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Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2011

Enjoy the best of life, without the worries! What will it be like to live at Laurel Lake? Residents tell us that “living here is like being on a cruise ship,” “my life is so much easier,” and that “my health has improved since I moved here.” Every day brings new opportunities for vibrant living! n Ah, what a relief. Just imagine – no home maintenance or household chores. No more expensive work on the house, or fussing with repairmen, contractors or lawn care. n More freedom. At Laurel Lake, there’s no need to cook or clean – unless you love to! Whipping up a delicious meal is as easy as picking up a menu. It all adds up to more freedom to do what you want to do. n Friendship and fun. Mix and mingle on Pub Nights. Have dinner with friends as often as you like. Opportunities for friendship abound here.

n Try something new! With more time for fun, productive living, you’ll be able to explore new clubs, volunteer opportunities, hobbies or classes. n Feel healthy. Your wellness is our focus. Take a fitness class, hike with friends, eat better, learn new things and exercise your mind. n Stay safe. It’s more than our emergency response systems and 24-hour staffing. It’s the little things – like not having to climb stairs or shaky ladders, or letting people you don’t know into your home for repairs. n A comfortable, “homey” community. It’s your villa or apartment, just the way you like it. Friendly staff who treat you with respect and warmth. Cozy areas to meet and relax. What could be better?

What are you waiting for? Call 1-866-650-2100 today to plan your next visit, and get an update on the best apartment and villa homes now on the market!

Are you ready for The New Retirement? It used to be that work ended at age 65, and life slowed to a more predictable pace. But today’s retirees are re-defining retirement to match their expectations for a longer, healthier life integrated with work, play and personal growth. At the Summer Open House on June 14 & 15 at 2:00 p.m., financial expert Karin Maloney Stifler will present

an important topic: “Health, Wealth and Happiness in The New Retirement.” Gain valuable insights on how to survive – and thrive – in challenging times. Karin Maloney Stifler, the founder of True Wealth Advisors, has practiced as a Fee-Only™ fiduciary Certified Financial Planner® professional for over 20 years. She is frequently invited to comment on personal finance topics in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Money, and other national publications. She writes for the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s “Ask An Expert” financial column,

Laurel Lake Living Is published three times a year for the residents, family and friends of Laurel Lake Retirement Community.

Laurel Lake is a not-for-profit continuing care retirement community offering multiple home styles within 150 acres in Hudson, Ohio.

Please submit suggestions to: Laurel Lake Living 200 Laurel Lake Drive, Hudson OH 44236 (330)650-2100

Our community is firmly committed to Equal Opportunity in both housing and employment. Laurel Lake is a member of the Catholic Healthcare Partners family of senior living and healthcare organizations.

and makes guest appearances on radio and TV. Karin holds a BA in International Studies & Economics from Miami University and an MBA in Finance from Northeastern University, Boston.

Summer Open House June 14 & 15 @ 2:00 PM Join us for this special event with guest speaker Karin Maloney Stifler. Refreshments and tours of popular apartment and villa home styles will be offered.

Space is limited. To RSVP, please call 1-866-650-2100.

Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2011


Hiking club shares friendship, fun and Nature’s bounty The sun is shining, and Laurel Lake Hikers are back on the trail. “It’s a lot of fun,” says Carl Bacik, who joined the 20member walking club three years ago. “This is a happy group of people. I enjoy the laughter, and just soaking in the nature.” Carl and his neighbors go hiking for many reasons: for the camaraderie, to meet others who live at Laurel Lake, to see the wildlife, and exercise. “I wasn’t big on hiking before I came here,” says Carl. “But Laurel Lake makes me want to get off my can, and get going!” On average, the group takes 20 hikes a year from late May to early October, gradually increasing in difficulty. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park and local Metro Parks are just a hop, skip, and jump from Laurel Lake – 43,000 acres of fields and forests, rocky outcrops and

river valleys, waterfalls and wetlands for these lively adventurers to explore. Residents proudly display the walking staffs and shields they’ve earn in the annual Hiking Spree challenges. Grace Lewis, 89 and cute as a button, has a remarkable 17 shields to her credit. “Isn’t that something?” Grace says with a grin. “That’s one for every year since 1994. The younger ones may finish faster than me, but I go at my own pace. Our Ohio parks are wonderful. I like to learn about their history.” Hiking is an outdoor activity that anyone can enjoy, so long as you use common sense. Laurel Lake walkers are encouraged to eat a good breakfast or lunch, dress appropriately for the weather conditions and stay hydrated. Most carry staffs or use

Towpath Trail at Beaver Pond, Cuyahoga Valley National Park. PHOTO COURTESY OF DENISE POWERS FABIAN


Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2011

Nordic walking sticks. A member of Laurel Lake’s Wellness Team always goes along, and comes prepared for any situation. “We watch the weather reports closely,” says Wellness Manager Susan Busko. “And we always carry water, cell phones and a first aid kit.” Hikes are usually cancelled if there is a prediction for heavy rain in the forecast. While hiking gets your heart pumping, lungs expanding, and muscles working at various levels of difficulty, the best benefit is what it does for your spirit. “When I hike, I feel young again,” Grace confides. “It makes me realize that I can still accomplish great things.”

Polly Spalding waves at the camera while climbing in the Dolomite mountains.

the road less traveled

Laurel Lake resident takes love of climbing to new heights Six miles a day at Hudson Springs Park, plus every fitness class that Laurel Lake offers. That’s the training regimen for what Polly Spalding, 81, is about to do. In June, the retired math teacher joins friends in the Colorado Rockies for mountain hiking at 14,000 feet. “I’ve been climbing with these friends for years,” Polly laughs. “We met as members of a club called The Mountain Goats.” After Colorado, she has her eyes set on the steep limestone peaks of the Italian Dolomites. “We’ll be climbing a via ferrata – that’s Italian for ‘road with irons’ – equipped with fixed cables, stemples, ladders, and

bridges. There will be twelve of us, climbing at 8,000 feet.” Walkers and climbers following vie ferrate don’t need to use their own ropes and belays, says Polly, so it’s much safer than unprotected scrambling and climbing. The Dolomites are the “El Dorado” for via ferrate – many of them were put in place during the fierce battles fought between Austria and Italy during World War I. These stories will be shared as the group climbs from alpine hut to alpine hut. Polly took up rock climbing at age 65. “Luckily, I’m not afraid of heights!” When asked what she loves most about the sport, she doesn’t

hesitate. “It focuses your mind entirely. When you climb, you don’t think about anything but the challenge before you.” With many climbs under her belt after sixteen years, Polly continues to hone her skills by learning new techniques all the time. “It’s important to get lessons and learn the proper techniques, so you’ll be prepared for any situation.” Besides the adrenaline rush that climbing provides, it’s a good way to make friends and boost confidence. “It’s a great thing for anyone to try,” she said. “It shows us that we can do more than we initially believed we could.” Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2011


Former Duke Ellington vocalist reconnects with her jazz roots When Dolores Parker Morgan had the opportunity to audition for jazz legend Duke Ellington, the singer phoned it in. Literally! The Laurel Lake resident and one-time Chicago native launched her singing career right out of high school, winning a 1939 amateur contest at Chicago’s Regal Theatre and touring with Fletcher Henderson as a “Rhythm Deb” until 1945. Then Dolores – or “Dee,” as she’s known to 6

Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2011

family and friends – and her then husband, trumpeter Vernon Smith, joined the Earl Hines Orchestra. They settled down in Los Angeles with their daughter, Melodie – and that’s when Dee heard that Duke Ellington was looking for a singer. “I really wasn’t interested at first,” Dee confesses. But eventually, Vernon convinced her to audition with pianist/composer Billy Stayhorn, sight-reading her way through Lush

Life. Stayhorn dialed up Ellington on the spot and told Dee to sing it to him over the phone. Afterward, Billy spoke to Duke, then said: “You’re hired! When can you start?” The rest, as they say, is history. As Dolores Parker, Dee began touring and recording with the Duke Ellington Orchestra in 1947, joining a long list of talented vocalists who fronted the band over the years – Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Rosemary

In photos at left, Dolores Parker sings at The Apollo Theater in Harlem; gets a good luck kiss from Sammy Davis Jr. at her wedding to Dr. E. Gates Morgan; and poses with Nat King Cole, his wife Maria, and Duke Ellington flanked by fellow singers June Exstine and Kay Davis.

soloist on The Cleveland Jazz Orchestra’s 1999 album, Traditions. This fall, she will be one of the first recipients of the Summit County Historical Society’s Summit Award, honoring those who have inspired and touched the nation and the world. Clooney and many others. The musicians performed at ballrooms and theatres across the nation, sometimes doing six shows a day. Dee later appeared in several films, traveled Europe, divorced and then married a second time to E. Gates Morgan, a surgeon who later became medical director of the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in Akron. She sang professionally well into the 2000’s and was active in the Ohio music scene, creating an endowment for Kent State University School of Music in 1985. Dee was honored by the Smithsonian Museum in 1993 as one of five surviving female vocalists of the Duke Ellington Orchestra, and was a featured


Dee moved to Laurel Lake in 2009 at the suggestion of her daughter, Dr. Melodie MorganMinott, a Kent psychiatrist who got to know the community while serving on its Board of Directors. Both mother and daughter have both been very happy with the choice, but never more so than a few weeks ago when the community’s Second Wind Dreams (SWD) program helped Dee reconnect with her jazz roots in a wonderful way. “I got a call from Susan Busko and Kathy Marged on the Programming staff,” Melodie recalls. “They heard that jazz singer Dee Dee Bridgewater and The Cleveland Orchestra were teaming

up to pay tribute to Ella Fitzgerald at Severance Hall, and wondered if Mom and I would like to go.” Would they ever! Through Second Wind Dreams, the staffers quickly arranged for Dee and Melodie to attend the April 29 concert, handling everything from transportation and dinner reservations at Blue Canyon to the donation of tickets by The Cleveland Orchestra. “When I mentioned that our family ‘travels in packs’ and that my husband and his parents are part of our caregiving circle, Laurel Lake found enough tickets for us all,” Melodie adds. At the concert, Dee not only remembered and enjoyed all the songs that Ella used to sing, but offered a critique on how the musicians played their parts. “That’s not how the drummer brushed the cymbals when Ella sang it,” she commented at one point. And after the final song, Dee cheered exhuberantly: “Atta girl!” “It was a wonderful, wonderful evening for our family thanks to the thoughtfulness of the Laurel Lake staff,” said Melodie. “This kind of effort and personal attention to detail is what makes Laurel Lake such an outstanding community.”

Imagine flying a plane at age 86, or cheering the Cleveland Browns to victory in the stands at age 92. These are just a few of the dreams that have come true for Laurel Lake residents as part of Second Wind Dreams ( Now in its 7th year at Laurel Lake, SWD has fulfilled the dreams of over 150 people. Support is provided by the Laurel Lake Foundation, the Resident Association, and private donations from families, friends and local businesses. Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2011


WIRED FOR KNOWLEDGE Distance Learning for Spring/Summer 2011

Laurel Lake and University Circle are pleased to offer the following programs this Spring, connecting you to world-class museums and educational institutions. To register for a class, call 1-866-650-2100. Visit for the latest program listings. “English Gardens of Kent and Sussex” – June 6 @ 3:30 PM. Laurel Lake welcomes Cynthia Druckenbrod, Director of Horticulture & Conservation at the Cleveland Botanical Garden, to campus for a guided tour of the finest English gardens in the Kent and Sussex regions of southern England. Learn about these gardens’ timeless designs and planting schemes. The Cleveland Botanical Garden – June 10 @ 2:00 PM. A field trip to see the Garden’s 20 specialty gardens and exotic indoor biomes. Be the first to see the American Institute of Architects “reimaginings” of bird houses in a new show, “For the Birds.” Priority seating for LL residents; call Betty at 330-655-1492 to inquire about ticket availability.


Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2011

“America’s Spaceport: John F. Kennedy Space Center” – June 13 @ 3:30 PM. Preparing a vehicle for liftoff requires a special location, massive facilities, unique equipment and tools, and a worldclass workforce. Participants in this distance learning program will discover just what it takes to prepare a vehicle for launch. “The Space Shuttle” – June 27 @ 3:30 PM. Live from NASA Glenn Research Center. For 30 years, the only American spacecraft to carry humans into orbit has been the Space Shuttle. As the shuttle’s triumphant and tragic era draws to a close, NASA offers a look at the evolution of the $134 billion shuttle program over three decades and 135 missions, taking some of the nation’s highest technological and scientific achievements along for the ride. Learn about missions the Shuttle has supported, including the International Space Station and Hubble Space Telescope. “Space Shuttle Atlantis Final Launch” – June 28 @ 3:40 PM. Watch a live broadcast of the final Shuttle launch with commentary, on the Laurel Lake “big screen.” “Lure of the West” – July 11 @ 3:30 PM. Live from the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Explore America’s first federal art collection, dedicated to the enjoyment and understanding of American art. The museum celebrates the extraordinary creativity of our country’s artists, whose works are windows on the American experience.

Get your Irish on with Irish Road Bowling

“Opening the West: From Lewis & Clark to the Oregon Trail” – July 18 @ 3:30 PM. Live from the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center & Museum. Study the impact of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, and others that came West. How did they contribute to the settling of the Western Frontier? “The Cowgirl” – July 25 @ 3:30 PM. Live from the National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame. The term “cowgirl” serves as an attitude, idea and description. Discover the women of the American West during the late 19th and early 20th centuries who displayed extraordinary courage and pioneer spirit in their trail blazing efforts.

Through the Eyes of the Artist Join art historian Felicia Zavarella Stadelman at Laurel Lake as she continues her fascinating lecture series: Mary Cassatt – June 29, 7:00 PM Norman Rockwell – July 28, 7:00 PM Alphonse Mucha – August 25, 7:00 PM Frederic Remington – Sept. 29, 7:00 PM Henri Matisse – October 26, 7:00 PM Georges Seurat – Nov. 10, 7:00 PM

For hundreds of years, hurling a cannonball down a country lane has been an Irish tradition. Now, it’s a favorite sport for Laurel Lakers too. What the heck is Irish road bowling, you ask? It’s a team sport using a 28 oz. ironand-steel cannonball, rolled down a country road to the finish line. The team with the fewest throws, wins. Fourteen bowlers and a “peanut gallery” of spectators came out on May 20 for the first contest of the season. Congrats to the winning team of Marie “Smooth Roller” Storey, Dick “Long Roller” Hein, Carmella “New Roller” Cerjak, and Lois “Where Do I Roll It?” Rice. Not only do these kids play in the street, they’re really good at it!

Taste of Hudson is Labor Day Weekend Save the date! Taste of Hudson returns to downtown Hudson, September 4 & 5. The 2-day festival features 20 of the area’s best restaurants, over 100 live bands, cooking demos, a luxury auto show and great shopping. Laurel Lake will once again provide delicious appetizers for the Wine & Beer Tasting Garden, located behind the Hudson Library. Stop by and say hello. Laurel Laurel Lake Lake Living Living II Spring Spring 2011 2011


Learning to Give Laurel Lakers show students that charity is cool What if you could be Bill Gates for just one day, and give away loads of money to worthy causes? That’s what happened in April for Seton Catholic School students serving on an intergenerational board with Laurel Lake residents. The experience was part of “Habits of the Heart,” a program that inspires young people to carry on the American philanthropic tradition. The program paired eight Seton students with eight Laurel Lake mentors to create a philanthropy board that gave away $7,500 in grant money from the Burton D. Morgan Foundation. Retired educator Russ Hansen says he thought the entire experience was amazing. “These kids are impressive. We offered general guidance, but they really took control of the process.” The Laurel Lake mentors drew from their own experiences as community leaders and philanthropists, having served on the boards of numerous nonprofit organizations including The United Way, The Cleveland Foundation 10

Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2011

and others. The tradition of philanthropy and volunteerism is strong among residents, who are eager to share their knowledge with future generations. Eight local nonprofits were selected to receive grants in 2011: 4-H Equestrian Challenge received $1,100 to help disabled children compete in Summit County Fair equestrian programs. Case Barlow Farm received $500 for Barn Restoration. Children of Ubumi received $935 to provide tuition support for orphans in Ubumi (Zambia, Africa).

Coalition for Children’s Mental Health received $800 for a public service announcement contest about mental health issues. Hudson Bandstand Committee received $1,000 for the Summer Music Festival. Hudson Community First received $165 to purchase award plaques for the “Take A Second, Make A Difference” Program. Hudson Special Olympics got $2,500 to help local athletes go to Ohio Summer Olympic Games. Music of the Western Reserve received $500 to provide student tickets and help pay artist fees.

here’s a sampling of events that laurel lake residents are enjoying this SPRING AND SUMMER.

indicates an event is open to guests.

sign-up is required. Call (330) 650-2100 FOR DETAILS.


Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland June 2 Tour the Cleveland Fed, one of 12 regional Reserve Banks in the nation. The Harbor Inn June 7 Lunch at Harbor Inn overlooking the Portage Lakes. Voted Akron’s Best Seafood Restaurant! Cleveland Botanical Garden June 10 Laurel Lakers head to CBG to visit 20 specialty gardens and new “For the Birds” Bird House display.

Historic Hudson Bus Tour June 21 Explore Hudson’s history and architecture with former Hudson Mayor John Krum.

From Russia with Love July 30 The Cleveland Orchestra performs Borodin, Tschaikovsky, Stravinsky and Mussorgsky at Blossom.

Hudson Fireworks July 4 Case Barlow Farm hosts this stunning display by Hudson’s own American Fireworks Co.

Cleveland Jazz Orchestra July 31 Hudson Summer Music Festival on the historic Hudson Green.

“Jubilee!” July 5 Ohio Light Opera in Wooster offers a salute to the genius of Cole Porter. Music of the Civil War July 10 Hudson Summer Music Festival presents the Dodworth Saxhorn Band, playing on period instruments. Hudson Wine Festival July 15-17 Showcasing 200 wines, the Festival benefits Pawsibilities.

“Camelot” August 2 Ohio Light Opera presents Lerner & Loewe’s smash Broadway musical. The Joffrey Ballet August 20 The Ballet returns to Blossom with The Cleveland Orchestra, dancing to Stravinsky and Tschaikovsky.

Beethoven Concerto No. 3 July 23 The Cleveland Orchestra at Blossom with pianist Jon Kimura Parker.

Summer Open House June 14 & 15 Enjoy refreshments, tours and expert financial advice from Karin Maloney Stifler on “The New Retirement.”

Les Roberts July 28 Mystery writer Les Roberts at Learned Owl’s Book Club in a Bar.

Laurel Lake Living I Spring 2011


Nonprofit Organization U.S. POSTAGE


Cleveland, OH PERMIT NO. 491

A lifestyle with all the advantages 200 Laurel Lake Drive Hudson OH 44236 1-866-650-2100

A Member of Catholic Healthcare Partners

New & Noteworthy Find Us on Facebook Laurel Lake is now on Facebook, and we’d like you to join us there! Facebook users who “like” Laurel Lake’s page will be able to receive news alerts, special event coverage, and the latest videos and photos of the community. The fastest growing demographic on Facebook continues to be women over 55 (with men over 55 right behind), according to Inside Facebook, an independent blog that tracks Facebook’s data and demographics. Seniors are

embracing the new technology to keep up with family members, connect with former colleagues and classmates and follow the people, places and events that interest them the most. Chef Andrew Jackson wins award Congratulations to Laurel Lake’s own “top chef,” Andrew Jackson, who took 2nd Place at the 2011 Celebration of Flavors at Windows on the River in downtown Cleveland April 5. The day-long event brought together some of the region’s finest chefs, restauranteurs and culinary executives to learn about new dining trends, demonstrate cooking techniques, and sample creative new dishes. Chef Andrew wowed the judges with his dish, Beef Tenderloin with

Blueberry Beer Sauce, which uses Wild Blue blueberry lager as a surprise ingredient. Book a Speaker for Your Meeting Laurel Lake’s Speakers Bureau offers presentations on a variety of successful aging topics. Experts in the fields of wellness, senior housing and retirement planning are available to speak to a variety of audiences – book clubs, civic groups, associations, church groups and more. Programs include “Boomer Housing Trends,” “Exercise Strategies for Everyone Over 50,” “Managing Your Savings After Retirement” and more. For information, call Donna at 330-655-1436. Browse the list of available topics at www.laurellake. com/speakersbureau.htm.

Clip & mail to Laurel Lake Information, 200 Laurel Lake Drive, Hudson Ohio 44236.

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Laurel Lake Living - Spring 2011  

A magazine sharing the interesting people, places and events of Laurel Lake Retirement Community in Hudson, Ohio.

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