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ACTIVATING YOUR TUPPERWARE WEBSITE Once you reach the main website by going to - make this a favorite! This is where you will log in for everything you do with Tupperware! If you haven’t set this up yet – When you visit for YOUR first time… Your USER NAME IS YOUR 11 ID NUMBER AND PASSWORD IS THE LAST 4 DIGITS OF YOUR SOCIAL. You will need to create a NEW user name (usually first/last name) and a password that you will remember! When you are choosing a user name – that name will be come your website name if you choose to have one, for example OR You will also have free email, for example:

TO SUBMIT ORDERS To access “My Sales” to submit orders, log onto your site, and log-in using your username and password. Again… This is where you’ll go to access everything in Tupperware and to process your orders. Once you are on the home page – there are several TABS to navigate through your personal information site! Click on the MY SALES Tab to go to the area to enter and process your orders. If you have any trouble placing your order, call Customer Care at 1-888-921-7395. They are there to support YOUR needs. Your local library, colleges, etc., may offer free Internet access if you do not have it at home. You will need to have a debit or credit card for your order to be processed. If you do not have a credit card or bank card with the Visa or MasterCard logo on it, you can obtain a “Tupperware card,” and it works with your existing checking account. I prefer this card! All checks that you collect for orders should be made out to you, the consultant. All orders must be keyed through My Sales or telephoned in to Tupperware by 11:59 PM CST on Friday or they will count for the next week’s sales. The Tupperware Card or your own debit/check card is the easiest and fastest way to manage your money. You deposit your checks after your party, you process your order through My Sales (or telephone) using your card. The Consultant “COST” [75%] will be charged with your debit card and the remainder is YOUR PROFIT! With this system, you can have a paycheck RIGHT AWAY, EVERY DAY that you do a party!!! THERE ARE MORE BENEFITS to using this card: it is a direct deposit window for bonuses, credit card over payments/profits from orders placed right from your shopping site, timeenhancement for placing your orders (funds do not come out of your account for 24-48 hours using this card, enabling you to get your order in and still time the day after to get your deposit taken care of!) and points towards FREE supplies!

INSTRUCTIONS FOR “MY SALES” Call Customer Care at 1-888-921-7395 if you have questions when entering your orders. NOTE: DO NOT use the “BACK” or “FORWARD” buttons when using My Sales. If you make a mistake and can’t solve it, click on “Welcome Page” on the top side of the screen. Click on the order or party you want to revise, and go back to where you want to make a change. 1. After logging on to the Internet, go to 2. Login with your Username and Password 3. Click the “My Sales” tab 4. Your Personal Summary page is important. You can see your current status with recruits and sales. This is also where you will enter number of parties/events you have coming up in the upcoming weeks. Report everything you have in those weeks shown. Click NEXT. 5. You are on the Welcome Page 6. Start New Party 7. Click on “Party” if inputting a party. Click on “Non Party” if you’re entering personal orders/Samples/Sales Aides 8. Party Set Up – Enter “Description” (generally hosts name), party date, attendance, source of lead, ship to host or to consultant. (Use TAB key on your keyboard to go from box to box.) Click Next 9. Customer Order – if it’s a customer order, click that circle. If you want the order shipped directly to the customer (and they paid additional $4.50 shipping charge), click box for “direct ship order”. Otherwise, all orders will be shipped where ever you indicated on the Party Set Up page. For example: ship to consultant or ship to host. 10. If the customer dated a party, click on the box and fill in the date of the party. 11. Enter Customer Name. Address and phone number are not necessary, unless the customer is paying by credit card. But it is good to enter that info if you have it for future reference. Click Next. 12. Scroll Down (on the right side of the page) to the lower half of the page. Type in the item number of the item ordered and then TAB over to “quantity. 13. When all item numbers and quantities are entered for this customer. Click Next. 14. Customer Order Summary – Look over the order summary and make sure that every item was ordered and the amount owed is correct for this customer. 15. Enter payment – Did the customer pay by check? Enter the amount in that box. Did the customer pay by cash? Enter the amount you received in that box.

Did the customer pay by credit card? Enter the amount you want charged to their credit card in the “credit card” box and enter the credit card number and the expiration date. Did the host pay for this particular order or are you paying for it? Do not enter the host’s credit card (or yours) at this point. Instead, enter the amount owed by the customer in the cash or check box. (You’ll charge the host’s card or your card later.) Click Next. 16. Party Orders and Datings page. Click on New Order. 17. After you have entered each individual customer order and you’re back on the Party Orders and Datings page, click on Host Order. 18. The first screen that comes up assumes that the host ordered products to count toward her party. This is also where you would want to order logo poly bags for the party #76148 ($1 for 10). This is also where any host defectives would go If she did not order products to count for her party, click Next. 19. Host Rewards Screen. You can see how much the party amounted to and how much free tupperware was earned. On the right, you’ll find the “Bonus” section. Click on any bonuses/Thank You gifts that the host qualified for and wants to take advantage of. Scroll down and enter items for Free Tupperware, Host Gifts and ½ price items. The “Free Tupperware” box (drop down) can be changed according to what you need (Free Tupperware, Host Bonus, ½ price items, ½ price seals, etc.). When all Host items are ordered, click next. NOTE: Hosts can only choose regular full priced items for Free or ½ price. 20. Verify that you have ordered everything the host paid for, chose as a bonus, chose for free, etc. Verify that you collected the right amount of money from the host. *NOTE – Hosts only pay shipping and tax on what they pay for, not on any free gifts. Did the host pay you in cash? Enter that in the cash box. Did the host pay you with a check? Enter that in the check box. Did the host pay you with a credit card? Enter the entire amount that should be charged to your hosts credit card (this may include payments for some of the customers orders). Click Party Summary 21. Scroll down to where it says what you owe. Type in your card number and billing address. It can be saved on your website for future orders if you choose. *Note – You will only be charged “your cost” for all the products you order. Add up the payments you received from your customers and hosts. It should add up to more than what you were charged on the Party Summary Page. The difference between the two numbers is your profit. Click Submit Party. Type in your PIN again. YOUR ORDER WILL NOT COUNT UNTIL YOU DO THIS STEP. Click Submit. At the top of the page it should say “Successfully Submitted” Print this page and keep it for your records/taxes. Staple your order forms to this page and file it.

“MY SALES” TIPS ORDERING YOUR SAMPLES When you order your new product samples at the special discount, remember: 1. You must use a non-party consultant order 2. Select the samples coupon from the box at the top left of your screen 3. Use 5-Samples from the item type drop-down box 4. Do not order ANY OTHER item types on this order. 5. You have a limited time to order your new samples. Please pay close attention to the ordering deadlines.

ORDERING YOUR SUPPLIES: Maximize your delivery by ordering all the needed sales aids at one time. Sales Aids have zero ($0) retail value, so shipping will most times be just $2.75. Do an order once a month for all the catalogs, brochures, order forms, host planning envelopes, guest mailing lists, party information forms, Tiny Treasures and other supplies you plan to use during the entire month.

HOW AND WHEN DO I GET PAID? MONTHLY COMPENSATION: Internet Sales, Personal Volume Bonus, Manager Royalties. These are all paid out on the 3 rd Monday following the end of the sales period. (A check is mailed out Tuesday from Tupperware in Orlando. Direct deposits are transmitted electronically to your bank on Monday). *Note – The Tupperware “month/sales period” ends on the last Friday of each month. BI-WEEKLY COMPENSATION: Any overpayment of orders for consultants not electing direct deposit will be paid bi-weekly. (A check is mailed out on Friday from Tupperware in Orlando). COMMISSION: Your base commission is 25%. You’ll pay the 75% Consultant Cost at the time you place your order using either My Sales or phone orders. The commission applies to all party orders, personal orders and full line Fundraisers. You will be charged tax and shipping based on the retail price. There are no charges for the core Host Program (Host Tupperware and Host Gift Specials) as outlined in the catalog. Any added bonuses may be at your cost (this has always been very minimal). The Monthly Sampling program offers a 35% discount and all sample sales count toward the Personal Sales Volume Bonus. You are entitled to purchase one sample/color choice of each new product that

Tupperware includes at the 35% discount sampling price. Host gifts are 50% of the retail! Additional quantities may be purchased at the regular 25% discount when the product is available for regular ordering. PERSONAL VOLUME BONUS: This is the variable bonus is paid on all of your personal sales when they exceed $1,199.99 in any sales period. This is how it works: •

At the end of the sales period, bonuses are paid on the total personal sales for that period based on the following:

$1,200 - $3,199.99 = 5% Bonus $3,200 or more = 10% Bonus

The bonus is based on all sales during the sales period (including sales from party orders, personal orders, Fundraisers, Internet Sales) when they exceed $1,199.99 in a Tupperware Month. For example - if personal sales for the month are $1,500, the bonus would be equal to 5% of $1,500 (an additional $75.00!), along with the 25% you already made of $375.00!

TELEPHONE SCRIPT General Script for new consultants Hi ________, this is ________ , do you have a minute to talk? (Yes) I’m so excited I got a hold of you. I’m getting my Tupperware business started and I really need your help. I need to have a couple of practice parties. If you can get a couple of girlfriends together to see what’s new in Tupperware, you can earn some really terrific gifts and you’d really be helping me out. Can I count on you to help me get started? YES – Great! Thank you! I have _________ (date) and _________ (date) available. Which would be best for you? (Pick a date) That would be great. I’m really looking forward to getting together with you. I’m going to get a host packet in the mail to you. Please start putting together a guest list of about 20 -25 people for me to send reminders. That will get us started. I’ll need to get that list from you in the next few days. Go ahead and start personally inviting everyone and they will get those reminders from me about a week or so prior to our party. Once I know you’ve gotten the packet, I’ll call you and go over a few things. Let me make sure I have your correct address and I’ll get that packet to you as soon as

possible. (Get the address and work phone number) I’m so excited about your help. It will be fun. Thanks so much. Good Bye.

Objections “Let me check with my friends first and see what would be a good date for everyone” – My calendar is really filling and I know that no date will be good for everyone, can we go ahead and tentatively pencil in a date? That way when you call your friends and they ask when you were thinking of having it you can give them some idea. And I can call you back in a few days and if that’s not a good date, we can compare our schedules and see about a different date. “I am too busy” – I understand, everyone is so busy these days. You know what? That would most likely help you have a great party. You probably see a lot of people every week and they haven’t had a chance to see Tupperware either. If you could squeeze it in, it would probably be absolutely fabulous. “I’d love to, I just can’t possibly do it right now” – I certainly understand. If you are interested, I’d love to get back with you in ________ (weeks) and see what your schedule looks then.