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Jolie Gonzalez, Publisher & Editor of Latin Times Magazine Executive Producer of LatinTimes-TV, and Director of Latin ConneXions Business Networking Events. Awards & Recognition 2008 - Winner- Business Woman of the Year Award - Tampa Bay Business Journal - In Media Services 2008 - Exito Award - Women Entrepreneur Award - By Hispanic Business Initiative Fund 2007 - Idiolo Award - For Best Spanish Owned Magazine - By Centro Asturiano 2007 – Minority Business Person of the Year Award - For Professional Services - Tampa Bay Business Journal 2006 - Hispanic Business Woman of the year - PRCP 2006 - Chairwoman’s Award of Excellence - Tampa Bay Hispanic Chamber of Commerce For a one (1) year subscription (4 issues), please send a check or money order in the amount of $15.00 to: P.O. Box 262574, Tampa, FL 33685-2574 Special ThanX to God. Thank you to GOD for the many blessings you have placed in my life! Thank you to Carmen Santiago for being a great mom, Orlando Rodriguez for being a great dad, Carmen Lourdes & Minerva for being great sisters –let’s get close again! To my big brother –I love you, all! Nikko Gonzalez for being the best son in the world. Thank you to my “victor”, you are my hero! Thank you to Zion and Victoria you are the sweetest and most beautiful little girls in the world! Alfred Frederick for Business Photography, and to all my wonderful friends, who always seem to be there when I need them the most! Cover Pics Credits:

George Lopez

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¿Como estan mi gente? What a terrific year I am having! Thank you GOD. Despite the bumps in the road; Latin Times is doing Great. Many of you might have seen our Latin Times electronic billboard which was featured on the corner of Waters & Dale Mabry in Tampa. Alright, so here we are practically halfway through the year already! I hope that you will enjoy our 2nd quarter issue of Latin Times Magazine which features the top 10 Latino Movers N Shakers in Tampa Bay. And, also, it is with such great pleasure that I present to you our choice of national Latino Movers N Shakers; someone that I consider to be “kick-butt;” none other than Mr. “George Lopez!” Here comes the BIG 10! Can you believe that I am almost 10 years old – Latin Times Magazine that is! YES, hard to believe huh? But I have been publishing for 9 years now! You know what they say about time, “[it] sure flies when you are having fun,” (lol). I must admit that it hasn’t all been fun; but I am so grateful to God for the opportunity to communicate with my community and for giving me a career that I feel such love and passion for. It is that which has kept me in the game for so many years now. We are currently working on our 10th year Anniversary which will take place along with our 1st issue of 2011. If you receive our weekly newsletter you will be treated to a trip down memory lane soon as we travel back in time to present you with some of our first issues! Opportunities Abound! Latin Times is currently looking for sales professionals in the Tampa Bay area. The positions are commission based. We provide leads, training and office support. Interested individuals should contact our office. Have you attended any of our exciting events!? Our most famous event, the 1st Friday networking socials have MOVED to a NEW LOCATION! Starting on Friday, April 2nd, 2010, our events will be held at La Pelota, located at 1701 W. Waters Ave., in Tampa, FL. Event hours are from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM. 1st Friday Latin ConneXions entered its 6th year of hosting these exciting networking socials on Friday, April 2nd. Please join us in making this our biggest year yet! Subsequent 1st Friday events will be held on Friday, May 7th, 2010; Friday, June 4th, 2010; and Friday, July 2nd, 2010. Our Ladies’ Tea and Spa Parties are the perfect way for ladies to spend a Sunday afternoon getting to know other elite women in the community. These events are held at the Empress Tea Room at 6810 E. Fowler, Temple Terrace, FL. Join us at this charming Victorian Room where you will be awed by the formal setting and beauty of the room. Feel spoiled, as you are served with Crystal, Linens and fine English Bone China. Talk and get to know other elite local business women in an atmosphere designed to make you unwind and relax. Develop new friendships or business relationships. Afterward, stroll through the connecting gate into the Secret Garden; enjoy wine tasting, and Champaign toasts and a Chocolate fountain with delicious fresh fruits. Relax and unwind in the Garden Spa we create, while enjoying the firm hands of our massage therapists, or getting a pedicure, a manicure, facial, skin care consult, beauty consult and more from one of our exhibitors! The next date for this “elite” ladies’ event is scheduled for Sunday, July 11th, 2010. Latino Love Connections is Tampa Bay’s Premier Latino Single’s Club! Join us on Thursday, May 20th, 2010, at Whiskey North, 11921 N Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL. Events are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at varying locations throughout Tampa Bay. Outings include: Speed dating, golf outings, sports outings, bowling, billiards, dinners, lunches, concerts, retreats, picnics, game rooms, camp fires, beach days, dancing, and more! For specific dates and venues please join our Facebook fan page where you will be kept up-to-date! MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the BIG ExploSION Latina! The 1st annual Fair/Expo will offer Tampa Bay’s Hispanic/Latino community with educational workshops on Health, Higher Education, Marketing, Business 101, Career Planning/Jobs, Business Opportunities, Community, Fashion, Music, Culture and MORE! This is an all-day family event that will offer over 200 exhibiting companies, educational workshops, LIVE music, theater and dance performances. Location and date TBA. On a more personal side, I would like to share with you a few changes that have been occurring in my life this past year. In February of this year, Victor and I were granted temporary custody of his two beautiful daughters Zion who is 7 years old and Victoria who is 3 years old. Most of you couldn’t believe that I could handle becoming a mom all over again, but to be honest with you, it has been more of a delight than anything else. Now who would have ever thought at my age; (wait a minute, I am not THAT old) but still; that I would be raising two more little ones. I thought for sure my 15 year old son Nikko would be it for me and I would be “home-free.” (By-the-way Nikko absolutely loves his two new little sisters.) This is a huge challenge in our lives, but certainly something that we are happy about and welcome with wide-arms and I thank God everyday for his blessing. I feel that the LORD has placed these little girls in our care to love and protect them and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude each and every one of you for your support during this difficult time and I ask that you continue to include our family in your prayers especially in next several months ahead as we prepare ourselves to walk the steps of the judicial system in hopes that the courts will rule in our favor so that we may keep these little angels in our care “permanently” in order to raise them into the strong and beautiful individuals that God means them to be. And on a final note, I want to thank all of you for your continued support of the Latin Times and for believing in us over the years. Muchas Gracias. May God Bless You ALL!

Jolie Gonzalez Step up to the plate and dare to be the Elite Latino!

BRIGHT HOUSE NETWORKS PRESENTA LOS PARTIDOS DE LAS GRANDES LIGAS EN ESPAÑOL right House Networks anunció que transmitirá en español los juegos de los Rays de Tampa B Bay y los Marlins de la Florida en los mercados de Tampa y Orlando. Así mismo, a partir del 1ro de mayo, Bright House Networks también transmitirá algunos juegos de los Angelinos de Anaheim y los Dodgers de Los Ángeles en Bakersfield, California. Fox Sports Networks producirá los partidos en español y transmitirá su programación en los sistemas locales de Bright House Networks. En la Florida, los juegos serán transmitidos en Bay News 9 en Español en el area de la bahía de Tampa y en la Florida Central en News 13 en Español. En la región de Bakersfield, los partidos serán transmitidos por Fox Sports en Español. “Bright House Networks está feliz de añadir estos juegos de las Grandes Ligas a los canales de noticias en español. No hay nada mejor que poder ver las noticias, el estado del tiempo y los partidos de beisbol en un sólo lugar”, comentó Elliott Wiser, VP Corporativo de Programación Local. “La comunidad hispana de la bahía de Tampa ha producido grandes leyendas del béisbol el cual es un orgullo de esta comunidad. Este nuevo proyecto entre Fox Sports Florida/Sun Sports y Bright House Networks es una manera positiva de celebrar y mantener esta tradición”, comentó Mark Fernández, VP Senior, Tampa Bay Rays. Los clientes del servicio básico de Bright House Networks en Tampa y Orlando, disfrutarán de más de 60 juegos en español de los Rays y los Marlins. En la bahía de Tampa, sintonice Bay News 9 en español canales 154 y 900, y en la Florida Central sintonice News 13 en español s canales 130 y 613. A partir del mes de mayo, los clientes de Bakersfield disfrutarán de más de 50 partidos en español en Fox Sports en Español, canal


ould your child be a bully? Are you worried that your child could be a victim of online harassment, or cyber-bullying? These are just a few of the questions you can get answered on Hillsborough County’s new Bully Busters web site. You can get to the site by logging onto www. The project has been months in the making. Just click on the left side of the screen to find dozens of tips to help you help your child. The web site contains sections for both adults and teens with information on the effects of bullying, where to report bullying, what you can do to stop bullying, as well as a resource page with dozens of helpful links. An entire section is devoted to cyber-bullying. Adult and youth anti‐bullying pledges are available on the site along with information on the County’s new Anti‐bullying Advisory

Committee. Bully Busters is a joint effort with the County, the County’s Criminal Justice Liaison, Children’s Services, the Sheriff’s Office, and Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay to battle bullying in Hillsborough County. The Bully Busters’ initiative was created by Hillsborough County Commissioner Rose Ferlita. The program includes public awareness, education and intervention, and community support. The Anti‐Bullying Advisory Committee has begun work to help stop bullying in Hillsborough County. The Bully Busters campaign is gaining strength and several projects are underway to bring more public awareness to the bullying problem in the county and help create a bully‐free Hillsborough County. Info: Carol Michel, Community Relations Coordinator; 813‐276‐2033.

632. Para ver el horario de los juegos visite www. Bright House Networks Bright House Networks es el noveno distribuidor de programación en video con múltiples canales (MVPD) en los Estados Unidos, y cuenta con 2.4 millones de clientes en varias ciudades incluyendo Tampa y Orlando en la Florida; Bakersfield, California; Indianápolis, Indiana; Detroit, Michigan; y Birmingham, Alabama; además incluyen otras mercados más pequeños en Alabama y el noroeste de la Florida. Los mercados de la Florida forman uno de los conglomerados más grandes de cable en el país. Bright House Networks es propietaria de cuatro noticieros locales con transmision las 24 horas del día ; Central Florida News 13 (www. y News 13 en español en el área de la Florida Central, Bay News 9 (www.baynews9. com) y Bay News 9 en español en e la bahía de Tampa. Además, Bright House Sports Network ( provee cobertura deportiva local en la bahía de Tampa y Orlando. Para más información sobre Bright House Networks, sus productos y servicios, visite

Janet Cruz wins House District 58 race


s part of a special election, Janet won the seat vacated by Rep. Michael Scionti, D-Tampa, who announced he had accepted a job with President Obama’s administration. Janet won the seat with 64 percent of the vote. Republican Hunter Chamberlin ended with 35 percent, while the write-in candidate Jose Vazquez received 19 votes, or about one half of 1 percent of the total tally. What’s next? Janet Cruz is already campaigning for the November election. For more information, please visit:

Today matters…..


So does Aflac!

n case of an accident or illness, it’s reassuring to know you have a poised and compassionate friend in Aflac. Immediate and responsive, our policies help give you control when life seems to take it away. Cash benefits, personally owned and managed to help you get back on your feet, that’s the real Aflac

difference. Aflac…if only everything in life worked this well. Contact: Margie Soto, an independent agent, representing Alfac @ (813) 2449805 or email: marige_soto@us.aflac. com or visit


Rush To Get New Puerto Rico Birth Certificate


uerto Rican-born citizens living in the United States will now have to request a new copy of their birth certificates. The Islands Gov. Luis Fortuño signed a law making all old birth certificates processed prior to December 2009 not valid in any federal agency. A transition period will be in effect until July 1. The new law is an effort to reduce all fraud cases reported by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the past year. According to the governmental agency, a Puerto Rican birth certificate runs for about $5,000 to $10,000 on the black market. Puerto Ricans born on the island receive an American Social Security number and are eligible for a United States passport from birth. For more information, call (787) 767-9120 ext. 2402.


Psychological Barriers to Weight Management, explains why most people can’t follow through with their intentions on diet and exercise plans.

Dr. Lavinia Rodriguez teaches everyday people how to take control of their health and wellness without feeling deprived and pressured. Rodriguez, who has 30 years of experience as an eating disorder, health and wellness psychologist, is determined to help people understand how their brain affects their weight loss and maintenance efforts. Rodriquez’s book, Mind Over Fat Matters: Conquering

The book explains how to make moving the body a fun experience and how to make the brain a partner on the journey to health. Dr. Rodriquez is committed to helping as many people as possible through her book, speaking engagements and lectures. She also writes blogs on relative topics including diet pills, controlling hunger, exercise and more. More information about Dr. Lavinia Rodriguez and Mind Over Fat Matters is available at www.fatmatters. com.

ampa’s Dr. Lavinia Rodriguez Explains How Listening to the Brain Can Help Eliminate the Endless Circle of Diets, Pills, Wasted Gym Memberships and Other Disappointing Weight Loss Methods

TAMPA BAY REFUGEE TASK FORCE Why should you attend the Tampa Bay Refugee Task Force meeting? Did you know that: • Year after year, Florida’s refugee resettlement program is the largest in the U.S • Tampa Bay receives refugees/asylees from Burma, Iraq, Cuba, Haiti, Columbia, Venezuela, Nepal and many other countries. • In 2009, Florida received 27,619 new refugees, asylees, entrants, parolees, refugee minors, and victims of trafficking and Refugee Service providers served a 70,654 unduplicated clients.

Come learn more about our new neighbors and the services we provide to them. Share information about your programs and services. TAMPA BAY REFUGEE TASK FORCE meetings are held alternately at both Hillsborough and Pinellas locations.

Upcoming Meetings • May 25, 2010 (Hillsborough Location TBA) • July 27, 2010, (Location TBA) To learn more, contact Janet Blair, Community Liaison for Refugee Services at or call 813.545.1716.

SUCCESS in EXILE / EXITO en el EXILIO is an inspirational short story book that spans five decades starting in 1958. In their own words, it follows the lives of 25 Cuban families, their struggles to flee the island, and the various levels of success they have achieved in the United States. Ms. Martinez will also be available after the lunch for any book signing requests. Teresa is the president and CEO of the Institute of Spanish Communication. Her company provides businesses and individuals with accurate and professional language and cultural instruction, document translation and oral interpretation, thus insuring success in dealing with the growing Hispanic market and the global economy. Networking and registration begins at 11:30 a.m. and the lunch program starts at 12 p.m. The luncheon cost is $25 for Chamber members or $30 for non-members and guests paying at the door. Reservations are highly recommended to guarantee a seat and meal at the event. All individuals interested in attending must e-mail or call (813) 9364029 prior to the event.



he Tampa Latin Chamber (TLC) welcomes Cuban-born and Lakeland resident Teresa Vazquez Martinez, author of the bilingual book titled SUCCESS in EXILE / EXITO en el EXILIO, to speak at its next luncheon on Tuesday, April 27th at the Doubletree Hotel at 4500 West Cypress Street in Tampa. Musical entertainment will be provided by Lemay OlanoJames, a classically trained violinist.

TLC’s monthly lunch meetings are scheduled for the LAST TUESDAY of each month except in December. Companies or individuals interested in speaking at a future chamber event should contact Ileana Devin via e-mail at to specify the nature of their business and topic of interest. TLC’s sponsorship opportunities provide unique benefits for a company to showcase their business to a new audience each month. For more information on event sponsorship, please contact Ileana Iturriaga-Giordano via e-mail at The 2010 TLC yearly membership cost is $150 for individuals and corporate membership pricing is $300. The TLC membership provides many exclusive benefits including networking opportunities, discounted event costs and unique advertising options with local media available only to chamber members. The TLC membership application and payment authorization form can be obtained online at and should be sent by fax or to the mailing address noted on the form. TLC is a vital resource to the business community where members can convene on a regular basis to network, discover new business opportunities and tap into resources that will enable their business to prosper. This philosophy is the basis for TLC’s slogan: “Bringing Businesses and the Latin Community Together to Make Top Local Connections”. For more information or questions, please e-mail info@tampalatinchamber. com or call (813) 9364029.

Visa Inc. and U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Launch Small Business Alliance

Joint Effort to Help Hispanic-Owned Merchants Run, Expand Their Businesses


isa Inc. (NYSE: V), a global payments technology company, and the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) today announced a new strategic alliance to help strengthen and grow the three million Hispanic-owned businesses that USHCC advocates on behalf of through their member chambers. Together, Visa and USHCC will provide Hispanic-owned merchants with an array of tools to help them improve cash flow, manage payment acceptance costs, streamline operations and grow their businesses. Additionally, USHCC members will receive customized access to Visa’s suite of small business solutions and educational resources, including: • Visa Business Network (VBN), a dedicated community on Facebook that provides small business owners exclusive access to networking opportunities with other businesses and trusted advisors, small-business news feeds, videos, blogs and editorial commentary about issues such as cash flow management and new ways to attract customers. • Visa’s comprehensive online self-help business education content, including podcasts, interactive workbooks and workshops on topics such as managing and building a business.   • Tailored cash flow management workbooks and complimentary Point of Sale signage.   The USHCC and Visa will also work together to develop acceptance solutions for USHCC merchants, especially smaller players with sales up to $1 million, to ensure that they have access to best-available interchange rates and other acceptance solutions from Visa. “Our card acceptance partnership with Visa will offer Hispanic small businesses an important economic advantage,” said Javier Palomarez, President and CEO, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.   “This initiative will offer our members access to affordable card acceptance programs that support business growth, especially during these challenging economic times.” Hispanic-owned businesses are one of the fastest growing sectors in the United States today, on track to grow 41.8% to 4.3 million merchants over the next six years according to recent estimates from HispanTelligence.   “Visa is keenly aware of the role merchants – large and small – play in the health of our economy. We are committed to doing our part by developing payment products and services that enable merchants to strengthen and grow their businesses and, in turn, help drive economic growth,” said William M. Sheedy, Group President, The Americas, Visa Inc.  “The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and its members are an important part of this effort, and we are honored to be working with them in this partnership.” About the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Founded in 1979, the USHCC actively promotes the economic growth and development of Hispanic entrepreneurs and represents the interests of nearly 3 million Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States that generate nearly $400 billion annually. It also serves as the umbrella organization for more than 200 local Hispanic chambers in the United States and Puerto Rico.


“Inauguration celebration and upcoming events”


he Pasco/Hernando Hispanic Chamber of Commerce announces the launch of the first organization of its kind in Pasco and Hernando counties. “It is time for the Hispanic community in Pasco and Hernando counties to pull together and create new opportunities for economic growth.” says chamber founder and President Rocio D. Paulsen. “We have put together an inaugural celebration that is going to be the catalyst for collaboration between small business owners within the two counties. I am excited and anxious about the possibilities for our communities.” The inaugural celebration is scheduled for Thursday, April 29th at 7:00 pm at the beautiful Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club. About 200 Latino business owners and their guests are expected to attend the ceremony. An owner of Good Faith Insurance Services, Paulsen is an entrepreneur in the community and an advocate for the welfare of

Hispanic small business owners. It is quite evident that she is passionate about facilitating growth and exposure for organizations of all sizes in the realms of Pasco and Hernando counties and surrounding communities. She further adds “it is our intention to promote the professions and valuable services of our members. We intend to provide a warm business environment, contribute to the creation and expansion of existing markets by assisting Hispanic individuals residing in and relocating to the area, and to improve the quality of life for the Hispanic community in Pasco and Hernando counties.” Pasco/Hernando Hispanic Chamber of Commerce meets the third Thursday of each month at the Best Western Summer Crest hotel, located at 5639 Oakley Blvd., Wesley Chapel, FL. For more information about the Pasco/Hernando Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and upcoming events, please contact Rocio D. Paulsen, President, via email phhcc@gf-is. com or call 813-909-6965.


By the Tampa Latin Chamber of Commerce


he Tampa Latin Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the 1st annual, Sinkhole de Mayo Golf Tournament will be held on Wednesday, May 5th 2010 @ NORTHDALE GOLF AND TENNIS CLUB, located at 4417 Northdale Blvd in Tampa. Registration: 11:30 am-12:30 pm Shotgun start: 1:00 pm There will be a Dinner & Awards ceremony immediately afterward. Lunch & dinner is provided for each player registration. Please send completed registration form by FAX to (813) 902-6789. For more information, call TLC at (813) 936-4029 or email reservations@ to register. Single players: $75.00, 4 Players: $260.00. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Starting at just $50.00 for a hole with signage.

Devo Consulting bringing Technology to your business evo Consulting is an international company that helps businesses D make the most of technology. Our staff includes experts in website design, database programming (PHP, ASP, NET), graphic design, FLASH animation, search engine optimization and social media management. After spending 11 years at a major U.S. airline, Devo was founded in 1998 by Greg Weatherford. Mr. Weatherford’s experience in overseeing a worldwide maintenance application provided the skill set used today managing projects for Devo’s clients. Visit Devo at:

Getting Fit Goes Beyond Lifting Weights

or those who aren’t fitness fanatics, getting back in shape is a goal to strive for. Though F rates of overweight and obesity are high, society has also grown increasingly healthconscious in the last 10-20 years, as the growing number of gyms and other fitness centers can attest.

Still, for those hoping to shed a few extra pounds, the first step toward doing so can be the hardest. Many instantly think of the oft-intimidating nature of the local gym, where muscular fitness enthusiasts dominate the landscape. However, getting fit does not have to include weight training. While weight training can be a valuable means to get healthier and shedding pounds, there are a host of other exercise options that can lead to very positive results. • Spinning. Spinning is a popular and valuable alternative exercise option. However, because it can be so demanding, spinning can be a tough routine for those making a lifestyle change. Once you’ve gotten into an exercise groove, spinning might be something to explore. Often set to aggressive, pulsating music, spinning involves riding a stationary bike through demanding courses featuring hills and other difficult terrain. • Aqua aerobics. For those who enjoy time in the pool, see if your gym offers an aqua aerobics class. This might not be as readily available at most gyms as spinning classes are, as lots of gyms don’t even have pools. For those who love swimming, look for a gym that does have a pool, and chances are, that gym will offer some derivation of aqua aerobics which consists of intense cardio movements mixed with some strength training. The chief benefit of a good aqua Aerobics workout is that it will work all your muscle groups with low impact on joints -- making it ideal for seniors. • Pilates. The popularity of palates classes is now so great that many gyms offer classes several times per day. Not unlike yoga, palates is both a physical and mental exercise. The exercises themselves can be quite demanding, focusing on stretching and breathing that strengthens the abdominal core. • Abdominals. Few people look at their abs and don’t think they could use some work. That said, nearly every gym offers a class focusing strictly on abdominal exercises. These usually range anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes in length. Anything longer than that might cause painful and unnecessary muscle strain, so beware of ab classes that might be longer than 30 minutes, especially if you’ve only recently gotten back into exercise. • Fusion. For those who subscribe to the idiom that “variety is the spice of life,” fusion classes (also known as total body conditioning) classes could be the perfect fit. That’s because such classes are a combination of other classes. Because they combine so many different elements, these classes tend to run a little longer in length, oftentimes exceeding an hour in length. The benefit of these is that they build up your cardiovascular as well as muscular strength. • Yoga. Arguably no alternative exercise class is more widely known than yoga. A centuriesold Hindu discipline aimed at promoting control over the body and mind, yoga classes are offered at nearly every gym or fitness center across the country. Much of yoga is concerned with helping you become stronger, more balanced, focused, and flexible. If you’re looking for a non-competitive environment where you can move at your own pace, this might be the best workout program for you. This feature is sponsored by: Dr. Robert Casañas Dr. Casañas is a Board Certified Internist and Board Certified Pain Management specialist. Dr. Casañas practices out of two offices, Unicorn Medical Office in West Tampa and Lunasol Institute in Westchase. Submit your question for Dr. Casañas by emailing him at: or contact him directly at 813-789-2799.



ave you heard the old saying: “Don’t bring a child to a man’s fight…” What do you think it means? Recently, a national television network presented a very interesting show about average Joes competing against professionals athletes in their own sport. The purpose of the show was to illustrate the huge talent and performance difference that exists between a professional athlete and the average sportsmen that trains regularly and vigorously during the week. To me, the show validated my beliefs. One of the most interesting competitions featured a contestant competing in an “Ironman” like race. The Ironman is a triathlon consisting of about a 2.4 mile open-ocean swims followed by cycling a distance of 112 miles and concludes with running a 26.2 mile marathon. Dave Scott, the 6 time iron man champion, ran it in a record 8 hours and 31 minutes. The shows contestant, who was in excellent athletic shape, was given three months to train for the event. Needless to say, the contestant came in last place. He took over 15 hours to finish. Complicating matters, he ended up suffering from severe right leg and hip ligament damage and extreme dehydration which led to kidney failure. Figuratively, your experience like the contestant will be similar if you try to fight a legal battle without a lawyer. The legal system in this country is one of the most complex and technical in the world. It has thousands of intricate procedures and laws that can be used to help or destroy your case in court. Take for example having to answer depositions. In a deposition, a well trained professional lawyer is given the right by law to ask you specific questions under oath that he intends to use against you in court. Like the professional athlete, he knows how to confuse you so you will make a statement that will incriminate you or absolve his client. The wrong answer or omission depending on the type of the case, may affect the rest of your life. When you choose to represent yourself, you risk the chance of finishing last like the contestant in the triathlon. The layman just is not prepared to fight in a legal arena that is filled with procedural nuances and technicalities. It doesn’t matter how many law books you read on your own. Experience which takes years of accumulation of trial and errors is what separates professional from amateurs. Like the professional tri-athlete who has trained years in order to compete and win a race, the Lawyer has spent year’s training to fight for your rights in court. Judges try hundreds of cases every month with impartiality and an unbiased perspective. Hence, they are not allowed to sympathize with parties regardless of their legal experience or lack thereof. Judges are interested in finding the truth in the most judicially efficient method possible. If you do not have experience in legal procedures, your arguments even if true may never be heard. That’s why in criminal cases, you have the constitutional right to an attorney. Why would you want to give up that constitutional right? In my many years as a trial lawyer, I have seen people trying to represent themselves without a lawyer subjected to mockery, shame and verbal abuse in the court system. These laymen slow down the legal system. The system does not like be slowed down. Consequently, the layman stalls his case costing him time and in many cases money. Most people will have to face a legal problem sooner or later. It could be an auto accident, traffic violation, DUI, act of violence, civil law suits or divorce. Don’t be an amateur like the contestant in the triathlon when it comes to solving your legal problems. Have an experienced lawyer represent you in your case. • Personal Injury • Criminal Law ( State and Federal ) • Uncontested Divorces • Foreclosure Defense • Traffic Cases

Attorney Pedro G. Velez, Jr. Law Office of Pedro G. Velez, JR. 314 E. Harrison Street Tampa, Florida 33602 Phone:  (813) 209-9800 Preguntas:

¿Problemas en la intimidad?


Qué tanto nos preocupamos por el sexo? ¿Es realmente importante? ¿Cuánto sabemos de educación sexual? Estas son preguntas que tal vez nos preguntamos…tal vez no, pero si estás leyendo éste artículo es porque te llama la atención. Bueno…hay muchas cosas que puedo decir, pero te diré algunos secretos que tal vez te ayudarán en la relación. Honestamente la realidad de la vida sexual humana es que está muy lejos de la perfección. Sabemos muy bien que solamente hay uno perfecto y ese es Dios. Por ende, date la oportunidad a nuevas ideas y a la educación sexual. Las relaciones heterosexuales son bien expertas en enfocarse en la penetración y no le damos mucha importancia a otros factores, que en parte son mucho más importantes. Los hombres por naturaleza se calientan muy rápido, pero las mujeres no. Si comparamos el sexo con la comida, podemos decir que el hombre es como calentar una comida congelada en el microondas. O sea, tarda menos de cuatro minutos para estar listo para comer. Pero, ¿les ocurre lo mismo a las mujeres? Pues la respuesta es no. Las mujeres para que lleguen a calentarse les toman tiempo. Para la mujer es como cocinar de leña, en donde la comida queda mucho más rica, jugosa y sabrosa. O sea, para que la mujer realmente lo pase bien rico en el acto sexual (rico, jugoso y sabroso) se le debe de dar tiempo y dedicación. No hay nada malo con cocinar comida en el microondas, pero…. ¿todo el tiempo?

Muchas mujeres se ven obligadas en la relación a hacer el amor como los hombres, pero… ¿realmente les satisface? ¿Lo disfrutan? I don’t think so! Es sumamente importante el llegar a un punto medio en ambos. Lamentablemente los problemas sexuales es la segunda razón de divorcios en los Estados Unidos. Mujeres, enséñeles a su pareja a disfrutar el sexo/ amor. Hombres…hagan el amor como las mujeres. ¿Cómo se hace? Es bien importante ser más íntimos, sensuales, limpios (buena higiene), estar conectados, abiertos a nuevas ideas, creatividad y estar más enfocados al placer sexual y no al orgasmo. Caballeros la pornografía no les enseña estas cosas, pero la lectura y seminarios sexuales sí! Nada en contra con la pornografía, pero es un punto en contra a ella. Los masajes, cenas románticas, dedicarle una canción, un poema, un abrazo, cantarles, regalarle flores y hasta una sorpresa de vez en cuando son cosas que mantienen unidos a la pareja. Otros factores importantes son: la comunicación, mantener la amistad, hablar de sus metas y sueños, dejarles saber de su diario vivir, trabajar en los problemas juntos, y disfrutar la vida al máximo. Como dice la canción de Azúcar Moreno: “Solo se Vive una Vez.” No desperdiciemos el valor tan importante de cada día y enfoquémonos en la gracia de la vida y el amor. El afecto es clave en una relación. ¿Está dispuestos a empezar o tal vez continuar el viaje juntos? La vida es una y recuerden que en su relación están hechos el uno para el otro. ¡Suerte! Y recuerden que si tienen alguna duda o pregunta me pueden escribir a mi cuenta de correo electrónico. ¡Dios me los bendiga! Rafael E. Fuentes, M.S., P.A.

Rafael E. Fuentes, M.S., P.A. Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern I.M.C. #5865 8019 North Himes Ave, Suite 311, Tampa, FL 33614 Phone: (813)732-6876 Preguntas:

What Your FEET Can Tell You about Your Spinal Health, I can let you know


am very pleased to announce the addition of the Foot Levelers Associate™ Platinum to my practice.

This tool will allow us to make a digital scan of YOUR feet, the Associate™ Platinum helps the us to screen for imbalances that contribute to problems in any number of places, like your knees, hips, and low back — you can have a problem, even if your feet don’t hurt! The tool allows us to find that problem. Your feet are the foundation for your entire body. Like any structure, your body’s foundation must be balanced to support the weight above it. If the arches in one or both of your feet collapse, your body doesn’t get the correct postural support, creating an imbalance in your skeletal frame. The Associate™ Platinum helps chiropractors develop care plans and use postural support, like custom-made orthotics from Foot Levelers, to obtain positive results in nearly everyone — from children to seniors. If you have joint or back pain, your body may not be properly aligned due to injury, aging, or stressful activities. Chiropractic adjustments and Foot Levelers’ custom made Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers help bring your body back to its natural state of alignment. Stabilizers-- a unique form of in-shoe orthotics – help hold your Chiropractic adjustments in place to maintain alignment, reduce skeletal stress, and alleviate your pain. I welcome new patients to our practice Caez Chiropractic, for postural exams to determine their chiropractic needs. Our clinic offers a variety of therapies for total body health and provides on-site screenings with the Associate™ Platinum at health fairs and other community events. If you’ve never had your feet scanned, you probably don’t know what they are supposed to look like. Don’t wait for aches and pains to tell you there is a problem. Si sus pies tienen dolor, me llamen por favor! Call Dr. Caez at 813-872-4455 now to schedule an appointment, and learn how your feet can affect your health!! Your entire body will thank you! In Good Health, Dr. Brian Caez

*For more information on how to reduce stress and live well through Chiropractic. Please contact Dr. Brian Caez: 813.872.4455 or | Or visit and sign up for Award Winning Newsletter!


Fear not, the Light is GOD.


elcome to our new feature, a page we Hope will bring you Hope, and renew your Faith in GOD.

Like many of you, I have recently been subjected to onslaught of challenges. Yes –times are not what they used to be, and there are days that I have had to work 10 times harder for half as much progress. Those are the times that we dread and fear, and if left unchecked those are the time, we could fall into negative thinking –and that is the worst thing that you could do. When times are tough, hold on to that Hope (in tomorrow), and that Faith (in today), believing (always) that GOD is in control of your life, and as my mother always says “no ay mal, que por bien no venga” Jesus said unto him, if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. Mark 9:23 What keeps you going when your life feels like its falling apart and when circumstances seem unbearable and continuing on seems impossible? When you don’t know where you will even catch a glimpse of the light, let alone, SEE the light at the end of the long dark tunnel. Remember, for God nothing is impossible!

ften Times we see the world through our own eyes as cruel, uncaring, violent, and sometimes without love. We have to remember that people all in all are affected by the tragedies and circumstances that bring them to who they are.

Sometimes our friends won’t even tell us what they are going through till it is so obvious it is unavoidable. Whether you want to acknowledge this fact or not we have to do something and in a surety God will bless us in return in ways you can’t even imagine. Psalm 82: 3-4 says “Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked. Psalm 121:1-8 says “I will lift up my eyes to the hills – from whence comes my help?  

Jesus Christ is the perfect example of the utmost forgiving and unconditional love that every human being needs, without a question he willingly gave his life, suffered at the cross, and made it possible for all of us to know God’s perfect and unchallenged love.

My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.   He will not allow your foot to be moved; He who keeps you will not slumber nor sleep.  The Lord is your keeper; the Lord is your shade at your right hand, the sun shall not strike you by day nor the moon by night.  The Lord shall preserve you from all evil.   He shall preserve your soul. The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in, from this time forth and even forevermore“ I know that God will do for you above and beyond what you do for others.

These times we are living in are challenging for all of us and we need each other in strength to uphold one another, to be able to sacrifice of ourselves by helping one another. Many times we go on day to day not noticing the concerns and traumatic events that affect others in our lives, even close friends.

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not scene. Hebrews 11:1.

A Night of Hope with Joel & Victoria Osteen at the St. Pete Times Forum

Now I challenge you to believe beyond believing, despite how dim it all looks. I challenge you to simply and continually have faith that your life and your circumstances are happening for a GOOD reason, be strong –and believe that GOD has everything in control. You don’t have to know how it is going to happen, you just have to believe that it will happen, and thank GOD everyday for all the wonderful things that are in your life, find them and be grateful for them, thank him for today –which got you past yesterday, and has prepared you for a tomorrow which will shower you with blessings and peace. Remember that your life may not be perfect ---but could always be so much worse. I have found that by helping people that are less fortunate than I am, it helps me to keep my heart always graqteful to the LORD, and gives me the courage to stand strong against my challenges. There has never been a challenge in my life, that without GOD I would have survived. When it has seemed the darkest –and “impossible” that is when GOD has shinned the brightest in my heart, and always, ALWAYS, I would feel that sweet feeling of HOPE when it is born in my heart, and I would walk forward, in FAITH, knowing that only GOD can open the doors that no man can shut, and close the ones that should be closed! I always survived my challenges, and I always come out stronger and better for it. For we walk by faith, not be sight – 2 Corinthians 5:7 My HOPE is that God will use these Hope filled stories, and testimonies, to bring you into the arms of Jesus at a time when you feel too tired or fearful to walk on your own. May God be with you, Today, Tomorrow and Always! Jolie R. Gonzalez I want to encourage you to share your testimonies and/or prayers with us, by emailing them to: Visit us at MyCityOfHope.Org

Love, Peace, and BlessingsVictor A. Padilla

on Friday, June 4 at 7:30 PM.

Joel and Victoria Osteen, pastors of the largest church in America, will hold a worship event at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa

“A Night of Hope” with Joel and Victoria Osteen is an outreach of Joel Osteen Ministries. The evening is an exciting time of praise and worship where attendees will hear an inspirational message of hope and God’s love from Joel and Victoria, along with the electrifying music of Dove Award-winning Cindy Cruse Ratcliff, Steve Crawford and the Lakewood Band and Ensemble. Evening event commences at 7:30 PM. For information visit:

Transforming: 2010 Women’s Conference


nnual Conference; The Women Changing, Evolving and Maturing Conference / Times of Refreshing Get-away to be held on June 16-19, 2010. This year, the theme for the conference is Being Transformed. I believe that all Christians should be going from glory to glory and from faith to faith. Pastor Deborah Powe, of Revealing Truth ministries will be speaking along with very special guest Pastor Taffi Dollar from World Changers Church International. On Friday morning, please join us at the Ritz Carlton, in Sarasota, FL for a time of reflecting, meditating and implementing the Word that you have heard.

Revealing Truth Ministries You will enjoy fun, fellowship and relaxation. So when you return home your family, friends and co-workers will see that you have made a change. For more information on the conference, please log onto our website at www. or form information on the Times of Refreshing Getaway please, contact Valerie Long at (800) 601-1414. The 2010 Women Changing, Evolving and Maturing Conference is scheduled on June 16-19, 2010, and will take place at Revealing Truth Ministries, 5201 North Armenia Avenue, Tampa, FL 33603. For more info, please contact us at (800) 601-1414 or log onto

Este Latino tops the list of Latino Movers N’ Shakers in 2010 on a National Level!


he name George Lopez needs very little introduction. His career spans about two decades, and he is definitely a multitalented entertainer whose career encompasses television, film, stand-up comedy, and now, “late-night” television! Who doesn’t love George Lopez –he taught us that it’s okay to laugh at our own misfortunes…and that in fact it is better to laugh than to cry. His childhood had been tough. George’s father left the family when George was two months old. When he was 10 years old, his mother moved to Sacramento, remarrying and leaving George in the care of his tough, no-nonsense and emotionally distant maternal grandmother, Benne Gutierrez and step-grandfather, Refugil Gutierrez. As a child, George’s birthday was never celebrated. George has never found his father who he believes is living in Mexico.

Lopez created Warner Bros Television’s groundbreaking hit sitcom, George Lopez, which he cocreated, wrote, produced and starred. The show ran for six seasons on ABC. George Lopez remains a huge success in syndication on both broadcast stations and cable’s Nick at Nite, quickly becoming the cable network’s highest rated program. It is now among the top five comedies and top 20 weekly programs in syndication. As many of us already know, George is now the host of his own late night talk show, “Lopez Tonight”, which premiered in November of 2009 as an instant hit. Lopez Tonight premiered to an average audience of 3.2 million people. Coined as “a big party”,

George sure does bring the fun back to late night. The show airs Monday through Thursday nights on TBS. George is also an Executive Producer of the show. 2010 has already been a busy year for George, who starred opposite Jackie Chan in the comedy, “The Spy Next Door” for Lions Gate Films, which was released early this year, and this past February, Lopez also starred in the hit romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day” which was directed by Gary Marshall for Warner Bros. Maintaining an extremely active schedule on the big screen while also on television would be multi-tasking in itself, however, George also continues his successful career as a standup comedian, selling out coast to coast and continuously breaking attendance records at major theatres and arenas. Lopez resides in Los Angeles, California, with his wife Ann, and their daughter Mayan. George loves to play golf. He learned to play by hitting lemons in his backyard when he was a kid. Despite the fact that George had a very difficult childhood full of harshness and deprivation, he never allowed that to stop him in the pursuit his dreams. Amigos y Amigas….I give you Mr. George Lopez! Latin Times Magazine 2010’s, National Latino Mover N Shaker!

Name/Nombre: George Lopez Title/Titulo: Actor, Comedian, Late Night TV Host, Writer and Producer What is your Pais? Mexican American


olie Gonzalez/Latin Times: First, I wanted to ask you about the Outback Pro Am Tournament, how long have you been involved in it and tell me more about it. George Lopez: This is my third year, you know I don’t come from a golfing background, but I have to tell you the truth, I didn’t know my father, I was corajudo when I was a kid. I quit on everything, and the one thing that has taught me more than any living relative is the game of golf, because you can get mad, you can quit, or you can cheat but if you’re honest and you’re calm in your temperament and you have respect, it’s not how you play the game but what you learn. Really I’m not the best golfer, I don’t want to be, but for a guy who used to get mad at everything, to go out there and have fun and sign things and be around people is a major, major accomplishment for me from where I came from. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What message would you give to young Latinos or Latinas that are struggling in life and have a dream, what would you say to them about pursuing that dream? George Lopez: Well everything is possible, you have a President of color, you have a Latino talk show host, you have actresses, actors, politicians, doctors, lawyers, a supreme court justice that’s a Latina; that’s fantastic. So there’s no limitations for what you want to do, whatever -- a fireman, you want to be a nurse, an x-ray technician, you want to be a law assistant, whatever you want -the only thing is, you have to motivate yourself. Speaking as a general Latino, I can’t wait around for you to help me, we have to help ourselves. So many times we wait around for someone to help us, when we got to do something for ourselves, and it starts with a small step, asking a question, taking some advice. We never ask for help, we have to think by getting our pride out of the way and thinking that asking for help is a weakness, it’s an asset not a weakness. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Who (here or departed) do you consider to be a Latino role model for you?

George Lopez: I think it would have to be Caesar Chavez, deceased, (living is Delores Huerta) for what he has done, a living role model but only for the rights of people, the hard working people, who run this country from the ground up. Unfortunately, due to the fasting and hunger strikes, he deteriorated himself and his body, but his legacy continues. That blood runs through all of us, he has a fantastic family who carries on his legacy. If you look at the Latinos, we work from the ground up in this country; we are at work earlier and stay later than everyone else -- you can put borders but, this country cannot run without us. We are like the oil in the engine: you need the oil, or the engine will burn up. There are so many different Latinos within the culture; Cuban, Argentinean, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Salvadorian, people say Hispanic but, to call us Hispanics does us a disservice. In the census, we should have four lines instead of a box, I put Chicano, and I put beige. Chicano was on the census, which is surprising. I took my DNA you know, I’m four percent black, four percent Asian, thirty-two percent Native American and the rest Mexican, and I could just see all the settlers going to Mexico. The Chinitos making love to Mexicans and then el Negro is watching,”Hey let me get in!” and then they all make George Lopez: cabezon con mucha cara! Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What would you say was your biggest challenge in life and how did you overcome it? George Lopez: Well you know I had Kidney disease, this is a big thing for Latinos too, I was sick my whole life and we didn’t go to the doctor. With me, I wet the bed when I was a kid and my grandmother would say “Don’t drink any water after eight, concentrate, don’t let him sleep in the bed.” If they would have taken me to the doctor they would have found out I had a birth defect. In our culture when somebody does something wrong either they cry out of one eye or they wet the bed, or get tired and sleepy, there’s a cause for that and I could have saved myself a lot of heartache if I had gone to the doctor but, I came from a family who didn’t go to the doctor, we come from a culture that doesn’t go to the doctor. This is why we are not so concerned whether Obama’s healthcare passed, but we need to take better care of ourselves everyday and our children, it starts with what we eat, then it goes back to the farm

workers. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Tell us about your familia? George Lopez: My wife? My wife gave me my kidney five years ago Monday April 19th, she saved me from myself. I drank a lot and disrespected people and women, you just learn that the hard way cause it wasn’t taught that we need to respect people as people. Like the woman’s place is this place or not to respect, and their opinion doesn’t matter, I married a strong Cuban woman and I’m happy that I did cause that’s my partner, she taught me to “cuela”, to go around to people and to talk when I didn’t want to talk. Now I have a talk show. I’m a guy that twenty years ago wouldn’t talk to anybody in a room full of people and now I have a talk show that’s connected to her como lo slums de “Slum Dog Millionaire” that could have been a movie made in Mexico, you look at that movie, that’s people from India, that’s a Mexican story, a Latino story, that’s everybody’s story, we are all Slum Dog Millionaires, we all learn the hard way. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Who do you think “Latino or Latina” could run for President in the next eight years, and win? George Lopez: Umm, I am not sure where we are politically; umm you know that’s a good question… (thinking) Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Would it surprise you to hear that at least one of our Latino Movers N Shakers mentioned YOU!? George Lopez: “Laugh”, I am flattered, I would not pass the background check though, pero to be friends with the President of the United States and to be welcome into the White House, as a Chicano, is great, and the fiesta de los Latinos on PBS and to have that music played, and to have a President that appointed a Latina to the supreme court justice…… because she was the most qualified, not because she was Latina, it just so happens. That is change in the right direction so, when you have all these tea parties and all these people who are one way, you can’t forget that there is another way too, and the people who don’t like change are the ones throwing tea parties and fighting the system. I wish I had time to take off during the day and go have a tea party and complain about Obama, My ass is working!

Name/Nombre: Santiago C. Corrada Title/Titulo: Convention Center, Tourism, Recreation, and Cultural Arts Administrator Company / Compañia? Convention Center What is your Pais? Cuban descent

Jolie Gonzalez/ Latin Times: What are your immediate and/ or long term professional goals? Santiago C. Corrada: I aspire to continue learning and growing both professionally and personally. I am motivated by challenging situations and by new, different and exciting opportunities. I love working in the public sector and serving the public, so I would like to remain in this arena. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What advice would you give to young Latinos about pursuing their goals? Santiago C. Corrada: Never pass up an opportunity to learn, education is paramount; but

treating others like you would like to be treated is even more important. Do not be afraid of change, embrace it and make a difference. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Are you involved in any community organizations? If yes –which ones? Santiago C. Corrada: I serve as the Mayor’s representative on the following boards: the Tampa Museum of Art, H.B. Plant Museum, the Tampa Theatre, the David A. Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, the Florida Aquarium, MOSI, the Tampa Bay History Center, the Glazer Children’s Museum, the Florida Orchestra and Tampa Bay & Co. (the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau). Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What is your favorite type of Latin food; music and sports sport’s team?

Santiago C. Corrada: I love Congri, Boliche, Platanos maduro y Yuca. I listen to all kinds of music, but I am stuck on the 70s. I support all of the bay area teams: Bucs, the Bulls, the Rays, and the Lightning and of course my Alma Mater of the University of Miami Hurricanes. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What was the biggest challenge that you have encountered in life and how did you overcome it? Santiago C. Corrada: There have been many. But generally speaking, I would say proving people wrong when they think you cannot be successful. Some of my most challenging days occurred while I was the principal at Miami Edison Senior High School. I have always overcome challenges by working hard, treating others fairly, being honest, being ethical and being myself.

Name/Nombre: Ray Cruz Title/Titulo: Business Owner Company / Compañia? Community Lending Corporation What is your Pais? Puerto Rican, Mexican- American descent

Jolie Gonzalez/ Latin Times: How did you get started in your career or profession? Ray Cruz: In 1994 I took an Urban Geography course at USF. During a lecture I was intrigued by the impact I could have in assisting individuals in the real estate market. In 1998, I had the opportunity to open a mortgage company. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: As a young boy what did you aspire to become? Ray Cruz: Even at a young age I was an entrepreneur, selling our household groceries to the neighbors. I enjoyed the art of selling in hopes to one day be a business owner.

Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Tell us about your family: Ray Cruz: I am privileged and honored to be married to a wonderful woman, Kay Hubbard-Cruz. I am surrounded by two beautiful children, Ana Cruz and Nicky Cruz. We enjoy cooking, eating, drinking good wine and having a great time with family. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Who here or departed do you consider to be a role model in the Latino Community and why? Ray Cruz: They are two people immediately that I can think of, they are, civil rights and labor leaders, Cesar Chavez and Delores Huerta. During the 60’s and 70’s they changed the landscape of agricultural throughout the country by uniting the field workers under the National Farm Workers Association, the “Union”.

Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What are your immediate and/or long term professional goals? Ray Cruz: Today is the greatest time to purchase real estate. I see a great opportunity in assisting individuals to pursue their dreams of acquiring a home. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What was the biggest challenge that you ever encountered in life and how did you overcome it? Ray Cruz: After being involved in the optical industry for 15 years and owning Pearl Vision franchises I sold out and decided a new career path. At the age of 40 I decided to go back to school to re-educate myself. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Which Latino would you think could run for President of the United States and win? Ray Cruz: Ana Cruz

Name/Nombre: Henry A. Echezabal Sr. Title/Titulo: President Company / Compañia? Echezabal & Associates, Inc. What is your Pais? Cuban descent Jolie Gonzalez/ Latin Times: How did you get started in your career or profession? Henry A. Echezabal SR.: I started working for John J. Hendrick & Associates Engineers & Surveyors in 1954, and continued in the same field until I started my own business. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Tell us about your family. Henry A. Echezabal SR.: I married my wife Hope Echezabal, and we have two sons and one grandson.

Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Who (Here or departed) do you consider to be a role model in the Latino Community, and why? Henry A. Echezabal SR.: Jack Campo, P.E. and Tino Fernandez, P.E. Campo and Fernandez helped get my business where it is today. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What are your immediate and/or long-term professional goals? Henry A. Echezabal SR.: Continuing to support local organizations to help our community, and have legislation passed to allow Cuban people who have family members that still reside in Cuba, to visit their families without restrictions.

Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Are you involved in any community organizations? If yes-which ones? Henry A. Echezabal SR.: Ybor City Rotaries Club, Ybor City Roundtable, Egypt Temple Shriners, Past President of Centro Asturiano de Tampa. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Which Latina or Latino would you think could run for President of the United States- and win? Henry A. Echezabal SR.: Judge Sonia Sotomayor Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What advice would you give to young Latinos about pursuing their goals? Henry A. Echezabal SR.: To continue their education after college, and maintain their heritage, culture and language.

Name/Nombre: Arturo O. Fuente, Jr. Title/Titulo: President Company / Compañia? Tampa Sweethearts Cigar Company What is your Pais? Cuban descent Jolie Gonzalez/ Latin Times: How did you get started in your career or profession? Arturo O. Fuente, Jr.: I graduated from the University of South Florida in 1978 and began my career as a mechanical engineer. I spent 20+ years working in this field for General Electric & Lockheed Martin Corporation in Largo, FL. I grew up in the cigar industry with my family and learned the different aspects of the cigar business. The current company I was working for at the time, Lockheed Martin, was consolidating the department I was working for and it was moving to New Mexico. At that same time, my father was making plans to retire from Tampa Sweethearts, a mail order and retail outlet company in Ybor City. It was then that I decided to get back to what was in my blood and in my roots; the

family’s cigar business. I took over as President. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Tell us about your familia: Arturo O. Fuente, Jr.: I have been married for 35 years to Martha Fabelo Fuente, who is Cuban. We have one daughter, Kristin who is 29 years old. My father, Arturo O. Fuente, Sr., still lives here in Tampa and is semi-retired from the company. My mother, Estella, passed away in 2002. I have one brother, Randy Fuente. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Who (here or departed) do you consider to be a role model in the Latino Community, and why? Arturo O. Fuente, Jr.: The retired Honorable Judge, E.J. Salcines, I think is a dominant role model in the Latino community. He has proven to be one successful Latino. Salcines stands up for what he believes in and he helps others. He is a great leader and has many accomplishments including his involvement in many civic and community organizations. Honorable Judge Salcines is well-liked and such a wonderful speaker to listen to. Most importantly, he is

proud of his heritage and will gladly share it with you without hesitation. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Are you involved in any community organizations? If yes –which ones? Arturo O. Fuente, Jr.: I am currently serving on the Supervisory Committee for the GTE Federal Credit Union, a board member of Tampa Bay & Company, member of the Rotary Club of Tampa and also the Ybor City Rotary Club. I also serve on the board of the Ybor City Chamber of Commerce and I will be installed as the new Chairman of the Board in May 2010. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What are your immediate and/ or long term professional goals? Arturo O. Fuente, Jr.: My current goal, which is already in motion is La Estampa Cigar Company. We are branching out a wholesale division that will distribute our Flor de Ybor City and Ybor Gold cigars. These cigars will commemorate and highlight the area of historic Ybor City and what it represented when it was once the “Cigar Capital of the World.”

Name/Nombre: Richard Gonzmart Title/Titulo: President, 4th generation family member Company / Compañia? Columbia Restaurant Group What is your Pais? Spanish descent Jolie Gonzalez/ Latin Times: How did you get started in your career or profession? Richard Gonzmart: My education in food preparation began at birth. I am the great-grandson of Casimiro Hernandez, Sr., the founder of the world-famous Columbia Restaurant in Tampa’s Historic Ybor City. The Columbia was founded in 1905 and is the oldest restaurant in Florida, and the largest Spanish restaurant in the world. My practical experience in the food industry began at the early age of 12, when I started spending summers as an apprentice cook in the Columbia kitchen.  I graduated high school from Tampa’s Jesuit High School in 1971 and continued at the University of Denver School of Hotel and Restaurant Management and attended the University of Madrid, Escuela de Hosteleria.   I am now president of the

Columbia Restaurant Group, which includes six Columbia Restaurants, one Columbia Café, and two Cha Cha Coconuts, a tropical bar and grill. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Tell us about your familia: Richard Gonzmart: I have been married to my wife, Melanie Heiny Gonzmart since 1973.  We have two daughters, Lauren Gonzmart Schellman and Andrea   Gonzmart Turner. We both work for the family business at the corporate office. We also have five grandchildren:  twins Isabella and Michael, Maximilian, Alexander and Amelia.    Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Who (here or departed) do you consider to be a role model in the Latino Community, and why? Richard Gonzmart: My role models in the Latino community are my parents Adela and  Cesar Gonzmart and my grandfather, Casimiro Hernandez Jr.  I choose them for their dedication to our family business for being visionaries, for always striving to be the best that they

could be, and for never giving up even when the restaurant experienced difficult times. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What is your favorite type of Latin food; music and sports sport’s team? Richard Gonzmart: My favorite Latin food is The Columbia’s Cuban/Spanish cuisine. My favortie athletic team is Real Madrid. My favorite Latin music is the violin music that my Father, Cesar Gonzmart, played and recorded.   Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What was the biggest challenge that you have encountered in life and how did you overcome it? Richard Gonzmart: I was diagnosed as an adult with ADD, and suffered from dyslexia. When I finally understood that I had a learning disability, it gave me confidence to learn that I had a special talent, and how to develop and use it to succeed by surrounding myself around great people that could put my vision and thoughts into action. 

Name/Nombre: Charlie Miranda Title/Titulo: City Councilman Company / Compañia? City of Tampa What is your Pais? Spanish & Cuba descent Jolie Gonzalez/ Latin Times: How did you get started in your career or profession? Charlie Miranda: When I was a teenager I got involved in politics. I tagged along with Mayor Nick Nuccio and Sam Gibbon’s campaign for Congress. There was a time when politicians were shaking hands with everyone or mano a mano; talking to hundreds and hundreds of people, visiting cigar factories and can companies and so forth – it was always the personal experience, face to face. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: As a young boy, what did you aspire to become? Charlie Miranda: As you can imagine, things were a lot different in my era (1960’s), the only thing that my parents encouraged me to do was to finish high school. It was so important to them because neither my mother nor my

father were able to have a formal education. At one time I thought I wanted to be a ball player. I played with many who later became major league players – the most famous is the Manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, Tony LaRusso. However, I stopped playing organized baseball when I was 14 years of age because my Father was ill and I had to work to help support the family. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Tell us about your familia? Charlie Miranda: My grandfather on my mother’s side came from Ovieda, Spain and my grandmother on my mother’s side came from the Canary Islands. They both came to the U.S. through Cuba in the late 1870s. I am not familiar with my grandparent’s heritage on my father’s side of the family. My father was born in Cein Fuegos, Cuba and came to the United States in 1911. I married my childhood sweetheart, the former Shirley Martinez in 1961 and we were married 48 years until her death in December – it has been so terribly lonely without her but thank God for my three children and their respective spouses; Yvette (Michael) Chapman and their three daughters, Danette

(John) Suarez and their three daughters and my son Frank (Gina) and their two sons. My family and my close friends have been my salvation during these past few months. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Are you involved in any community organizations? If yes – which ones? Charlie Miranda: Tampa Bay Water - Mayoral Appointment, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center – Board Member, City Council Appointment, Lowry Park Zoo – Board Member, City Council Appointment, Life Enrichment Center – Board Member Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What was the biggest challenge that you have encountered in life and how did you overcome it? Charlie Miranda: As a young boy in Tampa, I knew no other language other than Spanish so it wasn’t until I entered the first grade that I was introduced to the English language – I had some very difficult times. But through my continuing in the education system in Tampa and with the help of friends, practicing the English language allowed me to overcome that challenge.

Name/Nombre: Tony Morejon Title/Titulo: Hispanic Affairs Liaison Company / Compañia? Hillsborough County What is your Pais? Cuban descent

Jolie Gonzalez/ Latin Times: How did you get started in your career or profession? Tony Morejon: I had my first social work experience when I was in elementary school. I lived in the Bronx and on the way home met a viejito who was lost and confused. I brought him to my home and my parents helped him. I later began as a social worker for the State of Florida. Soon afterwards began to work for the county and became involved in Latino issues. That was over 25 years ago.   Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Tell us about your familia: Tony Morejon: I am very lucky mi familia is awesome they are truly amazing and supportive. Whenever I do anything they are always at my side. I have a brother two sisters, three sons, nephews and nieces and we are very close. My beautiful mom is who ties us together.

Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Who (here or departed) do you consider to be a role model in the Latino Community, and why? Tony Morejon: I have to say Ray Fernandez, he was a pioneer in Hispanic rights, back when no one was doing or saying anything for Latinos here in Tampa. He was a role model and a true believer.   Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What are your immediate and/or long term professional goals? Tony Morejon: This is my home and I want to listen and speak up to assure that our community is a great one for my children and grandchildren to inherit. My goal is to make Hillsborough County a great community for my familia and yours.   Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Are you involved in any community organizations?  If yes –which ones? Tony Morejon: I am involved in many Latino organizations such as the Sheriff’s Hispanic Advisory Council. However, I think it’s equally important to get involved in other

organizations that don’t have Latinos in order to represent our community and assure that our people participate. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times:  What was the biggest challenge that you have encountered in life and how did you overcome it? Tony Morejon: About 16 years ago I fought with my boss (at that time)   and pushed to keep our office open. They had offered me to keep a job but I didn’t back down and took it to the max and successfully kept our office in County government. Most people thought I would be fired. I didn’t back down, our community back then as well as now deserves representation. Another  challenge  is the loss of my friend and colleague Olga Mendoza due to County budget cuts she is simply incredible and very much needed by our community.    Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Which Latina or Latino would you think could run for President of the United States – and win? Tony Morejon: Jolie Gonzalez of Course!

Name/Nombre: Al Piña Title/Titulo: Chair Company / Compañia? Florida Minority Community Reinvestment Coalition What is your Pais? Mexican - American

Jolie Gonzalez/ Latin Times: How did you get started in your career or profession? Al Piña: Prior to my work in economics of Urban Redevelopment, I worked for two of the largest corporations in the world. Then I became very ill and had to have a major surgery to stop the development of cancer. While on the operating table, I prayed to God and asked for help and if my life was spared that I would change my life. The surgery went well and during my rehabilitation, I decided that I could no longer focus on making money but wanted to give back to society. During my rehab, my time was spent at my mothers in the barrio and I saw the decaying of our communities so I decided to dedicate my work towards the revitalization of distressed communities. Soon after, I was called to Washington D.C. to help with the development of the first national Latino Community Development Fund. The rest is history.

Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Who (here or departed) do you consider to be a role model in the Latino community, and why? Al Piña: Being Mexican American, without doubt Cesar Chavez. I was mentored by disciples of Cesar Chavez so I got to know the greatness of this American. He fought for justice of the farm workers but it impacted all Latinos in the Western United States. His hunger strike of 24 days against the discrimination by the farmers changed the course for millions of Latinos forever. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What are your immediate and/or long term professional goals? Al Piña: I came from California six years ago to spread an economic model of access and inclusion for minority families, businesses and organizations in Florida and will not leave until this happens. Minorities in Florida account for over 40% of the population but only account for fewer than 5% of the GDP of Florida. This is an economic trend that hurts the entire state of Florida and our country. Minority families must become a stronger

economic force for our country to excel in the global economy. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Are you involved in any community organizations? If yes –which ones? Al Piña: As Chair of the Florida Minority Community Reinvestment Coalition, I work with over 100 Florida minority organizations. Our goal is to organize Florida minority organizations to become a voice of change. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What advice would you give to young Latinos about pursuing their goals? Al Piña: Have the moral courage to stand your ground for your principals. For once you begin to compromise your principals it will begin to decay the very fiber of who you are. I have a saying...”if you don’t know what is best for you, don’t worry …someone else will”-Think about yourself and don’t give in to a groups’ way of thinking just to be accepted. Have the moral courage to build a stronger and more just community.

Name/Nombre: Edward Reyes Title/Titulo: President Company / Compañia? Preferred Physicians Group What is your Pais? Cuban descent Jolie Gonzalez/ Latin Times: How did you get started in your career or profession? Edward Reyes: I was 19 years old when I got married and had my daughter. I decided to have a major life change. I wanted to go to school to become a chiropractic physician. I’m a “doer” so once I made up my mind I sold everything in our apartment at the time and was making the necessary arrangements to move to New Jersey to go to Chiropractic school in New York. My wife Maria sat me down and talked me out of it. Her reasoning was that before I up-rooted the family maybe I should get in the field to confirm if I actually like it. She suggested I get my massage therapy license. At first, I was opposed to the idea but I finally gave in and I finally went to Massage Therapy School. Right after school, I started working

at a clinic and within 2 months I was already running that office by myself. That was when I became aware of my entrepreneurial side. For the next 4 months I worked at the clinic, worked another job and started doing therapy on the side and on the weekends. I was able to slowly buy equipment and store them in my home. I accumulated $7,000 for seed capital. The whole process took me approximately 6 months of being very frugal and looking for close-out deals. I would even go to companies needing to get rid of furniture either by selling it cheap or donating it. I would then resell and make a profit. This also helped me acquire capital. I was 20 years old when I opened my office and at that time I was the youngest person to open a clinic. I was a one-man show! I did the therapy, the marketing, everything else. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Tell us about your familia: Edward Reyes: My mother and father were both born in Cuba and have always been hard workers. My wife Maria has always been there for me despite

tough times. We have two beautiful daughters who are twelve and four. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Are you involved in any community organizations? If yes –which ones? Edward Reyes: I help and sit as a board member in different organizations. Some of the non-profits include: Mable’s Kids, Revealing Truth Ministries, Moms Care, Children with a Vision, Friends of Clean City, Hype, and some churches. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Who (here or departed) do you consider to be a role model in the Latino community, and why? Edward Reyes: Carlos Slim Helú also known as Carlos Slim. I respect how Slim overcame giants such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Slim became a billionaire by offering great service at a price people could afford. According to Forbes Magazine, Slim was not born from a family of money and/or power. He had to overcome many obstacles in his life, but now he is the richest man in the world.

Name/Nombre: Franco Silva Title/Titulo: Radio Show Host Company / Compañia? WMNF 88.5 FM Tampa What is your Pais? Puertoriqueño/Puerto Rico Jolie Gonzalez/ Latin Times: How did you get started in your career or profession? Franco Silva: I started by collecting all types of Latino music since 1976.

in Miami and Delisa goes to John Hopkins middle school in Saint Petersburg. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Who (here or departed) do you consider to be a role model in the Latino Community, and why? Franco Silva: General Simon Bolivar for dreaming of a united Latin America.

Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: As a young boy, what did you aspire to become? Franco Silva: I always wanted to work for a radio station or the entertainment industry.

Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What are your immediate and/or long term professional goals? Franco Silva: I would like to have a radio show like my Latino54 which is syndicated from coast to coast.

Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Tell us about your familia: Franco Silva: My wife Wanda and I met in college. We have two kids Daniel and Delisa. Daniel attends FIU

Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Are you involved in any community organizations? If yes –which ones? Franco Silva: Yes, I have worked with local

community radio for over 15 years, and through that have been involved with many local community organizations throughout the years. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Which Latina or Latino would you think could run for President of the United States – and win? Franco Silva: Judge Soto Mayor Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What was the biggest challenge that you have encountered in life and how did you overcome it? Franco Silva: Getting people to understand that Latinos have been part of the culture in the United States since before it was called the United States and that people from Argentina to Canada are all “AMERCANS”. I try to teach this every week on Latino54.

Name/Nombre: Mike Suarez Title/Titulo: Commercial Risk Management Consultant Company / Compañia? Insurance Office of America (IOA) What is your Pais? Cuban descent

Jolie Gonzalez/ Latin Times: How did you get started in your career or profession? Mike Suarez: I was fortunate to have my father, Mario, already in the insurance industry. My father brought me into his business, a small automobile insurance agency on a part-time basis. After about 2 years of learning the business, I started my first insurance agency in Tampa and then in New Port Richey.

Community, and why? Mike Suarez: Roland Mantiega, the late owner/editor of La Gaceta newspaper. He was a voice for the Latin community in Tampa for many years and always spoke truth to power. He was the tirelessly fighting for the community and a counter-weight to the more reactionary Tampa Tribune, especially in the 1960s.

Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Who (here or departed) do you consider to be a role model in the Latino

Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: Are you involved in any community organizations? If yes –which ones?

Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What are your immediate and/or long term professional goals? Mike Suarez: I would like to continue getting better at my profession and eventually create a scholarship fund at USF for Latino students.

Mike Suarez: I am a board member of the Independent Insurance Agents of Greater Tampa, I have been on several subcommittees for the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, I serve on the City of Tampa’s Civil Service Board and their Equal Business Opportunity Advisory Committee. Jolie Gonzalez/Latin Times: What was the biggest challenge that you have encountered in life and how did you overcome it? Mike Suarez: I lost an election about 12 years ago for the Florida Legislature. The time, money and energy spent drained me emotionally. I was able to move forward because of my wife and my family’s constant encouragement. It’s what motivates me to this day.


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Latina Movers N shakers


1. Mary Kay Cosmetics 2. Golden Flower Tampa 3. QuickBooks Pro Solutions 4. The Law Offices of Vivian Cortes Hodz 5. Weight and Body Solutions 6. Las Divas de Comedy 7. Domingo Soto

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Upcoming Events Include! 1st Friday, Latin ConneXions @ La Pelota!

La Pelota @ 1701 W. Waters Ave, in Tampa, FL (Parking is FREE. Additional Parking at 2 neighboring parking lots) Event Hours: 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM. Free Buffet!

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Tampa Bay’s Premier Latino Monthly Business Networking social in Tampa Bay and Metro Orlando –and now on its 6th Successful Year of Hosting these events. Upcoming Events Dates: Friday, June 4th, 2010; A Tribute to the 2010 Latin Times Latino Movers N Shakers. Friday, July 2nd, 2010; Independent Career & Job Choices, August 6th, 2010; Non Profit Organizations – Great LIVE Entertainment at ALL of OUR EVENTS. The Latin ConneXions Business Networking Socials are the product of Latin Times Magazine, this event was created in order to offer Tampa Bay’s business community the opportunity to meet and network with other area business professionals in an upscale environment. Latin ConneXions events attract both

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FOR YOU or that SPECIAL LADY IN YOUR LIFE! Event Dates: Sunday, July 11th, 2010 The event starts @ 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Event Location: Empress Tea Room @ 6810 E. Fowler, Temple Terrace, FL Join us at this charming Victorian Room, where you will be awed by the formal setting and beauty of the room. Feel spoiled, as you are served with Crystal, Linens and Bone China. Talk and get to know other elite local business women in an atmosphere designed to make you unwind and relax. Develop new friendships or business relationships. Afterward, stroll through the connecting gate into the Secret Garden, enjoy wine tasting, and Champaign toasts and a Chocolate fountain with delicious fresh fruits. Relax and unwind in the Garden Spa we create, while enjoying the firm hands of our massage therapists, or getting a pedicure, a manicure, facial, skin care consult, beauty consult and more from one of our exhibitors!


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Actress/Producer Paula Garces Teams with Creative Impulse for Comics and Animation on “Aluna”


ctress/Producer Paula Garces, well known for starring roles in the “Harold & Kumar” film franchise and “The Shield”, FX television series, along with her production partners Antonio Hernandez and Michael Araiz newly formed Further Lane Productions, have joined forces with comic book media pioneers Creative Impulse Entertainment. Their first joint production, “Aluna”, a period piece set in the1500’s about a mystical tribal princess taken from her native Colombia by conquistadors and raised in Spain, only to return to her homeland to save her people, a multi-platform starring vehicle for Garces.  “Aluna” will debut as both a comic book and motion comic animation at this year’s San Diego Comic Con in July, along with a live action feature film and video game to follow with Garces, Hernandez and Araiz producing. The comic and animation script, written by producer/ screenwriter David Cornue, is being directed in both forms of media by Creative Impulse’s founder and award winning filmmaker, Jan Lucanus, best known for his critically acclaimed “JFH: Justice-For-Hire” mixed martial arts comic book/live action crossover series (the Congratulations to our good friend Denise Shreaves on the birth of her beautiful baby girl: Amanda Leigh Shreaves, born on 11/09/2009 at St. Joseph’s Womens Hospital.  She weighed 5 lb. 13 ounces at birth.  May God Bless the Shreaves family!

first comic series in the history of the industry to provide supplemental DVD content with each comic issue). “JFH” lead artist Antonio Rojo is reteaming with Jan on “Aluna”, and collaborates for the first time with renowned character designer Chadwick Coleman to produce the art. “Aluna is a passion project of mine, even though it’s a period piece; Aluna is the modern day Latina superhero. Which recent studies have shown is lacking in this medium” says Garces. “It’s great to be working with Creative Impulse Entertainment and finally bring to life the story of Aluna; they’re the new generation of comics and media.” Jan Lucanus adds, “Paula is talented, intelligent, and awesome.  I’ve been a fan of hers for sometime so the opportunity to collaborate with Garces and Further Lane Productions is exciting.” Ms. Garces can be seen on several upcoming episodes of the hit SyFy Channel original series, “Warehouse 13” and on “The mun2 Look”, her hit fashion magazine style show. Paula co-created, executive produced and hosted for Mun2 Network.   Lucanus’ “JFH: Justice-ForHire” series and other Creative Impulse comics are now available inside iTunes’ Comics App for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, as well as in comic shops internationally. For more information, please visit and Congratulations to the Pacheco Family on the birth of their beautiful daughter Elsie Pacheco! May God Bless the Pacheco Family!

Soy Domingo Soto: El Cautivador de la Bachata


aci en La Descubierta Republica Dominicana y creci en San Jose de Ocoa hasta mis 19 anos. De ahi tome la decision de irme a vivir a la Ciudad de Panama, estando 3 meses en Panama, me di cuenta que no era el lugar donde queria continuar viviendo. Y el destino me trajo a los Estados Unidos despues de casi 3 anos el cual fue un pais nunca pensado . Pero el destino lo hizo que fuera posible despues de tanto trabajo. Cuando llegue en el ano 1995 vi como la pasion de mi vida el canto y el tocar guitarra llenaba esos momentos de soledad y alegria. De ahi comence poco a poco a introducirme en la música practicando y escribiendo canciones. Soy un hombre muy feliz con dos hijos y una familia muy solida. Vengo de una familia humilde y trabajadora. En este momento me encuentro realizando mi sueno tan anelado al dedicarme mas tiempo a la música; siempre he considerado que la humildad es la llave del éxito y el tener paciencia tambien. Hay momentos que a pesar de que uno quiera dedicarse a su sueno quizás no es el momento que Dios tiene designado; pero en este ano 2010 considero que ya se llego el momento en brindarles todo mi talento musical como escritor y cantante de mi propia música. Y al poder escribir mi propia letra me hace original en mi genero. Soy amante de la música de Julio Iglesias, Vicente Fernandez y de los boleros de los 80’s. Quiero crecer en la música pero nunca olvidando quien soy, de donde vengo, a donde estoy, y a donde voy. Y quiero darle gracias a todas las personas que están a mi alrededor por estar apoyando mi carrera en este momento y a mi familia. Gracias Jolie por esta oportunidad y creer en mi. Y a todos aquellos que tienen un sueno nunca se den por vencidos Si se puede!!. Su amigo , Domingo.

El diseñador Narciso Rodriguez presenta por primera vez una colección limitada para la temporada primavera-verano, ahora disponible exclusivamente en eBay La colección original ofrece moda de diseñador accesible a través del mercado global en línea de eBay Rodriguez, redefine cómo y dónde los compradores entendidos pueden adquirir moda de diseñador a un precio excepcional.

Nos emociona que Rodriguez haya elegido a eBay para su primer emprendimiento de venta minorista directa al consumidor en línea, lo que reconoce el poder del mercado global y de nuestra comunidad de aproximadamente 90 millones de usuarios activos” “Estoy realmente emocionado por las posibilidades que este nuevo canal de ventas en línea le brinda a mi empresa a largo plazo”, afirma Rodriguez. “Siempre me he dedicado a vestir a muchas mujeres de todas las edades, tipos y tallas, y esta colección especial en eBay es una oportunidad única de alcanzar una amplia audiencia global”.

Bay (NASDAQ:EBAY), el mercado edestino en línea más grande del mundo y el líder en los Estados Unidos para

indumentaria, calzado y accesorios, y el diseñador Narciso Rodriguez presentan la colección Narciso Rodriguez for eBay Collection (Colección de Narciso Rodriguez para eBay), ahora a la venta en La original colección limitada del diseñador, creada para la temporada primavera-verano, disponible solamente a través de la tienda de eBay de Narciso

La colección limitada de ocho piezas está hecha con telas importadas italianas y reflejan la apariencia estilizada característica de Rodriguez y su sofisticada gama de colores creada en la paleta de los rojos, negros y blancos. Esta colección se ofrece a niveles de precio fijos y asequibles, que oscilan entre los 65 USD y 350 USD, en tallas de 0 a 14, o de extra pequeño a grande, y se encuentra disponible para la compra de manera exclusiva a través de la tienda de eBay de Narciso Rodriguez en www.

Crédito de foto: Kevin Kolczynski, Universal Orlando Resort Mariah Carey, la actriz y cantante femenina de más venta y quien recientemente actuó en “Precious” una película nominada al premio Oscar, lució tranquila y segura de sí misma al frente de la montaña rusa Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit en Universal Studios Florida el 8 de abril. Carey pasó unas vacaciones en ambos parques de Universal Orlando Resort mientras su esposo, el actor y comediante Nick Cannon, grababa audiciones para la quinta temporada del programa de television de NBC, “America’s Got Talent”.

has your cup de café! Coffee has become somewhat of a comfort drink for many of us, and that is what Country Caffe had in mind when they opened their doors in Tampa, and began importing Arabica Bean Coffee from the Caribbean. Their goal, to give Florida a delicious cup of café! Imported directed from the Dominican Republic, el Café El Cibaeño offers gourmet coffee that can be found in most of your Hispanic markets around Florida. Also available is Country Caffe – Organic Gourmet Coffee, both being grown in the forest and mountains of the North of D.R. Country Caffe offers you convenient online ordering of gift baskets which are skillfully created with coffee and other delicious goodies! Coffee vending machines are also available, as well as our convenience coffee service, and our dulces tipicos from Puerto Rico and Dom. Rep. Visit Country Caffe at 10243 Windhorst Rd in Tampa, or call: 813-443-5158. Order online: Business Opportunity: Coffee Service routes and equipment available.


he First Latino Open, 3rd edition will be held Friday, April 30th at 1:30 PM at Orange County National Golf Course near Windermere. It is a nationally known course that promises an exceptional round of golf.  You can play golf, become an event  sponsor, or make a donation.  Your support will help Latino Leadership continue its ten year mission of helping local families through a variety of programs. 


Florida State Fair events at the International Plaza @ The Florida State Fair Grounds!

knew that she wanted to make people laugh.


niria, who is half Salvadorean, half Puerto Rican, is a local comedian in the Tampa Bay area. She has been doing comedy for about 6 years and is the head of a special comedy showcase called Vixen Comedy.  She knew at age 14 that she wanted to make people laugh when she took a drama class to break out of her shell.  Terrified daily of going to class, she eventually had to take the stage for an improvisation exercise.  Having no idea what to do, all she could think of was talking like her Puerto Rican mom.  After wiping tears of laughter, the class gave her a standing ovation and she

Aniria, along with fellow comedian Susan Saiger, finished the year long “That’s What She Said Tour” with the Funny Divas in 2009.  After that tour, Aniria and Susan decided to start a project called Vixen Comedy.  Vixen Comedy is a showcase featuring some of the area’s hottest comedians that have performed at Tampa Improv, Side Splitters, and Coconuts Comedy Clubs. It is a 90-minute show that currently features 4 comedians:  Pretty Paul Parsons, Michael Murillo, Susan Saiger, and Aniria.  There will be more comedians added to the line-up as Vixen Comedy  plans to tailor their shows  to  each venues’ desire.  Aniria says she hopes to expand Vixen Comedy in the near future by adding more experimental comedy to the show. Aniria will be performing LIVE at the NEXT 1st Friday @ La Pelota, 1701 W Waters Avenue in Tampa, on Friday, May 7th, 2010

Join the tournament’s growing list of corporate sponsors: Subway, Shipyard Brewery, Fields BMW, Land Rover and Edwin Watts Golf to support this event. You can register at www. or call Marucci Beard with GRAND OPENING OF THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER AT UNIVERSAL ORLANDO RESORT SET FOR JUNE 18 Universal Orlando Also Unveils Details for the Highly Anticipated New Attraction: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey


ne of the most widely anticipated theme park entertainment experiences ever created – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort – is set for a public grand opening on June 18. It will be one of three themed attractions within The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, including Flight of the Hippogriff and Dragon Challenge. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is the heart of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This all new adventure combines a powerful storyline with spectacular new technology so effectively that guests will be completely immersed in the experience. And as they live their adventure, guests will feel things no one has ever felt inside a theme park attraction, move in ways no one has ever moved, experience film like no one else ever has, explore vast sets punctuated by amazing special effects – and have an adventure only possible in Harry Potter’s world. The new attraction lies deep within Hogwarts castle, a majestic structure that towers over The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - the only place in the world where the wonder, excitement and adventure of the Harry Potter books and films comes to life.

Latino Leadership at (407) 895- 0801ext. 102. What’s Included for $150 a person: 2 Hole-inOne Contests: Land Rover and Fields BMW Open Bar: Sponsored by Shipyard Brewing Co. Lunch provided by SUBWAY – Eat Fresh 19th Hole Winner’s Hour Reception. Tee-Off Press Conference & Reception April, 22nd at Venezia Bakery. Gifts & Prizes from: Golf Smith, Sweat Shield, Corona Cigar, Edwin Watts Golf, Hampton Golf, and more! Register online at GRAN APERTURA DEL MUNDO MÁGICO DE HARRY POTTER EN LOS ESTUDIOS DE UNIVERSAL ORLANDO RESORT TENDRÁ LUGAR EL 18 DE JUNIO Universal Orlando también revela detalles para la tan esperada atracción: Harry Potter y el Viaje Prohibido


na de las experiencias de entretenimientos más ampliamente anticipada – El Mundo Mágico de Harry Potter en Universal Orlando Resort – está programada para su gran apertura al público el 18 de junio. Universal Orlando Resort también reveló detalles de lo que se espera será una de las experiencias más emocionantes de parque temático que jamás se haya creado: Harry Potter y el Viaje Prohibido. Será una de las tres atracciones temáticas dentro de El Mundo Mágico de Harry Potter, incluyendo el Vuelo del Hippogriff y el Desafío del Dragón. Harry Potter y el Viaje Prohibido representa el núcleo de El Mundo Mágico de Harry Potter. Esta aventura completamente nueva combina una poderosa historia con una nueva y espectacular tecnología, tan eficaz que los participantes estarán completamente inmersos en la experiencia. Y a medida que viven esta aventura, los participantes sentirán cosas que nadie antes sintió dentro de las atracciones de un parque temático, se moverán como nadie lo ha hecho, experimentarán la película como nadie antes jamás lo experimentó, explorarán amplios escenarios marcados por efectos especiales sorprendentes – y disfrutarán una aventura solamente posible en el mundo de Harry Potter. La nueva atracción está situada en el interior del castillo de Hogwarts, una estructura majestuosa que se extiende sobre El Mundo Mágico de Harry Potter – el único lugar en el mundo donde la maravilla, la emoción y la aventura de los libros y películas de Harry Potter toman vida.

All Tampa Bay Pollo Tropical’s have undergone a transformation to the brand’s elevated concept. Customers stepping in to the newly re-branded store will be wowed by the free table service and use of real plates and silverware. The Pollo Tropical masterpiece menu features the famous citrus-marinated grilled chicken and favorites like the sizzling Fajitas with your choice of grilled chicken or steak. In addition, a new kids meal menu features a choice of grilled drumstick & thigh, grilled chicken breast strips, or four Tropical Grilled Wings along with your choice of any side dishes or a kid-size TropiChop Bowl with rice or mashed potatoes topped with chicken.

Latin Times would like to thank Pollo Tropical for their generous sponsorship of our 1st Friday @ the Fair event! Despite the cold rainy weather, everyone had a great time at the 1st Friday event-because of all the delicious food that Pollo Tropical provided our guests! If you haven’t visited a Pollo Tropical lately, you definitely should!

There are four Pollo Topical stores in Tampa Bay: 3900 Park Blvd, Pinellas Park; 3285 W Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa; 3134 Tampa Road, Oldsmar and 6276 W. Waters Avenue, Tampa. It’s a fresh way to feed your fund and nourish your body with delicious tropical fare! Visit www. and click on the Community tab or email

AMPA - The University of South T Florida softball and baseball teams will call their current venues ‘home’ for a few more games than originally expected.


ecently, Latin Times joined Lore Raymond and other visionary Tampa Bay women for a VIP lunch and tour aboard Magical Western Caribbean, which sails right out the Port of Tampa! Giving us a glimpse of the scheduled cruise in January of 2011, Lore Raymond treated us to a wonderful “vision” of our dream get away! The Women as Visionaries Cruise is set to set sail on January 17-21st, 2011, for 5 FUN filled Nights and 4 beautiful days! Join Lore Raymond, the “Vision Lady” and founder of VisionQuest: Opening Hearts and Inspiring Action through Travel, Programs & Writing…and 11 Women Visionaries from around the globe. You and your girlfriends are invited to map out your New Year in an extraordinary way: Sailing from Tampa, Florida aboard the elegant Radiance of the Seas visiting the ports of Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico. You’ll journey for 5 magical, memory-making nights through the Mexico and


the Western Caribbean while setting your intentions to manifest your 2001 dreams. You will take the Passion Test to clarify your top five5 passions, create VisionMaps using Feng Shui, and learn how to write and “tell-a-vision” of your new story! Best of all, you’ll connect with amazing women through regular Soul Café’s: Conversations that Open Hearts and Inspire Action.” We guarantee this very exclusive event at seas can only be booked though Cruise World and is certain to sell out quickly. There’s just a $50 deposit per stateroom (double occupancy) for interior cabins (without window) and a $100 per person deposit for the private balcony (Ocean View); final payments are due by November 1, 2010. Best of all! Deposits can be refunded; dates depend on the cabin reserved. To make your reservation today for this extraordinary New Year’s adventure and map out your 2011 intentions, contact. Cruise World at (813) 2658747 or (800) 228-1153.

The softball team will play its complete schedule at the USF softball stadium. Three conference matchups: Pittsburgh (April 21), DePaul (April 24-25) and Louisville (May 1-2), will now be played at the USF Softball Stadium instead of the originally planned Eddie C. Moore Complex in Clearwater, Fla. Originally both teams were scheduled to play at different venues for the final portion of their 2010 seasons due to the start of construction on the Athletics District and new stadiums for both teams.  “We are very fortunate to have local partners in the Yankees, University of Tampa and the City of Clearwater, who have been flexible and amenable to our scheduling needs,” said USF Executive Associate AD Bill McGillis. The USF baseball team will play three additional non-conference games and three conference series at Red McEwen Field. 

Game against UCF (April 6), Georgetown (April 9-11), Florida (April 21), Villanova (April 23-25), Florida Gulf Coast (April 27) and Seton Hall (April 30-May 1) were all originally scheduled to be played at either the University of Tampa or George Steinbrenner Field, but will now be held on campus at Red McEwen. The UConn series (May 14-16) will be the only baseball games played at George Steinbrenner Field. Construction on the baseball and softball facilities is schedule to start during the first week of May. The change in construction date will not have an impact on the goal of completing the facilities prior to the start of the 2011 softball and baseball seasons. USF held a ground-breaking for the Pam and Les Muma Basketball Center on March 3 and is planning similar events for softball and baseball in the near future. Brad Borghetti Assistant Director of Communications Baseball and Women’s Soccer University of South Florida O: (813) 974-4029 | C: (330) 883-9506 | F:  (813) 974-5328 | Web: | | |

Sofia Vergara This Bella Latina is not just about looks. She is bright, intelligent, witty and smart with a great sense of humor all rolled up into one. Sofía Margarita Vergara affectionately nicknamed “La Toti” by her familia, was born on July 10, 1972, in Barranquilla, Colombia. Born to Don Julio y la Doña Margarita Vergara, Sofia’s home was filled with love, laughter and often the sweet sounds of Latin rhythms from her talented five brothers and sisters along with other members of the family joining in. During Sofia’s childhood she attended a private school wherein she learned to read and write English; skills which eventually would play a significant role later on in her life. In her late teens Sofia married her childhood love, and later gave birth to their first son Manolo. At the same time of playing the role of both mother and wife, Sofia also studied dentistry, her life-long passion but something unexpected was about to happen that would make a 180 degree turn in Sofia’s life forever. It occurred on a hot sunny day while at the beach she was discovered by a well-known photographer. It was the pinnacle point of what was yet to come. Hence a star would be born. Her big break came when she made her debut in a Pepsi commercial. Soon after, Sofia was offered many more jobs doing television and modeling. Eventually, in order to help support her family, she made the decision to leave school to continue in her career as a professional model and television personality. Two years later, Sofia moved to the major city of Bogotá. It was in Bogota that the rising star made a name for herself on the pasarel as well as the small screen. When she accepted an offer to host the globetrotting Univision television series “Fuera de Serie;” it quickly gave rise to the starlet’s popularity that spread statewide. She was an instant hit on the show and was soon hosting the weekly primetime variety-show “A Que No Te Atreves.” Sofia also gained popularity through posing for swimsuit calendars and posters that later became bestsellers. Sofia’s 2000 millennium calendar was the biggest selling publication by any Latino star.

Aries (March 21 – April 19) Oye Aries, You will be experiencing nuevo-improved energy; and a bright idea(s) will pop in your cabeza! Mira, be ready to investigate even the most improbable of opciones -- the path to success ahora isn’t the well-trodden one, you are an experto at thinking outside the box, so get fuera of the box and get to thinking! This is your tiempo to thrive. In amor, put the past behind you and your corazon can open to the thrill of discovery. Preparate for grande things to happen in your career! Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Escucha Taurus, Spending tiempo and dinero on both travel and entertainment extras is likely early this verano. Running corto on time may require you to ‘delegate out duty’ and ‘confiar’ in some members of your team. New amigos are likely to create good luck in career by providing impressive networking opportunities in the meses to come. It is about you ahora, and you should not be afraid of trying nuevo things. Gemini (May 21 – June 21) Mira Gemini, You’re caliente at work as el verano rolls in. Your romantico potential is way up, also. Don’t waste your tiempo now when you can do mucho mas! Starting sometime in May it’s tiempo to buckle down. Tambien the abstract issues or unknown quantities respond to your serious investigation ahora and the careful projeciones you make at this tiempo can be extremely helpful into the futuro.

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 23) Si Libra, You don’t need to panic just yet, and you must not give up. The current crisis seems much more grande than it actually is. If you stay patient for a few dias, the tormenta will blow over in tiempo, you will see. Your best course of action is to just do nada, and have faith in Dios. This verano will bless you with a mixed bag of arribas y abajos. Mind your salud, as you may suffer from coughs and colds or joint dolor. Scorpio (Oct. 24 – Nov. 21) Tremendo Scorpio, Try and make few demands upon la familia right now and be contento with “what you get.” Be willing to escuchar, especially if your chicos or young ones come to you with info. Keep focused on solo necessities pero be willing to “go the extra mile”’ para for someone especial. In trabajo, you might have some tremendo ideas. Trust and show confidence in your grande ideas and they will have positivo impact on your vida, and others will follow. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Hola Sagittarius. There are undeserving people in your vida; people who are waiting to snatch away the prizes to which are yours. If you waste tiempo with these people, it will cost you mucho more than you can even imagine. Look after your salud, as you have to visitar areas where the cleanliness standard may not be suitable and the pollution level may be too alto. Take all posible preventive measures.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22) Hola Cancer, Do not feel guilty about downtime this verano. You’ve been working duro for many años now. Instead, focus on reflecting, relajando and ideas. This tiempo de inactividad will prepare you to be on your dedos by Junio, when you are ready to create oportunidad. Just make sure whatever you have “cocinando” doesn’t burn! Dinero will come in recently concluded deals.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) Oye Capricorn, Try to be less scatter-brained and just focus on some definite goals. As problemas arise, you will be forced to use your imaginacion. The persona that you usually rely on when you are in a pinch might not be available to help you. Make careful consideracion before signing anything in piedra! Exercise as a transition tiempo helps. Keep major goals, both personal and trabajo-related, in-mind ahora.

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) Grita Leo, You know how to have a buen tiempo no matter whether your pocket is filled with dinero or not. Grande news! There are big signs of financial improvement para you; however, it is probably best to avoid impulsive comprando just yet. In amor, you may be feeling a little grumpy or unappreciated ahora. You definitely need to jugar right now without thinking about el pasado or worrying about the futuro.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Escucha Aquarius, Meet gente or settle deals with new panas and co-workers, thus creating new alliances, which will abre alternative horizons. Jefes could have a certain sense of dissatisfaction and look for new oportunidades. The estrellas, however, say un poquito “more patience,” things are about to take a turn for the great! In amor, you’re such an idealist that there’s nothing sexier than conectando with someone when you’re working for a common cause.

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) Te digo Virgo, You can expect a great deal of personal satisfacion, success and rewards en tu trabajo. Your enthusiasm and determinacion will be la llave to unlock the potential. An easy inflow of dinero makes this a great verano. In salud, try to divide your efforts between your goals and the need to ayudar the people around you, a feat that could challenge you pasado your physical limites. You must also avoid foolish ambiciones and careerism, granting extra atención to rest and nutricion.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) Mira Pisces, You’re very feliz to pitch in, but make sure you’re mirando after your own intereses as well. Show el poder of your convictions when it comes to your plan. You don’t have to be unyielding, pero you must bring stuff to la mesa. In amor, you may be so loaded with responsibilities ahora that you don’t have much tiempo to play. Still, doing a buen job in a visible position can get you some atencion. Let your enthusiasm brillar through because it is when you are being positiva that you can become a magnet for romance.

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 Tampa Latin Chamber - Cinco de Mayo Gulf Tournament Northdale Golf Course. For information visit Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 Tampa Latin Chamber of Commerce – Monthly Luncheon The Double Tree – Cypress Location. For informationvisit:www.TampaLatinChamber. com Friday, May 7th, 2010 1st Friday, Latin ConneXions Business Networking Socials NOW at La Pelota! NEW LOCATION @ La Pelota – 1701 W. Waters Ave (Tampa, FL). Event starts at 5:30 PM until 8:30 PM. Like all 1st Friday Socials, general admission is FREE with a complimentary buffet and music (Salsa, Latin Jazz y Disco). Varied themes, LIVE entertainment! Parking is FREE and there will be many great giveaways. For information Email: Events@ Sunday, May 16th, 2010 Mega Festival @ Festival Park (Orlando, FL) Come celebrate the Mega radio station 9th anniversary in central Florida! Hours: 11am‑7pm. Info: (407) 381‑5310 or visit: May 20th - Mary 23rd, 2010 Disney On Ice: Let’s Celebrate! @ St Pete Times Forum Call for show times. Tickets: Ticketmaster. com

Friday, May 28th, 2010 El Momento Tour: Jowell y Randy @ House of Blues Orlando (Orlando, FL) Show: 8:00 PM. Tickets: Ticketmaster. com

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 Los Van Van @ the Ritz Ybor in Ybor City, FL Show: 7:00 PM. Info:

Friday, June 4th, 2010 1st Friday, Latin ConneXions Business Networking Socials (Call for Locations) The event starts at 5:30 PM until 8:30 PM. Like every 1st Friday event, this event is FREE for general admission, and offers a complimentary buffet. Music: Salsa, Latin Jazz y Disco. Varied themes, LIVE entertainment! Parking is FREE and there will be many great giveaways. LIVE Performances. For information Email: Events@Latin-Times. com Friday, June 4th, 2010 A Night of Hope with Joel & Victoria Osteen at the St. Pete Times Forum Joel and Victoria Osteen, pastors of the largest church in America, will hold a worship event at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa on Friday, June 4 at 7:30 PM. “A Night of Hope” with Joel and Victoria Osteen is an outreach of Joel Osteen Ministries. The evening is an exciting time of praise and worship where attendees will hear an inspirational message of hope and God’s love from Joel and Victoria, along with the electrifying music of Dove Award-winning Cindy Cruse Ratcliff, Steve Crawford and the Lakewood Band and

Ensemble. Evening event commences at 7:30 PM. For information visit: June 5th & 6th, 2010 Chicago the Musical @ Ruth Eckerd Hall (Clearwater, FL) Shows at: 8:00 PM (Sat) and 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM (Sun) Info: Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 WWE Smackdown @ St. Pete Times Forum World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) action returns to the St. Pete Times Forum on June 8 at 6:45 pm when My TV Tampa Bay presents SmackDown. An impressive lineup of superstars are scheduled to appear in a night of hard-hitting action and entertainment, including Chris Jericho, Undertaker, Batista, Edge, Red Mysterio, CM Punk, Kane, John Morrison, R-Truth, Drew McIntyre, Matt Hardy, Cryme Tyme, Michelle McCool, Mickie James and many more. *Card subject to change. For information visit: Friday, June 11th, 2010 Gilberto Santa Rosa @ House of Blues Orlando (Orlando, FL) Show: 8:00 PM. Info:

Saturday, June 12th, 2010 De Un Pajaro Las 2 Salsas: starring Willy Chirino and Gilberto Santa Rosa at the Carol Morsani Hall Grammy Award-winners Willy Chirino and Gilberto Santa Rosa are the g r e a t e s t exponents of salsa music. For the first time together, Chirino – a native of Cuba and resident of Miami and Puerto Rico native Santa Rosa bring their music for one night only to Tampa Bay! For information and tickets visit: June 12th & 13th, 2010 – Saturday & Sunday 18th Annual Tampa Caribbean Carnival @ The Tampa Bay Caribbean Carnival will be celebrating its 18th year on June 12th & 13th, 2010 at the historic and scenic Vinoy Park in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Featuring Daddy Yankee and Saturday! The weekend includes performances by internationally acclaimed Caribbean recording artists, live steel band music, DJs, ethnic foods and crafts, and on Sunday, a “Mas” Costume parade. Call 877-318-0073 for tickets and information. Friday, June 25th, 2010 Cedric the Entertainer @ Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre (Orlando, FL) Show: 7:30 PM. Info:

June 25th Thru June 27th, 2010 Curious George Live! @ Ruth Eckerd Hall (Clearwater, FL) Info:

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 Earth Wind and Fire at Ruth Eckerd Hall (Clearwater, FL). For information visit: Friday, July 2nd, 2010 1st Friday, Latin ConneXions Business Networking Socials (Call for Locations)NEW LOCATION at La Pelota located at 1701 W. Waters Ave, Tampa Florida. The event starts at 5:30 PM until 8:30 PM. Like every 1st Friday event, this event is FREE for

general admission, and offers a complimentary buffet. Music: Salsa, Latin Jazz y Disco. Varied themes, LIVE entertainment! Parking is FREE and there will be many great giveaways. LIVE Performances. For information Email: Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 Grammy Award-winner Sting brings his tour to Tampa’s Ford Amphitheatre at Highway 301 Tampa, Florida, on Saturday, July 3rd, 2010. For information call 813740-2446 or visit: Sunday, July 11th, 2010 Ladies Tea & Spa Party: This exciting event will take place in a charming Victorian Room, where you will be awed by the formal setting and beauty of the room. Feel spoiled, as you are served with fine crystal, linens and English bone china. Get to know other elite local business women in an atmosphere designed to make you unwind and relax. Develop new friendships or business relationships. Afterward, we will stroll through the connecting gate into the Secret Garden to enjoy wine tasting, and champagne toasts, chocolate strawberries and our Spa services! Each Guest will receive 2-Free Mini-Spa Service! Garden Spa Menu of Services: Message Therapists, Manicures, Facials, Hair-do’s, Make-Up, Eye Lash Extensions and MORE! For information call 813-407-6866 from 11:00 AM 2:00 PM or Email: Friday, July 16th, 2010 Victor Manuelle @ House of Blues Orlando (Orlando, FL) Show: 8:00 PM. Info:

Friday, June 25th, 2010 Viernes Social – Latin ConneXions in Pinellas County! @ Gasoline Alley @ 14042 66th Street North, in Largo, FL. (Between Ulmerton Road and West Bay). These “Latino-Style” networking events are among the biggest, most exciting business networking socials in Tampa Bay and now they are available to the Pinellas County Business Community!! The event starts @ 5:30 PM until 8:30 PM. Entrance: $5.00 - Includes Buffett! Latin buffet courtesy of Latin Times Magazine, Parking is FREE and there will be many great giveaways. For information call 813901-5292 or Email: Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 Tampa Latin Chamber of Commerce – Monthly Luncheon At The Double Tree – Cypress location. For information visit www.TampaLatinChamber. com Saturday, July 31st, 2010 Santana with special guest Steve Winwood @ Ford Amphitheatre At the Florida State Fairgrounds Show: 7:30 PM. Info: Ticketmaster. com BIG SPECIAL EVENT: Coming Soon in August 2010 Minority Business Alliance Business & Community Expo! Latin Times is proud to announce the long awaited “diversity” event where you will experience the best in Soul music, Latin bands, talent competition, cooking, dancing, and more! Educational workshops and seminars in Health, Higher Education, Minority and Latino marketing, Business 101, Career Planning/Jobs, Business Opportunities, Community, Fashion, Music, Culture just to name a few. An All-Day-family-event. Sponsorship/Exhibitor Information Email: For more great events, visit us at: or sign up to receive our e-Latino Weekly Newsletter which features more great event and local news!

The Tampa Latin Chamber of Commerce (TLC) is a great organization and a vital resource for the local business community. TLC provides many opportunities for members to convene on a regular basis and to network and discover new business opportunities. TLC also assists local businesses tap into resources that will enable their business to prosper. This philosophy is the basis for TLC’s slogan: “Bringing Businesses and the Latin Community Together to Make Top Local Connections”. The 2010 lunch meetings are scheduled for the LAST TUESDAY of each month. Companies or individuals interested in sponsoring or speaking at a future TLC event should contact Ileana Devin at idevin@ Annual membership package has many valuable perks including a FREE Directory Listing in Latin Times Magazine! For additional info visit: www. AAA Jesse Ferrer 14755 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, Fl 33618 813-963-2121 ext 2247 Group, auto and home insurance, travel discounts, roadside assistance

CruiseOne Tampa Maria T Steijlen 11218 Pocket Brook Dr, Tampa,FL 33635 813-855-0373 Cruise and Travel Services

A & B Insurance Oscar H Rojas 5404 Cypress Center Drive, Tampa, FL (321) 277-1142 Insurance services & Employee benefits

Demolition Comics, INC Willian Insignares 4049 S Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, Fl 33611 813-885-5171 Comics and Collectibles

Accounting and Beyond LLC Jackie Rojas-Quinones 5225 Ehrlich Dr Ste F Tampa, Fl 33624 813-998-9800 CPA, Accounting, Tax Preperation

Dignity Memorial Ivan Schmann 1903 W Reynolds St, Plant City, 33563 813-659-1073 Funeral Services

Advance Cable Connection Richard Schemitsch P.O Box 8097, Tampa, FL 33674 813-978-0101 Voice and Data Cabling Installation

DoubleTree Hotel Tampa Westshore Christian Salazar 4500 W Cypress St, Tampa, FL 33607 813-998-2210 Hotel

Heineken USA Emeline Fines 12279 Armenia Gables Circle, Tampa Fl, 33612 (813) 850-1637 Beer Distributor Higher Standard Public Adjusters, Inc. Peneloppe Serrano 2520 Minnehana St. Tampa, FL 33614 (813) 774-9111 Residential and Commercials claim adjusters International Bancard Bill Brink 8551 Tradecant Loop Land O’Lakes, FL 34637 813-777-3569 Credit Card and Merchant Services J & L GREEN LIGHT INS Mirelia Arenas 5001 N Nebraska Ave Ste D Tampa, FL 33603 813-514-0888 None Insurance

An Amazing Organization Alicia Trigo 20435 Moss Bend Ct. Lutz,FL 33558 813-865-5316 International Business Consulting

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Frederick Communications & Consulting, LLC Al Frederick 3837 Northdate Blvd # 112, Tampa, FL 33624 813-758-9149 Marketing and Public Relations

Campaign of Janet Cruz Janet Cruz Chase David Aponte 10943 Causeway Blvd, Brandon, FL 33511 813-571-08-41 Banking Clear Channel Outdoor Alexis Sotolong 5555 Ulmerton Road, Clearwater, FL 33760 813-298-5220 Billboard Advertising Coulter, Aviles, & Jackson LLC Jon Aviles 14452 Bruce B Downs Tampa, FL 33613 813-514-1729 CPA, Accounting, Tax Preperation

Global TPA LLC Ricardo Cabrera / John Williams 5403 N Church Ave, Tampa, FL 33614 813-506-6000 ext 1116 Health Insurance Hart Deborah Tamargo 1201 E 7th Ave Tampa, FL 33605 813-449-4760 Transportation Services HBIF Yanina Rosario 7402 N 56th St, Building 400, Suite 425, Tampa, FL 33617 813-980-2765 Busienss Development to Hispanic entrepreneurs

Life Labs Group, LLC Itamar J Martinez 3111 W Dr. MLK Blvd Ste 100, Tampa, FL 33607 813-503-0212 Clinical Laboratory Operations Consultant Lilibeth Cain, PA Lilibeth Cain PO BOX 850 Riverview, FL 33568 813-391-2204 Attorney at Law Major League Financial Gustavo Bustamante 100 S. Mulrennan Rd., Valrico, FL 33594 813-523-5120 Tax Preparation, Financial Planning, Bookeeping and Payroll Manana Marketing Devin Ventures Inc Ileana Devin 8325 W Hillsborough Ave Tampa, FL 33615 813-885-4005 Marketing and Advertising Services Mary Kay Cosmetics Deborah Belcher 4028 Audubon Dr Largo, FL 33771 727-480-6781 Beauty and Cosmetics Services

Max GXL June Morris 5230 Denver St NE St Petersburg, FL 33703 727-463-0354 Energy Drink Mike Suarez Mike Suarez 1304 W Plymouth St Tampa, FL 33603 813-282-1020 Banking Mosi Wit Ostrenko/Alicia Slater-Haase, Sara Leonard 4801 E Fowler Ave Tampa, FL 33617 813-987-6304 Arts & Culture My Print, etc Dennis Kinard 15430 N. Nebraska Avenue, Lutz, FL 33549 813-972-2800 Printing Services Nelson L. Rodriguez Nelson L. Rodriguez 171 E. Bloomingdale Avenue, Brandon, FL 33511 813-3828203 Norma C Reno Norma C Reno 813-390-5709 International Law Nuskin Enterprises Anti-Aging/Wellness Angela Maria Yates 1198 Lazy Lake Rd Dunedin,FL 34698 (813) 369-1994 Galvanic Spa II, Ageloc, LifePak Nano, Anti Aging NYSTYLE Events Barbara Cruz PO Box 46716 Tampa, FL 33647 813-9076204 Events Rodan + Fields Bilingual Luisa Meyer 13528 Westshore Dr Tampa, FL 33618 813-264-4929 Skin Care Sonrise Seafood LLC Barry Hughes 4503 E 7th Ave Tampa,FL 33605 813-241-9300 Seafood Distributor Southern Crafted Homes Jim Deitch 3840 Land O Lakes, Land O lakes, FL 34639 813-751-0210 ext 332 Home Builder Suntrust Leo Alvarez 4545 N Himes, Tampa, FL 33614 813-872-8377 Banking

Superior Foundation Solutions John Quinones / John Lang 5225 Ehrlich Dr Ste F Tampa, FL 33624 813-601-5888 Sinkhole Repair Tampa International Airport Website Trudy Carson Tampa International Airport, Tampa, FL 33614 813-870-8794 Air Service to and from the Tampa Bay area Tampa Chiropractic Dr. Brian Caez 1623 E 4th Ave Tampa, FL 33605 813-827-4455 Chiropractic Services Tampa Port Authority Jim Pyburn 2002 Guy N Verger Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33605 813-905-5122 Cruise and cargo services. Inport and exports worldwide service. TELEMUNDO Francisco J Moll 4107 W. Spruce St # 250, Tampa, FL 813-319-4949 Television Advertising Top Line Broadcasting LLC Erika Espitia 1915 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33607 813-871-1819 Broadcasting Services USF Jessica Taylor 31343 Anniston DR. Wesley Chapel, FL 33543 813-507-9898 Education U Stor U Lock Danielle Adams 6207 W. Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33634 813-884-0266 Self Storage Weight & Body Solutions Michael Berkezchuk 5907 Webb Road Tampa, FL 33615 813-886-6959 Weight Loss WMORTV32/ESTRELLA TV Ken Lucas 7201 East Hillsborough Ave Tampa, FL 33610 813-6263232 Television Advertising WTOG-TV Sophia A Lopez 365 105th Terrace St. Petersburg, FL 33716 727-570-4228 Television Advertising

Latin Timds 2nd Qtr 2010  

Latin Times Magazine, 2nd Quarter 2010

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