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The Life of a Programmer The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018 | 5

Meet the Editors

Hamzah Rasool is a 9th grader currently going to the Liberal Arts and Science Academy high school. In his free time he likes to play video games as well as going outside with friends. He hopes to go to medical school and major in biology.

6 | The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018

Reza is a LASA student, that was born in Orlando, Florida. He enjoys pizza, videogames, and jokes. Reza hopes to grow up and become a pediatrician. He hopes to help all of the children that he can.

Connor McGauley was born and raised in Austin Texas, and is a Freshman at LASA high school. He enjoys the luxuries of modern day life and likes technology. He hopes to go to a good college and become a vet.

Ethan is a 9th grader currently going to the Liberal Arts and Science Academy. He enjoys swimming, hanging out with friends and computer Science. Ethan hopes to go to a good engineering college.

Dear readers, Welcome to the first issue of our magazine, The Futurology. We have worked very hard on this magazine and we hope that you enjoy reading it. Our magazine is about various kinds of future technology, from medical advancements to transportation technology. As a human race, we are constantly striving for improvement. The four of us have tried our best to put this amazing improvement of technology into words and images. Technology is all around us and it’s improving every day. Advancements in technology allow us to connect more with not only with one another, but society. As you read our magazine, we hope that you are fascinated with the different types of future devices that will hopefully soon be available to the public. Hamzah, Reza, Connor, Ethan

The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018 | 7

Future Medical Technology With new advancements everyday, the future is looking bright. By Hamzah Rasool


edical technology has evolved beyond what humans could have ever dreamed about with recent advances that are driving the possibility that humanity can progress even further than it already has. From diseasedetecting breathalyzers to robotic nurse assistants, these innovations will be revolutionary once they are introduced to the market.

eyeglasses and breathalyzers along with other medical technologies. They are different from what is being used now in the sense that they aren’t accessible for doctors to use yet due to them being tested and they are much more efficient. But, will these futuristic medical devices benefit or harm humanity?

According to ReferralMD, a company that guides patients to hospitals suited for them, recent advances in medical technology shape the world today. Current medical devices use wired machines and implants that may not be useful long term and can stop working at any time.

An ultrasound sonographer, Ruby Shazia, uses computers and sonographic devices to complete tasks such as scanning a patient or sending an image to another doctor to diagnose the patient. Ultrasound machines use sound waves in order to create images on a computer screen and is used to identify any diseases that can be found in the body.

When one looks to the future, there are nano-retina 8 | The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018

“Ultrasound machines are just like computers,” Shazia said. “And there is a wire attached with this machine and there is a probe. We use this probe on the patient’s arteries, veins, or any other organ of This is one of the Ultrasound machines that Shazia uses to scan patients during work.

Courtesy of DOTmed

This is a doctor playing with futuristic medical technology in a laboratory.

Courtesy of The Saturday Evening Post the body and this probe processes all the information into the computer and then on the screen we see the picture.” Although wireless machines may make it easier to access the different parts of the Ultrasound technology, sonographers don’t use these as this could make the probe easier to misplace. A specialist in auditory and sensory medicine, Dr. Amjad Kamal, uses older technology to aid him with his diagnoses. “The deaf people we are working with [use] a new technology called cochlear implants so that the little kids who cannot hear can hear,” Kamal said. “This has been a revolutionary invention.”

Kamal believes that the upcoming future medical machinery is fascinating and he wishes to work with the doctors creating these futuristic medical devices. He is looking forward to seeing new medical technology released to the public—hopefully, in the near future. Nano-Retina is a company that developed eyeglasses that create the electrical stimulation required to activate the remaining healthy retina cells. Amir Aslam, a mixed signal design engineer at Seagate, believes that these technologies are what the world needs in order to progress. He used to work in the field of medical technology when he was in college.

“Yes, I would definitely use [tooth regenerations and anti-aging drugs]. Medical technology innovation has played a crucial role in sustaining health. From small innovations like adhesive bandages and ankle braces, to larger, more complex technologies like Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines, artificial organs and robotic prosthetic limb. Technology has undoubtedly made an incredible impact on medicine,” Aslam said. There are countless advantages with advancements in medical technology. But Shazia, Kamal and Aslam caution that there could also be disadvantages. Robots may replace jobs, or they could possibly surpass human intelligence. The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018 | 9

Courtesy of TalentCulture According to Nova Spivack, CEO of Bottlenose, it is predicted that machines will never become truly self-aware due to them not being a living thing. Spivack believes that artificial intelligence is nothing more than a fancy, inanimate object and therefore, we may not have to worry about technology becoming too advanced for mankind. Aslam believes that the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to medical technology. “Hands down, the new revolution that these technologies are going to bring is good for the humanity,” Aslam said. “The time and effort it will take to save a patient’s life can’t be explained. When someone is sick all that patient cares for is to get his

This is a medical robot assistant that was created in order to help nurses with various tasks. or health back.” The advantages of medical technology outweigh the disadvantages. As for the job market in the U.S., according to Aslam, new technology won’t destroy them, but rather help them. “Technological progress has vastly contributed to the development of our economies,” Aslam said. “We continue to see improvements in existing Courtesy of Nano-Retina

technology, from the latest computers to new inventions previously not even dreamed of, like solar panels and online shopping. So it is fair to say that technology is the result of expanding innovative ideas that build on existing ideas… There are many jobs that will be difficult to render obsolete from technological progress.” According to Aslam, perhaps technologies like these may stay a dream. These medical devices are extremely advanced and will require the mind of a genius to construct these. Kamal, Shazia, and Aslam all agreed that medical technologies would be accessible to use in the next decade or so.

These are a pair of nano-retina glasses, used in order to help blind people see.

10 | The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018

Specifically, all thought that medical robots and nanoretina technology were incoming. Kamal agreed

This is a hearing implant that is used in order to help children hear who were born without the ability to hear.

Courtesy of Walmart

Courtesy of Diversified Hearing Aid Services

that he saw these four aspects of technology will arrive in the near future: treatments, regeneration, augmentation, and telemedicine. What came to mind for Kamal at the mention of telemedicine was robotic assistants, as tele means communication and robots can be used as a futuristic means of contact. When asked about augmentation, he thought of nano-retinas, as they could be an example of sensory augmentation. As for augmentation and treatments, he was unsure about what future augmentation or treatments would come out to help mankind. “For Augmentation, honestly I am not very sure about what kind of augmentation could come in the future,” Kamal said. “There are so many

treatments that could come out in the future…” Aslam believed that through future medical technology, mankind is being pushed in the right direction and these devices will hopefully assist humans by making us more efficient. “Advancements in medical technology have allowed physicians to better diagnose and treat their patients since the beginning of the professional practice of medicine,” Aslam said. “Thanks to the continuous development of technology in the medical field, countless lives have been saved and the overall quality of life continues to improve over time.”

These are images of stethoscopes which are commonly used to check patients’ heart rate. With future technology coming out, these may not be used as much as they are today. Courtesy of Walmart

The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018 | 11

Incoming Future Medical Technology By: Hamzah Rasool

New 21st century medical technology that is coming out to help make our lives easier.

Treatments Sensory Augmentation

Robot Healthcare Assisstants

Telemedicine 12 | The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018


Incoming Future Medical Technology

Tissue Regeneration


3D Printed Drugs

Courtesy of the Medical Futurist

Courtesy of the Medical Futurist

Medical Technology has advanced to the point where you can replicate real life objects using 3D printing. (2022)

3D Printed Drugs

Tissue Regeneration is where stem cells, which can turn into any type of cell, are sent by the brain to the place of injury to heal the person. (2022)

Courtesy of The Journal

Sensory Augmentation will allow deaf people to hear with advanced hearing implants. (2040)

Stem Cells Courtesy of Reza Delta

Robot Healthcare assistants plan to be released at around 2030 and can help doctors when performing operations. (2030) Courtesy of Pinterest

The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018 | 13

Transportation Advancements Taking people to new places By: Reza Moradi


ransportation is one of those things that everybody takes for granted, but we use it all of the time. To get to school, to go home, or for international travel, to see our pen-pals and families halfway across the world. We can travel thanks to technologies like airplanes, Ubers and Bluetooth cars which allow us to travel easier, faster and more reliably. Traveling before the mid 20st century, transportation was entertaining to say the least. First there were horse drawn carriages, but the poor horses were

Image Courtesy of AviationCV

worked to the bone and it was too much work to take care and feed the horses. Also the smell of the horse’s byproduct was atrocious. The next transportation method that was created, was the Railroad, the railroad was used to transport a lot of goods and people. The railroad was very useful in delivering messages across the country, because it was faster, more durable, and it could carry more items. The first railroads were powered by steam, and they were mostly used in America. The

14 | The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018

airplane is an amazing source of travel, which allows us to go visit our families, or to visit old friends, or penpals, halfway across the world. The first airplanes, which were one-seaters, and you were the pilot and the passenger, were not very durable, and were definitely These are photos of new, advancing transportation technol-

Image Courtesy of LogisticsPlus

behind the times put slides, hotel rooms very reliable. compared to the and spas on boats, which Before the 20th century, new airplanes, that allows us to have fun on only rich people could include wifi, digital the water, and to have a afford cars, because the entertainment and break from life for a little materials required to refrigeration systems for bit. Boats can also be make them were very your food. Airplanes are used as bases for homes expensive. very useful for travelling to house people that can Back then it was like very long distances, and afford it. Another form of this, but now thanks to for travelling to islands, transportation are cars, globalization, a modern which are impossible to cars can be used to travel drive to. short or long distances, as technique that allows us Airplanes are long as there is land under to gain resources from good for long distance your feet. Cars used to be other countries, the resources needed to travel because there is run on a steam engine, build new modern cars no traffic in the air, and and they used to break are getting cheaper, there is no friction from down easily, and they had the ground, but from a reputation for not being the air which is much Courtesy of UnSplash less. Airplanes also allow us to transport A photo of a lamborghini, items from Europe to which is a new advancing car, that allows people to America or from Africa move a very fast pace. to Australia quickly. Image Courtesy of GenevaAutoAnother thing that allows us to transport This is a photo of a McLaren Senna, which is a new and improved version of the Senna, that is used as a racecar. items and people, is a boat. Boats help us transport items and people from one place to another, like ferries, which transport cars. and people. Additionally boats are now used for recreational purposes, because we can now The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018 | 15

which is allowing more and more people to be able to buy newer cars, like Toyota and Chevy. Cars can be used to move a family to their hotel, and then to Disney, and finally back home, because cars are such a versatile mobile. Hot air balloons are also a way of transportation, both now and back then. Hot air balloons, are a mode of transport, that allow people to move from place to place, although hot air balloons aren’t very fast, compared to the average human walking speed, they are great for recreational purposes. In the future, we could possibly have flying cars. These flying cars, are of course speculation, but who knows, in 10 years we could have flying cars or self driving cars, for the public think about it, being able to do your work, or to be able to eat, while you go to work, or on a long road trip. You could do

Courtesy of Smithsonian

This is a photo of an old car, which has been preserved and polished to be displayed

anything, while you get to your destination, this is better than a bus or train, because you have a lot of room for yourself, there is also better air conditioning, and there are also less people there. Also currently, and in the future, we could possibly use VR to “transport� us to new and amazing worlds, like Mars, or Venus. You could also create your own world, go there, and you could share it with your family, so they can go to your world, and explore it.

16 | The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018

Now thanks to these modernizing transports, humans are able to transport large quantities of goods and people quickly, and more effectively, this can help us when we need to go to school, or to work, or on vacation, advancements in transportation technology help us move ourselves a lot faster, so we can be with our friends and family.

Courtesy of MarineMax

This is a cruise ship, which is used to transport people, and sometimes goods. The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018 | 17

Top 5 Space Technology Courtesy of Inverse

By Reza Moradi

1) Propulsion Propulsion is the way that we can get to space, without it we wouldn’t be able to fly into space, and we wouldn’t be able to fly in planes, and have fast tranportation. Courtesy of Getty Images

2) Space Suits Courtesy of Inverse 18 | The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018

Space suits help astronauts survive in the deep cold of space. They provide protection fom the cold, anti gravity, and radiation. Without Space Suits astronuats wouldn’t be able to survive, while they gather information about space.

Courtesy of N.A.S.A.

3) Satillites

Courtesy of N.A.S.A.

4) Rockets Rockets are used for transporting astronauts, cargo, and sometimes animals. Rockets help us transport objects to the moon, space centers, and Mars. Rockets protect the cargo inside, while propulsion boots it up.

Satillites help us communicate via telephone, tablet, and text. Satillites also help with data, and weather, to determine whether it’ll be rainy, or sunny tomorrow. Courtesy of N.A.S.A.

5) Rovers Rovers are how we explore the depths of space, planets, and beyond. N.A.S.A. has launched many Rovers into space, including places like Mars, The Moon, and Jupiter.

The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018 | 19

Advancements in VR Technology: The Background of VR By: Connor McGauley Technology will revolutionize the way that civilization works in the upcoming years. Life as we know it will not be anywhere near the same as in the upcoming years of new tech.


echnology has been advancing everyday up until now, but in this modern age technology has reached proportions beyond our imaginations. Different forms of tech come out all around the globe. Some, if not most of these advancementhelp keep a productive society. Technology makes life easier, and can even make the work lives of people easier and better. People at their jobs are playing a huge role in advancing technology. Whether the technology has to do with virtual reality, hospitals, or transportation, there are individuals working on this transition of modernized technology.

Ordinary Joes who might not even think they have a role at all in changing the future that actually do, but they just can’t tell they are or they just don’t think of their job like that. Looking specifically into VR, Brian Brown, a graphic coding artist, said “We are going to be doing headsets in the future, once the price comes down.” Brown’s company works closely with pearson, a major textbook publishing company. He is funded by Pearson and this funding is what gives his company the chance to help with advancing VR technology.

20 | The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018

He has a different workstyle than others who are in coding and VR technology though. He is mainly able to work from home, while accomplishing the required duties for his company. For example, his company is working on a project in which college students will “land on mars, and live on mars”. Brian said that in this experience, students will have to navigate the brand new environment of another planet and survive for a

This is a Playstation VR headset used to play VR games.

Courtesy of

This is a HTC vive headset. It is used on computers to play VR games. There are many aspects of this survival experience. For example, you have to be able to manage your food and water, electricity, and in general, make sure nothing kills you. One of the biggest aspects of it though is the cooperative basis. In this VR experience, you survive by working and interacting with your classmates that you know. This is the main project that Brown is working on in his company, and it is well on its way to completion for college students. Another project that he is working on is a online biology classroom. In this VR experience, you are able to do labs, but instead of being

in the class in person, you have a headset on somewhere else. This is mainly important for those kids who can’t find the time to come into class, but can participate in an online VR class to get caught up with everyone else in class. Brown and his company is a perfect example of how technology is advancing right before our eyes. New advancements are also showing up in coding. Marc Leroux is a straight- forward software engineer who works at a company called Silicon Labs. This company makes software and, more specific

to Leroux’s job, Alexa chips. Alexa is a home assistant system that is made by Amazon. These Alexa chips are the ones that actually control the communication between Alexa and a home’s lights. “We do one chip that is inside Alexa and the chip that we do is the one that talks to the lightbulbs. It’s not like the brain of Alexa, it’s just a way Alexa has to communicate with other devices” Leroux stated.

Connor Feature Story Pg. 21 The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018 | 21

Leroux does a lot of individual work for these chips, but Leroux must conduct interviews and hold meetings person meeting with other co-workers. Leroux used to work at another job, but the headquarters in Austin shut down, so he had to find another job. Silicon Labs was hiring and some of his friends worked there and put in a good word for him. As for coding in general, a guy named Mike Knoll has made important contributions in the field of advanced coding. Knoll works for a company called RFD in Austin, and he works from home in Florida.

He is not an ordinary coder, but he still helps with coding aspects of the company he works for. Mike has a PhD through college education, and is helpful at his job. “I have 2[bosses],one at the college and one at the remote location. Both are great leaders.”, said Knoll talking about his bosses. This is yet another person that is helping with the advancement of technology and coding. All of these people that work for different companies, and that have different roles in their job are all helping with this new era of modern

technology in one way, shape or form. Whether it’s helping with VR technology classes that are funded by Pearson, or helping advance home assistants to do even more amazing things or just helping with coding in general, there’s always work to be done and progress to be made. The amount of people that are working on VR technology and coding in general is not just limited to these people. Anybody, no matter the smallest part in a technology-related job, is helping advance previous methods of research, education, and

This is a photo of what the surface of mars looks like. With Brown’s VR program, people are able to experience mars. Courtesy of

22 | The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018

Coutesy of

entertainment. In the upcoming years, there are opportunities that will allow for more advancement in technology. For example, there are smaller companies that are involved with VR and technology that might need an extra hand. That extra hand could be you looking for a job to demonstrate your skill set. There are many ways for you to get involved in this advancement in technology right now even. There are plenty of places already looking for new

This is an Astronaut in space. With VR technology, you can experience being in space. mployees to help out as well. VR technology will,” in the next decade or so… be a common household,” according to Brown.

This a Scuba Diver at the Great Barrier Reef. With Brown’s VR tech, you can experience this.

Courtesy of

The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018 | 23

Alexa VS Google By: Connor McGauley

Deciding on what home assistant to get? Take a look at these fun facts.

V Courtesy of Best Buy



• Alexa is around • louder, ok sound quality $50 • comes as it is, • multipe ways plain to activate with • does not support voice Google music • easy to set up

24 | The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018


Courtesy of Target


• softer, better sound quality • many customizing options • supports Google Music


• Google Home is around $40 • you have to say hey Google to get it going • More difficult to set up

The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018 | 25

Computers Are Changing The World

By: Ethan Prins

Image Courtesy of BairesDev


n today’s world, technology is necessary to live. More and more people rely on technology than ever before. To some people it can be scary switching from a world where the television was one of the most innovative inventions ever to having a small screen in their pocket. Technology was meant to make life easier and many people don’t realize that. A new generation has started with iPhones, new gaming consoles and a lot more. Programming is a job that has skyrocketed in popularity more than ever. “To always stay on top of assignments. Never fall

behind because companies will keep giving projects and it adds up to the point where the company throws you out.” said Jerry Hernandez, Senior data engineer for General Motors. More important advice is to always “be prepared to learn a new language of code.” Programming is always changing and new languages are being used to program. That is one stressful part about being a programmer is to always learn every kind of new language so that older programmer’s can keep their job instead of being thrown out for a

26 | The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018

younger programmer.” said Hernandez. This is important advice because it shows a part of programming that can get stressful. This advice is a kind of warning for the future. In modern times, more and more people are moving to towns with a lot of new tech buissnesses. Austin is one of the new Silicon Valley. According to Bizjournal. com, at least 151 people move to Austin a day. Nicola Stewart is a young programmer who said that Austin, [has] become like the new Silicon Valley.” This is true because Austin is becoming one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S.

with a metro population is now over 1,000,000 people and is growning fast. People from all over the world are moving to Austin for new jobs. Most of which are young people, who have just graduated from college. Programming jobs may be good for younger people but for older people this is horrible. As Austin’s population is growing, so is the cost of living. Which means more and more people are looking for jobs in computer related fields. This information is important because if someone wants to become a programmer but need to know a place to move to.

So that they can start a new career. Then Austin might be a good option. Due to the growth in Austin, more technology jobs are on the market. Austin has many benefits for programmers but there are some cons. One benefit about being a programmer is having the option to either work at home or in an office. Being a programmer is stressful because you have to deal with a lot of coding in a short amount of time. Meaning, that if you feel more comfortable at home you can just work in your house. But programming requires a lot

of knowledge and people can get confused or lost working. So working at an office could be better because there are a lot of programmers there that can help understand code better. But programmers who feel more confident usually go to a coffee shop or somewhere they know so they can just sit down and do their work. This is important advice because programming isn’t just a desk job. It is a job where you independent and have your own work space. This job stands out to other careers.

Image Courtesy of rAVe Publications The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018 | 27

Image Courtesy of Hackernoon

Programming is a hands on job where you can be your own boss. A great deal has been learned about the benefits and cons of being a programmer. As programming becomes more popular so does cost of living, and job markets are becoming more competitive. But these three programmers have given advice on how to succeed and how to stay on track on being a programmer. Technology is necessary to live and programmers are creating new ways of easing life. Programmers are the new generation of leaders in the world.

28 | The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018

Image Courtesy of Trip Advisor

Image Courtesy of Cubetto

Image Courtesy of Edgylab The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018 | 29

The Life of a Computer Programmer By: Ethan Prins Computer Programming is becoming one of the newest job trends. A new generation is entering the workforce. Many of whom are intrested in computer science and coding. Many youngs people are switching their intrests into computers, making a job harder to find then before. More people are starting to rely on computers to answer any questions they have. I wanted to interview some programmers and see what their opoions is on the way the world is changing. I interviewed programmers who have just started and programmers that have more expirence then young peoeples age.

Programming Jobs have many benefits. Such as working at home, own work hours, less stressful work enviorment.

Austin is a growing city with a lot to do. The programmmers I interviewed said Austin was the best new city to move to for new jobs involving computers

30 | The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018

These are images of multiple computers that are in someone’s workspace, that are used by a programmer.

This is an image of a programmer who programs for a living. This is a programmer that is relaxing at his home after a long day of work.

The advice that I got from every programmer is to always stay organized and caught up. Programming is a fast moving job staying organized will keep you from falling behind.

One hard part about being a programmer is to always stay caught up and finish your work on time. Every Programmer has talked about how there are always new people joining programming companies and if your slacking of they may give your job to someone newer and more reliable. The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018 | 31

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BE AHEAD. OF THE REST. The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018 | 33

This magazine is dedicated to Stan Lee. Thank you for making the world appreciate imagination.

1922 - 2018

34 | The Futurology - Fall Ezine 2018

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

ts i t

u o th i w ee e L t e an l p St m o ”– c r s. e v ge e n len s i al e ch f i L

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The Futurology  

In this magazine, we researched and wrote about the innovation of future technology. We focused on the four major aspects of technology; Med...

The Futurology  

In this magazine, we researched and wrote about the innovation of future technology. We focused on the four major aspects of technology; Med...