #%,,%(3" ')(9" state  Medi­Cal  programs  and  SJII" 9%,,%(3" ')(9" T4/" 4?T" and  community  colleges  if  his  regressive  tax  measure  does  not  pass the November ballot.  The  possibility  of  additional  cuts  to  public  education  has  left  community  colleges  no  other  choice  than  to  consider  cutting  essential  programs  and  services.  De Anza  College  risks  losing  10  or  more  full­time  counselors  as  6$,," *0" &7$"M00$009$3&" ='+5$" %'" &7$" '13-%3;" %0" 51&<" M--%&%(3*,,2/" Brown  has  proposed  cuts  to  Cal  N)*3&0/" $''$5&%:$,2" &7)(6%3;" thousands  of  low­  and  middle­ income college students under the  bus who rely on state aid for their  education.  >$;)$00%:$"&*D$0/"0157"*0"&7$"HUP" cent sales tax increase in Brown’s  %3%&%*&%:$/"6(1,-"7%&"&7(0$"*,)$*-2" 0&)1;;,%3;"&("01):%:$"&7$"7*)-$0&/" as  15.8  percent  or  5.78  million  Californians currently live below  &7$".(:$)&2",%3$/"*55()-%3;"&("&7$" most  recent  U.S.  Census  Bureau  +;1)$0<" L%8$"*3"(:$)0%A$-"#1,,2/"V)(63" has  targeted  essential  programs  that working class people depend  on rather than looking deeper into  the  causes  of  the  state’s  budget  -$+5%&<" K-15*&%(3" *3-" 6$,'*)$" 0$):%5$0"*)$"*,6*20"+)0&"&("#$"51&" because  they  hold  little  value  to  politicians.  If Brown wants to bring about  W*"-*2"('")$58(3%3;/X"F"01;;$0&"7$" 0&*)&0" 6%&7" 51&&%3;" 7%0" SHYZ/[JY" *331*," 0*,*)2/" '(,,(6$-" #2" &7$" 0*,*)%$0"('"(&7$)"0&*&$".(,%&%5%*30/" most  of  whom  make  well  over  SHII/III" .$)" 2$*)<" F3&$)$0&%3;,2/" Brown  himself  would  escape  the  increase  in  income  tax  if  7%0" %3%&%*&%:$" .*00$0/" 0%35$" %&" would effect only people making  SO\I/III"()"9()$".$)"2$*)<" California voters have different  (.&%(30/" 7(6$:$)/" %35,1-%3;" &7$" Tax  for  Education  and  Early  47%,-7((-" @)(;)*90" %3%&%*&%:$/" which  would  increase  income  taxes  based  on  a  sliding  scale  to  help  fund  K­12  education  and  repay state debt. 

contact Leila Forouhi at

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June 11, 2012


Answers from last week:

6,783(#:#'+>>%'(#'>+**@+>)#:-)#>%'%3I%#(@+#9>%%#(3'Q%(*#(+#T2,%234?(#O?%:(>%*#U@?32%#*,1123%*#2:*(V"# 6,783(#%-(>3%*#(+#(?%#G:#W+X#Y%%Q2M#+9Z#'%#$++8#G[#B;\# ]# C-'2,)%#-:8%#:-)#%8:32#+-#[#*,783**3+-*"# ]# Y3--%>*#13'Q3-4#,1#(3'Q%(* 12%:*%#I3*3(#(?%#-%@*>++8#+-#(?%#9+22+@3-4#):M*^ !" Tues/Thurs after 1 p.m.


ACROSS !"#$%&#%'(%)#*+,-) ."#/01%223-4 5"#6,783**3+-#(+# 9:(% ;<"#=:>(#+9#*1%%'? ;;"#6%@3-4#':*% ;A"#6,-*?3-% ;B"#C-?:73(:-(#+9# D:*?83> ;E"#F,22 ;."#G%(#3(#*(:-)

A<"#$,)% AA"#H%,):2#+I%>2+>) AJ"#63*(%>* DOWN ;"#/34?(?#1:>(#+9#:# '3>'2% A"#H%83-3-% J"#K7+83-:72%# *-+@8:B"#L?3-%*%#8+-%M N"#OM1%#+9#4,-

E"#6(>+-4#9+>@:>)# >,*? ;A"#P(?%#7>%:Q3-4# 1+3-(R ;J"#62+(?9,2 ;N"#L:I3(M#3-#:#7+)M# +>4:;!"#6%>I3-4# (%81+>:>32M ;5"#K7+,-) A;"#S++)2,8

BLUELIGHT CINEMAS Tickets only $3.75!* (with a valid student ID. !"#$%&'()*+&,-+)-+&)(.'#,-$)'+/-/'0'+1)2)$0(3

!"#$%&"'()*+%,$-)%)($'''./01+0)2&(3)4+*5%.3"*$ "#$3500$6789:$;<<=;<<; ;>;?<$@(+-+4%$A#++B$C0-D.,$A1E+#()4",$F<8>7

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