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UI UX / Graphic / Visual Design Portfolio

Laurel Hwang Selected Works 2013 - 2017

UI UX / Graphic / Visual Design Portfolio

Laurel Hwang Selected Works 2013 - 2017

Laurel Hwang

( Lin-Huei Hwang )

My sources of inspiration come from my daily life. Cooking, searching for good music and movies, and visiting various art exhibitions, are my favorites.

I aim to design objects which are timeless than trendy. The most fascinating part of design, is the final process of pondering to make objects aesthetics and unique. I enjoy the adventure of making beautiful things. It occupies the major part of my life. 1995/02/28 E-mail

Education Sep. 2013 - Jun. 2017 Shih Chien Unversity Department of Industrial Design Taipei, Taiwan

Language Mandarin English


Work Experience Sep. 2017 ~ Now

Angus Glass Co., Taipei, Taiwan Graphic & Product designer

Jul.- Aug. 2014

Masterwork Automodules Tech Corp., Taipei, Taiwan Graphic Designer & Main desk assistant

Jul.- Aug. 2015

Chickabiddy Co., Taipei, Taiwan Product Design Intern

Aug. 2016 - Jan. 2017

Taidah Entrepreneurship Center, Taipei, Taiwan Visual Design Intern & Columnist

Jan. - May 2017

Shih Chien University Department of Industrial Design Taipei, Taiwan

Workshop Experience May. 13, 2014

Food Design Workshop held by Sally Lin

Jun. 1-5, 2015

Light Design Workshop held by Okayasu Izumi

Nov. 9-13, 2015

The Power of Appeal held by Reinhart Butter & Heike Goeller

Jan. 18-23, 2016

Hisashi Narita's Delicious Workshop

Awards Plier / 2017 Young Pin Design Award 2017 Young Pin Sponsor Award Xris Xross / 2016 6th Universities Across The Straits Design Award, Honor Mention



Adobe Illustrator

Watching indie films

Adobe Photoshop

Enjoying indie music Cooking

Rhino Alias Keyshot Model making Sketching

Traveling Learning French

Content 7 PUP Diaper Tracker

13 Vigor Dong Shih Website

19 landmark icons for Oyster x

21 Visual Design of 2016 Winter Start-up Job Fair

PUP Diaper Tracker In Jul. 2015 - Aug. 2015, I was an intern at Chicabiddy Co. During the internship, one of my tasks was to design the appearance of it and the mock-up of the app.

Project brief / 2015 Discipline Product Design UI/UX Design

Diaper Tracker, equipped with Bluetooth and the humidity sensor, is dedicated for novice parents, which can track the temperature and humidity of the diaper on babies remotely. With the product, diaper rash can be prevented effectively, and the every-time data is recorded and statistics to track the long-term health status.

The UI Flow / First time to use Registration


Log in




device A

Detection success

Temperature Humidity

Set up

device B Detection failed

Temperature Humidity

Set up Home Today’s





Set up

device A


device B

log out

How to use it / After activation of the switch, download the app to the phone.

First time to use /

• The screen will show the direction to the device. Click the device to check.

• Set up account and passwords.

• After selecting the device, the screen will display data of temperature and humidity. Click ''Set up'' to change baby's photo and set the ring-tong and the duration.


• To set up other devices and check the records, check the menu bar at the left side.

Second time to use /

• The screen shows the data.

• The devices show the photo you replaced before. Click the device.

• Click other fields to see other records.


Vigor Dong Shih Website In the Web Design courses, One of the projects is to propose the redesigning plan of an official site. VDS( Vigor Dong Shih ), a local agriculture cooperative from Yunlin County, has produced carrots for more than twenty years. Now the cooperative is diversified developed.

Problems / 2015 Discipline UI Design

On the old official site, 1. it is hard to see its brand image. the visual design is confused which cannot enhance the healthy and fresh impressment. 2. There is no clear category to show all products which VDS has. And it is not easy for customers to find the ordering pages.


The new proposal / To solve the problems, I redefine the value and the points and redesign the UI of the site. Purpose of the site / The VDS official shopping site, which is easy for customers to order products and at the same time to make them understand how VDS works, the ideas and the process of the production. The main customers / people who love organic and healthy food. The design concepts / healthy, fresh, active, energetic and friendly are the keywords, to thoroughly convey the idea of the cooperation.

The UI Flow /

table of contents








生產履歷 查詢系統

紫胡蘿蔔汁 紅冬藏胡蘿蔔果醬

產品介紹 低溫倉儲



洋蔥精力湯 高麗菜



大白菜 產銷履歷 鳥巢米

首頁 紅胡蘿蔔汁

main products

黃胡蘿蔔汁 紫胡蘿蔔汁 紅冬藏胡蘿蔔果醬 洋蔥精力湯

更多產品 facebook Youtube




• Showing pictures of the process of production can enhance the transparency of information, to increase the customer confidence.

• Show the value and the story behind the brand.

• Display the primary and unique products. Catagory products by the colors themselves to stronger customers’ impression of the VDS, which produce colorful vegetables.

• Contact information and other links to facebook and youtube.



• Catagory products to make shopping easier. The top shows processed foods which are the most popular, and the lower are fresh vegetables.


• Explain what is the certification of production and marketing resume, to make customers believe the products from VDS is reliable.

• The link to the searching system of production and marketing resume.

• Showing pictures of the process of production can enhance the transparency of information, to increase the customer confidence.





landmark icons for Oyster x At the beginning of 2017, I was invited to join the team Oyster x to create landmark icons of the application of the namesake.

Project brief / 2017 Discipline Graphic Design

Oyster x is a travel application. Users can explore the map to uncover the fog on the world and save the travel routes in a finger-free way. And in one of the features, users can buy the landmarks then pin them onto the earth to build the personalized 3D map.


Visual Design of 2016 Winter Start-up Job Fair During six months in Taidah Entrepreneurship Center (TEC) which is supporting the startups, my job was delivering visual design and new marketing ideas for TEC. The most important task was to conduct the whole visual design of the Winer Start-up Job Fair. 2016 Discipline Graphic Design

The Concepts / the idea is ''hunt.'' In the job fair, the job seeker and the employee just like hunters in the jungle. The process is exciting; they hunt each other. Both sides want to get their ideal candidates. The whole items in the fair include the poster, indicators, the banner on the site, gifts and so on.



UI UX / Graphic / Visual Design Portfolio

Laurel Hwang

UI UX / Graphic / Visual Design Portfolio  


UI UX / Graphic / Visual Design Portfolio