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Last Gasp is a publisher and distributor of books, comix, and other ephemera. We have been celebrating independent ideas and both popular and underground culture for over 40 years. This catalog represents only a fraction of the books and things we have in stock at any time. Please contact us via the web at or by phone (415) 824-6636 for more information. Prices and availability subject to change. Contents of this catalog are copyright 2013 Last Gasp or the individual artists, authors, and publishers. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited. Wholesale Inquiries: phone 1-800-366-5121 fax 1-415-824-1836 Art on this page and cover by Mitch O’Connell from his book “Mitch O’Connell: The World’s Best Artist”

All the good stuff* from “The Prince of Pop Art” Encompassing everything from doodles

in school books to tour de force museum masterpieces, stunning illustrations from Playboy to the New York Times and sold-out fancy pants gallery show strokes of genius from Hollywood to Tokyo, this magnum opus is sure to be revered as “the greatest collection of art ever produced!”

* the crappy art is under lock and key

Mitch O’Connell has somehow has been able to make a living as a freelance artist. His big shot editorial clients include Rolling Stone, Newsweek (4 covers! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!), GQ, Entertainment Weekly, The New Yorker and Juggs! Mitch has designed advertising campaign art for Coke, McDonalds, KFC, Kellogs plus many more. In-between paying jobs he creates fine art masterpieces that adorn gallery walls (the trick he’s working on now is to get folks to buy ‘em and hang ‘em on their own walls). He’s exhibited from New York to Chicago, to Germany to Miami

“Beautiful color drawings. Mitch O’Connell is a master of skin-deep kitsch” – Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly “A Genius! Wild and Witty!” – the Chicago Tribune to Tokyo to Hollywood to Mexico to wherever there’s a gallery located where he wants an excuse to vacation (Hello Paris!). Also in his spare time, Mitch creates popular tattoo designs. The next time you’re in a tattoo shop looking for something to have etched on your skin, check out the flash on the walls for some of his brilliant work. If you don’t see his doodles, Mitch recommends tipping your hat in a gruff manner and exclaiming, “Good day Sir!” as you depart. Yes, you say, we all know about his superstar accomplishments, what about the man himself? Is he as wise, dreamy and sexy as he looks? Yes, yes and YES!

Let me tell ’ya, he’s a man of simple pleasures. He loves to hang in there, hang loose, hang ten and let it all hang out, keep it real and keep on trucking, do his own thing, chill out, mellow out, kick back, take care of business, keep on keeping on, get his groove on, take a load off, reach for the stars, hear where you’re coming from because he really cares about you as a person (and my is it hot in here and wouldn’t you feel more comfortable undressed my special lady?), do what he’s got to do, mellow out and rock on, long walks, sunsets, holding hands, good friends and good times!! Favorite pastime? Spreading joy wherever he goes.

A Hard-Hitting, No-Holds-Barred Expose of the Sweetest, Most Lovable Feller EVER!

Mitch O’Connell: The World’s Best Artist by Mitch O’Connell Art /Pop Culture/Illustration over 600 color images and 100 b&w images Flexibound, padded vinyl cover 284 Pages, 8.5 x 11” 978-0-86719-773-0 $35.00

This is the great, untold story of the 1980s and ’90s From Fight Club to Burning Man, flash mobs to Santarchy, Cacophony influenced everything subversive, playful and anti-authoritarian in popular culture over the last 20 years.

A template for pranksters, artists, adventurers and anyone interested in rampant creativity, Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society is the history of the most influential underground cabal you’ve never heard of.

Rising from the ashes of the mysterious and legendary Suicide Club, the Cacophony Society, at its zenith, hosted chapters in over a dozen major cities, and influenced much of what was once called the underground. foreword by chuck palahniUk Edited by Kevin Evans, Carrie Galbraith and John Law

The Cacophony Society’s epic exploits radically changed the way people live and play in the world. The group inspired Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club and Burning Man and helped start pop culture trends including flash mobs, urban exploration, and culture jamming. A large-format, full-color, hardbound homage to this protean group, Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society is packed with original art, never before published photographs, original documents and incredulous news accounts. over 500 color and b&w images 50 full-color illustrations hardcover · 320 pages 8½ x 11 978-0-86719-774-7 $39.95

Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society

B efore the Internet vomited headlines by the millisecond and turned the minutia of a million boring Facebook lives into news, we were left the privilege of mystery. This was something The San Francisco Cacophony Society gave me in spades. Over the years, I would catch glimpses, collect pieces of a puzzle I was slowly assembling—a car crushed flat by an earthquake miraculously tooling down Golden Gate, toasters glued to buildings, news-clips of mock protests and costumed impostors, flyers for strange art spectacles. Now the puzzle is assembled in this gorgeous graphic collection, a book every lover of eccentricity and enemy of the status quo should enjoy. —Margaret Cho

Cacophony events could range from something as simple as climbing the Golden Gate Bridge or having a discussion over drinks about a movie seen together, to something as elaborate as The Atomic Café—an event involving a hundred bedraggled “nuclear holocaust survivors” mounting elaborate costumed rituals throughout the bowels of an abandoned toothpaste factory. Yes… Cacophony was that strange.

The Cacophony Society is a randomly gathered network of individuals united in the pursuit of experiences beyond the pale of mainstream soceity through subversion, pranks, art, fringe explorations and meaningless madness. YOU MAY ALREADY BE A MEMBER!

“I love Liz’s mystical, magical, creations. They are the kind of creatures I want to keep company with. They make me happy.” —Ma rk Ry den Incurable Disorder is Elizabeth McGrath’s second full-length monograph, including works from 2005 to 2012. From dioramas to mixed media paintings to three-dimensional sculptures, each piece is infused with deep meaning: historical narratives, cultural references, and environmental statements, while teeming with the charm, dazzle and beauty of a lovingly crafted—and lovable—object. McGrath has always had an eye for the strange beauty in the grotesqueries of life; this appreciation is nowhere more evident than in her new works. She brings forth a new cavalcade of creatures from the darker corners of the streets, the city, and the imagination.

Self-taught, McGrath has exhibited extensively in galleries and museums in the US and Europe including the American Visionary Art Museum and the Bristol City Museum and Gallery. Her first book, “Everything That Creeps,” was published in 2005. McGrath lives in Downtown Los Angeles with her husband, artist Morgan Slade; their daughter, Sadie Valentine Slade; and hairless chihuahuas Blue and King Tut. Incurable Disorder hardcover · 176 pages 200 full-color images 9¼ x 12 ¼ 978-0-86719-776-1 $39.95 Available in June 2013

Incurable Disorder

The Art of Elizabeth McGrath Introductions by Morgan Spurlock and Alix Sloan


McGrath creates sweetlytwisted creatures. She gives life to her imagination’s strange brain-children by sculpting their countenances in a wide range of materials. McGrath has an uncanny knack for creating dark, edgy, fantastical works layered with beauty, angst and significance.

Influenced by the relationship between the natural world and the detritus of consumer culture, she sculpts and paints endearing and often tragic beings, adorning them with cloth, paint, paper, gold leaf, rhinestones, shells and found objects. Often, these creations live in, or house, detailed dioramas.

McGrath’s first book, Everything That Creeps, is also available

The first collected work of the LA underground art world’s favorite wunderkind, Elizabeth McGrath. Full-color photos and detail shots reveal the exquisitely complex details of her sweetly twisted creatures, giving a glimpse of what the Island of Misfit Toys might have become had it been saved by Satan rather than Santa. An illustrated look at a dark little girl’s haunted wonderland. Everything That Creeps 112 pages, color, 9 x 12” • Hardcover $34.95


“Hi-Fructose is one of the most beautiful magazines coming out anywhere.” —

Hi-Fructose Arts Magazine quarterly was founded by artists Attaboy and Annie Owens in 2005. Not a lifestyle magazine, Hi-Fructose puts its focus squarely on art that transcends genre and trend, assuring readers thorough coverage and content that is relevant, informative and original. Each beautifully-designed, full-color issue goes beyond the comfort zone of the “alternative” norm to deliver a diverse cross section of the most influential and defining art of our time. Satisfies your cravings for new and unique art happening just below the radar; art that informs, rather than follows trends in mainstream media including film, fashion and design.

HI-FRUCTOSE COLLECTED edition volume 3 路 limited edition BOX SET

introduction by morgan spurlock EDITED BY attaboy & annie owens hardcover路 312 pages 8.5 x 11 路 Full color images throughout 978-086719-771-6 $75.00

Available Only in the Box Set * A die-cut, embossed Snow Yak mask by Mark Ryden * A fold-out poster by French artist McBess * A sticker book with art from Tara McPherson, Travis Lampe, Bob Dob, Brandi Milne & Luke Chueh * A set of flocked day-glo prints from Junko Mizuno, Skinner & Martin Ontiveros, packaged in a fold-out portfolio display * All contained in an artfully-designed, solid, ribbon-tied deluxe box * Limited to just 2500 copies

“I save my copies like some people save National Geographic. I know I’m archiving something eloquent and important, a history and a premonition, a work of art and a documentation of it, all in one.” —Chris Mars, Minneapolis City Pages

also available Hi-Fructose Collected Edition Vol. 1 (book only) ISBN 978-0-86719-713-6 $35.00 Hi-Fructose Collected Edition Vol. 2 (book only) ISBN 978-0-86719-744-0 $39.95 The Box Sets of Volume 1 and Volume 2 are now sold out

Coming Fall 2013: HI-FRUCTOSE COLLECTED edition volume 3

Compiles and expands amazing material from issues 9-12 of the best-selling magazine The Hi-Fructose Collected 3 Hardcover Book A thick 300+ page hardcover packed with intelligent interviews and exposes on leading pop surrealists, street artists and new contemporary artists from all over the world. Featuring Sam Gibbons, Tom Haubrick, Tara McPherson. Ekundayo, Liz McGrath, Stella Im Hultberg, Chris Berens, Jeff Gillette, Dan May, Kevin Cyr, Nicolas Di Genova, Andrew Hem, Laurie Hassold, Yosuke Ueno, Bob Dob, Chris Scarborough, Chris Ryniak, Camilla d’Errico, Mandy Greer, Glenn Barr, Charlie Immer, Thomas Doyle, Nicola Verlato, Damon Soule, Tiffany Bozic, Mark Ryden, Brandi Milne, Chet Zar, Brandt Peters, Scott Hove, Mike Shine, Gabriels, Fuco Ueda, Luke Chueh, Travis Lampe, Michael Hussar, Josh Keyes, JinYoung Yu, Todd Schorr and Michael Page. Hi-Fructose Collected Edition Volume 3 Regular edition edited by Annie Owens and Attaboy hardcover· 312 pages 8.5 x 11 · Full color images throughout $39.95

“...there are no sexier beings than the ladies of the Cheech! I’ve always thought they were incredibly sexy and I was happy to see them on that Big Back piece... gorgeous!” —Olivia De Berardinis, pin-up artist

The Big Book of Bode Tattoos mark bode

A giant compendium of tattoo designs — flash sketches — influenced by comic book and graffiti art, featuring over 400 images spanning a decade of creation. In this chunky brick of a book are voluptuous Bode Broads, beloved characters from Vaughn Bode’s Cheech Wizard comics, and Mark Bode’s personal interpretation of classic tattoo motifs, including dragons, angels, demons, lions, butterflies and more. His distinct style draws influences from the worlds of comic art, graffiti, and traditional tattooing.

Massive collection of tattoo flash drawings, including Cheech Wizard —over 400 pages!

978-0-86719-779-2 Art /Pop Culture Hard Cover, 7 x 9 410 Pages over 400 black and white illustrations $ 29.95

started with a handful of paintings, the Tattooed Portraits Series quickly developed into an obsession and a life-changing event for artist Shawn Barber. The series documents contemporary tattoo culture and history through fine art paintings ranging from traditional portraits to colorful, expressionistic abstractions.This beautifully printed volume contains photographs, paintings and essays chronicling a six-year living journal. Memoir: The Tattooed Portraits Series includes paintings of Don Ed Hardy, Bob Roberts, Grime, Paul Booth, Marcus Pacheco, Kim Saigh, Jack Rudy, Thomas Woodruff, Aaron Cain, Mike Giant, Adrian Lee, Margaret Cho, and many more.

MEMOIR: The Tattooed Portraits Series An intimate view of the best tattoo artists from around the world. Shawn Barber’s stunning oil paintings depict an expansive cross-section of contemporary tattoo art.

Shawn Barber Foreword by Margaret Cho Introductions by Marisa Kakoulas C.W. Eldridge Kim Saigh hardcover · 256 pages 10 x 12 110 full color paintings 30 color photos 978-0-86719-775-4 $39.95


TRADITIONAL TATTOO IN JAPAN Horikazu: Lifework of the Tattoo Master from Asakusa in Tokyo Large hardcover, threadbound Color photographs, 492 pages, 11.5” x 11.5” 9783943105100, $250.00

DE NADA: The Art of Jeral Tidwell Hardcover, 174p, 9.25x9.25", Color 978-0-9824047-8-2, $34.99

MOTHER 120 UNIQUE TATTOO IMAGES HAND PICKED FROM THE SCHIFFMACHER COLLECTION Henk Schiffmacher, editor Hardcover, 128p, 6.00x6.25" Color, 978-9-491394-02-7, $19.50

SPIRITUAL SKIN Magical Tattoos And Scarification. Wisdom. Healing. Shamanic Power. Protection. by Dr. Lars Krutak Large hardcover, threadbound Color photographs, 400 pages 12.4” x 9.6”, 9783943105117, $199.00

DUTCH TATTOO STUDIOS THE BOOK ABOUT TATTOO ARTISTS IN THE NETHERLANDS Andre van Zomeren, editor Hardcover, 304p, 10.00x12." Color Photographs 978-90-817014-1-9, $99.00

GRAFFITI TATTOO VOL. 2 Alan Ket, Don Stone Karl Hardcover, 240p, 9.50x12.0" Color 978-3-937946-35-1, $39.99

DEVITA UNAUTHORIZED Nick Bubash Hardcover, 48p, 10.75x16." Color 978-0-945367-80-2, $30.00

IN THE BEGINNING: SKETCHES OF GUNNAR Gunnar Softcover, 8.00x12.0", Color 978-0-9824047-9-9, $32.00

TATTOO PROFESSIONIST #10: CELTIC-VIKING STYLE Stefano Trentini, editor Spiral-bound, 84p, 12.00x8.5" Color, B&W, $35.00

NEW ZEALAND TATTOO In the home of the tattoists’ art Chris Hoult & Steve Forbes Hardcover, 9.85” x 13”, 176p Color, 978-1-877514-47-0, $60.00

THE COLORING BOOK PROJECT A COLLECTION BY 100 ARTISTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Brett Herman, Evan Weidner, Mike DeVries, Jinxi Caddel, editors , 216p, 8.50x11.0", B&W 978-0-615-57251-2, $25.00

TATTOOS OF THE FLOATING WORLD UKIYO-E MOTIFS IN THE JAPANESE TATTOO Takahiro Kitamura Softcover, 120p, 8.75x11.0" Color, 978-90-74822-45-9, $49.95

Amigos de los Muertos “A necessary book for every tattoo artist” —Bob Baxter, “a handy little resource book for tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike, chock full of morbidly delightful and visually inspiring Day of the Dead illustrations.” —Juxtapoz Celebrate life (and death) with Amigos de los Muertos, a contemporary collection of Day of the Dead art. New takes on classic images including sugar skulls, dancing skeletons, dead musicians, the grim reaper, Evel Knievel skeletons, and more—all rendered in crisp, detailed linework. Art by Jeral Tidwell, Angryblue, Roberto Jaras Lira, and David Lozeau Hardcover, 100 pages, 6 x 9, $24

Pelu, the cute and fluffy gigolo from

outer space, is back, determined to find himself true happiness in the form of a human bride. Pelu’s quest to have a child continues to unfold across a surreal Tokyo cityscape populated by mythological creatures, loveable losers, living puppets, nymphomaniacs, and a visitor from Pelu’s own home world. Will Pelu finally gain the confidence to woo a bride? Can Pelu finally find a girl willing to stick around long enough to have his baby? In volume 1, our hero’s search took him from the surface of his fantastic alien planet to an off-kilter modern Japan. Artist Junko Mizuno unleashes her unique graphic storytelling sensibilities on a tale that’s frequently adorable, sometimes grotesque, and surprisingly moving.

adventures of a space alien in search of love in an off-kilter tokyo

Little Fluffy Gigolo PELU Volume 2

junko mizuno Graphic Novel Paperback, 168 Pages, 8 x 10 black and white comics June 2013 978-0-86719-743-3 $ 17.95 Also available : Little Fluffy Gigolo PELU vol. 1 • 9780867197006 $17.95

winner: New Artist award at the 13th annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize

Set in 1920s Japan, the story follows

the twisted path of failed novelist Hitomi, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the son of a rich industrialist. Hitomi learns of the rich man’s sudden death and creates a desperate plan, successfully impersonating the now-dead son. Hitomi takes over all aspects of the industrialist’s life, including his company, his fortune, and eventually his wife. There he redirects the family’s wealth to his own perverse aims.

On a remote and mysterious island, he builds for himself a playground of hedonistic excess—replete with waterfalls, grand palaces, and gardens, and decadent feasts, orgies, and dark secrets.

The Strange Tale of Panorama Island story and art by suehiro maruo based on a novel by edogawa rampo Graphic Novels /Mystery Hardcover, round back 274 Pages, 7.125 x 10� black and white comics throughout June 2013 978-0-86719-777-8 previously listed as isbn 978-0-86719-732-7


SPAIN MUSEUM CATALOG Spain: Rock, Roll, Rumbles, Rebels & Revolution features the work of legendary underground cartoonist Spain. This exhibition catalog is published for the career retrospective of Manuel “Spain” Rodriguez, at The Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo, NY.


“Keep the flames of Buffalo burning.” That’s what Spain Ro

spoke in March 2012. His recollections of Buffalo, New York, a

he spoke of this bohemian town, were inspiring and made

very different way. I’d heard about how much he loved Bu

My True Story and was awaiting his new book, Cruisin’ with

On the plane back to Buffalo, I began thinking about my yo

material in Spain’s story affected my life. In 1967, when Spa

Spain: Rock, Roll, Rumbles, Rebels & Revolution by Spain Rodriguez Perfect-bound with double gatefold cover 84 pages, 11 x 7 inches 978-0-86719-782-2 A co-publication of Last Gasp & The Burchfield Penney Art Center $20.00

This curated selection of the best

of Spain’s work as a graphic artist, underground comix pioneer, illustrator, and graphic novelist and biographer spans over 43 years, from Spain’s early covers for The East Village Other to his collaboration with Lynn Hershman Leeson on the movie poster and accompanying comic-book “study guide” to her feature-length documentary Women Art Revolution (2010).

to work at the underground newspaper East Village Othe

JFK High School in Cheektowaga – a suburb of Buffalo. Coin

time I experienced a rumble, and with that came the disc fight, win or lose, there is pain. Fighting for a cause is worth to have a fight is a sign of painful ignorance.

Along the way are his color covers for Zap #7 (1974) and Zap #12 (the 2-page wraparound, 1989); his earliest Road Vultures story in its entirety, “Tales of R.V.M.C.” (1969); many pages and covers featuring his iconic characters Trashman, Sangrella, and Big Bitch; many pages from autobiographical stories about his youth in Buffalo, NY, including his days with the Road Vultures and cruisin’ buddy Fred Tooté; pages from historical

Spain Rodriguez told me when we

w York, and the passion with which

nd made me look at his work in a

loved Buffalo, and I had just read

in’ with the Hound.

ut my youth and how much of the

hen Spain moved to New York City

age Other, I was a sophomore at

alo. Coincidentally, it was the first the discovery that in any kind of

s worth something, but a fight just

stories about Ukrainian anarchist Nestor Makhno, “The Discovery of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Chicago ’68, Italy’s Red Brigades, and Smedley Butler (Devil Dog, 2010); poster art, including an example of his many posters for the San Francisco Mime Troupe; and several pages from his book-length graphic works Nightmare Alley and Che: A Graphic Biography.

There are nearly 60 illustrations in all, more than 40 of which are plates of works in the exhibition, mostly original ink-over-pencil drawings. The book contains a foreword by Anthony Bannon, Ph.D, director of the Burchfield Penney Art Center, and informative and insightful essays by the Center’s Associate Director, Don Metz, who cocurated the show, and guest-curator Edmund Cardoni.


A massive, comprehensive graphic design collection exploding with a blend of psychedelic and pop imagery. This convergence of styles is flourishing today in the art and design world. Through art and images, Pop Psychedelic examines the current synthesis of 1960s and 70s psychedelia and pop art of the 80s. The lasting influence of these two art forms continues in fashion, music, spirituality, the art world at large, and even revolutionary movements.

POP PSYCHEDELIC flexibound, 336 pages, 8.5� x 11� over 300 full color illustrations 978-0-86719-742-6 $39.95

Blab World Number 2 A deluxe anthology of art, illustration, articles, profiles, found graphics, cartoons and sequential art collected by award-winning art director Monte Beauchamp

“BLAB! is a great book for the connoisseur, casual reader, or the coffee table.” —The Onion

designed & EDITED BY MONTE BEAUCHAMP cover BY gary taxali


Lenore by Nicoletta Ceccoli

MONTE BEAUCHAMP is an awarding-winning art director whose books have been featured in Vanity Fair, The New York Times, The Onion, The Believer, Flaunt, Bizarre, Graphis, Print, and ForeWord magazine, among others. His titles include Krampus: The Devil of Christmas (Last Gasp), The Life and Times of R. Crumb (St. Martin’s Press), and Striking Images: Vintage Match Cover Art (Chronicle), New & Used BLAB! (Chronicle). He is currently working on a book for Simon & Schuster.

A tribute to 1950s MAD comics artist Will Elder by Drew Friedman, a tribute to R. Crumb’s Zap Comix by Steven Heller, and a lush illustrated tribute to Amazing Stories first cover artist Frank R. Paul Comics! Adolf ’s Abberation by Nora Krug · Dispatches from Oblivion by Greg Clarke · The Great Sea Serpent of Brazil’s Parahiba River by Mark Todd · Liderc by Andrea Dezso · Visitation by Peter Kuper · The Vexing Thing Upstairs by Denis Kitchen · Leftovers by Sergio Ruzzier Art!

also available Blab World No. 1 hardcover · 128 pages · 10 x 10 Full color images throughout ISBN 978-0-86719-746-4 $24.95

“The Hereafter”—a 50-page section of artists interpreting the afterlife! Contributors include Femke Heimstra, Kris Kuksi, Gary Baseman, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Martin Wittfooth, Gary Taxali, Yoko d’Holbachie, Ryan Heshka, Eric White, Owen Smith, Xiaoquing Ding, Lou Beach, Marc Burckhardt, Chet Zar, and many more! BLABWORLD No. 2 hardcover · 128 pages · 10 x 10 Full color images throughout 978-0-86719-850-8 $24.95

Celebrating a quarter century of LA's most influential gallery for lowbrow art

LA LUZ DE JESUS 25: THE LITTLE GALLERY THAT COULD Hardcover, 320 Pages, 9x12" Over 300 Full Color Illustrations 978-0-86719-764-8, $40.00 Billy Shire by Shawn Barber ANATOMY OF SORROW A new collection from Daniel Martin DĂ­az Clothbound w/Dustjacket, 128 Pages, 10x10" 60 Full Color Painting Reproductions 27 Full Color Illustrations 978-0-86719-768-6, $35.00

GLENN BARR’S FACES Hardcover, 96 Pages, 6x6" 80 Color Illustrations 978-0-86719-767-9, $15.95 THE SNOW YAK SHOW Mark Ryden Hardcover, 64 Pages, 11x14" Full Color Paintings B&W Illustrations 978-0-86719-737-2, $28.00

“some of my favorite Ryden paintings ever” —David Pescovitz,

BIZARRO HEROES Dan Piraro Hardcover, 100 Pages, 7x7" 100 Color / B&W Cartoons 978-0-86719-756-3 $11.95

A stunning, wordless graphic novel for all ages

—MX Sydney

istmas traditions of Europe, the Krampus was ervant—a hairy, horned, supernatural beast whose nd long, slithering tongue gave misbehavers s St. Nikolaus would reward children whoʼd been hose that had behaved badly were paid a visit by the Krampus.

Krampus: The Devil of Christmas, a 200-page collection century Krampus postcards published by Last Gasp. Available where books are sold. © 2012. All Rights Reserved

In the early Christmas traditions of Europe, the Krampus was St. Nikolausʼ dark servant—a hairy, horned, supernatural beast whose pointed ears and long, slithering tongue gave misbehavers the creeps! Whereas St. Nikolaus would reward children whoʼd been good all year, those that had behaved badly were paid a visit by the Krampus.

Image reprinted from Krampus: The Devil of Christmas, a 200-page collection of early twentieth century Krampus postcards published by Last Gasp. Available where books are sold. © 2012. All Rights Reserved

Christmas traditions of Europe, the Krampus was rk servant—a hairy, horned, supernatural beast whose ars and long, slithering tongue gave misbehavers In the early Christmas traditions of Europe, the Krampus was ereas St. Nikolaus would reward children whoʼd been St. Nikolausʼ dark servant—a hairy, horned, supernatural beast whose ar, those that had behaved badly were paid a visit pointed ears and long, slithering tongue gave misbehavers by the Krampus.

the creeps! Whereas St. Nikolaus would reward children whoʼd been good all year, those that had behaved badly were paid a visit by the Krampus.

rom Krampus: The Devil of Christmas, a 200-page collection tieth century Krampus postcards published by Last Gasp. Available where books are sold. © 2012. All Rights Reserved

In the early Christmas traditions of Europe, the Krampus was St. Nikolausʼ dark servant—a hairy, horned, supernatural beast whose pointed ears and long, slithering tongue gave misbehavers the creeps! Whereas St. Nikolaus would reward children whoʼd been good all year, those that had behaved badly were paid a visit by the Krampus.

Image reprinted from Krampus: The Devil of Christmas, a 200-page collection of early twentieth century Krampus postcards published by Last Gasp. Available where books are sold. © 2012. All Rights Reserved

In the early Christmas traditions of Europe, the Krampus was St. Nikolausʼ dark servant—a hairy, horned, supernatural beast whose pointed ears and long, slithering tongue gave misbehavers the creeps! Whereas St. Nikolaus would reward children whoʼd been good all year, those that had behaved badly were paid a visit by the Krampus.

Image reprinted from Krampus: The Devil of Christmas, a 200-page collection of early twentieth century Krampus postcards published by Last Gasp. Available where books are sold. © 2012. All Rights Reserved

In the early Christmas traditions of Europe, the Krampus was St. Nikolausʼ dark servant—a hairy, horned, supernatural beast whose pointed ears and long, slithering tongue gave misbehavers In the early Christmas traditions of Europe, the Krampus was the creeps! Whereas St. Nikolaus would reward children whoʼd St. been Nikolausʼ dark servant—a hairy, horned, supernatural beast whose good all year, those that had behaved badly were paid a visit pointed ears and long, slithering tongue gave misbehavers by the Krampus. the creeps! Whereas St. Nikolaus would reward children whoʼd been

good all year, those that had behaved badly were paid a visit by the Krampus.

Image reprinted from Krampus: The Devil of Christmas, a 200-page collection of early twentieth century Krampus postcards published by Last Gasp. Available where books are sold. © 2012. All Rights Reserved

Image reprinted from Krampus: The Devil of Christmas, a 200-page collection of early twentieth century Krampus postcards published by Last Gasp. Available where books are sold. © 2012. All Rights Reserved

In the early Christmas traditions of Europe, the Krampus was St. Nikolausʼ dark servant—a hairy, horned, supernatural beast whose pointed ears and long, slithering tongue gave misbehavers the creeps! Whereas St. Nikolaus would reward children whoʼd been good all year, those that had behaved badly were paid a visit by the Krampus.

Image reprinted from Krampus: The Devil of Christmas, a 200-page collection of early twentieth century Krampus postcards published by Last Gasp. Available where books are sold. © 2012. All Rights Reserved

Image reprinted from Krampus: The Devil of Christmas, a 200-page collection of early twentieth century Krampus postcards published by Last Gasp. Available where books are sold. © 2012. All Rights Reserved

In the early Christmas traditions of Europe, the Krampus was St. Nikolaus’ dark servant—a hairy, horned, supernatural beast whose pointed ears and long, slithering tongue gave misbehavers the creeps! Devilish greeting cards featuring the Krampus, packaged in a deluxe metal tin. This collection of vintage Krampus images includes 20 cards—two each of 10 different designs. Packaged inside a metal tin decorated with a striking image of the Krampus, this is the perfect gift for a naughty friend or for yourself. KRAMPUS GREETING CARDS •20 cards, 21 red envelopes •packaged in a metal tin •each card measures 4 x 6 •full color outside, blank inside 978-0-86719-778-5 $19.95

also available Krampus The Devil of Christmas A hardcover collection of over 180 lavish pre-WorldWar-I Krampus postcards 978-0-86719-747-1 $18.95

“The Godfather of Japanese erotica”

—Stephen Lemons,

ONIKAGE: TOSHIO SAEKI Hardcover, 56 Pages, 12x14¾" Paper Vellum Overlays 978-0-86719-729-7 $39.95

FULL COVERAGE Adrian Lee Master Horiyoshi III Max Dolberg Hardcover in Slipcase 240 Pages, 10½x14" Full Color Photographs 978-0-86719-734-1 $80.00


Cannabis Fantasy Cool Coloring Book

Gangsta Rap Coloring Book

Paperback 48 pages 10 x 13 9780867197174 $9.95

Paperback 48 pages 8.5 x 11 9780867196047 $8.95

Cunt Coloring Book Over three dozen cunts of every size and description for you to color. Paperback 9780867193718 $8.95

Thirty-two full-color photographs of women’s genitals reflect the diversity of women’s bodies. Therapists, sex educators, women’s health clinicians, and all women will find this volume a welcome addition to their libraries. Photography by Michael Rosen, Jill Posener, Tee Corinne and Michael Perry. Edited by Joani Blank Femalia 72 Pages, 6x9” 32 Full Color Plates 978-0-86719-758-7, $14.50

Add Toner Aaron Cometbus 368 Pages, 5Âźx8" B&W Illustrations 20 B&W Photos 978-0-86719-753-2 $12.00

A highly entertaining tour of the neighborhoods in Tokyo known for toys and pop culture

Hardcover, 144 Pages, 6x8½" Full Color Travel Guide 978-0-86719-739-6, $19.95

Delicate, feminine and yes; erotic. This is Soft Candy: The Girls of Danni Shinya Luo. —Candice De Ville,

Danni Shinya Luo’s work focuses on the beauty of the female form, and she understands what makes a woman sexy. Using watercolors, she combines the fierceness of a woman’s power with the bright, fresh colors of the natural world. —


The Girls of Danni Shinya Luo Hardcover, Color and b&w 200 pages, 7 x 7 9780867197624 $24.95


Creatures of Saintly Disguise Jennybird Alcantara Paperback, full color, 48 pages, 9 x 12”, 978-0-9859925-0-7 Limited Edition of 1000 $25.00


“Attempts at pinning down Jennybird’s style would be like trying to lasso a flying Jaybird.” —Hi Fructose magazine “Jennybird Alcantara’s world is like nothing you’ve ever seen. The attribution of human characteristics to animals or nonliving things has existed in literature and films for hundreds of years, but Alcantara carries the contemporary creative torch for anthropomorphism.” —Inked Magazine Never known for following the consensus of any art establishment, Chuck Sperry has a strict loyalty to his craft, and has become a leading innovator of the rock poster art form. His suspicion and disdain for mainstream American politics often characterizes his approach to making art. With a sincere dedication to a broad public audience, Sperry reflects a social consicousness and draws much from the immediate urban environment. —Renee de Cossio, curator, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Over 60 posters from the career of rock poster legend Chuck Sperry, plus a lengthy interview with the artist. Includes studio shots and a short Sperry bio. High Volume The Art of Chuck Sperry From the 1990s to 2012 Compiled by Sergio E. Daniszewski, Luis M. Corrales Ruiz, Andres I. Agosin, Alan Berry Rhys 104 p, 5.69 x 7.88”, full color, softcover 978-­0-86719-783-9 $24.95


Shamanic Tendencies 2008, oil on canvas, 18" x 24"

[ 44 ]


Father Apocalypse 2010, oil on board, 13" x 20"

A chronicle of Chet Zar’s eclectic career. From his beginnings in the Hollywood special[ 45 ] ] effects industry to his[ 134 establishment as a widely respected fine artist, Chet’s unique world of monsters has fascinated and influenced those in fields as varied as tattooing, music and art academia. Now, through this publication, Chet gives us unprecedented access to his story. In addition to Chet’s own reminiscences, this book offers contributions from creative forces who run the retrospective gamut of Chet’s career, including • renowned tattooist Paul Booth • award-winning author, filmmaker and former editor of Rue Morgue magazine Jovanka Vuckovic • film director Guillermo del Toro Featuring over 150 full-color images of his paintings, sculptures and sketches, plus behind-the-scenes images from his time in the special-effects industry, Black Magick—The Art of Chet Zar is a must-have for anyone who has ever been curious about monsters… or the man behind them.

Black Magick The Art of Chet Zar Chet Zar, Julie Antolick Winters, Corinne Faith Leita, Carrie Ann Baade, Paul Booth and Jovanka Vuckovic; edited by Jon Beinart Hardcover, full color, over 150 images,176p, 9.25 x 11” 978-0-9803231-4-6 $45.00

Night Flower The Life & Art of Vali Myers 112 pages, 7.5 x 9.5 inches spot varnished cover with gold foil rounded corners, full color, softcover 978-­0-­9751078-­9-­8 $24.95

This is the first comprehensive art book on Myers in over 30 years and includes many previously unpublished discoveries from the archive. Outré Journal Edited by Martin McIntosh 144 pages, 7.5 x 9.5 inches full color, soft cover 978-0-9751078-6-7 $19.95 Outré Journal is an almanac of overlooked vintage subject matter with an emphasis on art, design, photography and culture. With an extensive array of rare images, Outré Journal presents a curated compendium of the unusual that takes its cues from cabinets of curiosities and journals of miscellany such as The Saturday Book of old. The focus on underground topics and pop culture extends across time and continents to include highlights such as: Religious architecture in the Space Age, the murals and artwork of Anton LaVey, four-eyed figures and other bizarre collectibles, found photos and images of masked people, Satan and sin in sixties pop culture, Danish modern artist-designer Knud Albert, Los Angeles beatnik hangout Café Frankenstein, Ren Clark’s Tiki temple, the album cover art of Symphonie Fantastique, strange paintings and more. Contributors include: Boyd Rice, Charles Schneider, Brian Chidester, Nicholas Syracuse, Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe, and Martin McIntosh.

Outré Journal is an almanac of overlooked vintage subject matter with an emphasis on art, design, photography and culture. With an extensive array of rare images, Outré Journal presents a curated compendium of the unusual that takes its cues from cabinets of curiosities and journals of miscellany such as The Saturday Book of old. US $19.95 AUD $25.00 (inc. GST) UK £14.50 Cover lettering: Corey Simons Book layout: Trevor Slabak

SHAG’S SUPERSONIC SWINGERS • NEW EXPANDED EDITION The original edition of this book has become highly treasured and sought after – this new edition will appeal to both newcomers to Shag and loyal followers. Readers with the original edition will enjoy this expanded edition with 50% brand new content. Supersonic Swingers

Features • greatly enhanced reproductions • updated interview between Shag & McIntosh • photographs of the artist’s home & studio • updated bylines and quips with each painting

around the world with the art of

around the world with the art of

Shag is the artist name for JOSH AGLE – an artist working out of California with an incredibly loyal following worldwide. Shag is an artist with a strong love of enigmatic narratives, mid-­century design & illustration and extremely bright, inimitable renderings. This new edition of Shag’s Supersonic Swingers comes more than 10 years after its original publication.

16/09/12 11:37 AM

Supersonic Swingers Shag 96 pages, 9 x 11 inches spot varnished cover full color, softcover 97809751078 $24.95

Fully revised and significantly expanded with more hip shaking, cocktail hour goodness. A sharp, graphic tour around the world with the art of Shag, this is an eye popping collection of old and new paintings all exuding a Man Men era sense of style and attitude. Expect a great selection of artworks traversing Shag’s depictions of many world destinations (both old and new), a glimpse at Shag’s collection of souvenirs from his jetset days and a wonderful cocktail world map that evokes the best of mid-­century travel aesthetic.


ARE YOU MY MOTHER? A COMIC DRAMA Alison Bechdel Hardcover, 292p, 6x9.5", Two-Color 978-0-618-98250-9, $22.00

DUNGEON QUEST BOOK THREE Joe Daly Softcover, 288p, 6.25x8.5", B&W 978-1-60699-544-0, $19.99

FLANNERY O’CONNOR: THE CARTOONS Flannery O’Connor Hardcover, 152p, 8.5x10.2", B&W 978-1-60699-479-5, $22.99

BEST OF ENEMIES, 1: 1783-1953: A HISTORY OF US / MIDEAST RELATIONS Jean-Pierre Filiu, David B. Hardcover, 116p, 6.75x9.75", B&W 978-1-906838-45-4, $24.95

CRUISIN’ WITH THE HOUND: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF FRED TOOTE Spain Rodriguez Softcover, 134p, 7.50x10.2", B&W 978-1-60699-461-0, $19.99

ECONOMIX: HOW OUR ECONOMY WORKS (AND DOESN’T WORK)... Michael Goodwin, Dan E. Burr Softcover, 304p, 6.5x9", B&W 978-0-8109-8839-2, $19.95

BABY’S IN BLACK: KIRCHHERR, SUTCLIFFE, AND THE BEATLES Arne Bellstorf Hardcover, 196p, 6x9", B&W 978-1-59643-771-5, $24.99

BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA Steven Weissman Hardcover, 112p, 7.25x9.25" B&W Illustrations, Some Color 978-1-60699-623-2, $22.99

THE CRACKLE OF THE FROST Lorenzo Mattotti, Jorge Zentner Hardcover, 118p, 7.75x10", Color 978-1-60699-543-3, $19.99

THE ELDRITCH KID: WHISKY AND HATE Christian Read, Michael Maier Softcover, 112p, 6.75x10.2", Color 978-0-9807823-5-6, $14.95

BY THIS SHALL YOU KNOW HIM Jesse Jacobs Softcover, 84p, 8.5x11", Color 978-0-9868739-8-0, $15.00

RICHARD CORBEN: THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION... Hardcover, 320p, 8.5x11" B&W; some color 978-1-59582-919-1, $29.99

THE DEEP: HERE BE DRAGONS Tom Taylor, James Brouwer Softcover, 88p, 6.75x10.2" Color Illustrations 978-0-9807823-4-9, $11.95

BIRDSEYE BRISTOE: AN INVENTIONS & HOW-TO BOOK D. Zettwoch Hardcover, 64p, 7.75x10" Color Illustrations 978-1-77046-066-9, $19.95

THE CARTER FAMILY: DON’T FORGET THIS SONG Frank M. Young, David Lasky Hardcover, 192p, 6.75x9.75" Color Illustrations 978-0-8109-8836-1, $24.95

THE COMPLETE PEANUTS: DAILIES AND SUNDAYS, V. 18 1985-1986 Hardcover, 354p, 8.5x6.75", B&W 978-1-60699-572-3, $28.99 THE COMPLETE PEANUTS BOX SET 9: DAILIES AND SUNDAYS, 1983-1986 Two Hardcovers in Slipcase, 688p 978-1-60699-573-0, $49.99

FALLEN WORDS: EIGHT MORAL COMEDIES Yoshihiro Tatsumi Softcover, 288p, 6.25x8.75", B&W 978-1-77046-074-4, $19.95

FOLLY: THE CONSEQUENCES OF INDISCRETION Hans Rickheit Softcover, 132p, 7x10", B&W, Some Color 978-1-60699-509-9, $18.99

THE FURRY TRAP: HORROR STORIES (2004-2011) Josh Simmons Hardcover, 140p, 8x10.2", Color, B&W 978-1-60699-536-5, $24.99

DANTE’S INFERNO BY HUNT EMERSON “The best introduction imaginable to the greatest poem ever written.” — Nick Lezard , The Guardian Hunt Emerson, the dazzlingly talented cartoonist who has previously brought new and richly humorous life to the works of Coleridge, Casanova, D.H. Lawrence and John Ruskin, has gone for the biggest literary name of them all. Softcover, B&W, 88 p, 10 x 7 97808616616, $18.95


GLORIANA Kevin Huizenga Hardcover, 118p, 5x6.75", B&W 978-1-77046-061-4, $19.95

GOD AND SCIENCE: RETURN OF THE TI-GIRLS Jaime Hernandez Hardcover, 144p, 8.75x11.2", B&W 978-1-60699-539-6, $19.99

THE GRAPHIC CANON VOLUME 1: FROM GILGAMESH TO SHAKESPEARE... Russ Kick, editor Softcover, 502p, 8.5x11", Color, B&W 978-1-60980-376-6, $34.95

HARVEY PEKAR’S CLEVELAND Harvey Pekar, Joseph Remnant Hardcover, 128p, 6.5x9.25", B&W 978-1-60309-091-9, $21.99

THE INFINITE WAIT AND OTHER STORIES Julia Wertz Softcover, 228p, 6.5x9", B&W 978-0-9879630-2-4, $15.00

INTERIORAE Gabriella Giandelli Softcover, 144p, 7.75x10.2", Color 978-1-60699-559-4, $19.99

THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN: CENTURY 2009, V.3 Alan Moore, Kevin O’Neill Softcover, 80p, 6.5x10", Color 978-0-86166-163-3, $9.95

KRAZY & IGNATZ 1916-1924: The Complete Sunday Strips V.1 George Herriman Hardcover, 252p, 9.5x12.5" B&W, Color $95.00

GOLIATH Tom Gauld Hardcover, 96p, 6.75x9.75", Two-Color 978-1-77046-065-2, $19.95

HIS DREAM OF THE SKYLAND: WALLED CITY TRILOGY, BOOK 1 Anne Opotowsky, Aya Morton Softcover, 308p, 8x11.7", Color 978-0-9807823-6-3, $31.95

IS THAT ALL THERE IS? Joost Swarte Softcover, 144p, 7.5x10.2", Color 978-1-60699-628-7, $25.00

KRAZY & IGNATZ 1922-1924 George Herriman Softcover, 256p, 9x12" B&W, Some Color 978-1-60699-477-1, $24.99

GONZO: A GRAPHIC BIOGRAPHY OF HUNTER S. THOMPSON Will Bingley, Anthony Hope-Smith Softcover, 180p, 6.5x9.5", B&W 978-1-4197-0242-6, $17.95

BUILDING STORIES Chris Ware 14 Books, Booklets, Magazines, Newspapers, and Pamphlets in box, 11.75x16", Color Illustrations 978-0-375-42433-5, $50.00

JERUSALEMCHRONICLES FROM THE HOLY CITY Guy Delisle Hardcover, 336p, 6.25x8.75", Color 978-1-77046-071-3, $24.95

DARTH VADER AND SON Jeffrey Brown Hardcover, 60p, 6.5x6.75", Color 978-1-4521-0655-7, $14.95


LIFE WITH MR. DANGEROUS Paul Hornschemeier Hardcover, 160p, 7x9.25", Color 978-0-345-49441-2, $22.00

THE LOVELY HORRIBLE STUFF Eddie Campbell Hardcover, 96p, 6.75x9", Color 978-1-60309-152-7, $14.95

THE MOTHER’S MOUTH Dash Shaw Softcover, 128p, 7x6.75" B&W Illustrations 978-1-891867-98-9, $12.95

NANCY IS HAPPYCOMPLETE DAILIES 1943-1945 Ernie Bushmiller Softcover, 336p, 8.50x8.75", B&W 978-1-60699-360-6, $24.99

LOST DOGS Jeff Lemire Softcover, 104p, 6.5x9", Color 978-1-60309-154-1, $9.95

THE MAKING OF Brecht Evens Hardcover, 160p, 8x9.75", Color 978-1-77046-073-7, $29.95

MR. TWEE DEEDLE, RAGGEDY ANN’S SPRIGHTLY COUSIN Johnny Gruelle, Rick Marschall, editor Hardcover, 128p, 14x18", Color, B&W 978-1-60699-411-5, $75.00

NEW YORK MON AMOUR Jacques Tardi, Benjamin Legrand, Dominique Grange Hardcover, 8x11", Two-color 978-1-60699-524-2, $19.99

LOVE & ROCKETS: NEW STORIES VOL. 5 Hernandez Brothers Softcover, 104p, 7.5x9.25", B&W 978-1-60699-586-0, $14.99

MALEVOLENT MELODY, W/7” VINYL RECORD McBess Saddle-Stitched, packaged with 7” vinyl record, 24p, 7x7", B&W 978-0-9562135-4-9, $19.95

MY FRIEND DAHMER Derf Backderf Softcover, 224p, 5.75x9.25", B&W 978-1-4197-0217-4, $17.95

NO STRAIGHT LINES: FOUR DECADES OF QUEER COMICS Justin Hall, editor Hardcover, 328p, 7.75x10.2" Color, B&W Illustrations 978-1-60699-506-8, $35.00

THE LOVECRAFT ANTHOLOGY VOL. 2 Dan Lockwood, editor, H. P. Lovecraft Softcover, 128p, 6.5x9.5", Color 978-1-906838-43-0, $19.95

MICKEY MOUSE VOL. 3: HIGH NOON AT INFERNO GULCH Floyd Gottfredson Hardcover, 278p, 10x8.7" Mostly b&w, a little color 978-1-60699-531-0, $29.99

NAKED CARTOONISTS: DRAWERS DRAWING THEMSELVES WITHOUT DRAWERS Gary Groth, editor Hardcover, 148p, 6.25x8.25", Color 978-1-60699-538-9, $22.99

NONNONBA Shigeru Mizuki Softcover, 424p, 6.50x8.75", B&W 978-1-77046-072-0, $26.95


OISHINBO: RAMEN & GYOZA (V3) Tetsu Kariya, Akira Hanasaki Paperback, 272p, 5.7x8.1", B&W 9781421521411, $12.99

NOBROW #6: THE DOUBLE Sam Arthur, Alex Spiro, editors Softcover, 120p, 8.5x12.2", Color 978-1-907704-19-2, $24.00

POPEYE VOL. 6ME LI’L SWEE’PEA E. C. Segar Die-cut, 184p, 10.25x14", Color, B&W 978-1-60699-483-2, $29.99

PRINCE VALIANT VOL. 5: 19451946 Hal Foster Hardcover, 112p, 10.25x14", Color 978-1-60699-484-9, $29.99

TORN Andrew Constant, Nicola Scott, Joh James Softcover, 128p, 6.75x10.2" B&W Illustrations 978-0-9807823-7-0, $14.95

WAX CROSS Tincan Forest Saddle-Stitched, 36p, 9x12", Color 978-0-9868739-7-3, $20.00

UNTERZAKHN Leela Corman Hardcover, 204p, 7.5x9.5" B&W Illustrations 978-0-8052-4259-1, $24.95

WHATEVER Karl Stevens Softcover, 128p, 5.75x7.5" B&W, Some color 978-1-934460-03-0, $9.95

OUT OF THE SHADOWS Mort Meskin, Steven Brower, editor Softcover, 188p, 7.5x10.5", Color 978-1-60699-532-7, $26.99

PARIS Maarten Vande Wiele, Erika Raven, Peter Moerenhout Softcover, 216p, 6.5x8.75", B&W 978-0-86166-173-2, $24.99

DAL TOKYO · Gary Panter Hardcover, 220p, 16.25x6.2", B&W 978-1-56097-886-2, $35.00

WALT DISNEY’S UNCLE SCROOGE: “ONLY A POOR MAN” VOL. 1 Carl Barks Hardcover, 240p, 7.50x10.2", Color 978-1-60699-535-8, $28.99

WOWEE ZONK 4 Kyle Patrick, Ginette Lapalme, Chris Kuzma Softcover, 80p, 7x10", B&W 978-0-9868739-9-7, $15.00

THOUGHTFUL ALPHABETS: THE JUST DESSERT & THE DEADLY BLOTTER Edward Gorey Small Hardcover, 64p, 5x5", B&W 978-0-7649-6336-0, $14.95

THE OSBICK BIRD Edward Gorey Small Hardcover, 32p, 6.75x6.25" 978-0-7649-6335-3, $12.95

HEDGEHOG IN THE FOG Hedgehog in the Fog is an internationally acclaimed story about the adventures of a philosophical little Hedgehog on his way to meet with his friend Bear. Along the way Hedgehog enters into a mysterious fog in which he encounters a horse, a dog, an owl, and a fish. The book is based on Francesca Yarbusova’s sketches for the award-winning animated film directed by Yuri Norstein. In 2003, an international film jury in Tokyo declared Hedgehog in the Fog to be the best animated film of all time.

“Norstein’s films are magical and atmospheric, lovingly and masterfully executed. His story-telling and illustration style is earthy and rich in symbols which are beautiful in themselves – but one senses there is a lot more hidden behind them.” – Nick Park, Oscar-winning creator of Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run

Hedgehog in the Fog Sergey Kozlov & Yuri Norstein Illustrated by Francesca Yarbusova children’s picture book 8.5 x 12, Hardcover, color, 48 pages 0984586709 $17.95 The Fox and the Hare is a Russian folktale retold by Vladimir Dal. This book is based on Francesca Yarbusova’s sketches for the awardwinning animated film directed by Yuri Norstein. This simple story is about the insidious Fox who takes over the little Hare’s house. Who is going to help the poor Hare? The Fox & the Hare Vladimir Dal Illustrated by Francesca Yarbusova children’s picture book 8.5 x 12, hardcover, color, 48p 0984586717 $17.95

Mishmash is a poem for little children about a funny mix-up that happened among the animals. Mishmash Korney Chukovsky Illustrated by Francesca Yarbusova children’s picture book 8.5 x 12, hardcover, color, 32 pages 0984586741 $17.95

The Norstein & Yarbusova Collection is a series of children’s picture books based on the art of famous Russian artists and animators Yuri Norstein and Francesca Yarbusova

THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN Tintin a classic example of groundbreaking graphic narrative. Written and drawn between 1929 and 1976, the 22 adventures of Tintin, his dog Snowy and an unforgettable cast of characters has become a defining standard of graphic literature mixing universal appeal, adventure and slapstick, drama and humor in a collection of stories that have stood the test of time. The 23 Adventures of Herge •$10.99 ea TINTIN IN THE LAND OF THE SOVIETS 978-0-316-00374-2 TINTIN IN AMERICA 978-0-316-35852-1 THE CIGARS OF THE PHARAOH 978-0-316-35836-1 THE BLUE LOTUS 978-0-316-35856-9 THE BROKEN EAR 978-0-316-35850-7 THE BLACK ISLAND 978-0-316-35835-4 KING OTTOKAR’S SCEPTER 978-0-316-35831-6 THE CRAB WITH THE GOLDEN CLAWS 978-0-316-35833-0 THE SHOOTING STAR 978-0-316-35851-4 THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN 978-0-316-35832-3 RED RACKHAM’S TREASURE 978-0-316-35834-7 THE SEVEN CRYSTAL BALLS 978-0-316-35840-8 PRISONERS OF THE SUN 978-0-316-35843-9 LAND OF THE BLACK GOLD 978-0-316-35844-6 DESTINATION MOON 978-0-316-35845-3 EXPLORERS ON THE MOON 978-0-316-35846-0 THE CALCULUS AFFAIR 978-0-316-35847-7 THE RED SEA SHARKS 978-0-316-35848-4 TINTIN IN TIBET 978-0-316-35839-2 THE CASTAFIORE EMERALD 978-0-316-35842-2 FLIGHT 714 978-0-316-35837-8 TINTIN AND THE PICAROS 978-0-316-35849-1 TINTIN AND ALPH-ART 978-0-316-00375-9


THE CRAB WITH THE GOLDEN CLAWS: TINTIN MINI Softcover, 96p, 6x9", Color 978-0-316-19876-9, $8.99

THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN IN THE ORIENT THE BLUE LOTUS facsimile edition Hardcover, b&w, $24.95

THE SHOOTING STAR: TINTIN MINI: YOUNG READERS EDITION Softcover, 96p, 6x9", Color 978-0-316-19875-2, $8.99

THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN IN AMERICA facsimile edition Hardcover, b&w, $24.95

TINTIN: RED RACKHAM’S TREASURE: MINI POPUP, FRENCH Hardcover Pop-up Book 12p, 7.25x9", Color 978-2-87424-206-9, $29.99

THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN IN THE LAND OF THE SOVIETS facsimile edition Hardcover, b&w, $24.95

TINTIN: CRAB WITH THE GOLDEN CLAWS: MINI POPUP, FRENCH Hardcover Pop-up Book 12p, 7.25x9", Color 978-2-87424-207-6, $29.99

TINTIN: THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN: BIG POPUP, FRENCH Hardcover Pop-up Book 12p, 11.5x14", Color 978-2-87424-098-0, $35.00 All Tintin images © Hergé / Moulinsart

THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN “Hundreds of fascinating illustrations juxtapose the artist’s drawings with archival photo references.... Recommended for Yankee Tintinphiles and teens and up.” —The Library Journal TINTIN: The Complete Companion is a fully illustrated guide to the world-famous comic character Tintin, and his adventures. This well-researched and gorgeously presented overview follows Tintin through the 23 titles of the complete series. This book provides a delightful introduction to the world of Tintin, providing extended profiles of the series’ colorful cast of recurring characters while exploring Hergé’s sources for each of them. —Publishers Weekly

TINTIN The Complete Companion Tintin & Co. by Michael Farr Michael Farr Hardcover, color, 132pgs, 8.5 x 11, Hardcover, color 978-0-86719-690-0, $29.95 128 pages, 8.5 x 11 9780867197549 “a stunning collection of artifacts, including $35.00 pre-Tintin drawings, Tintin sketches, newspaper

clippings, magazine and book covers” —The New York Times

“an excellent introduction.... Accessible and engaging” —The School Library Journal “you can really spend some quality time with this book.” —Giant Robot The Adventures of Herge by Michael Farr Hardcover, color, 128pgs, 8.5 x 11, 978-0-86719-679-5, $29.95

“Michael Farr is responsible for a long list of lavishly illustrated works about Herge and his famous creation. ... These albums are a sumptuous appreciation of Herge’s working life. ... The drudgery and magic of a great graphic artist’s life both shine through these volumes. They are the single best thing ever likely to be published about Tintin or Herge.” —The Wall Street Journal The Art of Herge, Vol. 3 Phillip Goddin & Michael Farr, Hardcover, color, 208p. 8.5 x 11, 978-0867197631 $39.95 An activity book with great puzzles and games based upon the many adventures of Tintin, including mazes, language exercises, and how-to-draw sections. Tintin & Snowy Big Activity Book Paperback, full color, 8.5 x 11, 9780-86719-761-7, 96pgs, $19.95 All Tintin images © Hergé / Moulinsart

NEW BOOKS • ART The bestselling book on Banksy’s origins is now in paperback. This edition was published to celebrate the artist’s return to his home city with his ‘Banksy vs Bristol Museum’ exhibition, and includes artwork from that show. Bristol-born Banksy needs no introduction; he is already a legend in his own lifetime. Everyone seems to have a Banksy story, usually involving a missed opportunity to buy some of the artist’s work when it was still cheap. The book collects together images of most of the street art Banksy made in the city during his formative years. Many of these images were previously unpublished and the collection remains the most thorough collection of Banksy’s early works. Banksy’s Bristol: Home Sweet Home Softcover, 112p, 8.75x8.75" 978-1-906477-18-9, $18.95

THE ART OF NOISE Russolo, Balilla Pratella Softcover, 128p, 6x9" 978-0-9838842-3-1, $14.95 THE ART OF DANIEL CLOWES: MODERN CARTOONIST Alvin Buenaventura Hardcover, 224p, 9.5x12.2", Color, 978-1-4197-0208-2, $40.00

BANKSY: YOU ARE AN ACCEPTABLE LEVEL OF THREAT... Hardcover, 228p, 8.5x10.2", Color 978-1-908211-08-8, $35.00

THE ART OF LUKE CHUEH: BEARING THE UNBEARABLE Hardcover, 192p, 9.25x12.5", Color 978-0-85768-927-6, $34.95

THE ART OF INSTRUCTION: VINTAGE EDUCATIONAL CHARTS Katrien Van Der Schueren 100 postcards in hinged box, 6x4.5" Color, 978-1-4521-0595-6, $19.95

BAY AREA GRAFFITI: ‘80s-’90s EARLY BOMBING Sfaustina, Jocelyn Superstar Hardcover, 208p, 8.5x10.2" Color Photographs 978-1-935613-17-6, $14.95

CLASSIC HITS: NEW YORK’S PIONEERING SUBWAY WRITERS Alan Fleisher, Paul Iovino Hardcover, 142p, 9.75x8.25", Color 978-91-85639-50-2, $39.95

BUNNY IN THE MOON: THE ART OF TARA MCPHERSON, VOL. 3 Hardcover, 112p, 8.5x11.2", Color 978-1-59582-855-2, $23.99

DESTROYING EVERYTHING... SEEMS LIKE THE ONLY OPTION Ricky Adam Hardcover, 188p, 11x10", Color, B&W 978-0-9571114-0-0, $39.99

CABINETS OF WONDER Christine Davenne, Christine Fleurent Hardcover, 232p, 9x12" Color Photographs 978-1-4197-0554-0, $45.00

EARLY NEW YORK SUBWAY GRAFFITI: 1973-1975 Keith Baugh Sotfcover, 192p, 9.5x7.5" 978-1-906477-48-6, $18.95

IDLE HANDS: THE ART OF COOP Chris Cooper HALL OF FAME: NEW YORK CITY Hardcover, 208p, 10x10", Color Alan Ket 978-1-61404-002-6, $50.00 Softcover, 224p, 9.25x6.25" Color Photographs 978-3-937946-36-8, $19.95

This is the second volume of the Invasion of Paris. The previous vol-


ume recorded the first 500 space invaders put up in Paris in the years 1998–2003; this one presents the next 500, over the period 2003–11. This book has been produced from start to finish by Invader, who states that his invasion guides are an integral part of his work. More than a simple book of photographs, this is a genuine manual, a precise and functional guide which reveals the works by the artist disseminated around the City of Light: archives, maps, an index, and, above all, more than a thousand photos make it an unusual object offering multiple points of entry.

L’INVASION DE PARIS 2.0: PROLIFERATION Hardcover, 256p, 8x10.5" English / French Color Photographs 978-2-9541259-0-9, $35.00

It remains only to hope that you enjoy your read, or rather, your exploration of Paris and of Invader’s work.

L’INVASION DE PARIS 1000 Two Hardcovers in Slipcase, 10x12" English / French Color Photographs 978-2-9541259-1-6, $68.00

This slipcase contains the brand new “L’invasion de Paris 2.0” and the third edition of the previous volume “L’invasion de Paris 1.0” which was out of print for too long. Includes the third edition of L’Invasion de Paris - La Génèse. This book was made by Invader just ten years ago in a traditional DIY way. It presents the first 500 space invaders he put in the french capital between 1998-2003. For this edition, missing images have been added and a few slides have been re-scanned on better machines (all pictures are fi lm pictures, not digital).

RUSSIAN REVOLUTIONARY POSTERS David King Hardcover, 144p, 10x13", Color 978-1-84976-019-5, $39.95

HOLY CARDS Barbara Calamari, Sandra DiPasqua Softcover, 144p, 7x10", Color 978-1-4197-0227-3, $19.95

ELOQUENT VANDALS: A HISTORY OF NUART NORWAY Jolbo, Reed, Bugge Oye, editors Hardcover, 304p, 8.25x10.5", Color 978-82-93053-07-1, $39.95

QUOTESKINE VOL. 1 Lee Crutchley Hardcover, 144p, 5.25x8.5" Color Illustrations 978-0-9559121-9-1, $18.95

FROM UMMMM TO DER Thomas Campbell Hardcover, 104p, 7x9.75", Color 978-1-58423-473-9, $29.95

IDYLLPETIT LIVRES SERIES Amber Albrecht Softcover, 96p, 6.25x8.25", Color 978-1-77046-063-8, $19.95

GRAFFITI COLORING BOOK VOL. 3: INTERNATIONAL STYLES Bjorn Almqvist, editor Softcover, 64p, 8.25x11", B&W 978-91-85639-49-6, $9.95

NEW YORK DRAWINGS Adrian Tomine Hardcover, 176p, 8.25x11.2" Color Illustrations 978-1-77046-087-4, $29.95

Written and lavishly illustrated by KRK Ryden, homographs get an irreverent makeover. KRK takes a long-forgotten school lesson and brings it back to life. Double Talk by KRK Ryden Hardcover, 118 pages, 9-1/2� x 15� 51 illustrations 978-1-931955-13-3 $24.99

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Copy of police report from “Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society� (page 7)

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