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GUYLASHES. YAY OR NAY? By Martina Krajinovic-Gulsun


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EYE MAGICIAN. STELLA SIRONEN, MUA Edited by Jill Heijligers-Peloquin


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In Lashland, there is a romance that stands the test of time – Lashes + Brows! It’s only fitting that our February Issue celebrate this famous couple. To fulfill the dream theme, we made sure to reach out to Instagram Influencer Stella Sironen, who catapulted her viral success as a makeup artist with her internet-breaking, tongue-in-cheek “Feather Brow” creation. Look to Lash Inc USA-Canada in future issues to shine the spotlight on our industry’s favorite social media lash & brow super-personalities and fantasy-inspiring artists and photographers. Do you have a favorite? Let us know, and we’ll try to interview them!

do not crop them, so we can design a beautiful layout to feature you without restriction. As always, include the credits for your photos, sending all together via or google drive to with the subject line “READERS GALLERY SUBMISSION”. Our May issue is “The Education Issue”, so our Readers Gallery will be a little bit different. Stay tuned via Facebook ( and Instagram (@lashinc) for the theme and deadlines for submissions! Lash long & propser!

Our Readers Gallery open call for this issue, was a lash & brow theme. Many thanks to the talented artists who submitted their work. I have to say, that the people who submitted their work ran a glorious gamut of simple elegance to photoshopped, imagination-blowing fun! Please take advantage of this opportunity, ladies and gents – our platform is yours to shine on – all you’ve got to do is submit print resolution photographs (300 dpi preferred). Make sure you do not put watermarks on these photos, and




Of all the times Lash Artist Pixie (Joanne) Ambler has cleared her schedule and worked around the clock to meet Fantasy Lash Art contest deadlines, I happened to catch her when planning on a creative lash art shoot that was “just for the love of it”; something just for herself. She shared one of the first images of the shoot, and I was awestruck in love! I secured it for the exclusive cover of Lash Inc USA-Canada, and here she shares some of the inspiration and details in the making of it. 4


Pixie, what was your inspiration for the stylization of your shoot? I was inspired by an amazing artist Agnieszka Lorek, whose work features pale women who are enticingly beautiful and almost dreamlike. I wanted to capture a surreal movement image of beauty and awe.

What you call it – and what significance is the naming of this piece for you? “Ophelia’s Dream” is the title I have given this piece. I think it fits it perfectly as an old romantic name of beauty and dreaming. Ophelia also a very popular gothic name which was the culture I spent my teens and early adulthood emerged in.

You not only applied beautiful lashes and makeup, but styled this shoot with uber creativity. Deciding to catch the hair mid-movement is an added challenge! How was that to accomplish? Extremely difficult! We had to get not only the hair flicked away from the face and lashes, but the model had to keep her face relaxed and calm; pale and delicate looking. We first tried doing hair flicks moving her whole body, however it would strain her face and she became dizzy and felt unwell due to this. Switch it up – we then tried her holding a pose, flicking her hair with her hands, but this would leave the hands in an awkward pose. Our final solution was to, on the count of 3, have me and the model’s assistant flick her hair on either side and step back quickly, so the photographer could capture the fall-down. It wasn’t until after the shoot that my husband suggested why didn’t we just use a leaf blower. This suggestion would have been ideal BEFORE the shoot. However, the end result still was stunning and the commitment of my model Jessica Anne Petchell and photographer, Upstage Photography, was unwavering and solid. Without the help of Jez Hanton I would not have been able to finesse the end result to my vision. He performed the afterproduction work on the cover image that gives the pale, ethereal quality to the final look.

Pixie, we discussed this personally, as colleagues, but

would you share some details about the lash work and how it felt to plan and execute a shoot that was NOT for a contest, but to satisfy your creative spirit? This set of lashes was styled to be thick and black, in a manageable length, to stay neat and to stand out as much as possible with the with all the movement we planned to capture.

Shooting for your own personal vision and not for a competition is artistically satisfying. You are doing it purely for the love of the art within your industry and to bring alive an idea without any hope of gaining an achievement. So, in this aspect, the anxiety of “hitting the marks” is relieved, and inspiration can flow more freely!





What lash details – as far as diameters, curls, etc – did you work with, and did you make those choices in this circumstance to suit the model or to suit the vision of Ophelia’s Dream? This was a mix of both the model’s desires and what would fit the vison. The model’s wishes where taken into consideration, as she would be keeping this set as a thank you for her time, so it needed to be manageable for her but also stand out in images. I applied C curl 7-12mm in a brow arch design in .07 4D and .05 6-7D. On one eye she had fewer lashes, so we did mega volume in the section that was lacking to even out the look. The model had also asked if I would like her to have a spray tan prior, to which I said, “God no! I need you as pale as possible – you are perfect!”

Where on the web and which social media platforms can our readers like and follow you, Pixie? IG: @pixielashartistry FB: pixielashartistry




Pre-Made Volume Fans PRODUCT EVOLUTION OR REVOLUTION? Jill Heijligers-Peloquin is the owner of Lash FX® Global and founder of Lash Artists International – a global education event project for the lash industry. Voted Most Inspirational Lash Industry Influencer 2017 by her peers

It’s one of the traps of “progress”, an upsetting part of the evolution of craftsmanship. Or should we call it the REVOLUTION? Early adopters in any industry, be it tech gadgets, artisan technique, entertainment, you name it – they are the frontrunners, the first wave of experts and always the early masters and educators. But then the day comes along when somebody builds an innovative twist that reinvents the wheel to get the job done faster, stronger, more cheaply or more widely accessible. It begins a “crisis”.



Somebody is bound to see the gap in the market and close in on a solutionbased product; a game changer, a pattern disrupter. The entrepreneurial spirit is constantly reinventing the wheel. It’s happening in the lash industry right now with pre-made volume fans. Don’t be fooled though. Pre-made 2D and 3D “fans” have been around longer than Russian Volume. They were called “Y lashes” and “W lashes”. I sincerely believe that the Y and W lashes may have inspired the thought process in the development of Volume Lashing. As anybody who learned in the “first wave” or early days will tell you, learning how to make and master volume lash technique was very frustrating, and very difficult! Tweezers flew like darts, tempers flared, and when the smoke cleared, and when the lash artist came back to the table with a calmer demeanor, ready to practice again, it took weeks – perhaps months – to get right. All along this learning curve, products were being created to cater to volume lashing. Adhesives with new characteristics,

special volume tweezers, new techniques to make a fan were developed. And, yes, “Express Volume Lashes” – also known as pre-made fans – were being produced and sold. That is because people were buying them! Those people were giving feedback to the manufacturers, and soon there were better and higher quality versions made. Whenever and wherever there is a need or a knowledge gap, there is an entrepreneur or innovator working on a solution. At first, the lash artists who spent all that blood, sweat and tears figuring out new ways to fan lashes or new ways to communicate the nuances and intricacies of volume fought against this “cheat” or short-cut. But then the product began to improve again. There are progressively more companies offering pre-made fans, and it is getting tough to deny how beautiful and easy to use they are. Using heat to bond the bases into perfectly tapered points, there is no extra weight from additional adhesive. This creates a perfect storm for formation of infinity bonds – where the base of the extension disappears into the lash.

New lash artists have benefitted greatly from the evolution of our little ole lash industry, and they will now again. Their learning curves are shorter than lash artists who learned even as recent as 1 and 2 years ago. New lash artists – those right out of lash class even! – will be able to produce fluffy, perfectly consistent fans. Is it volume? It may not be customized volume. It absolutely is not “Russian Volume”, but the effects one can create, the time saved, and even the retention, can no longer be ignored. These pre-made volume fans solve a problem and ease a pain point. Sure, they cost more to use (approximately 3-4X the investment compared to custom-created volume), but you can regain time in your work day, which could mean taking two extra clients a day, or adding a proper and healthy lunch break, or reclaiming personal time. For some, the benefits make sense, as well as dollars and cents. Conversations in various lash forums show that some people are for pre-made fans, and a lot of people are against. Are they worried that their investment in advanced



• Beginner or novice lash artists can just buy and apply “volume” when they may not know how to isolate or style the lashes appropriately. Isolation must be practiced for lash health and comfort. • The pre-made fans have broad, boxy bases that do not wrap around the natural lash. The newest pre-made volume fans will absolutely surprise you with their tapered bases. • They are already coated in adhesive, so the application step would be “doubledipping”. But the newest available are bound by heat – no adhesive at all!

technique courses is now obsolete? Vloggers are showing their beautiful work, but are taking flak for their disruption of the status quo. Educators are bravely (brazenly?) including “express volume” in their courses. There is a push-back, yes, but the tides may turn on this one. Will advanced technique volume lashing classes become obsolete? I really don’t think so. What will you do if you run out of the pre-made size or length you need to accomplish the volume sets or fills on your book? If you are charging a premium price for a premium service, you cannot disappoint! You better know how to make those customized fans whenever required. I am, myself, wearing pre-made volume fans while writing this article. My favorite lash artist put 80 of those babies in my lashes at my last touch up. We counted. She used three lengths and two different curls, and she nailed it. These lashes are comfortable, and so far (today is one week after my touch-up), they are soft, the fans are staying open and I am only aware that I have lost five volume fans. I have noted losing 3 pre-made fans and 2 of the custom-made fans from my previous appointments.

Here are some of the perceived problems, or arguments against/for using these express volume fans: • Non-trained lash techs (those that have not learned volume lashing) can just go for it and they are calling it “volume lashing” without the proper investment in a technique class. Using pre-made fans fits the description of volume lashing – attaching multiple lashes to 1 natural lash. 10


• Nobody is posting or publishing weights of these pre-made volume fans. They weigh the same as any 3D, 5D or 7D volume lash fan. The same equivalency charts apply. Some of these very same situations happen when licensed, certified lash artists teach themselves volume lashing, or watch videos posted on social media, or simply do not put in the practice to get the skill refined and perfected. There are lash artists out there serving the public that have not perfected volume, and have not put in the practice time to accomplish quality work. That is much more of a problem or crisis as in the case of these new, premade fans. Thought leader and business guru Robin Sharma says, “All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” We do wish that everybody had the necessary integrity and work ethic to only charge for the work when they can accomplish good, safe, beautiful lash bonds and designs. There will always be great work versus shoddy work, and practice does make perfect, so I hope everyone will improve their game and rise. It all comes down to education, and the educators themselves. As an educator who believes in, sets, and performs to, high standards, I believe we can correct any one of the arguments against using this product innovation. We can stop fighting the revolution and dive into it, making it an opportunity. Set the standards, set realistic expectations and recognize this revolution as a necessary and exciting development. Beauty trends come and go. Some withstand the test of time and become iconic. Some fizzle out. They are certainly not “one size fits all”! One thing is for certain: Wherever there is a need, there will be a technique or product invented to suit! That is the entrepreneurial spirit and the heartbeat of innovation; two of the best fuel sources for momentum and progress.


LashLove ISSUE 3



EYELASH EXTENSIONS Finish the Look, Take the Crown

Ethel Reddy is a MUA, licensed Hair Stylist, Aesthetician and accomplished Lash Artist and Educator. Always expanding her network, knowledge base and skillsets, you will find her at lash industry conferences and competitions, assisting operations of Lash Artists International as Guest Liaison and VIP Concierge and assisting Jill HeijligersPeloquin at international judging events. In her spare time, she is a Vice President at Bank of America.



The contestants line up on stage, anticipating the moment the pageant’s winner will be announced. Contestant No. 1 hears applause from the audience. Contestant No. 3 smiles as cheers erupt from a section in the theatre. Contestant No. 3 revels in a standing ovation. All three have worked hard, putting months of study, planning and preparation into this night. Contestant No. 3 is clearly a beauty to behold, with polished makeup, hair in a gorgeous updo and perfect, shimmering fingernails. She smiles, first at the judges, then the audience, with luscious scarlet lips, but what may set her apart from the other contestants is a beautiful set of customized eyelashes. Yes, eyelashes! I have been involved with beauty pageants as the Director of Makeup and Hair Artist for well more than a decade. The popularity of eyelash individual and/or volume eyelash extensions has exploded since I began this work. In the past couple of years,

extensions have become every bit as vital a detail as makeup, hair and nails to create a winning pageant look.

What can we do to help a contestant win the Crown? Strip lashes can fall off on the runway, or, if not properly glued, can come loose and create an unbalanced, asymmetrical look before the judges, and – even worse – in photos posted to social media – OMG! Mascara alone will not add the drama a contestant needs so that the audience and judges can see her eyes in their full glory. A little bit of added length in your lashes will do the trick, though. Eyelash artists should assure each contestant’s lash set is customdesigned to highlight strengths, and camouflage flaws. Creative use of extensions can correct uneven or misdirected lashes into a straight and even line, can build thickness and length with thin or short lashes, and can even create the illusion of balance with eyes that are not completely symmetrical. Remember, we are not just lash artists, we are mathematicians, as well! We must understand the eyes and learn how to apply math skills to calculate the symmetry, create balance, and ensure each contestant’s eyelashes complement their look. Keep an eye out for continuing education classes and workshops that teach these skills more in-depth. Also, don’t forget bottom lash extensions! For those with very fine bottom lashes, a baby .03 mm diameter volume set can make all the difference.

I would love to share some tips that I have found invaluable as a pageant MUA and Lash Artist: • Keep in mind the eye shape and apply the design that best enhances the individual’s eyes. • As contestants are competing in a beauty pageant, the goal is to accentuate beauty, not distract from it. Avoid being overly dramatic, excessively thick or flashy eyelashes.

Invest in quality eyelash extensions and adhesives. I buy smaller bottles of adhesive from reputable distributors, and write the date it was opened on the bottom. Once I’ve reached about three weeks, I toss the bottle and replace it. Performance is better the fresher the adhesive, so clearance adhesive or cheaper products found on eBay usually end up not being a bargain, at all. Good adhesive is vital to placing the extensions as close as possible to the lash line, which, in turn assures a set of extensions that look as if the contestant grew those perfect lashes herself. Now, flaunt, flash, and bat those beautiful eyes! I hand-select my team from people I have worked with before. I want people I know can deliver there to do the work, but I may also bring on two or more new artists to train for the next event. Once the team is selected, they are e-mailed with details for the show, and for the makeup and hair designs. Also, we will have a face to face meeting or web conference to go over the plan of the event. The pace is fast – you won’t get any time to rest. You will likely get food and water – many shows provide food, and I make sure to bring snacks if not – but there’s not much down time. Since there’s also not direct financial reward, at least initially. It’s important that artists have sincerity, a good heart, and a real passion for helping contestants get that crown. Artists are not only there for the contestants, but also for the success of the show, so be there for each other as artists. At my pageants, we encourage artists to work together as a team. It’s

not unusual for one artist to call out for help, and be descended upon by other artists, stretching the cords of their curling irons over to one chair to help get a contestant ready. The artists cheer on their own contestants, and everyone else’s, as well, from backstage. We encourage everyone to use photos and posts to social media of both themselves and the process. This is a good promotional tool for the show, the contestants and the artists. Not only do contestants often come back looking for that lash or makeup artist after the show and become clients, but I frequently pass along the names of the makeup and hair design teams to people asking for recommendations.

Please remember, though, to make sure all people in the background of the photos are presentable before you post. It’s all in the details – no contestants in bras!



Since I know and have worked with you personally, I can vouch for your being ready for any situation in a makeup prep or a photo or video shoot – “Ethel Reddy” is your name, after all! As you direct and manage the workflow of Beauty Pageants, what unique situations should Lash Artists be prepared to encounter if they work with with pageant contestants? As a lash artist, you must understand different eye shapes and how to balance both eyes. Tailor the contestants’ lash design to enhance their eyes on stage. In order to do this, ensure your kit has various types of lashes – B, C, CC, D and L. It’s important to be proficient in both individual and volume lashing. Invest in yourself! Annual continuing education classes in makeup, hair design and advanced lash techniques are a must. Each year, I attend lash conferences, makeup and hair design classes or workshops, either in person, or streaming online. As a director of makeup and hair, I keep a backup supply kit with everything under the sun, including tattoo coverage, safety pins, double-sided clothing tape, bra strap correctors, adhesive nipple covers, extra false hair, hair nets, buns and earring backs. I also have bottles of hair fiber on hand in all hair colors. Hair fiber works similarly to lash fiber mascara and is indispensable for contestants whose hair shows empty or thin spots, especially with an updo. Shake some of this product onto the scalp and rub it in as needed to fill in those spots, or to correct a too-high widow’s peak, and set with hair spray.

If somebody in our readership is a Lash Artist and MUA or a Lash Artist and Hair Designer, or even a Lash Industry Educator preparing students for real work in the real market, how does one get the gig? How could you break into working Pageants on a regular basis? Any suggestions for those aiming specialize in this field?

Thank you for taking the time, Ethel, to tell us about your particular niche as a Beauty Pageant Director of Makeup and Hair. You have recently hit the San Francisco “ pageant trifecta” – nabbing Directorship of the three big San Francisco-area Beauty Pageants. Where else have you been lending your expertise? • • • • • • • • •


Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America – August 2017 Miss Chinatown – February 2017 Miss San Francisco & Miss County San Francisco 2017 – October 2017 Miss Teen & Miss Treasure Island / Barbary Coast / Golden Gate – October 2017 Princess Program – October 2017 Northern California Cherry Blossom Queen Program – April 2017 Miss Outstanding Teen – April 2017 I am signed for the Makeup and Hair Director for 2018 for all these pageants. I assisted at Miss Sing Tao – December 2017


All industries have groups and industry events. Seek out and join Facebook groups or industry boards, where many of these job opportunities are posted. Be prepared to work unpaid gigs. Network in your circle and reach out to anyone that you know is working at show or pageants. Also, let your personality and work show backstage. Get to know photographers, contestants and designers. While you work on a model, contestant and/or any special guest, let them know that you’re a lash artist, and educate them on how you can customize their lashes to avoid the hassle of strip lashes. Connect with them on all social media. You have the best opportunity to network in those moments. Don’t forget to follow up with the organizers for future events. As for pursuing pageants as a field specialty, google all the pageants in your area and reach out to the pageant director to make contact with the event’s makeup and hair director. Ask if you can join the makeup/hair team, or offer a lash extension sponsorship to the contestants. Also, work the director to get your name listed in the program book, or, better yet, publish your advertisement in the program book.

What’s it like on a Pageant Makeup call for MUAs? Fast n furious? Could you give some insight as to what it’s like to work as a team in such a situation? I build an Excel spreadsheet with a list of all requirements (tools, products, etc.) for every event, pageant or fashion show. I designate one lead makeup artist and one lead hair designer, then build a timeline for teams that corresponds to the flow of the event. Each contestant is assigned one hair designer and one makeup artist that work on her at the same time. Teams must stick to the timeline, as the show must go on. For a show with 12 contestants, I would expect to need eight makeup artists and eight hair designers, but it’s the nature of the job that someone will call in sick or not show, so I always book four extras. I hand-select my team from people I have worked with before. I want people I know can deliver there to do the work, but I may also bring on two or more new artists to train for the next event. Once the team is selected, they are e-mailed with details

for the show, and for the makeup and hair designs. Also, we will have a face to face meeting or web conference to go over the plan of the event. The pace is fast – you won’t get any time to rest. You will likely get food and water – many shows provide food, and I make sure to bring snacks if not – but there’s not much down time. Since there’s also not direct financial reward, at least initially. It’s important that artists have sincerity, a good heart, and a real passion for helping contestants get that crown. Artists are not only there for the contestants, but also for the success of the show, so be there for each other as artists. At my pageants, we encourage artists to work together as a team. It’s not unusual for one artist to call out for help, and be descended upon by other artists, stretching the cords of their curling irons over to one chair to help get a contestant ready. The artists cheer on their own contestants, and everyone else’s, as well, from backstage. We encourage everyone to use photos and posts to social media of both themselves

and the process. This is a good promotional tool for the show, the contestants and the artists. Not only do contestants often come back looking for that lash or makeup artist after the show and become clients, but I frequently pass along the names of the makeup and hair design teams to people asking for recommendations. Please remember, though, to make sure all people in the background of the photos are presentable before you post. It’s all in the details – no contestants in bras!

Miss Chinatown 2016, Chelsea Hung Makeup, Hair, Lashes: Ethel Reddy Photography: David Yu • DavidYuPhotography




Martina Krajinovic Gulsun is an expert lash artist & master educator from Zagreb, Croatia. She is the owner of “KALLOS“ Lash Academy & Studio and organizer of Lash Challenge Croatia and was recently appointed Chief Editor of LashMe Magazine: EuroBalkan Edition. As a happily married mother of 2 that loves dancing and making bad jokes, she is trying to inspire every woman out there that there is a way to have it all, we just need a little love and support.



A woman rushing into the lash studio for her infill, checks in at the front desk, and walks into the waiting room, right past a man walking toward the desk. “Well, helloooo, gorgeous,” she thinks when he looks right into her eyes and gives her a kindly smile. She smiles back, feeling elated for a moment. “He could be a perfect match,” she thinks to herself. Their children would have his striking deep blue eyes and her blonde hair, she daydreams, pretending to concentrate on the magazine she’s flipping through absentmindedly, trying not to stare. Then her heart sinks as he reaches into his back pocket for his wallet. “He probably came to buy a gift card for his girlfriend,” she thinks, shaking off her disappointment when her lash artist calls her name, snapping her out of her imaginary world. “We can start your treatment,” she says, making small talk as she works about cleaning the lashes, retention, her husband, her mother in law, her sick dog, that impossible to please client she had yesterday, the cute guy that comes for an infill every month without fail, her kids. “Wait, wait, wait. Go back,” the woman says. “That man gets his lashes done?” That’s right. GUYlashes.

Before we jump to judgment about Guylashes – and the guys who participate in this growing beauty trend, let’s talk about the long list of pros to the treatment. While Guylashes can be used as a tool to give a man a softer, more feminine look if they wanted that, many men who get lashes do so for much more practical reasons – to look younger, more refreshed and awake, more put-together and to make their eyes stand out. I had a chance to be a judge at male lash competition, and the male model results for the category were amazing! To be clear, most of them were there because, thanks to their girlfriends or wives, they had NO choice. When your woman is in need of a model, you just bend your head down and say, “Yes, dear!” These were all ordinary – and plenty masculine – men that would ordinarily be sitting around on a Saturday night with their guy friends having a beer, probably wondering why any man would bother subjecting themselves to this treatment. I studied their reactions carefully when they came into the judging room and saw their extended lashes for the first time. It was so COOL! Even if I had wanted to look into the mirror in the room, I wouldn’t have been able to come close to it, because one of them was always in front of it, checking out their lashes. They were amazed by the result. They looked fresh. Their eyes were wide open and just different, but not feminized. They asked questions about the procedure. They touched their lashes, trying to figure out how something so thin and almost invisible could change the way they look. It was really fun seeing the change in their perspective and it gave me the answer!

This is the EVOLUTION of the REVOLUTION. This is the pedicure of 21st century. This is ACCEPTABLE. Let’s give our men a chance to look nice with no damage to their masculinity!



LASH BROS – and Cons (Martina’s Tips on creating successful GUYlash looks)

Photo this page Lashes: Edyta Nabit Model: Paweł Zabłotny Photographer: Adrianna Brzozowska Photo previous page, top view Lashes: Monika Mroczka Model: Adam Mroczka Photographer: Michał Zdanowicz Photo previous page, bottom view With permission: Lashmania Challenge 2017



When it comes to lashes for men, we’re doing the complete opposite of what we’d do for women. The finished product needs to look absolutely natural, with minimal curl, and extension lengths should follow the natural length of each individual lash. Reserve the “perfect line” for the ladies. “Less than perfect” is just right for men. When it comes to the color and diameter of Guylashes, we should be careful. The main purpose is just to enhance their natural lashes, so there are some rules: Dark and strong natural lashes require only a slight fullness with diameters of 0.07, 0.085 or 0.10. But, when it comes to blonds or red lashes, lamination would be the first choice. We can color their lashes into dark brown or black and get a strong, masculine, natural effect. For men who have full and long, but very straight, lashes, lash lift is a great solution.

Choosing the right silicone rod and lifting the lashes to a medium lift will open their eyes and make them look really refreshed. Plus, they do not have to come back as often as when receiving lash extensions. Try lash lift, lamination and a reconstructive lash and brow treatment such as lash or brow “botox”. Does he have a beard or mustache? Using the lash botox on a wild and wiry beard or mustache can bring polish, sheen and manageability!

"The possibilities are unlimited. Just make sure to keep it subtle, man."








lash events ISSUE 3










吀栀攀 昀椀爀猀琀 攀瘀攀渀琀 漀昀 椀琀ᤠ猀 欀椀渀搀 椀渀 䌀愀渀愀搀愀℀ 伀瘀攀爀 ㈀㜀  瀀氀愀挀攀猀 昀漀爀 瀀愀爀琀椀挀椀瀀愀渀琀猀℀ 䰀愀猀栀 琀爀愀椀渀攀爀猀Ⰰ 挀攀氀攀戀爀椀琀椀攀猀Ⰰ 戀氀漀最最攀爀猀℀ 倀爀攀猀攀渀琀猀 琀漀 愀氀氀 琀栀攀 瀀愀爀琀椀挀椀瀀愀渀琀猀℀

䨀唀䐀䜀䔀匀 ☀ 匀倀䔀䄀䬀䔀刀匀

䠀䄀一一䄀 䈀䄀䈀䄀一䄀䬀䄀嘀䄀

䔀䰀䤀娀䄀 䠀伀䰀䴀䔀匀

䰀䄀唀刀䄀 䬀䄀䴀䤀一匀䬀䤀䔀一䔀

䨀唀䰀䤀䄀 䴀䄀一一

䨀䤀䰀䰀 䠀䔀䤀䨀䰀䤀䜀䔀刀匀倀䔀䰀伀儀唀䤀一

䰀䤀唀䐀䄀 䄀倀伀匀吀伀䰀

䴀䤀䌀䠀䔀䰀䰀䔀 䴀䔀刀䔀䐀䤀吀䠀-刀䄀吀䠀

䰀䔀䄀一一䔀 䠀䄀刀䈀䔀刀

䔀䬀䄀吀䔀刀䤀一䄀 唀䰀夀䄀一伀䘀䘀

伀䰀䜀䄀 匀䠀䄀刀䤀倀伀嘀䄀

嘀䄀䰀䔀刀䤀䄀 䈀唀䌀刀䔀䔀嘀䄀

䤀一䜀䄀 䴀䤀匀䤀唀吀䔀

䄀䰀䔀堀䄀一䐀刀䄀 䠀䔀刀䴀䄀一

䄀䰀䔀一䄀 䤀嘀䄀一伀嘀䄀

䠀䄀䨀一䄀䰀䬀䄀 匀䤀䴀伀一-䰀䔀一䐀嘀䄀䤀

䬀䄀吀䠀䄀刀䤀一䄀 圀䔀䤀䜀䄀一䐀吀

䨀唀䰀䤀䄀 倀䄀一伀嘀䄀

䴀䄀刀吀䄀 圀䤀䄀吀刀

夀嘀伀一一䔀 嘀䄀一 圀䤀䔀刀䔀一

䘀刀䄀一䬀䤀䔀 圀䤀䐀䐀伀圀匀

䨀唀䰀䤀䄀 䬀伀嘀䄀䰀䔀一䬀伀䄀䰀嘀䄀刀䔀娀

眀眀眀⸀氀愀猀栀最氀漀戀愀氀挀栀愀洀瀀椀漀渀猀栀椀瀀⸀挀漀洀 ⌀氀愀猀栀最氀漀戀愀氀挀栀愀洀瀀椀漀渀猀栀椀瀀 椀渀昀漀䀀愀渀最攀氀眀椀渀最猀戀攀愀甀琀礀⸀挀愀

眀眀眀⸀愀渀最攀氀眀椀渀最猀戀攀愀甀琀礀⸀挀愀 ⌀愀渀最攀氀眀椀渀最猀戀攀愀甀琀礀挀愀 ⼀愀渀最攀氀眀椀渀最猀戀攀愀甀琀礀挀愀



2 day Educational Conference on May 5 & 6 The NALA Awards Gala on Saturday, May 5 in Toronto



Join, come, win

m o Fr Euro 0 0 1

Lash Me! in Warsaw 2018 19-20.05.2018 Warsaw, Poland FB: lashmemagazine Contact: 28





Hollywood Lash Conference

Exclusively for trained eyelash artists June 1-3, 2018 at the Universal Hilton Hotel Los Angeles/Universal City) in Hollywood, California.

Join us for a weekend of socializing and education! You’ll enjoy a Friday Night Meet and Greet Cocktail Party to unwind from your travels and relax with your peers in the industry. Saturday and Sunday will include exclusive classes in various specialties as well as a sit down formal lunch. You won’t go home empty handed! Besides the knowledge you’ll have gained, each attendee shall also be heading home with a fabulous Goodie Bag! Michelle Rath

Miranda Tarpey

Kelly Storer

Louise Tierney

Frankie Widdows

Jill Heijigers-Peloquin

Loreta Jasilionyte


Otto Mitter

Daria Ziolkowska






24th & 25th August 2018 Day 1 Conferece - Extensions, Laslift, Brows Goodiebags Celebrity speakers Day 2 6 workshops Award ceremony Entertainment

* Both days include coffe breaks and lunch * Workshops are included in both ticket prices * Stay tuned for details on our social media WWW.LASHARTSHOP.COM








Note from the Editor In Part 3 of our EYE EXPERTISE SERIES with Dr. Pham, we asked him to discuss further 3 very common eye diseases/disorders that are found on our client intake forms, but that Lash Artists might not be comfortable clearly defining. Are they contraindications (circumstances where we should not perform the eyelash extension service), or are they conditions that might be managed, allowing the client to enjoy wearing lash extensions? Understanding disorders and diseases of the eye could help with your understanding and engagement with your clients. If your client checks off on these, you will be more knowledgeable and capable of working safely or confident in referring to a physician. If your clients express or present any of these symptoms or tells you they have been diagnosed with Ocular Rosacea, MGD or Blepharospasms, this discussion should be helpful. As a Lash Artist, you are not a medical professional, and so cannot diagnose eye diseases or disorders, but becoming more informed only strengthens the level of care and quality service you offer.



“Lash artists are really at the forefront of developing new techniques and strategies for improving eyelid function, which plays such a pivotal role in determine the success and happiness of clients. By better understanding the anatomy and physiology of the eyelid margin, lash artists can help to better understand and care for the eyelids. Even doctors do not have as much contact and experience with the eyelids as lash specialists!” – Dr. Peter Pham

Q: What is Ocular Rosacea? A: Rosacea is a common skin condition that affects 15-20 Million people in the US alone. The cause for rosacea is unknown but there is some evidence that the intestinal tract and the local flora of microorganisms such as bacteria and mites on the facial skin may contribute to the development of rosacea. There is an inheritance pattern and those with Irish ancestry have a much higher risk of acquiring rosacea, hence rosacea is sometimes called the “Curse of the Celts”. The flush around Princess Diana’s cheeks wasn’t all from makeup but from rosacea. Most of us think of rosacea as redness or flushing around the cheeks and this is indeed the most common visual presentation of the disease. However, some people with rosacea have acne looking skin and this type of rosacea is called acne rosacea or papulopustular rosacea. A less common type of rosacea causes thickening of the skin, most often involving the nose. Then there is ocular rosacea, which as its name implies, involves the eyes and is often thought to be distinct from the other types rosacea. In actuality, almost everyone with rosacea will have some ocular involvement if you look for it, but it’s actually not the eyeball that’s affected; it’s the eyelid. Ocular rosacea is a more severe form of eyelid margin acne, which is what is seen in most cases of dry eyes. There is both an increase in the redness and oil clogging along the eyelid margins where the tiny oil glands called Meibomian Glands lie. The resulting inflammation on the eyelids extends onto the “white” part of the eye to cause it to redden. In some case, the cornea, or the central colored portion of the eye, also will be affected. When this occurs, there is significant pain, redness, light sensitivity, and

vision loss. It sometimes looks just like an infection on the eye. The treatment for ocular rosacea is very similar to that for dry eye. Those with rosacea are very sensitive to “triggers” such as caffeine, alcohol, and many cosmetic

products. It’s advisable for everyone with ocular rosacea to be on a daily regimen of eyelid care with a platform like Zocular to reduce the risk of eyelid margin flareups, and this is especially important if there’s already eyelash extensions present. Anyone with rosacea is likely to have eyelid involvement ISSUE 3


and should have a careful evaluation of the eyelids to reduce the risk of lash extension intolerance.

Q: Why is MGD something to take seriously? A: MGD is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. It is seldom discussed since it’s so often confused with dry eye, where the primary treatment seems to be artificial tears, even though the term dry eye is really a misnomer for MGD. Almost everyone (over 85%) with dry eye actually has MGD. The Meibomian Glands are tiny oil-producing structures along the upper and lower eyelids in each eye. They produce the oil component in tears, which mainly consist of water, mucin, and oil. When the Meibomian Glands become clogged and inflamed in MGD, it alters the natural



healthy state of tears and introduces inflammatory substances into the tear fluid with every blink. It’s the inflammation that causes the dry eye sensation and the appearance of redness, grittiness, dryness, and irritation. Proper treatment for dry eye starts with correctly identifying the primary underlying cause. MGD is a chronic disease with no known cure. It requires continuous management to suppress the chronic and heightened inflammation occurring on the eyelids.

Q: What are blepharospasms? Is it the same as jumpy, over-caffeinated eyes? A: Blepharospasm is a medical condition in which both eyes undergo involuntary, excessive blinking. It’s generally treated

with injections of botulinum (“botox”) to paralyze the eyelid muscles. We often confuse blepharospasm with the eyelid twitching that many of us experience on an intermittent basis. Unlike blepharospasm, eyelid twitching can involve one or both eyes and can be triggered by stress, lack of sleep, dry eye, or caffeine. A little rest will usual get rid of the typical eyelid twitching but true blepharospasm will not go away in a day.

Q:What about self-eye care for the lash artist? Blue-blocker lenses for a break from screen time? Eye exercises or restful and healthful measures? Can depth perception be strengthened with puzzle work? A: There is increasing evidence that excessive blue light can be harmful to

the eye. But not all blue light is bad. Some wavelengths of blue light cause more harm to the lens or retina than others and while other blue wavelengths help to synchronize our circadian cycle. Ambient light indoors does not strike our eyes directly since we rarely stare at the ceiling, but we do stare directly at our mobile phones and computer monitors and at close distances as well. From a practical standpoint, it’s good idea to avoid too much blue light at night and to turn on the blue filter function on our electronic devices to mitigate the risk to our eyes. Choose a clear blue-filtering glasses rather than a yellow-tinted one that will alter our color perception. And it’s always best to take intermittent breaks to allow our eyes to rest, just as we would if we were swimming or running, especially since we have muscles (ciliary muscles) in our eyes that are constantly contracting to help us focus.





Note from Lash Inc We asked Carmen – our resident expert in creative tutorials to explore various volume techniques and to demonstrate the beautiful results one can achieve with each. This issue, she shows tells all, providing her bespoke examples of and offering feedback on two popular technique trends in North America: American Volume and Express Volume (aka Pre-made Fans).



American Volume VS Russian Volume The key indicator for Russian volume is even density and a darkening effect from root to tip across the whole application. The main goal is to set all lashes to the same line. To get the perfect lash line, the longest lashes go on the bottom natural lash row and the shortest on the top-most row. This is the typically taught/ most known way of “Russian Volume” lash application. American Volume is a newer technique or method of application

American Volume

10 9 9 8 8 8 7 6 7

11 10 9

10 9 9 8 8 7 8 76

LASH MAP Carmen Palmiste’s American Volume

within the industry. Learning this technique will essentially undo and override everything we’ve come to be used to. Perfect lashline is no longer the main priority. American Volume’s key goal is to achieve an effect similar to the eyeliner or “Perfect line” where the darkest, most prominent area is closest to the eyelid, and then feathering out to a more light, airy look at the lash tips. To accomplish this look, you have to flip the rows or layers. In American Volume, you add the shortest extensions on the bottom and the longest on the top. This will ensure softer density at the top and much more pronounced line closest to the eye – giving you the eyeliner look that accentuates the eye.

American Volume

Russian Volume



American Volume VS Russian Volume

Pre-made Volume

Lash Artistry: Carmen Palmiste, Lash Art Shop Photography: Carmen Palmiste Model: Sigrit Sarapuu

The key indicator for Russian volume is even density and a darkening effect from root to tip across the whole application. The main goal is to set all lashes to the same line. To get the perfect lash line, the longest lashes go on the bottom natural lash row and the shortest on the topmost row. This is the typically taught/ most known way of “Russian Volume” lash application. American Volume is a newer technique or method of application within the industry. Learning this technique will essentially undo and override everything we’ve come to be used to. Perfect lashline is no longer the main priority. American Volume’s key goal is to achieve an effect similar to the eyeliner or “Perfect line” where the darkest, most prominent area is closest to the eyelid, and then feathering out to a more light, airy look at the lash tips. To accomplish this look, you have to flip the rows or layers. In American Volume, you add the shortest extensions on the bottom and the longest on the top. This will ensure softer density at the top and much more pronounced line closest to the eye – giving you the eyeliner look that accentuates the eye.

Pre-made fans Pros: Pre-made fans are extremely time-efficient to apply. They will speed up the process and help you fill faster, especially in situations where your client is late or if they need a last-minute application for a gathering (birthday, theatre, trip, etc.). Once you get the trick, the fans are very easy to pick up off of the strip. Different manufacturers use different fastening styles – some fasten the fans onto the glue strip about mid-way, so you can grab them by the tips or by the bottom; others are set down by the base of the fan, like most individual lashes are, and where picking them up is more similar to standard volume technique. Pre-made fans have also more variations available as of late, some are with a longer stem, others with a much shorter stem. Some are already fixed in position with 42


glue or melted with heat. Others are open, allowing you to create a wrap around the natural lash. The outcome, when used correctly, is always near-perfect, because there are no flaws or differences in fan spread or offset. Cons: One of the biggest cons for pre-made lashes is their price. Each box contains considerably less lashes than your normal one which means you will need around 12-16 rows just for one eye. This means you will be spending 2-3 boxes per client, which can be very costly. Picking up fans can be

somewhat weird and even uncomfortable. Getting used to them will take 10-20 minutes, before you get the hang of it and stop breaking them apart. Using premade fans also requires some tutoring by someone experienced, since the glue amount used with them, is different from individually formed volume fans. In general, it can be said, that pre-made fans definitely have a place in the lashing industry. They work great for express applications, in “lash-SOS” situations or infills for classic lashes. But one thing they should not be, is a quick shortcut from classic to volume advancement.



#Interview with Dela Antoinette


Trending UP: Male Lash Services B Y JILL HEIJLIGERS-PELOQUIN

Dela Antoinette is a licensed cosmetologist and celebrity lash artist located in the SF, Bay Area. She has a background of over 20 years in the beauty industry and her specialty is applying natural looking eyelash extensions that are uniquely designed for each individual client.

Male Lashes are becoming a hot topic and a trend to teach and even compete at for lash artists. In fact, we have a feature article on it this issue, so thank you, Dela, for sharing the results of this recent appointment and photoshoot with your client Jaymes. Is this the first time you have worked on a male client for lash extension services at your studio?

Lash Artist & Photographer: Dela Antoinette Model: Jaymes Anthony



No, this isn’t the first time I’ve worked on a male client. My first male client was over 10 years ago. He was a cast member of the Real Housewives of Orange County and the exposure I received from that opportunity allowed me to work with more male clients soon after the show aired. So I had previous experience working with male clients prior to Jaymes.

Funny how it takes years, sometimes, for a service to make it to “trend”! Had you worked with Jaymes before this opportunity? And would you please share a little bit about the journey of creating his particular style? This was my first time working with Jaymes and it was his first time having eyelash extensions applied. He’s a working model here in the SF, Bay Area and a makeup artist so with that comes an open mind and lots of creativity. I had a chance to see his head shots prior to our meeting and knew as soon as I saw his thick, full beard, I wanted to do a shoot that highlighted his masculinity while adding a hint of softness in his eyes. I knew I could achieve that by extending his lashes using a strong curl and keeping the density more natural.

Can you share what diameter, curls and such details you used for this look? Is it a classic 1:1 lash application, or were any other techniques used? Absolutely! Since Jaymes has naturally thick and curly eyelashes, I applied a classic, 1:1 set of extensions and covered 100% of his natural lashes. I used D curl in .12 diameter with lengths ranging between 8-13mm. The longest lengths were placed in the center of his eyes and I used the shortest lengths on the inside and outside corners. Styling his lashes in this way gave his eyes a softer, more natural look.

In creating successful results for male lashes, and guiding those male clients to successful aftercare, do you perceive any difference in males versus female clients as far as care and retention goes? In my experience, male clients are very low maintenance in terms of aftercare. They tend not to use as many skincare/ makeup products as my female clients so aftercare instructions are a lot easier to follow. I also find that my male clients tend to have better retention and I credit that to male clients using less skincare/makeup products that are oil-based and they are very consistent with keeping their lashes clean.

After posting on social media, the feedback is terrific for this particular set – if you were to have an increase in male clientele, how would you make it easy for them to choose what service (lift, extensions, both) or style to choose? Do you have any tips on the consultation process – to keep your male clients at ease before they lay down for that “lash nap”? For every new client, I always ask questions about their day to day life so I have a better understanding of what would best suit them. It’s a fine balance of giving my clients what they want while ensuring the health of my clients natural lashes. It always helps to have photos ISSUE 3


might share to focus on when extending the lashes for male clients? Since male clients aren’t common in our industry, it may be a little intimidating to take on a male client. I have never shied away from taking on a challenge and I would encourage any artist to take on the same attitude. My greatest achievements have come out of being willing to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. It’s scary sometimes but once you work through the nerves, you’ll gain more confidence and experience for the future. Generally speaking, when it comes to lash services, most men want a natural look. Applying lash extensions that are thinner in diameter and are a close match in curl and length have proven to be successful for me. If you start there, you can always make adjustments based on what your client wants.

Where on the web and social media can our readers find you to like and follow as such an exemplary lash artist? My website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Call/Text: (925)968-4863

Thank you for sharing your insight and your excellent lash work and professional insight! Thank you so much for this opportunity and for sharing my lash artistry with your readers! I truly appreciate it.

to share as examples so male clients have a better idea of the looks you can achieve with eyelash extensions. Both male and female clients appreciate when you take the time to understand their needs and explain in full detail how you’ll help them get the results they’re looking for.

Caring for a male client’s lashes, brows and beards/mustaches could become a huge subspecialty for lash artists. I can imagine all kinds if marketing hooks, like “His n Herz Lashes” – haha. How would you reach out to invite more men into the fold and make GUYlashes and GUYbrows an easy choice? I would love to see more male clients experience the confidence boost that comes with wearing eyelash extensions! I think most men think it’s a service for women only or feminine men. However that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve worked with more mature men and have found as the pigment of their natural lashes fade, if I apply a lash extension of a darker color that’s the same length, curl and thickness of their natural lashes, it can create a more youthful appearance. I believe if we focus on highlighting those benefits to the more conservative, mature men, in time we may see an increase in the number of male clients wanting eyelash extensions.

For the lash artists out there that would like to further explore this, what are a couple of tips you 46



W W W. D E L A - A N T O I N E T T E S ISSUE 3


#Canadian Artist Spotlight


Meet Jessica Robinson: an Eyelash Technician with LM Lash Artistry located in Maple Ridge, B.C. and also works out of a salon in Fort Langley called Bee Pampered. Her website is and Instagram handle is @atlonglash.

LI: Hi Jessica! Thank you for being interviewed in our Canadian Lash Artist Spotlight! You were chosen for not only your lash artistry, but your makeup artistry skills in photoshoots for LM Lash Artistry. How long have you been doing lash extensions and makeup artistry? JR: I have been doing makeup for roughly 10 and ½ years, doing makeup for weddings, proms and photoshoots. I decided that I wanted to learn how to apply eyelash extensions to add to my resume. I took the course through Luxe Lash Academy in August 2006 and have been doing them regularly since then. I was working full time as a Purchaser for an industrial coatings manufacturer and doing eyelash extensions on evenings and weekends. I decided to make the jump and leave my job as a purchaser, which I had been working at for 6 years, and do eyelash extensions full time and work for myself.



LI: Are you formally trained as a makeup artist? In Canada some beauty industry services are not regulated as far as formal licensing goes (as in most of the states in the US), but do you hold any diplomas or certifications for esthetics, makeup and/or lashes? JR: I received me certificate for cosmetology from Surrey College, and took both my Classic and Russian volume eyelash extension courses from Luxe Lash Academy. I received certificates for both courses and in 2017 I took another course for a Lash Lift and Tint workshop, receiving a certificate for that as well.

LI: For lash artists that would like to work on photoshoots as makeup artists, do you have any tips, “do’s and don’ts”, etc? JR: Do the lashes before the photoshoot, go in with a clear idea what you have in mind for makeup, hair, etc. Give yourself plenty of time and relax! I always play music to keep me relaxed and focused. Once you start doing your job your will get into your groove.

LI: Is there a specific team you like to work with (model, photographer, etc) on your shoots, or do you find it fun to collaborate with different people on the shoots you’ve been involved with? JR: I love working with my friend Breanne who has her own photography business -Breanne Nicole Photography. We work really well together. I also love to meet new people and work with them as there are so many talented models, makeup artists and photographer’s out there.

LI: What are some of your “go to” tips for working with makeup and lash extensions in a shoot? Especially since the lashes will have been applied prior to the makeup for a shoot, how do you keep them looking fresh and like the finishing touch? JR: I recommend you do the lashes as close to the photoshoot as possible – even if you have to get up at 4 am to do them. It’s too nerve wracking doing the lashes a few days before, as your always worried that they won’t look perfect for the photoshoot. Applying makeup after/over the extensions can be tricky. Eyeshadow can often get all over the lashes and make them look dull. Once the makeup is done I use a hair dryer on the low cool setting and quickly give them a once over. I then brush them with a clean mascara wand, so they are perfect.

LI: Are there any particular makeup artists that you follow and admire? Who are some of your favorites for inspiration and why? JR: Samantha Ravndahl! You can find and follow her too on Instagram at @ssssamanthaa and on her YouTube Channel. Her makeup is amazing!!! I love everything that she posts, and she never seems to do the same look twice. She is very creative and artistic. You can tell that she is passionate about her work.

LI: This is the Lash & Brow Love Affair issue, so can you share a bit about brow artistry as it relates to the lashes? Shaping these two correctly and cohesively can change the whole face! JR: I always give myself extra time to focus on the brows when



doing makeup to make sure they are filled in and shaped to match the clients face. I feel like if the brows aren’t perfect, it throws the whole face off. Having eyelashes extensions is like waking up already ready to go. I feel like the right shape and size enhance the eye shape. I know from experience I could not go without eyelash extensions and have been getting them for the past 5 years. I have always had super thick eyebrows, so thick that I was made fun of in school when I was younger but now thick brows are one of the biggest makeup trends!

LI: Thank you Jessica!!! Can you share a recent photoshoot look with us and comment on the makeup artistry and the lashes for us? JR: Sure! The photos I am including here are my most recent photoshoot. I wanted to do a soft look, so I used very natural makeup just enhancing the model’s natural beauty. Neutral tones, very natural Russian volume eyelash extensions, CC Curl sizes 7mm to 11mm and soft waves for her hair. This model is actually my best friend since high school. She was my model often when I went to makeup school and I did her makeup for her wedding 7 years ago.

Makeup Artist: Jessica Robinson Hair: Jessica Robinson Eyelash Extensions: Damien Molina Photography: Breanne Nicole Photography Model: Nina Barry



l a s h e s f o r r e a l l i f e ISSUE 3



Stella Sironen, MUA


She’s a Makeup Artist, an Instagram Influencer, and has recently received loads of attention online and in print for her avant-garde brow work – especially as 2017 saw many out-of-thebox brow designs. We have been following Stella Sironen on Instagram, and if you love colorful, artistic eye makeup design – or are searching for great inspiration for your next Fantasy Lash Art creation, look no further than Stella’s instagram handle,

We reached out to Stella and asked her to share some favorite photos and answer a few questions so our Lash Inc readership could get to know the woman behind the work. Thank you, Stella, for taking the time to share your work and creative process with Lash Inc. Where do you live, work and call ‘home’? I live in Helsinki, Finland! I’m originally from Oulu, which is a town in Northern Finland, but I’ve lived in Helsinki for a bit over a year, and this city does feel like home.

Are you a full-time artist or is makeup artistry a passion project for you? At the moment I’m a full-time student. I study art history at the University of Helsinki. I do makeup kind of as a part-time job. I do freelance gigs every now and then and also work as a social media influencer on Instagram. However, makeup is both a job and a passion project for me – it stresses me out sometimes, but I don’t think I could live without it.




Thank you for allowing Lash Inc readers to find out more about you as a make-up artist. Our issue is all about the love affair between lashes and brows. I immediately thought of the work you share on Instagram of gorgeous eyes and eyebrows. How long have you been a MUA, and what is your favorite creative starting point – the brow the eyelid palette or do you just take a favorite idea and “go for it”? I started doing makeup when I was 11, and I’m 19 now, so 8 years altogether! I usually have some sort of an idea in my head – it can be a color combo, a texture, a shape or anything really – and I’ll just go for it. The result might be something entirely different than what I had imagined though!

Do you work with models more often, or do you create your art on yourself? I do most of my Instagram stuff on myself because it’s easier: I can work when I want to and take my time. I get to work with models in commercial photoshoots, and of course I use my friends as models when I want to try out something that’s easier to create on someone else (let’s say, bodypainting).


You authored an amazing fun brow trend that was written about both online and in print – what do you call that sculpted kind of brow work, and could you give a couple of tips or technique tricks for experimenting with it? Yes, the feather brow! It was originally my friend Leevi’s idea. He was randomly brushing my brows, and suddenly came up with the idea of creating a middle part in the brow. If you want to try it just for the fun of seeing your brows in a strange shape, just brush the brow hairs up and down with regular clear brow gel! It won’t stay put for too long but you’ll get the idea. If you want the full feather brow experience, use a glue stick! Warm up the stick on the back of your hand before rubbing it to your brows. Then brush the hairs up and down pretty quickly. When the glue dries down the hairs won’t move. And there’s the finished look!

When lash artists are looking for inspiration for their Fantasy Lash Art creations, we often scour Pinterest, Instagram and the web for avant-garde expression of makeup artistry and brow treatments. Who do you admire and follow as inspiration? Wow, a ton of amazing artists! I’m not going to even try to name everyone that has had an impact on my artistry, but here’s a few: Pat McGrath, Alex Box, Juliana Horner (@claropsyche on IG), Vanessa Davis (@the_ wigs_and_makeup_manager on IG), Timothy Hung (@ timothyhungcom on IG) and Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick (@ kelseyannaf on IG). 52


Eyebrow trends can be very fun and frivolous (braided brows, wavy brows, glitter brows, etc) or very tailored and sharp for editorial looks and runway. But for everyday looks (and going out on a fun evening), or even photo shoots to show off a lash artists work, we must also pay attention to the brow. What are a couple of brow shaping, must-have tools or products we should have on hand?


I promise I’m not sponsored, but all you need is these three Anastasia Beverly Hills products: dipbrow pomade, clear brow gel and angled brush with the spoolie on the other end (they have a couple different ones; I prefer brush #14). You can create anything from the most natural brow to a sharp power brow with the pomade and it will last you forever due to the high pigmentation. The clear brow gel will put the brow hairs in place and make them stay there for the whole day.

Can you share a few of your most popular accomplishments on social media and give us a quick little run down on the products or techniques used? I did this eye look with all of my skin covered in glitter and wanted to add gigantic, deep black lashes to the look to give the glitter some contrast. I didn’t find false lashes big enough, so I decided to create them by myself using a little Giorgio Armani primer sample that had this shiny, vinyl-like surface. (Image 1). This “cut crease” madness is a bit more complicated. However, I think that when you master the regular cut crease technique well, you’ll have the skill to do something like this. It will just take a lot of time and patience. I use a full coverage concealer to carve out the cut crease and make it nice and sharp. If I feel like even that isn’t sharp enough, I’ll use a black liquid liner to outline the cut crease. The chunky glitter plays a huge role in this look since it makes the look appear a lot more multi-dimensional, colourful and complicated. Adding glitter is always a good choice! (Image 2) Lastly, the original feather brow look done with the glue stick technique that I already explained. I wanted to keep the eye makeup simple and just add a bit of soft pastel colours and a nice, dewy texture to the skin using a moisturizing setting spray. (Image 3)


Where on social media and the web can our readers look for you, like, follow and subscribe? On my instagram,! That’s my only public account for now. I love having conversations about makeup art and anything makeup related so if you’re into that too, please do not hesitate to direct message me on IG!




Love Affair





Lashes, Concept: Michelle Meredith-Rath Makeup, Hair: Julia Vedeshkina Photography: Peter Rath Model: Julia Vedeshkina

Lashes & Concept: Roxy Canty-Currie Make up: Taylr Kenny Photography: A la Carte Photos Model: Sara Sananes ISSUE 3


MUA, Model and Photo: Stella Sironen Contacts:



Lash artist, photographer, concept: Marie-Line Brusa-Pasque Model: Pol Caroline

Lashes, Makeup: Virginie Tschaen Photography: Damien Molina Contacts: IG: @virginietschaen_lashartist





Lash Artist: Meaghan Gilmore Model: Rena Carlson Photographer: Ryan Stushnoff

Lash Artist, Photography: Natasha Gallier Model: TBA

Make up: Ekaterina Ulyanoff (Lash Royals) Photography: Ara Sassoonian ISSUE 3




Danielle Rae Cricchio Founder of Garnet Lash Studios San Diego, CA + Monterey, CA + more soon!

Hi Danielle! Thank you so much for allowing our Lash Inc readers to get to know you, The Lash Executive!

Find me online: YouTube: IG: @lashexecutive

You have a few studios in California – can you tell us how you came to grow your lash studio group?



Thank YOU Lash Inc. + readers for your time! I am absolutely honored to share my story with you! :)

You’re right, I am the proud mother of two successful lash studios in two beautiful California cities! The key to success? Family! Garnet Lash is the home to a collective of heart-centered and passionate women who share the same vision of elevating the industry and helping each other to grow! My Garnet Gems are EVERYTHING and my motivation to keep growing. Here’s how it all began. As one of the very few San Diego Lash Artists around in 2007, I paid my way through

college building a solid clientele with the freedom to take clients between labs and all-nighters. By the time 2011 rolled around, and I was handed my Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from San Diego State University, I had decided…screw Grad School?! I already have the job of my dreams! Estheticians from all over town had started approaching me to see if I would train them, and my once-spotty schedule around school had quickly developed into 12-hour workdays with no break, and no boundaries to my clients. Working alone is not the jam. In 2012, I began training Lash Artists, hired a concierge and expanded to a five-room studio in Pacific Beach of San Diego, CA. Born and raised in Monterey, CA, I couldn’t help but notice a complete lack of Lash Artists in the area. In late 2013, I decided to run an experiment. I figured, if I could simply cover the cost of my plane ticket by maintaining a couple of clients, then I could have dinner with my parents every three weeks. Thanksgiving and Christmas were about three weeks apart that year, so I made an announcement to family and friends that I would be in town to provide Full Sets + Refresh appointments right in time to glam them up for all the festivities. I’ve been been commuting there every 2-3 weeks ever since. In 2014, the demand for Lash Artist training found me in Monterey and resulted in my first two wonderful Monterey Gems, whom I shared my room with to start. In 2015, we expanded into our beautiful four-room, Garnet Lash Studio Monterey, ironically almost identical to Garnet Lash Studio San Diego. A little off the script… I’m a workaholic. I love what I do. It is almost impossible to come between me and the business. In early 2014, my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and passed away four months later. My decision to commute to Monterey was the only way I would have ended up spending as much quality time with her as I did. My now, emotionally-dependent father, NEEDS to see me, even if only glimpses. And I refuse to leave my happy home in San Diego for now... Follow your heart! You just never know...

How did you come to be called The Lash Executive and what inspired you to create your own Instagram show? Before I started studying Biology and Chemistry in college, I took a personal interest in Internet Marketing and Consumer Psychology which continues to be a fascination of mine. I am also absolutely enamored with the art of Eyelash Extension Application and the gratification it provides to both the customer and the provider. I live to spread this joy, TO EVERYONE. It literally hurts my heart when I see lashes that are installed incorrectly, because it is my belief that no one would harm someone’s natural lashes intentionally. My mission is to make sure every Lash Artist on the planet is performing eyelash extension application correctly. If all clients are happy and raving to their friends about their experience…then the industry grows and everyone becomes more successful! I would spew helpful data, case studies and marketing education to anyone who would listen. I needed to expand my local reach, and what better opportunity than stream live to the world… EVERY SINGLE DAY?! ISSUE 3


On May 13, 2017 I took the plunge and started LASHES+COFFEE Live‌a Q&A Livestream at 7am PST, seven days a week. @ lashexecutive was born! By that time, my resume included two Lash Studios, a training academy, a professional product line and a branding and marketing service, all specifically for Lash Artists. I wanted a new way to be available to the hundreds of women I have trained, because it can be hard to keep up, and I truly believe that the mentoring after training is what really launches Lash Artists to their higher potential. I figured there are so many like-minded professionals out there, in so many different stages of their journey. I could help them fast-track their success by sharing my 10 years of failures and successes. I LIVE TO SPREAD LASH JOY!!! Join me! :)

Live on Instagram: @lashexecutive Live on Facebook: Monday 7:30am PST Tuesday 7:30am PST Wednesday 6:00pm PST Thursday 7:30am PST Friday 7:30am PST



You are almost at episode 300 – what have been your favorite episodes or topics? All lash topics are my favorite! I upload all the juicy stuff to my YouTube Channel! Go to and subscribe so you can benefit from all the great discussion topics!

What lash-related adventures do you have in store for 2018? First off, I am so excited and honored to be featured in a BONUS Workshop at Lash Artists International! I will be there speaking on how to use Internet Marketing and stand out in Social Media! I will also be interviewing some amazing speakers! I will also be touring the United States, Canada and hopefully Europe! Please join me for a Live Workshop, one-on-one mentoring or just for a drink at one of my Lash Artist Link Ups! Live Workshops: Mentoring: MeetUps: Interview Podcast coming soon!






Co-founder/Creator of luxury eyelash extension line “LuxeLash by LM” and Co-owner of “LM Lash Artistry”, a busy Lash Lounge near Vancouver, BC. Meaghan has been a busy and successful Lash Artist for 6 years, and specializes in Russian Volume techniques. Meaghan is a proud “Luxe Lash Academy Educator” with a passion for teaching both Classic and Volume techniques.

Step 1– Be late

How annoying is it to you when your client walks through the door 5 minutes late with no respect for your time? Multiply that by 10, and you will know how your client feel about your lateness. They are paying YOU for your time and they are paying top dollar for it – Respect it. If you happen to run a few minutes over, please be apologetic, and try to manage your time better the next time.

Step 2 – Show up 1 minute before the appointment Think I’m going over board with the whole timing thing? I don’t! Your client wants to walk into their appointment and have you welcome them in, giving them confidence that you are readily prepared and not frantically getting your supplies together. I suggest giving yourself at least 5-10 minutes to prepare yourself, both mentally and physically, for the job ahead. It will benefit the both of you, trust me. An organized, time conscience stylist = a happy, loyal client.



Step 3 – Rush them out

Your client has just trusted you with their precious lashes, and paid a lot to do so. The least you can do is ensure they leave completely happy with a complete understanding of what to expect. When you hand the client a mirror, ask them if they are happy. Explain the aftercare, as well as giving them an aftercare sheet. Ask them if they have any questions, and reassure them that you will be happy to fix any issues that may arise during the first week.

Step 4 – Avoid small talk

This one may be hard. I understand that it can be difficult to maintain a lengthy conversation while creating beautiful artwork. It’s okay to discourage this… politely. Our clients love their lash time. They love to chat our ears off and get things off their chest. My advice is to have a little bit of small talk, to make them feel comfortable. Gradually shorten your answers until you are basically just replying with a “oh” or “mhmmm”- they will take that as a sign that you are focusing on your work.



Step 5 – Talk on your phone

Seriously. Just. Don’t. Talk. On. Your. Phone. (emergencies or urgent needs excluded).

Step 6 – Engage in lengthy conversations with everyone EXCEPT your client

You know that feeling when you are in a salon and all the staff are chatting and laughing to each other, sometimes in a language you don’t understand? You kind of feel unimportant and left out, right? Don’t make your client feel left out. They should be your priority at the time and they need to know that!

Step 7 – Raise your prices with no notice

Would you like that? No. Don’t do it. Proper protocol would be to let your client know of the price increase when they book their appointment, or at least a week before it occurs. And please be understanding if your client cancels. Everyone has a budget, and it’s not our place to judge!

Step 8 – Complain about your other clients

If you are complaining about your clients to them, how do they know you are not doing the same to other clients about them? Your client does not care that Judy no-showed you or that Amy showed up with a pound of mascara on. What they are after is a professional, service with a beautiful result, delivered in an efficient manner. 68


Step 9 – Wait to return their call

If you want to make that client one of yours, don’t hesitate! Many women searching for a service will go through a list of salons/ technicians to get an appointment. Don’t have time to chat? Return their call as soon as you can, even just to say “I’m currently expecting a client but would love to chat about booking you in asap. How does 7:00 sound?” By doing this you have already established a relationship. Don’t forget to call at 7!

Step 10 – Take your clients for granted

So, you are a busy lash tech with a full book and a bulging wallet? Don’t let it go to your head! Your client needs to feel as important to you as you are to them! So be understanding if a client cancels last minute once in a year. Remember to thank her for her business. Offer her a discounted service for her referrals. Take an interest in the things she talks about. And remember, SHE is the reason you are where you are, and an unappreciated client is only a phone call away from becoming someone else’s client.


MARCH 16-17-18




You Might be Making


I know I know, we all can have trouble when dealing with social media! But did you know Instagram in the last year has gone up 115% in active users? 700 million total active users and 8 million business users. The possibilities are endless with Instagram! Here are some mistakes I see daily on Instagram for all types of business – including ours, the beauty business.



#1 Badly lit or badly taken photos

Any social media mogul will tell you this is a NO-NO, and if you’re photos are dark or blurry, there are professionals that you can hire to take the photos for you, and even edit them. Just be sure to never edit the lashes. This way our clients will always have realistic expectations. Having great, clear photos is extremely important for any industry, but especially the beauty industry.

#2 Content that is not target friendly

Who is your target market? Are you producing content that is interesting for them? If your business is targeted towards children, but you post about activities or content related to teens, your target audience may “unfollow” you. Or, if your target market is women 40 and up, but you are using slang terms in your publicity photos, your audience may feel confused or unattached. For a personal example, I, as an international trainer in eyelash extensions target other lash artists in my posts, whereas a lash artist should be targeting potential clients in their posts.

#3 Not using hashtags

You’re NOT using hashtags? Why throw away free publicity? Flushing #free$$downthedrain! Instagram let’s you use up to 30 hashtags per post. If you only use 5, or they are not content related, you are not using Instagram to it’s full potential. Research popular or target friendly hashtags and choose which ones are best for your business. If you don’t know where to begin, try asking some of your client’s what hashtags they like to search or use. Tagging local colleges, restaurants, landmarks could also boost your visibility.

#4 Boring content

If you repost the same photo over and over, or post things irrelevant or simply boring, client’s will not engage. They will get bored and unfollow you or simply scroll by. We never want that! We want our photos to catch the eye and our text to announce, write, educate, whatever you want it to do. If the photo does not catch the eye, the potential client will not read your content.

#5 Not being authentic

Find a style that is real to you. Trying to copy popular Instagram pages or using a style that doesn’t follow you or your business is always a definite no in business. Clients will see through it, and simply: it is just exhausting not being yourself. So, think about it long and hard. Find out who you are and what type of brand or style you wish to portray. Your style can change down the road. We are constantly evolving (and hopefully becoming better), but everything must shift with it. Rebranding is OK, but time consuming and expensive too. It is better to create a strong brand and style from the beginning.

Roxy Canty-Currie is the CEO/founder of Roxycils & Beaute and an international master lash artist, instructor, judge, and speaker. She is the exclusive trainer for Academy Roselisa.


The Elite Eye Stylists | Les Stylistes Élite du Regard



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Fit for A King Guylashes are the new rule

W O R L D L A S H D A Y 23rd October 2018 What will you be doing to promote the Lash Industry?





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Dear L  ash Lovers

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Top Tips for Male Lashes

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Welcome to issue 17 of

Lash Inc. International Letter from

The Editor

Welcome to the first issue of 2018! 2017 was quite a year, the lash industry grew month on month with no sign of slowing down, great news for lash artists everywhere.

to pitch your ideas for editorials or collaborations with Lash Inc and with all other attendees. I will personally be at the Hollywood Lash Conference with editors Jill Heijligers-Peloquin (Lash Inc USA/ Canada), Kelly Storer (Lash Inc Australasia), Miranda Tarpey (Lash Inc United Kingdom) and Leanne Harber (Lash Inc Ireland). This is one of the few events that all the current editors will attend and we would love to network with you, please come and say hi.

There were many world class conferences and contests, with some dedicated lash artists travelling across the globe to attend these events. This year you will see even more opportunities to be part of the greater lash community. Even if you live in a remote area, as long as you have a reasonably good internet Miranda Tarpey and I are running the 2nd Super-Yacht connection, you can still be involved in everything Lash Conference in London in May which is a smaller that is happening online. VIP event which attracts attendees globally and there Follow lash vloggers/bloggers, lash TV/YouTube is plenty of time for networking at our champagne channels, podcasts, Facebook groups, Instagram after event reception. and Twitter accounts, digital lash magazines, online Whatever conference or contest you attend this tutorials/mentoring. There has never been so much year, make sure you attend one at least. I can not information available to learn from and a whole host stress enough how important it is for your business of ways to network and be part of the community. that you keep learning and networking. If you do In this issue we are introducing a calendar of conferences and competitions. This will let you know what is happening in Lash Land and do not miss the opportunity to network and learn from these types of events. LAI is the next largest event that you should consider looking at. It is held in Arizona (details in the Calendar section), received outstanding reviews last year and is an educational extravaganza with most of the Lash Inc editors in attendance. There will be opportunities 1 - Welcome

not feel ready for live contests, why not enter an online contest where there is no time pressure and every skill level from beginners to masters are covered. My very best wishes to all our readers for the forthcoming months. If you need to get in touch remember you can chat from our website, email or schedule a call;


Lash Inc.

Team  Louise



Lead Designer

This issue, we asked the Lash Inc team, “What is your favourite thing in the lash world just now?” My favourite thing in the lash world just now is the global lash community, the way lash artists are supporting each other, sharing and progressing.

Definitely coloured lashes. I love seeing a little flash of a deep, dark colour nestled in a set of lashes. I adore the subtlety.

This Issue’s Contributors

Miranda Tarpey

Zach Falb

Genevieve Hickin

Inese Stepanova

Published by:

Chrysalis House Publishing Department - Lash Inc Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

Henrietta Orosz

Marta Wiatr

Petr Lhotský

Hanna Putjato

Contact Name: Louise Tierney Contact Email:

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Photography - Alexandr Slinky Make Up - Valery Star Lashes - Inna Kharlamova Model - Petr Lhotský

@LashInc @Lash_Inc Issuu Welcome - 2

Photo: Flawless Lashes by Loreta

Top Tips for 

Male Lashes

by Loreta Jasilonyte

The nude lashes look is the latest trend, rapidly becoming popular amongst male clients, from businessmen to male models who seek to express their strong personality. You can market this type of service to men in markets where the trend is not yet popular by promoting the fact that nude look lashes will compliment men’s face expression, for example if the client’s eyes are hooded it will give a softer look. Lashes on men are perfect for special occasions, gives the look that many women find attractive, and for those men working in TV lashes can give a perfect clean finish to male make up. Some men might not have very good strong natural lashes, this could be the solution to change their appearance dramatically, in a good way.

Photo: Lash Infinity

in local magazines and trickle them out over time on social media, use It is important that you speak directly to the needs of your male clientele, hashtags; #malelashes, #malefashion, #guylashes, etc. Ask your model to marketing the service differently from the way you market to female clients. repost and give you a credit, its only matter of time before more men jump To start building your marketing media, get a typically handsome male on this wagon. client and style their lashes. Get a professional involved to take photos. I am sure you know some good photographers. Get your photos published

Best of luck!

My view by Zachary Falb, Global Master Trainer for NovaLash

Photo: Lash Infinity

23 - Lashes

With more and more men booking spa and beauty treatments, it’s wise to offer lash extensions to the male market. I recommend listing lash extensions under ‘Male Services’ on the treatment menu to let them know this service is an option for them too, eliminating any embarrassment or hesitation in asking for them. Some men desire a darker and/or thicker lash line; however, most still want to maintain a masculine appearance. To achieve this, eliminate longer extensions and focus on applying shorter lengths. It’s even okay to match their natural lash length. Select lengths from 6mm to 10mm while using natural curvatures such as a B curl. Stay away from dramatic curls such as D as they will lift the lash line and create a feminine appearance.


Lashes - 4

Jill Heijligers-Peloquin USA / Event Organizator

MARCH 16-17-18

2018 ARIZONA 72


Doug Schoon USA

Peter Pham USA

Ellie Malmin USA

Carmen Palmiste Estonia

Martina Krajinovic-Gulsun Croatia

Laura Kaminskiene Lithuania

Alisha Meadows USA

Kelly Storer Australia

Michelle Rath USA

Hanna Babanakava Canada

Levi Shephard Canada

Petr Lhotsky Czech Republic

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Jolita Shishmanova United Kingdom

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Erika Menanteaux & Shannon Fitzgerald USA



How to use 

Cancellation Policies

to protect your business by Genevieve Hickin (Harding) Whether you are self-employed, a salon owner or an employed therapist that works on a commission basis we all need to protect our income. Time after time we see clients cancelling last minute or failing to attend appointments leaving us down on our daily takings. So how can we prevent this? How can we enforce a policy? And how can we make sure the client pays for their missed appointments? Having worked in various areas within the beauty industry over the past 9 years I have seen many a cancellation policy and I have seen some work, and some fail miserably. Here are some top tips to help you when implementing and enforcing a cancellation policy. The first things to remember when creating a policy are, to make it clear, visible and fair.

Making it fair If you are going to implement a cancellation policy, it is imperative that you treat everyone equally. This means that even if your longest standing, most loyal and regular clients break the cancellation policy then they still get the charge. You cannot have one rule for one and one for another. If you are unable to, or are not confident enough to enforce the policy onto every client then the best thing is not to have one in place.

your salon for any further treatments until the fee has been paid in full and all future bookings will be cancelled. Be sure to write on their record card if any outstanding fees are owed so if they return in the future the fees still stand.


Now, there are exceptions to the policy and you, as a professional, have to use your discretion. If the client has had a medical emergency or if When it comes to enforcing the policy the most their child has been sent home; these incidents important thing is to make the client aware of are out of your client’s hands and are something the fee straight away. As soon as you know the they couldn’t have avoided. With these sorts of client is not attending you need to call them and scenarios we can choose to waive the fee as it’s make them aware that due to the breach of the just life and sometimes unplanned or unwanted cancellation policy there will be a fee charged events can happen. However, if someone’s excuse and that it is payable in full before they are able is ‘I’ve been held up in traffic’ or ‘I’m stuck in a to attend or make any further appointments. You meeting’, then these are not valid reasons as they Write out your policy in black and white, for need to also at this point make the client aware should have allowed an adequate amount of time example: of how they are expected to make the payment. to get to their appointment on time, so the fee This could be taken over the phone if you have a should still be enforced. ‘If you need or wish to cancel or alter your card machine, via a PayPal payment, in the form appointment please give at least 24 hours notice. of a cheque, transfer or a cash payment. If you In accordance to our cancellation policy, if an wish to you can also give them a date by which appointment is cancelled or moved with less this fee needs to be paid, otherwise all of their than 24 hours notice, a cancellation fee of 50% future bookings will be removed. Remember of the original treatment total will be charged. to write or document any messages sent to the There are a few things that we can do to help If no notice is given and you fail to attend your client, ideally email them so they have it in prevent missed appointments and also to appointment, then a fee of 100% of the original writing along with the copy of the cancellation reinforce our policy. treatment will be charged. All fees are to be agreement they signed if possible, and be sure to paid prior to attending or booking your next pop any notes on their record card. Sending confirmation emails to clients when appointment.’ they make a booking – This gives them a reminder of the dates and times they booked, and we can also pop our cancellation policy at the footer of this email. The policy should be clearly visible for all clients to see, so placing a print out on your salon This is what most therapists are worried about, Sending reminder messages to clients 24/48hrs walls, on the back of the toilet doors, in your actually getting that cancellation fee. First of all, prior to their appointments – Another way waiting area, writing the policy at the footer of if the client wishes to return to you for treatments to remind clients of their appointments and your reminder or confirmation emails or texts, then the fee has to be paid and secondly, if they again another chance to remind them of our verbally making your clients aware or by getting do not wish to pay do you really want those sorts cancellation policy. them to sign a cancellation policy agreement at of client on your books, who you know are going the point of their consultation. Ensure the policy to repeatedly let you down when more respectful Remember to be fair, make your policy clear, is also written on your website if you have one clients could have those appointments. If the visible and be consistent. If all of these are and on all your literature such as loyalty cards, client refuses to pay, then you make them aware followed, then your cancellation policy should appointments cards or pricelists. that they will no longer be able to come to you or work fine and run smoothly.

Enforcing the policy

Making your policy clear

Preventing missed appointments

Making your policy visible

7 - Lashes

What if the client refuses to pay the fee?

Lash Lovers


by Henrietta Orosz

My name is Henrietta Orosz. Let me introduce myself: I’m a Hungarian, born in Budapest, and living in Luxembourg. I’m a makeup & lash artist, beauty advisor and soon to be economist. My passion for lashes started a long time ago, even before the boom of extensions started. I remember gluing those false lashes on myself every single day - oh gosh, now I could not do this anymore! I’m a very curious and hard-working person who is constantly seeking for knowledge. I guess that is what brought me to where I am now. My first teacher, Edina Horkai (Horkai Lashes, Budapest) who made me fall in love with this profession, is the person who keeps inspiring me with all her motivation and hard work. I started lashing as a hobby, two and a half years ago, and here I am today; one of the most passionate lash lovers and the first multi award-winning lash artist of Luxembourg. In this article, I will share the secret of my success with you. Therefore, I would like to talk about the importance of education. Education in the lash industry, and eventually in every aspect of your life. Do you learn because you have to or because you want to? This question will determine the quality of your work in the future. In my opinion, the best ones in every field will be the ones who are passionate and are constantly willing to learn. Why do I say constantly? Well, as our industry is growing and improving all the time, it is essential to be always up-todate. But unfortunately, sometimes we tend to focus only on the ’new trends’ and forget about the basics. After reading Louise’s great book about the human eye, I started thinking about this topic, the importance of education (and being informed not only about the new techniques but also about the basics). Learning is a decision, but you need motivation. Your success and ’performance’ will depend on the level of your motivation.

time to time. Have your ever evaluated your knowledge? By evaluating I don’t mean you should prepare huge files, it is enough if you just once think about your personal improvement. Where did you start? Are you happy with what you have and what you learnt? Is there something you still don’t know or do you want to improve something? You can also go into details by thinking about your professional knowledge. Do you know everything about the eyes (anatomy, diseases, facts)? Are you aware of the rules and regulations regarding the hygiene of your workplace? Just some simple questions that can help evaluate your current professional level. Noticing missing knowledge somewhere can motivate you to develop further.

Throughout your career you will definitely need dedication, commitment and motivation to gain more or maintain your skills. Your level of education will also determine the opinion of your clients about you. I feel comfortable when I can answer all their questions, it increases the loyalty towards me and my work. Let me share a recent story with you about how important this basic knowledge is in our work. It is not the first time that someone (who is not my client) contacts me after getting a bad lash application. Exactly this has happened a few weeks ago when someone with horribly When I was younger, I always wanted to study law, and when life brought red eyes asked my opinion what it could be. Due to Louise’s great book and me to economics, I was quite disappointed. I tell you this, because only knowledge from other courses I was able to recognize the source of the now I understand how this knowledge can help my career later and even problem, and advise her what to do to reduce the redness and pain until now as a lash artist. As an economist, I have met the method of Continual she could see a doctor or pharmacist. Of course we are not doctors, but I Professional Development. This is a method that is used by a wide range think all lash artists should be able to recognize an eye problem and give of companies (no matter which industry). It is a process that helps ‘track’ advice. In some cases a ’home treatment’ might be enough but other times your knowledge, and focuses on lifelong learning. It is really important it is important to see a doctor. We are the first person who the client will to be up-to-date in your professional career whatever you are doing. As contact, therefore it is also our job to identify the problem. This is the point well as in business organisations, we -lash artists- are also being assessed where education matters. on our professional knowledge and skills (by clients, by the fellow lash makers or even by yourself). If you want to be on top (and also stay there) To conclude, I never stop learning. This is the key factor of my success you should take all the opportunities to develop yourself. As our industry that probably all my current and future clients know about me. The most is constantly growing so are the possibilities. A really great platform to valuable asset you have is your knowledge. And yes, you will have to invest get to know the newest information are conferences. My experience is money and mostly time in it. Each course you take, each conference you that people are either shy, or the opposite (they think they already know visit will cost money and time, but it will definitely be worth it. If you everything). Don’t be afraid to ask questions or advice, otherwise you are hesitating about going to a workshop, always think about the fact can never improve. You can also stay updated by using social media or that you can never be overeducated. Take all the opportunities that you reading professional journals, if you cannot participate in workshops or can to increase your value; this value is determined by the level of your conferences (which should be mandatory for us every once in a while). As I knowledge. mentioned at the beginning, it is also essential to go back to the basics from I’ve heard so many times during my career, “Why did you go to another course again? You already know everything”. This is definitely not true! I am motivated to learn those things that can teach me something new, and there will always be something new, believe me! Even if it is just one piece of information. You never know where you will use that knowledge later in your life.

9 - Lashes

Featured Lash Artist - M  artyna Marciniak Lashes - 10


The Editors

Ireland and UK by Louise Tierney

Leanne Harber Editor of Lash Inc Ireland Hi, my name is Leanne Harber and I am the creator and director of Hello Gorgeous training academy and my brand Ultimate which includes Ultimate lashes and brows. I’ve been in this industry now for 16 years and have been teaching for 10 of them, and can say I still love my job and get massive satisfaction out of it. I started lashing 12 years ago when it all first started really and back then only had 0.15 and J curl!!! I have seen the lash world do a full circle in how we lash; we have returned to lash safety and what’s best for our lashes, not just what looks the best. I set up my training academy in 2014 and Ultimate last year and have gone from strength

to strength. I now have 14 trainers and still growing in England, Australia and now USA and Holland, all teaching my methods. I pride myself on my knowledge of lashing and have come up with some unique techniques to help fellow lashers, anything to make our jobs easier! I also work alongside cancer patients doing lash and brow reconstruction for them and have found a safe way to do this, without any damage, and the way it makes them feel is amazing. This makes everything worthwhile. Leanne has been doing some great things in the lash industry. Her techniques and training have attracted invites globally to teach and present. I am excited to have Leanne as editor for Lash Inc Ireland, she is a dynamo and i’m sure will do a great job for Lash Artists in the Republic of Ireland. - Louise Tierney

Leanne Harber 11 - Lashes

Miranda Tarpey Editor of Lash Inc UK Miranda Tarpey, CEO and founder of The UK Lash Institute, a Research and Development Lash school in the UK, where new lash techniques and ideas are invented, tested and brought to the lash industry, many of the systems we use today all over the lash world have been invented by Miranda. Miranda is the creator and pioneer of the Volumetric Calculator™ used globally for volume and mega volume lashes, the first ever creator of a Lash calculator application in the entire world. Miranda is also the creator of the Mirror Link™ and Bifold™ techniques used internationally for mega volume lashes. Miranda has been a lash journalist for Lash Inc, writing lash articles and periodicals, and author of many lash programs. She has written educational and reference lash books; is a co-author of Lash Masters 3 & 4 and co-organiser for Lash Events UK.

Miranda Tarpey As a Lash Expert, she shares her wealth of knowledge and is often a speaker at conferences around the globe, serves as a judge for many major lash competitions – both national and international – and writes competition criteria for participants & judges. Miranda is an educator and teaches all over the world, offering her unique brand of lash training to students across the globe who benefit from her expertise in this field. This attracts students of all levels who gain in-depth training and knowledge from her carefully researched study programs and materials. I have worked with Miranda for several years on Lash Inc and with our events. When I was looking for an editor for Lash Inc United Kingdom I knew Miranda would be perfect for the role. Myself and the global team are excited to have her on board and can not wait to see her contribution to the next United Kingdom Magazine. Issue 1 is out 14th February 2018 and available from Amazon UK. – Louise Tierney

Lashes - 12

How to Win 

Business Awards

by Louise Tierney

STEP 1: ACTION In the last issue of Lash Inc, we spoke about the benefits of winning awards and the meaning of the ACT SURE system. The first part of the award entry system is ‘A’ for Action. As we’ve already reminded you, just like any other competition you need to be in it to win it. The more awards you enter, the better the chances you have of winning. Therefore, carry out extensive research and enter all the relevant awards you can manage to have a better chance of winning. This is applicable for both business awards and for lash artist competitions.

Years ago when I started entering awards I chose to focus on the general awards for business rather than my sector. The reason behind this was it was difficult to stand out in my industry at the time but when my company was up against a variety of different sectors it was easier to stand out as not every sector performs as well. Most awards companies generally run like any other business and like other businesses, they are for profit. Even though some are not for making profit they will likely run at break even so they need to generate some income to cover costs.

Be aware that in the general award category some are not quite what they seem. For example, everyone entering might win an award hence the ‘award’ itself is worthless and this in turn is worthless to you and your clients. These organisations make their money from the high entry fee or by selling you inflated-price trophies. If an awards agency doesn’t display their entry criteria or criteria for judging on their website, ask them for it. If they don’t provide it don’t waste your time entering. If they don’t send you a timely response or you have doubts move on to the next company. There are thousands of awards to choose from so be sure to enter the You must feel comfortable and happy with your own choices just like your awards you feel you can be successful in. By this, I mean those you have customers. Everyone should be happy. the best chance of winning, based on your strengths. Make your goals ambitious but realistic. Some companies may offer free entry and others may charge a fee. It’s quite usual for award companies to charge a fee for entering to cover their Choosing the right awards will increase your chances of winning before expenses, so you may have to invest some money into entering awards. you even put pen to paper. It’s a bit like an athlete having the right mindset But this is not a cost it is an investment in your company and should be and a winning ‘x-factor’ before they even begin the race. There are specific included in your marketing budget and treated as a business expense. awards for your sector. For example: Best Salon, Best Lash Educator, Lash Prices can range from £10 to around £200. Artist of the Year, Best Product. However there are many general awards in topics such as Customer Service, best business, high growth award, Often the highest charging award companies will also include a ticket Entrepreneur of the Year Award. to attend the awards ceremony, meal and drinks reception. For business awards, it’s important not to water down your enthusiasm. For each entry you write, make sure you do it with the same zeal as the first. This will always show through to the organisers as they get a feel for your company.

Choosing An Award To Enter

13 - Lashes

The Psychology of Winning!

It’s a natural fact of life that most people never attempt to do something they don’t really believe they can do… which brings me on to another important point.

You need to believe you are a worthy winner and develop a winning mindset; otherwise your chances of winning will become limited.

month several other athletes did it too. They’d studied his style and method obviously, but why couldn’t they do it before Roger Bannister did? Bannister was certainly an outstanding athlete with bags of courage – but he had one thing the others just didn’t possess – ultimate belief and the desire to prove everyone wrong.

Since 1954, over 20,000 people have run the mile in under four minutes. It’s better still to visualise you have already won and you are going through the motions of collecting your award – talking to the press – So what changed? The total belief changed. Athletes thought, “If Roger can thanking people etc. I know it may seem silly if you are not used to it, but do it, so can I”. I am convinced visualization works. Your mindset will determine how successful you are at awards, business and life. So if I can win awards, so can you! There’s no difference in the ethos whether it be athletics or business. Write your entry with the belief that you are the best entrant and you are going to win. Don’t have any doubt in your entry but be careful not to be When researching for awards to enter, search on Google for ‘Small business arrogant with your tone. awards (Your country / city) ’ or ‘Local business awards (your city)’. This will bring plenty of links up for you – spend some time just browsing and You need to believe you are a winner to give yourself the best possible looking at the details. chance of winning. An important consideration is this: make sure you are eligible to enter. I’ve learned to visualise things I want to happen. I do this frequently and vividly and more often than not they do come to be reality. Self-belief can There’s nothing worse than beginning the award nomination process only be a wonderful thing when done properly. to find you’re disqualified because your company or product doesn’t meet the entry guidelines. Check everything carefully. Before you even start your application, use the sports psychology tactics that got Kelly Holmes the gold in Athens. If you visualise your company as It’s common for awards to focus on companies and products launched an award winning business before you pick up the pen, your application within a specific time frame, so ensure your company meets all the entry will be streets ahead of most of the competition. requirements when applying. ‘Fail to prepare’ and ‘prepare to fail’! Let’s look at another sporting example from 1954 when the common thought was, that no one could run the mile in less than four minutes. To the experts it wasn’t humanly possible. Then along came a student called Roger Bannister.

I hope you have found this article useful, next issue we will cover entry Criteria. But don’t wait until then, start entering today even if it is just one award. You can refine your entries each quarter with the tips I will give throughout the coming months.

Bannister did what nobody in the history of the world had ever done. He broke the four-minute mile barrier. The amazing thing is later the same

Best of Luck!

Lashes - 14

How to Set 

Your Pricing

as a Lash Artist by Zach Falb from Novalash

Eyelash extensions is an intricate and highly skilled service to offer clients. Lash artists go through rigorous training and months of practice while constantly striving to apply extensions perfectly in a timely fashion. Charging the right price for your talent and services can be tricky. You don’t want to undervalue your services but you also do not want to price yourself out of the market. So how do you set the right price for your highly skilled hands? Also, how do you raise your pricing while keeping your clients coming back for infills? Education and communication are the answer. Knowing what your skills and talent is worth means little to an uneducated client. They don’t understand how much training, practice and skill building you went through to give them the lashes they’ve always dreamed of. So tell them! Give them an inside view to the world of lash education and practice. Show them your high quality tools and materials. If you are fully booked for a month, struggle to take new clients, haven’t changed your pricing in two years - maybe then they would appreciate your slight rise in pricing. Also, when you have a new lash client, take the time to communicate with them the importance of lash hygiene, using the aftercare products properly and also a bit about lash health and safety. Giving clients the full picture in the beginning will smooth out any confusion in a few month and eliminate the question - do I need to purchase and use your aftercare?! Yes!

You need to take the time to share and communicate these details with clients. It is worth the time and effort.

If your clients ask why you charge double than the salon down the road New clients will be the first to sing your praise to friends and hopefully - give them your reasons. Your choice of high quality lash products will bring you even more customers but make sure they get the picture first. give them superior results. Investing in education and always raising your Lash extensions need care - nightly cleansing with aftercare products, skills and a lash artist will give clients the best results. Offering damagedaily brushing, monthly infills and an free, long-term lash services take years of practice. Performing a two hour understanding of lash health and safety. A full set to perfection take years of work. Your price point should indicate fully educated client will be your best client. your service standards. At the end of a long day lashing, there is nothing better than putting your feet up and hearing how much your clients love their lashes and how you’ve changed their lives. Clients think their lash artists are magicians, transforming them in a blink of a lash nap…but it’s not magic. It’s years of hard work, hours of education and high standards for health and safety. So start talking to your clients and adjust your prices according to the talent and quality of services they are receiving from you.

15 - Lashes

Expert Lashers Expert Lashers is a website dedicated to the best lash artists in the industry. As an applicant, you will have photographs of your lash work and qualifications reviewed before being accepted to be listed. As a listed member you will have your own unique page which you can use for promotional purposes. Link it to your website, have a link in your email signature. Show your clients you are one of the lash elite. Listings are just $4.99 USD per month! To be listed visit and click on ‘Get Listed’.


Hidden Treasure

Lauren Smith by Kelly Storer What is your name and job title?

My name is Lauren Smith, I am an Eyelash Artist in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia. How long have you been lashing? I had my first classic lash workshop in September 2016. Just over a year ago. Tell me about your lash journey My lash journey has taken me on a different path in life that I never thought was for me. Growing up I didn't have much interest in the beauty industry and come February 1st 2016 I was blessed with my first child. I was working, studying, and also being a mum! I was treating myself to getting eyelash extensions and that’s when I met my now-mentor, teacher, and close friend Sommer Deaves, the Owner of LPL Studio. She mentioned that she was looking for bright, enthusiastic girls to train and work for her new studio. I always loved a challenge; I thought to myself I would be able to fit it in somewhere with my busy life, weekends and late nights. Before I knew it, 4 months after my classic workshop, Sommer felt I was ready for Russian Volume training. It was a lot harder than I expected it to be, but I didn't give up. I practised every single day, I wanted to be great at something, after I won a competition in Beginners Russian Volume, it only pushed me harder to become better. Being a sole contractor as an Eyelash Artist has changed my life dramatically, financially, emotionally and mentally. Knowing you're great at something, to the point that people know who you are when your name comes up in conversations within the community, is an amazing feeling.

17 - Lashes

What tasks do you do on an average week? Monday and Fridays, I’m a housewife and mother. I do our bills, grocery shopping, cleaning and prepping for the week ahead. My son Oliver and I get to spend time together, playing out the back with our dogs or at the park. We visit friends and family. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday are my working days. I spend long hours at the studio and had been travelling to another town, 2 hours from Wagga, called Griffith every Thursday to do lashes. This has been for almost a year now. Unfortunately, family commitments on a Thursday are now more important and I will have to stop working in Griffith in February.

Sundays are my family and rest days! My mother has a roast dinner almost every Sunday night and in the hotter months it's a perfect opportunity to go swimming down at the river with friends. What inspires you when lashing? Seeing the people I look up to in this profession succeed, knowing that I can master what they have with determination and commitment. Seeing how people can become amazing at something when they start from the bottom, this profession has made me grow and change into a better person and that inspires me to keep moving forward every day. Who inspires you? Sommer, my mentor. Her advice, constructive feedback and encouragement has driven me to be where I am now. Seeing how much she wants me to succeed and knowing someone cares about your success is overwhelming. Seeing all the other Lash artists out there that are well known with in the lash community inspire me to keep pushing forward. If they can do it, so can I. Have you had to overcome anything with lashing? Being in an uncomfortable and confrontational situation with unsatisfied clients when first beginning lashing was very disheartening, thinking That was very intense, unbelievable and amazing. I have had clients cry you're failing makes you want to quit, but by practising you can overcome from laughing as by the end of the day, when I’m lashing, I’m a little bit your own fear of failure. “drunk from tiredness” so some of the things I say make my clients almost wee the bed! Turns out they love my talking and look forward to their lash Are your family supportive of the work that you do? nap so they can cry from laughing so hard. When I first came to them with the idea of completing my lash course, my parents disapproved of the idea which was difficult to deal with when your heart is set on it. They were worried it was going to be a “fad" and it would be a waste of money for the course. My fiancé has always told me to do what makes me happy, no matter what it is. He didn't understand the industry, but he now knows it has definitely paid off. What advice can you give our readers? No matter what people tell you, if your heart is set on completing a lash course, or if you're already in the industry, its about what makes you happy. I am so glad I made the decision to step out of my comfort zone to do something for myself, and as it turns out, I’m quite good at it. If you feel like you're failing, don’t worry, everyone at some point in their career feels this way. It's about pushing through your self-doubt and believing in yourself. It's such an amazing feeling when you surprise yourself. Keep practising; there’s only one way to go, which is up. Step outside your comfort zone, exploring something new is an amazing part of life that shouldn't go unnoticed. Give yourself credit, you're doing the best you can.

Have you won any awards or entered any competitions? I entered the Locks Lash competition earlier on in 2017, in the beginners Russian Volume category for Australia and New Zealand. I took first place which was overwhelming. I started to cry and shake from being so excited. I also entered a creative themed international competition in which I didn’t receive a place, but the fun and experience I gained in this new field was brilliant! Anything else you think may be interesting or you think the world should know about you? I am just a simple country girl of Wagga Wagga, NSW. But my dreams are to conquer the world one set of eyes at a time. I am someone who dreams big and I don't stop until I'm at the top. I am a very loyal person, and if you help me succeed, you can be sure I'll help you succeed. I'm very exciting to attend the Australia Lash Bash conference and meet some of the people I look up to.

Anything funny, embarrassing or interesting ever happen to you while lashing? I have had a holistic healer tell me about my stomach problems from the energy she was picking up from me. I had recently undergone tests, CT scans and ultrasounds for them to find a health problem with my stomach.

Lashes - 18

Featured Lash Artist - Daria Popović Model: Marija Regina Krot, Lash artist: Daria Popović, Make up: Sofija Knez, Flora design: Hilari Grubina, Photo: Gordana Sermek

Lashes - 22

Reader G  allery Daria Popovic

25 - Lashes

Anamarija TeliĹĄman

Anna Badalewska

Lashes - 26

Jazmin Zayas

27 - Lashes

Henrietta Orosz

Genevieve Hickin

Irena Samoilenko

Lashes - 28

Reader Gallery Extra

Agne Stucisnkaite

29 - Lashes

Your P hotos

How to get 

Featured in Lash Inc by Andi Ramsay

Here at Lash Inc we love seeing what you magnificent people are getting up to out there in the lash world. Even better than seeing you’re amazing work is the opportunity we have to share it with all our other readers! So, hopefully you’re already thinking, “How can I get my photos to grace these pages?” and we are eager to let you know. More photos means more inspiration, which means everyone starts creating more exciting and interesting lash work. And motivating the lash world is what we are all about around here.

The First Step The very beginning of this little journey doesn’t actually invovle doing any lash work (not yet, we will get to it in just a moment!) The first step is to look. Look at the photos we feature, look at the photos that appear on websites for lash suppliers, lash educators, and the lash superstars you admire. Really look hard at what they are showing off. Great images, that demonstrate great lash work. Every photo making them look like rockstars. Learn what gets you excited, and never settle for less than that level of quality in your own work and your own photos.

What’s next? Plan, prepare, and then get lashing! Create amazing lashes for every client, take loads of really good photos (there’s some advice on that subject in this issue, and more to come in the future too!)

Be Selective Not every set of lashes is going to be a creative masterpiece, some clients just want simple looking, but even the most standard set of extensions can be a work of art. When it comes to sharing your images (on social media, websites, and submitting to Lash Inc) select only the very best images, of the very best lashes.

The Right Stuff We do have certain minimum requirements for your work to be considered. It must be an image that shows good lash work, for a start. Photos should be clear, of good quality, and reflect a high standard overall. For our reader gallery images must measure 2000px by 2000px or larger. Any smaller and we unfortunately cannot use them. For featured artist pages we need an image that is 3500px tall by 2800px wide at the least. Bigger is usually better. The things that most often lead to rejection are the image file being too small or not being a good enough quality. Photos taken from social media sites (even if they are your onw) are not suitable as they will be too small, and will have been compressed which lowers the image quality.

Get sending! We want your images, so once you’ve picked your very finest work, send them to us. You can submit them through our website

These images from this issue’s cover shoot are the perfect example of the sort of work we are looking to feature. Aim high, and really flex your creativity! Photography - Alexandr Slinky, Make Up - Valery Star, Lashes - Inna Kharlamova, Model - Petr Lhotský

Lashes - 30

Lash Festival 


In 2012 – with the idea to bring together lash technicians, showing their skills and creativity – Lash Festival was born. The first two competitions were small scale so, in 2014, it was time to ramp it up and encourage lash techs from all countries and walks of life to be involved. 2014’s contest exceeded all expectations with the interest it generated for eyelash extensions. People who had never considered getting their lashes done were able to see the fantastic work that’s being done in lash rooms around the world. Over a thousand entries were received for Lash Festival 2014 and with 60 countries taking part, it was by far the biggest competition of its kind in the world. For the first time, we included a

Volume category along with Individual Lashes and Students. The interest in this category was unbelievable and it shows just how far xD Russian Volume had come in a short space of time. Fast forward to 2017 and the competition proved to be even bigger and blew us away with the styles that were able to be created. Not only did the technicians who entered showcase their skills, they inspired others to take up lashing and to one day become a Lash Festival winner! For this year we included Lash Lift, Individual, Volume and Fantasy categories, to bring it back to basics and allow technicians to show off their skills no matter what their experience. Year on year Lash Festival has grown and the standard of work keeps on impressing our judges. We think that connecting the world’s lash artists and sharing their work will help to raise standards and spur us all on to be the best that we can be.

The host of Lash Festival is The Eyelash Emporium.

Fantasy Category

Henrietta Orosz

Martyna Marciniak 31 - Lashes

Ingrida Zaiceviene

Individual Category

Natasha Porter

Amy Dommett

Charlotte Mann

Louise Higgins

Leanne Jeffies

Kamilė Kvestytė

Paulina Kuchciak

Lash Lift Category

Sally Heinjus

Volume Category

Jolita Kibišienė

Lashes - 32

Love Brows


(and Brows Love Lashes) by Marta Wiatr Are eyebrows and eyelashes really important to us or are they just aesthetic? Eyebrows and eyelashes are important because they have a function, they protect our eyes every single day. From the thick and thin of it, not only do they collect debris that otherwise might enter our eyes, but they also frame our face and help us feel good about ourselves. A professional pair of brows can make anyone look totally different, more defined, awake and sometimes younger! If you’ve ever checked out social media to see how celebrities look without their eyebrows it’s easy to see the dramatic way they can change your entire face. Perfectly chosen groomed brows and lashes can even have a lifting effect!

Why Lash Artists should consider becoming Brow Specialists.

we must also take time to examine their face and brow shape in order to choose the right styling for them.

How Lash and Brow treatments work in harmony with each other. To find the best brow for a face, first figure out what face shape your client has. Next decide the colours that will suit them best, this is definitely the time for a discussion to make sure you are sure of their expectations and desires, and finally consider a few key factors; length, arch and thickness. By the time you’ve added your perfect lashes, your client will be ready for that photo without cropping or touching up. A superb example of your work, ready for your Facebook page and website! So, in summary, it’s time to get your clients to understand that brows shouldn’t be hidden away under a fringe because they are not good enough. You can make your clients feel better about themselves with lashes and brows that complement each other, remembering of course that each person is unique, so some might want definition, others lift, and some to look more youthful. Your skill is helping them to see the benefit of finding the right combination for their desired look.

For those of you who photograph your clients to advertise your skills, how many times have finished the most beautiful set of eyelash extensions and took pictures of them, only to have your photo bombed by uneven or over plucked brows? It can be very frustrating not to be able to advertise your work in this instance, so if you currently offer one service, think about the benefits of offering the full package. We all need pictures of our work out there to showcase our skills and help get the message to potential clients, It’s seems almost standard nowadays for twentysomethings who grew up so don’t waste your chance to get those pictures. watching reality TV; TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) or Keeping Up with The Kardashians, to strive for the perfect look. Whilst we all consume an There are many different brow training courses available, from waxing, inordinate number of selfies and Instagram shots on a daily basis, there’s tinting, henna, 3D Sleek Brows to Semi-permanent or permanent and no arguing that brows are now a big part of the power play underlying it takes time to decide what is right together. When styling clients eyes many a perfect photo. Make your clients feel like the queen of the selfie with the perfect brow and lash package, and I promise you won’t regret it!

33 - Lashes

Flirting with Retail?

Are you  by Flirties

When you start your journey, and take your first beauty course you are obviously passionate about the treatment you want to offer your clients.

Adding Value

The items that sell best are those that complement the treatment you are offering, i.e. if you are doing nails, offer a hand cream or cuticle oil. If you are offering lash enhancements offer your clients an aftercare pack. If you If someone mentions SELLING, most therapists turn away and say NO. are offering spray tans or wax, you can offer exfoliation products etc. You hear a “no, I don’t want to sell things to my clients” BUT isn’t offering treatments the same? You are effectively selling a treatment or service and The items not only help you to earn pennies but if your client can look after there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. their enhancements with products you suggest then you know the results will be good and your client will reap the rewards with the treatment So why do we feel shy when it comes to retail items? Don’t get me wrong outcome lasting longer. So, it’s a win-win situation for both sides! there is selling and there is SELLING! We obviously don’t want to force products onto the client and the last thing we want is for the client to feel With that in mind you might want to consider the following bestsellers: pressurised into buying or feeling obliged to do you a favour! If you are a busy therapist you will find out very quickly that your day doesn’t stretch as far as you would like and there are only so many clients you can fit in. No matter how you try you will reach your threshold of how much you can earn in a day or week. Retailing items gives you another level of income and if you do it right, it will not only boost your turnover and income, but it can also help your client!

Lash extension aftercare packs Offering oil free make up remover, lash cleanser, brush and wand for your clients to look after the lashes in between appointments. Regular cleansed lashes will result in better retention and the client will be happy to see that there are more lashes left when they come for their infill!

Make up retail If you have clients who are adamant to use eye liner, mascara or other make up? Wouldn’t it be better if you recommend the products you know will be safe to wear with eye lash extensions? That way you can help your client wear the products but in a safe way that does not affect the treatment outcome!

Brow Design retail items You can spend all your time on a perfect set of precision design brows and if you don’t retail any items your client won’t be able to maintain the look at home! Why not retail the brow gel, brow palette and brow pencil or even the brow fix so that it is easy for your client to maintain the appearance of perfect brows in between the appointments with you?

Lashes - 34


Big Dreams

By Inese Stepanova

My name is Inese Stepanova. Originally from Latvia. I am 31. I have lived in England for nearly 10 years. It’s been a colourful journey from working pretty basic jobs to becoming a mum and a business woman at the same time. These 2 things have so far been the best things to happen to me from this journey, in 4 years I have found myself as a person and a character. Today I will share with you all the dreams that I have never stopped dreaming. They are just changing and becoming bigger and more vivid! 3 years ago I was excited to share my story with you. And today I am even more excited to be writing for Lash Inc again. In 2014 I launched my first eyelash extensions studio, specialising in this beautiful treatment. Since then, learning from top lash stylists and meeting so many inspirational eyelash stylists I got the bug. I’ve become an eyelash “addict” and I knew how much I wanted to share this passion with the world. Being a single parent and running a business hasn’t been the easiest of the tasks as I knew progression and results were so important for me to bring the best to the salon. For all clients to leave my salon feeling more confident, feeling comfortable and happy with their lashes. Lashes change people’s lives! Yes, they do! In my experience ladies share their experiences, especially my clients now for many years. They wear less make up. Not just eye makeup. But make up in general. Their skin looks better. They feel more confident waking up in the morning even in a rush, knowing their eyes will look great with only a brush. And so many other things… like husbands falling in love with wife’s lashes. I know, it’s funny! But it’s a fact! Looked after ladies are happier ladies. I am very grateful for investing all the time I

35 - Lashes

had and even time I didn’t have, to learning more, even though I thought I was great at lashing already. Here are my pictures from the start of classic lashes. Then Volume lashes in 2014 and now! This might be my embarrassing spotlight, however I hope someone reading this will feel more confident in sharing their work too, if not in magazines, then social media. Social media power can change our careers. Use it for our advantage. Public progression is a wonderful thing. All eyelash stylists in the beginning were beginners! One thing I have never forgotten to do, between ups and downs, was – dream! Achieving, business growing, never ending passion and determination. This is why I am excited to write for you all about DREAMS.

What is a dream? Visions, Goals, Dreams at night, Self-growth, Passion, Jo u r n e y, Energy, Attraction…

How often do we dream? I could go on and on, however dreams are different for each one of us. Today I would like to remind everyone – dreaming is allowed and it is beautiful. Dream big and as the time goes on even bigger. Learn from life experiences with a positive attitude and energy. Challenge yourself to achieve. We are used to just saying, I have a dream and 1 day I will achieve it. One day is a very long time away; when will this one day be? Dream dreams and do things to achieve them. Bring your mind to a place where it’s clear and focused. Write things down as they come into your head.

You Are Unique! If your mind is too busy with every day “clutter”, find a way to release the pressure. Try mediation, exercise, running, dancing, singing, travelling, reading etc. All these things will help You to find yourself as you take a achieve your dreams in the lash world! That is my personal advice from my time out in this busy world. own experience. Cheap training is great for your bank account, however will it be great for the best results? I have spent around £12,000 minimum Inspire yourself by thinking of someone specific, who you have always on training and events in the last 3 years. Probably more like £15,000. looked up to. It could be even a friend. Or an idol. Or maybe Yourself? How Never looking back at this money and only looking forward, making new often do you talk to yourself? Say good morning, saying you will give your achievements, sharing my knowledge and passion with others. It’s an all today? It all sounds crazy. However I would love you to try it. Smiling investment in my career. and wishing yourself and others a good day will release an energy that will flow a long way. This is when attitude falls into place. Now I am running a very busy salon and keep welcoming new clients over and over again, progression and dreaming is paying off. However, now I Attitude is a very big part of your dreams. Make this attitude positive, by am dreaming bigger and harder. thinking powerful thoughts and at the same time controlling the negative thoughts that jump into your mind. Fire the negative thoughts! Self doubts! Your turn! Believe anything is possible. Every dream is possible – Do to Nothing can change before You DO! achieve! The Future Belongs to those Who Prepare for it Today! Dreams should have a result! The time is not ‘one day’. It’s NOW! Bad attitude will give you bad results! Good attitude will give you good results! Great attitude will give your great results!

With my passion and love for life and lashes!

@i_nova_studio /inovastudiomasters

Let’s put this into practice with world of lashes. Most stylists now have social media. We all like to shine. However this shine should be unique; Your own. I see people making profiles and copying someone else’s work claiming that it’s theirs. Well that’s not a good attitude. Or using inappropriate comments, making rude comments, or swearing publicly. With this attitude you create a vision of yourself. Make it a good impression and vision! A positive one. Be kind, helpful and professional! The Lash world is so beautiful for the growth it’s had in such a short time. Learning skills from the best professional trainers is the way forward to

Lashes - 36

Winners of the 

Online Oscars

Contest 2017



1st place

Mihaela Costin

1st place

Magdalena Kubiak

2nd place

Żaneta Jankowska

2nd place

Britt Gerritsen

3rd place

Gulsah Ulgen

3rd place

Patrycja Pawłowska

by Marta Wiatr


The inagural Online Oscars lash contest, organised by Marta Wiatr and Glam Lashes by Marta was a roaring success. The competition attracted some incredibly talented lash artists and the submitted images were incredible.



1st place

Simona Bruno

1st place

Janni Frederiksen

2nd place

Joanna Pudzianowska

2nd place

Patrycja Pawłowska

3rd place

Sylwia Kucharska

3rd place

Edyta Nabit

Congraulations to everyone who entered, all of the winners, and a special congratulations goes to Agne Stucinskaite who deservedly took the title of Online Lash Artist 2017 with her incredible Fantasy/Lash Art category entry which took maximum points from the judges.



1st place

Mihaela Gori

1st place

Edyta Nabit

2nd place

Simona Bruno

2nd place

Adrienn Fejes

3rd place

Lynn Su

3rd place

Marta Miazga



1st place

Agne Stucinskaite

1st place

Sonja Bogesch

2nd place

Sandra Kliokmaniene

2nd place

Tatyana Polovinkina

3rd place

Cindy Nicholls

3rd place

Jessica Griffith

Agne Stucinskaite Winner Fantasy/Lash Art Masters, the title of ONLINE LASH ARTIST 2017 and maximum score winner. 37 - Lashes

Sandra Kliokmaniene Fantasy/Lash Art Masters Category

Cindy Nicholls Fantasy/Lash Art Masters Category Lashes - 38

Sonja Bogesch Fantasy/Lash Art Experts Category 39 - Lashes

Tatyana Polovinkina Fantasy/Lash Art Experts Category

Jessica Griffith Fantasy/Lash Art Experts Category Lashes - 40

Five steps to 

Instagram Mastery

By Hanna Putjato

Social media is an endlessly growing industry, and one which can help you grow your business! Effortlessly connect with potential customers and clients, and get to know what they want from their lash artist and suppliers! Instagram can be a minefield if you’re just getting started, with almost weekly adaptations and a huge number of ways to get your content seen, so I’ve put together my top 5 tips for a great Instagram account!

Tip 1: Great Content The content you post on social media is going to be the difference between whether someone follows you or not – posting photos of trees, sunsets and flowers is pretty, and will make your grid look nice but it offers very little else in terms of making people want to follow you. What constitutes great content is going to be a little bit different for everyone. Are you a lash artist hoping to appeal to new clients? Are you a trainer looking for students? A supply shop looking for professional lash artists to try your products?

So what is the great content which makes other people want to follow you?

In a simple way, great content is a number of posts, which your target audience finds interesting.

women aged 18-40, who want to feel beautiful as soon as they wake up and at every moment during the day. If you are posting photo after photo, close up of one eye with lashes, this isn’t really going to be interesting to all potential clients – this is good to do sometimes because it shows off your technical skills and everyone loves to know The first thing to focus on is to understand WHO that their lash artist is highly skilled and will your audience is. As soon as you understand keep their lashes safe, but the truth of the matter who your audience is, you need to think what is that clients want to look beautiful. They want they might be interested in. For a lash artist, to roll out of bed ten minutes before they need to your biggest target audience is more than likely leave the house and look like they spent an hour getting ready - show them pictures that will fill them with confidence that you can deliver this! With this in mind, ask yourself what you would most like to see when deciding if and where to get your beauty treatment done? Certainly, the most informative will be photos of Before and After. Before and after shots show your potential clients how beautiful they’ll be when they leave your salon, how amazing they are going to feel! Perhaps they’ll even meet the man of their dreams on the way home and their life will change forever.

Other examples of good quality content: GG Photos of your beautiful salon where they will come and feel like a princess,

41 - Lashes

searches. Stories are a fun way to show your clients, customers and followers who you are in a more casual way – it is easy to be so professional on your social media accounts that you lose sight of the fact that people love to support and buy from people they like because they trust them – a story takes you from a business to a nice, cool person with a business. Instagram is always evolving and so are you! It’s important to try out new things until you find the thing that works, and even then, experiment with content and layout until you find what works for you - and use that poll feature in Instagram stories to see what kind of content your followers want from you! GG Photos of your professional and friendly team who will make your client look like a supermodel,

little way to beat the Instagram algorithm. Next, you can add up to 30 hashtags to a post/comment at a time. These are best separated from the main body of your caption as it looks a little GG Posts about your personal and professional tidier, our favourite way to do this is to put the achievements hashtags in the first comment – they still work in exactly the same way, but keeps our caption GG Educational posts (how to look after lashes, informative, with just as much information as difference between different types of we want to put in there! extensions) GG Repost of your clients’ selfies which work great as it’s basically another way to review your work. As well as posts – use your story to show that you are all approachable, friendly, professional and dedicated to your art, making them want to come to you over any other salon or lash artist!

Tip 2: Interaction Posting something cool is just the tip of the iceberg, and interaction goes both ways. When you then have people commenting and asking questions on that post, it is important to answer their questions, respond to their comments, or even just ‘like’ the comment, this shows them that their feedback or queries are of value to you on a deeper level than just being another statistic. It’s important that you don’t get lost in this ask and respond cycle however, so set aside a little time each day/every couple of days/once a week - whatever works for you - to respond to messages and comments the way you would respond to emails. The great thing about social media is that you can log in from a mobile device and respond on the go, just remember to give yourself some relaxation time too!

Tip 3: Tags and Hashtags So, you’ve posted something really great, well now it needs to be seen. On each Instagram post you can tag up to 20 other accounts. This almost guarantees you 20 likes on your post so goes a


Tip 4: Hashtags! You know you can add 30 hashtags to a post or comment but making them relevant is key to getting them seen by who you want to see them. If you are a lash artist looking for clients and you use hashtags such as ‘eyes’, ‘girl’ or ‘world’, you might get some likes but not from the people you need. Make them specific to you – ‘eyelashextensions’, ‘lashlove’ ‘eyelashextensionslondon’ etc. – tailor them to your location and your work and the likes will follow! This is even more important now that Instagram has introduced a feature where you can follow hashtags – think how much further your post could go if people are following the ‘russianvolumelashes’ hashtag you put on your pictures. Of course, manually adding 30 hashtags to each post is time consuming – make this easier and save time by creating a list in your phone of all the hashtags you use on your posts.

Tip 5: Insta Story Not only is the story function fun, every time you add something new to your story you go to the front of the story line on top of everyone’s feed. Stories are similar to Snapchat but better, you can link to products in your online store, your YouTube videos, you online booking form if you have a business account. You can run polls and get you client’s opinions quickly and easily in a fun way – questions such as ‘do you want me to offer Russian Volume lashes?’ could help you decide how beneficial it could be for you to get booked onto a new course simply by seeing how many of your existing client base would love the service. In addition to this feature, you could also show up in location stories and in hashtag

Lashes - 42

Photo: Peter Trimming

Mink Lashes

Meet your  by Miranda Tarpey

As I started to do this research, it sickened me to see such graphic images of how these creatures are being treated in fur farms, I’m going to spare you these gruesome images but explain a little, how the real mink lashes are sourced. Real fur lashes such as mink fur, have been around for many years and astonishingly they are still being used in the eyelash industry today but these farmers and distributors are using clever marketing slogans to disguise the truth! Do you know what type of lashes you’re using or wearing?

What are real mink Lashes? They are real fur taken from the mink animals, these beautiful looking creatures are being farmed for their fur. They are often killed inhumanly in gas chambers where the gases fill up their lungs and they bleed internally before dying, or sometimes their fur is ripped from their bodies whilst still alive. Mostly kept in tiny wire cages where they cannot move from the sheer volume of animals thrown in together and piled on top of each other, often losing limbs that get trapped under each other, they spend their entire life in brutal and barbaric conditions. Around 60 mink animals are killed to produce just one fur coat, there are no statistics on how many lashes are created from 1 mink animal. Don’t be fooled by the label. Sometimes these lashes are sold as “cruelty Free” or “taken after gently brushing the animals” this is all nonsense to

43 - Lashes

cover the barbaric torture of these animals and to make the idea of using fur acceptable and saleable to unsuspecting consumers, but there is no such thing as Cruelty Free when using real fur. The farmers do not gently brush the Mink to pick up the fur for lashes, this really does not happen in reality.

So why are we still using real mink Lashes? There is no excuse that can justify using real mink. Man-made faux Mink has come such a long way and manufacturers of lashes are producing some beautiful and super soft lashes that mimic real mink without harming any animals.

How can you spot a real mink lash tray? Real mink trays will not be uniform in their curl; the tray will have inconsistent lengths and diameters through the lash strip. Another indicator is the price of the lash tray, these will be significantly more expensive. Faux mink also known as vegan lashes have a consistent and perfect curl running through the whole tray, as this has been manufactured using curling rods as templates. Curls can vary between manufacturers.

Protect your delicate eye area with EndureLash®’s soft, hypo-allergenic, organic fiber cloths. EndureLash® makes healthy maintenance of your lash extensions an easy part of your overall beauty routine.


P hotographic Contest

from Lash Events UK

An online photographic contest that anyone at any level can enter, winners will be announced at the Super Yacht Lash Conference 20th May in London. If you win and are not attending your prize will be posted out. £25 per entry Beginner, Expert and Master Levels Any questions to

Rules & Information GG GG GG GG GG GG GG GG GG GG GG GG GG



You may enter All or One Category Judges decision is final. No refunds are provided once registered All photos must be your own original work High Res Images only Photos must be clear and sharp images No touch up on images are allowed No watermark or logos on photos are allowed Maximum of 4 photos only Competitors must specify the competition division they are entering when the registration form is filled out. Once a competitor has registered they cannot change divisions. Competitors must enter the highest division they qualify for. If it’s found a competitor has registered in the wrong division, they will receive a 10-point deduction in their final score for each competition. All photos sent to us for the competition are the sole property of the organiser, to be used in whatever fashion deemed appropriate by the organiser without compensation to the competitors. All photos sent will automatically allow us to use for any advertising, publication or social media without prior permission from entrant. After registration, you will be sent a confirmation email. If you do not receive this please contact the organiser urgently as it means your registration has NOT been processed.

45 - Lashes

Criteria Male lashes We are looking for a great set of natural looking lashes suitable for males. This can be either classic or volume. Directions — Lashes should not criss-cross each other, they should lean in the correct direction and sit exactly on top of the natural lash. (5 points) 2. Coverage — We are looking for complete full sets, 100% of lashes should be covered (including inner and outer corners) this will show up in your photos, if we can see missing lashes you will lose points. (10 points) 3. General Impression — Style, length and curl should complement your male model’s face shape and bone structure, lashes on both eyes should look even. (5 points) 4. Adhesion — No lashes should be or look stuck together. (10 points) 5. Clean Work — No glue excess should appear on the lashes. (5 points) 6. Length — Extensions length should be suitable for your male model’s natural lashes. (5 points) 7. Thickness/Weight — Lash extensions thickness/ volume of lashes in a fan should be suitable for model’s natural lashes please use the Volumetric Calculator™ to determine the correct lash thickness to use on your model. »» For Classic Look, you can use eyelashes of a maximum 0.15mm thickness »» For 2D Volume you can use eyelashes of a maximum 0.07mm thickness. »» For 3D-6D Mixed volume you can use: 0.05mm 0.06mm, 0.04mm, 0.03mm please use the correct diameter for your models natural lashes- check the volumetric calculator. (5 points) 8. Distance — From the eyelid­should be the same for all extensions through the lash line. Recommended distance ­0.5mm-0.6mm (classic extensions), 0.3mm-0.5mm (volume extensions). (5 points) 9. Effect — Chosen design is suitable for model’s eye shape, face and hair colour. (5 points) 10. Spread Span of the Fan — Only for volume nominations. Lashes should be fanned in the correct way, the distance between each extension of the fan must be even. Thickness of extensions chosen has to be suitable for the model’s natural lashes. (10 points) PLEASE SEND IN AT LEAST ONE PHOTO OF BOTH EYES. 1.

2D - 3D Brown lashes

2D - 6D Mixed Volume

New category, this category is to show case your brown lashes, no black or other colours. You can use different shades of brown in a set.

Directions — Lashes should not crisscross each other, they should lean in the correct direction and sit exactly on top of the natural lash. (5 points) 2. Coverage — We are looking for complete full sets, 100% of lashes should be covered (including inner and outer corners) this will show up in your photos, if we can see missing lashes you will lose points. (10 points) 3. General Impression — Style, length and curl should complement your male model’s face shape and bone structure, lashes on both eyes should look even. (5 points) 4. Adhesion — No lashes should be or look stuck together. (10 points) 5. Clean Work — No glue excess should appear on the lashes. (5 points). 6. Colour of Lashes — Black ONLY. 7. Length — Extensions length should be suitable for your model’s natural lashes (5 points) 8. Thickness/Weight — Lash extensions thickness/ volume of lashes in a fan should be suitable for model’s natural lashes please use the Volumetric Calculator™ to determine the correct lash thickness to use on your model. »» For 2D Volume you can use eyelashes of a maximum 0.07mm thickness. »» For 3D-6D Mixed volume you can use: 0.05mm 0.06mm, 0.04mm, 0.03mm please use the correct diameter for your models natural lashes- check the volumetric calculator. (5 points) 9. Distance — From the eyelid­should be the same for all extensions through the lash line. Recommended distance ­0.5mm0.6mm (classic extensions), 0.3mm-0.5mm (volume extensions). (5 points) 10. Effect — Chosen design is suitable for model’s eye shape, face and hair colour. (5 points) 11. Spread Span of the Fan — Only for volume nominations. Lashes should be fanned in the correct way, the distance between each extension of the fan must be even. Thickness of extensions chosen has to be suitable for the model’s natural lashes. (10 points) PLEASE SEND IN AT LEAST ONE PHOTO OF BOTH EYES.

Directions — Lashes should not crisscross each other, they should lean in the correct direction and sit exactly on top of the natural lash. (5 points) 2. Coverage — We are looking for complete full sets, 100% of lashes should be covered 1. Directions — Lashes should not criss(including inner and outer corners) this cross each other, they should lean in the will show up in your photos, if we can see correct direction and sit exactly on top of missing lashes you will lose points. (10 the natural lash. (5 points) points) 2. Coverage — We are looking for complete 3. General Impression — Style, length and full sets, 100% of lashes should be covered curl should complement your model’s face (including inner and outer corners) this shape and bone structure, lashes on both will show up in your photos, if we can see eyes should look even. (5 points) missing lashes you will lose points. (10 4. Adhesion — No lashes should be or look points) stuck together. (10 points) 3. General Impression — Style, length and 5. Clean Work — No glue excess should curl should complement model’s face shape appear on the lashes. (5 points) and bone structure, lashes on both eyes 6. Length — Extensions length should be should look even. (5 points) suitable for your model’s natural lashes. (5 4. Adhesion — No lashes should be or look points) stuck together. (10 points) 7. Thickness/Weight — Lash extensions 5. Clean Work — No glue excess should thickness/ volume of lashes in a fan should appear on the lashes. (5 points) be suitable for model’s natural lashes 6. Length — Extensions length should be please use the Volumetric Calculator™ to suitable for model’s natural lashes. (5 determine the correct lash thickness to use points) on your model. 7. Thickness/Weight — Lash extensions »» For 2D Volume you can use eyelashes thickness/ volume of lashes in a fan should of a maximum 0.07mm thickness. be suitable for model’s natural lashes »» For 3D-6D Mixed volume you can use: please use the Volumetric Calculator™ to 0.05mm 0.06mm, 0.04mm, 0.03mm determine the correct lash thickness to use please use the correct diameter for on your model. your models natural lashes- check the »» For Classic Look, you can use volumetric calculator. (5 points) eyelashes of a maximum 0.15mm 8. Distance — From the eyelid­should be thickness. (5 points) the same for all extensions through the 8. Distance — From the eyelid­should be lash line. Recommended distance ­0.5mmthe same for all extensions through the 0.6mm (classic extensions), 0.3mm-0.5mm lash line. Recommended distance: 0.5mm(volume extensions). (5 points) 0.6mm (classic extensions). (5 points) 9. Spread Span of the Fan — Only for 9. Smooth transition — An invisible volume nominations. Lashes should be transition required through the lash line fanned in the correct way, the distance with no "steps". (5 points) between each extension of the fan must be 10. Effect — Chosen design is suitable for even. Thickness of extensions chosen has model’s eye shape, face and hair colour. (5 to be suitable for the model’s natural lashes points) (10 points) PLEASE SEND IN AT LEAST ONE PHOTO OF PLEASE SEND IN AT LEAST ONE PHOTO OF BOTH EYES. BOTH EYES. 1.

Classic Lashes


Lashes - 46


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Emily Lee

Interview with  by Louise Tierney

“I guess you can say I was born to do this.” Emily has always been fascinated with makeup and beauty, even as a child. “I remember coloring in the nails, eye shadow, and lipstick in my Archie Comic books; I still have some of them.” She chuckles as she reminisces.

Licensed Esthetician. She then worked in various spas, beauty distributors, and even a nail academy. It was during this time that Emily was born in Victoria, Canada, and was the youngest of four children. Emily got her first Her earliest memories of providing beauty services were from as young as taste of competitions. eight years old, when she would carefully groom her great-grandmother’s Emily has participated nails. “I remember one Christmas, one of my aunties bought me the Barbie in and even won a few mannequin head that you can put makeup on and style her hair, and it was industry competitions, the best thing ever! I didn’t put it down for weeks.” that vary from nail enhancement to spa pedicure, to eyelash extension. “I wanted to learn everything I could from as many people as I came into Fast-forward a few years and Emily was a young teenager who sculpted contact with. Learning is growing, and a great way to grow is to compete!” her own acrylic nails from drug store liquid and powder kits. “It took me The excellent quality of her artistry and attention to detail boosted her hours and hours to sculpt my own nails! I’d glop on the product and try to reputation in the industry. Emily was passionate about her personal smooth it out as evenly as I could with the little brush, then spend the next development and desired to take her career to the next level. In 2005, she several hours filing the thick monstrosities to shape. They always ended took control and founded her own studio, Queen Bee Spa, which celebrates up looking nice, but took forever to do!” That is why in high school when its 12th year of success this year. the guidance counselor asked Emily what career path she was choosing, it was a no-brainer. “I was going to be Mariah Carey’s nail girl and travel the Emily’s love affair with eyelash extensions began in 2009 when she world on tour as part of her entourage!” While her class mates struggled accompanied her sister to an eyelash extension appointment. Emily was and stressed over making a career choice, Emily was already practicing by instantly intrigued by what she saw, and by the gratuitous results. So much working on the hair and makeup team for the school play, and even doing so, that she started researching companies to take training from that very her friends’ hair, nails, and makeup looks for graduation. Emily was in love day. “I suffer from what I like to call Wimpius Lashicus. No amount of with the beauty industry! mascara can help, and so I usually wore strip lashes, which are a pain to apply and uncomfortable to wear. Eyelash extensions opened up a whole Shortly after high school, Emily moved to Vancouver, where she still new world of possibility for me and people like me!” lives, graduated from esthetics school with honors, and became a

49 - Lashes

Back then, there weren’t as many options for training and products as there are available today, so Emily chose two of the best-known lash companies at the time, and trained with them both. Then she took to the Internet to learn more. She came across a chat forum called Wake Up In Your Makeup (WUIYMU) where lash professionals from all over the world came to share their tips and techniques. “It was an amazing community of techs who were so generous with their knowledge. No one had any ulterior motives. We just wanted to freely share! I met many of my current lash friends there. Some days I really miss that place!” It was in the WUIYMU community that Emily first heard of the Russian Volume technique. “Some of the women from Russia and Ukraine were posting photos and at first, we all were skeptical because no one here had ever seen anything like it. We didn’t even have diameters that thin available to us yet!” Emily took her first Russian Volume (RuVol) class in May of 2013 and was hooked! One year later, North America had another historical eyelash event – the first live competition, LASH WARS, in which Emily was the Competition Director. Her prior experience in nail competitions helped her to define the rules and procedures for Lash Wars. “It can be challenging sometimes [organizing a competition] because people expect you to be warm and fuzzy, and they get mad when you give them demerits for being late, or they think something is unfair, but you’re just doing your job. You have to have really thick skin.” Since the very first Lash Wars, Emily has also had the honor of judging competitions overseas in England, Russia, and Ukraine, as well as continuing to direct Lash Wars every year. “I love to see how Lash Wars has evolved with my own standards. For example, I have very high infection control standards, and so it reflects in the rules that competitors must follow these standards or receive demerits. These are things I hope one day will become the industry norm, such as wearing gloves and masks.”

classes, with no plans to ever stop learning. “I am very passionate about education, and I am also devoted to helping people.” Recently, Emily launched her website, BEAUTYPRO MEDIA, which is a pro-to-pro resource where she provides comprehensive, impartial reviews to help other beauty professionals better choose courses, events, and products. “It kind of naturally progressed because people kept asking me about the courses I had taken or what products I would recommend, so instead of constantly repeating myself, I’ll just film it! I guess people trust my opinion on it because I’m one of the very few who has absolutely no desire to teach or carry my own product line. It makes me unbiased, and therefore, more credible because I don’t gain anything from recommending a certain product or trainer. I just want to help people, whatever that looks like, whether it’s helping a client feel more confident in her own skin or helping a beauty pro choose the right class to take.” When asked what she sees for herself in the future, Emily responded with “I don’t really know. All my life at my very core, I’ve only ever wanted to achieve one thing – change people’s lives. I don’t measure success by how many dollars I can make, but by how many lives I can touch. I want our industry to always move forward and set better, higher standards, and I believe that change can only come from within each of us. When we strive to better ourselves that is when we can better our industry as a whole. I will follow that path to wherever it leads me.”

Be real, be integrous, be the change!

Currently, Emily still has yet to meet Mariah Carey but is optimistic.

Continuing education also plays a large role in Emily’s life. Since the very first eyelash extension course in 2009, Emily has attended 13 eyelash extension classes, 7 permanent makeup classes, and several other beauty

Lashes - 50


May 20th 2018 Day long conference with lunch onboard the Sunborn Superyacht. Includes after-conference drinks in luxury cocktail bar, product goody bags, copy of Lash Inc, lash contest, interactive workshops.

Tickets from


Our amazing speakers for the 2018 Super Yacht Lash Conference in London are now confirmed

Petr LhotskĂ˝

Jill Heijligers-Peloquin

Loreta Jasilionyte

Britta Krueger

Michelle Meredith-Rath

Courtney Buhler

Organised by

Louise Tierney Lash Inc Magazine

Miranda Tarpey UK Lash Institute

King of Lashes

Meet the  by Louise Tierney

Petr Lhotský is one of the most recognised male faces in the Lash Industry. Petr has thrown himself into improving the industry through his conferences, educational classes, product line and international judging. Lash Inc. — ­ Petr, I love seeing your Facebook posts on your travels as a judge and a speaker at conferences. What is your favourite aspect about your work in the lash industry? Petr Lhotský — I love travelling and I'm glad my work allows this. Thanks to my knowledge and experience in the lash industry, I am constantly in demand around the world. I like everything I know, I can pass on to other people, and I love to motivate them for better performance. It enriches me enormously to explore different angles and views of lash extensions in different corners of the world and cultures. I always try to understand the market in detail. It has been a very busy year for you please share with us what you have been doing and what your plans are work wise for 2018? Last year, I was able to travel to Asia, specifically to Taiwan and Vietnam, where I had several lectures, trained the stylists and judged competitions. I must admit that my first impression of eyelash extensions in these countries has not been positive at all, it was for me, a kind of culture shock and it took me a while to understand the specifics of the local market. Providing services work on a totally different principle than in Europe or America. For me personally, quality is always the first, but in Asia it's speed regardless of the quality of the result. Therefore, to be a judge, I had to look at the results with their eyes and mind.

has to choose the path of minimum time and maximum number of clients. Last year was really difficult for me. Intensive demand for training, workshops, attendance at conferences, and lash competitions far outweighs my availability. That's why I carefully choose which events to attend. In addition, I hold the largest international lash extensions congress, which is a very time-consuming activity (and I organize everything myself with the help of one event manager). This year I was able to visit many countries and cities. I went back to some of them several times. E.g. London, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Ukraine, Ibiza, Rome, Vietnam, Taiwan, Portugal, Lithuania, Germany; moreover, my congress was sold out and achieved great success - it was awarded the title of the best conference of 2017. And this year? I hate to say so, but unfortunately, I have had to reject most of the job offers. I carefully choose only the most interesting ones mainly to places I have not visited yet. So, for example, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Japan and many other countries are waiting for me in 2018. What is next for you in your career? What are your goals and aspirations? I'm not the type that would create some extreme goals, nor do I have any special aspirations. I have always done everything with joy, honesty and openness to people, and my career has been created and grows by itself. I let it flow, I am not a careerist and I never urged myself anywhere, my work, which is followed by my success and popularity, speaks for itself.

However, there is a direction I'm trying to follow, specifically by making training more cohesive by using techniques of coaching. I would like In our master training, we focused on motivating to share this experience with other trainers our students to one of the most important factors because I believe that we lack this approach and that led to success - 100% quality and safety it is very important for starting a business. This results. It's so interesting, because the stylists topic could be a separate long article, but in a are extremely careful, skilful, and creative. nutshell, there is a huge difference between the All the techniques were acquired practically excellent stylist (who is training and showing instantly, and given enough time, each one of how she works) and the excellent coach/trainer them conjured up the most beautiful set of lashes. (explaining all the options in detail, teaching the This proved to me once again that it is only about students to think about their work, to find the the mentality, traditions and economy of a given techniques and procedures that are the best for country, where even if the stylist knows her work them and to achieve higher self-confidence and perfectly, no one is willing to pay enough, so she motivate them to further develop).

53 - Lashes

Photography - Alexandr Slinky, Make Up - Valery Star, Lashes - Inna Kharlamova, Model - Petr LhotskĂ˝

I wish there was more cooperation in our field at the expense of mere competition and copying. But to mention at least one aspiration, it is absolutely above all, being the best father of my son. What motivates you to continue your work? The biggest motivation for me is positive feedback, which stimulates me and "recharges my batteries". For that feeling, I am always willing to give my maximum. We adore your Front cover King image, please tell us the inspiration behind it? The first inspiration was probably an article in an Italian lash magazine, where they called me "il Re delle Ciglia" - King of Lashes. I posted the post to FB and the nickname started to be spontaneously used. So, it was not my idea. After you asked me to add my profile photo to the front page, I decided to make it more exciting and complex - to promote eyelash extensions in combination with my nickname. So, I approached the excellent stylist Inna Kharlamova and I flew to her and her team to Kiev. We achieved a great result in just a day. Please tell us a little about the conference you are running this year? This year we will have a 2-day congress again. The first day will be full of lectures and entertainment, the next day we are preparing workshops. It may seem that we have nothing to offer for the fourth time, but as we are a global leader in conferences, we are always able to bring unique content and exclusive news from the lash industry. We select only the best tutors carefully. Thanks to this success, we have a huge base of loyal fans who fully trust us and buy tickets in advance without the knowledge of the program and all the details. This is about 50% of the participant. The most difficult task and the key to such a massive success is to overcome ourselves, and that is what we have managed each year. And I promise that this year will again be legendary because the password of our conference is: #NOMOREBORINGCONFERENCES Do not forget to buy tickets at And finally, what do you love most about our industry?

I also very much like the upsurge that is so appreciate this greatly and I am very pleased that steadily growing in a young market of eyelash many people have found a job in this industry extensions. The growth is unreal, and I am very that they love and enjoy very much. proud to be part of it from the very beginning. The transition of the "one on one" technique to See Petr at The League of the "volume" extensions is fascinating.

The advantage of eyelash extensions is its I love all the enthusiasts of eyelash extensions. immediate effect, the so-called WOW effect. A All, who take this discipline seriously and have it moment that every stylist loves, when customers as part of their life. first see their lashes and feel like a princess. I

Lash Masters in Prague www. and Super Yacht Lash Conference London .

Lashes - 54

Lash Masters Volume 4

Bringing together some of the best lash artists in the beauty industry. Learn how these experts got started in the industry, their story and the insights they have for you.

Available from Amazon


Day long conference with lunch onboard the Sunborn Superyacht. Includes after-conference drinks in luxury cocktail bar, product goody bags, copy of Lash Inc, lash contest, interactive workshops.

Our amazing speakers for the 2018 Super Yacht Lash Conference in London are now confirmed

Petr LhotskĂ˝

Jill Heijligers-Peloquin

Loreta Jasilionyte

Britta Krueger

Michelle Meredith-Rath

Courtney Buhler

Tickets from

Organised by

Louise Tierney Lash Inc Magazine

Miranda Tarpey UK Lash Institute

Featured Lash Artist - Jazmin Zayas Lashes - 58




A R T I S T AWA R D 2 0 1 8 ★ 1 ST P R I Z E : $5000 AUD, Title of 2018 Elleebana Global Lash Lift Artist + Winners Trophy

★ 2 ND P R I Z E : $1000 AUD + Second Place Award ★ 3 RD P R I Z E : $500 AUD + Third Place Award ★ WILDCARD: $500 AUD worth of Elleebana Products W H ATS I T G O I N G TO TA K E TO W I N ? ★ Application using Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift System

★ A perfectly crafted lash lift

★ Following @Elleebana on Instagram

★ Impressing our international judges (announced soon)

★ Great lighting, angles, skin and brows

★ Abiding by competition Terms & Conditions



w w w. e l l e e b a n a . c o m



Business - 62

Business Breakdown: 

P hotography for Success by Andi Ramsay

Hi there! I’m Andi, and I am (among other things) the designer for Lash Inc. I’ve been involved in the creative industries for just over 17 years since I started my own business, and I currently run a visual communications agency that produces Video, Photography, and Design (like laying out Lash Inc every quarter) for a variety of different industries in Scotland. For just over a year now, I have been involved with the production team at Lash Inc HQ, and I’ll be honest; I didn’t even know that the lash artist world existed before I met Louise! I knew that beauty treatments existed, of course, but I didn’t have any concept of just how talented and passionate you magnificent lash artists could be. As I have prepared each issue for publication I have been fascinated by all the things there are to know, all the different techniques, products, styles, and applications for lashing skills. Each issue I will bring a little bit of my knowledge and experience, of both running a business and working in the creative industry, to these pages. Each quarter I’ll be penning an article for the business section of Lash Inc International. I truly hope it will be useful to you, and I would love to hear your thoughts. I’d also love to know what questions you might have, let me know what you want to know!

Part of their research will be looking at your website and social media, and weighing what they see against all the other lash artists (or lash technicians, it’s the same thng as far as they are concerned) that they’ve been able to find.

Put yourself in that person’s shoes for a moment; thinking, not like a lash artist, but like a normal person seeking some kind of lash treatment. They In this issue we are talking about photography. Typically, at this stage a don’t look at your work and evaluate whether you picked the right curl, photographer would launch into some long-winded ramble about shutter or whether you used a specific volume technique. They look at the photos speeds and lighting techniques, but I’m going to take a different approach. of the lash work you’ve done and they decide if they feel like it is good, I want to talk a little less about how to photograph lashes, and a little more professional work. They think about whether they will end up with perfect about why you should photograph lashes. More specifically, I’m going to lashes or not. Your photos will play a huge role in their decision to buy or talk about the importance of strong photography to your brand, how to to not buy. ensure that your images reflect the quality of your lash work (and why that’s important), and finally I’ll discuss how to use those powerful, high- The things that an average person sees in your photos are all the things quality photos to promote your brand and grow your business. that you don’t look for. It’s not enough to do incredible, flawless lash work on your clients. You have to show that lash work off, so your photos have to be flawless too.

The importance of Photography

So, obviously, a photographer is always going to say that photos are important. But I am not one to simply make a claim and expect everyone to believe me. I believe I can make my case here. First, think about how you interact with other businesses. Whether you are buying for yourself, your family, or for your business. Do you just go with the first search result, or the first shop you see? Most of us, especially for considered purchases, take a little time to research and evaluate any company we are thinking of using. Lash Artists are not exempt from this scrutiny, in fact they are more likely to be critically examined by potential clients. We are talking about a fairly delicate procedure involving adhesive close to their eyes, they will probably spend more time agonising over their decision than they do when considering a new hairdresser.

63 - Business

Quality that matches your work So, you’ve worked hard, you’ve done great lashes, you reach for that iPhone to snap a shot and pop it on Instagram for the world to see, but WAIT! Great lashes aren’t enough. I’m really sorry, but even the best lashes can be ruined by a few minor, easily-fixed mistakes. Here are a few pitfalls to avoid: GG Messy surroundings – You look and see the flawless lashes that you just made, everyone else is a bit distracted by all the little lash trimmings, the scraggly eyebrows, the scribbles on the patches, even the shininess of the skin or the redness where the tape has been taken off. Tidy up after yourself, make the photo reflect the relaxed,

pampered experience of your salon, show your work at its very best. Maybe give the clients face a cleanse and leave them for a few minutes for any redness to subside.

has experience photographing beauty, fashion, or portraiture. Look at their portfolio and evaluate them the same way that you now expect people to evaluate you. Not all lash artists are the same and the that is true for photographers too!

GG Background clutter – You’ve got a great client, lashes are perfect, brows on f leek, ready for their closeup; but in the background there’s a clutter of tools, glue bottles, discarded materials, maybe even the odd fire extinguisher or emergency exit? Either move the client, or move your camera. Frame up a nice neat shot and look at everything that is in there.

Submit your work to publications. Obviously, Lash Inc is the place to be seen. Get some images sent in for our reader gallery, pitch an article to our editorial team, maybe send us something extra special to become one of our featured Lash Artists. Send in your very best lash work, shown off in your very best photos. Lash Inc only comes out once every three months, I’m sure that in that amount of time you can find a couple of really great GG Terrible lighting – It really doesn’t matter how great your lash sets of lashes that you’ve done, and if you want to really get noticed then work is if nobody can see it, or they can’t make out the details. find a local photographer, makeup artist and a model or an actor who Most lash artists use some pretty decent work lights so would be willing to do something a bit different and arrange a photoshoot they can see what they are doing, but beware of having that really flexes your creative muscles. it too close and creating deep shadows or really bright highlights (especially on shiny skin). Ringlights create Publication is great for your promotion. It’s external verification that you beautiful, stylish catchlights in the eyes, but they aren’t are good at what you do. When you get published, buy a copy, put a snap of the only lights available. Find your style, and try to keep it on social media then frame the page in your salon! Make a big deal out of a nice balance to your lighting. If your light is too bright, it, you’ve earned that right! or too harsh, bounce it off a white surface to diffuse and soften it. Aim for consistency, and ensure that your photo style matches your brand. The bottom line is this; amazing photography can be great for your GG Terrible photography – Probably the most difficult of the business, great for your marketing, and great for your promotion. The only problems to fix is when your camera or phone just won’t do what thing worse than having no photos is having bad photos, when a potential you want it to. Blurry photos make your work look poor, photos client sees poor images it tells them that you’re not paying attention to the that are highly filtered for Instagram can suggest that you are details, which is a pretty important thing when dealing with individual hiding something. By all means, neaten a photo up a bit, but eyelashes! keep the filters to a minimum and let your work speak for itself. Practice a bit with your camera or phone to make better To get a feel for what you should be aiming for just take a look at our cover photos. There are loads of beginner photography tutorials image, our featured lash artists, or the exceptional work in our Reader on YouTube. If you are getting blurry, out-of-focus shots Gallery this issue. then try not getting so close to your subject. If you are getting blurry shots because your camera is shaky then Really show your work at its best, that will drive new clients to your salon try introducing more light or use something to rest your and help to grow your business. And when you put so much work into camera on (a tripod is the obvious solution but anything learning about, and then creating, beautiful lashes; it is only fair that the sturdy that you can get near to the client will do the job world gets to admire them in all their glory! just fine).

The moral of the story

Promote your brand with amazing images The first thing you need a photo of, is you! There are hundreds of reasons that a (really good, high quality, professional) photo of your lovely face is important to your business, and I’m not aware of any good reasons for not having one. Get a photographer, get your photo done. Someone with experience of shooting business headshots (or acting headshots) is a good bet, but any half decent photographer should be able to get you a starter headshot. Once you have that, put it up on your website, all your social media (doesn’t have to be your profile picture, but your face should be in there somewhere) Let people get to know you and what you look like. It increases the probability of them booking with you by a huge margin. Stick to one headshot at a time, so whatever you use on your website, use the same one elsewhere. It makes you recognisable and builds your brand awareness.

Andi Ramsay is the Creative Director of Lumogenesis, a visual communications agency based in the north of Scotland. He has spent the past 25 years with a camera or a computer, creating photos, videos, and designs that tell powerful stories. Andi is the designer who assembles Lash Inc magazine. @lumogenesis

Next, get some promotional images of your work. Some people would suggest getting photos of your salon done first, but this is a mistake. Clients don’t come to you because of what your salon looks like, they come for what you do. Get that out in the world and worry about the salon later. Make sure you use a competent photographer, preferably someone who

Business - 64

Lash Inc provide assessment and accreditation of lash artist training courses. The accreditation will show potential students your materials are of a set standard and that your qualifications have been verified. Students are looking for peace of mind and accreditation can help with this.

Training Accreditation Benefits 1.

Potential students know that your qualifications have been verified and your training courses and materials are of a set standard. Valid for 12 months.


Accreditation logo issued for you to use on stationery and website.


Accreditation certificate issued to display on your premises.


Up to 6 courses accredited for a single fee (£150 or $250 USD) (Additional courses £25 per course)


CPD points and certificates can be allocated to your students.


Free listing in Lash Inc training directory (print and online versions), saving you £200 per year.


Free digital subscription to Lash Inc.


Accreditation recognised by various insurance providers worldwide.


Free listing on Accredited training provider section of website.

10. Discounts on insurance (Currently UK & Ireland only).

er t s i g Re for n o i t a t edi r c c A y! toda

11. Invitation to sign up for Lash Inc Ambassador program, your students will receive a 1 year subscription to Lash Inc plus you as a school can gain extra rewards.

* Extra Bonus: Free VIP Membership to website: Read current Lash Inc, back issues, e-books, exclusive discounts and video content. No risk application, if we can not accredit you for any reason your application fee will be returned promptly. 65 - Business

The following academies and individual training providers are accredited by Lash Inc. Their training courses and qualifications meet all requirements for approval by our organisation.

Lash Inc Accredited Directory

United Kingdom & Ireland

England Love My Lashes Sue Winter 7 Bremen Grove, Shenley Brook End, Milton Keynes, MK5 7FJ

Flirties Unit 2, Tarlair Business Park Tarlair Way, Macduff, AB44 1RU +44 845 022 22 33

East Anglian Beauty Training

Hello Gorgeous (Kent)

Gina G Beauty Ltd

Institute of Eyelash Excellence 25 Hillview Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 8EY

Lash By Francesca LASHacademy Training & Products

VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd 26 Rutland Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 4HY +44 7554 925 551

Immaculate Beauty Academy

Venus Beauty

8 Tamworth Parade, Elms Park, Essex, RM12 5AS

Patrycja Plaszczymaka 81 St Olaves Rd, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP32 6RR

Inga Misiute Dartford, Kent, DA1 5LF +44 7988 374 564


Beelashfull Ltd Bianca Harris-Berry 191 Lewisham Way, London, SE4 1UY

Samantha Smith

Silviya Mikova 122 London Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex +44 7886 836 448

98-100 Lower Galleries, Eastgate Shopping centre, Basildon, SS14 1AG facebook-square /Samanthasmithlashartist

Love Beauty Training


995 Wycombe Lane, Wooburn Green Buckinghamshire

Tasha Young Blink Lashy, 31 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9EH

Caledonian Therapy Academy 7 Newton Place, Glasgow, G3 7PR +44 1423 329 251

Flirties Unit 2, Tarlair Business Park, Tarlair Way, Macduff, AB44 1RU +44 845 022 22 33

Silva Petraitiene Classic Charm Professional Beauty Academy March, Cambridgeshire, UK

Ireland: Monika Wojtysiak DeviLash Lash Extensions Atelier & Training Centre, 16/1 8 William Street, Galway, Ireland

Business - 66

Glamour Lashes Ireland



+353 872 974 781


Star Lash Academy

Donata Jucyte Ritzy Eyes Unit 45, Coolmine Industrial Estate, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, Ireland +353 831 040 220

Joanna Kolbusz Glamour Look Beauty, Clinic & Academy Unit 10 Belgrad Square West, Dublin, Ireland

Magda Frost Lash Studio by Magda Frost The Feelgood Centre, Exchange House, Main Street, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland

Beata Makowka Million Lashes Academy 6B Harts Corner, Finglas Road, Dublin, Ireland facebook-square /MillionLashesDublin

Sandra Kliokmaniene Deluxe Beauty

Australia & New Zealand


Sugarlash Academy of Lash Artistry

Laura Kaminskiene Kaunas , Lithuania . Email : , Phone : +37064752037 ,


Deluxe Lashes International Aleksandra Maniuse +370 6 092 2922 www.deluxe–

Melena Langford

Canberra, ACT, AUSTRALIA +61 2 4761 59717

Komao Kerrie Ann Ditz

Onutė Juršienė

Enchanted S.P.A MB Karališkas Grožis, Kęstučio g. 41a, Vilnius, LT-08143

PO Box 1483, Joondalup DC, WA 6919 0450 4247 39 / 1300 113 996

Charming Look A. Jaksto 9-332, Vilnius, Lithuania

Aida Rusiene Lithuania, Klaipėda, Taikos pr. 51-10, LT 9115

ster Regi for tion a t i d e Accr ay! tod

Jancarza 89, 31–618 Kraków, Poland

Baltic Beauty School Kaunas, Vilniaus g.17 / Mapu str. 1 +370 601 55573

Lisa Gillanders LASHWORX Training Academy 50 Park Road, Greenmeadows, Napier, 4112, New Zealand

United States of America Jessica Mogauro The Beauty Pro Loft, 130 Centre St. Howe Barn #103, Danvers, MA 01923 +1 (781) 813–8131 67 - Business

Benita Lash Studio


18321 W. Lake Houston Pkwy, Suite 305, Humble, TX 77346

Sugarlash Academy of Lash Artistry

Amy Young Love Those Lashes LLC +1 (513) 280–6550

Lucy Argent LA Lash Academy 137 Bay Street #8, Santa Monica, CA 90405 +1 (424) 200–8278

San Diego Eyelash Extensions 12935 Pomerado Road, Suite C, Poway, CA 92064 +1 (619) 438–5770

LASHLAB Academy by PINKLAB & Co. 545 Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10017 +1 (212) 686–0992

Courtney Buhler +1 587 982 5274

Lash Line Academy & Supplies Inc Jessi Love

Boutique Lash Company 2115 39 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T6L 4G1 +1 780 266 3875

Cheralee Placsko Flutter Lash Artistry and Training

Deluxe Lashes International Aleksandra Maniuse +37060922922

Annie Annabelle Soo Lash Institute Singapore 245 Jalan Besar, Level 3, Singapore, 208918 +65 83395652

Worldwide & Online Lash Master Academy Online

Institute of Eyelash Excellence – Online

Lessons in Lashes – Online South Africa Lesley–ann Altree

Luscious Lashes International 6 Hutchinson Ave, Table View, 7441, MaiLash Academy South Africa Mai Lee +27 21 557 5279 1526 N Scottsdale Rd. Tempe, AZ 85281, USA +1 480 404 0092 Vogue Lashes by Adelle Sutton

Tanya Jones +1 (415) 420-1939

9 Harvey Street, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6001 +27 41 583 2530

LASH103 Lash Studio

Kylie Chandler

Kelley Jenkins DELTA LASH ACADEMY 103 Howard Street, Greenwood, MS, USA

Hyde Park Corner Shopping Centre, South Wing Offices, Suite 301, Hyde Park, Sandton, JHB, South Africa, 219

Take Care Beauty


Silart Lash & Brow Academy

Business - 68

Events C  alendar 2018 Events

February 2018 The Royal Canadian Lash Championships Vancouver, Canada 25 – 26 Feb 2018

May 2018 NALA Awards

Celtic Lash Conference

Toronto, Canada 4-7 May 2018

Dublin 6th – 8th July 2018

Lash Me

August 2018

March 2018

Poland, Warshaw Championship 18-20th May 2018 facebook-square /Lashmemagazine

Lash Pro Balkan

Super Yacht Lash Conference

Serbia 3 – 4 March 2018

Suborn Super Yacht, London 20th May 2018

Lash Secrets Conference

Lash Master legends

Portugal, Lisbon 11th March 2018 facebook-square /lashsecretsconferenceportugal

Rome, Italy 26-27 May 2018

Lash Artists International Conference

June 2018

Arizona, USA 16-18th March

April 2018 Les Vicroires Du Regard Paris, France 7th April 2018

Lash Challenge Croatia. Croatia 7th – 8th April

The Lash Brunch Washington DC, USA 15th April 2018

69 - Business

July 2018

Hollywood Lash Conference Hollywood, LA 1st – 3rd June

The International Lash & Brow Conference Spain, Madrid 23rd June 2018

Nordic Lash Conference Tallinn, Estonia 24 – 25 Aug 2018

September 2018 The Lash Social UK 2018 Novotel in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK. 16th Sept 2018

Fantasy Lash Show DSTRKT, London 23rd Sept 2018

October 2018 Dream Lash and Brow Campus October 2018

Scottish Lash Conference Edinburgh Castle October 2018

Lash Bash Gold Coast Australia 23-24 June 2018

2019 Events

February 2019

Ultimate Conference

Lash Masters Conference

Lash – Nails – Brows Kent, UK 30th June – 1st July 2018

Romania Feb 2019

Training Directory UK

LASHacademy Training & Products The LASHacademy supply products that are of the highest quality and most affordable to professional lash technicians. We ship worldwide. Training Dates: Ongoing

Frankie Widdows +44 7714 638405 Master lash artist Frankie Widdows is head trainer at the Institute of Eyelash Excellence. She provides outstanding training from foundation level through to advanced lash techniques and Russian volume eyelash extensions. She also provides continued online support and tutorials as well as 24/7 access to her for the rest of your lash career. Training Dates: Ongoing

Michelle Ryan +44 7825 924 920 Michelle Ryan is an experienced and passionate lash technician who has a wealth of knowledge that she loves to share with her students. As a trainer for Flirties, she constantly strives to improve the standard of eyelash extensions across the board. Being a busy therapist herself gives Michelle the ability to support students not just with training but to also offer help and advice in other areas of setting up and running a business.

Sarah Humphreyson

East Anglian Beauty Training

15 Drake Mill Business Park, Plymouth PL6 7PS +44 1752 771 112 eyelashqueenplymouth

Maureen Blackman Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 +44 7717 257 756 eastanglianbeautytraining

Accredited training in purpose built facility from classic to mega volume, also providing courses in waxing, threading and more.

Professional, bespoke accredited lash & brow training for beginners, and technicians wanting to expand on their skills. Not affiliated to any particular brand.

Best Lashes&Brows (Best L&B Ltd)


Renata Fodor-Csuti +44 7555 481 857 bestlashesandbrowsworldwide/ Best Lashes&Brows® is a company offering a large variety products for professional eyelash extension and eyebrow building. We are not only promoting and selling professionally recognised high quality specialist products, but we also offer professional courses and trainings to beginners and experts in the industry.

iLashtique Cindy Nicholls Room 21, West Cornwall Enterprise Centre, Cardrew Ind. Est, Redruth, TR15 1SS +44 7875 436 054

Ms Diva Training Cork & Dublin 0870 991 991

Annya Studio Anna Slufirski Tallagh, Dublin 24, Ireland

Donata Jucyte Ritzy Eyes Unit 45, Coolmine Industrial Estate, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, Ireland 0831040220

Denmark MYLASHCOMPANY Beringsvej 7, 7500 Holstebro, Denmark (0045) 5070 2543

I entered some lash art competitions in 2016 and won 3rd in London Lash Brands: MYLASH and MYTWEEZER. Battle and 2nd in a Christmas lash art High quality product with a unique competition. I have just become a lash patented formula. Worldwide fast trainer for the Cornwall area, under shipping. High level lash courses. We Leanne Harber’s Ultimate brand of teach Classic, Volume and our unique beautiful products at reasonable prices. course Lash Medic. This course is the first in the world, which focus are on clients with a medical condition. The course will be taught by a licensed nurse with over 8 years’ experience in lashes and 5 years working with oncology patients.

Business - 70

Australia Enchanted SPA 1/7 Wise Sreet Joondalup Western Australia 6027 +61 1300 113 996 Quality Products and Academy

Lash Sublime Academy Jodie Burwood Level 1 34 King st Perth 6000 +61 402 856 343

Ex-Import Niche 5/92 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220 +61 7 5576 6388 +61 7 5520 2292 (Fax)

SkinCare Fundamentals Stephanie Frey 200 Parker Avenue, Rodeo, CA 94572 +1 (888) 388-7546 Exceptional certified EE workshops plus the highest quality eyelash extension products available in the market. SCFLash Store has it all and at great prices.

Beverly Hills Lashes +1 (310) 500-0551 bevhillslashes


Intensive hands-on certification trainings in the Keratin Lash Lift and Eyelash Extensions- helping you build a strong foundation, leading to success in the eyelash industry.

Sinful Lashes

San Diego Eyelash Extensions

Luxury Products and Quality Training. +1 (818) 970–7151

Olga Villarreal 12935 Pomerado Road, Poway CA 92064 Luxury products at competitive prices. +1 (619) 438-5770 Featuring our Red Ruby Volume Adhesive. Quality, in-depth training located in Los Angeles. We also travel the US bringing our Classic and Volume training to you.


by PINKLAB & Co. 545 Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10017

MaiLash & Brows

Canada Premium Products and Quality Training +1 (403) 999–4455 Canada’s Premium Quality Products shipped World Wide

Luxe Lash Academy Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) +1 (778) 808–5572 Classic and Volume Certification, Advanced Volume Techniques, Re– Certification & Refresher Courses

Estilo Lash Kim Helgesen-Fuentes Mackenzie BC +1 (250) 615-1232 estilolashmobileeyelashextensions Providing training in eyelash extensions, microblading, threading and lash lifts.

I’m Olga Villarreal, award-winning Master Lash Artist, eyelash extension trainer, aesthetician, and owner of San Diego Eyelash Extensions. My mission is to help every woman I serve to feel confident, radiant, and empowered.

Mai Le Scottsdale, AZ +1 (480) 404-0092

List in our training directory for just £50 GBP per quarter ($80 USD) Email to be included in our next issue 71 - Business

Supplier Directory USA & Canada

SkynLash Academy NJ USA +1 (732) 618–2096

Lash Affair by J.Paris

The Lashe, Inc.

+1 (800) 608-2420

6321 N Avondale Ave., Suite 206, Chicago, IL 60631 +1 (773) 202-9399

We sell Luxury Lash Extension Products & Global Certifications. We ship and train globally as well

Sinful Lashes - Luxury Products and Quality Training +1 (818) 970–7151

Training Courses, Continuing Education at it’s Finest, Skype Training Available, Basic Lashes to Advanced Volume, Lashcoat & Lashbrow Training, SkynLash Shop for the Finest Lash Supplies

Luxury products at competitive prices. Featuring our Red Ruby Volume Adhesive. Quality, in–depth training located in Los Angeles. We also travel the US bringing our Classic and Volume training to you.


PremierLash – designer lashes™

+1 (866) 430–1261

RevitaLash® Cosmetics

Angel Eyelashes Eyelash Supplier to Professionals

Boutique Lash Company +1 (780) 266–3875

Hot Lashes +1 (403) 999–4455 Canada’s Premium Quality Products shipped World Wide

Sugar Lash Eyelash extension & training provider

Sweet Lash 377 Marshall Way N #1, Layton, UT 84041

The Lashe has been developing premium application products for eyelash extension stylists since 2007. From our exclusive adhesive, to Lashe extensions, to The Lashe Technique.

United Kingdom & Ireland Flirties BeautyTrix +44 845 022 2233 +1 877 366 5274 (Toll Free US & Lash Perfect Canada) +1 801 463 4868 (Local & International) +44 208 500 9028 Ultimate Lash And Brow Inc. Viengsamay Kettavong Professional and accredited training 619 800 4429 available from expert trainers at competitive prices throughout the UK. Internationally renowned and available worldwide through over 30 ULB® The Ultimate Lash and Brow Destination! We specialize in the art of eyelash and eyebrow enhancement products!

SkinCare Fundamentals 200 Parker Avenue, Rodeo, CA 94572 888-388-7546 Exceptional certified EE workshops plus the highest quality eyelash extension products available in the market. SCFLash Store has it all – and at great prices.

overseas distributors.

Nouveau Lash Nouveau Beauty Group +44 844 801 6820

LashBase Ltd +44 239 225 1425

My Beautiful Eyes Mylash, Myscara, Mybrows

Golden Eyelashes Ltd. +44 7522 168 750 golden– We supply high quality eyelash extension and accessories.

Business - 72

Lash Heaven - Luxury Lash Supplies Official distributor of VOGUE LASHES By Adele Sutton and Chrissanthie

LASHacademy Training & Products Products - The LASHacademy supply products that are of the highest quality and most affordable to professional lash technicians. We ship worldwide.

VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd International Distributor – Affordable Beauty Supplies +44 7554 925 551 Professional LashBlack 3 Week Semi, Permanent Mascara: Made in England & EU Certified, Eyelash Extension Medical Grade Glues made in England – Ultra Diamond Pro: fast drying – Senses for Sensitive eyes: low vapour odour, perfect for trainers and beginners , Individual Mink Eyelashes 100% Real Siberian Handmade Lashes

Best Lashes&Brows® (Best L&B Ltd.) Renata Fodor-Csuti +447555481857 bestlashesandbrowsworldwide Best Lashes&Brows® is a company offering a large variety products for professional eyelash extension and eyebrow building. We are not only promoting and selling professionally recognised high quality specialist products, but we also offer professional courses and trainings to beginners and experts in the industry.

LashBase Unit 1 Stratfield Park, Elettra Avenue, Waterlooville, Hampshire, United Kingdom, PO7 +44 2392 251 425 Award winning, premium quality lash supplies. Experienced staff, the highest quality products and unrivalled customer service. Samples available.

EBC Limited 26 Prilep Str, Varna 9000 Bulgaria +359 5260 4073 European Beauty Concept (EBC Limited) is a lead manufacturer of high quality professional eyelash extensions and Permanent Makeup supplies

Netherlands Lash eXtend

Ireland Glamour Lashes Ireland +353 872 974 781

Elite Lash Academy Mall Road, Monaghan, Ireland +353 477 2580 +353 868 593 699

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Lash inc USA-Canada 3  

February 2018 Lash Inc USA-Canada/Lash Inc International