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Industrial Design Portfolio

Laurel Hwang

Selected Works 2013 - 2017

Industrial Design Portfolio

Laurel Hwang Selected Works 2013 - 2017

Laurel Hwang

( Lin-Huei Hwang )

My sources of inspiration come from my daily life. Cooking, searching for good music and movies, and visiting various art exhibitions, are my favorites.

I aim to design objects which are timeless than trendy. The most fascinating part of design, is the final process of pondering to make objects aesthetics and unique. I enjoy the adventure of making beautiful things. It occupies the major part of my life. 1995/02/28 E-mail

Education Sep. 2013 - Jun. 2017 Shih Chien Unversity Department of Industrial Design Taipei, Taiwan

Language Mandarin English

Work Experience Jul.- Aug. 2014

Masterwork Automodules Tech Corp., Taipei, Taiwan Graphic Designer & Main Desk Assistant

Jul.- Aug. 2015

Chickabiddy Co., Taipei, Taiwan Product Design Intern

Aug. 2016 - Jan. 2017

Taidah Entrepreneurship Center, Taipei, Taiwan Visual Design Intern & Columnist

Jan. - May 2017

Shih Chien University Department of Industrial Design Taipei, Taiwan Yearbook Planning Executive Member

Workshop Experience May. 13, 2014

Food Design Workshop held by Sally Lin

Jun. 1-5, 2015

Light Design Workshop held by Okayasu Izumi

Nov. 9-13, 2015

The Power of Appeal held by Reinhart Butter & Heike Goeller

Jan. 18-23, 2016

Hisashi Narita's Delicious Workshop

Awards Plier / 2017 Young Pin Design Award 2017 Young Pin Sponsor Award Xris Xross / 2016 6th Universities Across The Straits Design Award, Honor Mention



Adobe Illustrator

Watching indie films

Adobe Photoshop

Enjoying indie music Cooking

Rhino Alias

Traveling Learning French

Keyshot Model making Sketching


Content Product Design Projects Plier


Xris Xros 19

Internship in



Chickabiddy Co.



Diaper Tracker


Vegetable Teethers 59 Nipple packages


Workshops Crispy Gown 67 Seasons


Product Design Projects

Plier Discipline Furniture Design

Published 2017 Dimensions(unit:mm) Lengh: 1325 Width: 650 Height: 1780

Project brief / Plier, is a piece of furniture for open space. Its perforated translucent pattern panel forms a spatial boundary,

Material Iron Aluminium

yet does not create isolation, allowing socializing between people to take place. With the help of hydraulic pistons, Plier can transform between a screen and bar table with ease.

Product Design Projects • Plier


Issue / To encourage people having more interaction, the original features of the open space are barrier-free and unobtrusive. However, many spaces like offices, cafes, libraries, screens have been placed to reduce interference while minimizing people's interaction at the same time. How to transform the space into quiet or lively environment flexibly has become a task of the design.

what is open space? / Open space

No partition in one space

Concept / Since the screen and bar table both have flat surfaces, combining these two into deformed furniture, changing the atmosphere turned out to be the main idea.




Hypothetical situation /

• Bar table encourages people to interact.

• The screen separates the people.

Product Design Projects • Plier


Proposal A


Proposal B

Ideation / Frame structure / The aim purpose to the framework is to support the surfaces of the


furniture well in both using situations, and also make the furniture easy-folded up. At first, I

Proposal C

came out a few ways of modular possibility. But considering the weight which the user would bear while operating, I set Plier as a single piece of furniture.


Inside structure / To reduce the weight of Plier but retain its strength, thin surfaces with lattice structures behind can do well. I designed the structure, made it one of the Plier's features. I wished when people see it, at first sight, can feel it is beautiful and harmony as an artwork. Pegboard surfaces make visual unobtrusive and make the lattice structures seen but not directly.

Prototype vol.1

Prototype vol.2

Product Design Projects • Plier


Color scheme / The matching colors are low contrast and look lightweighted. It shows the furniture's unique but integrates with the environment simultaneously.

Making process /

Final design / • The operation can be done by one person. • The width is aimed for 6-8 people while gathering. • Visual penetration makes space not to be completely isolated,

retaining the original intention of open space.

Product Design Projects • Plier




Hydraulic pistons inside

Product Design Projects • Plier


Plier “ Be comfortable at every moment! ”

Product Design Projects • Plier


Product Design Projects

Xrix Xros Discipline Product Design

This project is based on the current trend, to speculate future products under new technologies in 50 years.

Width: 190

Project brief /

Height: 160

3D printing technology will be able to do mass

Dimensions(unit:mm) Lengh: 260

production to change the traditional model of Material Plastic cloth

production. Xris Xros, the bike helmet, manufactured by 3D printer will be safer than today's and can be reused after repeated collision. The inner seismic structure with fewer contacts with the head and less volume, giving the user a lighter and cooler experience.

Product Design Projects • Xris Xros


Issue / With the rising of environmental awareness, in cities, more public bikes are set up, and more people ride bikes. At the same time, according to statistics, however, bike accidents increases by years. Even though the traditional helmets are popularly used, head injury remains sitting on the top of the statistics, indicating the need of improving the safety of helmets.

2010-2014 Number of bicycle accidents and casualties in Taiwan Number of accident / people 12,000

Number of pieces accident

Number of casualties

10,000 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,000 0 2010





Percentage of injured parts of the statistics

Other 13% Head 79% Belly 3% Chest 5%


Existing product analyzing / The material / • Not eco-friendly, cannot be recycled.






The protection / • After one collision, the density of the inner material changes, that declines

the protection of the head. The helmets should not be used again.


The hard shell blocks most of the power

Helment the density of the inner material changes

Target user / • Safe • Light

What helmets

• Comfortable

do they need?

• Can be seen at night • Eco friendly • Look cool and fashion

Cyclists in cities age 20-35

Product Design Projects • Xris Xros


3D printer technology may solve the problem! / Currently the 3D printer can achieve: • Seismic structure • Staggered structure • Multi-material at the same time

Given the helmet in one-piece with recyclable and stronger materials and seismic structure, it would be much safer and eco-friendly.

Carbon fiber and TPE / • Extremely stiff

• Non-toxic


• Eco-friendly • Lightweighted

• Warp-free

Carbon fiber

• Felixible

• Lightweighted • Great impact


Conclusion & Concept / The current 3D printer can use TPE and Carbon material. The dual-nozzle model can use two, but limited materials simultaneously. In the future, the technology will develop drastically for mass manufacture of the one-piece helmet with both Carbon and TPE.

Ideation / The goal is to achieve both the protection ability and the unique feature, staggered and overlapping structures of 3D printing.

Inside structure ( TPE )

Carbon shell

Product Design Projects • Xris Xros


3D modeling /

Color scheme / Fresh and bright colors are chosen to emphasize the feature of light- weighted and comfort, what people long for in hot summer days.

Carbon shell

Inside structure ( TPE )

Product Design Projects • Xris Xros


“ Wear it, and shuttle in the city heartily! ”

Product Design Projects • Xris Xros


Product Design Projects

Cookid Discipline Product Design

Dimensions(unit:mm) Mixing bowl 200*200*130 Anti-skid pad 180*180*55 Sieve 150*130*30 Knife 166*118*300 Chopping board 340*250*30

Material Plastic Silicone Ceramics

Project brief / Cookid is a set of safe, easy-to-clean baking utensils for preschool children, including five different tools.

It encourages parents and children to learn and play together. And it is also designed to reduce the cleaning process afterwards.

Product Design Projects • Cookid


Issue / Kitchen works, according to many studies, can help preschool children to start learning various skills to improve both physical and mental development. Being dangerous in kitchen, due to their not-yet-controllable muscles, children tend to be out of control. A designed kitchenware which is safe to use and easy to clean, may solve the problems above. In the meanwhile, by smoothly using the kitchenware, may improve children's confidence in kitchen.

Why chose baking? / Comparing to other cuisines, sweets and snacks are more attractive to children; The baking and making processes, are easier and more fun.

Target user / Major: Preschool children, 4-6 years old Secondary: Parents

User research / My own study by observation of the behaviors of children in baking suggests that children cannot control common baking utensils well and may result in dangerous situation. Therefore, a practical design of baking utensils suitable for children of 3 to 6 is needed.

Conclusion & Concept / For safe and ready-in-hands usage, the shapes of the tools are smoothed. While usage, every object can be hold multiple ways according to users’ preference. Children can explore various functions of objects and find the most suitable way by themselves.


Chopping board

Mixing bowl


Product Design Projects • Cookid


Ideation / Mixing bowl / The Heightening up edge of the mixing bowl can prevent splashing while stirring. For storage, the edge was improved into foldable silicone material.

Anti-ski pad / Anti-ski pad can fix the bowl and prevent turning over. It can also be a container.

Silicone dots


Product Design Projects • Cookid


Sieve / The sieve has smooth shape and handle. Children can carry it in one hand and pat it by the other while sieving flour. At the other side of the sieve, there is a notch which can be fixed at the edge of the mixing bowl. So while filtering, liquid can be steadily poured from the containing bowl by two hands.

Knife / Kids' fingers are not agile to hold a knife by one hand stably. With two handles, they can use the knife by two hands. Considered that parents may participate in, the handles are improved for the usage of both one or two hands.

Chopping board / Both sides of the board are used for different purposes. On one side, the curvy area is for mincing, and the wavy area is for chopping. The other side of the board, can be used as a platform for kneading. A sloped surface helps the children’s hands easier push and press the dough.

Product Design Projects • Cookid


Color scheme / Cookid uses highly saturative color matching which often catches children's eyes. Children will be eager to use Cookid for their creative baking.

Final design /

Silicone surface

Pl as t i c

Silicone surface

Silicone surface

Product Design Projects • Cookid


Silicone surface

Si l i co n e s u rf ace


P l as t i c

S i l i c o n e s u rf ace

Product Design Projects • Cookid


“ Only your imagination could block your creativity! ”

Product Design Projects • Cookid


Product Design Projects

Tepee Discipline Product Design

Dimensions(unit:mm) Stand 148*79*247 Dripper 110*110*89 Coffee pot 87*87*133 Cup 49*49&40

Material Iron Leather Ceramics

Project brief / In this project, we created a virtual scene of Cafe named '' Shelter of the city'' and designed a product to fit the scene.

Tepee is a set of coffee making utensils for "Shelter of the city." The spirit was from the tepee, Native American tent, wandering, but warm, just like a shelter for people to hide.

Product Design Projects • Tepee


Shelter of the city Let us give you warmth at night.

Appease Open at night


Close when the sun rises Covered



Relax Slow pace

Firelight At ease Warmth

Where is a good place for people who are awake and long for a silence space to stay? "Shelter of the city," a virtual Cafe, only opens at night and take people away from the annoyance of city. It serves hot coffee and home-like space for people.

The aesthetic of pour coffee / The process of brewing coffee is an art. It is a kind of visual/olfactory/gustatory enjoyment, from appreciating the forms of utensils to watching the coffee brewed by the barista, smelling the aroma, and then tasting.

Concept / The idea is from the tepee. Native Americans use branches and leather to build their cone-shaped homes, setting fires inside to keep warm in winter. The images "Covering" and "Warm� are the spirits of Tepee, the coffee maker set. With Tepee, the guests in "Shelter of the city" will have a feast of the art of the coffee, and gain the genuine and spiritual warmth.

Appease Belonging


Shelter of the city

Product Design Projects • Tepee


Ideation / The appearance of the set comes from the image of the tepee. The materials of the dripper stand are leather and iron, and the coffee pot and cup matte ceramics. The user will feel warm and calm.

Making process /

Product Design Projects • Tepee


Final design / 1. Put the pot on the base of the stand. 2. Put coffee and a filter in the Dripper. Brew it. 3. Move out the dripper, take up the pot and pour the coffee into the coffee cup. 4. If the coffee gets cool, put a candle in the base of the stand to keep it warm.




Iron Leather

Product Design Projects • Tepee


Tepee “ Warm your heart at night. ”

Product Design Projects • Tepee


Internship in Chickabiddy Co.

Diaper Tracker Discipline Product Design UI/UX Design

Dimensions(unit:mm) Lengh: 100 Width: 40 Height: 10

In the period of Jul. 2015 - Aug. 2015, I was an intern at Chicabiddy Co., which is famous for its baby products in Taiwan. During the internship, my work was to help the company to develop products.

Project brief / Diaper Tracker, was one of the projects I participated in with colleagues during these two months. The company


wanted to develop Diaper Tracker for novice parents to


track the temperature and humidity of babies remotely.


My tasks were to design the appearance of it and the mock-up of the app.

Internship in Chickabiddy Co. • Diaper Tracker


Concept / The tracker with Bluetooth and the humidity sensor and the app can allow parents to change diapers immediately and prevent babies from getting diaper rash.

Ideation / The primary materials are velcro and silicon. The velcro can attach to the diaper steadily. ''Pure'' is the main concept of the appearance. So we chose images like clouds, drop, lovely animals and other cute things.




Drop Leaf Cloud


Diaper Tracker / The non-toxic silicone is equipped with the sensor. At the back side, there is a cover which can be opened for battery replacement. The velcro passes through the silicone, then affix to the diaper. Sensor

Silicone Battery Plistic Cover


How to use it / Replace with new battery first, stick the velcro to the diaper, and then press the switch button.


Internship in Chickabiddy Co. • Diaper Tracker


Diaper Tracker app / After activation of the switch, download the app to the phone.

First time to use /

• Set up account and passwords.

• After selecting the device, the screen will display data of temperature and humidity. Click ''Set up'' to change baby's photo and set the ring-tong and the duration.

• Start to detect the sensor.

• The screen will show the direction to the device. Click the device to check.

• To set up other devices and check the records, check the menu bar at the left side.

Second time to use /

• The devices show the photo you replaced before. Click the device.

• The screen shows the data.

• Click other fields to see other records.

Internship in Chickabiddy Co. • Diaper Tracker


Internship in Chickabiddy Co.

Vegetable Teethers Discipline Product Design


I worked on the part of the design of the teether series alone, and now the teethers are produced and sold on the market.

2015 Dimensions(unit:mm) Lengh: 950 Width: 850 Height: 10

Material Silicone

Project brief / These teethers are for over four-month babies. The protruding dots can relieve the discomfort from teething.

Internship in Chickabiddy Co. • Vegetable Teethers


Ideation / I proposed various ideas, the company


+ 4 M

preferred to the vegetable series.

Desert series - Sun & Cactus

Vegetable series - Pumpkin & Pea


Internship in Chickabiddy Co. • Vegetable Teethers


Internship in Chickabiddy Co.

Nipple Packages Discipline Package Design

The company wanted to redesign the packages of nipples. I was requested for proposing new ideas.

Published 2015 Dimensions(unit:mm) Lengh: 950 Width: 850 Height: 10

Material Cardboard Plastic

Project brief / The package is for two nipples, based on the corporate image of Chickabiddy Co.

Peoposal A-1

Internship in Chickabiddy Co. • Nipple Packages


Ideation and Proposal / Peoposal A / The rounded shape has an affinity to parents.

Peoposal B / The oblique cut design prevents the nipple from falling while opening.

Peoposal A-2

Peoposal A-3

Peoposal B-1

Peoposal B-2

Internship in Chickabiddy Co. • Nipple Packages



Crispy Gown Discipline Fashion Design

Published 2016

In Jan. 2016, I participated in Hisashi Narita's Delicious Workshop, Shih Chien University, Taipei. In this one-week workshop, the instructor Hisashi Narita, Creative Director of SHISEIDO THE GINZA, led the students from Fashion, Communications, Industrial and

team, 4p

Architecture Design Departments to create design works from Taiwanese cuisines by teams.

Dimensions(unit:mm) Lengh: 2000 Width: 600

Project brief / Crispy Gown, the idea is from the Shao-Bing-You-Tiao in


Fu Hang Dou Jian, the famous breakfast restaurant.


Wearing the Crispy Grown, you will recall the crispy


taste of the cuisine, by the crispy sound from the design on the back.

Workshops • Crispy Gown


Shao-Bing-You-Tiao from Fu Hang Dou Jian / Fu Hang Dou Jian, is famous for clay oven rolls with fried bread stick, which are called Shao-Bing-You-Tiao in Chinses.

Clay oven rolls Fried bread stick

Analyse the taste / We deconstruct the Shao-Bing-You-Tiao into three parts: colors, taste, and the appearance and get three features: First, the pouch-isa look makes people think of the sleeping bag. Second, the sounds of the bite have lots of meaning, such as crispy crust and soft stuffing. Third, the crispy fried bread stick is the essential key to the whole taste.

Clay oven rolls




Fried bread stick

Ideation / Combining the features above, we connect the sounds with the bite as our design concept. The cuisine is typical Taiwanese traditional breakfast, giving people energy and happiness in the morning. From that point, we came up with the idea of the nightgowns.

Fabric Thick fabric

Lazy in the morning Stay up late






Thin fabric

Workshops • Crispy Gown


Final design / YUM



Story / While staying up late and feeling so exhausted, you feel very sleepy. At this moment, you wear the Crispy Gown on and stretch out yourself, and then you will feel awakening by the crispy sounds from the back! The sounds will remind you the tasty breakfast, sweep away the tiredness! Thinking of the good taste and you will regear yourself, only for the coming breakfast!


n Cru





Workshops • Crispy Gown


“ Let crunch crunch wake up your taste buds! ”

Workshops • Crispy Gown



禾 Seasons Discipline Food Design

In May 2014, I participated in one-day food design workshop of the chromatics course, SCID. The mission was to create a color-themed exquisite feast by teams.

Published 2014

team,10 p

Project brief / The theme of the feast is “

Seasons.” Four cuisines

interpret the main colors of four seasons, giving people a new experience of both vision and taste.

Workshops •



Ideation / We made our cuisines with available and inexpensive ingredients, trying to create a fresh and earthy atmosphere while dining.



Menu / Spring Autumn

Vegetable Aspic

Summer Baguettes with cheese and pepper

Autumn Stuffed tomatoes Winter

Winter Panna Cotta with blueberry and strawberry sauce

Workshops •



Final design /





Workshops •



“ Enjoy four seasons! ”

Workshops •



Industrial Design Portfolio

Laurel Hwang

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