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Fall 2010 Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2012

the retired editor and VP of News for Harte-Hanks, the onetime San Antonio-based newspaper chain, loves nothing better than capturing images of wildlife, nature, and the changing seasons. Bob carries his Canon Eos 35mm camera with him on outdoor walks around Laurel Lake two or three times a week. Here he finds his best subjects: a whitetail fawn nestled in tall grass, or a mallard family sunning themselves by Rider Lake. Bob says he didn’t get serious about photography until he retired. “It’s challenging, something I can keep learning,” he says. With 150 acres of forests, fishing A new study in Environmental lakes and wetlands accessible by Design & Technology shows that just three miles of nature trails, Laurel five minutes of outdoor exercise a Lake is a naturalist’s dream. Its rich day—working in a garden, walking a biodiversity lures residents outside trail, taking photos of nature—leads for walks, cycling, fishing and more. to better mental and physical health. “It’s like having a park in your The analysis of 1,252 people in own backyard.” the United Kingdom revealed that “green” exercise—any activity done in the presence of nature—has been shown to improve overall health, and is linked to longevity. Resident Bob Clark doesn’t need a scientific study to tell him that staying in touch with nature makes him feel good. An amateur photographer since high school,

Zooming in on Mother Nature

Looking for that

Fountain of Youth? It may be closer than you think!

The Fountain of Youth isn’t a fountain after all. Turns out, it’s a lifestyle that (studies show) can help you live longer, stay healthier, and enjoy life more. Ready to dive in?

June Open House Brunch & Tour June 18 & 19 @ 10:00 AM Laurel Lake offers a lifestyle focused on wellness and vitality. Come for brunch and a special presentation, “Fountain of Youth: Secrets of Successful Aging” with wellness experts Susan Busko and Jill Rango. Take a Walking Tour of the Commons and get an exclusive “peek” into select apartment and villa styles.

Summer Open House August 14 & 16 @ 2:00 PM Mix and mingle with Residents, enjoy light refreshments, and enjoy a walking tour of campus amenities and home styles.

Space is limited. To RSVP for these events, call 1-866-650-2100.

Laurel Lake Living Is published quarterly for the residents, family and friends of Laurel Lake Retirement Community.

Laurel Lake is a not-for-profit continuing care retirement community (CCRC) offering multiple home styles within 150 acres in Hudson, Ohio.

Please submit suggestions to: Laurel Lake Living 200 Laurel Lake Drive, Hudson OH 44236 (330)650-2100

Our community is firmly committed to Equal Opportunity in both housing and employment. Laurel Lake is a member of the Catholic Health Partners family of senior living and healthcare organizations. Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2012



Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2012

Spring is here, time to get moving! T

his year’s Spring and Summer home-buying season could be the strongest in years, according to Forbes and USA Today. Locally, the Plain Dealer reports that sales of new and existing homes rose 26.6% from February to March, while condo sales jumped 15.3%. Low interest rates and signs of an improving economy are key factors heating up the market. This news may make you wonder: “Is now the time to sell?” The answer is yes, if securing a worry-free Laurel Lake home with the security of Life Care is key to your retirement plans.

attributed to several factors: A recent price incentive, upticks in the real estate market and consumer confidence, and—as experts have been predicting—a surge in reservations from the leading edge of retiring Baby Boomers, now in their sixties. “Our inventory of available homes is the lowest it’s been in years,” says Kathy Chadwick, marketing director for the campus. “That’s great news for Laurel Lake! But it does mean that anyone serious about joining our community in the next few years should call now to review their strategy.”

Reservations jump 50%

Designed to sell

Right now, Laurel Lake is experiencing a “housing boom” of its own as available homes are snapped up at a brisk pace. In the first quarter of 2012, apartment and villa settlements increased 50% over the same period last year. Meanwhile, waiting lists for a wide variety of home styles—Villa condominiums, open-plan Vista apartments, spacious Conversions, 2-bedrooms and “great value” 1-bedrooms and studios—are growing at a rate not seen in nearly 20 years. New residents are arriving from all geographic areas of Cuyahoga, Geauga, Summit and Portage counties while others are relocating from as far away as Florida, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Virginia. Laurel Lake’s sales and occupancy “boom” can be

Worried that retirement community living means you’ll have to settle for a cookie cutter apartment? At Laurel Lake, your retirement home can be a dream home. Here it’s easy to add extra style and comfort, from custom cabinetry and granite countertops to ceramic tile, engineered wood floors and custom lighting—even build an addition! Once your selections are made, Move-in Coordinator Tim Hanna will place the orders and ensure turn-key professional installation that meets our standards and yours.

n The most important tip for downsizing success: START NOW! Even if you are considering a move in the future, life sometimes surprises us with change. Start organizing now to alleviate move anxiety and make your future home a place in which you can be happy. You'll be proud you did. n Pace yourself. Don’t tackle too much all at once. This allows time to make good choices, avoid regrets and reduce stress. Accept offers of help! n Start working in locations that are not part of your daily life, such as the attic or garage. Deal with one corner, one shelf, one pile of boxes at a time. n As you sort items, ask these questions: Does this enhance my quality of life? Have I used it this year? Will it easily fit into my new home? Does it have value, and if so, should I sell it? Do I really need the full set? n Use removable adhesive colored dots to sort items into groups without creating chaos in your current home. Sort in groups such as: KEEP, SELL, DONATE, GIVE AWAY and DISCARD. n Share family heirlooms sooner rather than later. It’s easier to let them go when you can take pleasure in seeing others receive and enjoy them. n Return all borrowed items and ask family to remove any belongings stored in your home. n Consider how you will transfer or ship things to relatives and have donations picked up. n Plan for the disposal of hazardous materials. Most areas have special curbside pickup or drop-off centers. n Shred all personal financial and insurance documents that are no longer needed.

10 tips

for downsizing success Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2012


Freedom and security motivate Washington DC couple to choose Laurel Lake


ost Americans remember exactly where they were and what they were doing on September 11, 2001. Laurel Lake resident Bob Conrad certainly does. A former federal agent with the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, he spent that morning on the roof of the U.S. Department of State building in Washington, D.C. keeping an eye on the skies for hijacked planes. “When we saw, via television, the second plane hit the Twin Towers, we knew it was a terrorist attack,” Bob recalls. “We immediately responded to our pre-determined posts. In


Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2012

my case, that meant heading with weapon and radio to the roof of the main State Department building. While on the roof, I saw the third plane fly into the Pentagon. We then got the order to evacuate all personnel from 45 Department of State locations in the Washington, D.C. area.” You could say that “protect and serve” is encoded in Bob’s DNA. Over his 29 year career with the U.S. Department of State, he provided close protection for Secretaries Muskie, Haig and Schultz, as well as visiting foreign dignitaries and U.S. Ambassador Pickering in El Salvador.

He and his wife Susan, a professional educator whose life work as a teacher, principal, administrator and university professor spanned 40 years in the U.S. and overseas, accepted posts in El Salvador, Chad, Australia, Iran, Mongolia, Mozambique and Yemen where Bob coordinated the protection of U. S. embassies and diplomats and Susan created two State Department sponsored schools in N’Djamena and Maputo. Upon retirement, Bob served another 8 years as a security consultant to the State Department.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice congratulates Bob Conrad on his retirement from the Bureau of Diplomatic Security in September 2004.

No place like home

Now, after 40 years of marriage and fascinating careers in exotic locales, the Conrads are glad to be back on U.S. soil. Not surprisingly, these Baby Boomers have definite ideas about what they want from retirement. “Opportunity and time to explore our other interests,” laughs Susan, 65. “A worry-free home with no responsibilities,” Bob, 63, chimes in. The pair considered staying in the Washington D.C. area but soon rejected the idea. “None of the retirement communities we looked at had Type A Life Care,” says Bob. “Most were reluctant to let us build on, or make any significant changes to our new home.” With family living in Hudson and Moreland Hills, the Conrads decided to check out retirement options back in Ohio. “We simply

fell in love with Hudson and Laurel Lake. What a wonderful town and campus! And here, home alterations are not only permitted, they’re encouraged.” The kicker? Laurel Lake offers Type A Life Care – with an unusual twist. “We learned that Laurel Lake is the first CCRC in the nation to make guaranteed Life Care coverage available to people age 55 to 70 who qualify, even before they move in. It’s called Pre-residency Life Care,” Bob explains. The couple enrolled in the program and settled down to wait for a villa. When one with a lake view and close to the Commons became available, they snapped it up and immediately made plans to build a family room addition. Bob and Susan completed their move in early April.

Don’t worry, be happy

“We’re so happy not to

own a house anymore,” Susan smiles. “No leaves to rake, no snow to shovel and no constant maintenance. There’s nothing to worry about.” In between unpacking boxes, Bob and Susan are having fun exploring their new community. They’ve joined the choirs at Laurel Lake and St. Mary Catholic Church, signed up for lifelong learning classes, and are throwing themselves into Laurel Lake’s mad social whirl. What advice do they offer others considering the move? Susan, the lifelong educator, suggests: “Join the fun early, as we have! All the interesting activity will keep you growing and help you stay young.” Bob, the security expert, offers this caution, “Life has a way of catching you off guard. Make sure you’re as prepared as possible for all surprises.” Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2012


2012 Spring Classes University Circle offers Distance Learning programs at Laurel Lake, linking you to world-class museums and educational institutions via livestream video. Funding is provided by Laurel Lake Foundation. To register, call 1-866-650-2100. For more classes, visit

n “Charles Dickens: One of

n “Asteroids” – June 4 @ 3:30 PM.

3:30 PM. Apple production is big business in Ohio. Bill Dodd, Program Director for OHIO APPLES and a 5th generation grower at Dodd’s Hillcrest Orchards, visits Laurel Lake to describe modern-day operations. Includes segment on apples from the PBS special, The Botany of Desire.

Live from NASA Glenn Research Center. Formed 5.5 billion years ago, asteroids are a mysterious and ancient threat within the solar system. Occasionally their paths do cross Earth’s orbit, with catastrophic results. What danger do asteroids really pose, and is there anything we can do to avoid contact?

n “Cosmic Collisions” – June 7.

Field trip to Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Saffran Planetarium. Take a thrilling trip through space and time as NASA astrophysicists depict the explosive encounters that shaped our solar system, changed the course of life on Earth, and continue to transform our galaxy. Call 330-655-1492 to inquire about cost and availability.

History’s Greatest Informers” – June 11 @ 3:30 PM. Live from Ink Think Tank. Can an author change society? Learn how Charles Dickens used his storytelling ability and childhood plunge into poverty to target social abuses and inspire the hard work of reform.

n “Ohio Apples” – July 2 @

women’s struggle for equality in American political life from the 1830’s to today.

n “Sandra Day O’Connor: The

Cowgirl Who Became A Justice” – July 23 @ 3:30 PM. National Cowgirl Hall of Fame. No other woman was ever given so heavy a burden to carry out the best interests of our nation as when Sandra Day O’Connor became the first female Supreme Court Justice. Explore this cowgirl’s transition from life on the ranch to life on the bench.

n “Johnny Appleseed” – July 7

@ 6:00 PM. Evening field trip to Ohio Chautauqua in Burton. Living history performer Hank Fincken portrays John Chapman, legendary nurseryman who introduced apple trees to the midwest and championed conservation. Call 330655-1492 for cost and availability.

n “And I Will Be Heard: Women Claim the Right to Vote” – July 16 @ 3:30 PM. Western Reserve Historical Society documents

n “Women Artists” – July

30 @ 3:30 PM. Live from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Study a broad range of works by influential women artists such as Mary Cassatte, Georgia O’Keeffe, Faith Ringgold and Graciela Iturbide.

Researchers listen to presentation at Meteor Crater, world’s best preserved meteorite impact site near Winslow, Arizona.


Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2012

a day in the life


esidents Jack and Nancy DeMent and Ruth Studer recently participated in a “Panel on Healthy Aging” at The University of Akron, interacting with 35 future doctors studying at NEOMED. Laurel Lakers are frequently invited to the classrooms of local universities and colleges to share their secrets for a healthy, active retirement.


he players have nicknames like Crusher and The Hammer. Someone is constantly yelling “Cheeks in the seats!” or “That’s gettable!” Offer a bit of coaching advice and you’ll instantly be made Team Captain. It’s Chair Volleyball at Laurel Lake, and with all the beach balls and wisecracks whizzing through the air, it’s a miracle anyone remembers to keep score.


or one week in May, bird watchers from all over the world flock to Magee Marsh on Lake Erie for what’s dubbed “The Biggest Week in American Birding.” Laurel Lake’s new Birds with Binoculars group drove to Northwest Ohio for the fun! Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2012


traditional setting of the Wellness Center. The concept of physicians making house calls dates back to an era before HMOs, medical centers and outpatient surgery facilities. Experts agree: Athome visits give doctors more face-to-face time with patients and offer insights not available during the typical 15-minute office visit. In addition to exams and treatment, these visiting physicians can coordinate lab tests, ultrasound and x-ray services. WRSC doctors are on the active medical staff of The Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals Health Systems, and can also work with hospital-based physicians and specialists at Summa, Akron General and Robinson Memorial Hospital.

Your own personal health network

There’s a doctor in the house. And a therapist. And a nutritionist. And a masseuse.


hether you’re getting ready to retire or you’ve already done so, you’ve earned the right to enjoy life to the fullest. Laurel Lake goes the extra mile to help you maintain good health so you can enjoy your new adventure! That’s the idea behind Laurel Lake’s integrated health care and wellness system. From on-site doctors to healthy dining options, boundless activities, safety precautions and unwavering support, Laurel Lake has you covered.

Physician house calls are back A new group of doctors has joined the roster of healthcare experts already holding office hours in Laurel Lake’s Wellness Center. Dr. William Mills and Dr. Steven Robertson of Western Reserve Senior Care (WRSC) now offer residents the option of seeing a doctor or nurse practitioner in their own apartment or villa, or if they prefer, in the more 10

Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2012

Laurel Lake was designed to help its members achieve wellness goals and meet a wide variety of healthcare needs right on campus. Our on-site health services meet the highest standards and are among the most extensive found in any senior living community. These include: Wellness & Preventive Care Services. Laurel Lake offers exercise and balance classes, strength and cardiovascular training, seminars on nutrition and other health-related issues, therapeutic massage, and routine primary and preventive care services. Medical Services. Laurel Lake’s on-site Wellness Center is open 7 days a week during specified hours, with family practice, internal medicine, geriatric and specialist services, and a full array of therapy services. Residents are free to engage the services of physicians of their choice, on or off campus. Emergency Services. Laurel Lake’s entire 150 acre campus is covered by a state-of-the-art wireless emergency call system. Assisted Living. Help with activities of daily living can be provided by Caring Hands in-home personal caregivers, and by the staff of Laurel Lake’s Greenwood Assisted Living and Rosewood Memory Care neighborhoods. Rehab & Skilled Nursing. Top quality care is provided on a 24hour basis by qualified, licensed and certified professionals in Laurel Lake’s 75-bed skilled nursing pavilion, the Crown Center.

here’s a sampling of events that residents are enjoying this summer.

indicates a coming event is open to guests. sign-up is

required. Call (330) 650-2100 FOR DETAILS.


Laurel Lake Open House June 18 & 19 @ 10:00AM

Join us for a gourmet brunch, special presentation on “The Fountain of Youth,” and campus tours. Call 1-866-650-2100 for reservations. Senior Safari at Cleveland Zoo June 29

The Rainforest, African Savanna, and more! Free admission for adults 55+.

West Point Market May 30

Stock up on gourmet wines, cheeses, fresh produce and more at Akron’s premiere fine foods store. Encore Chorale Spring Fling June 4 @ 7:00PM

Western Reserve Community Band guests join the Chorale for an evening of great music. Hudson Relay for Life June 8 & 9

Laurel Lake residents and staff will raise money for cancer research at Lavelli Field in Hudson. Hudson Historical Tour June 11

Laurel Lakers enjoy a guided bus tour of Hudson, a jewel in the National Register of Historic Places. Photographer Steve McCurry June 28 7:00PM

Join art historian Felicia Zavarella Stadelman to explore the works of photojournalist McCurry.

Emanuel Ax Plays Mozart July 7

A night of Mozart, Chopin and Brahms with The Cleveland Orchestra and Jahja Ling at Blossom. Sondheim on Sondheim July 8

A review of Stephen Sondheim’s amazing 50-year Broadway legacy at Playhouse Square. Great Gershwin, Brilliant Bernstein July 15

A night on Broadway with the Cleveland Orchestra at Blossom.

A Night at the Opera

August 5

Angela Meade, Michael Fabiano and the Blossom Festival Chorus perform works by Verdi and Puccini.

Route 66 July 1

Actors’ Summit takes you on a 1950’s road trip from Chicago to LA, with hits by The Beach Boys. The Doo Wops August 18

Reuiniting at Cain Park, this 1972 group still knows how to rock out! Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2012


Nonprofit Organization U.S. POSTAGE


Cleveland, OH PERMIT NO. 491

A lifestyle with all the advantages 200 Laurel Lake Drive Hudson OH 44236 1-866-650-2100

A Member of Catholic Health Partners


“Through the Eyes of the Artist” is a free art history series funded by the Laurel Lake Foundation. To register, call 1-866-650-2100. Art historian Felicia Zavarella Stadelman uses music, prints and powerful images to tell the artist’s story. June 28 @ 7PM – Steve McCurry The photographer best known for the National Geographic cover, “Afghan Girl” is one of today’s finest image makers. July 26 @ 7PM – Romare Beardon With melodic collages that represent his love of jazz, Bearden portrayed the Harlem Renaissance. August 30 @ 7PM – Paul Gaugain He created a profound sense of mystery in his work. It is often said that he painted and dreamed at the same time.

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