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…..sunflowers amuse and amaze me with their simple complexity….. cactus and succulents tempt you to get closer and closer…..trees are like people, solitary sometimes, gathering with friends other times…..winter trees glory with their arms-openwide appearance…..trees anytime, but their bare limbed beauty is enviable in winter…..

see a flowers breath... can nearly see a flower’s breath when you get close, closer, closest…..rivers change by the minute….. the water’s current and river bank life…..I hope my photo’s raise an inner response within the viewer, bringing them the essence of the subject… are knights of the land, going forth each day, taking on the elements, the seasons…..a few cherished people photos... when these enduring faces emerge I am humbled….. war memorials lead me to reflect, pause, giving thanks to those in our family for their trauma and sacrifices for our country’s freedom…..I walk around a subject when possible, shooting from every angle, all types of light…..

farmers are knights...

burlap fingerprint soul of clay

.....gently pulling burlap out of the clay reveals the soul of that piece……..the fingerprint….. allowing some images to go with life and rest in my soul, I do not press the shutter…..

spirit clouds ...

sunflowers amuse...

.....I return to favorite places, rivers and fields, and their seasons of change…..clay feels good in all working stages, not just the earthy moist pliable stage… ware has a feel all it’s own, as if waiting for the main event of firing and glazing…..bisque fired clay has a permanence with out completion…… a step away from ready…..when I open the kiln to glazed and fired clay forms I hold my breath, lift the lid and peek…..clay smells good, first cool, moist and earthy….. as your hands build the form, roll coils, connect slabs, the clay warms to the touch…..

river dream seasons...

Since 1976 Marearl has been capturing the textures and vistas of nature in clay and on film. Marearl’s clay pieces have the feel and texture of their natural origins. Early pieces focused on wall-mounted and free standing sculptures, and now more functional forms are included in her work in clay. “Marearl’s photographs are as much studies in composition, texture, and light, as they are revelations of the essence of their subjects.” Prairie Village Exhibit… 2005

Since childhood, the prairie and sky have been a creative source of awe and mystery. From 1976 my art work has reflected life on the plains and the common echo throughout travels to other countries. Viewing nature also challenges and inspires my creativity in hand built clay forms and photography. A tender balance of harmony and perspective result for both mediums.

The clay works through me more often than I work the clay, and the outcome is from my heart through my hands. My hand built clay forms feels good to the touch and dimensions of nature are evident in shape, texture, and composition from slab, coil and pinch construction methods. Texture from worn burlap is rolled into slabs of moist stoneware, terra cotta, and white clays. Signature pieces include “Tuck Bowls” and tumblers with holding indentations. Clay works include wall and free standing sculpture, chess sets, and serving containers. Some pieces include under glaze detail, incorporating colors or Native American designs. White clay pieces may include three brush strokes on the rim which symbolize my three daughters. For me photography is mind driven and the camera often “sees” something that I may have been unaware. Natural settings are the focus ( so to speak) of my photography. Close up detail of subjects enhance their composition, texture, and the delicate strengths occurring during the four seasons. Subjects range from the earth to the sky. Design elements are foremost in my clay and photo compositions; viewers experience the essence of the subject. Artists Laura Gilpin and Georgia O’Keefe are personal inspirations. I completed my Bachelors Degrees in Fine Art and Graphic Design from Fort Hays State University in 1980.

Marearl Denning 8416 W. 115th Street Overland Park, KS 66210 913-345-9416


brochure for Marearl Photography


brochure for Marearl Photography