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»meet jill heijligers-peloquin CEO of Lash FX® Global Editor, Lash Inc USA-Canada

Organizer, Founder of Lash Artists International

Over the years of forum chat posts, videos, facebook lives and collaborative interviews for the industry, you might think you know Jill’s backstory, but here are a couple of quirky, fun facts you may not know: Jill’s lifelong dream was to be an actor-singer-dancer, what we call a “triple threat”, and she went to college on a full ride scholarship to UNLV with those talents. To this day, she translates what she studied and learned from a life as a performer to business. Some would say a degree in acting is a soft skill, but Jill regards it as the rosetta stone to success. The stage management, design, preparation and methods behind a life of professional performances is precisely – and intentionally - what she uses as a key tool everyday to navigate the beauty business! “Your story is your strength!”

“Organizing lash industry events and elevating the game for how the lash industry shows up to learn and then teach others is the most exciting aspect to me about being involved in your life. When we learn and then teach, we are literally carving out the evolution of our industry’s legacy. I am a life long learner, a serial student and a devoted teacher and mentor. I see this as my “story”. I hope you enjoy the event we have organized for you – I will be there, shoulder to shoulder alongside you, learning and having ah-ha moments to pay forward!”

4 FB/ LashFX IG/ @lashfxglobal

The next generation of lash lighting is


FLEXIBLE with true color matching all while emitting NO HEAT






become a lash educator By Levi Shepard President of Nala

Are you interested in training others in the art of eyelash extensions? Changing roles from artist to educator is a natural transition for some of you. With years of lashing experience, and so much industry expertise, it seems like a logical step in your career. Some might even say it’s your duty to pass the torch to aspiring new artists and take your place at the teacher’s desk. Educating others can be a very rewarding career. But before taking the leap here are some things you should consider:


1) Do you have what it takes? Knowledge about the lash industry is NOT enough. Not everyone is a good teacher. If you don’t have experience training or educating, you need to take a class or two to learn how to be a great teacher. Your student’s success will depend on it. If you are unable to guide them and mentor them to success your training academy will ultimately fail. Before you commit time and money into creating your program be sure you have what it takes to effectively teach others.

2) Do you have enough experience to become a lash educator? There is not really any magic number here. Experience is not based on the number of years you have been certified. It’s based on – quite simply – what you have experienced. To qualify as an educator you should have an abundance of knowledge (in many aspects of the job) to share with your students. Ideally, you should hold multiple certifications from a variety of lash schools and you should have a certification as an educator. Your knowledge and experience is what makes you valuable as an instructor and a mentor. Therefore, the more experience you have the greater you are qualified to teach others.


3) Are you COMPLETELY committed to your student’s success? As an educator you need to be prepared to hold your student’s hand while they are practicing their new craft. They will need to know you are there for them for as long as it takes. If you are not prepared to commit your time to your students after graduation you should not become an educator.

4) Why do you want to become a lash educator? If you love to share your knowledge with others; If you are passionate about helping others succeed; If you are dedicated to living your life as a mentor; If you are committed to changing the future of our industry by offering quality education to new lash artists; You are EXACTLY what the lash industry needs. Creating and managing a successful Lash Training Academy requires a lot of hard work and a great deal of liability BUT if you truly love what you do – it won’t feel like work at all!


Teaching others is a great responsibility. Students will be counting on you to show them the way and teach them everything they need to know to be successful as a lash artist. It is vital that you are committed to providing the right information and supporting all of your students throughout their career.


»meet hanna babanakava Featured LAI2018 Speaker, Workshop Educator, Competition Judge

President, Angel Wings. Angel Wings is an international company that provides top quality eyelash extension services, supplies and training with head office in Montreal, Canada. We are proud of our responsible approach and an outstanding client care.

“I’m a workaholic. Actually it takes a lot of inhuman effort NOT to work 24 hours per day. I force myself to do something ‘useless’ like going to the cinema or – more favorite – tabletop role-playing games. So if you arrange an interesting game – I’d be glad to join the group and kill some orcs/vampires/aliens or whatever needs to be killed or uncover some secrets that need to be uncovered *laugh*.”

My Lash Art Portrait workshop is an important test drive for my full training course of Lash Art. As in South and North America Lash Art is not so developed in general when comparing to Europe and Russia, my mission is to raise this part of the industry and give our colleagues understanding that simple color lashes are not lash art. Lash Art is a complete immaculate image. It is something you cannot take your eyes off – you just hold your breath, thinking, ‘How was the creation of THIS even possible?’

My presentation Lash Art Portrait is a short informative summary from my online training All About Lash Art in Details. I will include a big block of theory that contains not only the lash part of the game, but also includes the best of my knowledge as a makeup artist, hairdresser and a 10-year experienced graphic designer. I’ll help you to turn on your imagination to full power and put it into prize-winning ideas. I will also reveal the most frequent mistakes made in live and online Lash Art championships.

12 FB/

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danielle rae cricchio Featured BONUS Lai2018 Speaker & Media Sponsor Garnet Lash Founder Lash Business Mentor Host of LASHES+COFFEE daily livestream

www. IG/ @ lashexecutive


Through my personal and professional experience, I have realized that my passion does not stop at lashes. I love to create communities and generate inspiration. I love to exploit technology and provoke expansion. I love to help people succeed. And… In my free time you can find me zipping around a racetrack in southern California in my sweet little BMW M2! As one of Lash Artists International’s featured BONUS Presenters, I am so excited to show you how to use the internet and social media to stand out in the industry! I can attribute all of my early success by turning prospects into customers through internet marketing. If you are underutilizing this wonderful tool, you are missing out on business! Let’s crush it together. I will help you understand its power and provide tips and ideas to help you leverage greater influence and success in getting your message, your products and your skills in front of the right audience!


»meet leanne harber Featured LAI2018 Speaker, Workshop Educator & Competition Judge

Leanne Harber is one of the most generous Lash Masters & Educators you will ever meet in your lashlife adventures, operating Ultimate Lashes, Ultimate Brows and Team Ultimate. She is also editor of Lash Inc Ireland Magazine and organizer of the Ultimate Lash, Brow & Nails Conference in Kent this summer.

Attendees fall in love with her – her heart is brave and her skills are mad! She has an innovative streak that will bowl you over, and we have absolute confidence that her presentation will thrill you! Her conference topic is called Lash Hacks, and we hope it helps you work more easily, quickly and expertly. There are a lot of interesting and unusual tips in there! Because it is one of the hottest topics in lashland, Leanne will offer a workshop on her famous Ultimate Bridging Technique. She will demonstrate exactly how she performs this lash magic and you will do hands on practice exercises so she can help you perfect your technique. She will also make time to help you work more easily with the naturally occurring layers of lashes. “I’m extremely passionate about my work shop as it what I love to do and to teach. My work shop is


on bridging and doing it safely and how to overcome problems. I will be using the Ultimate Bridging Technique on a live model in the workshop, so you get to see me work. Being able to create beautiful lashes, where the client has virtually none really makes your job worthwhile! The feeling you get when you see their faces afterwards is amazing.” IG/ @ultimate-hq her app: Ultimate Students on Apple and Android

LASH w w w .he l l o u l ti m a te . c o m



»meet mia hauge Featured LAI2018 speaker, Workshop Educator, and Competition Judge

CEO and founder of LASH COMPANY. Married to husband Thomas Jeppesen, and mother of 3 kids: Bella, Patrick and Casper. Mia is a licensed nurse, with a major in oncology and has been doing lashes for 10 years. Mia has specialized in lashes for clients with medical conditions such as cancer and has received a Danish Beauty Awards nomination for her work in 2017. LASH COMPANY is a Danish company, providing high quality products and lash courses. All our lashes are made from Danish PBT materials – the only one in the world! MYLASH is the name of our brand. LASH COMPANY is the biggest lash supplier in Scandinavia. IG/@lash_company

“Before I got into the Beauty World, I was in the Airforce, training to be a Helicopter pilot. In 2008 I was deployed to Afghanistan. I wasn’t done with my flight school, so I was a System Operator on the Merlin Helicopter. I was deployed for 6 months and those 6 months were both the worst and the best months of my life.” Thank you for your service, Mia!!!!! Her conference presentation and workshop topic is called Lash Medix, providing guidelines for when to apply and when not to apply eyelashes on clients with medical conditions, how medication affects the lash cycle and the lash structure, and why it takes time for the lash cycle and structure to return to normalcy. She’ll also be busting some myths about lashes and chemotherapy. “Everyone knows someone who has cancer – a family member, friend or perhaps it’s yourself. When you are fighting cancer, your body image changes because your body is changing due to the effect the medicine has on your body. Losing your “basic” features, and for some, their identity, is very hard. That’s why I’m so passionate. I want to give something back. For some people beauty services are no big deal, but for someone who has been through hell and back – it’s everything!”


»meet eliza tyminska holmes LAI2018 BONUS Speaker, Expo Demonstration Expert & Competition Floor Judge

Passionate Lash Master, Speaker and Judge, Lash Educator Owner of Prestige Lashes Academy in United Kingdom Developer of high quality branded eyelash products and online shop – Lash Vault Organizer of Eyelash Extension and Lash Lift Championship in England – Strictly Come Lashes IG/@lash_vault


In contrast to our usual focus in the glamorous lash industry, I am a motorbike lover – a gearhead! I like the smell of the petrol and all kinds of car garage work. In my teenage years I was a typical tomboy – I’m still growing out of it! As one of your Featured BONUS presenters at lash Artists International, I will be offering an important presentation that is open to all attendees: “The Customer’s Emotional Experience and Our Professional Responsibility”. I will be talking about “difficult” customers and cover the subject of how to build a stable customer base. This topic is discussed casually – and often, not-so-professionally – on forums and chatrooms. But there is indeed a psychology behind customer behavior and the emotional responses that invokes in us. How do we go from reactive human nature to running a stable, professional and happy business? I have an added BONUS for you all as well. In the Expo Experience, I will demonstrate and take questions regarding lower lash application. Lower lashes frame the eye, emphasize the beauty of the eye and complete the look. You are welcome to take photos as I explain the techniques and I will be happy to discuss and advise “Lower Lash Application”. I look forward to meeting you all at Lash Artists International 2018!





»meet martina kallos

Owner of Kallos Lash Academy, Zagreb, Croatia. Professional trainer, lash artist & international speaker. Editor-in-chief of LashME EuroBalkan magazine. Organizer of ‘Lash Challenge Croatia’ competition. Author of ‘Eyelash Extentions from A to Z’, basic literature for every lash artist.

Featured LAI2018 Speaker, Workshop Educator & Competition Judge Funny fact about friends always tell me my dancing makes them laugh (probably because I am 180 cm and just too tall and unbalanced). So, if I wanna cheer up some boring situations, I just start dancing! Also, one more thing about name is Martina Krajinovic Gulsun, but all my lash friends and students use Kallos as my last name, so I stopped trying to explain and accepted my new name: Martina Kallos. My Lash Artists International 2018 Conference Topic is „Business Mastery for Lash Artists“ to encourage all the brilliant, but shy, artists to show their talent to the world. How to discover the thing that you do the best. How to step out of your comfort zone and be unique. How to use your artistic side and make a good business out of it. My workshop with Laura “Volume Rock & Roll” will include all the most important elements for every lash artist. How to be technically perfect and create beautiful volume work. How to work with different kinds of clients. How to get confidence to go to competitions and how to understand the elements that make you a champion. Most importantly, we will concentrate on easy tecniques that can help you to create beautiful fans and how to avoid the most common mistakes made. I hope a lot of girls will use this opportunity and come to the workshop because I want to show them how just a simple move or a tiny change of angle with the tweezers can change their work. All the workshop attendees will get my limited edition volume tweezer, and my book will be available for purchase at the LAI Expo. IG/@martina_kallos_lasheducator


loupes: changing the way you see lashes By Kathryn Popplestone

Loupes changed my Lash life! I had always thought I could see well when lashing. I used a light that attached to my beauty bed and always managed to achieve work that was neat with full isolation & no stickies. Being lucky to have 20/20 vision I believed I could see all the natural lashes. I now know this wasn’t the case at all...


It was during a visit to my dentist that I learned about loupes. He used them to do his dental work and couldn’t sing their praises highly enough, reeling off a list of benefits including super magnified vision, improved posture and the option to attach a light directly to their frames. I decided I needed to investigate these special types of glasses further. I contacted a few different companies who sold loupes & they explained that they work in a very different way to magnifiers. They enlarge what you are viewing & make it appear significantly closer to you without changing your vision like prescription glasses do. They sounded like something I needed if I want to up my Lash game to the next level. The only issue was the cost. As they are mainly used in the medical & dental industries and prices were $2000 & up. This obviously makes them a very expensive purchase for a Lash artist. However, after further research I found the Student Loupes Company. They don’t spend large amounts of money on marketing & give details instructions on how to take your own measurements for the custom loupe, eliminating the

need for fitting appointments with reps. This means they are able to offer customised loupes at a very affordable price. They offer interest free payment plans & a money back guarantee which encouraged me to take the plunge and invest in a pair. To place my order, I followed their simple instructions for taking my measurements. You just need to know your working distance & then send the photos, so they can determine your pupillary distance. They loupes take around 4 weeks to manufacture so I waited patiently for them to arrive. On first use they felt a little disorienting, however I straight away I realised how much more clearly I could see the natural lashes. There were so many more baby hairs than I had even seen before! Plus, the extensions on my Lash board had become supersized! The 0.10s now looked like 0.2s & I quickly realised this made fanning much easier. It took a week to get used to the loupes but after that time I have never looked back. My work is much neater as the imperfections I see in reality are tiny once you remove the


magnification. I also realised that I had been working by touch before when separating & checking for stickies. Either the tweezers would catch the baby hair, or I could tell from the tension as I wiggled the extension if it was caught on more than one lash. With the loupes all those hairs were visible making the lash application cleaner & more accurate. Once I was used to the loupes I then ordered the attachable light & this has made just as significant difference to my work as the loupes. It gives you illumination specifically where you are working, so there is no shadowing like with a free-standing light. I feel the loupes & light combo have made a significant difference to my health as well as my work. Not only is my posture greatly improved but my eyes aren’t strained or tired even after a full day of Lash clients. So, if you want to up your Lash game & look after your health, it’s time to invest in a pair of loupes.


Kathryn Popplestone Founder & CEO of Flutter UK Kathryn lives in London and travels the globe, offering Flutter Lash services to international clients, while managing and training the Flutter UK Franchise team.

Awesome lashes demand great vision At The Loupes Company, we are passionate about making high quality, bespoke and affordable loupes and lights for everyone. Loupes give you great vision by making the lash appear up to 3.5x larger, whilst improving your health and posture. With a loupes headlight there is a focused stream of light that brings total clarity to your work, all day long. And with our 30 day money back trial period, you can buy with complete confidence. Get a FREE personalised aluminium loupes case** Just enter code AWESOME18 at the checkout of our online store:


**Personalised case offer available to all customers purchasing a set of Custom TTL Loupes from or websites. Offer open until 31 December 2018. *Full details of the 30 day money back trial are published on our website.


Featured LAI2018 Speaker, Educator & Competition Judge

President MB Beauty School, Founder Madam Butterfly, International Speaker, Judge and Educator, Editor LashME Lithuania & Ireland Magazine, Founder International Beauty Association, Organizer of Celtic and Celtic-Baltic Lash Conference & Competitions

»meet laura kaminskiene Her LAI2018 conference topic is a hot one: MENS LASHES. “Male lashes are popular in the beauty industry & I want to show why you should consider exploring this service. Many lash masters are wondering what price to charge, how to prepare men correctly for this procedure & how to apply their lashes. I am very excited about my presentation topic this year, and I hope you all will be too.” Lash Artists International 2018 has many optional workshop opportunities, and Laura has decided to team up with her friend & colleague Martina for VOLUME ROCK & ROLL. “We called our workshop: ROCK & ROLL because MARTINA KALLOS is ROCK & I am ROLL. We wanted to make it special, strong and extra interesting for all of you. The two of us are always improving our skills and our purpose to be the best and make our students the best in the world. We love what we do, and we


love to share our knowledge. We will our success formulas and rules to become champions. We will show and discuss how to accomplish the latest trends (including men’s lashes), styling and eye modeling. We will also take the time to perfect and correct two of the most important aspects of volume lashing – your base attachments and correct fanning. Our live workshop attendees will enjoy some special gifts and perks from MB Beauty School and Kallos Academy.” This workshop is absolutely packed with value! FB/ MB BEAUTY SCHOOL IG/@mbbeautyschool


»meet malaena kelson Lash Artists International Bonus Presenter and Sponsor

Malaena Kelson is a cute and sporty wife and mother of 3. She likes to learn new things and gets really excited about anything FUN. She is the inventor and founder of LashWrap and is passionate about helping lash technicians find health and happiness. “My friends call me the freaky finder, because whenever I learn about something I haven’t heard about before, I dive in and find all kinds of interesting things about it. I can fold my tongue in half, like a piece of paper, and despite my petite frame, I played the tuba in high school and loved it!” Melaena is one of Lash Artists International’s BONUS presenters – LashWrap is the leading expert in body health, ergonomics, and preventative care for eyelash technicians, blazing the trail between long-term health and lashing fast, happy, and pain free! Malaena Kelson, owner and inventor of the LashWrap is also a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist (CEAS). Here is why Malaena is so passionate about the subject of Ergonomics and Lashing: “Because I have been there, to the point of not being able to do what I love anymore, and I don’t want that to be you! The LashWrap story is proof that there


is a way out of the pain and struggle. In fact, when you are educated, and have the right tools, you can prevent it from ever happening. We spend all this money and time learning how to be the best at what we do, but it’s pointless if our bodies can’t keep up. Invest in yourself and gain insight and education on your body and what it needs to function at 100%. My presentation here at Lash Artists International will give you new ideas, education to improve your health, and a renewed confidence in your body’s own ability to heal itself (or know where to go) and function at full capacity.” IG/@lashwrap FB/@lashwrap


»meet kei kim Featured Bonus Presenter and VIP Platinum Sponsor, Competition Judge IG/beautier_international

As Beauty Works Total Beauty Supply (the company that produces the global brand “Beautier”) has global partners distributing their luxury brand of innovative lash products, they also are the originators of many custom-labelled, or “OEM” brands of lash supplies. Her professional connections reach all corners of the globe, and her eye for style and design make her a favorite beauty industry personality and trusted partner. She advises, produces products for and creates stylish impressions for some of the most well-known and quality consistent, successful lash companies in the world. This makes Kei the perfect Bonus Presenter for Lash Artists International. She will explain about quality control of lash industry products, manufacturing of the lashes themselves, the various steps in the process of creating a branded product and why custom branding is a popular idea, but only realized by serious business models. You will be able to ask her questions about the OEM and design process.


The lash industry knows her as “Kei”, the President of Overseas Sales for Beautier products, and one of the most prolific sponsors of global lash conferences and competitions.

Some little-known info about Kei? She is a wine expert, “foodie”, holds a degree in jewelry design and a speed demon – riding her Ducati racing bike without reserve. And that is why we regard HER products and branding as the Lamborghini of Lashes!!!!!


»meet mai le LAI2018 Competition Judge and Sponsor IG/@mailashandbrows

MaiLash & Brows focuses on providing quality products and trainings in eyelash extensions and permanent makeup to professionals. I am so excited to meet all of you to share and exchange knowledge, as well as newest ideas and innovations. My message to all women entrepreneurs: Follow your heart! Have courage to conquer fear. Create your dreams. Put 100% effort and your heart into doing what you love. In the end, it will bring beautiful results. You are creating a history of yourself and will have lots of great stories to pass on some day! I am proud to be part of the Lash Artists International Judging Panel, serving as a floor judge, and to be a sponsor brand at the LAI2018 Expo. In the conference as well as the classes and competition, professionals unite and share


Lash & Brow Master, International Champion, Educator, Speaker & Judge Products – Trainings – Services

their passion for the industry, as well as new ideas and innovations. Knowledge is power. By joining a big event like LAI where, you can learn from not just one but many masters to perfect your craft, you have saved an extra year of experience. I am excited to give back, share and learn valuable knowledge with all of you.


Featured LAI2018 Speaker, and Workshop Educator

»meet petr lhotsky Petr Lhotsky is the “Lash Coach”, named for his mentorship style of educating lash artists to reach their highest potential. Founder and President of Diamond Lashes, and organizer of one of Europe’s largest educational congresses, The League of Lash Masters since 2015.

an internationally recognized judge of champions, but I am also a coach. I will help you understand how to apply high standards to your daily work, and which of these is most useful to you on a day to day basis to create a strong business and results you and your clients will be proud of. This is an important module of my comprehensive training with Diamond Lashes. I want to empower you and elevate your artistry whether you compete or simply work with clients.

“I love travelling and I’m glad my work allows this. But in between my appearances and escapades, sometimes I become a ‘bear’ – in hibernation mode – only to wake up and ROAR again! My biggest motivation is positive feedback – that recharges my batteries and promotes me to give my absolute maximum in all I do.”

In my workshop Intuitive Eye Modeling, I will teach you how to create pleasing styling for every client without having to memorize patterns. If you understand and apply a couple of basic rules to each client, you will be able to design perfect lashes for everyone.

My conference topic for Lash Artists International 2018 is Judge Your Own Work with World Class Results. I am




Featured LAI2018 Speaker, Educator and Media Partner

Elanas is a life coach, professional numerologist, and co-founder of Lashlandia Project. His company’s goal is to use numerology to advise individuals, businesses and families – to raise people’s quality of life, improve their business and much more.

»meet elanas liachovicius “Something little known about me? I am writing a book. But I don’t know if I’ll ever have it published. My hopes, all my fears, fantasies and my whole heart is in this book. We’ll see, maybe one day.” My presentation is named Numerology for Business. Numerology is a versatile tool, that allows a person’s life to be explained with numbers, letters and their interaction. Date of birth, name and surname – only those three things I have to know, before I can start to do my mathematical job. “Numerology for business “- sounds interesting. I am always saying, that a good team equates to strength in business! I will explain to all of you, how simple mathematics can help you build a strong team, how it can help you to hire the right people and reveal talents and weaknesses of your prospective employees.

In lieu of a formal workshop, I am offering the opportunity to reserve a private business numerology consultation with me in a private corner of the VIP Lounge. These coaching sessions are by appointment, during the Day 2 and 3 Expo Hours. The science of Numerology can be very useful to you in revealing possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of business models as well as career prospects. FB/lashlandia FB/NumerologasElanas


»meet ellie malmin Featured LAI2018 Speaker, and Workshop Educator www. www.

We asked her for a couple of little-known, fun facts about herself, and she shared: “I used to do hair, makeup and lashes on cadavers! My high school nick name is Joe and in my senior picture I had a better afro than Michael Jackson!” Ellie’s conference topic is a great business-building secret revealed: “How to Increase Your Revenue When you are Booked Solid and Can’t Fit any More Clients into Your Schedule”. In fact, you’ll learn her 3 secret techniques to doing so, that you can do while you’re lashing! On Saturday – day two of our event – you can opt to take her Workshop: In-depth Study of the Skin of the Eyes. In our foundation classes as cosmetologists, we dive into hair knowledge. As Aestheticians into skin – the integumentary system. As lash artists, we can increase our expertise about the entire eye area: its structures and anatomy, function, the lashes (of course), but how about the skin around and


Ellie celebrated her 40th year in the beauty business in 2017. She was introduced to the world of lashing in 2002, and has been lashing, educating, training and public speaking since 2006.

covering the eye? That’s “our zone”. Let’s learn how to protect it, predict its behavior, and more! Many of us know what contact dermatitis looks like. This workshop goes deeper than that, teaching you to recognize if an eye will have sensitivity or a reaction. You will be able to identify environmental allergies, makeup allergies, and be more attuned if a client is using a skin care item that will cause adhesive sensitivity. Knowing how to identify and what to do will keep your clients in lashes a life time. Bonus learning tidbit: to assess the lash hair and know how long your bond will hold.


Featured LAI2018 Speakers & Workshop Educators


erika menanteaux & shannon fitzgerald In 2015, lash artist Erika Menanteaux and brand strategist Shannon Fitzgerald founded Luminous when they recognized a need for a luxury, soulful beauty destination specializing in lashes and brows. Day to day at Luminous, Erika focuses on serving and supporting women, both artists and clients, by providing curated retail and expert level services while Shannon focuses on operational, marketing and growth strategies.

Did you know that Erika is obsessed with hip hop? She swears that lashes are the drugs they are hustling in all the songs :) And speaking of music – Shannon was a child musician and played the harp in Carnegie Hall in middle school! Wow! This amazing duo of beauty brand bosses has a unique presentation style in store for us at Lash Artists International and a crucial topic to explore. Branding, Business and Beauty is not your typical conference presentation, but neither are these two amazing individuals! Erika and Shannon will offer a candid conversation between a lash artist and a branding expert on building a brand and growing a business, while YOU look in and absorb all the ah-ha moments. In their workshop (a MUST for those of you who are at the event for business building strategies!), they will provide practical advice, insights and motivation in a no holds barred Q&A format. Bring your hardest branding, lashing and business questions to ask Erika Menanteaux and Shannon Fitzgerald live. From how to attract and hire lash artists to how to develop a style on social media to the one thing we guarantee you’re overlooking in your lash experience – bring your questions, they’ve got the tried and true answers. IG/@getluminous


BRANDING, BUSINESS & beauty “We’re excited to give you practical advice, insights and motivation on building a purposeful, profitable lash business.”

@shannonftz @erikamenanteaux for more information on Luminous, visit: @getluminous 43

»meet ally meadows Dedicated to the fine art of customizing the perfect brow and lush lashes. Ally’s mission is to promote empowerment and authenticity by helping students discover their unique super power, to achieve their goals of becoming a highly skilled artist and finding their niche.

Featured LAI2018 Speaker, Educator & Competition Judge

“I am a textile enthusiast I enjoy spinning wool into fun art yarn and sometimes weaving them on my floor loom. But most times I spin cool fibers together and pass them along for my friends to enjoy and create their own yarn or felted pieces.”

management and communication, enriching your personal branding.

Real Life Lash Solutions is both the title of Alisha’s conference topic and her in-depth workshop. She will present a unique approach to identifying and eliminating some of the challenges we come across as lash artist in lash application – from working with curly or multi-directional natural lashes to creating contrast on darker skin tones and other scenarios. Her solutions will help you improve your client expectation

44 IG/@meadowslashcollection

“I am passionate to share an exciting approach that is often used in corporations and large businesses; scaling the concept of visualization and bottom line change for the lash artist to achieve success. I’m thrilled to help lash artists plough through challenges with new skills and strategies in order to achieve their desired goals. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an expert, you will be empowered to know exactly where you want to be and have the skills and tools necessary to remove obstacles and challenges.”

45 maki.miura 46

»meet inga misiute Featured LAI2018 Speaker, Workshop Educator & Competition Judge Immaculate Beauty Academy, President and Owner Immaculate Lashes, Brand Founder Phi Lash Royal Artist International educator, Speaker and judge Inga is a perfectionist – she says “Everything I want to do, I want and need to do immaculately!” And that is why she is a great lash master, and how she named her company. Her conference topic 4 Hugging Techniques for Best Retention will be an excellent learning opportunity for all attendees. “Great lash retention is the most common quest in the lash industry and I will share my experience with you to make your fans stay fluffy and last the longest possible.”

When asked why she is passionate about her workshop topic, Volume Technique for Beginners & Novices Inga answered, “Everyone who learns volume technique finds out quickly that it is not as easy as you may have imagined. I will share some tips how to make perfect fans and give you some advice on how to make your work easier. I guarantee you will fall in love with volume”. Whether you are absolutely new to volume, or are simply lacking in confidence, this workshop will help you relax and master techniques that will make your work more beautiful and flow more easily. If you are attending Lash Artists International with the intention of seeking higher technique skillsets, do not miss Inga Misiute’s presentation OR her workshop! FB / Inga Misiute-Immaculate Lashes


regrets. do you have any? By Kelly Storer

I don’t. I’m not sure if that comes down to me being very brave or very stupid, but I try every day to do things even when they scare me. Have a look at the photo below. This is me (top right) and Lisa Gillanders from Lashworx (top left) on top of the Skytower in Auckland – the tallest man-made structure in the Southern Hemisphere. Heights terrify me and here I am 192 metres above the ground, with nothing to hold onto but my shrivelling dignity (I screamed – A LOT!). I did this skywalk despite my fear because I knew I would wish I had the courage to do it later on. I then base jumped to the bottom! NO REGRETS.


I believe that everything in life is a learning curve – mistakes might be made along the way, we might even fail – but we also learn lessons about ourselves and how to do things better next time. Facing your fears and taking that first step (or having another try) WILL make you stronger. On their death beds, people often say their biggest regret is not spending enough time with people they love, working too much or not trying or doing the thing they always dreamt they would. I don’t ever want that to be me! Getting a good work/ home balance is tough – reeeeeally tough – especially when you are trying to run your own business and are at the beck and call of your clients. You can’t turn business away but you can’t kill yourself making

everyone happy either! It is easy for those publications to say “5 steps to success – just do these things you’ll be a winner!” but it doesn’t always work for everyone. We are all unique and want different things from life. Some people running their own business will work until they reach their weekly target and then take the rest of the week off. Others will be pushed by drive and ambition and set out to take over the world, bring up kids, have a happy home and a thriving business – all at the same time!

We all have something we would love to do someday. We kid ourselves by saying when we get *there* we will: not work so hard –

have time for yoga – go on a holiday – start our own business – (Insert your *there*). So where the hell is *THERE* and why can’t it be *HERE*!!! The someday you’re waiting for to make your move, learn something new (or do a base jump) CAN be today. The best advice I can ever give is to write yourself a letter. No half-hearted I can’t think of …! Tell yourself what you are happy with in your life and what you are not happy with. What do you want to do in the next 6 months? It could


be simply to have a date with your partner, join the gym and actually go, start your own business. Retrain, do a new course, quit your job or move to Timbuktu! Tell yourself why you want and need these things to happen. Don’t hold back, get it all in there and then pop it in an envelope, stick it somewhere safe to open in 6 months and let your future self have a little read. Will you have done any of the things you listed? Chances are you won’t because life gets in the way. We get busy. We put everyone else before ourselves. Instead, think about the contents of your letter every day and spend the next 6 months putting EVERYTHING you have into doing what you said you needed. Otherwise, you could reopen that same letter year after year and nothing will have changed. You will still be upset by the same things, dreaming of the same things and holding yourself back from feeling fulfilled.


Nothing will have changed and that my friend is what your regrets will be! So do it. Make *there* HERE. Make your someday, TODAY and take that base jump! Start living for you, choose to be happy, smile and remember always – don’t be so busy making a living that you forget to live.

Protect your delicate eye area with EndureLash®’s soft, hypo-allergenic, organic fiber cloths. EndureLash® makes healthy maintenance of your lash extensions an easy part of your overall beauty routine.


»meet carmen palmiste Featured LAI2018 Speaker, Educator and Competition Judge FB/LashArtShop IG/carmenpalmiste

Carmen Palmiste started her lash career in 2011 in Ireland. She has taken over 20 courses and is one of the leading master trainers in Estonia. Carmen is a founder and CEO of the brand LashArtShop based in Estonia. She was also an organizer of Estonia’s first ever Eyelash Conference in 2016. Carmen has trained over 300 lash artists around the world, been a judge, a speaker and won competitions. As an answer to the lash industry’s quest for better retention, she created her own signature technique – BubbleBond. Fun fact about Carmen: “I never go in the opposite direction, so if I need to go shopping and I miss my exit, I will not make a U-turn. I keep going until I find the next place to shop on the way. This is something from my childhood. As example, I remember when I went to school there was bus stop basically next to my school, but the bus drove slightly past my school about 50 yards. I never used this bus stop. I always used the previous bus stop (that was further away from school, but I didn’t need to drive past the school). It’s something I still do. I just don’t like to drive past things and then go back.”


At LAI2018, Carmen’s conference concept topic and practice workshop is ‘Ombre Lash Styling & Special Effects’. “We will talk about ombre effects: how to use them and what you can achieve with different looks and colors. Ombre is very good way to use softer colors like purple, blue and brown to create amazing effects on your clients. It will bring you and your clients out of your comfort zone and give you something special to help you stand out with your services. You will become a more creative professional as you master playing with color in updated, advanced ways that give them texture. I am really passionate about this topic because I was afraid to use colors, thinking maybe my clients wouldn’t like them. It was easier for me was to embrace brown lashes. So at first I mixed brown with black then moved on to purple/blue. But when the “Kim K Lash” look took over the world I needed to create something different (I was not a big fan) and I realized that liner effect was a similar styling. I decided to create something unique with colors and ombre effect. This will make your ordinary day something special. It’ll make you excited in the morning, because you never know what you will create each day. Color work will give you confidence, opening you up to try and experience new things.”





»meet dr. peter pham Featured LAI2018 Speaker and Workshop Educator

Board-certified Eye Surgeon and CEO of Okra LLC

Dr. Peter Pham is a board-certified ophthalmologist, published researcher, innovator, and entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of Okra Limited and, on online referral and scheduling platform for physicians, dentists, and emergency centers. He is also the Co-Founder of, a telemedicine nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of vision loss by deploying an advanced online system for visual field screening for glaucoma, macular degeneration, strokes, and other medical disorders that affect the visual field. A regularly featured expert in Lash Inc USA-Canada on eye health information for lash artists, Dr. Pham is a key addition to the Lash Artists International faculty of speakers and workshop presenters. He will share information on Common Eye Conditions and help attendees Identify Contra-indications versus Simple Precautions that can help keep our clients wearing eyelash extensions safely and comfortably.


His eye cleansing product Zocular® can and should be considered as your cleansing product of choice as it does not contain known irritants like tea tree oil, and can be used as a no-rinse cleanser preparation. If you are attending LAI2018 and seek to focus on the medical-science track, Dr. Pham’s workshop should be on your list of things to NOT miss! We love that lash conferences are bringing real expertise and credible sources to the table. Lash artists are seeking more and more information-based continuing education, and we must be careful to circulate fact and useful application, as opposed to anecdotal proof for any of the concepts we teach and share. A new genre of lash education starts here at LAI2018!



Ophthalmologist developed Optimized for lash extension protocol to maintain bond strength, and improve lash hygiene Zokrex platform with activated okra complex Soothing Minimize red, dry-eyes Preferred by eye doctors and surgeons MICELLAR ZOCUSOME TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION (844) ZOCULAR 55

»meet michelle rath Featured LAI2018 Speaker, Workshop Educator, Judge & Sponsor IG/ @sinful_lashes

Something fun you may not already know about Michelle: she is a bit of a nerd and loves Disney, Comic-Con, and all things Harry Potter! In fact, she belongs to the house of Slytherin, and even dressed up as Bellatrix at Comic-Con last year. Michelle’s conference topic – and her workshop – is Building a Successful Lash Business: The Building Blocks. There is a formula to building a successful lash business, whether you want to be in a position of having an overflow of clients, hiring employees to work for you, opening a lash academy or starting a product line. Michelle will give detailed, easy-tofollow steps to achieve success in your business, including website success a-z, team building, maximizing profits, mastering social media, business building dept-free and more.


Michelle Rath is the owner of Sinful Lashes – a Lash Bar where that services 160 clients a week, a permanent makeup studio, a line of products for professional artists with a store for professionals and a lash and brow academy.

She tells us why she is so passionate about her workshop topic: “Students attend our academy from around the globe, and I see a universal misunderstanding of the steps to becoming truly successful in their lash business. I want them – and you! – to win. Let’s all become lash-bosses who can be financially independent leaders.” If you are attending Lash Artists International to focus on strengthening your business strategies, this workshop should be top on your “must attend” list!


Hollywood Lash Conference

Exclusively for trained eyelash artists

Learn from Lash professionals from Around the World! Michelle Rath

Miranda Tarpey

Kelly Storer

Louise Tierney

Frankie Widdows

Jill Heijigers-Peloquin

Loreta Jasilionyte

Otto Mitter

Daria Ziolkowska

A weekend of Socalizing and Education You’ll enjoy a Friday Night Meet and Greet Cocktail Party to unwind from your travels and relax with your peers in the industry. Saturday and Sunday will include exclusive classes in various specialties as well as a sit down formal lunch. You won’t go home empty handed! Besides the knowledge you’ll have gained, each attendee shall also be heading home with a fabulous Goodie Bag!

June 1-3, 2018 at the Universal Hilton Hotel Los Angeles/Universal City in Hollywood, California.


W W W. E Y E L A S H A D D I C T. C O M


»meet irina ronite Featured LAI2018 Speaker, Educator & Competition Judge @lamilashes_official @irina.ronite

Lash Artists International has asked me to share something unusual about myself. Here is more than one! I really love tasty and beautiful food. I spend a lot of money in restaurants. If I`m in bad mood....I should be fed :)))) ! My oldest son soon will be 15 years old. His height is 185cm (over 6 feet) and I`m in shock about it. All aspects of my life and business are based on my intuition. I think that it is better to do something and then regret it, rather than not doing it and regretting it the rest of my life.

Leader, master practitioner with experience of over 10 years, the founder and director of the first studio in Latvia for eyelash extensions and eyebrow shaping: “Dalila Lashes”. Co-founder of Dalila Cosmetics Certified trainer and coach Author and creator of educational program and criteria for the championships of eyebrows figuration and restoration and eyelashes lamination.

it and to whom it suits and with what should it “be eaten”. :0 I will be able to go into more in depth information and even some hands on demonstration in my workshop. This is a most versatile product. Even if you already provide lash lift, bio-curl or lamination services, you should come to the workshop for the continuing education I will offer to grow your expertise. I am also so pleased to have been able to arrange to stay an extra day after the LAI event to conduct our LamiLashes Master Class. I hope to see some of you there as well!

At LAI2018 I will be both speaking about and presenting a detailed workshop on “How to Sell the Lash Botox Service” and “Lash & Brow Lamination”. I will tell you about the product, which we produce in Latvia. It is a product for both eyelashes and eyebrows, which has won the hearts of millions: LamiLashes 3D Filler. We’ll investigate its composition and characteristics. I will tell how we work with


»meet doug schoon Featured LAI2018 Speaker and Workshop Educator Founder, Schoon Scientific

Schoon Scientific provides technological and regulatory expertise to the beauty, cosmetic and personal care industry. Advancing beauty through science. If you want information based on facts, you need to learn the facts from someone who knows them, and Doug is considered an international expert on cyanoacrylate and the science of adhesion in the beauty industry. As a seasoned veteran in all aspects of Research and Product Development, Product Quality, Packaging, Labeling, Ingredient Safety, Consumer Testing and Cosmetics Registrations/Regulations, Schoon Scientific helps Manufacturers and Product Developers navigate the many complexities in developing and delivering successful cosmetic and personal care products to market. This year at Lash Artists International we are proud to present a special continuing education certification workshop with Doug: “Cyanoacrylate Expertise”. You can be part of the first group of Lash Artists to learn, earn and receive a Certificate of Excellence from Doug Schoon. We expect this workshop to reach maximum occupancy, however it is available with unlimited seats via LIVESTREAM.


Lash Artists International would not be the same, successful event without Doug, so we are thrilled he is able to be with us again in March 2018, and appreciate all he does and can do to help the lash industry push aside all myths and operate safely as we move forward, armed with scientific, factual knowledge! FB/DougSchoonsBrain

SCHOON SCIENTIFIC + REGULATORY CONSULTING, LLC 33935 Crystal Lantern Street • Dana Point, CA 92629 Office 949.493.3380 • Cell 949.275.8779 • Fax 949.493.3191


»meet levi shepard Featured Speaker, Workshop Educator & LAI Competition Floor Judge

Most lash artists know Levi as the President of NALA™ The National Association of Lash Artists offers support to the lash industry by establishing much-needed regulatory guidelines, as well as offering International Accreditation, Educator Certification, NALA Memberships and Industry Awards.


Here’s something you may NOT know about her as an Educator, Influencer and Lash Industry Advocate: Levi is an award-winning Hip Hop Dancer! She earned multiple Gold and Platinum awards while competing in her early 40’s. Levi’s LAI2018 Conference topic is “How and When to Scale Your Business”: Are you ready for growth? Is your business booming and you are considering your options? Levi will talk about the RIGHT TIME to expand and cover a list of options for scaling your lash business. She will also be offering a special Certificate Mastery Class in “Business Growth Options”. Here is why Levi is passionate about this topic: “Many people think growth means getting more clients. Well, if you’re thinking about growing your business it’s probably because you’re already fully booked out. In fact, you’ve probably started turning away new clients. If that’s true, the LAST thing you want is more clients. In my workshop about scaling your business, I will help you to know WHEN is the right time to scale your business and HOW to choose the right options for you. By the end of this workshop you will have a clear vision of where you want your business to go and how to get there. I will help you to make more money WITHOUT taking on new clients (unless you want more clients – I’ll share tips on that too).”


Owner of House of Lashes & Brows (Beauty Salon and Training Academy) based in Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom. Ultimate Brand Trainer, Expert Lash Artist.

»meet jolita shishmanova Featured LAI2018 Speaker, Workshop Educator & Judge Jolita was the Grand Prize Winner of last year’s Lash Artists International Frame to FAME Contest, winning an allexpenses paid trip to our 2017 LAI Event. Her championship Lash Art work has won her many titles, and now she takes her place as a featured speaker, educator and international judge. Her creative spirit and engaging warmth will make you all want to study with her and get to know her! “I’m always mumbling songs when doing clients’ lashes. Also, my morning usually starts with sweets for breakfast. :)“ (Sweets for the sweet!) My conference presentation will be about Fantasy Lash Art Championships; the differences between them, advantages and disadvantages of them. We will discuss the most popular themes used in Fantasy Lash Art, and step by step preparation for competitions, how to get maximum points in this type of competition, the role of the photographer – and


what type of photos Fantasy Lash Art Judges would love to see. We will also reveal the types of photos not suitable for competitions. In my workshop, we will explore these even further – in more depth. If you are a fantasy lash art enthusiast – or would like to try it, I will use one of my most recent creations as an example of the concepts and instruction covered; my Goddess of Spring. I will also be directly involved in a live lash art collaboration with a team of the presenters who are each lash art champions in their rights. It will be a great learning opportunity, and fun to ask us all questions, take videos and photos of our LAI Queen! FB/ House of Lashes & Brows




»meet kelly storer Featured LAI2018 Speaker, Educator, Expo Demonstrator and Judge Enchanted SPA Salon – Lash Lounge, Brow Bar, Tanning Studio, Hair salon Products – Online Lash and Brow store delivering quality products to quality artists Academy – Accredited courses and advanced lash and beauty curriculum Editor – Lash Inc Australasia Enchanted SPA, Joondalup Western Australia. 1300 113996 FB/ We’ve asked all our LAI2018 Event personalities to give us a funny, or little-known , quirky fact about themselves. Just wait until you get to meet Kelly Storer in person to find out just HOW quirky and fun she can be. For now, she has shared: “I can name every song by the Eagles within the first 3 seconds of being played (yep the country band….I am THAT type of NERD)!” Kelly’s LAI Conference Topic is “How to Get the Fullest Sets at a Safe Standard”. This is the golden question – and many times, a blurred line boundary issue for lash artists. Kelly explains, “I will be talking through how to achieve fullness without jeopardizing the integrity of the natural lash and sharing tips on how to be clever with your lashing to break the mold.” About her workshop – Advanced Styling & Face Mapping Consultations: “I can’t wait to share my workshop with you

guys! There is a huge difference between someone who knows how to competently graft eyelash extensions to a natural lash and a Lash Artist or Lash stylist! I am going to show you exactly how to offer bespoke styling to your clients, transform your sets into competition placement worthy sets and how to stand out from your competing salons. I will dig deep into face mapping, feature balancing and how to really use those curls to create beautiful, prescription sets that will keep your clients coming back and recommending everyone to you! We will break it down step by step and give you the tools to literally prescribe THE BEST set of lashes your client has ever had. Indepth styling gets left out of a lot of training courses and I get so excited by the fact that if we can raise everyone’s standards through workshops and sharing knowledge and skills, then imagine where the industry will be in another 5 years! The standard of work being lovingly produced by Artists around the globe every single day is constantly reaching next level, and you guys are part of it! XX”


»meet miranda tarpey Featured Speaker, Workshop Educator & LAI Competition Judge

International educator from the UK and CEO of The UK Lash Institute, a training school and research center. Miranda is a renowned Industry Lash Expert and innovator, creator of the Mirror Link Technique and The Volumetric Calculator, multi award winner, global conference speaker & competition judge. Miranda is also co-organizer of Lash Events UK and editor of Lash Inc UK magazine. IG/@uklashinstitute


While you may know her as an exceptionally talented lash champion and educator, here is an unusual fact about Miranda: she is a self-professed, crazy cat woman! “I AM a crazy cat woman! Actually, I’m a crazy animal person. I love all animals. I can easily get side tracked watching YouTube animal clips!” For Lash Artists International 2018’s conference and workshops, Miranda will focus on something else near and dear to her heart: “Fantasy Lash Art Elements”. This is what separates the winners from the rest of the pool of talent in a competition. If you are in love with fantasy and create beautiful images but don’t win at competitions, Miranda will be demonstrating areas to increase your marks and how to elevate those crucial areas for maximum points. “I love the theatrical creations that we are now producing in our lash industry. Fantasy Lash Art is bigger than ever. We can be as outrageous as we desire, with no limitations to our imagination. Building lash designs brings out the fun in every lash stylist. My workshop is hands on. We will produce some fabulous lash elements that create height, a winning technical skill. This is a workshop that you will be both learning concepts and strategies and creating project results.”



»meet soo-jin yang BONUS LAI2018 Presenter, Sponsor and Competition Floor Judge

Founder-CEO of Illumino Lashes and industry product innovator Through experience as an educator, brand owner and lash artist, myself, I have learned that “my’ lash problems are the same as yours – they are universal to lash artists. At events like Lash Artists International, I learn about market trends, but more importantly, get to listen face to face to lash artists and their experiences. Most of us have had to use products from the nail, dental and hobbyist fields, making them fit our needs. My main focus has been to create product innovations for the impassioned lash artist; to offer more perfect solutions.


The Process of Innovation and Invention is much more detailed than many understand. Navigating patents, protecting your intellectual property and sourcing the most appropriate materials is only part of the process. I have been asked to be a BONUS Speaker at the LAI2018 Expo Experience to reveal a little behind the scenes look into what the process involves when creating tools and supplies for the lash industry. I will also be judging the Classic and Volume competitions as a floor judge, focusing on the safety, sanitation and appropriate handling & usage of your supplies as you compete. IG/ @illuminolashes

Professional Lash Products and Training (510) 836-7732 71



from your lashes! Finally a Convenient After Care for Professional Eyelash Extensions • • • •

Strip Lashes Cluster Lashes Single Lashes Volume Lashes

Dermastart Inc 72





Refining Lash Artistry 76



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