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5 Benefits to Invest in Real Estate this Christmas LAURENT CARRIER

Do you that Christmas season is the best time to strike awesome real estate deals?

Yes, it’s not home-buying months, it’s freaking cold outside, and there are tons of Christmas presents to shop for.

As much as this might not make sense, no time other than Christmas is the best to get to see the viewings lined up.

Laurent Carrier, a savvy retirement planner is here to tell you that this holiday is your opportunity to strike an awesome holiday deal.

While others are busy with Christmas, gift yourself your dream property this season.

Take Advantage Of The Less Competition 

With family feast to host and a lot of holiday shopping to do, home-shopping is the last thing anyone wants to do.

Moreover, there are even fewer realtors, brokers, and lenders at this time of the year as everyone has finally got time to be away for some family vacay.

Discouraged? Don’t be! Less competition sometimes comes with a lot of advantages.

This means no one is competing with you for house hunting and this will be the best time to negotiate with sellers and save the most money.

Why not be the smart one and take advantage of less rush to save some bucks.

Sellers Are More Serious Than You 

Let’s face it, no one has time to put their property out for sale when there are a lot of pressing matters on the bucket list.

However, any property listed out there means the buyer is serious and doesn’t just have a choice.

Reasons can be financial pressures, job relocation or people who can’t wait to settle down at their new home.

Whatever the case might be, you are doing a seller a favour by taking the plunge in the December period to get your house.  

The Interest Rate Might Be Lower 

Unlike other Christmas shopping deals, lower interest rates cannot be ascribed to the numerous deals that Christmas has to offer to tempt shoppers.

Over the years, interest rates just happened to be low when the year is drawing to an end.

The reasons can likely be ascribed to the drop in sales at this time. “Making predictions can be quite challenging but your financial advisor offering financial service should be able to gauge the rise and fall of interest rate to avail of it,” says Laurent Carrier.  

However, if you aren’t getting a low-interest rate, there are other better sources of finance.

Moreover, if luck runs on you, you can get to pay a smaller money deposit.

Something hard to come by where there are dozens of buyers on the ground ready to pay higher.

Take Advantage Of Tax Benefits 

The Christmas season promises some tax benefits for the following year. Mortgage interest, property loans, some deductions will save you some bucks.

Another good thing is some state has put in place tax deductions.

Therefore, making purchases before the year runs to an end can make a huge difference in the tax savings.

Motivated Professionals Are There To Help You 

Lender, brokers, inspectors are more than ready to help with the purchase of the house.

Why won’t they? Sales are slow and everyone is eager to make end-of-the-year deals.

While lot might not be available, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some professional available to help out.

Moreover, the spring season or beginning of the year there are a lot of buyers looking to buy a house and sellers offering their prices, closing the deal at this time is slower.

However, the Christmas season has less competition in the market which means faster purchase of properties.

The saying, the more the demand, and the higher the price holds during the busiest time of the year. Although you might not see your ideal house during the Christmas period, there is always a compromise to make. If you find a house that meets your expectation, don’t let the holiday be a stumbling block. - Laurent Carrier advises. 

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5 Benefits to Invest in Real Estate this Christmas  

Is that Christmas is beneficial to Invest in Real Estate? Yes, it’s not home-buying month, it’s freaking cold outside, and there are tons of...

5 Benefits to Invest in Real Estate this Christmas  

Is that Christmas is beneficial to Invest in Real Estate? Yes, it’s not home-buying month, it’s freaking cold outside, and there are tons of...