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Art Immersion Trip Guide

april 2013 S達o Paulo Inhotim

We are delighted that you are able to join our Art Immersion Trip in Brazil.

With scheduled visits to São Paulo and Inhotim, we hope this will give you the opportunity to learn more about the cities’ art scenes, meet local professionals and stimulate new international projects with our artists,


galleries, museums and curators. We have drawn up this visitor guide especially for your trip and hope it will be useful. Within this, you will find your day-by-day itinerary, contact details, maps and brief texts on the events you will be attending during your trip as well as local art scenes in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte. Please do not hesitate to contact our local Manager, Mônica Novaes Esmanhotto, whose contact details you can find at the end of the guide. We thoroughly hope that you enjoy your visit and we look forward to exchanging thoughts and ideas on the Brazilian art scene further with you over the course of your stay.

INDEX As of 2012, Latitude is the new title of the International Promotion Project for Brazilian Art Business which is a partnership between Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) and the Brazilian Association of Contemporary Art (ABACT). It was started in 2007 with the core goal of creating business opportunities for the art sector mainly through cultural promotion activities. During this period, the number of members has increased. Currently, 52 primary market art galleries participate in Latitude, representing more than 1000 artists. Through a rich programme of activities that ranges from supporting Brazilian galleries in international fairs to promoting Art Immersion Trips for international guests in Brazil, Latitude aims to improve professionalism within the art market and provide new opportunities for Brazilian galleries to trade internationally.

A brief overview.................................................. 8-15 Art in Focus: SP-Arte and Inhotim....................... 16-26 SP-Arte.................................................... 18-21 Inhotim..................................................... 22-26 Your Itinerary Day by Day – São Paulo................ 27-63 Venues..................................................... 28-35 Maps....................................................... 36-63 Your Itinerary Day by Day – Inhotim..................... 64-77 Venues.....................................................


Maps....................................................... 66-77 Latitude Gallery Guide........................................ 78-95 Notes................................................................. 96-97 Credits................................................................


Just over a year away from the 2014 World Cup and two from the 2016 Olympics, Brazil’s economy is flourishing. This, along with its notoriously warm people and breathtaking landscapes has drawn foreigners from far and wide to the country. Currently still in the good graces of the international press, travellers, entrepreneurs and businesses have their eyes on Brazil and new investment is coming into the country in the shape of large and small businesses. The country is optimistically looking forward to at least another

a brief


four years of a steady growth in the economy and excellent brand value internationally. In accordance with this, a promising future for Brazilian

Contemporary Art is also projected as the first Brazilian art 9 fund, Brazil Golden Art (BGA), was established in 2011 to encourage investment in contemporary Brazilian art. This investment into Latin American art and culture has also spread into the international market and consequently raised the prices and prestige of Brazilian art. This was illustrated in 2011 when a Brazilian art work broke the Christie’s record in their Latin American Sale with a hammer price of $1.7m US dollars. Brazil’s domestic art scene has also shown consistent signs of development with the arrival of art fairs such as SP-Arte and ArtRio, new exhibition spaces, museums and improved artistic sites throughout the country. In 2012, internationally

renowned galleries, such as White Cube and Gagosian

winner, Paulo Mendes da Rocha and holds a permanent

Gallery, participated in local Brazilian art fairs and White

collection while also presenting temporary shows. It is located

Cube has now established a permanent gallery space in

in a large brick building adjacent to Parque da Luz, a small

São Paulo. This denotes the growth in global interest for

park dotted with sculptures. During your visit, you will be able

Brazilian art and illustrates the increased significance within

to see the permanent collection and a survey an exhibition

Brazil for international art works and culture.

of the work of one of Brazil’s foremost contemporary artists,

São Paulo Complex and alluring, São Paulo is

Waltércio Caldas.

hub of the country, São Paulo requires a lifetime to explore

exhibitions on up and coming promising artists. Currently

an acquired taste. Unrivalled as the cultural and economic and discover and two, to truly get to know all of it. The unplanned voracity with which it developed in the past and continues to in the present, stimulates a fast paced and volatile relationship with venues and environments. One of the few consistencies are well-established exhibition spaces - that is not to undermine the fact that never before have we seen so many new exhibition spaces and galleries

Phosphorus is an alternative exhibition space that houses on show is a group exhibition curated by Maria Monteiro in partnership with Galeria Jaqueline Martins, Soma Não-Zero (Sum Not-Zero). The show rescues the work of artists from

the seventies and eighties and poses them in dialogue with 11 up-and-coming contemporaries including Daniel Nogueira, Daniel Santiago, Daniel Murgel, Fagus, Edwin Sanchez, Gastão de Magalhães, Hudinilson Jr, João Maciel, Lucas

opening up in São Paulo. During your stay you will have

Dupin and Martha Araújo.

the opportunity to visit various galleries, exhibition spaces,

Capela do Morumbi is an old chapel that used to belong

private collections and museums in the diverse regions of the city to piece together an image of the most important and vibrant capital in Latin America. Located in the heart of São Paulo is arguably one of the city’s most important exhibition venues, the Pinacoteca do Estado. The building was remodelled by Pritzker award

to a 19th-century farm that occupied the hilltops of what is today the neighborhood of Morumbi. Since the early nineties it has been used as an exhibition space for largescale installations and contemporary art exhibitions. Artist Iran do Espirito Santo is renowned for his neo-minimalist sculptures which include a strong element of polish and

finishing, drawings or wall paintings. Here you will be able to see Santo’s Recuo, a mural painted in strips of fifty four shades of grey on the chapel’s back wall. Itaú Cultural is located on Paulista Avenue, one of São Paulo’s most iconic addresses. As a beacon of culture in amongst corporate buildings and traffic jams, the multifunctional site houses exhibitions, concerts, theatre shows seminars and courses. On show: Cao Guimarães, Ver é uma Fábula (Seeing is a Fable). MAC USP Nova Sede in the Museum of Contemporary Art’s third venue, Carlito Carvalhosa shows a large scale installation, Sala de Espera (Waiting Room) and Mauro Restiffe, a collection of black and white photographs taken during the refurbishing process of another of the Museum’s exhibition venues, also designed by Oscar Niemeyer, in Ibirapuera Park. The exhibition layout was idealized by Restiffe especially so that there is a clear dialogue between the images of space in the works designed by the late architect. Casa de Vidro - The Insides are on the Outside, is the continuation of a year-long exhibition curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and opened last year. The group show that takes place inside architect Lina Bo Bardi’s former home is part of a series of exhibitions Ulrich has organized throughout the world in museums installed in former residences. Hans Ulrich Obrist stated that “a combination of works in Lina Bo Bardi’s

(former) residential space will create a gesamtkunstwerk of the actual house, which means there will be a temporary reconfiguration of the house through the works on show. The reconfiguration of the architectural space also opens up the possibility that both the exhibition and the curatorial efforts involved also become a re-composition of time, and not only of the space”. Alleyways of Vila Madalena - The open air street art in the

alleyways of Vila Madalena (also known as Beco do Grafite) reveal the strength of public/street art in São Paulo. Many galleries, such as Choque Cultural, Raquel Arnaud, Fortes Vilaça and Eduardo Fernandes are situated here and those who wander through these narrow cobblestoned streets will 13 find that various temporary and permanent art forms co-exist in the neighbourhood with various conceptual interventions, happenings and performances regularly occurring. The streets that form the becos in Vila Madalena contain houses that back onto these meandering narrow streets and over the last ten years, their back walls have served as blank spaces for artists’ interventions. This urban composition has centralised these activities and given rise to a type of self-governed, open-air art space. The artists who show their works on these streets create a dynamic, vibrant and diverse experience for passers-by thus the Beco are regarded as the most important public art spaces in the city.

Other recommended venues: MAM-SP (Museum of Modern Art), MASP (Assis Chateaubriand São Paulo Art Museum), MAC-USP, MAC-Ibirapuera (Museum of Contemporary Art at two other venues), MIS (Museum of Sound and Moving Image), Paço das Artes, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil and Centro Cultural São Paulo.

Belo Horizonte Surrounded by mountains

and rich farming land, Belo Horizonte (meaning beautiful horizon) is Brazil’s third largest city (after São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro). Capital of Minas Gerais state, the region was strategic in the 17th and 18th centuries for gold mining activity that lends its name to the state (minas meaning mines and gerais meaning general). Brazil’s most iconic historic (Baroque) cities are a few hundred kilometres away, as is their antithesis, the contemporary art and botanical centre, Inhotim (which you can read more about overleaf). A planned city, portions of Belo Horizonte are built on a grid and one of its most interesting cultural and architectonic landmarks is in Pampulha, a building complex designed by Oscar Niemeyer (1942-44) by commission of, then mayor and future president, Juscelino Kubitschek. With the intention of developing the northern district of Pampulha, Niemeyer’s project foresaw the building of a church, a dance hall, a casino, a club and a hotel surrounding the pre-existing man-made lake.

The São Francisco de Assis church (or Pampulha church) was inspired on the vaulted structures of hangars and to this day it is still seen as one of Niemeyer’s most iconic constructions. Its tiled facade in blue and white pictures St Francis of Assisi, by the hand of artist Cândido Portinari. The dance hall, located on a tiny island on the lake, keeps to the iconic sinuous contours with the use of cement and glass and is most admired for its charming view and strategic location. The hotel was sadly never built, but the casino, inspired by Le Corbusier, and more rigid than the other structures in the complex, houses the Pampulha Museum today. The Pampulha Museum (MAP) has become an inspirational and important venue for showcasing contemporary art and its 15 scholarship residency programme is a great hunting ground for the next generation of up and coming artists.

Your five-day visit to Brazil is anchored on


the 9th edition of SP-Arte (SĂŁo Paulo

International Art Fair), and a visit to the

unique contemporary art and botanical centre, Inhotim, in Minas Gerais state.

Albeit different in nature and purposes, these two moments on your trip are solid examples of the consolidation of the art market and contemporary art’s widening scope and appeal in the country.


SP-Arte As the largest art fair in the country,

SP-Arte is arguably Latin America’s most important event of its kind. Since its inception it has held a pioneering role in establishing new benchmarks for the local art market and its players, alongside offering an impeccable platform for galleries to showcase their artists and an alluring event for visitors. Out of a total of one hundred and twentytwo exhibiting galleries this year, forty-nine are from São Paulo and twenty-two exhibitors are from Rio de Janeiro, the country’s second largest cultural hub. The growing number of international galleries is evident with a total forty-two exhibitors this year,including Gagosian and Pace

Gallery who are exhibiting for the first time and White Cube 19 which is returning to exhibit for its second. A highlight in this edition is the second edition of a project created and coordinated by independent curator Adriano Pedrosa – a curatorial lab for up-and-coming professionals that you will have the opportunity to be guided through. Young curators were invited to submit exhibition projects based on artists represented by SP-Arte galleries. Pedrosa, Inhotim curator Rodrigo Moura and independent curator Ana Paula Cohen selected four finalists who will present their proposed shows in a special section of the Bienal building. In addition to the curatorial programme, Pedrosa will conduct talks with curators, collectors and gallery professionals.

LATITUDE GALLERIES IN SP-ARTE > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

1500 (RJ) A Gentil Carioca (RJ) Amparo 60 (PE) Anita Schwartz Galeria de Arte (RJ) Athena Contemporânea (RJ) Baró Galeria (SP) Galeria Berenice Arvani (SP) Bolsa de Arte de Porto Alegre (RS) Casa Triângulo (SP) Celma Albuquerque Galeria de Arte (MG) Central Galeria de Arte (SP) Choque Cultural (SP) Galeria Eduardo Fernandes (SP) Emma Thomas (SP) Galeria Estação (SP) Galeria Fortes Vilaça (SP) Galeria da Gávea (RJ) Galeria Inox (RJ) Galeria Jaqueline Martins (SP) Galeria Laura Marsiaj (SP) Galeria Leme (SP)

A08 G15 F01 G09 A04 J22 D02 J13 H06 G12 F06 A06 H04 A05 E02 H08 J06 B07 B09 F19 H12

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

Lemos de Sá Galeria de Arte (MG) Galeria Logo (SP) Luciana Brito Galeria (SP) Luciana Caravello Arte Contemporânea (RJ) Galeria Luisa Strina (SP) Galeria Marilia Razuk (SP) Mendes Wood (SP) Mercedes Viegas Arte Contemporânea (RJ) Galeria Millan (SP) Galeria Murilo Castro (MG) Galeria Nara Roesler (SP) Galeria Oscar Cruz (SP) Paralelo Gallery (SP) Galeria Pilar (SP) Progetti (RJ) Galeria Raquel Arnaud (SP) Sérgio Gonçalves Galeria (RJ) Sílvia Cintra + Box 4 (RJ) SIM Galeria (PR) Galeria Tempo (RJ) Galeria Transversal (SP) Vermelho (SP) Galeria Vírgilio (SP) Ybakatu Espaço de Arte (PR) Zipper Galeria (SP)

E06 F12 G07 F20 G03 J10 H16 G14 H02 J03 G01 F03 B05 21 B03 G11 F15 B01 F22 J21 J04 F21 H11 J02 F04 F16

INHOTIM The vibrancy of Brazil’s exuberant

flora dotted around with large scale installations specially commissioned for this site, make Inhotim a unique institution

and an unforgettable experience, in the heart of the MInas Gerais state countryside, one-hour drive from Belo Horizonte. The visionary project created by collector Bernardo Paz houses works selected by chief curator Allan Schwartmann and curators Rodrigo Moura and Eungie Joo that represent some of the most exciting artists working from the 1960s onwards. Olafur Eliasson, Dan Graham, Franz Ackermann and Matthew Barney are a few of the international stars that share the rolling green hills of Inhotim with Brazilian artists

such as Adriana VarejĂŁo, Miguel Rio Branco, Tunga and 23 Cildo Meireles, to name but a few. A total five hundred artworks, by some one hundred artists, form the collection of this continuously evolving and growing body of works. Four galleries also house temporary exhibitions that follow the general premise of the institution: no rigid chronological, geographical or linear framework. Here, art is interspersed with exceptional botanical specimens; their layout harmoniously stimulates visitors to make their own connections and assessments through experience. New pavilions inaugurated last year should not to be missed: a new gallery for Tunga, who was one of the first artists to be

included in the Inhotim collection; a pavilion for Ttéia nº 1 C (2002), one of Lygia Pape’s largest and most seductive installations and Carlos Garaicoa’s work, Now Let’s Play


to Disappear II (2002), an installation with miniature iconic buildings made into candles that are lit on a daily basis.

> Adriana Varejão > Albano Afonso > Alexandre da Cunha > Amilcar de Castro > Artur Barrio > Cao Guimarães > Cildo Meireles > Cinthia Marcelle > Edgar de Souza > Ernesto Neto > Hélio Oiticia > Iran do Espírito Santo > Jarbas Lopes > João José Costa > José Damasceno > Laura Lima > Luiz Zerbini


> Lygia Pape > Marcellvs L. > Marcius Galan > Marepe > Marilá Dardot > Mauro Restiffe > Neville D´Almeida

> Rubens Mano


> Saint Clair Cemin


> Nuno Ramos > Rivane Neuenschwander > Roberto Burle Marx > Rochelle Costi > Rosangela Rennó

> Sandra Cinto > Tunga > Valeska Soares > Vik Muniz > Waltércio Caldas


MAP F |18 1

MAP G |20 1

MAP G |22 1

MAP F |23 1

MAP H |24 1

Baró Galeria Lourival Cuquinha: Territórios e capital: extinções (from March 2nd to April 6th, 11am to 7pm)

Estudio Buck Laura Gorski: Arquipélago dos lugares imaginários (from March 16th to May 4th, 11am to 6pm)

MAP I |29 1

Galeria Berenice Arvani Boris Kossoy: BUSCA-ME (from March 12th to April 19th, 10am to 7pm)

Galeria Leme Mauro Piva solo exhibition (from March 23rd to April 27th, 10am to 7pm)

MAP F |30 1

Galeria Logo Lin Yi Hsuan: See ya in a bit (from March 05th to April 13th, 11am to 7pm)

MAP J |31 1

Luciana Brito Galeria Regina Silveira solo exhibition (from April 1st to May 25th, 10am to 7pm) and Ovo, group show curated by Cauê Alves (from April 5th to May 4th, 10am to 7pm)

Central Galeria de Arte Contemporânea Daniel Caballero: Desenho rápido enquanto a paisagem desaparece, Nino Cais: Guardas and Stela Barbieri: Circuito de narrativas líquidas (from March 7th to April 27, 10am to 7pm) Galeria Eduardo Fernandes Daisy Xavier: Arqueologia da perda (from April 2nd to June 1st, 10am to 7pm)

MAP J |33 1

Emma Thomas Laerte Ramos: Lastlândia and Peter de Brito: Refresh: estou ciente e quero continuar (from March 15th to Apri 13th, 11am to 7pm)

Galeria Marilia Razuk Hilal Sami Hilal: Nós outros nós and Flávia Bertinato: Bandida (both from March 22 to April 27, 10:30am to 7pm)

MAP F |34 1

Mendes Wood Daniel Steegman Mangrané solo exhibition and Falke Pisano solo exhibition (from April 06th to April 27th, 10am to 7pm)

MAP G |35 1

Galeria Millan Emmanuel Nassar: Infiltrações (from March 21st to April 20th, 11am to 6pm)

Galeria Estação Nosso Imaginário: Group Exhibition featuring Chico Tabibuia, Véio, José Bezerra, Franciso Graciano, Neves Torres, Aurelino and Ranchinho (from April 3rd to 13th, 10am to 6pm)


17 MAP A 15

MAP J |25 1


Suggested shows on view


MAP G |38 1

Paralelo Gallery Deborah Anderson: Paperthin and Room23 (from March 26th to May 5th, 10am to 7pm)

MAP G |40 1

MAP F |44 1

Galeria Raquel Arnaud Luz e Sombra: Group Exhibition featuring José Resende, Waltércio Caldas, Cassio Michalany, Arthur Luiz Piza, Richard Serra and Carlos Fajardo. Wolfran Ulrich solo exhibition (from April 2nd to May 25th, 10am to 7pm) Zipper Galeria João Castilho: Caos-Mundo (from March 23rd to April 20th. 10am to 7pm)

Tuesday, April 2nd

MAP G |21 1

7pm – Choque Cultural Coletiva Choque Cultural 2013 - Group exhibition: Carlos Dias, Coletivo Bijari, Daniel Melim, Jaca, Rafael Silveira, Speto, Stephan Doitschinoff, Tec and Znort (through 30th April)

MAP F |32 1

7pm – Galeria Luisa Strina Olafur Eliasson: Your Orbit Perspective (through 4th May)

MAP J |36 1

7pm – Galeria Nara Roesler Vik Muniz: Espelhos de Papel (Paper Mirrors) and Hamish Fulton. Roesler Hotel - 22: Atacama 1234567 curated by Alexia Tala (through 23rd June)

MAP B |39 2

7pm – Galeria Pilar Rodrigo Sassi: Daquele que se reproduz and Nicolas Mastracchio Solo Exhibition (through 11th May)

MAP F |42 2

7pm – Vermelho André Komatsu Solo Exhibition, Jonathas de Andrade: Nostalgia Sentimento de classe and Marco Paulo Rolla: Objetos de Desejo (through 27th April)

MAP G |28 2

8pm – Galeria Jaqueline Martins Group show: Bill Lundberg, Letícia Parente, Mario Ramiro. Curated by Maria Ingo Clavo (through 11th May)

Arrival in São Paulo

Suggested events MAP G |38 1

5pm – Paralelo Gallery Screening of the documentary Aroused: The Lost Sensuality of a Woman by Deborah Anderson


Galeria Oscar Cruz Ramon Martins solo show (from March 23rd to April 27th, 11am to 7pm)


MAP J |37 1


27 MAP A 15

9pm – Fortes Vilaça Warehouse Olafur Eliasson: Your Orbit Perspective (through 4th May)

Wednesday, April 3rd 9:30 – Departure from Hotel 2 MAP A 15

10am – Pinacoteca (Waltércio Caldas and Collection) Group 1

3 MAP D 15

11:30am – José Olympio Private Collection (visit) Group 1

2 MAP A 15

10am – Pinacoteca (Waltércio Caldas and Collection) Group 2

3 MAP D 15 4 MAP D 15

5 MAP J 15

by Carlito Carvalhosa and Obra, photographs by Mauro Restiffe MAP J | 61

3pm – SP-Arte Preview

MAP J | 61

5pm – SP-Arte Curatorial Lab visit 8:30pm – departure from SP-Arte to Hotel 9:30pm – departure from SP-Arte to Hotel

Suggested event MAP D | 71

11pm – Emma Thomas Party

Thursday, April 4th 09:30am – Departure from Hotel MAP K | 81

10am – Roger Wright Private Collection (visit) Group 1

MAP K | 81

11am – José Olympio Private Collection (visit) Group 1

11:30am – José Olympio Private Collection (visit) Group 2

MAP K | 81

10am – Roger Wright Private Collection (visit) Group 2

12:30pm – Phosphorus (visit and lunch) Group exhibition: Soma Não-Zero (Sum Not-Zero). Curated by Maria Montero

MAP K | 81

11am – José Olympio Private Collection (visit) Group 2

MAP L | 91

12pm – Casa de Vidro The insides are on the outside. Group Exhibition, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Iran do Espírito Santo: Recuo at Capela do Morumbi

2pm – MAC USP Nova Sede Sala de Espera (Waiting Room), an installation


8pm – Galeria Virgílio Reynaldo Candia: Jogo de Memória and SP Estampa (through 03rd May)

MAP L |10 1


43 MAP G 15


6pm – Beco do Grafite Guided visit through the Alleyways of Vila Madalena with Baixo Ribeiro 7:30pm – Arrival at hotel

Suggested opening 19 MAP J 15

7pm – Casa Triângulo Assume Vivid Astro Focus (through 18th May)

Suggested events 12 MAP C 15

8pm – SESC Pompéia opening The insides are on the outside. Group exhibition of interventions at SESC Pompéia, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist (through 26th May); SESC Pompéia 30th anniversary celebrations

Friday, April 5th 9:30 – Departure from Hotel 13 MAP E 15

10am – Itaú Cultural Cao Guimarães: Ver é uma fábula (Seeing is a Fable)

11:30am – Fábio Faisal and Susana Steinbruch Private collections (visit)

MAP H |15 1

2pm – Instituto Tomie Ohtake (lunch on your own + 3 exhibitions):


5:30pm – Departure from SP-Arte 11 MAP G 15

MAP F |14 1

(i) Itaú Brazilian Photography Collection, curated by Eder Chidetto (ii) Estranhamente Atual - Programa Arte Atual (Strangely Current – Current Art Programme) Group exhibition: Rodrigo Matheus, Alice Miceli, Thiago Honório e Mariana Manhães) curated by Paulo Miyada (iii) Marco Gianotti: Diários de Kioto (Kyoto Diaries) curated by Agnaldo Farias and José Spaniol 3:15pm – leave to airport Flight to Belo Horizonte Evening at leisure


1:30pm – Lunch with gallerists



F 1

Quality Suites Imperial Hall Rua da Consolação, 3555 - Jardins

G 11

Beco do Grafite Rua Gonçalo Afonso - Vila Madalena

A 2

Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo Praça da Luz - Bom Retiro

C 12

Sesc Pompéia Rua Clélia, 93 - Pompéia

D 3

José Olympio Collection Av. São Luís, 130 - República

E 13

Itaú Cultural Av. Paulista, 149 - Bela Vista

D 4

Phosphorus Rua Roberto Simonsen, 108 - Sé

F 14

J 5

MAC USP Nova Sede Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral, 1301- Ibirapuera

Susana Steinbruch and Fábio Faisal Collections Rua Iucatã - Jardim Paulista

H 15

J 6

SP-Arte Pavilhão Ciccillo Matarazzo Parque do Ibirapuera, Portão 3

Instituto Tomie Ohtake Rua dos Coropés, 88 - Pinheiros

J 16

D 7

Cine Jóia - Emma Thomas Party Praça Carlos Gomes, 82 - Liberdade

Hotel Unique Av. Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, 4700 Vila Primavera

K 8

José Olympio and Roger Wright Collections Rua dos Goivos, 113 - Morumbi

L 9

Casa de Vidro Rua Gal Almério Moura, 200 - Morumbi

L 10

Capela do Morumbi Av. Morumbi, 5387 - Morumbi












26 11 35 22






21 30



36 33 19



37 25


10 9

34 1 32 23 18 14 44





40 43 38 20 28





























7 47



13 49











18 14 44



26 35


22 11

40 27


20 43

38 20

28 12


24 55



29 57









5 6

37 25







10 63





8am - leave hotel to Inhotim


5pm - return Inhotim to hotel Evening at leisure

Sunday, April 7th Individual departures




Saturday, April 6th




Inhotim Rua B, 20 - Inhotim, Brumadinho



Hotel Liberty Rua Paraíba, 1465 - Savassi


M 1




3 4 7 1




belo horizonte












6 73

belo horizonte




belo horizonte




REFERENCIA GALERIA DE ARTE DF | BRASÍLIA Contact: Onice Moraes de Oliveira SGCV, Lote 22, Lj 141 Brasília – DF | CEP 71215-100 T +55 61 3361-3501

Latitude Gallery Guide


MAP M 42

CARMINHA MACEDO GALERIA DE ARTE Contact: Carminha Macedo Rua Bernardo Guimarães, 1200 Belo Horizonte – MG | CEP 30140-081 T +55 31 3226-3712 CELMA ALBUQUERQUE GALERIA DE ARTE Contact: Lucio Albuquerque Rua Antonio de Albuquerque, 885 Belo Horizonte – MG | CEP 30112-001 T +55 31 3227-6494 | 3287-3828


MAP P 52

MAP N 62

MAP M 72


LEMOS DE SÁ GALERIA DE ARTE Contact: Beatriz Lemos de Sá Avenida Canadá, 147 Nova Lima – MG | CEP 34000-000 T+55 31 3261-3993 MANOEL MACEDO GALERIA Contact: Manoel Macedo Rua Lima Duarte, 158 Belo Horizonte – MG | CEP 30710-470 T +55 31 3462-0933 GALERIA MURILO CASTRO Contact: Murilo Castro Rua Antonio de Albuquerque, 377 Cj 02 Belo Horizonte – MG | CEP 30112-010 T +55 31 3287-0110 SIM GALERIA DE ARTE Contact: Guilherme and Laura Simões de Assis Al. Presidente Taunay, 130 Curitiba – PR | CEP 80420-180

T +55 41 3322-1818 YBAKATU ESPAÇO DE ARTE Contact: Tuca Nissel Rua Francisco Rocha, 62, loja 06 Curitiba – PR | CEP 80420-130 T +55 41 3264-4752 BOLSA DE ARTE DE PORTO ALEGRE RS | PORTO Contact: Marga Pasquali Kroeff 81 ALEGRE Rua Visconde do Rio Branco, 365 Porto Alegre – RS | CEP 90220-231 T+55 51 3332-6799 | 3331-6459


AMPARO 60 GALERIA Contact: Lúcia Santos Avenida Eng. Domingos Ferreira, 92A Recife – PE | CEP 51021-040 T 55 81 3033-6060

1500 RJ | RIO DE Contact: Alex Bueno de Moraes JANEIRO T +55 21 8183-9805

A GENTIL CARIOCA Contact: Márcio Botner Rua Gonçalves Ledo, 17, sobrado Rio de Janeiro – RJ | CEP 20060-020 T +55 21 2222-1651 ALMACEN GALERIA Contacts: Edson Thebaldi Avenida Ayton Senna, 2150, Bl G, Ljs F/M Rio de Janeiro – RJ | CEP 22775-900 T +55 21 3325-3322 | 3325-8622 ANITA SCHWARTZ GALERIA DE ARTE Contact: Anita Schwartz Rua José Roberto Macedo Soares, 30 Rio de Janeiro – RJ | CEP 22470-100

T +55 21 2540-6446 ARTUR FIDALGO GALERIA Contact: Artur Fidalgo Rua Siqueira Campos, 143, piso 2, Ljs 147/150 Rio de Janeiro – RJ | CEP 22031-900 T +55 21 2549-6278 ATHENA CONTEMPORÂNEA Contact: Filipe Masini Avenida Atlantica 4240, loja 211 Rio de Janeiro – RJ | CEP 22070-002 T +55 21 2513-0239 | 2523-8621 GALERIA DA GÁVEA Contact: Isabel Amado Rua Marques de São Vicente, 431, loja A Rio de Janeiro – RJ | CEP 22451-040 T +55 21 2274-5200


GALERIA INOX Contact: Gustavo Carneiro Affonso Avenida Atlântica 4240, sala 101 Rio de Janeiro – RJ | CEP 22070-002 T +55 21 2521-9940 GALERIA LAURA MARSIAJ Contact: Laura Marsiaj Rua Teixeira de Melo 31C Rio de Janeiro – RJ | CEP 22410-010 T +55 21 2513-2074 LUCIANA CARAVELLO ARTE CONTEMPORANEA Contact: Luciana Caravello Rua Barão de Jaguaribe, 387 Rio de Janeiro – RJ | CEP 22421-000 T +55 21 2523-4696

MERCEDES VIEGAS ARTE CONTEMPORANEA Contact: Mercedes Viegas Rua João Borges, 86 Rio de Janeiro – RJ | CEP 22451-100 T +55 21 2294-4305 PROGETTI Contacts: Paola Colacurcio Travessa do Comércio, 22 Rio de Janeiro – RJ | CEP 20010-080 T +55 21 2221-9893 SÉRGIO GONÇALVES GALERIA Contact: Sérgio Gonçalves Rua do Rosário, 38 Rio de Janeiro - RJ | CEP 22041-000 T +55 21 2263-7353 | 2253-0923


SILVIA CINTRA + BOX4 Contacts: Silvia Cintra Rua das Acácias, 104 Rio de Janeiro – RJ | CEP 22451-060 T +55 21 2521-0426 GALERIA TEMPO Contact: Carolina da Rocha Aveinda Atlântica, 1782, loja E Rio de Janeiro – RJ | CEP 22021-001 T +55 21 2255-4586


MAP F 18 2

BARÓ GALERIA Contacts: Maria Baró and Adriano Casanova Rua Barra Funda, 216 São Paulo – SP | CEP 01152-000 T+55 11 3666-6489 GALERIA BERENICE ARVANI Contact: Berenice Arvani Rua Oscar Freire, 540 São Paulo – SP | CEP 01426-000

T+55 11 3088-2843 | 3082-1927 MAP J 19 2

CASA TRIÂNGULO Contact: Ricardo Trevisan Rua Paes de Araújo, 77 São Paulo – SP | CEP 04531-090 T +55 11 3167-5621 | 3168-1640

MAP G 20 2

CENTRAL GALERIA DE ARTE CONTEMPORÂNEA Contact: Wagner Lungov Rua Mourato Coelho, 751 São Paulo – SP | CEP 05417-001 T +55 11 2645-4480

MAP G 21 2

CHOQUE CULTURAL Rua Medeiros de Albuquerque, 250 São Paulo – SP | CEP 05436-060 T+55 11 2678-6600


MAP G 22 2

MAP F 23 2

GALERIA EDUARDO FERNANDES Contact: Eduardo Fernandes Rua Harmonia, 145 São Paulo – SP | CEP 05435-000 T +55 11 3812-3894 | 3032-6380 EMMA THOMAS Contacts: Flaviana Bernardo and Juliana Freire Rua Estados Unidos, 2205 São Paulo – SP | CEP 01427-002 T +55 11 3063-2193

T +55 11 3846-4028 MAP G 26 2

GALERIA FORTES VILAÇA Contacts: Alessandra D’Aloia and Márcia Fortes Gallery: Rua Fradique Coutinho, 1500 São Paulo – SP | CEP 05416-001 T +55 11 3032-7066

MAP A 27 2

Warehouse: Rua James Holland, 71 São Paulo – SP | CEP 01138-000 T +55 11 3392-3942 | 3392-5969 GALERIA JAQUELINE MARTINS Contact: Jaqueline Martins Rua Virgílio de Carvalho Pinto, 74 São Paulo – SP | CEP 05415-020 T +55 11 2628-1943

MAP H 24 2

GALERIA ESTAÇÃO Contact: Vilma Haidar Eid Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 625 São Paulo – SP | CEP 05428-001 T +55 11 3813-7253 | 3813-6355

MAP G 28 2

MAP J 25 2

ESTUDIO BUCK Contact: Maurício Buck Rua Lopes Amaral, 123 São Paulo – SP | CEP 04544-040

MAP I 29 2

GALERIA LEME Contact: Eduardo Leme Av. Waldemar Ferreira, 130 São Paulo – SP | CEP 05501-000

T +55 11 3093-8184 MAP F 30 2

MAP J 31 2

MAP F 32 2

GALERIA LOGO Contacts: Marcelo Secaf Rua Arthur Azevedo, 401 São Paulo – SP | CEP 05404-010 T +55 11 3062-2381 LUCIANA BRITO GALERIA Contact: Luciana Brito Rua Gomes de Carvalho, 842 São Paulo – SP | CEP 04547-003 T +55 11 3842-0634 | 3842-0635 GALERIA LUISA STRINA Contact: Luisa Strina Rua Padre João Manoel, 755, Lj 02 São Paulo – SP | CEP 01411-000 T +55 11 3088-2471 | 3064-6391

MAP J 33 2

GALERIA MARILIA RAZUK Contact: Marília Razuk Rua Jeronimo da Veiga, 131 São Paulo – SP | CEP 04536-000 T +55 11 3079-0853 | 3078-2749

MAP F 34 2

MENDES WOOD Contacts: Felipe Dmab Rua da Consolação, 3358 São Paulo – SP | CEP 01416-001 T +55 11 3081-1735 | 2528-6331

MAP G 35 2

GALERIA MILLAN Contacts: André Millan and Socorro de Andrade Lima Rua Fradique Coutinho, 1360 São Paulo – SP | CEP 05416-001 T +55 11 3031-6007

MAP J 36 2

GALERIA NARA ROESLER Contacts: Nara and Daniel Roesler Avenida Europa, 655 São Paulo – SP | CEP 01449-001 T +55 11 3063-2344

MAP J 37 2

GALERIA OSCAR CRUZ Contact: Oscar Cruz Rua Clodomiro Amazonas, 526 São Paulo – SP | CEP 04537-011 T +55 11 3167-0833

MAP G 38 2

PARALELO GALLERY Contacts: Andrea Rehder and Flávia Marujo Rua Artur de Azevedo, 986 São Paulo – SP | CEP 05404-002 T +55 11 2495-6876

MAP B 39 2

GALERIA PILAR Contacts: Elisio Yamada and Henrique Miziara Rua Barão de Tatui, 387/389, lojas 1 e 2 São Paulo - SP | CEP 01226-030 T +55 11 3661-7119

MAP G 40 2

GALERIA RAQUEL ARNAUD Contact: Myra Babenco Rua Fidalga, 125 São Paulo – SP | CEP 05432-070 T +55 11 3083-6322 | 3083-6114

MAP A 41 2

GALERIA TRANSVERSAL Contact: João Grinspum Ferraz Rua Fidalga, 545 São Paulo – SP | CEP 05432-070 T +55 11 3392-5287

MAP F 42 2

VERMELHO Contacts: Akio Aoki Rua Minas Gerais, 350 São Paulo – SP | CEP 01244-010 T +55 11 3257-2033

MAP G 43 2

GALERIA VIRGILIO Contact: Izabel Pinheiro Rua Dr. Virgílio de Carvalho Pinto, 426 São Paulo – SP | CEP 05415-020 T +55 11 2373-2999

MAP F 44 2

ZIPPER GALERIA Contacts: Fabio Cimino Rua Estado Unidos, 1494 São Paulo – SP | CEP 01427-001 T +55 11 4306-4306

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