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Austinight 1

Letter From the Editors

Hey readers! Ready to have some fun tonight? If that’s the case, then you have picked up the perfect magazine. So get ready to experience night life in Austin like you’ve never done before. Find out some of the many places you can go to in Austin. From yummy restaurants to cool concerts. So grab your friends and your best outfit to enjoy everything Austin has to offer.

Austinight 2

Meet The Crew... Angie is the type of girl who is always working hard. She is very ambitious and has really enjoyed her freshman year at LASA so far. A fun fact about Angie is that she is definitely NOT pro-technology. She prefers the natural things in life as appose to wasting time playing games on a computer or spending hours glued to the television screen. She has tons of friends and loves to spend her time hanging out with them. Her biggest aspiration to work in the field of photography.

Ellie is an intense roller derby-er who knows a lot about the Austin night life. She’s basically a social butterfly. One of Ellie’s hobbies is listening to music and attending concerts all over Austin. Her favorite color is neon green but she pretty much loves all bright colors. Ellie is always open to trying new things and loves to learn. She’s proud to live in Austin, the musical capital of the world. Ellie’s had great time so far this year and loves all of her new friends. She’s also awesome at designing pages on computers.

Austinight 3

Amy is a really nice person who has had lots of fun so far this year. However, she’d like to point out that one of her biggest pet peeves is having to use correct grammar. She finds it unnecessary. As you can see from the picture to the left, she enjoys hanging from walls like a monkey. She’s one of those people that doesn’t like to procrastinate and finishes her homework as soon as she can. She’s had a fun time at LASA this year and hopes that the fun continues.

Hope is one of the most optimistic people in the world. The way she sees it, there is a bright side to everything. Everytime you look at her, I guarantee she will be smiling. Her favorite hobby is playing soccer. She loves to hang out with her friends whenever she can. She has absolutely loved her freshman year so far and thinks that all the people are wonderful. She is currently undecided on what she’d like to do in her future, but she knows it will involve helping others.

Austinight 4

$ l e e h W of Fortune

Story and Art By: Hope Siegel

Photo by Jeff Wash

Austinight 5


f the 790,390 people living many of which are within walking in Austin, approximately 9010 distance. Personally, instead of askride bicycles to work dai- ing my parents to drive me all over ly. For every 1000 the neighborhood, I prefer to ride my Americans, 765 bike. Believe it or not, own a car. “I bike biking to places to work every day. within one or I don’t even own two miles a car. I’ll pretty only takes much do anyfive to ten thing to help the minutes. environment,” With short said Alexander distancHendrex, a loes, biking cal Austinite.The doesn’t take goal for Austin, set too much by the City of Austin Bicycle Art By more time and Pedestrian Program, Hope Siegel than driving. includes increasing the “workforce commuter bicyIf people bicycle to more places, cle mode” to 10% by 2020. In order Austin could become a healthier for this to occur, the people of Austin city. On average, according to need to ride bicycles more often. Tera Liescheidt, a Registered DiGiven how much cars contribute to etitian with a bachelor’s degree in human nutrition, people burn between 400 and 500 calories on a one hour bike ride. The health benefits of biking include a stronger core, healthier back muscles and toned legs. For many people, the issue is not that they lack the desire to exercise, but that they d o not possess the time during an average work day. Evidence from a recent study published by the American Journal of Sports Medicine shows that exercising for multiple short global warming, using amounts of time bicycles more often during the will be better day increasfor Austin’s es one’s environh e a l t h ment. more than A c exercising cording for one long to the hour. AnyEnvironone with a mental Debusy schedule fense Fund, who feels the need to exerthe U.S. concise should ride a bike around the tains more block two or three times during the automoday. biles than licensed I’m not old enough to drive yet, but drivers. According to when I am, I do not want to pay for Adult Bicycling, a blog created gas. In the future, biking to my destispecifically for Austin bikers, most- nations should decrease the amount people use there cars for short trips, of money I would need to spend on

“the U.S. contains more automobiles than liscensed drivers.” -Environmental Defense Fund

gas. However, I understand that cycling everywhere is not ideal. For this reason, I only plan on riding my bike to places within an appropriate distance from my house. Even cutting back on driving a distance as short as around the neighborhood saves money. With the economy in its current position, every penny counts. According to the Austin Gas Prices, the general prices of gas in Austin currently ranges from $3.39 to $3.57 (per gallon). Of the cities in Texas, Austin is among those with the lowest prices for gas. Although gas prices in Austin are low in relation to other Texas cities, the price of gas in Austin can still add up quickly, becoming very expensive. On the other hand, according to Academy, the price of a bicycle ranges from about $60 to $150. In the long run, the price of a bike is much cheaper than paying for gas for a car. Some people, however, feel that bicyclists should not b e so abundant in the streets and on large roads. Many drivers, according to Tree Hugger, have argued that cyclists tend to cause more accidents on the road. In actuality, according to Edgar Snyder and Associates, a law firm representing injured people, in over 40% of all the accidents between a car and a bike, high alcohol levels were reported in the driver. If bicyclists continue to bike in bike lanes, the level of car accidents will not increase (as long as everyone follows the law).


Austinight 6

Ultimately, the positive impacts that bicyclists have on the world (environmentally, health-wise, and economically) outweigh the negative. If more people volunteer to ride a bike instead of drive (when the option is available), Austin’s obesity rates should decrease, as well as the money spent on gas and the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. Bicycles are Austin’s key to success and improvement.


By: Ellie Pepperell

Pictures By: Dave Bledsoe and Charolette Cooper

Austins protecters, Planned Parenthood, are now the ones who need protection.


t age 14, a girl from Colorado named Kortney Owen discovered she was pregnant. She had a very difficult pregnancy and delivery including, “Extreme sleep troubles... diagnosed with pre-eclampsia...bed rest for the last month of pregnancy... eleven hours in the hospital, (in delivery),” Kortney tells during an interview with The Examiner. After having her daughter, life didn’t get any easier. “Hectic. Tiring. At first, I tried to continue with school, but it was too much work. My daughter was not sleeping well, was very fussy, and demanded a lot of attention,” Kortney explains when asked about being a new mother. Stop. Let’s rewind. Kortney is 14 again. This time she goes to school and attends a Planned Parenthood sexual education class that teaches her methods to protect herself. After these classes she goes to her local Planned Parenthood and gets the proper protection and health screenings. Kortney does not get pregnant at 14. She goes on to graduate high school and attends college. This is the kind of life Kortney would hope to have, but with funding cuts to Planned Parenthood she may end up in her original situation, as a teen mother. The federal and state funding that has been taken from Planned Parenthood should be given back so they can continue to help prevent situations like Kortney’s. Planned Parenthood is one of the biggest organizations in Austin that provides sexual health and education services to more than 33,000 central Texans per year according to the Planned Parenthood website. Planned Parenthood, or PP, provides a number of services including STI/STD exams, breast and cervical cancer screenings, other health exams, abortion services, parent and student education programs, and emergency contracep-

PP supporters rally for funding.

Austinight 7

tion. All these services help keep Austinites safe and healthy. Health should be a top priority. When funding cuts start affecting my health and the health of the people in my community I know there is something wrong. One thing Planned Parenthood prides themselves in is having effective and safe services at very affordable prices. However, with all the funding cuts to PP’s budget that could change. “In Texas,

“300,000 women are expected to lose access to health care” -Sarah Wheat 300,000 women are expected to lose access to health care screenings as a result of the budget cuts. In Austin, Planned Parenthood lost nearly $500,000 that used to provide birth control and health screenings to 4,000 Austinites for free,” Sarah J. Wheat, Interim CoCEO of the Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Region explains during a interview on September 28th 2011. When these people lose access to this health care, there could potentially be a rise in STD’s, unwanted pregnancies, and even abortions. According to The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancies as of 2005 there were 73,270

girls between ages 15 and 19 pregnant in Texas, making Texas number three in nation. According to the Texas Department of State Health Services in 2010 in Austin there were 5,402 cases of Chlamydia, 1,345 cases of Gonorrhea, and 269 cases of Syphilis. Funding Cuts will only make these numbers increase. Many support attacks against Planned Parenthood because PP offers abortion services and sexual education classes. A group called STOPP (Stop Planned Parenthood) organizes and supports many protests against PP. The STOPP website reports things such as, “Planned Parenthood has slaughtered over 4 MILLION preborn babies.” and “Planned Parenthood sees sex education as a way of indoctrinating our children with Planned Parenthood’s philosophies — philosophies that include the acceptance of abortion and deviant sexual practices.” However according to Wheat,

Austinight 8

However according to Wheat, “Abortion services are not impacted [by the federal funding cuts]. The only services impacted are programs that provide breast and cervical screenings, screenings for sexually transmitted infections, HIV tests, and birth control to help prevent the need for abortion by helping women and families plan and space their pregnancies.” This means that in the long run funding cuts could actually increase abortion rates. As for Planned Parenthood teaching in schools, I have been part of PP run

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Pictures By: S. Mirk


Austinight 9

Photo By: Austin's Only Paper photographer Kristin


or over 4 years people near The Northcross Mall fought to take off or reduce the size of Walmart. The Responsible Growth 4 Northcross (RG4N) did the best they could to stop Walmart’s construction but even after all the protests Walmart was still built. Under RG4N’s considerations Walmart has been up and running since 2010 making RG4N only semisuccessful. Putting up a Walmart in Northcross was indeed a bad idea. Even though there wasn't another Walmart there already there were other stores like HEB that offer the same things as Walmart. Although putting up a Walmart drew more attention to other businesses in the area it can still be bad for them. Walmart’s not only big in a physical way but also in a social way. An estimate of 30,000 people visit Walmart daily, making the roads near Northcross crowded. “You would have to be out of your mind to come deal with mess,” RG4N member Jason Meeker said to Tell me Your Idea blog, just a few days after the store opened. The roads near Northcross weren’t built to hold all that traffic. A publication in Statesman said that Walmart’s are usually built away from highways to be able to hold the traffic but this one is actually built close to highways which will not be able

to hold the traffic Some of the business owners think that Walmart is helping them out economically, as more people come to Walmart they see them and come to them too. Their gains have raised 35% since Walmart was built. Others though see that it will also affect them in a bad way too, if there is a lot of traffic then costumers will not want to go there and try to deal with the traffic. “It will be bad if the roads were backed up all day and customers wouldn’t be able to come in,” the business owner of Super Nails Trung Lee said to Statesman. Lee as a business owner sees that it is helping him and other business owners too but he is starting to consider if it is actually bad. Even though the store was built under RG4N’s considerations, RG4N is still fighting to take off the Walmart. They say that they still don't think putting up a Walmart was a good idea they will keep working and trying the best they can to remove Walmart. They would spend a long time trying to get what they want but sooner or later they would get it.

Austinight 10


BACKFIRES By Angie Bello

I look up in awe as I watch the magnificent colors explode through the night sky. I watch my friend’s faces, the colors reflecting in their eyes, and I know what they’re thinking. “Gosh, fireworks are so beautiful, don’t you think?” my friend Amy asks. I could barely hear her with all the noise around us. It is New Year’s Eve and we celebrate with fireworks. Of course, what other way to celebrate? But did you know that fireworks have environmental side effects that aren’t so pretty? Fireworks are prohibited within 5,000 miles of the city limits but some people still use them and the ones who are allowed to set them off abuse the privilege. Apart from them being illegal in Austin, fireworks can also be hazardous to you and to the environment.

Austinight 11


exas is in a historical drought right now as we speak. So by setting off fireworks you can increase the chances of a fire to occur. Fires have been happening all over Texas so The Austin Fire Department decided not to approve any permits for fireworks displays for the Fourth of July in 2011 because they didn’t want to take the risk. The National Fire Protection Association reported that “In 2009, an estimated 18,000 reported fires were started by fireworks with $38 million in direct property damage. ” Firefighters put their lives in danger trying to prevent fires caused by fireworks from engulfing our home in flames every year. Travis County Fire Marshal Hershel Lee said, “They are very busy with their normal day-to-day things, and so just on the chance that one of those commercial fireworks might start a fire, we have decided that it is better to err on the side of safety and just not permit those shows this year.”

“In 2009, an estimated 18,000 reported fires were started by fireworks..” Another not so pretty side effect of fireworks is that they pollute the environment and can be toxic to us. “The rockets’ red glare during a fireworks show can fill onlookers with patriotism and awe. Unfortunately, it can also fill them with particulates and aluminum,” wrote Russel McLendon, a writer for Mother Nature Network, an environmental website. Fireworks contain a variety of chemicals that are poisonous to plants, can contribute to acid rain, and emit greenhouse gases. They also cause a lot of litter since consumers don’t pick up the trash they leave behind. Our world has enough pollution problems to deal with. Let’s not make it worse in trying to have a thrill. Some chemicals in fireworks are also known to cause health problems. “The smoke from fireworks’ burned charcoal and sulfur fuel also contains particulate matter that could get lodged in people’s lungs, an immediate danger for those with asthma and chemical sensitivities .” says McLendon.Fireworks can cause tinnitus and even deafness; epileptics can experience seizures. They can also cause injuries or death. In 2010, 8,600 consumers ended up in hospital emergency rooms mostly kids 15 or younger according to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Comission).

Children are 11 times more likely to get injured so consumers have to make sure not to allow young children to play with fireworks. And not only to us, fireworks can also threaten animals. According to the Austin Animal Center, they cause immense fear and stress in pets and animals causing some to panic and even try to run away in order to escape the terror where they are most likely to be injured or even killed. Also, the ears of some animals are more sensitive than a human ear so fireworks can affect the animal’s acute sense of hearing. They endanger wildlife by causing many birds to migrate away from the terrible noises and leave their nestlings behind. Fish are also affected by fireworks cause they can digest the debris in the water and die. Fireworks are a very expensive source of fun and is it really worth it? For New Year’s Eve this year you should save your money and do something else like go to a laser show which emit no dangerous chemicals, or go camping if it’s not too cold. And let’s not forget that if you set off fireworks within 5,000 feet within the Austin city limits, you could get a fine of $500 or more and if any injuries or fires occur you could face criminal charges. So next time you think fireworks are beautiful, harmless explosions in the sky, think again.

Elements Of Fireworks and What They Cause Toxic element




Brilliant whites

Contact Dermetitis

Barium Nitrate

Glittering greens

Irritates respiratory tract

Copper compounds


Cancer risk

Lithium Compounds

Blazing reds

Toxic and irritating fumes when burned


Fireworks byproduct

Greenhouse gas

Austinight 12

Photos By: Michael Jones

he Wh e Shebang By Hope Siegel


s Kathleen Jordan scans the aisles of the Central Market nearest to her home, she passes several baskets filled with fruits and vegetables. The store is crawling with business as people line up to buy various nutritious foods, such as apples, pears, and plums for the fall season. Over 2,000,000 tourists visit Central Market yearly. It is only the beginning of November and already peoples’ faces beam with joy as they pass the pumpkin pies, barely visible under a mound of whipped cream. Kathleen feels very lucky to be able to come here for her food. “I couldn’t ask for a better grocery store to get my shopping done,” Kathleen said. Over the years, Central Market has expanded all across Texas. Because large stores commonly known for being organic aren’t incredibly numerous in the United States (compared to normal grocery stores such as HEB or Randall’s), Central Market and Whole Foods, another wellknown organic grocery store, tend to battle over customers. However, groceries are not the only thing Central Market has to offer. Hundreds of people come every day to experience the live music available at Central Market. Art By: Hope Siegel

Austinight 13

Central Market has to offer. Hundreds of people come every day to experience the live music available at Central Market. “Central Market makes me feel like a kid in a candy store because I’m a customer expecting a lot out of the stores I go to and the list of services and other things offered here is endless,” Lisa, a regular customer said.

for several reasons. For some people, the desire to shop at Central Market comes from the convenience of its location. However, many people seem to shop here for reasons regarding the health of the food. “The food here just seems a whole lot more natural and organic. It just makes me feel so much healthier,” Kristy Lock, a regular customer at Central Market said.

Employees are described as “really nice” and “enjoyable people” by customer Lucy Shield. Central Market is near perfect in the opinion of many customers, but in the eyes of Julie Shunde, a local resident and regular customer at Central Market, the pricing at Central Market “could be better.”

“I see a lot of moms when they’re checking out. They like Central Market not only because of the food we sell but also because they can watch their kids have fun on the playground while they eat lunch or dinner,” Ellen Cole, a cashier at Central Market, said.

“I wouldn’t say the prices here are expensive, but you have to fit certain demographics to afford to shop here regularly. I have three kids so Central Market can’t be my main source of groceries. I generally only shop here for certain fruits and vegetables and deserts,” Julie said.

A small amount of those found in Central Market are the employees. Many college students who are working around Austin may tell you that they do not enjoy their job because they probably aren’t paid above six or seven dollars and dealing with customers is not always the most pleasant activity. However, Ellen feels differently. She feels that her job has been “an eye-opener in to the world of industry.” She’s blessed to be working in such a “healthy and welcoming environment.”

The demographics Julie was referring to fit the Photo By: Susan Tanger general description of “middle class men and women” who value “healthy, organic food” and don’t mind paying a bit more for what they want. Julie bases these assumptions on what she often sees other customers wearing such as “dress shoes, skirts and blouses.” Customers at Central Market enjoy being able to shop here

Austinight 14

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Loco for SoCo

By Ellie Pepperell

When In Austin, do as the Austinites. South Congress reviews from the locals. Photo By: Richard Binhammer


t’s a small blessing to get a parking space here on South Congress. From the moment people turn onto the colorful street the sound of the chatter and laughter of shoppers and the music that fills the busy sidewalks can be heard. “There is always stuff to do here,” a high schooler Annie says, “ I come here all the time. It’s like a never ending party.” Photo By: Nika

South Congress, or SoCo, is full of people like Annie. They come for their love of Austin, music, and socializing, but it’s the small shops and restaurants that keep South Congress alive.

“You can’t live in or visit Austin and not come here. It just wouldn’t be right,” Annie adds.

Photo By: Jeff Reagan

Photo By: Adam Norwood

Many stores and restaurants such as Uncommon Objects, Lucy in Disguise, and Vespaio, are owned by locals. South Congress represents and provides people with a taste of Austin culture while supporting the local economy.

Austinites and visitors love many things about the art covered SoCo, but they definitely have their favorite shops.

Photo By: Adam Norwood

Austinight 15

“I really like Uncommon Objects,” teenager Sofia says, “I swear they must have thousands of little treasures, every time I go in there it’s different.” Uncommon objects at first seems to be an unorganized mess with all its little objects and things hanging from the ceiling. Drawn to a million different things at once your brain may be a little jumbled. With a closer look however, each little room is grouped in a specific way with different things in each. In one particularly pink and frilly section, college student Julia and her sister, Lee, look at a pair of worn vintage cowgirl boots. “You can spend hours in here just looking,” Julia says, admiring a doll made of old bottle caps. “Every time I come in here I fall in love with something,” Lee laughs. “My dad told us to stop coming in here because we always come home with what he calls junk, but I don’t think it’s junk, everything we buy has a memory attached to it.” Customers can find everything from old printing press letters to vintage leather jackets. If it’s out there, it’s probably somewhere in Uncommon Objects. “It’s more than shopping when you come in here, it’s a treasure hunt. Me and my friends are in here all the time seeing who can find the coolest thing,” Marrissa, an upbeat teenager in a band t-shirt and neon jeans, says. On the other side of the circle of almost museum-like displays, a dark haired, baby faced boy named Brooks looks through a basket of old black and white photos. “It’s cool to just look at all these pictures. It gives you a glimpse into strangers’ lives, it’s a little creepy, but cool,” he says.

Another favorite store is Monkey See, Monkey Do. It catches the eye of passing crowds with its ever changing window display and silly monkey logo. Under first impression the store resembles a child’s room. With toys everywhere, board games and books line the walls. Taking the time to look around, however, shoppers find there is something in here for everyone. “I’ve been in this store a million times. It’s still never boring,” Ben, a high school student with messy hair says. “It’s all about fun and makes me remember being a little kid.” But Monkey See, Monkey Do isn’t the only store that accomplishes this. Two stores down, Big Top is an old fashioned candy and ice cream parlor with everything from classic gummy bears to double dipped chocolate covered bacon. The store is filled with the smell of chocolate fudge and there is a chill in the room from the ice cream. Big Top is always busy and groups of friends can often be found filling bags with candy. A group of teenage girls wearing Toms and Sperrys can be heard giggling from across the store. “This place has the craziest sweets. It’s fun to just come look around at it all, even if you don’t eat any of it,” a shorter brunette named Leah says. Crazy sweets indeed. Bug lollipops, wasabi vanilla milkshakes, Elvis Killer Chocolate Bark and 2.5 million different soda flavor combinations. It all sounds pretty strange but it must be good because the shop has a non stop flow of customers. “The chocolate is amazing and the old fashioned malts are really thick and creamy,” A dirty-blond haired girl named Cathrine says. However, candy isn’t the only thing that brings people into Big Top. The store also features other food themed items and toys. “If you look around,” a lean blond named Carly says waving her hand

Austinight 16

around the store “They have the weirdest stuff. Like over there,” she said pointing with her blue finger nails at a wall in front of the check out desk, “there’s bacon flavored chap stick and dental floss.” All the cool shops aren’t the only reason South Congress is a hot spot with the locals. The food attracts many people as well. One of the most popular restaurants is an upbeat, NYC style pizza parlor with a strong Austin vibe called Homeslice. Homeslice is always crowded, especially around meal times. Laughter and the smell of their famous garlic knots fills the restaurant. A young couple waiting for a table laugh as they watch the chefs working behind the bar launch pizza dough in the air. “It’s so fun and care free here. The great service and hilarious signs on the walls make it so we don’t mind having to wait for a table,” customer Amber says. The signs she is referring to cover every wall inside Homeslice. Ones above the bar include “In Crust We Trust,” and “We don’t call it fried, we call it deep sauteed.” The menu itself is full of voice and little jokes including instructions on how to properly eat NYC style pizza. “Here it doesn’t feel like you’re at a restaurant with a bunch of strangers, it feels like your having dinner with family and friends. I laugh the whole way through the meal,” Amber says. The food is loved here. When asked what to order many people simply reply, “It doesn’t matter, it’s all good!” “The Pizza’s great, and I’m from up north so I’m very picky about my pizza,” another customer Jeffery explains with a chuckle. Amber nods in agreement. Even with all the other competition on South Congress, including a multitude of food trucks, Austinites

continued on page 24 Photo By: Luawwcy


SEARCH By Angie Bello



Austin. They have nearly four times the amount of crime as Braker Lane which is 2 miles northso they decided to install surveillance cameras in the area hoping to reduce crime.

f you happen to pass by the intersection of Rundberg and Lamar after 2:00 p.m. from Monday to Sunday, you will hear cars honking, you will smell fast food from nearby restaurants and you will also see Broderick James running around there and dancing.This guy is known as the Running Man.

“The only time the news people come over here is when there’s a murder or when there’s something negative happening so I wanted to see the news come over here for something positive.” Broderick said.

“He just hangs around those corners all day and he dances and runs. It’s kinda funny. It always brings a smile to my face.” Yakelin Jaramillo, a student at Lanier High School, said.

Although Rundberg and Lamar is not a very safe place to hang out all day, Broderick still comes out everyday to bring hope to the community.“I hope and pray nothing ever happens to me but I take a risk every time I come out here and the reason I take this risk is because I want people to know that someone do want the community to be better.”

Broderick never fails to come out everyday to run and dance at the intersection and people already expect to see him there now. “I run, and I dance, and I pump people up! I like it when people go by. I like to wave and get em’ hyped!” Broderick said.

But he still has hope that all of it will change. “There would never be all bad in the world. There will always be good somewhere and I represent, I am that remnant of good that exists in the world.”

Broderick moved to Austin six years ago from Atlanta and the first thing people warned him about was Rundberg. “When I came everybody was like, ‘Do not go to Rundberg! Oh my God! The drugs! Oh prostitution and gangs!’” he said. “I made a bet to myself.. I was like, I’m going to do is I’m going to stay on this so long that instead everybody talking how bad Rundberg is, they gonna be about “Oh my God. It’s this dude on berg. You gotta go check him out!”” Rundberg is one of the most crimeareas in

what corner about talking Rund-

A And mil-


Austinight Austinight 1717

Broderick also stated that he does not consider this his job or career, he considers it his mission. “A mission is something you’ll die for. job and a career, you retire from there.. but I could never retire from this.” he said. what is it the motivates our hero? 4 to 6 lion poor people in America, 18 million unem ployed, 20 million depressed people, 60

So he keeps running everyday and tells the people that they can make a change.“We don’t have to wait on the police to do it. We don’t gotta wait on the mayor to call some type of movement. No, we can do it. We can inspire our own people to become great.” Running Man also runs to show his opposition towards poverty. He says that the people do drugs at Rundberg due to poverty. “That’s the example of what poverty do when you feel like you suppressed by your oppressor. You’re not gonna expect to get better.” he said.

“I want people to know that someone do want the community to be better.”

To help these people get better Running Man made an organization called Power Hope. This organization serves to “uplift people and restore trust and honesty.” “Power means dynamite. Hope means the expectation of good. If you put both of those words together, this is an explosion of something good happening.”And that is exactly what Running Man wants to see. “But I can’t expect it if I’m not doing my part. So I’m doing my part by coming out every single [day]” said Running Man. But bringing happiness is not the only reason Running Man comes to run here. He also runs to express himself and to show people that they shouldn’t be afraid to show who they are. “To see me in the corner is like “This dude gotta be crazy”. No, it is an expression of freedom! FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION! I can’t help that I’ve learned how to express myself” he said. “When you look for approval that means you’re not happy with who you are. You’re insecure. Running Man is not insecure.”And he wants a generation to think the same way he thinks. Now after two years he seems to be making some change. He has been gaining a lot of popularity. Some people go to Rundberg just to see Running man there. “And yes so many fans. wow man it’s crazy! Being in this corner is so off the chain. People be screaming and yelling you think it’s the football game.” he said. He has a Facebook fanpage where he shares his message with 48 hundred fans and growing.“I get almost 150 fans a week. So that’s... powerful.” Broderick says he will continue to run until he makes a significant impact on the community. He will always be a figure of inspiration to Rundberg. “I become one with my environment right here on Rundberg and Lamar. Me and the community, we’re one right here. If you wanna talk to Running Man, meet me on Rundberg and Lamar.”

Austinight 18

Photos By: Angie Bello

million people in extreme stress and over 210 million people obese is what motivates Broderick.“Those statistics are enough to motivate me to continue my campaign cause I look at this also as a campaign.” said Running Man.

r e t t e B s ’ g n i h t Every at

Burger Tex

By Amy B.


he aroma of bread being baking and meat cooking into a burger clings to the air as people enter the restaurant. The chatter of customers and employees calling out orders can be heard above the classical 90’s background music. Dark green walls,wood tile flooring,and colorful paintings express a comfortable atmosphere. Posters of football teams and food line the restaurants walls, as well as a Texas light up sign lit up in red, blue, and white. It’s lunch time and Burger Tex is crowded as people come in from work, school, or their homes to take a break and enjoy a burger. Here in Burger Tex, it is not unusual to be crowded. An average of five hundred people come daily and mostly during lunch time. The first Burger Tex opened forty years ago with the purpose to offer people a burger that they can make for their own taste. Burger Tex is a restaurant whose owners had to go through expenses to keep it in business.

Burger Tex has an extensive menu with different varieties of burgers customers can choose from. Some of the other options include: The Bulgogi Burger, a cheese burger, a bacon burger, a bacon cheese burger, a mushroom burger, a grilled chicken sandwich, and a fried chicken sandwich. The menu also includes different meals other than burgers like steaks. pork chops, catfish, shrimp, an assortment of sandwiches, and even veggie burgers. There are also different sides to choose from other than french fries like pickles, salad, onion ring, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, fried okra, sweet fries, fried mushroom, and more. The menu is another reason why Burger Tex draws a lot of attention from people.

“That makes me feel good of my work; we’re different from other restaurants.”

“I see customers surprised when they see it [the condiment bar] saying they have never seen anything like that in other burger restaurants and that makes me feel good about my work we’re different from other restaurants.” Restaurant manager Sujin Lee said. As he glanced happily toward the condiment bar.

“I like to see how people get very happy when they see all the varieties of meals and sides, some customers sometimes don’t even know what to choose, I mean we don’t have any specials but we have an extensive menu that even I don’t know all the meals by memory,” Sujin Lee said Burger Tex is known for their food quality and their great service to customers . The employees of Burger Tex make sure to have all the condiments ready before the restaurant opens. Make sure they are at the right temperature they are supposed to be at Then they do the same for the

Austinight 19

meat patties and the buns. During working hours they same. deliver their food right to their table in short period of time. “ Customers come to me and ask me if I have a recipe and we always tell them that it is confidential,” Sujin Lee says “The food quality here is excellent; no complaints from the customers. They always get their food in a short The family decided to put up a business using this recipe. period of time and we are all very easy going people The family then spent lots of money to be able to raise the here.” Maria Cardillas, one of the employees, says as business. They went through a lot of hardships selling most she scrubs the aluminum trays covered with ketchup, of their things to get the money they needed to raise Burger mayo, and mustard. Tex. After all that they were able to to keep their business up. The process of keeping this business up and running is not as easy as the employees make it seem. With only “ They had to sell a lot of things and had to do a lot more five employees and five hundred people each day, the for Burger Tex to be able to be where it is right now,” Sujin employees are always in a hurry. They take turns with Lee says “ If it wasn’t for that I don’t know if Burger Tex the cooking to keep up with the orders. With all of that would still be in business.” to get done the employees finally get a break. All the Today as people walk in to Burger Tex and order their burg-

Photo By: Carib and Doug

Burger Tex employees get Sunday off. Only a day but

it is enough for them to get ready for the rush of the next day. “ We are opened Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays,” Maria says” Because we all need a day off. A break from all the stress that comes with this job. For me it’s a day to spend time with my family.” The burgers sold in Burger Tex have a story behind their great taste. The great taste is a family seasoning recipe that people ask about over and over again when they come to Burger Tex but the answer is always the

ers, as they eat them and enjoy their taste they don’t know what lies behind the taste. They don’t know all the things the owner had to do to be able to sell those burgers that they all love. “ I love these burgers especially the Bulkogi burger. Best burger I have ever tasted. I LOVE THIS PLACE!” Steven, a Burger Tex customer said. For Steven it is just a restaurant but for the owner it is his life because he spent most of it trying to raise Burger Tex.

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Even if it is cold outside, inside or in the middle of a crowd is very hot and sweaty. So if it is cold outside, be sure to wear summer clothes under your jacket. Also you never know what could happen during a concert, including drinks being spilled on you or the performers spraying the crowd with water guns, so be sure the clothes you are wearing aren’t particularly important to you.

Concert crowds get very hot and just being in the crowd is a workout. To keep from getting dehydrated or passing out you need plenty of water. Some concerts will allow you to bring empty water bottles and fill them at water fountains or refill stations. Otherwise, you’re going to have to buy water and it can be pretty pricey.

You’re going to want to keep all valuables like, phones, cameras, or money, in your front pocket. During the concert you will most likely be squished with lots of other people and if stuff is in your back pocket it’s easy to take. Also when you’re jumping around or if you plan to crowd surf phones and cameras can easily slide out of back pockets unnoticed.

During a concert, there is lots of jumping and dancing so you will probably want to wear comfortable shoes. You want to also keep in mind that crowds can sometimes get a little crazy and your feet could be stepped on.

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Cowboys and aliens

Super 8

Harry Potter 8

Captain America


top ten movies to watch this year

The Green Hornet

Kung Fu Panda 2

I Am Number Four

Red Riding Hood

Suckerpunch Austinight 22

The Whole Shebang continued... Central Market does more than just provide nutritious and organic food to Ausinites. It has a certain effect on people that seems to brighten their day.

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“Working here makes me feel like I’m more than just a cashier. People talk to me and ask me for opinion on what to buy. It makes me feel needed and I’m glad I can be so helpful,” Ellen said.

to come when I have free time. She loves the playground so much and I enjoy watching her face light up when we are here,” Jen, a local mother said.

On the other side of the building, a crowd of people sits, awaiting a live performance of Austin music. People also enjoy a warm meal, serviced by the workers at the Central Market restaurant.

Corinne Truitt, a woman listening to the music, explained why she thinks Central Market is convenient for so many Austinites. She mentioned that the location, as well as the various services offered, might play a role in its popularity. Next to the Central Market on North Lamar, a bookstore as well as several other small local shops attracts shared attention from customers of Central Market. Tourists can easily eat, shop, relax, play on the playground and look for various gifts in that one block of stores.

As far as the food offered in the restaurant at Central Market, nothing is less expensive than $7 except for the kids menu and various sides. Nevertheless, that does not stop customer Matt Lust from enjoying his food. “The food here is incredible and definitely worth the price. This is my favorite place to eat out,” Matt said.

“I love coming here with my husband or grandchildren. There is something here for all ages and I think that is very special,” Corinne said.

As the band begins playing, expressions on peoples’ faces begin to shine with joy and people seem to relax a bit more.

“My favorite part about Central Market is the giant bell that I get to ring when I leave,” Bennett, a 6 year-old who enjoys playing on the playground said.

“When the musicians begin to play, it gives me - I want to say - well, almost a sense of peace. It’s just so relaxing and it really helps me unwind and forget my day. The playground helps too because i can use it to tire out my kids while I relax, listening to music,” Winnie Samuels, a regular customer said.

Not many people living in Austin could ask for a more convenient, healthy and welcoming place to be. “Central Market truly is the whole shebang,” Winnie said.

Winnie believes that Central Market offers “the perfect mix” for parents. They can come here to shop, eat, listen to music, and supervise their children having fun all at the same time. “My daughter and I just moved here and we’ve found that, between the two of us, this is our favorite place

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Situation Vulnerable continued... and space their pregnancies.” This means that in the long run funding cuts could actually increase abortion rates. As for Planned Parenthood teaching in schools, I have been part of PP run class at my middle school. Although organizations like STOPP believe that PP’s classes “encourages the acceptance of abortion and deviant sexual practices”, they are far from it. The class I attended hardly mentioned abortion and when it was mentioned it was in a very unbiased manner. In addition, although safe sex practices and contraceptive methods were taught, I cannot think of a class where the teachers did not say abstinence was best, if not multiple times a class.

Loco for Soco continued... Austinites just can’t seem to get enough of Homeslice. South Congress is a favorite shopping area, food stop, and hang out spot of many Austinites, especially teenagers. Locals love it so much they make sure to bring people to SoCo when they visit. “People on SoCo are so open and accepting. No one judges anybody. People come here to have fun. It’s a good step back from everyday life.” Annie says.

Although there are many people who are against Planned Parenthood there are also many who not only support PP but also depend on their services to stay healthy. Do we really want to take health services from these people? I sure don’t. Support your local Planned Parenthood, and next lobby day be there to fight to regain their funding.

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Holiday Cooking Recipe for home-made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies Preheat oven to 350 2 sticks of butter 1/2 cup of salt 1 cup of brown sugar 1 teaspoon of vanilla 1/2 cup of white sugar 1 and 1/2 cups of flour 2 eggs 3 cups of oatmeal 1 teaspoon of baking soda 12 oz of chocolate chips Directions: Preheat oven to 350. Cream shortening and sugars, add eggs, cream well. Add flour, soda, salt, vanilla and mix well. Add oatmeal and chocolate chips. Place on a cookie sheet. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Enjoy!

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4801 La Crosse Avenue Austin, TX 78739 - 1702 (512) 232 - 0100

Austin Wildflower Center

Open Tues. - Sat. 9am - 5:30pm; Sun. 12pm - 5:30pm Come check out the natural beauty of Austin!

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801 RED RIVER (512)480-8341



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