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Welcome to The Archer, the official District II Newsletter. It will be published three times a year, Fall, Spring, and Summer. In order to continue with this publication, we must work as a team and continue to send contributions. The Archer is a great tool to keep lines of communication open between our undergraduates and alumni sisters, promote our events on a district level and a platform to celebrate our sisterhood. I hope you enjoy the publication and remember to always wear your invisible crown. - District II E-Board DESIGN AND LAYOUT: Vivianne Jimenez, Destinidas Chapter ON THE COVER Formula 81 Team Photographed by Jailene Burgos, Mosaic Chapter PROOF READER Roslynn Figueroa, Emeritus Chapter CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Melissa Francis, Siksika Chapter Cynthia Henriquez, Siksika Chapter Jennifer Santos, Siksika Chapter Blanca Mejia Jackson, Matriarca Chapter Darlene Santos, Matriarca Chapter Khrystal Hernandez, Indigena Chapter Franchely Inoa, Destinidas Chapter Rosa Santana, Destinidas Chapter Roslynn Figueroa, Emeritus Chapter

Fall/Winter Edition 2016

The Archer is published three times a year. Send inquiries and submission to:




By Franchely Inoa Formula 81 members : Deborah Camilo Jerilee Fonseca Cassandra Gomez Vanessa Guevara Franchely Inoa Ja’Lynne Jordan Ragena Riley Abrianna Rivera Stephanie Sanjuan Victoria Velasquez


FORMULA “Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to MUlin Rouge. When the lights flash your feet will tap and all your dreams will come true.” . We felt unstoppable. It was the first time all eight of us had been on a team together and we were so excited to work with each other. Deep down, it felt like the chance of a lifetime. To us it was more than a step and stroll competition. It was an opportunity for artistic expression. A chance to create magic, to break boundaries. MUlin Rouge was the perfect theme to showcase that in femininity there is beauty and there is strength. There was no time to waste, we had only two months to create and perfect a show. Drills and practices were all we knew. Long nights with no sleep, late snacks and sore feet. We emptied our pockets, it wasn’t cheap. We emptied our hearts, it wasn’t easy. It consumes you, it’s intoxicating. Eight people, eight creative minds, eight different voices,



eight different opinions, there was beauty in our chaos. Bouncing ideas off of each other like bumper cars. Every step, every movement, every detail had a purpose, a piece of every one of us. We had the passion, the drive, and shared the desperate need of precision and accuracy. We were our worst critics. One team, one sound, one heart. The creative process was extensive but it all comes down to one moment on stage. The crowd is screaming so loud you can feel it in your chest. The lights are so bright it takes a while to adjust. Reality settles in heavy in your mind. You realize everything you have ever done in your life has led you to this very movement. Four, three, two, one, it’s show time. Just like that you become a different person. Instantly, you were born to be on stage and you know exactly who you are. Your steps move mountains and your hips shake skies. There is no room for doubt, there is no turning back now. It’s the time of your life doing what you love with the people you love. In our hearts we already won.


By Melissa Francis

A Healthier MU We as sisters we all or for the most part suck at keeping up with healthy regiments or diets. We all have those days where we eat unhealthy or put off eating healthy for the next new year resolution. However, not eating foods with the necessary nutrients needed for our bodies, is doing more harm than good. Bad Habits It is not just will power or the lack of will power that causes one to over eat, gain weight or to simply eat unhealthy. Most times its that sneaky bad habit without realizing, leaving the house without eating breakfast or just simply munching on chips or fries or something during the day or late at night. There are 4 main bad habits that we all may have in common. 1. Skipping Meals – A common excuse seems to be I’m not a breakfast person or I can’t eat in the morning. We tend to say this until we actually believe it and do it. Skipping breakfast seems okay but it really isn’t. When you go to sleep, your body goes without in taking food. Your body need to refuel to start the metabolic process, hence the importance of breakfast. Skipping breakfast slows down your metabolism making you feel sluggish or extra tired. Your body needs a certain amount of calories throughout the day to function at its best. This way you’ll feel energized and your metabolism will stay on track. The Healthier Option: If you are the type to be on the run and think 4

you don’t have the time to eat, try something easy to munch on such as a whole fruit, smoothie, cereal bar or yogurt. 2. Eating for Comfort – I must admit I fall victim to this behavior and it is not a good habit. Hiding behind food leads to steady weight gain. Its best to seek help for the problems you have or talk to someone but don’t use food to cover up these emotions. You’ll avoid those extra pounds and feel better afterwards.

I don’t like water. Water is very important and beneficial to our body. Drinking plenty of water during the daytime helps to reduce that hungry urge. If you feel dehydrated juices and soda are not the answer. Sodas and coffee diminish the body of water. Drinking water helps to remove toxins out of the body. The Healthier Option: If you don’t like the taste of water, add couple slices lemon or cucumbers in a reusable water bottle and take it with you to work, school or wherever you go.

The Healthier Option: If you see yourself reaching for the ice cream or the cookie stop yourself and reach for a fruit, granola bar or vegetable platters. 3.Not Drinking Enough Water – We tend to fill our bodies with soda and processed juices but not enough water. Some people may go as far as to say THE ARCHER |


4. Eating Junk Food – The weakness of us all. The McDonalds, the Wendy’s, the Dunkin Donuts, cookies, chips, just to name a few. These foods are very addictive and we seem to love it. We need to refrain from eating these foods as it makes you feel food contributes to gaining weight that can lead to obesity as they are filled with processed sugar, carbohydrates and fat. Due to the fact that these foods are processed which means they are low in nutrients, high in calories

and harmful synthetic chemicals. It also puts your body at risk for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, fluctuating blood sugar levels and digestive problems. The Healthier Option: The best solution is not to eliminate these foods out of your diet completely as it will want you craving it even more. Its more so to take baby steps and challenge yourself every month or every 3 months and remove one junk food per that period. Another way is to indulge in these type of foods in moderation as a treat to yourself. For example, selecting a day of the week to eat whatever you like or if there is special occasion in which you would like to celebrate your accomplishment then divulge in your favorite unhealthy food. We all fall victim to bad habits especially when it comes on to food. However, each and every month I will be picking a color theme. Each color will have different fruits, vegetables and their benefits so that you can start creating your path to Being a Healthier MU.

“Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.” ~Astrid Alauda

edited by Darlene Santos inspired by Career Services at Princeton University

Career Action Plan We all know that moment when we’re so excited for move in day and your first day of college. You already know what not to pack, you’re anxious about your future roommate but there are a few things no one talks about? Freshman year is exciting, busy and filled with adventures. As classes begin and exploration continues, make career planning one of them.

Get a Head Start

Visit Career Services. Get an early start on career planning. Don’ wait until junior year to pick a major, it’s recommended for you to only have an undecided major during your freshman year of college. Explore your options. After you’ve identified a few career options, explore them further by talking to professionals in the field. Gather information and advice via research and dialogue. Continued Pg. 8 THE ARCHER |



Undergraduate Sister of the Fall Semester

Cassandra Gomez Cassandra Gomez is the epitome representation of what it means to be a strong, fierce, independent amazon warrior. As a senior at NJCU Cassandra balances being a full time student, part time employee, NJCU’s campus life voice, and the list continues. As a criminal justice major she hopes to one day be part of law enforcement as she currently interns at the union city police department. Her dedication and drive are beyond admirable. She never fails to motivate herself and others with her passionate optimistic hyperactive personality.

Indigena Chapter Fall 2013 Boudicca Line Criminal Justice Major

Xurima Chapter Fall 2013 Xirinia Line B.A. International Relations/ Political Science

She is currently the Chapter president of the Indigena Chapter, now on her second term. Some of her accomplishments highlight are helping the chapter achieve were highest GPA at NJCU, most community service hours, and most importantly winning “Chapter Of The Year” during her first term in 2015. Cassandras dedication for Mu goes far beyond a chapter level. From being a Big sister in spring 2016 to facilitating multiple workshops. Besides her continuous dedication to being an active leader on campus and within her chapter, her passion for performing is exemplified in her work as a dedicated captain of District 2 Mazin Step / Stroll team as well as being an active member of the Formula 81 HypeNight team that recently brought home the Win as hype nights 2016s first place winners. Cassandra has proven too be an exceptional sister. We applaud your endless commitment to all that you set your mind to. There’s no telling what you have left to offer. Congratulations on winning Undergraduate of the Semester. We appreciate your hard work and look forward to your continued contributions.

Alumni Sister of the Fall Semester

Joli Doñe

Joli Doñe represents what it means to be a strong amazon woman. Joli’s major as an undergraduate was international relations/political science. In the future, she would like to enter into law school. She wants to become a prosecutor. With that being said, it is strongly believed that she chose this way of education properly. She has shown in many ways that she will exceed tremendously with this. For example, she has always been an advocate for the students of Seton Hall. She has won many awards, such as “Outstanding Senior Member Award”, “University Award for Distinguished Leadership”, “Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities Colleges” and many more. Joli is a sister from the Xurima Chapter, Seton Hall University. The dedication Joli shows towards Mu Sigma Upsilon has never gone unnoticed. She is an inspiration whether it be in Mu or life in general. She is a strong woman and stands up for what she believes in. Joli’s experience ranges from being President of her Chapter to being president of the Black Student Union organization on campus. Her spirit and pride continues as an alumni sister as she continues to give back. Joli: we appreciate you and the hard work you do for Mu Sigma Upsilon. 6



“Minorities have made the world better. - Martin Luther King Jr.

By Melissa Francis

My Life As A Minority Hi my name is Melissa Francis, a sister of Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority Inc. and I am a Minority. I migrated to the United States 5 years ago from a little island called Jamaica. I moved here to be closer to my mother and to go to school. In my country we are grouped by race or ethnic background as we are considered one people. However, the biggest thing for me living in America was filling out application forms. When it came to the section of race, it really confused me and put me in a position where I had to choose what I was. Being a minority living in America, I have assimilated the American culture and accent, which was a choice I made to fit in. However, it came with people questioning my nationality and my ethnic background. I remember being in an interview and my potential employer read that my last job was in Jamaica and started to ask question based on that. I mentioned that I was born and raised there, and the interviewer said, “OH wow, you don’t even have an accent.” I laughed it off but I went home thinking. Did the interviewer meant that statement to be a compliment or was it that it was good that took on the American accent to make easier for her to understand me. I never had to deal with racial profiling before until living in America. Going THE ARCHER |


to the mall and walking through certain stores; the do you need any help or can I help you with something or the following me around the store but pretending to doing something else. I didn’t quite understand why this kept happening to me until I worked in retail myself and observed my coworkers and was attentive as to what my manager would tell us over the headset. Any person of color especially black was a target and was told to give extra attention to them. Anybody who white or lighter was approached once and then left alone. Why is that if you are of color you are assumed to be shoplifting? The irony of it all, often times the person who was white and was either approached once or not all, were the ones who walked out with a brand new pair of shoes or a new outfit leaving behind their old pair of shoes or the clothes they wore into the store. Continued Pg. 8 7

Continued From Pg. 7 My Life As A Minority One of the jobs I have obtained is this country is being an A La Carte server at a country club. I must say even though I obtained a lot of experience in hospitality and fine dining, I also felt as if I was modern day house slave. The country club felt like the plantation on which I was serving the master and his friends. One incident I remember I was taking a member’s order for drinks and he kept calling the chardonnay by the wrong name so I corrected him in the most polite way possible. This member made a statement I will never forget, he said “You call it Black Station because your black and I call it White Station because I’m white.” He chuckled while saying this but to not showing how offended I was I smirked and went to get his drink. There is good that comes with being a Minority. I am proud to be in the skin that I have, the hair that grows from my roots and the culture I privileged to have and brought up in. I am proud black Jamaican woman who is making a name for herself. Coming to America has given me the opportunity to obtain two degrees and working on my third. I am able to become apart of a sisterhood that will carry on for life with amazing women who also minorities.

Continued From Pg. 5 Career Action Plan

Craft Your Professional Image Develop a positive, professional online presence. When using social media or other online networking tools, realize that your online persona will shape others’ opinions and perceptions of you – personally and professionally. Begin to create a portfolio of academic and extracurricular projects and achievements that can be shared with potential employers to showcase your college experiences.

For more tips and training on career development, please contact your district e-board for further resources and assistance.


Define Your Academic Path

Explore your interests and strengths. Explore your interests and strengths.



With your first years of college completed, you should be acclimated with what is expected of you as a student and where your career is headed. Deepen involvement in extracurricular activities. If you haven’t become involved yet, begin volunteer work and other extracurricular activities.

Make Career Connections

Practicing Interviewing. Begin to explore major and career option, interviewing is a skill that can be enhanced with practice. Know what to expect, how to dress and what you should say. Be prepared to speak about what your experience is on/off campus. Know how to market yourself.

SISTER SPOTLIGHT By Jennifer Santos/Cynthia Henriquez

Wrap Up Session Wrap up session is the section of our newsletter that allows sisters to express themselves freely on a wide range of topics. It is an open platform to ask questions that you would like answered by sisters that work in the mental health and social service field. Wanda Guzman-Poche from the Indigena Chapter, Spring 04 is a board member of Humble Beginnings. An organization dedicated to helping the community of Paterson. On Nov. 6 Wanda along with her son and nephews took the time along with the organization to feed those in need in their hometown, Paterson.

We encourage sisters to submit their questions to We will answer the questions and post them in the following newsletter. If you would like to be mentioned in the section or kept anonymous is entirely optional. We hope to assist as many sisters as possible! How can you help someone that doesn’t want to be helped? Unfortunately, if someone is not ready to acknowledge their issues, it can be quite difficult. However, being a support system for that person is important when the motivation does arise. People grow on their own time and that is a process that cannot be rushed. What are some ways to deal with anxiety and stress?

Sara Pena from the Mosaic Chapter, Spring 92 is the founder of a non - profit organization called Boys to Leaders. On October 22nd, 2016, she held a conference for the youth at Rutgers University, Newark.

First and foremost, identify what is the source of the anxiety. Remember, with every problem, there is always a solution! Also, take time out in the week to do something that is relaxing and to prioritize your responsibilities. The way you make time for everything in your life, also make time for yourself. If your stress and anxiety is affecting your overall daily functioning, consider doing relaxation techniques. Such techniques include deep breathing, mindful meditation, etc.

Melany Morales from the Zarya Chapter, Spring 15 has been hard at work as president and co-founder of the new NAACP College Chapter at UMass Dartmouth. THE ARCHER |



By Rosa Santana

Celebrating 4 decades with 40 Days of Community Service One night, as we sat in Nyree’s kitchen, she asked me what should she do to celebrate her 40th birthday. I mentioned how for my recent birthdays I intended to do something fun but different than the average party. Nyree wanted to conduct something a bit different that involved something more and affected others in a positive way. Nyree knew that I conducted a few community services earlier in the year and she decided to give back to others for her birthday. Nyree choose 40 days prior to her birthday to visit various organizations. We discussed her desires and the types of locations she wanted to give back. She knew two things were certain: she wanted the service conducted during day hours while her children were in school and she wanted them to relate back to her and her life.

We searched for places that helped children, veterans, mothers, and the homeless. Her journey of giving back began October 7th, 2016 and ends the day before her birthday November 15, 2016. She currently visited Oasis: A Haven for Women and Children, Beach Sweep, Book Buddies, NJ SEEDS, NJ Veterans Memorial Home and many others. She read to children, planted trees, spent time with senior veterans, and made lunch for many. Each day that goes by she is filled with love and hope for society. Her children joined her on one of her visits and learned how her son truly enjoyed giving back at the shelter. She looks forward to continuing the selfless acts of service. When I asked what she would do on the day of her birthday, she stated she would spend it with family and friends.

On November 6, Mitzi Zambrano participated in the 2016 New York City Marathon .

Nyree Miscia reads a story during snack time at Oasis Haven for Women and Children, where she helps out a class with children ages 6 months to 3 years.




Nyree Anderson Miscia from the Destinidas Chapter! Instead of having a big and lavish celebration for her 40th birthday she has dedicated 40 consecutive days to giving back to our communities and volunteering with numerous organizations. These selfless acts of kindness are extremely beautiful and we just want to say thank you Nyree for all of your hard work that you have put in to help others.

By Vivianne Jimenez

Finishing Strong to the Finish Line Mitzi Zambrano from the Indigena Chapter and her family usually gather and watch the NYC marathon but this year was a different tone as she was running in it. She never had imagined of participating and running as she always had doubts of being accepted or let alone make it. Until her uncle John Zambrano, encouraged her to go register. She took his advice and to her surprise, she was accepted to take part. As she stated on her social media, “It was the most challenging and hardest course I ran thus far. Lots of bridges and hills. I hurt my ankle and knee but had to mentally zone out the pain. I never stopped because it will be the end of me lol I really appreciated all the messages I received a long the way. It really helped. This was one of my meaningful race. Running for all the 26 causes kept me going. It was important for me to able to this for my family and friends. Thanks for my sister Shirley Martinez and my daughter Rachael Flores for posting each mile for me Thanks to my Ray and my kids for being my number 1 supporter and fan. All my sacrifices was worth it. I did it! If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere” Mitzi dedicated the 26 miles she ran to 26 different causes; HIV/AIDS, Leukemia, Woman Empowerment, Breast Cancer, Mental Health to mention a few. We are extremely proud of all your hard work, you are an inspiration to us all. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! THE ARCHER |



By Blanca Mejia Jackson

It’s a Family Affair

On Sunday, November 13, the National Headquarters of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, Incorporated in Elizabeth New Jersey, was filled with bolstering alumni brothers who in honor of our upcoming 35th Anniversary, recognized the accomplishments of Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Incorporated with a cultivation gathering. As we entered the Headquarters, the graduate perspective line of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, Incorporated enthusiastically greeted us from the first line of LSU’s Alumni Chapter. After signing in and escorted to the VIP Balcony a decadent spread of cheeses and chilled wine awaited us. Mu’s mingling among the VIP Balcony were the likes of Vivianne Jimenez, currently our District II Director, Sara Pena, Doris Alcivar, Janice Acosta, Yocasta Garcia, Jessica Peralta, Cynthia Henriquez and many other notable Mu’s from the tri-state area.

Mural of MSU shield, collectively drawn by two graduate perspective members of the LSU Almumni Chapter.

Down a quaint hallway, a beautiful mural of our shield, collectively drawn by two graduate perspective members, reined tribute. The mural presentation followed a tour of the locale by Founding Father, Carlos Hendricks, and Founding Brother of the Monarca Chapter, Jose Gonzalez. What an amazing venue! We were truly impressed with all it has to offer, especially the Main Ballroom but most of all, everywhere you looked baby blue and white walls surrounded you.

The Upsilon Family.

For many of us, it was a mini reunion. We were able to catch up and or pick up from where we left off. After a few hours of great laughs and interesting conversations, we were serenaded Happy Birthday, Latino style! This event was an incredible way to usher in our Week of Sophistication. Another exceptional night for the books…chill mode with the fam, the Upsilon Family. To our brothers

and gracious hosts, we are extremely proud of you. You are ‘too hype!’ You have remained an integral part of sisterhood since day one. From all of us to all of you, a sincere heartfelt thank you. To all of my Sophisticated Ladies around the globe, Happy Anniversary!!!... Continue doing the work….MUUuuuU!


DII Fund-raiser The Sisters of District II are selling these beautiful umbrellas. For any sisters interested please contact, Sindy Rodriguez at

$25.00 for 1 $45.00 for 2

District II EXECUTIVE BOARD Get in touch with the team. Hard working and passionate women who have a common goal to bring our District to a brand new level.

Vivianne Jimenez

Cynthia Henriquez

Destinidas Chapter Spring 1995

Siksika Chapter Spring 2002

Khrystal Hernandez

Jennifer Santos

Indigena Chapter Spring 2011

Siksika Chapter Fall 2010

Yojaira Orozco

Ragena Riley

Destinidas Chapter Spring 2015

Matriarca Chapter Spring 2010

Kim Luna

Darlene Santos

Destinidas Chapter Spring 2015

Matriarca Chapter Spring 2008

District Director

District Officer of Membership

Assistant District Officer of Membership

Assistant District Director

District Secretary

District Officer of Retention

District Treasurer


District New Chapter Advisor




D 2





13TH - District Meeting at Rutgers Nwk. Meeting begins at 11:30AM Paul Robeson Campus Center in room 255-257. Roslynn Figueroa District Historian

Emeritus Chapter Spring 2014

DISTRICT WEEK OF SOPHISTICATION 16TH - WRITE ON ME, Mosaic Chapter, Kean University at 7PM, Miron Student Center 226 17TH - STUDY WITH THE MUs, Destinidas Chapter, Bloomfield College at 2-4 PM Franklin Room Talbot Hall

Sindy Rodriguez District Fundraiser Chair Destinidas Chapter Fall 2013

Melissa Francis

District Community Service Chair Siksika Chapter Spring 2016

18TH - DISTRICT COMMUNITY SERVICE, Social Media Campaign for “Write Love On Her Arms” 19TH - CELEBRATED SISTERHOOD, D’Classico Saturdays at 9PM hosted by Emeritus 21ST - District R.A.C.E. Matriarca Chapter. Montclair State University at 8:30PM, Student Center Ballroom A&B 24TH - DISTRICT WEEK OF SOPHISTICATION Thanksgiving Day Community Service, Details will be emailed.

DECEMBER Caroline Chavez

District Public Relations Chair Emeritus Chapter Spring 2016

11TH - Pledge Summit. NJCU at 9AM, GSUB RM.317 A day full of informative information along with some special guest speakers. 18TH - District Meeting at Kean University. Meeting begins at 10AM, Details will be emailed. THE ARCHER |



The Archer, District II newsletter  

Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc. District II

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