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CLASSY OR CASUAL? a how-to guide when you can’t decide

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Modify Your Shirts . . . . . . . . . . 10 Self Acceptance . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Personality Quiz . . . . . . . . . . . . 38

FASHION Cover Look . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Winter’s Must-Haves . . . . . . . . . 12 Photoshoot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Get The Look . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Photoshoot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Classy or Casual . . . . . . . . . . . . 37

HAIR & NAILS Nail Tips and Tricks . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Hairdos Just For You . . . . . . . . . 26 Taking Care of Your Hair . . . . . 28

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LETTER FROM THE EDITORS To our readers— Glam Magazine was founded in 2012 by students at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy. It was formed on the premise of providing teen girls with a periodical publication assisting them in discovering their personal style by exposing them to a variety of current trends and how-tos. Additionally, Glam provides advice for issues that all teens face, from weight loss, to family problems and relationship issues. For our first issue, we envisioned a teen girl’s guide to winter fashion. We wanted to demonstrate this season’s teen trends and how to achieve the looks. There are multiple “Do It Yourself ” step-by-step instructions to show how to get various looks for less. We also decided to illustrate the trends on different models by having several full-page winter fashion photos. In addition to simple DIYs and “Top Products” lists, we chose to include a few serious articles about what goes on inside a teen’s head and body, not just outside. We hope you enjoy the first edition of the GLAM magazine. Sincerely, The Editors Maya Haws-Shaddock Jenna Ma Victoria Mycue


glam | letter from the editors


A Potterhead at heart, Maya spends her days being a total couch potato and watching way too much television, especially sci-fi. She is an admitted hoarder of shirts and books, but it’s ok because she has read all of them (the books, not the shoes). Her favorite season is winter—scarves, boots, and hats, not to mention several holidays that include a lot of cookie consumption. She spends excessive amounts of time on the computer, and eats Ramen noodles way too much.


Jenna is a quiet person on the outside, but if you get to know her better, she can be crazy and weird. It may seem like she has a childish personality, but that’s just because she plays around toddlers and kindergarteners too much. She enjoys drawing, sleeping, and playing on the computer. Her favorite fashion season is fall—she loves different cardigans, boots, and coats. Though she’s usually hiding in her fort at home, if you see her around town, she just might be running after the ice cream truck, or napping on a bench during a nice clear day.


As an innovative and curious teen girl, Victoria has a passion for creating. At any given time, she may be in the kitchen baking dark chocolate brownies she discovered the recipe for or sitting on her laptop, reblogging dainty fashion pictures on Tumblr. She is majorly fascinated by hair, whether it’s doing her own hair alone at home or fishtail braiding all her friends’ hair during school lunch. There’s no doubt that she is obsessed with spring fashion too, especially when you open her closet and you’re blinded by all the floral fabrics.

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COVER LOOK HAIR: Use a clipless curling wand to curl your hair, then brush it out to get that “wavy� look. OR French braid your hair while its damp and finger brush it when its dry to style it more naturally. JACKET: Got to a local secondhand clothing store and look for a vintage military-style jacket. OR Purchase one at Forever 21 or H&M for $24.50-$30.00. ADDITIONS: Wear a simple white shirt and some distressed jeans to finish off a chich winter outfit.


glam | fashion

NAIL TIPS AND TRICKS RED. Red is a great color to rock in the fall. It gives you a hot, spicy attitude, and adds class to your outfit.

To create spots, find a tooth pick and cut off the point on one end. Pour a little nail polish on a paper towel and dab the toothpick into the solution. Carefuly place the polish onto your fingernail.

The brand of nail polish you use is important. Bad quality nail polish dries out just after a few uses. Good nail polishes include Essie, OPI, Ulta, and NYC.

You can add a layer of clear sparkle nail poslish, or take a sponge and add some of the sparkle nail polish to the end of it and dab it at the tip of your nails. This should create a ombre affect.

Turqoise Choose your favorite color as your base nails. Add 2 layers.

To create a nice even stripe, take to pieces of tape and place it on your nails in the area that you do not want nail polish on. Then swipe the polish brush over the area with no tape. Let it dry and you can then pull the tape off.

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your shirts photos by maya


This is a pretty well known modification- it’s simple and looks adorable with shorts, but a lot of people don’t know how far up to cut. In order to get it to show your belly, fold the shirt in half up to the bottom of the arm holes. Then, cut strips all the way around and pull on each one individually. If you desire, tie beads onto the ends of each string.


This look is a total win-win. Not only does it look cute on both long sleeved AND short sleeved shits, but it also is adjustable, allowing you to change the tightness of the shirt at any desired time. To create this look, cut a strip up the center of the back and then cut horizontal strips on both sides of the center. Finally, tie the strips across from eachother into a double knot.



glam | self-diy

The long arm holes in this modification can often be difficult to pull off, especially if you have a bigger bust. However, wearing a tank top underneath can make it almost unnoticable. To make this, you need to have a shirt that’s a little longer. Then, cut from the top of the arm holes until about 5 inches below the bottom of the shirt. If you want something decorative, then cut all the way down and then tie the two bottom tips to eachother.


This Winter’s Must-Haves W

inter has come and girls need to stay warm anmd stylish at the same time. We’ve spotted out some trends both on the street and the runway. In no particular oder, here are 6 must-haves for this winter compiled into two pages. Take a look! Leather is back in—time to raid your mom’s closet for some 80’s leather jackets! Whether it’s faux leather skinny pants or a slim leather skirt, leather is a staple piece this winter.

By: Jenna Ma and Victoria Mycue

1. Leather

2. Scarves

Infinity: The main scarf in style this season is the infinity scarf—a scarfe that literally has no ends. Twist the circle into an infinity sign, fold it over and place it on your neck for a cute scarf twist. Slip knot: Fold a normal scarf in half. Take the to ends in each hands, and locate the fold, which should be a loop. Take the opposite end and put that through the loop, then you can tighten it to your own liking. Loose wrap: Fold the scarf around your neck with the ends on the back. Then bring the opposite wraps back around to the front. Tighten and loosen it so its comfortable.

3. Knit Socks

Knit socks are great to wear with boots, where you can see them just peeking out over the top. Go for warm colors like purple and burgandy over your brown or black riding boots. They don’t have to be solid colors either; cute patterns are always in!


glam | fashion

4. Leggings Black leggings are a must-have pice this winter! Wear them under a vintage t-shirt or oversized sweater for that cute and comfy look!

Boots are always a must in the winter, but this year riding boots are big. Brown or black leather (or faux leather) with a buckle or zipper on the side are perfect boots to wear over your favorite jeans or black leggings. They will keep you warm and keep you in style!

6. Boots

5. Sweaters Geometric sweaters first hit the runways this fall and are finally hitting the streets this winter. For oversized and “vintage” sweaters, check second-hand stores or even your parent’s closet. Button down cardgans are perfect if it’s not cold enough to be wearing coats.There are many choices of cardigans, button down, collared, etc. Many are formfitting but the “oversized” style is in this season, so if you want to hide something, take advantage of it!

5. Cardigans

glam | fashion









1. Red Coat

: Similar coats can be found at Old

Navy $30, Mossimo $40, Tulle $60, Express $200, J.Crew $200

Denim Jacket: Good jean jackets

at Hurley $37, American Eagle $50, Nordstrom $54, Swell $60, Roxy $65, BP $69


Black Leggings: Buy at JCPenny $8, Forever 21 $15,


Simple Hand Clutch Purse: Cute clutch purses can

be found at JCPenny $40, Michael $100

5. 20

Target $20,Warehouse $43, Asos $43,

glam | fashion

Wedges: Payless Shoesource $20

Self Esteem oh where, oh where has my


Interview with psychologist Lynn Meyer


glam | self-diy

Written by: Jenna Ma One of your classmates is staring at you—you hear the word “ugly”. It feels like you’ve been alienated from everyone around you... you feel like you’re nothing. Everyone is called names more than once as a child, adolescent, or even an adult. Lynn Meyer is a psychologist who works with individuals who have self esteem and relationship issues. She understands what people go through and how to help them. “Self esteem is caused by our self image and what we think of ourselves,” she said. “It can be because a bad memory of a parent, or childhood bully.” “The main issue in for teens is that in the area of growth, it is difficult as a teenager to try and fit in group,” said Meyer “Adolescents are trying to define their identity.” This process is called individualizing, where individuals do not rely much on their parents anymore and are beginning to do things on their own. There are sometimes issues that occur during individualizing. “It is healthy to individualize, but what happens is that the teen is putting their self image all based on what their friends or group feel about them, than about themselves.” What you think about your self image is important to your self esteem. “It [our self image] is caused by our life experiences, for example maybe someone had a parent that tells them they are not good enough, or a teacher might have over criticized the individual.”

she added on, “This is all collected in our basket of pain, and we carry that with us and that basket of pain causes the bad feelings we feel about ourselves.” The basket of pain makes people feel that they’re not smart enough, pretwty enough, good enough, or popular enough. “So as a teen is individualizing, the adolescent begins to spend more time around their peers, because they are now their community, their life. They want to communicate well and have equality.” said Meyer. Friends are most important when you are a teen. Meyer said, “It is very important … that one feels feels that they belong. Everyone wants to feel important, even adults.” When a teen feels they don’t belong, they feel they are in a very lonely place. “If one is without any friends it would be important to look at yourself and ask is it me, am I portraying what others are thinking, am I looking at things the wrong way? You have to work from the inside out to find where the issue is and solve it.” Teens are also looking for way to enter the ‘in crowd’, but there might be great friends where they haven’t bothered to look. Individuals that don’t feel they belong also face other issues like higher rates of depression symptoms, promiscuous behavior, substance abuse, and suicidal behavior. Can low self esteem affect your physical behavior? “Absolutely. It not only affects physical behavior and psychological behavior, it just makes one harder to walk into school, to have headaches stomach aches, all thematic symptoms.” Meyer said, “It can affect your mind, body and soul.” Others who face self esteem issues may go to drugs and alcohol to numb out their feelings. “It’s like placing a brick wall against your ocean of emotions. It may seem good that you will not get hurt by the fast flowing emotions, but it is

best to face it and feel better afterwards.” Meyer said. To help improve ones self esteem, Meyer suggested, “Get a paper and pen and start a list. Write down things that they feel they do well. Though it may be hard for some to come up with even one, but keep on enduring and add on to it everyday. After you’ve written them down, read that list.” Another thing Meyer pointed out was, “In psychology, we have this name for the voice inside your head, the ‘inner critic’. Its somebody that will be telling you things you’re messing up or doing wrong. Your inner critic is even more criticizing then the others around you, because

“Everyone faces loss of self esteem at one point in life. It’s an experience of life itself.”

have made photos of models on magazines seem pristine and flawless. Teens also face stress from school, social relationships and family issues. “How we cope with stress is related to self esteem. I think how we cope with it is related. When you don’t feel good about yourself to begin with, you’re more sensible to a lot of stress. If you’re confident with what you’re doing, you’re less likely to feel bad about your self image.” Meyer said. “Don’t take things too personally. If someone is mad or angry at you, it’s just them at a bad time or mood. If you take it too seriously, it will add to their basket of pain and make it heavier. “ Meyer said. Don’t think about things too much. Sometimes helping others is the best way to boost up your self esteem. “Don’t make everything be about yourself. You can go volunteer somewhere or just say something kind to someone. It takes the focus off ourselves. This will also help our self image.” Meyer said. Don’t care about what others think of you, think about what you think of yourself.

they have higher expectations. You have to silence the inner critic. It is important to externalize it and talk Meyer states, “Everyone faces back to it. Tell it that you did your loss of self esteem at one point in best and that you can do this well.” life. Its an experience of life itself.” “Another thing to realize is that nobodies perfect. There’s always going to be someone better, whether it’s prettiness or basketball.” Meyer said, “Know that our imperfections are a gift and when we fail is when the learn the most. If someone seems to be perfect, remember that they have their own shortcomings and insecurities. So it is important to do what we can for our self growth and not care of what others think.” The teens in this generation also face a new era where the bar on “perfection” has been raised higher. glam | self-diy The new technology and programs


how to be more

by maya haws-shaddock


After reading the previous article, you may be realizing that your low self-esteem is in fact caused by the way you perceive yourself or lacking things to do that make you happy. Taken from self-experience and confessionals from teen girls, we have compiled a list of some things that make us happy and healthier. Who knows, try them out and maybe you’ll like them too.

1. yoga- not only is this relaxing, but you also can turn your flabs into abs at the same time. 2. clean up- by keeping the space you live clean, you make your life cleaner as well. 3. drink water- a lot of you may not realize this, but water IS good for you. 4. take a nap- getting enough sleep is KEY to being happy with yours. 5. redecorate- a new look for your room will give new a whole new perspective on life. 6. go swim- lay on your back and just float for a while. It’ll relax your body and your mind. 7. go stargazing- ok, who DOESN’T love to lay on their back and look at the stars. 8. spend a night in a hotel room- a mini vacation is always a big relief. 9. buy something nice- having something new will make you feel uber fabulous. 10. go eat out— alone- order tons of food and totally pig out- no one there can judge! 11. drive around the countryside-a nice break from the city will calm you down. 12. learn self-defense- it’s great to know you could whoop someones butt if needed. 13. tell only the truth for a day- it’ll clear up a lot of things for you. 14. take a risk- being adventurous will make you more willing to take chances in life. 15. spend time with your family- you sort of have to love them unexceptionally. 16. go to a pet shop- baby animals make everyone happy. Seriously. 17. take a me-day- call in sick and sleep until noon. Make yourself breakfast. Just chill. 18. run a bubble bath- it’s not childish— it’s totally awesome. 19. lay in bed and read- as they say, books take you to a whole new world. 20. draw (even if you suck)- being creative is a great way to release some emotions. 21. make brownies and blast music-dancing in your pajamas is totally normal. 22. make a tumblr- it’s addicting, and it’s a total distraction from real life. go figure. 23. meditate- lay down, close your eyes, and clear your mind. Ocean music optional.


glam | self-diy


21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21

Hairdos for Different Lengths

by Victoria Mycue (photos too)

Girl’s with a short cut may find trouble styling their hair differently, and sometimes girls with long hair want to get it out of their face without a boring ponytail. Look at the mini tutorials below to find functional and cute hairdos depending on your hair length.


hair added to back strand dropped strand new strand

1. Choose a side of your hair to braid.

2. Start with a normal three strand braid towards the front of your hairline.

3. Drop the strand toward the front of your head and pick up a new strand from hair underneath. Place the new strand over the center strand.

4. Add hair to the strand toward the back of your hair. Place it over the center strand.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until desired length. Tie off with hair elastic or bobby pin into place.

LONG HAIR: FISHTAIL BRAID 1. Separate hair into two equal parts.

side a

side b

2. Separate a small strand of hair from side a.

3. Move the small strand of hair on side a and combine it with side b.

4. Take a small strand of hair from side b and combine with side a.

5. Continue taking small strands and adding them to either side, keeping the size of the strand constant.

6. Stop fishtailing at the desired length and tie the end with a hair elastic.


1. French braid the top part of your hair starting at one side of your face.

2. Stop french braiding at the center back of your head and continue with a regular three strand braid. 4. Take out both hair elastics and release a few inches from each braid.

5. Combine the two sections and rebraid with three strands. Tie the end with an elastic.

3. Continue braiding until the end of the hair and tie with a hair elastic. Repeat on the other side.

Tame Your Mane! Products to make your hair easier to work with before trying these hairstyles or any others 1. To reduce frizz: Garnier Fructis - Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum the the hair below the nape of your neck 2. To moisturize dry or brittle hair: Apply no more than a dime size amount of Morrocan Oil or Argan Oil to the hair 3. To create a “messy,� more workable texure: Apply a product like FX Surfhead Paste 4. To absorb extra oil in greasy hair: Massage a dry shampoo, such as Salon Grafix Spray Powder Shampoo, into your roots, then brush excess powder out.



Though beauty is generally a top priority for teen girls, few have hours to spend perfecting their hair every morning. However, a little more knowledge about hair care could give you the look you’ve always dreamed of. Keeping It Sleek

Dealing with Oil

Frizzy and unmanageable hair many times starts with drying it improperly. Blowing out your hair with a blow dryer can seem to take forever and often times it ends up damaging it more than its helping. Megan Dodson, a Paul Mitchell trained hair stylist who works at the Jackson Ruiz Salon in Austin, spilled her blow drying secret. “I just always power dry it and once it’s almost completely dry, I’ll just go through and shake it [the blow dryer] with a round brush,” said Dodson. “It’s actually faster than getting your hair from completely wet to completely dry.” In order to achieve this technique, simply do as Dodson recommended, power drying until its almost completely dry. Then, run through your hair with a round brush. Simultaneously, holding the blow dryer about six inches from your head, slightly shaking it as you move it around your hair. In order to achieve sleeker results from blow drying, a “concentrator” is essential. As its title suggests, it concentrates the hot hair to blow in a smaller, rectangle shape. “The concentrator is the little thing that hooks on the end of your blow dryer and without that, the hair will just get really crazy and frizz up.” said Dodson. “A concentrator is really good to have to kind of smooth that hair down and be more clean with it.”

Oily hair is a hassle that countless numbers of teens struggle with on day two. To avoid stripping the natural oils necessary for your scalp, try not to take a shower daily. Instead, soak up any extra oil near your roots with a dry shampoo. Simply shake the powder into your hair, massage your scalp, and brush it out. Oily hair, however, is not an excuse for skipping conditioner while washing your hair. Megan Dodson named not using conditioner as one of the biggest mistakes women make when it comes to taking care of their hair. She also named heat protectant as an essential step before applying heat that is many times omitted from girls’ hair care regimen. “Especially if you flat iron your hair a lot, you just want to make sure that you’re protecting the hair before,” said Dodson.

Product Weight Girls tend to overload on product when going for a specific texture or style. But remember–sometimes less is more! Stick to one or two products at a time so your hair doesn’t feel too weighted. However, even then it is possible for your hair to feel heavy, so try to go for a product more light weight. Dodson recommends the “Pure Abundance Style Prep.”

“It just gives you that weightless body. A lot of people want body but don’t like the heaviness of products, you know?” said Dodson. “So you can just spray it in and it just gives you a bunch of body that’s completely weightless.”

This Season’s Hair Trends When girls start to grow out their locks, which is popular during this winter season, it is important to keep hair healthy. A trim approximately every six weeks is beneficial in taking care of any split ends, allowing the hair to grow even longer. In addition to growing out your hair during the winter, there are a few other current winter hair trends. “Everybody’s coming in asking for ombre, color wise,” said Dodson. “And since its winter, they usually go for darker colors.” An ombre is a colorbased hairstyle where your roots are dark and your hair gradually lightens until the tips of the hair, where they are the lightest. You can do a lot with this hairstyle, such as creating a chic, messy fishtail with the ombre of color going down the braid and becoming lightest at the very tip. (See page 27 for a fishtail braid tutorial) When it comes down to it, taking care of your hair every day can essentially make your locks sleeker and chicer in the long run. And with a few cute new do’s this season, all of your girl friends will be green with envy of your healthy, gorgeous hair.

THE NIGHT OUT! Pleated Textured Lace Dress $29.80 from Forever 21 Black Blazer $19.95 from H&M Black Clutch $24.99 from Target Women’s Two-Tone Bracelet Watch $59.99 from Target

COZY IT UP Oversized Cableknit Sweater $79.50 from J. Crew Black Leggings $8.00 from Target Vibrant Floral Woven Scarf $9.99 from Charlotte Russe Black Snap CLutch $11.50 from Wet Seal Red Leather Gloves $46.23 from Nordstrom

SIMPLY SPARKLING Gold Cardigan $24.00 from Bealls Black Leggings $8.00 from Target Black Wedge Pump $22.99 from Payless

STUD IT UP Studded Boxy Top $19.80 from Forever 21 Black Velvet Skirt $24.95 from H&M

MILITARY CASUAL Gold-Buttoned Navy Blazer $35.00 from Old Navy Distressed Skinny Jeans $27.80 at Forever 21 Steve Madden ‘Troopa’ Boot $99.95 from Nordstrom

SOPHISTICATED Denim Jacket $49.95 from American Eagle Textured Red Velvet Jacket $43.00 from Liz Claiborne Black Leggings $8.00 from Target Black Wedge Pump $22.99 from Payless


classy casual vs.

(adj.)- sophisticated

(adj.)- relaxed and unconcerned

Wear your favorite sweater or jacket

Try on different collars Nice, knee length dress or skirt

Finish your outfit off with a printed tee or v-neck

Nude blazer or coat Simple scarf to fend off wind Don’t forget a matching purse or wallet!

Find a pair of dark rinse jeans or jeggings

Wear skin colored leggings if cold

Lace up high heel boots

*Special Tip: Don’t buy skirts that end mid thigh, mid-knee or mid-calf. These lengths make your legs appear fatter! Instead, if you have shorter legs, go for skirts above your mid thigh, and if you have longer legs, go for skirts right above your knees.

Cozy warm boots, pair them with knit socks

*Special Tip: Different colors of clothing can bring out and compliment your eye color: Blue eyes: darker tones Brown: earth tones, greens, deep reds Green: pale yellows or deep greens Hazel: purple, browns, greens

glam | fashion


who are YOU? This world is full of individuals, and every one of them is different in some way. Though taking this quiz may not tell you who you are and what you want in life, it can suggest some things that could make you happy, and possibly give you a few good fashion tips along the way.

1) The zombie apocalypse has finally arrived. You are being ushered out of your home, leaving time to grab only one item. What do you choose?

5) What careers are you interested in pursuing?

a) My cellphone — I can’t live without it. b) My dog — it’s a living thing too. c) My makeup bag — if I’m going to die, I might as well look good. d) My zombie killing weapon — I’m not going down without a fight.

a) Anything that involves interacting with other people- teaching, social services, etc. b) Anything that involves helping others/ being active- athlete, doctor, vet, personal trainer, etc. c) Anything involving helping people’s appearancehairdresser, designer, retail, etc. d) Anything that gives me power to change thingspolitician, engineer, etc.

2) What’s your favorite current trend, if any?

6) How are you at interacting with others?

a) Oversized sweaters and tights/leggings b) Uggs and skinny jeans c) Long peacoats and dresses d) Big jackets and vintage t-shirts

a) I’m great- I love talking to people and making new friends. b) I tend to stick to people who have similar interests with me. c) I will usually approach someone if they look interesting or nice d) I like talking to people who are different- I try to find people that march to the beat of their own drum.

3) If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it? a) I would throw a giant party with everyone I know. b) I would save most of it for when I need it in the future, but I might splurge on a few items I’ve had my eye on. c) I would buy myself a whole new wardrobe. d) I would travel around the world. 4) What traits do you typically look for in a significant other? a) They need to be outgoing and willing to take risks b) They need to be active and athletic c) They should be attractive and know how to dress themselves d) They should be intelligent and fun


glam | personality quiz

7) What’s your favorite social networking site? a) Twitter b) Facebook c) Tumblr d) Google+ 8) You see a women at the table next to you choking-- what do you do? a) I call 911. b) I go over to the woman and perform the Heimlich maneuver. c) I hope someone else will notice and if they dont I tell someone. d) I stand on the table and ask if anyone there knows how to help her.


Mostly A’s:

Making friends is easy for you. You love being social, and yes, you probably like attention, but that’s not a negative thing. Throughout your life, you will always find it easy to adapt to different situations. This is a very valuable skill and will prove incredibly helpful when you’re forced into a uncomfortable position. However, these constant attempts to make new friends may cause problems with your ability to get close to people. Fashion wise, you tend to gravitate towards outfits that are bright or draw attention towards you — skirts, bright jeans, patterned shirts, and shoes that are cute, but casual at the same time.


Mostly B’s:

For you, being active comes naturally. You’ve always loved spending time outside, and you’ve pretty much maintained a tan for the extent of your lifespan. You tend to stick to one friend group, which is good in some ways, but you might want to reach out to more people. However, you are a very kind person. You are very empathetic and trusting, and this can sometimes cause you to get hurt easily. . You’re warm personality will help you make friends easily, if you take the chance to get to know them. You’re personal style is very casual — shorts, jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, Uggs, Sperries, and sneakers. However, at times you take a chance and dress a bit more girly.


Mostly C’s:

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, it’s guaranteed you will look absolutely fabulous. You’re closet contains an amount of clothes equivalent to that of a strip mall. You will always be more attracted to someone who knows how to make themselves look good over someone who has been wearing the same shirts since sixth grade. You can be conceived as “judgmental”, but you don’t force your own classy style on others. You can be very social, but a lot of the times girls like you are perceived as “mean girls” in movies. Often, this is not the case, and though you enjoy fancy dresses and spiky high heels, inside you’re a big ol’ cuddly bear.


Mostly D’s:

Some may call you stubborn, but that’s one of your best attributes. You aren’t one to be told what to do. At times, you’re very resistant when it comes to authority and abiding by the so-called “rules”. You’re social, but only when you want to be. You’re rebellious nature can sometimes be misconceived as a “call for help”, when all you really want to do is have fun and not waste your time in a meaningless job. Suprisingly, it’s not the other independent people that will be attracted to you-- it’s actually the quiet people who don’t speak much that will be drawn to your outspokenness. You tend to have a passion for jeans, boots, T-shirts, and rugged jackets.


glam | personality quiz









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