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Meet Elena.

Elena (O) is a thoroughbred European, and she returns to her homeland every summer to visit family. She is an avid Netflix-er, and probably would not be put to sleep so well without watching one of her beloved tv shows, preferably with a nice fluffy cat beside her. She is not as anti-social as she might seem, however, and she loves being a swagcat with all her besties! While she cannot stand disorganization, Elena is what people might label as ‘pretty chill’.


Meet Riley.

Riley is a shy, quiet, hottie who enjoys chocolate (though she despises dark chocolate) and watching scary movies. She is in the process of finding herself in this vast universe, and she has her amazing friends to guide her. Riley is obsessed with marching band, and one of her favorite book is The Ender’s Game. Because of this journey, she is sometimes called a ‘distracted person’. In short, she is pretty fantabulous.


Meet Parker.

Parker, a born and raised Austinite, enjoys lazy evenings by the fire, drinking a steaming cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream and a light cinnamon finish. In addition to this delicious treat, he enjoys the tasty arts of the Italians, but would never turn down a piping hot plate of chicken fried steak. A master of cosmetic arts, Parker relishes in the simple pleasure of prettying up someone’s face, whether they like it or not. And his hips do not lie.


Meet Elena.

Elena (BW), a self-proclaimed dork, loves the sound of rain and could not function without her morning coffees. She has the ultimate Type-A personality and is obsessive about organization and planning ahead. Although she likes to be on top of things, she can get a bit distracted when presented with new recipes or pictures of cats that resemble Riley. A fan of cooking, workout videos and scented candles, Elena may just be the stereotypical white girl.

Letter From the Editor Dear Readers, We here at Lingo have spent months working on and perfecting this magazine, all with you in mind. In this issue, you will find all sources of lifestyle guidance from the 40s and 50s. We hope this magazine will not only interest you, but provide you with sources of everyday inspiration. Ranging from articles on how to create classic hair curls and styling vintage clothing to articles about the comeback of records and 50s movies, we’ve got it all here in Lingo. Sure to give you new burst of inspiration for every article you read, this magazine is catered to all who love the past. Not only will our information and how tos show you how to live the ‘new vintage’ lifestyle, but so will those mentioned in our stories. We have talked with so many inspiring and inspired people and gained a completely new knowledge of things we have so much appreciation for. Although this process was long and certainly full of procrastination, we did it. We are so excited to have completed it and made a product we are truly proud of. Thank you for everything.


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Why Do We Love An excellent example of two very similar movies are “Sleeping Beauty” (1959) and “The Princess and the Frog” (2009). According to, “Sleeping Beauty” sold almost $10 million in ticket sales at the time of its release, and has continued to sell millions globally throughout the years, as a renowned “Disney Classic.”“The Princess and the Frog” too had a large global success, bringing in $75 million (and climbing) in just domestic DVD sales. Both movies have used the same basic format and features, captivating their audience and making us love it!

Sleeping Beauty (1959)- This movie is known

The Princess and the Frog (2009)- This movie

Troubled Childhood

In this movie, the jealous witch Maleficient is the one to condemn Aurora to a short life, cursing her with death after pricking her finger on a poisonous needle.

Tiana experiences the death of her father, a passionate cook. She holds him together in her heart and makes it her goal to open a restaurant in his honor.

Impact of this rough upbringing

Aurora leads a normal life, helped through every day by three kind fairy godmothers. During this stage she meets a prince, and they rapidly fall in love. This romantic component is a favorite amongst viewers of Disney movies.

After being kissed by a prince (in the form of the frog) and finding out that she too has been transformed into a frog, they embark on a quest to change the fact. They seek help from a wise old lady, Mama Odie, who is a master at voodoo magic, who helps them along in their quest. In the meantime, Tiana and the prince begin falling in love

Although Aurora doesn’t have to face the wicked witch, the audience certainly does when the evil Malicifient transforms into a malicious dragon, and Prince Phillip fights her to save Aurora.

Tiana and Prince Naveen (frog) must face the terrifying “Shadow Man”, who originally turned Prince Naveen into a frog using dark voodoo magic, in order to get turned back into humans.

Aurora lives her happily-ever-after with Prince Phillip.

Tiana and her Prince open up a restaurant, making her dream come true.

as the poster child for Disney Princess movies, all originating from a “Brothers’ Grimm” classic fairytale.

and the help they receive

The main character has to face their enemy


Musical Component -Of course, the Include: most loved part of all

Disney movies is the

musical component, and both of these mov-

made a Disney Princess comeback as a modern-day tale, celebrating 75 years of world-renowned “Classics” by the company, as is said in the official Disney website.


Once Upon A Dream

Down In New Orleans

Magical House Cleaning

Almost There

Skumps (Drinking Song)

Friends on the Other Side

Finale: Sleeping Beauty

Ma Belle Evangeline

ies have several cute songs to sing along to and become part of the classic soundtrack.


50s Movies?

Movies made in the 50s seem to bear the most resemblence to today’s movies. Many plot formats found in movies of the time are still very present in our movies today, particularly Disney movies. In addition, the 50s saw the birth of many “firsts” in the moviemaking industry.


Movie 1sts Of the Fifties • • • • • • • • •

Scene from “Blackboard Jungle”

Theater in Davis, Ca (1950)

First Science-Fiction movie involving space exploration- Destination Moon (1950), Directed by George Pal. This movie would lead to what many consider the “golden age” of Sci-Fi. First Time Pay-Per-View system was applied (1951)- a system in which you would pay to see each television show, much like a payphone. Because of this, it was oftentimes called “Phonevision” First film to win the Globe Award for Best Motion Picture (comedy or musical)An American In Paris (1951) Burstyn v. Wilson- Court case that established that movies were a form of expression, therefore protected under the First Ammendment First African-American to win Academy Award for Best Actress- Dorothy Dandridge in Carmen Jones (1954) First film to use Rock and Roll in its soundtrack- Blackboard Jungle (1955) First film to win “Best Foreign-Language Film” Academy Award in 1956- La Strada (1954) by Federico Fellini First feature-length film to be shown on television without being shortened (1956)- The Wizard of Oz (1939) 1959- Average (national) ticket price to be admitted into a theatre: $.68


Direct Your Attention to the 50s BY ELENA Olivieri

Federico Fellini, Vincente Minnelli, George Stevens. Their names are legendary, pervasive throughout our cinematic culture, and everyone has heard of them. But why should we? What makes these directors so worthy of our attention? “[Their] films do seem to capture that sense of confidence that the world can be made to order that seems so characteristic of the American way of seeing itself immediately after the World War II.� says Jim Buhler.

Movies 11 Buhler is an expert of Auditory Culture in Early American Films at the University of Texas at Austin. As Buhler implies, film is an essential part of the American Culture. It is how people express themselves. They put their ideals, their hopes, their realization into their films. Because of this, a good film is eternal, and the face behind the film is equally as everlasting. To Buhler, it is director Vincente Minnelli who inspires him most. “Two of my favorite Minnelli films are “The Pirate” (1948) and “Yolanda and the Thief” (1945),” Buhler says. Buhler is one of the many people who find inspiration from Vincente Minnelli. Born in Chicago in 1903, Minnelli grew up as one of four kids, and his father was the musical conductor of the Minnelli’s Brothers’ Tent Theater. Despite a musical background, Minnelli’s interest in theater was born when he was employed as a photographer for Paul Stone, who photographed actors in Chicago’s theater district. He submerged himself in the subject, and soon began directing musicals. His first film was called “Cabin in the Sky,” and was produced in 1943. “ ‘Cabin in the Sky’ (1943) [was a musical, and] one of the first feature films by a major film studio featuring an all African-American cast. [It] including featured performances by Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Lena Horne. “This was a black-and-white film and Minnelli made stunningly good use of lighting...” says Buhler. In fact, many of his later films, too, were “movie musicals” which, in the words of Buhler, “allowed him to underscore the theatricality of life.”

Vincente Minnelli

“[He] deployed bold colors in thematic ways and used music to motivate camera movements that seemed to make the image dance.” What Jim Buhler is referring to with this quote is the way Minnelli moved the camera to fit the scene of the movie, whereas before him, many musical features

directors think about the relation of visual image and music.” Buhler points out Minnelli’s color choices as well. “You might say the thematic use of bold colors is one thing that Minnelli helped pioneer and he did it in an era before digital color

[Their] films do seem to capture that sense of confidence that the world can be made to order that seems so characteristic of the American way of seeing itself immediately after the World War II.

As Buhler noted in the previous quote, Minnelli wasn’t only a key figure in the development of movie musicals. He was also very well known for the way he manipulated

of movie musicals would simply film the whole scene from one perspective. Minnelli’s musical scenes most resemble those in today’s music videos, “though not as frenetic,” Buhler said. “[This has] also influenced how

correction allowed for color keying.” This confident manipulation of color gives his films “the appearance of total control, “which is very common today due to the possibility that directors have to make

LINGO audio and visual adjustments to the feature in postproduction.” This is also what makes his films so appealing to look at. “There is a bigness to films today that resembles the bigness of the roadshow films of the 1950s, those blockbusters like the so-called “sword and sandals” historical epics and musicals designed to go into the biggest theaters,” Buhler said. Regardless of whether or not one is an ardent fan of musicals in particular, the cinema has always

light, pleasant material. “His films were popular because he could tell a good story with style (a wonderful sense of space in his films and a poetic use of slow dissolve that became a stylistic trademark) but they were also infused with a liberal and humane spirit that could widen an audience’s moral sympathies,” Neil Sinyard, former director of Film Studies at the University of Hull, UK, said. In fact, Steven’s films were so successful that they were nominated for 30 awards, of which he won 11. His earliest achievements

“His war experience resulted in a massive shift of sensibility, his films becoming longer, more contemplative, more serious. Some critics see that as a decline; I don’t,” Sinyard said. “My admiration for him comes a lot from [the fact that] he was not only a great film-maker, but also a thoroughly decent and courageous man of impeccable integrity.” After serving, Stevens directed films such as “A Place in the Sun” (1951), “Shane” (1953), and “Giant” (1956). These films reflect the

His war experience resulted in a massive shift of sensibility, his films becoming longer, more contemplative, more serious. Some critics see that as a decline; I don’t.

fascinated people, and, in fact, movies, especially the ones with profound meanings, can entertain or teach one more about the world. The director George Stevens provided his audience with both of these things. Stevens began as a cameraman, and then progressed to become a versatile and successful contract director with RKO Radio Pictures Inc. At first, he made dramas, comedies, musicals, and adventures, and his work was

were as Best Director with his film “The More the Merrier” (1943) and with his film “Vivacious Lady” (1938) for its overall artistic contibution. He won best director at the Oscars twice, the first time for “A Place in the Sun” (1951) and for “Giant” (1956). “A Place in the Sun” also won the Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures in 1952, an award that “Giant” also won in 1957 At the 1954 Oscars, Stevens won the Irving G. Thalburg Memorial Award. Then, in 1960, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award and had the honor of having a star in the Hollywood walk of fame.

George Stevens on the set of Gone With the Wind 1955, Marfa, TX

idea of the pursuit of the “American Dream,” as well. However, “American” was not the only term being used during this time. With the appearance of “La Strada” (1956), a movie by Federico Fellini, the American public’s interest shifted to the art of foreign films. “[Fellini’s] films reflect the change that was happening in Italy back in the 50’s. [...] [They] showed real life situations, for example [of ] families with little money, but he also had that element of imagination and celebration always present,” Romina Olson, an independent filmmaker in Austin and great admirer of Fellini’s films, said. And in fact, Fellini introduced a new style of film to his movies. This style is so specific and unique that it is often referred to as “Fellinian cinematography”. “A Fellinian atmosphere would have to be similar to something out of dream; what you can only think of through your imagination.” This style of directing was a principle that was not very common within Hollywood movies of the time. These consisted of a definite beginning, middle, and end. Because Fellini’s films were a mixture of reality and subconsciousness, these clear distinctions in the plot were harder to note. The style allowed for Fellini to

Movies 13 analyze and understand people more thoroughly. “I think Fellini just flat out created films his own way and triggered

directors of [this] generation. [...] I don’t really see [their] equivalents today. [They] provided a window of opportunity for tough-minded directors [...] to express their own individuality.” Neil Sinyard said.

[They] certainly influenced directors of [this] generation [...] I don’t really see [their] equivalents today. [They] provided a window of opportunity for tough-minded directors [...] to express their own individuality.

a different view on how to look at life and people through film,” Olson said. Olson’s father, Bob, an actor, was so inspired by Fellini’s films, that he moved to Italy and was able to assist on one of Fellini’s sets. “[He] was drawn to that style of filmmaking and wanted to be a part of it.” Currently, Olson is working on a film project inspired by Federico Fellini’s films with local Austin director Sergio Carvajal-Leoni. While Olson and her father both are affected directly by this director, the influences of Fellini as well as that of Stevens and Minnelli are still very great on today’s society as a whole. “They certainly influenced

As Sinyard says, it is hard to find modern-day directors that are exactly like those original legends. Some directors may include a few elements from each, the insights of some may even exceed the directing capabilities of Stevens, Minnelli, and Fellini. However, it was the influence of these directors that would allow for any sort of improvement in the film industry. These extraordinary minds not only provided the base for cinematography in order to reach where we are now, Federico Fellini but will also be on-set 1965 forever regarded as the patrons of modern cinema.

Movie Screenings and Events at theaustinfilmsociety. org

Make Watch Love Film

let the


be part of the


PA N T E N E Pro-V

You have 99 problems

F r i z z y

F r i z z shouldn’t be one of them


S m o o t h

T he Mode r n Mrs.


The Modern Mrs. S

amantha Craig is a diehard 1950s woman. She descants about Marilyn, and reminisces about Elvis. She is retired as of late, but still shows a fierce determination that reflects the ‘50s woman so perfectly. From home cooked meals to dusty records, Craig does all that she can to keep the fifties alive. “Families aren’t as tight-knit as they used to be,” Craig said. “Sunday dinner has become non-existent, and many families are divorced or broken.” Everyone knows the 50s as “the best time in America.” Families were wealthy, rock and roll was in, and everyone was happy and the era of woman had begun. The golden age had arrived, and everyone was in on it. Many people today ridicule the modern woman, about how much makeup they wear, the skimpy clothing, and their attitude over all. But regardless of the criticism, many will argue that the modern woman still holds the iconic qualities of the fifties woman. “Family is way important to me, they keep my in line. They encourage

Women used to be portrayed as the simple house wife who want nothing more than the latest vac uum for christmas. And now you see women as a cool headed, high heeled she-demon me, and they always love me. I wouldn’t be where I am without my family.” Jullietta Turincio, a teenage girl attending Austin Waldorf School, said.

How modern business women are often portrayed by society

Trends in the woman society are not only recognized by the common person. Professor of women’s studies at the Univerity of TexasJaqueline Angle, is intrigued by the constant changes in the women’s society. “The diversity of women’s progression is actually quite predictable,” said Angle. “If you keep tabs on the popular celebrities, it’s really easy

a modern-day portrayal of the roles of women in the 1950s

to guess what will change.”

Predictable or not, there are still those who scorn today’s crazes. They jeer at the fashion and trends, and they blame it on the celebrities. But contrary to the constant disdain from the many critics, not all of today’s superstars “One of my biggest role models is Lady Gaga, because she’s not afraid to express herself, and she’s very supportive of minority groups. She’s not afraid to be weird.” Turincio said. “Another one is

Women 18

“I don’t wear makeup, or curl my hair, for other people. I do it as a little self confidence boost. If I know I look hot, I can take on the day like a champion.” Said Turincio, who responded quite defensively, Her claim is identical to those of many others. But even with makeup off the hook, the standards of beauty have completely changed. “In my day skinny was unattractive. The stocky women got all the callers. And now, your ribs have to be showing to be beautiful.” Said Craig. It is true that the image of women has changed, from a common, mundane housewife, to an icon of power. But despite these changes, the fundamental values of women

changes, the fundamental values of women has been preserved. “Individuality is one of my bigs. I think that if you don’t care about the haters and just be yourself, you can truly be happy,” said Turincio. “Another one of my favorites is determination, If you put your mind and heart to something, you can do it.” These qualities did, and continue to,

Individuality is one of my bigs. I think that if you don’t care about the haters and just be yourself, you can truly be happy. Another one of my favorites is determination, If you put your mind and heart to something, you can do it.

or the television. The bad themes are everywhere. “Every day [girls] see these women with their ribs showing and tons of plastic surgery. And they’re supposed to feel good about themselves? No, [girls]…. [have] and impossible double standard” The media isn’t the only place riddled with bad themes. Today’s form of entertainment is another source of corruption. Sending messages of violence, vulgarity, and contempt. Video games possess bountiful amounts of horrifying subliminal messages. But besides the multitude of horrors, the simple mechanics of gaming is terrible. “Kids today don’t realize how beautiful the world is, they think that it’s going to be there forever, but it’s not. If they stay on their video games forever, they won’t see life pass them by.” Said Craig. As some say “vanity” has become an increasingly prominent subject in today’s society. Makeup, Botox, and other means of body altercation have become taboos in today’s society. In retort to these claims, girl defend the use of makeup and other altercations.

“I don’t wear makeup, or curl my hair, for other people. I do it as a little self confidence boost. If I know I look hot, I can take on

has been preserved. “Individuality is one of my bigs. I think that if you don’t care about the haters and just be yourself, you can truly be happy,” said Turincio.

Rosa Parks, a well known icon of equal rights for african americans and women

express herself, and she’s very supportive of minority groups. She’s not afraid to be weird.” Says Turincio. “Another one is Macklemore. He writes songs about what really matters, like being open minded.” Everyone knows how much of an effect stars have on a population, and a good message is always welcome. But there is always a bad seed, or in this case, a bad tree. If you just turn of the radio,

ress,” said Angle. “They do whatever they can to make the world a better” And women continue to do this.Oprah helps those in need. J.K Rowling teaches children life lessons through wonderful stories. These women, and many more, truly express the iconic qualities of 50’s women. “Even after their freedom, women were still looked down upon. They had to

mined to make the world a better place. Whether that change is equal rights, or more respect. There will always be the ones who put their ideas into action and make change for the better.

They do whatever they can to make the world a better place

the same thing, taking it on like it’s their duty” Women have taken advantage of their freedoms since their exemption. From the courageous acts of Rosa Parks to the inspiring words of Betty Friedan. Women change, and will continue to change the world. “Women make an incredible effort to prog

“know their place”. And for women this was just more of a push. And there are still things that “push” women today.” Said Angle. “When [women] were pushed, they wanted change, and they are still pushed and they still want change” These qualities that defined the 50’s woman still live with us today. Even as time goes on, and society changes, there will always be those who are deter

change daily life. From taking over the workplace to contributing to their community. Women play a huge role in how we live our life. “Even before the fifties, women gave wisdom, more than wisdom, to their people,” said Angle. “And now, we see women doing


Vintage Vixen

The 50s introduced a new wave of striking and beautiful hairstyles. Novel fashions hit the market, banishing the short bobs of the 20s and ushering in intricate and beautiful designs. Elegant curls topped the heads of the rich, tall victory rolls roamed the factories, and beautiful waves ran the parties. Beauty emerged as a top priority, transforming the common woman into an icon of beauty.

Here’s how to get those Gorgeous curls Step 1: Start with clean, wet hair (preferably right after a shower). Step 2: Towel dry your hair until damp Step 3: Flip your head upside down and blow dry hair , Until it is completely dry and hot (keep hair flipped until completely cooled) Step 4: Pump shine spray onto your palm and apply from root to tip Step 5: Part hair deeply to either side (aligned with the arch of your eyebrow) Step 6: Taking the section directly above your forehead and (using the curling iron) curl it AWAY from your face. picture provided by Nicole Nodland

Things you w i l l need

The crown jewel of the 50s style has, and always will be, the soft, elegant curls that topped the heads of many classic stars. From Marilyn Monroe to Veronica Lake, this style has made many famous appearances, and has been raved upon for decades. These curls have withstood the test of time and have shown themselves on the red carpet as well as many famous movies and television shows. It is a style that will stand for many more decades and will always be revered as one of the greater achievements in fashion history.

Picture provided by Dr. Macro’s high quality movie scans

• 1-inch curling iron • Blow dryer • Duck bill clips • Shine spray • Mousse • Hairspray • Pallet brush •Fine tooth comb

Step 7: Using your duck bill clips, pin the curl in place Step 8: Continue these curls in a line down the crown of your head Step 9: Take the section of hair directly right of your first curl, and curl it TOWARDS the first line of curls Step 10: Using your duck bill clips, pin the curl in place Step 11: Repeat steps 10-12 on the opposite side Step 12: Repeat steps 10-14, curling AWAY from the first line of curls Step 13: Wait for curls to cool Step 14: Once cooled, unpin your curls, starting at your first curls and working backwards Step 15: Brush out curls into desired shape Step 16: Lightly spray with hairspray

Hair 13

Here’s how to get those Gorgeous curls 2.













W h o

w o r e

i t

b e t t e r ?

Picture provided by Amplified Soul

Picture provided by Dr. Macro’s high quality movie scans






For The Record A story of music through the ages.


For the Records to iPods. Old and new. The music-listening experience has come a long way since records, but some people still hang onto them. Why is this? Is there really a difference between records and how we listen to music now? “It was how I learned to listen to music and so I like them,” said Karen Evans, who lived in the 50s. Just like we have iPods and CDs, Karen and anyone else who lived in the 50s had records. Music technology has changed over the years, and the musiclistening experience has changed with it. “I remember listening to [records] at slumber parties, comparing the records we had and who got them first,” said Evans. “My mother always played records while we cleaned house too, it made it much more fun to get the Saturday morning chores done.” Listening to music was a more social activity, and music was shared between people in the simplest aspects of everyday life. Records were fun and carry a sense of nostalgia, but it doesn’t mean they are flawless.

“Records [are] both pleasant and unpleasant, considering that records could not be played while in transport, and they were easily scratched which made them “skip,” but the pleasant memories connected to them have stayed with me,” Evans said.

The “pleasant memories” associated with certain records remind people of a simpler time; of a simpler way to listen to music and to share a part of yourself. There wasn’t the option of using headphones or listening to your own music on your own phone.

I remember listening to [records] at slumber parties, comparing the records we had and who got them first. My mother always played records while we cleaned the house too, it made it much more fun to get the Saturday morning chores done. -Karen Evans

People shop at a waterloo records in austin, texas. the logo of waterloo records from their store

music 25

Record Story by: Riley Pruden

interviewees Ronda Brewer, karen evans, and Evelyn bradbury pose for a picture.

Music was something to be shared with the people you knew and cared about. “One night before my Dad was taking my mother out dancing, she practiced the twist and the pony in front of the mirror,” Evans said. “She had on a really pretty green satin dress she had made for the occasion. My sister and I picked out and changed the records while she danced. She also taught us those dances. I cannot recall which records we played that night but I can still see the records scattered on the floor and spinning on the turn table as my mother practiced dancing in a dress I thought was the prettiest thing I had ever seen (next to my Mom).” While Evans still reminisces about the past and loves her records, not everyone who lived during this time time still likes them. Her mother, Evelyn Bradbury, and her sister, Ronda Brewer, have come to prefer more modern ways to listen to their music.

“ I loved records because that’s all we had.” Bradbury said. This is a point to consider. Many people liked records because there was nothing else at the time. With more options today, and more options for one to choose from, records have become an unusual form of music technology. Why though? What advantages do iPods have over records? “[Ipods] are great because you [can listen to] exactly what you want. On records they would have maybe two songs you liked and six you didn’t like, but you would have to buy the whole album anyways. Plus ipods are more convenient, you can take them anywhere.” said Brewer. Portability is one of the main reasons for choosing iPods over records. When

I loved records because that’s all we had. -Ronda bradbury

Vinyl Happy Hour

At Waterloo Records Store 4-6 pm every Wednesday


portable music players came around, people abandoned their records for the ease of being able to play their music anywhere and everywhere. “I think it's a great thing that we have the ability to download music onto our phones. It helps keep everything in the same place, and allows me to carry my music to places other than my room.” said Corey Cochran-Lepiz, a student at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy. Ipods are customable to meet the desires of any individual. As Brewer and Cochran-Lepiz each said, iPods give you the ability to choose what music you have; an asset records did not offer. People of this time take for granted that itunes has almost any song we want, and all we have to do to get it, is download that song onto our phones or iPods. It

has made things easier, and in some ways, better than they were. But this ability to get whatever song we want, anytime we want it has its downsides, too. “Uniqueness has faded away. It is no longer the time when you can just hang out with a friend to listen to one album that only you own,” Cochran-Lepiz said, “Nowadays anybody can get the album or song, and it's not the same.” Everywhere nowadays, people are listening to their music. They have their headphones, and are content to be with themselves. The world today, though we have social networking sites and email and cellphones, is more disconnected than ever. “People who [are listening to music] usually use headphones and keep to themselves, and they aren’t sharing their music like we did with records.” Evans said.

Our world has leaned on internet and electronic forms of communication very heavily, and in a way we have separated ourselves from the real world. Music is one of the key ways to let others see who you are and to communicate with them in general. Now that we have headphones and iPods, we no longer have music has a source of connecting with those around us. “I'm sure people got together just to listen to an album together. To have a good time.” Cochran-lepiz said. People are getting back into records because of the shear way they connect people together. Records are just getting back into the realm of the public eye, mostly through the younger generation. Hayes McCauley, a manager at Waterloo Records, talks more about this.

Today, Record players are often made to bring back that feeling of nostalgia often accompanying The classic music player. This Once in the past electronic makes a large comeback in the modern world.

Music 27

“CDs sort of wiped out records sales in the 80s and 90s.” said McCauley. Why would the occurrence of CDs matter? The people who lived in the 80s and 90s basically only used CDs, which made it so that records almost died out in that generation of people. Now that CDs aren’t the next big thing, people are looking elsewhere. And they find that records are being used by their music idols in the DJing world. People are so influenced now by the doings of their celebrities that records have made a resurgence. They are coming back even despite the time and cautiousness needed for them. “The problem with records is you have to treat them better. That, I think, is part of the appeal to some people, that you have to get up and do something.” said McCauley. We are used to only having to touch the screen of our iPods to skip, pause, or play a different song. It is a carefree thing, and it is not as involved as doing those same things would be with records. It is the process which connects you to the music, and gives you more appreciation for the music itself. “I find records to be a process,” Kate Poore said, another student at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy, “a process that really makes you treasure each song and artist you have. I think it really takes time and devotion to music to find the greatness of records.” In the end, you can’t pinpoint exactly why each person likes or doesn’t like records. Music is a passion, and one that is an important part of our lives; even if we don’t fully understand that. Every person is different, and it doesn’t matter how they choose to listen to their music, but records have been a

monument in how we perceive music and a key example in showing how music truly does integrate people.

lines of records available in modern music stores

I find records to be a process, a process that really makes you treasure each song and artist you have. I think it really takes time and devotion to music to find the greatness of records.

-Riley Kate Poore

” a close up picture of a record or vinyl


Memorable Melodies The 50s were a turning point in music history. People like Elvis Presley, and Les Baxter were in the prime during this time, and much of their music has influences in modern music. Rock and Roll has come a long way since it’s upcoming in the early to mid1900s and all the music we have today, whether it be pop, rap, hip-hop or country, has influences from artists in this era.

List of the Top-Selling Songs in 1956 Song “Don’t Be Cruel”/ “Hound Dog” “Heartbreak Hotel” “The Wayward Wind” “Love Me Tender” “Memories Are Made of This” “Poor People of Paris” “Lisbon Antigua” “My Prayer” “The Rock anr Roll Waltz” “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You”

Artist Elvis Presley Elvis Presley Gogi Grant Elvis Presley Dean Martin Les Baxter Nelson Riddle The Platters Kay Starr Elvis Presley

Weeks at Number One 11 8 6 5 5 5 4 2 1 1

The Platters


The Platters were a vocal group that originated from Los Angeles, California and did a broad range of music. They dabbled in doo-wop at first, and then they made blues, soul and rock and roll. Their music was a transition into the early rock and roll era, and their song, “My Prayer”, is a good example of a changing view on music in society.

Dean Martin A friend of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin was a popular singer whose song, “Memories Are Made of This”, was a top-selling song for 5 weeks in 1956. Dean sang what we call “easy listening” music, pop, country, and he also did some big band style music, which includes woodwind and brass players in a song. Other than being a popular music artist, he was in many films and sitcoms during his career. His name is still heard even today, and people still like his work.

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Elvis Presley Elvis Presley is one of the most influential people in rock and roll music from the 1950s. In 1956 alone, he had four top selling songs: “Heartbreak Hotel”, “I want you, I need you, I love you”, “Don’t be Cruel” and “Love Me Tender”. Elvis was really the start of a new rock-and-roll-era. His fan base is and was huge, including every age group; from screaming teenage girls to middleage rock fans. He will always be the King of Rock and Roll.

: Les


Les Baxter's “Poor People of Paris” was a number one top-selling song for 4 weeks. Les was a composer of Exotica which is a genre of music that is inspired by the Oceania region and it expresses what people think a place to be like. Les Baxter, though he was also a big-band stlye musician, was very influential to Exotica. His music set a precedent for exotica to come.

Gogi Grant The popular American-singer Gogi Grant is bestknown for her song, “The Wayward Wind”. Her music falls under the easy-listening genre, and she was famous in not only America, but the UK as well. Even today, at the age of 89, Gogi is still giving occasion-

al performances.

Nelson Riddle Nelson Riddle arranged the song, “Lisbon Antigua”, which became a top-selling song in 1956. He was one of the most beloved arrangers of the time and often worked with other big stars such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. He was also a big arranger for big-band style musicians like Charlie Spivak and Tommy Dorsey. With the song “Lisbon Antigua”, Nelson topped the charts for several weeks, though his other work was also widely loved.

Kay Starr

w Kay Starr’s hit “The Rock and Roll Waltz” was comical yet popular and became one of the songs she is best known for. Though she was a pop singer as well, she had her roots in jazz singing. Even when she was a young girl, she performed in her own 15-minute show and earned $3 dollars a night. She pursued her passion and turned it into a career, all while leaving her own little mark on music history.

BY Riley Pruden


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Pinning for the Past a look into Pinterest’s role in the Comeback of all things vintage

featuring the stories of Rachel Hancock and Deirdre Zahl

by Elena Barrera-Waters


Pinning for the Past

Victoria Zottarelli, who came across Pinterest around two years ago, spends her free period at school discovering hundreds of new ideas for her wardrobe, ways to decorate her room, and everyday sources of inspiration from the 40s and 50s. Despite the fact that her free period lasts only an hour and a half, Zottarelli can pin these photos and sources due to the simplicity of the social media website Pinterest. “[Pinterest] makes it really easy for me to find things quickly and everything I come across is really interesting and inspirational,” she said. With thousands of ideas and pictures from across the Internet, Pinterest helps to hugely increase the popularity of 40s and 50s fashion, art, music, and lifestyle. The website allows people to find inspiration pieces quickly, and impacts the overall business of vintage fashion boutiques and the lifestyles of people in today’s society.

“[Pinterest] makes it really easy for me to find things quickly and everything I come across is really interesting and inspirational.”

Zottarelli’s Pinterest Board, “Classic Beauties” Allows her to share her admiration of iconic women.

“As a business tool, I find it useful to gather inspiration for anything from photo shoots to designing my trunk shows and events as well as archive vintage and contemporary style I am inspired by,” said Deirdre Zahl, owner of vintage jewelry business Candy Shop Vintage, who decided to start her business after discovering a real passion for vintage jewelry. Discovering passion for vintage fashion proves to be a common story for successful vintage pinners and business owners. Rachel Hancock, blogger and owner of website Retro Goddess, found the love for vintage from a very young age. “When I was around four [years old], in 1978, Grease was released and I loved the clothes that Sandy and the Pink Ladies wore. I also remember looking at the gorgeous photos of my grandmother when she was a young lady in the 40s - she looked so glamorous,” she said. Glamour, commonly associated with the 40s and 50s, creates an idea of what a girl should look up to and is commonly shown on Pinterest through the abundance of pictures of classic beauties and elegant clothing pieces. On the website, a plethora of quotes by Marilyn Monroe often appear, especially among young women and students like Zottarelli, who has pinned many of those classic pins and quotes on her own boards. “Everyone was so classy. Even though it was a long time ago, everyone still talks about some actors and actresses from back then. It was such a glamorous time,” Zottarelli said. Zottarelli, inspired by classic beauties of the 50s, has purchased shirts and decorations for her room inspired by these women. Quotes by these actresses line her wall and a shirt she wears frequently is adorned


with the face of Marilyn Monroe. She also discovered her love for vintage style through Instagram fan pages, which now take up the majority of her feed. The inspiration from the women of the 40s and 50s has clearly spread on to many aspects of her life. “I have one board called ‘Classic Beauties’, and I just post pictures of the actresses of that era,” said Zottarelli, who follows an extensive list of vintage boards similar to the ones of Hancock. Her Pinterest page, adorned with boards with fashion icons like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, leaves inspiration for those to use in the present. Also, though, Hancock includes boards with modern icons like Gwen Stefani and Amy Winehouse, both of whom adopted the common 50s looks Hancock adores so much. “50s fashion is by far my favorite. I prefer the ‘bad girl’ look most of all - flat shoes, pencil skirts and rockabilly hair,” she said, and her preference is evident through her choice of boards and fashion icons. The connectivity and appreciation for the styles of vintage fashion appears evident through the abundance of vintage boards and pinners. Through the increase of the popularity of vintage fashion, numerous vintage boards bloom across the website, all having followers Hancock’s Love for vintage is displayed through her bio interested in the styles of the past. Hancock’s blog, Retro Goddess, has around 500 followers. and her boards. However, her Pinterest page has over 15,900, “[All of the vintage foster relationships with fashion displaying the true popularity of vintage pinners] inspire me because we’re and lifestyle bloggers who follow me boards on the website. so closely connected through our and whom I follow, and keep them common interests,” said Zottarelli. informed about new products of mine Deirdre Zahl feels the without having to always contact them 50s fashion is by far my same way, acknowledging the directly.” Zahl said. favorite. I prefer the ‘bad girl’ aspect of connectivity between Through the popularity of the pinners in the vintage Zahl’s Pinterest page, it allows her to look most of all - flat shoes, Pinterest community. While the connect with her customers. While the pencil skirts and rockabilly website is helping to increase her popularity of her and Hancock’s pages business by connecting people may seem odd to some, considering hair. to pictures from her site, it also their inspirations comes from, in many “I would imagine that some people helps her to stay in contact and cases, more than 50 years ago. Howfrom Pinterest would follow my blog because form bonds with fellow vintage ever, many still seem to think that vinof my Pinterest boards. Following people on pinners. tage fashions, music, art, and lifestyle Pinterest that have the same love of vintage “It has [helped me to] have never truly gone out of style. makes it so much easier to see images that I may have never seen before,” said Hancock. The simplicity and accessibility of It has [helped me to] foster relationships with the site allows for a wide range of users, both younger and older and for the diversity among fashion and lifestyle bloggers who follow me and their interests. Ranging from categories like whom I follow, and keep them informed about ‘Architecture’ to ‘Women’s Fashion’ or ‘History’ new products of mine without having to always to ‘Food’, the website is sure to please the users and provide a helpful way to connect those contact them directly. with similar interests.


A glimpse into the vintage Pinterest pages

FASHION 37 “I think [vintage fashions] are always popular, because if they ever weren’t popular, then there wouldn’t be so many people [following] them,” Zottarelli said. Although Zottarelli’s explanation may seem quite simple, it could very well ring true. Nostalgia, and that deep-seeded human drive to understand where we come from, actually takes visual form on Pinterest.

[I was attracted] to the idea that they are all

basically one-of-a-kind and have a story.” “On Pinterest, I will often come across an image that evokes a memory. That’s usually where I get my inspiration from,” said Hancock. The idea of memories and stories inspires Zahl with her business, too. When collecting and selling vintage pieces, she fell in love with the history of the pieces. “[I was attracted] to the idea that they are all basically one-of-akind and have a story,” Zahl said. These one-of-a-kind stories mentioned by Zahl make vintage fashion what it is today. The idea of timelessness and immortality in fashion and lifestyle trends makes what is sold in stores today so different from what was sold then.

On Pinterest, I will often come across an image that evokes a memory. That’s usually where I get my inspiration from.”

Candy shop vintage shares their products, as well as their business experiences, with followers through a simple upload on pinterest.

“I started collecting and selling vintage jewelry for fun. I really just enjoyed scouting it out and found in general that the quality of some of the vintage pieces was better than much of the “throw-away” type [of ] jewelry you find today,” Zahl said. Why the popularity of vintage style has stayed so popular for so long may be a question left unanswered. With the abundance of people interested in times and trends of the past, Pinterest creates a website that is both simple and helpful for people inspired by the 40s and 50s. Allowing for diversity among pins and a community feeling between pinners who share the same passions, the site succeeds in creating a meeting ground for all looking for and sharing their everyday inspirations. In Zottarelli’s free periods, she happily immerses herself in the world of Pinterest inspiration. “[Vintage pins] are not as common as [they] should be,” Zottarelli said, and Pinterest is the new creative outlet made for people just like her, people with a passion for the past.

All pictures taken by Elena Barrera-Waters All Photo credit within the pinterest snapshots to the individual owners and pinners



Classic to Current Clothing Vintage Fashion in Modern Times has Never Been Easier To Style

Walking past modern clothing stores, the abundance of iconic 40s and 50s pieces appears in every door. From Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress to Marilyn Monroe’s high waisted shorts and skirts, the vintage styling possibilities never seem to end. As Tracey Vaughan of Modcloth said, “…it is about mixing certain elements of the 40s and 50s and translating them into today’s trends.” Finding the ideal vintage piece has never been easier, and the possibilities for ways to mix up these classic styles are ceaseless. Marilyn Monroe’s iconic 50s photograph really represents the style of the time. Ava Gardner, among many others, also became a big wearer of high waisted shorts and pants. This very popular style of bottoms appears just as popular now, with shorts with high waists sold at a large variety of stores. Despite the fact that the shorts are sold most, stores do tend to carry high waisted pants and skirts also. These shorts come in denim or khaki fabrics, a variety of colors, and can work well with nearly anything.


picture provided by Dr. Macro’s High QualiTY movie Scans

1.Look festival-ready in a grungy shirt and a loose

cardigan! Shorts: Forever 21, $19.80 Shirt: Urban Outfitters, $10 Sweater: Target, $20 2.For a quick and easy outfit on the go, try a white crop top with distressed high waisted shorts! Shorts: Etsy, $35 Shirt: American Apparel, $25 3.For a fun look, try colorful shorts with a simple top. Shorts: American Apparel, $50 Shirt: Brandy Melville for Pacsun, $18




FASHION 37 Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” has made a statement in today’s fashion. Hepburn accessorized the simple dress with luxurious accessories. In modern times, though, it works better to not dress as luxuriously as Hepburn did. Even in the 40s, according to blogger Sammy D Vintage, “most dresses still took on masculine qualities and were designed with collar lapels and box cut skirts with slight pleats.” Try pairing this essential with colorful bracelets for a fun look, lace sleeves for a bit of class, or a leather jacket for a bit of grunge on a cold night.

Almost half of any pictures one could find of Hedy Lamarr consist

of her wearing a collared shirt. Many other stars sported the look like Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland. Although in the 40s and 50s these styles provedsimple, modern stylings have become much appeared bolder. Throwing on some studs can add some grunge and a collar poking out of a sweater gives a preppy look. As “3 Ways to Dress In the American 1950s Fashion”, a WikiHow article said, ‘Collars could be pointed or rounded, called Peter Pan collars.’ The same rings true in today’s versions of this trend.

Sophia Loren has countless pictures of her wearing polka

dots. Polka dots, out of style for a while, currently appear in the

windows of many modern stores. This vintage trend returns as fashionable once again, perhaps due to singer Taylor Swift’s usage of the girly print or just due to the natural evolution of fashion trends. This simple print works well for any day in school or out and about.

ALL Outfit pictures taken by Elena, ALL STAR PIctures from Dr Macro’s High quality movie scans


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