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Letter from the Editors Dear beloved readers, If you are reading this I see you have our magazine in your hands. TheVibe’sgoal in creating this wonderful piece of literature is to provide the future of Austin with news and events. We provide articles on interesting places to go, cool events, and comparative articles such as local stores versus massive chain stores . Embedded in our magazine are a couple of feature stories on Austinites that contribute to our fair city. Although these people may not be directly related to Austin entertainment, they certainly are a piece of Austin. We hope that as readers, you respect the time and effort that we put into our articles and hopefully gain some new knowledge after reading theVibe. Enjoy!


theVibe staff

Dedication and Thanks theVibe staff would like to thank the following people for helping us make this magazine come to life

Ms.Young Alex Liam Gaby and our interviewees:

Bill Spiesman Akshara Pillai Edgar Torres Maribel Torres Jesus Torres Leonel Torres


theVibe Bios Gaby is a fourteen year old volleyball player who plays libero. Gaby loves punching innocent bystanders when she feels like it. Gaby’s favorite candy is smarties and she kindly gave Alex some. Liam did not receive any because he was already fat because he ate vegetables. Gaby loves to change the password of the email. Gaby is also the person who will gladly come up with plots about the deaths of her wonderful coworkers. Gaby’s goal in life is to ruin the dreams, hopes and imagination of others. She is obsessed with pecan ice cream and likes teriyaki chicken. One of her and Alex’s favorite past times is pulling a prank on Liam and watching him fall for it. If you see Gaby in the halls please tell her that cherries are amazing and pugs are the cutest dog.

Alexandra is a fourteen year old gullible gal. If you tell her something straight to her face she will most likely believe it while wearing a shocked face. Her face expressions have kept Liam and Gaby very amused and were sometimes seen laughing their heads off. Alexandra of course was not happy with the laughing, but that’s OK. Alexandra has also been caught in taking photos of an innocent little boy dressed in ponytails and a dress, and did nothing to stop the madness . Alexandra also has an amazing brother named Gus who is an exceptional soccer player. Obviously Alexandra got none of his amazing talent of soccer playing. Unfortunately Alexandra has also become delusional enough to think she is a ninja. It appears that Gaby is the only sane person in her group. If you see Alexandra in the halls please talk to her about cupcakes and then leave since she will start ranting on about the best cupcakes in Austin. Liam is a fourteen year old hedgehog attending LASA. He can rarely get his mind off of sesame chicken. He also enjoys his daily coke and is usually absent due to tennis and all of their games. His favorite debate issue is why chihuahuas are a horrible breed. He has become so delusional that he believes he is a ninja and thinks that eating veggies will make you obese. He almost always ends his sentences with ‘jk’. He unfortunately believes that he will become rich due to making a new and improved Tron game. Either that or starting a diaper company called Pooper Troopers. Gaby believes that if this does indeed happen, Liam will be at the age of 85. If you see Liam around please tell him that you love pomeranian puppies (aka puff balls).

Art by Jac Malloy

The Greenbelt: Your New

Playground By Liam S


hen I’m looking for a fun place to exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and hangout with friends, the place I used to go is the Barton Springs Greenbelt. Now, parents and others are saying maybe it isn’t the safest place to go and is a place where you can run into trouble. After years of going to a variety of places along the greenbelt, I believe the Barton springs greenbelt is the best place to go for sports and recreation, relaxing and escaping the busy city life. Not once have I run into trouble but now, parents threaten the use of the greenbelt by keeping their kids out. These safety hazards many fear regard homeless

5 l December 2010 l theVibe

and other people who may be looking for trouble. Outdoor activities including walking/jogging/, hiking, rock climbing and swimming are all possibilities at the greenbelt. Throughout the greenbelt, there are many rock climbing spots including, Enclave, New Wall, Great Wall, Gus Fruh, Urban Assault, Kirk\Alvin’s Wall & Airman’s Cave, Five Eight Sanctuary and Seismic Wall. This list shows the wide variety of rock climbing sites available to the public and gives people more of a variety to chose from. All of these rock-climbing sites were given great reviews by users to many sites like Yelp. “I always heard

there was a rock climbing wall out there but never came across one. Well today we saw tons of rock climbers, and wow that looked hard. There were rocks that you had to go upside down to climb! And we saw a guy swing into a wall (that was probably an accident). I think I’ll just stick to hiking...” “ The Barton Creek greenbelt is the grand daddy of all hiking trails within the city limits of Austin.” These quotes show some of the opinions of people on the greenbelt and it’s hiking/rock climbing varieties. On all of these sites, the greenbelt is described in a very positive way and loved by many. Although you have privacy, near all of these sites are other people and rock climbers who can help ensure your safety. The greenbelt is a great safe place to relax, hangout and get away from the busy Austin city. “Biking trails? Check Hiking trails? Check Swimming? Check Natural Spring? Check Beautiful tree’s, cliffs, rocks etc.? Check Park for the kids? Check Rock Climbing? Check” This quote basically sums up the variety of opinions about the greenbelt. Not only is it a fun place to go, but it is a safe place to go. Over the passed few months, policing has increased even more due to the alcohol that is brought. News 8 Austin aired a clip and wrote and article describing the problems the police have been having at the greenbelt. “We don’t ever have trouble with people misbehaving,” APD’s Sgt. Francisco Rodriguez said. “It’s the drinking, and dogs off the leash that are our biggest problems.” (quote from News 8 Austin). In response to this heavier policing, a ticketed person says, “It kind of sucks, I’m not causing any trouble,” Brigham said. “I’m of age to drink and I just brought down a couple of beers to enjoy the day, and it ends like this.” (quote from News 8 Austin). Although you may think this is killing the idea of a safe and clean greenbelt, it is actually promoting the idea of a safe area. It shows, in the greenbelt, the people do not have bad intentions. It also shows how the greenbelt is policed and constantly monitored in order to stay safe. With the wide variety and large range of water holes, the greenbelt is a very clean and natural environment ready to be enjoyed.Throughout the year, the greenbelt is a very clean natural river. However, because it is natural, during the hot summer days, bacteria can build up in some places but is still not usually a problem. What can be a problem is the pollution from the visitors who go into the greenbelt. Many people decide to leave their

trash. Throughout the year, for many years, many voluntary organizations and associations have helped clean up the lake and make plans to improve the greenbelt as a whole. In fact, LASA’s LBJ Cares group went last weekend to help many other groups clean up the greenbelt. Many steps like this have been taken in order to keep the greenbelt as clean as possible. With these organizations, the greenbelt stays a very clean place, even when some decide to litter. The greenbelt being as big as it is, has a lot of swimming holes. The swimming holes include Campbell’s Hole, The Flats, Gus Fruh Pool, Twin Falls, Sculpture Falls, and many other nameless places for great swimming and relaxing. On all of these sites, people have their own opinion. “The Greenbelt is a beautiful place to go hiking, swimming, climbing, or biking (responsibly)”. “I first went here in the early 90’s to the first stretch after Barton Springs. 10 years later a friend took me to the Twin Falls entrance off the south access road of mopac just past 360. Why did I dismiss this place, by taking road trips to all the cool towns, rivers and parks outside of Austin. The upper stretch of the Barton Greenbelt is a crystal clear river with little waterfalls and plenty of space for blissful privacy.” (from Yelp) There are thousands of quotes like these describing the greenbelt as being extremely clean, fun and beautiful. “Let’s keep our natural areas beautiful please! I don’t know how much to emphasize this! I like to bring a plastic bag on my hikes and pick up trash as I see eat. If everyone did this, the Greenbelt would be even more beautiful!” (from Yelp). In other areas of the greenbelt that do have some trash, regular visitors such as this one have taken initiatives against it. The Barton Springs greenbelt is a great place to go for outdoor activities and relaxing. With the greenbelt available to me and many friends, I have gotten to go outdoors more than usual, and have enjoyed it to its fullest. It is very safe, according to police and the public and should be a fun place to go, for all ages to enjoy. We should allow everyone to go out and experience the city to its fullest and explore all its natural wonders. Kids like me have enjoyed the greenbelt for all it has to offer and we shouldn’t stop for a false reason.

6 l December 2010 l theVibe

Keep the Austin Video Scene

L O C A L t

By Alexandra A.

7 l December 2010 l theVibe

These pictures are alternating between Blockbuster and Vulcan Video. The first and third pictures are of Vulcan Video, and the 2nd and 4th are of Blockbuster.


Art by Alexandra A.

verybody has heard of Vulcan Video, right? With 2 locations in north and south Austin they rock all the trendy places like Guadalupe right by UT and on South Congress in the heart of SoCo. As soon as I walk into the store I stay where I am and pivot, getting a 360 view of the shop. Right in front of me is the new release movies each case with a gold star plastered onto it. As I turn I see the kids movie area with all of the brightly colored cases and plastic toys. Next I see the infamous directors wall with famed directors such as John Hughes. Then the front desk catches my sight, the cheerful employees smiling behind the counter discuss some recent movie. Into the world movies my sight goes exposing Godzilla and Bollywood to my brain. Finally as I look back to where I started I see the rows of Television shows. Austin has a whole bunch of nerds, Sci-fi has its on section. The food is where I lastly look, I can practically smell the popcorn. I have only heard amazing things about Vulcan, how if you rack up a ginormous late fee of $40 then on the first Monday of every month you can go in and pay it off minus 50%. I am not sure about you, but that deal sounds pretty good to me. Also on every Tuesday and Wednesday then you can get an amazing 2 for 1 deal! Not only that, but when i was in there the other day i discovered that they also sell food. Not crappy major brand food, but local food like Maine Root, Izze, and even a local beer. I love this about Vulcan and so do a lot of other local Austinites. Keep Austin Weird, many people have heard this catch phrase but most do not know its actual meaning. Most people think this refers to all of our funky events like ACL, SXSW, and even Eoyore’s Birthday. That is not true. Keep Austin weird actually refers to all of our local shops, weird ones that make Austin unique. Vulcan Video is one of these. Austin has such a great economy because we put our money straight into our local economy instead of a nationwide that benefits some rich person we don’t even know. Did you know that Vulcan Video does better then the national average for video stores? That is because they carry more films, more shows, and even VHS’s. I know that there has been more then one time when i want to see a movie and i go to a video store and they don`t carry it because it is so old that it is only on VHS. Vulcan Video caries VHS’s. This is why

Vulcan Video is better then Blockbuster. I know Blockbuster doesn’t carry VHS tapes. Local, unique, and weird; Vulcan has been my favorite video store since i was little. While I am there checking out their latest local films i can easily get a snack for while i watch my movie. I am not limited to getting a coke and raisenets like at Blockbuster. I can get an Izze pirates booty and a Maine Root while at Vulcan. Not only does the store actually carry good food. But the location is just too perfect. Located right next to a great pizza place, Conans, you can pre-order a pizza and go get a movie when you pick it up. If not in the mood for a local drink, then you can head across the road to Monica’s Food Mart, a local corner store where you can get just about anything. Some people might choose to go to a different store, such as a big mega chain like Blockbuster or Netflix. They most likely do this only for convenience. At Netflix and Blockbuster you can order online which is convenient. If you are find a really cool movie that is not in stock at a normal store then all you have to do is order it from Netflix and it will be shipped to your door. People would choose this because they are lazy Vulcan Video is a great video store for any ages. It has had videos that are able to entertain people ranging in age from toddlers to college students, to old people. Most video stores have lower lighting to make it seem more surreal. Vulcan understanding peoples eyesight problems has brighter lights so that the customers can see clearly and not be spooked out. Also as a fact there is no porn room. I am sure that my parents would be very unhappy if there was a porn room, and because there is none that takes Vulcan one notch higher on family friendliness. With amazing food, being local, family friendliness and lots of locations; Vulcan Video is the top on my list of coolest stores in Austin.

8 l December 2010 l theVibe


Why libraries are essent

ver since I have been going to my public library, I always felt a calm quiet sense overwhelm me. There was always a peaceful atmosphere that I could not find anywhere else, except in that library. The ambience, was welcoming, hushed, yet patient, not to mention that the shelves were piled with interesting reads, and filled with pictures of unknown places and creatures, all for the taking. Now with the recession still affecting our economy, book stores such as Half-Price Books, and local store BookPeople, have received readers who want to support their community or just want a good read for half of its price. But we seem to have forgotten a book supplier that has supported our communities with knowledge and events that knit our people together, the Austin Public Libraries. As more people go to BookPeople or Half-Price Books, our librarians and libraries, who lend their books to the people no charge, decrease as do their salaries. It is our duty as good samaritans to support our libraries, as they have supported us over the past,

9 l December 2010 l theVibe

by turning away from the chains and local book stores and help our libraries by using them as our book supplier, therefore increasing demands for more libraries/librarians. The Austin Public Libraries are always providing services to their community that no other bookstore can provide so frequently. All public libraries provide computers for public use, whether it be for studying, typing a paper, or simply browsing. All public libraries also provide printers and or photocopiers, with a small fee of 20 cents per photocopy, $1.00 for one printed color page, and 20 cents for a printed black and white page. In addition to these services, some libraries may also provide scanners for public use. If one needs a room to organize a meeting, or simply have to meet somewhere with a group, the public library allows their meeting rooms to be used. Lastly, some public libraries have New Immigrant Centers that provide ESL tapes, audio cassettes, and software. These services can hardly be found in a local bookstore or an online website, which

tial to our communities the libraries provide to anyone that is willing to pay the small fee. The library, as mentioned before, allows people to use their computers for a period of time, as long as they sign up for a computer ahead of time. The New Immigrant Centers are also a huge help to new Spanish speaking residents who would like to gain knowledge, or hear audio tapes in their native language. In addition to the services that the library provides, the Austin Public Libraries created a store called Recylced Reads which allowed books a second chance to be bought, and also helps the city recycle these books if necessary. Recycled Reads is run by volunteers for six hours four days a week. Recycled Reads is also an active participant in the given a second chance to be bought by visitors who usually pay for these books at a low price of $2.00 more or less. Books that aren’t sold by Recyled Reads go to Beyond Borders which provide third world countries and schools with these books. If books aren’t readable, then they are handed to

Art Provided by Gabriela T. By: Gabriela T.

Beyond Borders and recycled into building material. Zero Waste Plan. This store allows books that are handed down from the libraries to be given a second chance to be bought by visitors who usually pay for these books at a low price of $2.00 more or less. Books that aren’t sold by Recyled Reads go to Beyond Borders which provide third world countries and schools with these books. If books aren’t readable, then they are handed to Beyond Borders and recycled into building material. Although this book store doesn’t provide the services that a library does, it does contribute to the community by recycling books instead of dumping them in a waste fills, whether they recylce those books to those who don’t have the luxury of having availability to new books, or using those books for our buildings, therefore saving trees. Although local bookstore BookPeople promotes local authors and have events such as book signings, lectures, and commentaries, these events are so little compared to the events that the APL are always having, such as Zombie Fest, which deals with Zombie flicks, books, and clubs. Continued on pg 24

10 l December 2010 l theVibe

Akshara and Martha By Alexandra A.

This is a picutre of Martha’s girl scout troop when she was little Photo Credit: Unknown

11 l December 2010 l theVibe


ou see her everyday. Walking through halls emitting a confidence that could pop a balloon. Turning from side to side laughing, you assume she has it all. Nobody would guess the truth hidden in those smiling eyes. Two years ago on March 31, Martha Shannen R. died in a car crash. Akshara P. was her best friend, now a 14 year old freshman at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy in Austin, has recovered for the most part over her best friends death. Only 12 at the time of the death, most people would be sympathetic and caring towards Akshara. Most people can sympathise with her, but no one can truly know what it feels like to live life without your best friend. A little over two years, Akshara P.’s life took a drastic turn. Up until then she had been going to Kealing MS and hung out with her best friend when ever she had the chance. On an average weekend after doing all of her homework Akshara P. would eagerly call Martha.They would then chat for a long time, catching up on each others lives, smiling as if each other were actually there. After a while of talking, Akshara would quickly go outside as soon as Martha told her to. They would spend forever talking and listening to the sound of the whispering wind in the outdoors at the other end of the line. After enjoying each others time, they would sadly say their good byes. Martha would then practice for band and do her homework. Akshara remembers these conversations, espeacilly where they were held. “We would be outside, we both loved nature, she’d let me she was outside,so i went out, and we would listen to the phone to hear what it was like”, says Akshara about their conversations. As their lives progressed, there became less and less time for each other. They now only saw each other in school and at parties. On the Sunday morning of Martha’s death Akshara picked up the phone, about to call Martha. “I was gonna call, but i had this weird sensation like it was too late.” Akshara then continues to explain how she found

out about Martha’s death. She found out about Martha’s death about a week after the accident. It was a Friday afternoon, and Akshara’s aunt picked her up from school and took her home. Around the time of the death, Akshara’s mom was taking art classes. At one of these classes, in a conversation with mom whose student knew Martha, the mom started talking about the death. Akshara’s mom was not aware of that fact yet, and neither was Akshara. When Akshara arrived home she found her mom in the front room; she had a yearbook around her a memorial page pulled up on the death of Martha. Embracing Akshara, she slowly told her of the news. “When I found out the news I was depressed for a week and didn’t speak to anyone for two weeks.” says Akshara about the time after Martha’s death. On March 31 in 2008, Martha died in a head on car collision on the way to pick up her brother from boy scouts. Martha as described by Akshara, “...was a perfect angel, a person who everybody goes and looks up to...” Martha had brown hair, brown eyes and was around 5’2”. Her long brown hair was usually down, with a section of it pulled back making a bump on the top of her head. Her usual clothing choice included jeans with shirt, and of course her beloved puffy vest. Today Akshara says that for the most part she is recovered over Martha’s death but sometimes she is really upset about it all. She will never forget Martha, and shall continue to miss her for the rest of her life. Then Akshara will remembers the day they met. “We met on the first day of 3rd grade, we were both 8, there was an instant connection.” They both went to Forest Trail Elementary and shared similar interests such as nature. Together they spent hours talking together, sharing many whimsical secrets. After elementary school their paths went separate ways as Akshara went to Clint Small Middle School and Martha went to West Ridge Middle School. Martha chose band for the french horn and Akshara chose orchestra for the violin. Though their friendship lasted, with many memories. “My fondest memory of Martha is at her 10th birthday, we went to a bead shop and made matching neck-

“...she was a person who everbody would go to and look up to...”

Continued on page 24

12 l December 2010 l theVibe

Los migrantes I

nstead of spending his summers lounging around or sleeping until noon, Jesus Rosalio Torres Jr.-- and his entire family – had to spend every summer day working sun up to sun down, row by row, harvesting onion bulbs from reptiles. A day of this tiresome and demanding work only brought in about sixty dollars a day for a family of seven. For more than ten summers, in the early 1980s, the Torres family typified an average migrant worker family. Making the journey from Weslaco, Texas -- a small “Valley” town -- to Minnesota, four brothers and their one sister, Maribel Torres, sat on the bed of their truck with a camper shielding them from the sun. The Torres family depended on picking crops to put food on the table and to put a roof over their heads – a run-down, dingy summer home provided for them by the hiring farmer. If a farmer decided that the family’s service wasn’t needed, they would have to go further out of town and ask for job opportunities. Although mere children at the time, each sibling contributed work for the overall goal of surviving the harsh times that seemed to plague them for a number of years. Now as adults, the siblings have learned to appreciate what life hands them without taking it for granted. “The first few years in Minnesota we jumped from home to home,” Edgar, the fourth child of the family and currently 36 years old, said with a thoughtful look on his face. “Whatever house was available for us, we lived there. In those houses, some wouldn’t have running water or electricity, it was basically just walls and a roof. We were grateful though. We didn’t really see it as a negative thing, we were grateful that we had a place to stay that would shelter us from the sun and rain.” The family of seven would take its’ journey to upstate Minnesota every summer. The Torres family passed through Oklahoma, Kansas, went north east, hit a part of Missouri, went north all the way through Iowa, until finally reaching their destination. The trip lasted one to two days non stop, excluding pit stops. Uncles or cousins even joined the family on their voyage and would cram themselves in the two tone pick up truck that was starting to get a bit rusty. “It was a 1974 truck, it was an old Chevrolet,” Jesus, now 39 years old, said. “My dad put a camper with just two windows on the side. He made a wooden bed, a sheet of plywood, so we could sleep on top. That was pretty much our cargo space.” Along with making the tedious voyage to the northern state in the old Chevy, the conditions of the house

13 l December 2010 l theVibe

they got to stay in once they arrived in Minnesota were, at the best, shabby. These houses were abandoned and had no electricity, running water, or AC. Most of the houses had faded walls that were peeling. The houses with stairs creaked every time someone stepped on them, hinting at the house’s age, while the windows were slightly cracked and dusty. If the family of seven was lucky, sometimes the houses would have two or three bedrooms. Once, the family even had to use its’ basement as its’ refrigerator since the farmer did not provide one. Sometimes the hiring farmers didn’t provide a house at all, instead the Torres family were limited to living in a trailer home. “For water, every farm in Minnesota had a well outside; we would have to go outside and get our water, bring it inside, and heat it up for cooking or taking a shower,” Edgar stated. “For electricity, we did as much of our activities in sunlight.” In addition to living in these shabby conditions, the family of migrant workers had to keep up with the work while also facing obstacles in their path. If the daily quota was not met by the working family, they could easily be replaced by a number of employment seeking adults. Ranging from the weather to animals, each member of the Torres family has faced at least one thing keeping it from completing their task. Obviously the fields were no place for children or even adults considering the physical dangers that the fields presented to its’ workers. Unfortunately, Edgar and his siblings didn’t have a choice and felt obligated to help their parents in any way they could in order to secure their survival. “As a kid I didn’t like to work in the fields, so at times I would pray for a tornado to go by and take the crops but not us people,” Edgar said with a sad smile on his face. “I was just thinking that if a tornado took the crops we would stop working. I didn’t even think of the impact that would cause a family and putting food on the table.” Only making up a small portion of the dangers of working in the fields, heat rashes and pesticide rashes severely affected the workers’ health. Leonel Armando Torres, the second oldest in the Torres siblings, even contracted a pesticide rash on his face while working in the fields. Along with the rash on his face, the rest of his siblings and himself got infections under their toenails due to the chemicals that were applied to the crops. Working in the fields, workers are exposed to so many pesticides and sprays that farmers put on their crops in order to support the plant’s growth. Many people, such as the Torres siblings, would get heat rashes or pesticide rashes from Continued from on pg 24

Art Presented by Gabriela T.

l December 2010 l theVibe

the WILD life By Liam S.

Art by: Matt Hinsta

15 l December 2010 l theVibe


orn in New Mexico and later growing up in California, Bill Spiesman, at age 16 didn’t get a drivers license, he got a pilot license. As a pilot, he flew a wide variety of planes, went all over the world, and worked alongside many different organizations and government forces. Although much of this was secret, a few missions were not. Not only did he do these missions. Some of these missions include going to Haiti to help the relief, and going to Iraq multiple times. In addition, he went through Astronaut training, and had many jobs with the Air National Guard, working with the border patrol and many sectors of Special Forces. Bill Spiesman grew up on an airport in New Mexico, and later moved to California. In high school, he began flying planes and had a plan to go to college, then to join the military. He later followed this plan, and got a degree in physics and engineering. At a young age, he pursued his dreams and joined the military. Since growing up on an airport, planes and flight has been his fascination, and his dream to practice. When he became a pilot, he was quickly sent on mission. This mission was in Panama during the second gulf war. After this mission, Bill Spiesman and a few others from the military decided go on a boat and visit islands off the coast of Panama, which were completely uninhabited and somewhat isolated. These islands had white beaches, and clear, water, much like a beach resort. They parked the large white boat and swam ashore. The land was a bright, jumping out, contrasting with the clean white beach. They then went fishing for a while and caught a huge amount of fish, ranging from enormous tuna, to black marlin. After eating fish, they froze the rest as it was an enormous amount of fish, worth a good amount of money. They then decided it was time to head back but received a distress signal. When you receive these distress signals, he said, you are required by the law to answer to them.

After a short time, they made it to the stranded boat. This boat was of a faded white, covered in scratches removing paint and with two drunken men to run it. They had forgot that their boat needed gas and as a result, they ran out of gas. When transferring gas from his boat to the drunken peoples boats, salt water got in both tanks. “At this point we were both stranded”. After talking with each other, they heard a big popping noise, much like a gun. When the salt water got in the tanks, the engines exploded and they lost all electricity. “I wasn’t scared as much as I was angry”. Now they were both stranded with no electricity or lights. The drunken people happened to have a small radio that still worked and they called for help. Several hours later, after drifting around 30 miles, a smaller sized ship responded and came to help. When they tried to tow one of the boats it got stuck and the engine quit. Now there were three boats stranded and their boats continued to drift away. They quickly tied all three boats together so they wouldn’t drift apart. When they called for even more help on the radio, no one responded. After a long time of waiting, an enormous, fancy boat approached. They stopped the stranded boats to help. “When we started to communicate with them, they said we could all come aboard, but we can’t go below deck”. “At this point, we knew they were drug runners” When asked about what he did he said “Nothing, we looked at each other, smiled, looked back, and said okay” Obviously, they didn’t tell them anything about being in the US air force. Luckily they were taken aboard and finally made it back to land. Later this day, they went to go get the frozen fish from the boat and sell it. When they went to get it, they found that the fish was gone. One of the members aboard the boat was also missing. This man was never to be found again, and neither was this fish. Art By Matt Hista

16 l December 2010 l theVibe

Athletes A Check out these LBJ trading cards and see if you recognize any of the athletes featured in them!


Na m Spo e: Ja Bir rt: Vo smine thd lley ba White ay: 9/1 ll 6/1 996




Name: Thoma Sport: Swim T Birthday: 5/2

riaga ique Ar n o M : Name occer Sport: S : 9/13/1996 ay Birthd



tz y ul Sh ntr 6 x u e 9 o l 9 C : A ss /1 me Cro 3/13 a N rt: y: Spo thda r Bi

17 l December 2010 l theVibe

Nam e Sport : Cam Va l : Swi m Te enzuela Birth am day: 7/1/1 995

Troy ddie a M : e e Nam Lacross /1996 t: /20 3 Spor : y da Birth


Name: David Nguyen Sport: Tennis Birthday: 9/7/1996

Around You Gabriela T.



as Trono Team 21/1996

Nam e Sport : Christia : n Di az Birth Tennis day: 1/10 /199 6

Name: Liam Spiesman Sport: Tennis Birthday: 3/14/1996




a Na ann i r b e: Ke all Nam : Volleyb /1996 t 17 Spor day: 8/ h t Bir


Nam e Spoe : Tempr r aW atso Birt ts: Bask hda n e y: 8/ tball a -Carlis nd F le 4/19 ootb 96 all


ch Alba ss Alex se & Cro : e m s a o r N c t: La Spor ry t Coun

18 l December 2010 l theVibe

B A C ‘s of

By Alexandra A.

19 l December 2010 l theVibe



is for Amy’s Ice Cream

is for Cream Vintage


is for Buffalo Exchange is for Einstein Bros Bagels



is for FN Goode Burger




is for Dhaba

is for great popcorn at Cornucopia Popcorn Creations


is for I Luv Video

is for Hyde Park Gym 20 l December 2010 l theVibe


is for Kerbey Lane



is for lots of clothe sat Urban Outfitter

is for Jamba Juice



is for Magic

is for Ozone Bike Department


is for New World Deli


is for queen worthy jewerley at the Renaissance Market


is for Pita Pit

21 l December 2010 l theVibe


is for Ruby’s BBQ



is for Strut


is for University Co-


is for Toy Joy

is for Wheatsville Co-Op



is for Veggie Heaven


is for xcellent tacos at Torchy’s Tacos

is for the Yogurt


is for Zen Japanese Food 22 l December 2010 l theVibe

Unique Austin

By Liam Spiesman

Austin City Limits


Congress Avenue


Cathedral of Junk


The UT tower, usually illuminated with a white light, is illuminated other colors for special events. When the UT tower is lit this burnt orange color, it is after a big athletic victory or another special occasion. Inside of this building is an institutional office, a library, and a restaurant.

The bats under Congress Avenue are certainly a site to see. Although Austin may have no zoos, Austin has the largest urban bat colony in North America, reaching numbers of around 1.5 million bats. Although these bats are there for many parts of the year, July August and September is the best time to see them. In these months you will be able to see mothers feeding at night, pups that begin to fly, and overall great bat watching.

The cathedral of junk is a unique building in Austin, made purely out of junk. Although junk, this structure is a sight to see for everyone in the Austin area. This structure brings out the weird and quirkiness of Austin.

UT Tower The UT tower, usually illuminated with a

white light, is illuminated other colors for special events. When the UT tower is lit this burnt orange color, it is after a big athletic victory or another special occasion. Inside of this building is an institutional office, a library, and a restaurant.

23 l December 2010 l theVibe


Why libraries are essential to our communities Even though BookPeople promote local authors, you usually have to have the book that the author wrote in order to go to their book signing or understand their lecture somewhat, while the events that the APLs promote do not require anything except some knowledge of the topic of the event. I know i would feel intimidated if i went to a book lecture on a book that I hadn’t read or even knew existed before, while I would feel more at home if I went to an event that was more general such as a Zombie Fest, where all you have to basically know are zombies movies. Not only would I feel comfortable at this event, but I would also get to meet new people who perhaps share the same interests as me. Overall the library has proven to support us and our communities in as many ways as it can, whether through allowing its visitors unlimited books, if they have a library card, advanced technology, and gathering events that allow people with the same interests to get together. As good Samaritans, we must in turn help our libraries by turning away from bookstores/ online websites such as, and going to our local library instead, which would then increase demand, popularity, and librarians as well. turn help our libraries by turning away from bookstores/ online websites such as, and going to our local library instead, which would then increase demand, popularity, and librarians as well. Now if you don’t mind, I think I’ll go check out a couple of library books.

Continued from pg 11 ----------------------------------------------------------Los Migrantes from all the chemicals that were exposed to the skin. The list of dangers gets longer even more with the possibilities of animals lurking in the crops. Since some of the crops were somewhat tall, they would be the perfect hiding spot for small animals to sneak up on a worker and even injure them, thus preventing them from working without the benefit of compensation. One day Edgar was working in a sugar beet field, and was about half way down a row in the middle of them. He was about to hoe a big weed plant from the crop when he suddenly a hissing sound that came toward his knees. “I saw a snake wrapped around the sugar beet and it was hissing and struck at me,” Edgar said. “Oh lord, Jesus, I threw the hoe to one side and jumped as high as I could across the other sugar beet rows while screaming ‘Snake, snake!’ I realized that working outdoors not only are you’re exposed to whichever weather Mother Nature had in store

24 l December 2010 l theVibe

doors not only are you’re exposed to whichever weather Mother Nature had in store for you but also to any creatures that roamed the fields. ” Despite the horrible consequences of working in the fields at a young age, such as all of the health affecting chemicals, all of the siblings are grateful that they were able to experience working in the fields, and also have a little reminder of what they would have to rely on if they did not get an education or the determination to succeed. “Working in the fields affected my life in a positive manner because it made me the person that I am today,” Maribel, the youngest child of the family, said. “ I am grateful to my parents for teaching us that money does not come easy , to value money in a way that is positive, meaning that money is not everything in life but is necessary to work hard for what you want in life.” Edgar agrees and says that working in the fields taught the Torres family that life was not going to hand them everything on a silver platter, that you need to work hard for what you want in life, and to value their family strength that helped them get through the rough spots of life. Edgar is now working as technical support for the state of Texas. He’s glad that he now has benefits such as insurance and the unnoticed benefit of working behind a desk instead of hunching over in the fields. Even though Edgar and his family have stopped going to Minnesota every year, they still keep the lessons they learned. To Edgar, learning your potential and your willingness to go further and beyond is what propels him into excelling at his career. Pushing yourself to better things and to your goals is what the fields have imprinted on the Torres family. “As far as the good things, one learns hard labor and we either decide if that’s what we want to do in life or not,” Edgar said. “In my situation and in my siblings’ case, we knew we didn’t want to do this for the rest of our lives, nor the environment that they wanted their kids to be exposed to. So when we grew up, our minds were to set to where we didn’t want to do this for the rest of our lives.”

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