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A&O offers a range of creative communications services, customized for each client and scalable to every budget—with tangible results. From brand development to fundraising, from full-scale gallery launches to underground pop-up shows, we support each of our clients in their unique vision of success. We see ourselves as art advocates, at the forefront of a paradigm shift. We start the conversations and build the buzz that brings the audience to the art.



A&O is the first public relations and marketing firm on the West Coast to specialize in the arts. We are a group of art evangelists—publicists, curators and art writers— who saw a new way to do business in our industry, bridging the gaps left by the art establishment. Combining our deep knowledge of the art world with broad, practical experience in marketing and communications, we broke the mold to form A&O: an independent, boutique agency that serves artists and arts organizations alike.




Lainya Magaña • Founder & CEO WHO Lainya Magaña built a successful career as an arts and

relations approach that would bridge the gaps left by artists and

communications professional before taking the entrepreneurial

galleries, who often lack the budget, staff or time to adequately

leap to found A&O, the first arts-focused public relations and

promote themselves.

marketing firm on the West Coast. Through A&O’s visionary business model, Lainya aims to advocate As an independent curator, Lainya works with contemporary

for the arts: to support the success of artists and galleries, to

artists and galleries throughout California, orchestrating and

even the playing field of the arts establishment, and prove that

promoting shows that highlight exceptional emerging and mid-

art can be accessible, affordable and appreciated by everyone.

career artists, such as Kevin Cyr and The Date Farmers. She has curated for Fifty24SF, Fifty24PDX, Fifty24LA, 111 Minna Gallery,

Lainya writes features for Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine

White Walls and Space 07. She previously worked for Triple Base

and Hi-Fructose Magazine, profiling artists such as The Clayton

Gallery and NOMA Gallery in San Francisco.

Brothers and Ian Francis. She is also a contributing art critic for Buzzine, and previously worked at W magazine. Lainya is on the

From her own years of experience in the art world, Lainya

Marketing and Communications Committee at CounterPULSE

identified the need for a professional, ultra-specialized public

and holds a BA in Communications and an AA in Art History.


Kimberly Verde • Public & Community Relations Specialist WHO Kimberly is a public and community relations specialist serving

Kimberly’s next role, as the director of a Bay Area street wear and

artists, galleries and nonprofit organizations. She brings creativity

contemporary art gallery, provided a valuable education in the

to her solid foundation in traditional PR and stays current with

boundless forms of guerilla and DIY public relations. In addition

the rapidly changing trends in the field. She has been fortunate

to her PR expertise, she provides consulting on art acquisition

to have contributed to, as well as gained insight from: Wiley &

and curation internationally.

Flynn Photography, The A Gallery SF, Planet, Intersection for the Arts, Flagship Studios and Galeria de la Raza, among others.

Kimberly began her career as a photographer’s assistant in a premier commercial studio. Through her experiences in the commercial setting, she discovered her interest in and instinct for the promotion of artists and their work. While working with Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco’s longest-standing nonprofit arts organization, she adopted the value of fostering a strong community.


Danielle Grant • Publicist WHO Danielle Grant is an arts administrator, writer and communications professional based in San Francisco. After five years as an eventplanning consultant, she decided to put her art history degree to work and became an artist’s assistant. It was in that role that her career path diverged, as she discovered her passion for arts activism and advocacy.

As an art and communications professional, Danielle seeks to foster and promote dialogue between the artist, the arts establishment, the media and the community. She has worked in contemporary fine art galleries as an assistant director and community outreach specialist. Her art writing and cultural criticism have appeared in Juxtapoz Art and Culture Magazine and SOMA Magazine.


We believe that art should be where the people are: everywhere.


At A&O, we value community, collaboration and conversation. We don’t just promote art—we forge long-term relationships, connecting artists, galleries, nonprofit institutions and media.

Public Relations

With a wide range of services, backed by our deep experience in both art and communication, we work with you to build a lasting foundation for success.

Curation There are plenty of mainstream efforts out there trying to make Communications

art more accessible to audiences. A&O is focused on making the audiences more accessible to artists and arts organizations.

ART Marketing


Social Media Strategy

Event Planning & PRODUCTION 8


Whether you’re an established artist reaching a critical juncture

We can help you

in your career, or a new talent looking to get your work noticed,

• Define your goals

A&O is here to connect you to the people and places that

• Determine the channels that will help you achieve

matter most.

your vision of success

• Build your reputation We are art-world professionals: curators, arts administrators,

• Harness the power of media

gallery directors, reps and art writers. We understand the

• Connect with the institutions, organizations and people

challenges artists face in this business, and know how to

navigate them with inside knowledge and experience. We

• Find the right words to tell your story

collaborate with you, empowering you to reach success as you

• Create an occasion where your idea and your

define it.

that will invest in your success

audience converge


Arts Organizations SERVICES

From the traditional institution to the newest gallery on the

• Build your brand

block, arts organizations are the cultural vanguard of modern

• Refresh your image

society, the tastemakers of our time. When it comes to

• Extend your reach and attract new audiences

presenting and promoting art, you’re the experts. But doing it

• Harness the power of technology and social media to

all in-house may not be the best use of your resources.

grow your community

• Develop strategic partnerships The solution? Outsource. As a small, specialized creative

• Create memorable and purposeful events—with

boutique, A&O brings you fresh ideas, scalable for every budget.

By leveraging new media and tapping into new markets, we’ll

• Deploy technology to track and measure your impact

tangible results

help you implement strategies that make the most of your time and resources—maximizing your return on investment. Functioning as an extension of your team, we are experienced industry professionals with the reach, technology and media savvy to help you:


Client Profile • Erik Otto

Erik Otto is a nationally recognized artist who has exhibited

By collaborating with artists to create polished, targeted

in numerous galleries in the U.S. and abroad, and recently

presentations and reach out to organizations, we help them

completed the prestigious artist-in-residence program at

present themselves to the right people in the right way.

Recology in San Francisco. He came to A&O with a goal of increasing his exposure to new galleries, and we were delighted


to have the opportunity to assist him.

• Gallery matchmaking: research & creation of list • Composition of artist’s written materials: bio, statement and CV

First, we researched galleries to come up with a matchmaking

• Portfolio review & media kit assembly

list, using our industry contacts as well as approaching new

• Marketing campaign: gallery distribution and follow up

organizations. We then worked with Erik to review his portfolio, write a compelling artist’s statement and other promotional materials, and assemble a “dream kit” that showcased his work. A&O handled all the distribution and followed up to make sure his presentation got noticed by the right people.


Testimonial • Erik Otto

I am honored to be the first artist to have worked with Argot&Ochre

and I am looking forward to working with them again. We initially came together to create a media kit that successfully produced 3 strong leads, and I was inspired by their professionalism the entire way through. I later realized the real benefit of working together was the empowering feeling of building a community that believes in what I do. The chance to openly and genuinely discuss possibilities and share ideas on an equal playing field provided vital insight to my career, proving to be the greatest reward of all.


Client Profile • Anthony Sneed

Emerging artist Anthony Sneed initially hired A&O to help him


write his artist’s statement—a small job with big implications.

• National media campaign with placement in high-profile

A few months later, when he was invited to exhibit in NYC on

short notice, he immediately called us to orchestrate a media

• Established a relationship with a gallery that resulted

campaign. Anthony had no previous media exposure, but

thanks to our efforts, featured his video and

• Development and writing of artist’s statement

arts and culture magazines and websites

in a solo exhibition

it went viral. He was also written up in several publications, including the Gothamist, Flavorpill, Vandalog and Juxtapoz. The media presence we established for him led to two additional show offers. Most importantly, we contributed to a successful show and Anthony was thrilled with the outcome.

At A&O, we’re o.k. with starting small. All of our services are scalable to meet the wide range of our clients’ needs. We’re not just promoting art; we’re nurturing lasting relationships.


Testimonial • Anthony Sneed

I highly recommend A&O for any artist—established or just starting out.

The business end of the creative field can be cumbersome, and can even take away from the creative process. Building a relationship with A&O can help keep you focused on your vision, and expand the possibilities of who will experience that vision.


Client Profile • 941 Geary & Mike Shine

When art dealer Justin Giarla decided to open a third gallery in

Services performed

San Francisco’s Tenderloin District, he chose Mike Shine as the

• Event planning from concept to completion

inaugural artist and hired A&O to plan the formal launch. Our

• Marketing strategy and PR campaign

mission was to introduce this exciting new exhibition space to

• Creation of media kit, with distribution and outreach

the art world, create media buzz for both the gallery and the

• VIP list development & management

artist, and widen the exposure of Mike Shine’s work.

We went to work planning and promoting a VIP party and


separate public opening, managing every aspect of the event from the concept to the media outreach and invitations. As part of the project, we conceived and executed a unique media kit that doubled as a VIP invitation and included an original piece of Mike’s artwork.

A&O strives to foster creative collaboration between galleries and artists, believing that strong relationships lead to mutual, long-term success. 15






A&O is pioneering a new model of business in the art industry, one based on advocacy, authenticity and integrity. As free agents of the art world, we act as liaisons, connecting artists, galleries, nonprofit institutions and art publications. Filling a communication void between entities, we foster not only art promotion, but creative collaboration. We aim to empower artists and arts organizations by facilitating access to their ideal audience—redefining the approach to aesthetic.


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