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Campaign Review September 2018 The Latymer Foundation at Hammersmith was established in 1624 ‘to clothe and educate eight poore boyes’ in Hammersmith. It remains true to the vision of its founder Edward Latymer to this day, offering a first class education to academically able students from all walks of life.


Chair This academic year has been an exciting time to take over as Chair of Governors of the Latymer Foundation. The highlight has to be the launch of our ambitious bursary campaign, Inspiring Minds. While this has been in planning since 2014, the ambition really dates from 1624, when Edward Latymer left funds in his will to educate eight ‘poore boyes’ of Hammersmith. He felt strongly about educating children from all backgrounds, an ethos that remains at the heart of Latymer almost 400 years later. By the turn of the last century, following the demise of the Direct Grant and the Assisted Places schemes, Latymer was only able to offer bursaries to a handful of its pupils. Between 2004 and 2014 steps were taken to start changing that and £10m was raised for bursaries, thanks to the inspirational support of some early donors. But our long term ambition was to be able to do even more than this. The aim of Inspiring Minds is to raise £40m by the Foundation’s 400th anniversary in 2024 to enable children of ability to experience a Latymer education irrespective of their families’ financial circumstances. We hope that we will be able to replenish Edward Latymer’s endowment with £20m of the funds raised, protecting an income stream for our bursary provision for the long-term future. The balance will be a bursary cash fund; this will give us flexibility both to meet immediate need and to secure the future. If we achieve our goal of being able to offer a bursary to 1 in 4 of our pupils, we would not only be

honouring Edward Latymer’s original vision, we’d be making Latymer one of the most socially inclusive independent schools in the country. The Governors were proud to see Latymer’s initiatives recognised by TES [Times Educational Supplement] this academic year. Winning three awards at the ‘Independent School Awards 2018’ ceremony is a remarkable achievement by any standards. This Campaign Review will give you an overview of how far we’ve come since the Head of Latymer Upper School, David Goodhew, my predecessor James Graham, and our Governors started planning this extraordinary campaign. Of course meeting this challenge would not be possible without the backing of the wider Latymer community – pupils, parents, staff – both past and present, and our loyal alumni. I’d like to thank our remarkable community for supporting us and sharing our vision for the future.

Ros Sweeting

1 in 4

students would receive a bursary if we achieve our goal, which would make Latymer one of the most socially inclusive independent schools in the country.


accolades won at the Independent School Awards 2018 ceremony, a remarkable achievement by any standards.


Ros Sweeting Chair of Governors Latymer Foundation at Hammersmith

Head Rarely a day passes when I’m not reminded why Latymer Upper School is such an exceptional environment in which to learn. It might be an enthusiastic Year 7 pupil telling me about their new fundraising initiative, or a Sixth-Former explaining their dissertation; it may be a teacher proposing a creative idea with which to enhance their lessons. Whatever the conversation, I’m inevitably impressed (and moved) by the energy and passion our Latymer community bring to school life – and never more so than during this academic year. Two events stand out: the launch of the Latymer Foundation’s most ambitious bursary campaign to date, Inspiring Minds, and our success at this year’s prestigious TES Independent School Awards ceremony where we won three awards for excellence. The two are connected. It’s no coincidence that as we become more inclusive through the growth of our bursary programme, we see that the quality of the educational experience we offer is improved and enriched. TES awarded Latymer the title of Senior School of the Year, Independent-State Partnership of the Year and overall Independent School of the Year. The first award recognises our emphasis on developing an innovative teaching and learning strategy which prepares our pupils academically, intellectually and emotionally for life in the outside world. The second celebrates Latymer’s focus on fostering a sense of civic responsibility in all our pupils, with community service built into the curriculum and over 50 partnership programmes impacting over 1,000 state school children each year.

in the independent school sector, Latymer is able to educate the brightest children from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds. I believe passionately that a richer education is experienced by children who learn alongside those with differing life experiences. Exposure to other, often opposing, viewpoints and opinions is what makes our Latymerians such rounded and grounded individuals. By taking away the financial barrier to a Latymer education we widen the intellectual pool, allowing us to recruit the most able students, encouraging in our pupils a cultural and social sensibility alongside academic excellence. This September, 18% of pupils joining Latymer in Year 7 will be in receipt of a means-tested bursary; across the School 175 children (the equivalent of one whole year group or the entire Prep School) who would not otherwise have the means to study here, can now thrive at Latymer – to the benefit of all our community. That’s certainly a cause for celebration!

David Goodhew

The link between Inspiring Minds and our TES awards lies, therefore, in the diversity of our school community. As one of the biggest bursary providers


of pupils joining in Year 7 will be in receipt of a means-tested bursary.

175 David Goodhew Head of Latymer Upper School MA (OXON) FRSA

children who would not otherwise have the means to study here, can now thrive at Latymer – to the benefit of all our community.


Inspiring Minds Campaign in numbers Since the official start of our Inspiring Minds campaign in

Our oldest alumni donor is currently years of age and the youngest is




Endowed bursaries funds have increased by



has been donated to the Upper School Bursaries Appeal by 2,539 donors


has been raised for the Latymer Foundation



of the incoming Year 7 students are in receipt of bursarial support

102 students have participated in

RAIS£, the student-led fundraising club

Alumni live in 24 different countries and


have given to the campaign so far

Year 7 So far the most generous decade of alumni is those who left in the


of 142 members £11,124.33 staff have raised

money for or donated to the campaign

£ 4

alumni have used the social networking platform ‘Latymer Connects’

was raised in sponsorship by the 129 runners in the 2Bridges Run

£137,656 has been given in grants to ensure all pupils can experience Activities Week, trips and sports tours

No. of students receiving bursarial support in 2014 124 2015 130 2016 141 2017 154 2018 175

£1.1 million


has been received in bequests to the Foundation from Latymerians and their parents


was raised by a student who requested donations to the Bursaries Appeal instead of birthday presents

parents have pledged their child’s joining deposit to the Bursaries Appeal


alumni are members of the 1624 Society (they have included a bequest to Latymer in their will) old is the age of 9 years the youngest student


Over Prep and Upper School parents have supported Inspiring Minds by volunteering their time and efforts


Over staff participated in the launch of the Inspiring Minds campaign

833.48 miles

have been run, cycled or swum for the campaign

to donate to the campaign – he gifted the winnings from a chess competition to the Latymer Foundation £

number 144 isofthe miles swum

in the Prep Swimathon which raised over £7,300 for the Prep Bursary Fund


alumni have attended an event


Thank you

Since September 2014, current and former pupils and their parents, current and former staff and Governors, and other friends of Latymer have cycled, swum, eaten, drunk and danced to raise money for the campaign. The ingenuity and enthusiasm of the School community when it comes to fundraising continues to humble and amaze me and the commitment of our volunteers, who work tirelessly behind the scenes, is infectious.


To our community of supporters

ol ho eal c r S pp pe ies A ar

End ow m e


I suppose it is therefore not that surprising that the Latymer community has responded so whole-heartedly to the call to action of our Inspiring Minds campaign. We are raising money to ensure that an essential aspect of a Latymer education is protected for the benefit of future generations of young people.

Amanda Scott




rs ar

ll y s d u a arie In divi s Bur Funded

y Fund

The ultimate aim of this campaign is to ensure that the only criteria for entry to Latymer will be ability and potential and this relates to a key aspect of the distinctive education we offer to our students. Like many independent schools we are proud of the wide range of academic subjects and co-curricular activities available at both the Upper School and the Prep, underpinned by first class facilities. But what makes a Latymer education really distinctive is the importance we place on teaching our students to be tolerant and open minded individuals, accepting of those whose background may be very different from their own. This is lived on a daily basis by our staff and students who represent many different nationalities, faiths and family circumstances, and this diversity enriches the educational experience for all.

In the lead up to the 400th anniversary of the Latymer Foundation in 2024, all philanthropic support for the Foundation will count towards our campaign goal of £40 million. Over 3,000 current and former students, their parents, staff and friends have supported the campaign with their time, effort and donations. I’m sure Edward Latymer would be enormously proud of our school community.

Bu Up rs

Our Inspiring Minds campaign has gathered considerable momentum since the early days of planning in 2014, and the public launch last September unleashed an amazing groundswell of support from across the Latymer community.


Spec ial P roje cts t r p art m e n tal S u p p o

3,000 Amanda Scott Director of Development Latymer Foundation at Hammersmith

current and former students, their parents, staff and friends have supported the campaign with their time, effort and donations.


Our fundraising journey It was back in 2014 that we first started discussing the possibility of a major fundraising campaign for the Latymer Foundation. The number of bursaries available had been slowly growing year on year since 2004, but most of them were financed through annual fundraising, and were not backed by permanent funding from the Foundation’s endowment. We realised that we would need to turn to the Latymer community for their help if we wanted to significantly increase our bursary provision to ensure that ability and potential were the sole criteria for admission to Latymer, and to ensure that this key aspect of Latymer was protected for future generations. Spurred on by early conversations with key members of our community, we embarked on Inspiring Minds, the most ambitious fundraising campaign for bursaries that Latymer, indeed any independent school in the UK, has ever undertaken.


September 2014 The official start date of the as yet unnamed campaign.

40m 36m 32m 28m 24m 20m 16m 12m

8m 4m 0m


raised for bursaries 2004 saw the establishment of Latymer’s Foundation Office (then known as the Development Office) and the financial support given by the Latymer community meant that the number of students on bursaries grew from 12 in 2004 to 123 by July 2014.

Inspiring Minds is chosen as the campaign name as it echoes the inspirational education which Latymer offers all its students.

The campaign embraces all philanthropic support for the Foundation although the primary aim is to increase bursary provision, both now and for generations to come.

Prep Bursary Fund is launched.


Inspiring Minds

is the most ambitious fundraising campaign that any independent school in the UK has ever undertaken.


123 pupils receiving means tested bursaries funded by the Foundation.

KEY 2015-16



amount raised for campaign in financial year

total cumulative amount raised for campaign

Encouraged by conversations and early pledges of financial support from across the Latymer community, we set an ambitious yet hopefully achievable target of £40m. Our aims are to re-endow the Latymer Foundation and to ensure that by 2024 we can fund bursaries for as many as 1 in 4 of our students. The number of donors to our annual Bursaries Appeal breaks the 1,000 barrier. 130 pupils receiving means tested bursaries funded by the Foundation.

Significant cornerstone gifts are received both to sponsor individual bursaries and to endow bursaries in the long term. Campaign literature and messaging is finalised ahead of the public launch of the campaign. Our annual Bursaries Appeal raises a record £486,000. 141 pupils receiving means tested bursaries funded by the Foundation.

In September, Inspiring Minds is publicly launched with events for the whole Latymer community. The student-led fundraising club RAIS£ organises events and activities, along with designing and marketing their own merchandise. In total they raise an amazing £17,952.72. The Inspiring Minds Gala Dinner raised an incredible £2.1 million for endowed bursaries.

154 pupils receiving means tested bursaries funded by the Foundation.


Award-winning partnerships All Lower Sixth students carry out a sustained period of voluntary work during the academic year. In so doing they help 100s of people, from children & families to elderly residents & charities. The map shows how many schools and organisations are involved, and highlights the mutual benefit that our pupils derive from their experiences. Lower down the school, new volunteering initiatives have been established, creating a culture of civic responsibility within the whole school.

Primary School

Secondary School

Community Partner


Our School








state school partnerships impacting over 1,000 local children each year.

In a year when ministers again put pressure on independent schools to work more closely with their state counterparts, Latymer Upper School was a showcase of how it can be done. TES Awards Judge


Sharing what we have Latymer Upper School has a long tradition of working closely with local partner schools, sharing teachers and facilities for academic and sporting initiatives with more than 50 state maintained primary and secondary schools. Throughout the year, Latymer welcomes over 1,000 local children for a range of activities including:

Latymer welcomes over

1,000 children

from the community each year

50 pupils from 10 primary schools

Bright Sparks

60 pupils from 27 primary schools

STEM Academy

33 pupils from 7 secondary schools

Careers & University Admissions Talks

12 partner secondary schools

Saturday School

150 pupils from 28 primary schools

Community Basketball Hub

120 children from 19 schools

Twilight Sessions

20 pupils from 2 secondary schools

Water Polo

30 pupils from 6 schools

Tri-borough Music Hub

150 pupils from schools in west London

Grenfell Athletic Football Team

use of Latymer’s training fields

Primary Swimming Project

300 pupils from 6 primary schools

Addison Badminton Club

24 pupils from schools in west London

Kensington Aldridge Academy (KAA)

9 potential medical students attended a UKCAT training by MedicPortal

MCC Cricket Hub

60 local children

Generating Genius (Junior Genius)

50 pupils from 7 secondary schools

Primary Debating


Award-winning education strategy Latymer Sixth Form

Our strategy focuses on developing a new approach to teaching. Rather like university dons, our teachers now have protected time for professional development as well as the opportunity to engage in action research overseen by the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

rricular activities Co-cu

At September 2017:


Lower Sixth pupils had opted for 574 elective courses


students had elected to do the Latymer Research Report


students had opted for the Extended Project Qualification

ve Courses Electi


Years 7 & 8 study Mandarin and Spanish

Coding and computer science taught to all Year 7-9 pupils

Extended Project Quali�cation

Latymer designed courses

Latymer research essay/ report

North America Stats In 2017, Admit Decisions to the North American Universities were at an all-time high with 62 offers including a number from prestigious Ivy League institutions

Performing Arts



3 A levels Games

4th A Level Societies & clubs



Extra service


Knowledge & research

AS or AS equivalent


D of E

Ab initio language World challenge

Leadership opportunities

A modern and global curriculum

Global Goals course for Year 9 that examines the UN sustainability targets



World Perspectives course for Years 10 & 11

The curriculum appears rich and varied and will provide excellent preparation for higher education. Bristol University

Latymer Learner profile The scale of our ambition far exceeds the capacity of reductive league tables to describe, and so we have developed our own learner profile to measure the success of our educational strategy. By the time they leave Latymer, we want our students to be:

Laytmer Learner profile

Promoting international understanding, human rights and social justice

Curious, questioning, with a love of learning for its own sake

Hard-working, committed

Believers in a growth mindset

Principled and responsible, respecting justice and ethics

Sensitive to the importance of sustainability and the environment

Able and willing to act for a better world

Confident, reflective, mindful, self-aware

Global citizens, interested in the world around them

Critical, creative, flexible, resourceful, reflective

Courageous, resilient

Open-minded, tolerant

With dedicated time for teacher learning, coaching and action research, the school has developed a well-thought-through and comprehensive strategy, which has been carefully evaluated to ensure even greater impact on student learning. TES Awards Judge 13

Financial facts and figures Financial year ending 31 August 2017

£9.8 million

The Foundation retained bank loans totalling £9.8m to help fund new buildings including the Sports Centre

£28.5 million

The value of the endowed bursaries funds

Funding for bursaries

Bursaries Appeal


Individual sponsors


School Funds




Endowment returns


£5.4 million

Allocation of gifts

The value of all donations received during the year

£39.1 million


Amount expended on bursaries and scholarships this year






The overall value of the Foundation’s investments

Grants to bursary holders for non-fee items (uniform, music tuition etc)

Individual Departments

Was allocated from the Horizon Fund to support 71 pupils on School Trips

Bursaries awarded

Full bursaries

Partial bursaries TOTAL




Income and expenditure

Investments (£m)

Financial year ending 31 August 2017

Incoming Resources School fees

Less bursaries & scholarships Net school fees Other income

Donations and gifts Investment income





Defined pension scheme

Unrestricted funds

Expendable endowment

1 2



10.3 9.7 13

Given by donors for current bursaries and school support Given by donors to endow bursaries and scholarships



On investment assets

Permanent endowment funds

22,730 1,413


Investment property




Other gains & (losses)

Restricted funds1


Bank loans and overdrafts (£000)

2,781 583

12 10 8



6 4

For further information please refer to the Annual Report and Accounts at or on the Charity Commission’s website.

2 0











Campaign donors and legators All of us at the Latymer Foundation would like to extend our warmest thanks to all those who have contributed to the Inspiring Minds campaign in any way since its inception in 2014. We are especially grateful to our generous donors, some of whom are named below, and others who wish to remain anonymous. (And of course those who made contributions after we went to print) Huge apologies if due to human error we omitted your name. Please do let us know and we will of course correct it for next year’s review. KEY # = 1624 Society was created as a way to recognise those who have made provision for the Latymer Foundation in their will ~ = Deceased

* = 2024 will mark the 400th anniversary of the Latymer Foundation and the Leadership List recognises those who make a donation of £2,024 or more each year (1991) = Latymerians’ Class year

Tony Abbott (1946) Andrew & Sarah Aglionby Newton Aguiar & Renee Aguiar-Lucander Sunny Ahuja (1990) Natasha Airey Malekshah & Yeganeh Akhavan-Zanjani Denis Albert & Dasha Klyachko * Ian Alexander & Sabina Malfatti Linn Alexander Assem Alireza & Negar Ram-Alireza * Dennis Allen (1973) Katharine Allen Nick Allott & Christa D’Souza Brian Allum (1960) Salah Alrawi & Kirsten Meyer Claudia & Joerg Alting Guy & Dominique America * Sergey & Nadia Amerikov Gurbir Anand (1999) Simon Anderson Nick Andrews (1976) Graham Angel # (1957) Charles Ansley (1967) & Sophia Dettmer Dino (1985) & Avue Antoniades * Martin Anyim (1995) Peter Appleson (1969) Victor Apps (1966) Eitaroh Arakawa (1991) Derek Archer (1957) John Arlidge & Stephanie Flanders * Eric Armitage ~ (1943) C Armstrong Sameer & Bhavya Arora * John Arundel # (1967) Minaz & Heidi Asaria Jeremy & Marion Ashworth Martin Ashworth & Chi-Hung Foo Paul Askew (1973) Yashar Asl (1996) Peter Aspden (1976) & Sian Davis Giles Aston (1983) Jonathan Aston (1978) Derek Atkinson (1945) Mark Atkinson & Kiran Soni Esmé Audland (2017) William & Antonella Audland Brian Austin (1963) Roisin Babuta Manoj Badale & Katie Yirrell * Bill & Kristin Bailey David Baines # (1951) Keith Baldock (1964) Andrew Balint (1954) Michael Ball (1973) Terry Ball (1951) Andrew Ballard & Stephanie Blackman Ballard * Jo Ballin Paul & Rajinder Ballman Adam (1990) & Bex Balon Tony Bamford (1957) Jeremy Banks (1970) Tony Barber (1957) Simona Barbieri Mark & Fiona Barbour-Smith Jack & Tessa Bardakjian Jeremy Barnard & Annie Coulson John Barnes # (1955) John Barnes (1959) Matthew Barrett & Jessica Cecil Stephen Barrett & Jane Asscher Andrew & Caroline Barrington Kim Barrington


Sebastian Barry-Taylor & Maria Doulton Barry-Taylor Andy Barsby (1971) Callen Barton & Kristina Millman John Barton (1966) Harshad & Swati Barvé Peter Basey (1964) Shakel & Shareena Bashir D T Bat David & Lindy Batchen Samantha Batra Omer & Sonat Bayatli Peter Bayliss (1952) Timothy Beard Alastair & Sayaka Beattie James Beeton Steven Beharrell & Mary Mortimer Gregory Beitchman & Tomoko Hirai Roger Belbin (1953) Christopher Bell (1964) David & Elisabetta Bell Royce & Rotha Bell * Vanessa Bell-Ogilby Kjell & Fiona Bengtsson Bill & Carol Benham Mohamed & Denise Bennadi Colin Ben-Nathan (1983) Alden Bennett (1989) Arthur Bennett (1948) Keith Bennett (1960) Stephen Bennett (1991) Cyrus & Jessica Benson * Mark & Grace Benson Richard & Roz Beresford Peter Berkowitz (1983) Karin & Mathieu Bernard Viscount and Lady Camrose Sumir Bhardwaj (1986) Francesco Bianco Mary Biggart # Magomed Bilalov & Veronika Fedorova Tanya Bird Helen Biscoe-Taylor Rob & Molly Bishop Chandrima Biswas * Joel Black (1999) Richard Blackborow (1970) Alan Blackwell (1963) Barry Bladon Iain Blaxall (1978) Julia Bley Gordon Blythe (1949) Paul & Marina Blyumkin * Nigel & Beth Boatswain Stephen & Carolyne Bogod Jonny Bohane William & Judith Bollinger * Matthew (1978) & Jenny Bond Nicola Bonelli & Natasha Ramlogan Norman Bonnor (1957) Clive Booker (1967) Mike & Natalia Bools John & Samantha Boret Kiron Bose (1988) Paul Boston (1970) Matthew & Sarah Boulton Remi & Isabelle Bourette * Laurent Bouvier & Yda Wiechers-Bouvier Guy Bowles (1980) Peter & Claire Bowman Jeffrey & Elizabeth Boyling Kerstin Brabetz-Quante Neil & Rachael Bradford Henry & Vathsala Brainerd Vidya Brainerd Becky Branch Nicholas & Antonia Brann Oliver & Johanna Bray Mike & Kate Brayn Tony Brennan (1984) Stephen & Penny Brett Mark & Adrianne Brewer Richard Bridges (1980)

Richard Brittlebank (1971) Julie Brix Eleena Broadfoot Anne Broadhurst Bernd & Catherine Bröker * Alan Brooks (1971) David Brough ~ (1946) Alex Brown (1994) Bill Brown ~ (1927) Christine Brown Malcolm Brown Mark Brown (1978) Michael Brown (1992) Phil & Jo Brown Roger Brown (1969) Carol Brundle Maciek Brzeski (1976) Katie Buchanan Katherine Buckle Tony Budd # (1959) Mark Bullimore (1980) Gibb Bulloch John Bullock * ~ (1951) Rob & Charlotte Bullock Jane Bunning Nick Burges (1972) Graham Burgess & Lisa Irwin Rachel Burke Hugh Burkitt # (1963) Helen & Tony Burling Marcus Burling (2011) Alan Burnell (1960) Arthur Burt # ~ (1945) Austin Burt & Vassiliki Koufopanou Gerry Burt # * ~ (1942) Michael Bush (1950) Jerome & Claire Bussiere Edward Bye & Ruby Wax C Cameron Lucy Campbell Rollo Campbell Alan Cane (1965) Nigel & Catherine Cannings Antonio Capo & Serena Vitalini Rhiannon Carey-Evans Keith Carley # (1952) Manon Caron Patrick & Joanna Caron-Delion Dennis Carpenter # * ~(1948) Edward & Krysia Carr John & Catherine Carrafiell * Peter & Jackie Carson Andrew Carter (1962) Paul & Sophie Carter Arnau Carulla & Carolina Espinal Vanessa Cashman Robin Caswell & Iti Das Michael Catliff (1947) Freya Cazalet * (2016) Julian Cazalet Eve Cedar Salvatore Cerchione & Cristina Giordano Peter Challands (1962) Tom & Jane Challenor Julian Chamberlayne Ping Kwong Chan & Wai Yee Tang Joan Chandler # Nick Chandler (1981) Eleanor Chapman Jake Chapman (1962) Stan Chaudhry (1991) & Mary Frances Owens Peter Cheesman (1960) Chris Chivers Anil Chopra ~ (1980) Kamlesh Chopra Andrew Chowns (1973) John Chraghatssi-Banian (1998) Campbell Christie (1974) Alison Christieson Vicky Clarfelt (2001) Eric Clark (1986) Robert Clark (1976) Andrew Clarke (1963)

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Miguel & Monique De Beistegui Henry de Hoon Laurent & Paula De Meeûs D’Argenteuil John de Pear (1963) Stephen de Somogyi & Elizabeth Padua Michael De Turberville (1954) Edward de Vroome (1997) Ted Deeley # * ~ (1945) Julia Dehoff-Bourne Thomas Deitz Massimo Della Ragione & Valentina Pan * Tony Delliston (1970) Andrew & Victoria Denham-Davis Victoria Denison Alan & Marianne Denney Ben & Reena Denton Jane Denton Rajpal Dhillon (1981) Anu Dhoraisingam Silvia Di Giovanni Alan Diamond (1968) Alan Dibben ~ (1940) Otto Dichtl & Donna Schoenherr Rodney K Dick Rene Diesel Tim & Nina Dimond-Brown Sanjeeva & Donatella Dissanayake Alan Dixon (1953) Alan P Dobson David & Lisa Docherty Chris & Sian Dodwell Juan Dols & Mei Teck Wong Norman Donkin (1957) Mike Donnan * (1964) Stuart Dorrian Param & Laura Dosanjh Taylor Downing # (1971) Jon Drori * (1979) Serge Groff & Anne Drouet-Groff Rhona Drummond Chew Ollie Druttman (2002) Richard Duce (1981) Ross Duer & Maria Charalambides Duer Finlay Duff (2016) Andrew & Amanda Duncan Nicholas Duncan (1964) Nick & Elaine Dunn * James Dunsbier & Emma Hoskyns Georges Duponcheele & Efstratia Vatzaki * Noel & Sophie Durlacher Jonathan & Naomi Dyer Saba Dyer Simon & Jane Dyson Richard Eades (1957) Guy & Chizuru Eagling Rodney Easthill (1957) Jeffrey Easton (1969) Joanna Ebner Ariel Eckstein & Kerri Olson Ian & Helen Edward Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood Andrew & Lindsay Elder Modupe Elebute Peter Elliott # * ~ (1946) Francis & Mary Ellison Daniel Elman Talat El-Sherbiny (1996) Louis & Sarah Elson Damian & Kate Ely Halil & Sebnem Emecen * Andrew Emerson (1964) Philip Emerson Roy English (1954) Murat & Pinar Erder * Daniel Erdman (1994) Richard & Melanie Essex Holly Etherington David Evans (1995) Lucinda Evans Marcus & Liz Evans * Peter Evans Rupert & Serena Evans Jennifer Evans Casey Andrew Everard (1977) Jeremy Evnine (1969) Andrew & Marina Evzona Mike Exell (1954) Peter Exell # (1951) Gudrun Eyjolfsdottir & Lydur Gudmundsson * Fabio & Sara Fabrizio Jim Fadel & Yurim Kim Eric & Marielle Fady Bill Fairney # (1960) Peter Faktor ~ (1948) Steve (1974) & Caroline Faktor #

Mike Fann # (1950) Damian & Julie-Anne Fanshawe David Farmer (1979) Emma Farquharson Marlene Farrell Beatrice Farrington Nick Farrow Amanda Fassone Bernard Fassone Robert & Suzi Faulkner Pippa Fawcett Marc Feeney (1980) Sam & Fran Fell David Felstead Paul & Mary Fenwick Erik & Anette Ferm * Stefano Ferraresi & Sara Gennari Ferraresi * Ed Field & Jennifer Kyner * Chris & Zofia Fielding Nick Fieller ~ (1965) John Finch ~ (1948) Crispin & Sarah Finn Brian Fish (1940) Andrew Fisher James Fleming (1950) Paul Fleming & Eileen Marino William & Hannah Flenley Rebecca Flint James Flitcroft Vernon Flynn Federico & Christine Foglia * Michael Foot # (1965) Patrick Ford Alberto Forni & Alessandra Pranzo Forni Hamo (1992) & Tracy Forsyth John Fothergill (1973) Nicholas Fox (1988) Sam Fox Stephen (1984) & Sophie Fox # * Tony Francis (1950) Nick Frank (1981) Anthony Frankal (1977) Johnnie & Samantha Frankel Roger Frankland (1961) Anthony Fraser (1980) Matthew & Chantal Free * Hannah Freedberg Michael Freeman (1970) Paul Freeman (1965) Sonja Freiesleben Nick & Nikki French James & Terri Frew John & Samantha Fritz Charlotte Fry Miho Fujii David Fuller (1962) John R Fullerlove Sandro & Pamela Fuschillo Matthew Gale & Rowena Fuller Nicolas Galperin & Mathilda Di Meo * Zahrah Ganem Selliah & Selvamany Ganeshamoorthy John Garlick (1949) Roger Garside (1974) Halil & Mira Gashi Mathieu & Nathalie Gaveau * Michael & Joanna George Shadi Ghali (1992) Giovanni Ghisetti & Barbara Fasolo Ian Gibb ~ (1944) James Gibb (1962) Sam Gillick (2006) Corrado Giovanelli & Amelia Benevento Jason & Katinka Gissing * Charlotte Glaser (2007) Sue Glasgow Mike Gleed (1954) Alan Glover (1961) Malcolm & Liliana Glyn John Goddard (1961) Ron Goddard (1952) David Godfrey (1964) Mariano & Emily Goldfischer * Daniel & Anna Goldsmith Paul & Emily Goldsmith Peter & Eloise Goldstein * Roger Golland (1973) David Goodhew Michael Goodman (1965) Alan Goodridge (1952) Clive Goodrum (1978) Simon Goodwin Arthur Gordon & Lenka Thynn Steve Gordon (1989) George Gosden * (1989)

Harry & Lola Gostelow Bryan Goult ~ (1948) Michael Gouriet James MM Graham # (1976) John & Martha Graham * Meg Graham Maw Don Granger (1952) Hugh Grant * (1978) Jamie Grant * (1976) Andrew & Dawn Grantham Julian Granville & Louisiana Lush * Walter Grauberg # ~ (1941) Alex & Katherine Green Claude Green (1968) John Green (1966) Michael Green (1961) Reg Green (1941) Sally Greene Mark Gregory & Jax Unsworth * John & Anita Gregson Michael & Nadine Grieve Andrew & Elizabeth Griffiths # Earl & Letecia Griffith * Brian Grigg (1955) Roger Grime # (1978) Gerry Grosse * (1954) George Gruner # * (1958) Iain & Aneta Gunn * John Guthrie (1956) Marwan & Emma Hachem Chris & Rosi Hacon Ardeshir Hadji-Heshmati & Mina Siami John Haig (1956) Julian Halcox (1984) Brian Hall (1956) David & Eileen Hall John & Jackie Hall Nick Hall (1998) Richard Hallett (1973) Paul & Helen Halliwell Dr Parvez Hamdulay (1997) Parvez Hamdulay (1997) Andrew Hamilton & Jane Dalgleish Chris Hammond # Greg Hancock (1959) Tim Hanford & Kathleen Devitt * Mohammed Hanif (1987) Matilda Hannay Malcolm Hanney # (1971) Robert Hanreck (1992) Panagiotis Haralabidis & Styliani Trygoni Haralabidis Kevin Haran Dominic Harari (1983) Ron Harbour (1954) Jean Harding ~ Mike Harding (1970) Richard Harding (1986) Rupert Harding # (1975) John Hardy ~ (1945) Gabriel Harley (2015) Steve Harridge (1969) Geoffrey Harris (1962) Stephanie Harris Graham Harrison (1967) Richard Harrison & Lucinda Green Anthony Harriss Roger Harvey ~ (1964) Chris Haupt (1952) David Havard # (1954) Alan Hayter # (1945) John & Charlotte Healy Andy Heape (1961) Hugo & Julia Heath * Tudor Heeps # (1954) Chris Heeringa & Dina Heeringa Carabelli Andrew Heffernan Emily Heller & Ian Lloyd Michael Hellyer # * (1957) Eric Henbrey (1952) Simon Henbrey (1977) Peter Hendy * (1971) Murray & Jean Hennessy Tony Henwood Pablo & Cathy Hepworth Lloyd Henry Herbert Neil Herbert-Smith (1962) Ken Herlingshaw (1963) Alan Hetherington Bernard Hetherington (1951) Cassandra Hetherington Nigel & Anna-Clare Hetherington Jenny Hewlett Jacqueline Heywood Sue Hicks

Mark Hilberman (1957) Annie Hill Chris Hill (2012) Damon Hill Graham Hill # (1954) Paul Hill (1971) Akram Hilmy (1993) Colin & Sara Hinsley Simon Hinton (1989) Alex Hirst & Lindsay Wood # John Hobbs (1970) Fred Hobson (1998) Paul Hodges (1970) Stephen Hodges # * (1972) Michael Holden Rupert & Yolanda Holderness Ian (1973) & Alison Hole Alex & Rachel Holmes * Benjamin & Linda Holmes * Colin Holmes Pari Homhuan Robert Hooper (1962) Laurence Hopkins Catherine Hopley ~ Nick Horswell & Aude Grasset Peter Horton (1962) Taha Hossian & Niyan-Lanazera Ahamad Frank Howlett (1957) Kenneth & Angela Hsia Jian Huang & Juliet Zhou Alan Huggins (1954) Andrew & Shirin Hughes * Andrew & Marilyn Hughes Brian Hughes # (1953) David G Hughes Roger Hughes (1957) Adrian Hunt (1972) Alan Hunt (1959) Philip & Penny Hunt Ruth Hurren & Karen Wise Michael Hursey (1960) Paul & Nicola Hussey * Mark Hutchins (1979) Phillip S Hylander * David Hylton (1963) Tony Hynes (1989) Tauhid Ijaz & Catherine Remy Mark Imber (1972) Christopher & Fiona Inglefield John Ioannou (1956) Jason & Emma Isaacs Andrea Ippolitu & Tanya Shapovalova Nicholas & Suzy Jakobi Brian James (1957) Dai James (1966) Ian & Sonja James Sohail Janjuha (1994) Sanjay Jayant & Nandita Parshad John Jefferys (1968) Stephen & Manuela Jen * Lucy Jenkins Raquel Joaquim Catarina Johansson Grant David Johns (1947) Peter Johns Colin Jones (1962) Craig Jones & Nafsika Notara Diane Jones Jackie Jones * Nick & Joanne Jones Ranka Jones Trevor Jones # * (1957) Alan Jordan (1950) Christopher Jordan # (1975) Katherine Jordan Nick (1978) & Maria Jordan * Justin Joseph Dan Jude (2003) Sophie Jukes David Juritz & Jane Davies Paul & Michele Kaffel Patrick & Tessa Kalotis Reza Karbassi & Zahra Rafi-Karbassi Peter Kasic (1983) Steffen Kastner Hussain Katariwala (1998) Richard & Rebecca Kateley P G Kauders (1966) Douglas Keays # ~ (1945) Bryan Kellett # * ~ (1956) Mike Kelly (1987) Nick & Mehreen Kelly Seamus & Sarah Kelly Joanna Kennedy Alicia J Kerr


Oliver Kerr (1978) Patrick Kerr Malcolm Kersey (1974) Douglas Kessler & Halina Tylko Kessler Soraya Khalidy Faisal Khan (2001) Raz & Lee Khan Ashish & Snehal Khanna Alex Kiehl (1999) Adrian King (1946) Darren King Norman King (1957) Stephen & Mel Kirk Maximillian & Rebecca Kirsten Martin Klein & Alexa Koch David Knight (1955) Vicky Knight David & Stephanie Knott * Benjamin Knowles & Helen Batten Dmitry Konshin & Ekaterina Konshina * Anna Korganas Ben Kosky (1993) David & Carol Kosse Vladimir & Stephanie Kostin George & Jeannie Kountouris Martin & Nicolette Krajewski Serge Kremer & Andrea Sinclair Mile Kresojevic & Marina Kresojevic-Nikacev Rahmyn & Siriana Kress Peter Krivdin & Natalia Krivdina Peter & Nancy Kroker Harpal Kumar (1983) Nick Kusturovic *(1993) Edin Lakasing (1985) Federico Lalatta Costerbosa & Maria De Rivera * Antony Lam-Marsden (2013) Derek Lane-Smith (1952) Tony & Gay Laryea John Latchford Alastair Lauder (1999) Vincent & Coralie Laurencin * Stanislas & Clare Laurent Ben Laurie (1978) & Camilla von Massenbach Francesco Lavatelli Geoff Lavers (1970) Mike & Jenny Lavin Joe Lawrance (1971) Paul & Juliette Lawrence Simon & Jane Laycock * Rob & Rebecca Leach Richard & Dimm Lechartier Alexander Lee (2001) Cedric Lee # * (1950) Michael Leefield # (1956) Samantha Leigh Peter Lemar Suzannah Lemar John Lyon Leonard (1956) Lance Leonard (1956) Alice Lesaffre Son Lett (1991) Louisa Leventis * Brian Leveridge (1951) Bruce & Clare Levi David & Lindsay Levin * Natalia Gusakova Brian Lewis # * (1971) Chris Lewis Edward Lewis Peter Lewis # (1962) Richard & Catherine Lewis V M Lewis Xinzhong Li & Haiyan Wang Martin Linsley (1949) Richard & Karen Lintern Alexander Lister Sandy Lister Tanya Little Keith & Rhonda Lloyd * Nick & Therese Lloyd Edgar Locke (1970) Richard Lockyer (1973) Nicholas London & Thea Guest J Long Alessandra Longo Samuel Lowe & Joy Wu Steven & Kate Lowe Jonathan Lowy (1985) Arthur Lucas Charles & Anna Lucas David Luffrum (1963) David Lunn Andrea Luppi Adam Lutz (1997) Ben Lynch & Carole Barry-Lynch Finbar Lynch & Niamh Cusack


Graham Lyons (1971) James Lythe (1990) Colin Ma (1976) Charles Mackworth John Macmillan ~ (1957) Sean & Bikita Mahdi Lucy Makin Anjan & Richa Malik * Sebastian Mallaby & Zanny Minton Beddoes George & Anne Man Simon Manley CMG (1984) & Maria Isabel Manley George Manners Raffy & Jo Manoukian * Percy & Dina Marchant Jennifer Marden M Margetts Tony Marinovic (1990) Mario Mariotti & Carolina Gamba Mike Marriott (1968) Neil Marshall & Rachel Habershon Tim Marshall & Jo Marshall-Collins Marco Marsicola * Claudia Martin (2010) Jane D Martin John Martin (1953) John Martin (1958) Paul & Nicky Martin Hortense Marty Paul Masini (1983) Alexey Maslov & Natalia Maslova * Andrew Matthews Bob & Meryl Matthews Colin Matthews Sam & Elizabeth Matthews Patrick & Lucy Maxwell David Ian Hickman May (1953) Kieron R May Luke Mayhew & Liz Elston Mayhew * Susan Mayne James & Nicola McAleer Charles McAndrew Tom McCafferty (1957) Terri McCargar John McCarthy Nicholas & Sarah McChesney Jim & Dina McCormick Keith McCullagh (1962) Zoe McDonald Phil McGee Simon & Rose McGrath Rory McGregor & Brenda Laarhoven * Rickard McKee-Jones & Karlene Fredericks John McKenzie (1951) Rocky McKnight & Martha Nyman Andrew McLuskey (1966) Prof. Alan McQuillan # (1966) Vera Medic Simon & Simona Mee Keith Meecham (1949) Karim & Shanaz Meeran Anish & Sonal Mehta Tony Meier (1956) Colin Mendoza & Susan Apthorp Belden Menkus & Mala Soni Raman Menon # (1950) Allan & Mamta Mertner * Steve & Nathalie Metcalf Rom Micklem (1978) Cristabel Middleton Marwan Mikdadi # (1991) Frank & Felicity Miller * Robin Miller (1972) Emily Miller Brian Mills #(1959) Robert Mills (1956) David Millward (1972) Michael Milne (1977) Sara Mirone Belingheri & Max Belingheri * Tom Misselbrook (1967) Sameer Mistry (1994) Andrew & Sarah Mitchell * Ben & Zoe Mitchell David Mitchell (1952) John & Debra Mitchell Paul & Lucia Mitchell Paul Mitchell (1973) Sue Mitchell Athina Mitropoulos Mazy & Leila Moghadam * Marc & Kerstin Mogull * Rachel Monahan Giuseppe & Christiane Monarchi * Gilles & Gloria Mondon-Ballantyne Colin Monk Ian Monk James Monk

Jonathan Monk Alton Monteiro Leo Monzon (1996) David & Miranda Moody Douglas & Grace Moody-Stuart Julia Morley * Justin Morley Rupert Morley * Derek & Tracey Morris Martin Morrison & Marie Wilkinson Barry & Dixie Morse Jamie Mortimer (1965) Olivier & Gaia Mourin Laura Mosedale Lee Mowle Derek Moxon (1952) Simon Muir (2003) Haresh Mulchandani (1992) Rory & Charlotte Mullarkey David Mumby & Louise Cook James & Carmen Munro Alasdair Murdoch Moira Murdoch Sarah Murley Dan Murphy & Sim Scavazza Frank Murphy (1986) Kieran Murphy * (1976) Stephen & Rachael Murphy Phil Murray (1972) Jamie Murrin Gianluca Muzzi Patricia Myers Anushka Nadarajah Ayesha Nadarajah Mano Nadarajah Vasuhi Nadarajah-Pillai Donald Nappin # * ~ (1952) Samantha Nayar * Perry Naylor (1993) Sahand Nazemi (2001) John Neal ~ (1947) Xanthe Neale Mark & Moya Nelson Matthew Nelson (2003) Michael Nelson # (1948) Patrick & Paige Nelson Tim Neslen (2001) John Neumark (1945) Bob Newberry # (1957) Clive & Gamze Newell Matthew Neylan (1992) Mark Ng (1991) Richard Niblett Mark & Susan Nicholls Garth Nicholson (1959) Margaret Ann Nicholson Jim Nicolson (1971) Christopher Niekirk (1963) Birthe Nielsen Chris Nigond & Trudy Taylor Alain & Adebimpe Nkontchou Cyrille Nkontchou William Nkontchou Keith Noakes Michael Normington # (1974) Derrick North (1951) Vincent (1980) & Ka Ching Nottidge Pavel Novoselov & Elena Novoselova * Nicholas Noyes (1981) George Nuki (1955) Klaus Nuki (1949) Peter Nutter (1947) Cynthia Oakes Eric Oakes Andrew & Catherine O’Connor Kerin O’Connor (1989) Kevin & Kathleen O’Connor Cameron & Chloe Ogden * Cathy Ogden Christopher & Jo Ogden* Edward Ogden Peter Ogden The Ogden Trust * Nigel Ogilvie Nick & Lulu O’Hagan Michael & Emma O’Kane Alex & Lena Okun * Jeffrey O’Leary David Oliver (1998) Nigel Orton # Simon & Jeannetta Orton Peter Ostojic (1974) Steve Otterburn (1965) Caroline Oulton Derek Oulton ~ John Owen (1973)

Rebecca Owen Tim Owen (1971) Anthony (Tony) Owen (1960) Chris Owens Malcolm Owens (1953) Elizabeth Padua & Stephen de Somogyi Paul Rogers & Sandra Page Joy Palmer Phil Palmer # * ~ (1973) Sarah Paneth Chris & Marianna Papachristophorou * Aris Papageorgiou & Amparo Galindo Ioannis Papagiannis & Carol Bitter * Christopher Parish (1955) James Park & Ondine Upton Samira Parkinson-Smith Tim Parlett Jane Parmiter Ben & Kathryn Parry Tom Parsons (2003) Paul Pascoe & Alice Beer Anant Patel & Eleni Ioannou * Satish & Yamini Patel Subhas Patel Jeremy Paterson Richard Paterson Margaret Patterson Serge Ramin & Elisabeth Paulson * John & Kym Paynter * Ron Pearce (1973) Julia Pearson Tom Pearson (1998) Simon Pearson-Miles Catherine Peck Gerald Pegnall (1971) Lance Peltz (1982) Mike Percik (1966) Tony Percik (1965) Madri Perera David Peres da Costa (1985) Richard Perham # * ~ (1955) Damian & Kathryn Perry Karen Perry Nick Peters (1978) Richard Petty (1983) Stephen & Sheila Pevsner Michael Phelps #(1950) Richard (1983) & Annamarie Phelps * Pom Sidakan Phetrung Alan Phillips *(1955) Alex Phillips Catherine Phillips John Phillips Ron Phillips (1957) Steve Phillips (1975) Daniel Philpott & Susan Storer Robert & Yvette Pierce Jones * Louis Pieris (2015) Roly Piggott (1956) Rennie Pilgrem & Jasmine Daines Pilgrem Alan Pinnock # (1945) Alex (1983) & Jayne Plavsic * Yuri Poliakov & Sofia Bagirova Alberto & Stefanie Polleri Vasiles Polydorou (1999) Vaughan Pomeroy (1970) Leslie Popham * (1966) Peter Popham (1970) Bob Potter (1966) Ivan Poulton (1941) Maisie Poulton Mark & Sam Povey Georgia Powell Norman Powell (1951) Nick & Jane Poyntz Joel Poznansky * (1976) Neil Pratt (1994) Bridget & Nick Preston Howard & Jackie Price Adam Pritchard Jasmine Pritchard René Pritchard & Susan McIntyre Tony Protts (1972) Graham Proud (1997) Margarita Proudnikova Gennaro & Sabrina Pucci * Josh Purvis & Nancy Ross Linda Rabie Dan (1985) & Deana Radice Louise Raiteri Nity & Sharon Raj Serge Ramin & Elisabeth Paulson * Cathy Ramsay Guy & Jackie Ranawake * Neil & Imogen Ransom Andy Rathborne (1982)

Nigel Rawson Peter Read (1955) David & Kasia Reay Richard Redman # (1953) Freddie Rees (1946) Gareth Rees & Lucia Boddington Geraint & Rebecca Rees John Rees * (1954) Patrick & Serena Reeve John Regan (1940) Nick & Annie Reid * Dan & Ursula Reinstein * Marie Reveilhac Andrew Reynolds (1976) Barney & Carmen Reynolds * Bill Rich ~ (1950) Brian Rich (1955) David Richardson (1959) John Ricketts Peter Rickwood (1967) Mike & Paula Riedel * (1983) Scott Rigby Guy & Liz Rigden Damian & Claire Rimmer Nick & Alexia Ring Charles Rink & Anna Rink Rehnstam * Richard & Karen Rivlin Keith Robbihs Clive Robbins Andrew & Karen Roberts Brian & Fatma Robertson * James Robertson & Kim Barrington Nick Robinson (1990) Bruce Robson Andrew & Ariana Rodger * Colin Rogal & Claire-Louise French Mike Rogers ~ (1949) Paul Rogers & Sandra Page * Phil & Madalyn Roker Michael Rose (1955) Peter Rosengard (1964) Danny Roth (1964) Hannah Rothschild * Stan & Anne Rotman * Christopher & Pippa Rowland Martin Rowlands (1967) Andrew Roy Joshua Rozenberg (1967) Peter Ruback (1978) Saul & Mei Rubin Andres & Veronica Rubio * Peter Ruch (1954) Paul A Rumsey (1971) Alex & Claire Rushing * Anne Rushton Paul Russell (1980) Roger Russell (1959) Adele Russo Francesco Rustici Andre & Jill Rzym Shahram & Justine Sabbaghi * Heerpal Sahota Eric Salama * (1979) Alexa Sale Chris Sale Judith Sale Margaret Salmon * Peter Salmon & Sarah Lancashire-Salmon Robert Sanders (1957) Bim & Pardeep Sandhu * Parm & Sharon Sandhu Robert & Roxanne Sargent Terry Saunders (1978) Loris & Bettina Savasta * Andre Sawyer (1995) Fash & Jo Sawyerr Michael & Valeria Saxton Manfred & Gabriele Scheske Donald Schofield (1949) Paul & Sarah Schofield Paul Schur (1965) Bertrand & Isabelle Schwab Tracey Scoffield Gemma Scott Terry & Amanda Scott John & Karen Seal * Graham Searjeant (1962) Philip & Amy Sellars Alan Sendorek (2000) Richard Setchim (1972) Michael Sevante (1955) Jack Seymour Samir Shah (1969) Ray Shaughnessy Russ Shaw & Lesley Hill Rahil Sheikh & Jackie Best

Bryan Sheppard (1954) Helen Sherlock Faith Short Jon Shortland (1990) Philip Shuttleworth (1976) Mireille Sidje Roger Simmons (1962) Alexander & Alexandra Simon Colin & Caroline Simonds Jeff Simons (1962) Georgina Simpson Peter Simpson # (1944) Colin Sinclair (1986) Derek Sinstead # (1949) Chris Skilton (1973) J & Elizabeth Skinner Paul & Jane Skinner Ian Slater # (1955) Paul Slater (1972) Hugh Sloane *(1974) John Small # (1954) Bill Smith # * ~ Felicity Smith Guy Smith # * ~ (1942) Jervis Smith & Daniela Cuzzolin Jim Smith (1972) John Smith (1952) Julian Smith (1977) Les Smith (1967) Malcolm J Smith # Mel Smith # * ~ (1971) P & Lindsey Smith Trevor Smith (1970) Patrick & Kirkland Smulders Harvey & Kate Smyth * John & Gill Snelling Charlotte Soames James Soames Kashmir & Rukhi Sohi Nuria Sole-Bonet Homly Sommers Barry Southcott # * (1968) Richard Spafford & Jane Hanna Paul & Sarah Spateri John Spears (1952) Mike Spence # (1948) Fred Spencer (1946) Rod Spencer (1958) Karl & Katherine Spielmann * Michele Sportelli & Kara Lemont Sportelli * Mittu & Tamsin Sridhara Renata Stachniak Angelo Stagno David Stanbury # (1953) Rob & Lucy Standing * Jonathan Stanford * (1977) Philip Stannard (1959) James & Maggie Stapleton Jennifer Steacy Jon Steafel (1978) John Steers # (1950) Sue Steinke Geoff Stephens (1952) Gordon & Dina Stephenson * Peter Stevens Rob Stevens (1968) Emma Stevenson * (2000) Graham Stewart (1982) Keith Stewart (1961) Albrecht & Alessandra Stewen * David Stiles (1956) Gerald & Elizabeth Stimson Vanessa Stockdale Michael Stocking (1965) Richard Stockley Andrew Storer Valerie Storer Mike Stott Ivan Stoyanov & Divya Seshamani * Patrick & Caroline Strafford Richard & Sarita Strike Mark Strong & Liza Marshall Richie & Lavinia Stubbs Michael & Annie Styles Ernesto & Julieta Suarez * Egbertus Suer Gerard Sullivan ~ (1956) James Sullivan Naveed Sultan & Fiza Naveed Richard Sunderland Marcella Sutcliffe Aleksa Suvajic Monika Svata Elizabeth M Swaby Omar Syed (1994) Brian Sylvester (1956)

Philip Syrett # ~ (1943) Sebastian Szuhay (2003) Andrew Szydlo (1967) Andrew Tabor (1969) Arch Tait (1961) Agnes Taminiau Adam Tandy (1981) Jasper & Francesca Tans * Harriet Tarnoy Sophie Tarnoy Alexandra & Joe Tatton-Brown Douglas Tavener (1953) Brian Taylor (1956) Ian & Belinda Taylor Paul Taylor (1976) Peter Taylor (1965) Robert Taylor (2006) Vaughan Taylor (1979) Katie Temple Eliza Tendjoukian George ~ (1943) & Shirley Terry * Moira Terry Fabrizio Testa Desmond Thain * ~ (1937) Stephen Thavam (1993) Jon Thedham (1971) Alan Thein (1995) James & Jenny Thellusson Jestyn Thirkell-White (1986) Colin (1971) & Ros Thomas Dave & Lucy Thomas * Robert Thomas & Anne Beitel * Simon Thomas Anthony Thompson # (1950) Brian Thompson (1949) Arthur Thomson (1954) Brian Thorpe # (1955) Thomas Tichler (1968) Katy & Ben Timmons Edward Tippelt (1971) Daniel Todary (1993) Klaus & Renee Toft * Sasha & Ruth Tolokonnikov Adam Toop # * (1984) Chris & Melanie Toumazou Max & Miranda Traeger Charles Traill (1964) Hoang & Mai-Linh Tran-Nhu Paul & Ros Traynor Vincenzo Treggiari Elizabeth Trembath Nick Trickey (1955) Patrick & Linsay Trueman Mener & Jackie Tsitsis David Tudor Williams (1953) Marie-Ann Tunda Joseph Turney ~ (1937) John Tyrwhitt Bobby Uberoi # * (1991) Chijioke Udeh & Kedist Shambel Kenneth Uffen (1942) Simon Underwood (1982) David Uren (1972) Graham Urquhart * (1972) Mabel Van Oranje Joe Vanags-Fleming (1998) Rajesh & Neelam Varma Timothy & Corene Vaughan-Hughes Michael Vavrinek (1962) Walter Veirs & Shannon Lawder Zoran Veljkovic & Lidijia Antanasijevic Alberto & Maria Verme * Soren & Maiken Vestergaard-Poulsen * Ana Paula Vieira Monteiro Fred Vine (1957) Mark Vipond (1978) Graham Vivian Nick Vivian (1992) Vincent & Kyung Voeten Philippe & Bina von Stauffenberg Elena Voronova Martin Wade # * (1961) Simon & Anne Wadmore Peter Wadsworth (1984) David Walden # (1977) Dom Waldouck (2006) Ann-Isabel Walker David & Catherine Walker * Steven & Justine Walker Lee Walkinshaw (1957) Mark Wallace Paul & Shirley Wallace Justin Walters (1985) & Jyoti Gulati Christopher Walton & Sandra Wall Hongbin Wang & Xiaoe Li Tim Ward & Catherine Davidson

Ralph & Catherine Ward-Jackson Simon Ware Olivia Warham Victoria Waring Richard Warne (1980) James Watkins & Julia Llewellyn Smith John Watkins (1968) Michael & Zoe Watkins Roger Watkins (1970) Michael & Shashi Watson * Stephen Waugh (1977) Cliff Webb (1967) Martin Webb (1964) Peter Webb (1965) Douglas Webber # (1946) George Weeks * Ian Weitzel (1971) Philip Welch (1948) Violet Wells # ~ Colin West (1972) Robert Westerberg (1986) Paul Weston & Katie Preston Ralph Wheeler (1977) Hester Wheeley Peter & Lucy Whitcutt Geoff White & Julie Thomas Jason White (1994) Jonny & Natasha White Mark & Michelle White Paul White (1968) Simon & Janet Whitehouse * Clovis Whitfield Charlie Wijeratna (1986) Gary & Jo Wilcox * Barry Wild Adrian & Kathryn Wilkes Keith Willey & Joanna Cound Adriana Williams (2004) Christopher Williams & Amanda Waggott John Williams & Kylie Munnich John Williams # (1963) Richard & Caroline Williams Mervyn & Fiona Williamson Rosie Williamson Peter Willis (1963) Charlotte Wilshire David (1988) & Jane Winchester Tom Winchester (1983) Torsten & Isabelle Winkler Norman Wise (1952) Stephen & Louise Wisking Margit Wittig Geoffrey Wolf (1954) Joshua & Fiona Wong Michael Wong (1997) Nicholas & Caroline Wood Brian Woodruff (1973) Howard Woods (1966) Judith Woods Nick Woolf Philip Woollcombe (1954) Oliver Woolley & Celia Dacombe Trevor Woolley # (1972) Nigel Woolner # * (1958) James Wootton Tamlyn Worrall Ken Worth (1943) John Wotton * (1971) Tom Wray & Gillian Bain Guy Wright Kate Wright Oliver Wright & Leslie Vinjamuri * Ross Wright & Ioanna Papanikolaou Sophie Wright Toby Wright John Wriglesworth (1975) Richard Wyatt # (1962) Richard & Anita Wyles John Yates (1962) Gan-Erdene Yavuulanz Richard Yee & Isabel Brebbia * Peter Yendell (1982) Norton & Elaine York Richard Young (1963) Ammani Zafar (2010) Safi Zakaria (2005) Sibyl Zao-Sanders (1999) Alex Zivanovic (1988) Emmanouil Zouridakis & Makrina Savvidou Adrian Zuckerman & Joanna Knatchbull


INSPIRING MINDS CAMPAIGN BOARD Guy and Dominique America Adam Balon (Class of 1990) Judy Bollinger (stepped down July 2018) John & Catherine Carrafiell Massimo Della Ragione & Valentina Pan Dominik & Karen Dolenec Marcus & Liz Evans Federico & Christine Foglia Goya Gallagher Sawiris David Goodhew ex-officio Hugh Grant (Class of 1978) James Grant (Class of 1976) Stephen Hodges (Class of 1972) Louisa Leventis Michael Maras Klaus and Sanne Oestergaard Christian Rochat & Myrto Papadopoulos-Rochat Stanislas & Anne Rotman Amanda Scott ex-officio Hugh Sloane (Class of 1974) Ros Sweeting ex-officio Georg & Emily von Opel Martin Wade (Class of 1961) David & Traci Weaver Nigel Woolner (Class of 1958) John Wotton (Class of 1971)


Ros Sweeting (Chair) Gubby Ayida Mark Brewer Reverend Simon Downham Chantal Free Stephen Hodges (Class of 1972) Nick Jordan (Class of 1978) Joanna Mackle Alex Plavsic Annamarie Phelps James Priory Tracey Scoffield Sir Jim Smith (Class of 1972) Charlie Wijeratna (Class of 1986)

Putting the best possible case for being a public school in this day and age. TES award judge

Clerk to the Governors: Lucinda Evans

Amanda Scott Director of Development

T 020 3004 0465 E Ruby Danowski Deputy Director of Development T 020 3004 0324 E Rebecca Osborne Appeals Manager

T 020 3004 0434 E

Latymer Foundation Office Latymer Upper School 237 King Street London W6 9LR


Registered charity no 312714 Design

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