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May 2017

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Games in Life

A letter

From The Editor

In today’s society, video games are becoming more and more prominent not only for younger audiences as they once had, but also video games are becoming more relevant for older people as well. Those who had played video games when they were younger still do, making the demographics for videogames much much larger than they once had been. The once pasttime only activity has now created lots of proffesions not including all of the opportunity in the stock market by the multi-million dollar companies that produce the games. Due to the massive ammounts of attention this new form of entertainment, many people view it as a new medium, such as art or written literature. With so much relevancy, it is important for those involve to keep up with all the big changes recently or in the past so they can stay on top and quite literally ahead of the game. Yours sincerely. Alex Wilson, Rigel Sidhipong, Grayson Broeker, Luke Nannapaneni, Amit Sundaram

Contributors Grayson Broeker was born January 2nd, 2002. He started playing video games in 2012 with CounterStrike Global Offensive. He is now a freshman in high school and still playing video games. His current favorite game is PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, because it is new, offers a new experience every time, and is addictive / fun to play. He is intereted in playing video games through the future, as the industry develops and evolves.

Grayson Broeker

Luke Nannapaneni Luke Nannpaneni was born August 5th, 2002. When he started playing video games when he was a wee bebe, around 9 or 10. His first game was Minecraft and he still plays it to this day. He is a freshmen at LASA High School, and his current favorite game is PLAYERSUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, although, H1Z1 will always be near and dear to his heart. He hopes to participate and evolve the industry in the future.

Rigel was born on Feburary 25th, 2003. He started playing video games when he was 8, and has an interest in games to this day. His favorite game is Hearthstone because it stimulates his brain while he plays video games. He hopes to play video games in the future as they change. His favorite genre of games is puzzle/strategy because he gets to use his mind. He often likes to watch StampyLongNose Minecraft videos.

Rigel Sidhipong

Alex Wilson was born January 18th, 2002, and has been playing video games for 9 years, since he was 6. His favorite game currently is Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He enjoys un-scripted free roam games, like Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Skyrim. For the most part he likes to make his own decisions when playing games. He knows he will play video games in the future, and hopes more free roam games will be released for him to play.

Alex Wilson

Amit Sundaram Amit Sundaram was born August 20th, 2002. He has been playing since 2013, and still plays. His favorite game to play is Clash Royale on his cellular device. He likes this because he can customize decks, make good strategies, and have fun. He wishes to cotinue playing into the future as Clash Royale changes, and the whole industry. He has an interest with watching and keeping up with proffessional gaming. He also likes to play Roblox, a popular online game.

The Rise of eSports By: Amit Sundaram


his is the digital era, and we are all living in it. Many things have gone digital, including sports. Something which once started from a small scale hometown operation between friends, quickly became a massive global industry that is growing at an insane rate. Generating over 740 million dollars in 2015, and projected to reach over a billion dollars by 2020.


Matt Ungaro manages global gaming and eSports at the Grandhi

Mallikarjuna Rao group, or GMR, and they recently got their own eSports practice. “GMR’s primary objective in moving into the eSports space is to be able to help brand our clients better understand the marketing opportunities that exist in the space and ultimately develop and execute successful eSports marketing partnership campaigns on their behalf.” Ungaro said. GMR helps it’s customers seek out blooming marketing opportunities. Ungaro gives his views on the astronomical rise in eSports and gaming in this

decade. “GMR identified eSports as an emerging entertainment sector with a unique, hard-to-reach, young-male demographic that marketers were not fully tapping into,” Ungaro said. Not many people know about the rate the eSports is growing at. Making over 900 million dollars of revenue, professional tournaments, and selling out Los Angeles’ Staples Center within minutes. “There is no doubt that eSports will continue to be a big

piece of the entertainment consumption habits of today’s younger generation, “ Ungaro said. The younger audience that grew up with eSports and mainly the rise in consumer electronics and the accessibility the internet are the people most interested in watching this take place. Almost half of eSports viewers, either online or in person, are people aged 18 to 25. The majority of these people are males.

“People love to do this, and this is truly

“By numerous accounts, there are somewhere between 150MM and 250MM eSports fans worldwide, and that number is likely to continue growing,” Ungaro said. He thinks that this might be the future viewing for the younger generation (under 25). He says that the numbers are going to continue to grow and that there is already a solid foundation of eSports fans, around 200 million on them. By them tapping into this new entertainment field, a lot can be developed in terms of investing money into that marketing field.

amazing” -mason Tappe

“The meteoric rise of eSports has moved GMR to dedicate an entire practice to eSports marketing consulting. While we won’t be filtering all of our clients towards eSports, for those that have objectives to reach a highly-educated, affluent, young-male audiences, eSports is a no brainer to at least consider as part of a marketing budget.” Ungaro said. As mentioned above, GMR has seen a slight shift in pathing towards eSports, from when they first discovered this. “I think that it is great that people can do what they want and what they love for a living,” Mason Tappe said. Mason is a student and gives his opinions on this subject. “I really feel like it has taken off at an insane rate. As a person who has been keeping up with eSports and video games, there is now an abundance of content available for anyone who wants Controller used in gaming nowadays. Photo By: Pexels Gaylen Malone is the eSports player management coordinator at Riot Games.”At IEM [Intel Extreme Masters] they introduced the ability to watch the games with VR. At the LoL 2016 Worlds Finals, they had an interactive map on the floor that showed things happening in real time.” Malone said. Intel Extreme Masters is a series of gaming tournaments that are held around the world. The only modern game that


to see it.” Tappe said. There are tens of thousands of tournaments for hundred of different games. Riot has made is League of Legends. League of Legends was a huge hit, especially in Asia. The future of this is coming very rapidly and head on. Virtual reality, VR, is up and coming and is another growing industry. This has so many applications, and has so many uses. People have a whole new way to experience not only games, but it has some many different real world applications. Gaming is spilling over into so many other categories besides just entertainment. Marketing opportunities open up, as well as various other positions.

no precedent compared to the deflate gate.” He thought an incident between two teams where the owners of one team bought the players of the other team, without that team knowing. Of course the team

cash.” In the end, people do this for money, and this is their job. They want to earn as much money as possible, and will almost do anything for it. Obviously, this is not the case for 99 percent of the players 99 percent of the time, but these are just some examples for this happening. Players also take performance enhancing drugs to help them focus and click faster. “Adderall, was also used, but later banned, and help the players become very focused. They were on-point, everything they did was on-point. So nowadays since that is banned, the players just drink red bull 24/7.” Tappe said. In addition to Redbull, G-Fuel is used to help players have more energy during their games.

“The objective of the game is to


-Mason Tappe

But of course with the rise of anything competitive, there are going to be cheating alleg“To me, I feel like it’s going to be another deflate gate type innocent, where you know something shady was going on, but there was

denied it, proof came out and they couldn’t say anything against it. Of course this is not the only type of cheating allegations that is going on.” Tappe said. Tappe thinks that many accusations are just, “Attention grabbers, and most can be debunked. What can’t be debunked however, is a confession of match-fixing for This is a commonly used gaming controller used in eSports Courtesy of wikicommons


Over the decades, starting from the 1980’s Space Invaders gaming tournament, eSports has come a long way. Millions of dollars of prizes. Millions of dollars generated. Million of people watching and competing. ESports are going to continue to grow as time goes on and as technology improves and as more and more people watch. Because the younger generation has grown up with this, the amount of people watching eSports could surpass the amount of people watching sports or other TV shows.

Photo By: Blizzard Entertainment


Facts and Numbers Graphics By: Amit Sundaram

4 Facts about eSports

1. There are 131 million eSports enthusiasts 2. 22% of millennials watch eSports, the same amount as baseball 3. The majority of eSports viewers are male, but the amount of females viewing is on the rise. 4. Esports requires the most actions per minute of any sport. Top 5 eSports Prize Pools, Per Game (2016)

ESports Revenue, in Millions 2014-2016 Recorded, 2017/2020 Projected Source: Newzoo


Heroes (4.86%)

Others (22.63%)


Dota 2 (39.43%)






CS:GO (22.19%)

$194 2014






36 Million People

watched the 2015 LoL World Championship

85% of eSports watchers are

male Source: Statista

Source: Riot Games

900 The most

actions per minute in an eSports game by a single person


About 1 in 7 People know about eSports around the World Source: Newzoo

Change By: Grayson Broeker

Virtual Reality Headset, Photo from Oculus


The past, present, and future of gaming has been, is, and will be full of greatness. “I think the future of gaming is full of greatness.” student Plato Franco said. Gaming as an industry has changed a lot over the years, with some of the biggest strides in the 21st century. For a long time FPS games (First Person Shooter) have dominated the industry. In 1992 the game Wolfenstein 3D came out, which sparked the popularization of FPS’s, and set new standards for the genre. This led to further developments in 20th century with games like the 1993 DOOM game, or 1999 Counter-Strike. The 21st would yield a further expansion of the genre, and actin games as a whole. This continued

with franchises like Call of Duty, which has stayed popular today, and further expansions of Counter-Strike. However, the industry may be changing with more Open-World games being released. These games involve choosing your own path, and exploring the beautiful, expansive environments. The future will be different, Virtual Reality (VR) may change the whole industry. “I think VR won’t take over gaming, I just think it will become its own section. It doesn’t really fit in the casual or competitive genre, so it will probably create a new type of gamer, the VR ‘Warrior’,” YouTuber Max Moran said.

It’s nice to be able to

Escape - Matt Perry


Gaming, a changing industry which sees new developments every year, will keep changing. “With technology they are always getting better, and better, crazier and crazier,” GameStop employee Matt Perry said. It will continue to evolve with further developments with VR, and higher graphics. Some of the big strides in gaming happened in the 90’s, and through the 2000’s. Gaming had started to become more readily available to people, and started growing faster. The industry has grown 22.9% in 2008, which has almost quadrupled since 1996, and it keeps

Video Games started changing through the 90’s they were becoming less adventurous, and more action based as franchises like Counter-Strike, Call-of-Duty, and Halo were beginning to be released. All of these games made big impacts, and brought upon large changes to the industry. “Xbox with Halo totally reinvented the first person shooter,” Perry said. Gaming has continued to grow, and keeps growing. It’s expected to grow an annual compound rate of 3.6% from 2 years ago, 2015, to 2020. FPS’s still dominate the industry with 24.5% of gamers playing FPS’s. “Overwatch and CSGO are the most popular games now.” Franco said. Both


In the 90’s some big titles in gaming that brought upon a bigger era of FPS’s, which include Doom of 1993 that set a new standard for gaming, and FPS’s as a whole, and Counter-Strike of 1999 which set out a further expansion of the FPS game. “But I mean what used to be popular was first person shooters that was like everything. For a while it was like adventure game, then it shifted to first person shooters you know when we got more graphics, like PS2 [Playstation 2] era stuff like that,” Perry said.

of those games belong in the First Person Shooter category, and remain popular today. However, Open world video games are becoming more popular with games like Skyrim, which grossed over 60 million for Bethesda, and saw over 20 million copies sold. Other games like the Witcher 3, which involves a choose your own open world atmosphere saw 82.7 million in sales, and sold 6 million copies. “I feel like it’s open world stuff now, because I mean everything has that, like it’s GTA, the new Ghost Recon game coming out. It’s all like open world. Skyrim, Witcher, everything it seems is trying to incorporate open world, and not level by level,” Perry said.

Current Games, Photo by Grayson Broeker FPS’s continue to grow and stay popular today. “The most popular games currently seem to be cheap, easy to learn, first person shooters. I makes sense because they’re easy for anyone to access and learn,” said Moran. The future of gaming has been changing as Virtual Reality begins to form as something accessible, innovative, and that gives users a new experience. “I think it’s gonna change, and I think VR is gonna be what changes everything. Yeah I mean like now, this one [VR headset behind him] is like the cheapest one you can get. But with time they are only gonna get cheaper. With the new Resident Evil game that came out, that’s like the first actual game I’ve ever played that has the option to do VR. As opposed to being like a tech demo for a VR headset. Like real games are starting to come out. It seems like

Video Game store, Photo by Grayson Broeker that’s the way to go now.” Perry said. VR was projected to grow from $5.2 Billion in 2016 to over $162 billion by 2020. With the release of more games that can be readily available on VR, the industry will continue to grow, and may bring on new genres of gaming. Gaming, which started out more casual with Games like Pac-Man of 1980, which in the 90’s turned to FPS’s with Doom and Wolfenstein, and again with major changes with open world games, has seen many changes. The industry will change in the future with Virtual Reality, which has already come out, “With the new Resident Evil game that came out, that’s like the first actual game I’ve ever played that has the option to do VR.” Perry said, will continue to change.


Timeline of Games. By: Grayson Broeker Half-Life came out and was another very popular shooting game.

Doom Game


Rob Obsidian , No change, from Creative Commons



Doom was released, which marked a beginning of a First Person Shooter take over.

1999 Counter-Strike was released, which brought yet another FPS franchise

Half-Life symbol

The first Halo game was released and started yet another huge FPS franchise.

Skyrim Horse

No change made, from Creative Commons

No change made, from Creative Commons

18 Graphic by Grayson Broeker

2008 Halo Video Game


Skyrim was released and a shift to open world games was showing.

Battlefield was released and set a huge franchise based of First Person Shooting

Call-of-Duty Character No change made, from Creative Commons



The Oculus rift was released and Virtual Reality was taking form.

2016 Virtual Reality

HTC Vive VR Headset

The first Call-of-Duty game came out, and started a franchise which is still ver popular. Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released, another popular open world game

2016 No change made, from Creative Commons

No change made, from Creative Commons

HTC Vive was released, a cheaper more innovative VR headset.

2016 Zelda Breath of the Wild


Good Luck Have Fun

Youtube Media Good

By: Luke Nannapaneni

What is gaming all about? “It’s all about the game,” YouTuber Max Moran said, but that isn’t always the case on YouTube. YouTube, one of the most prominent media p x1latforms in the western world “has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and everyday people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views,” according to YouTube themselves, with these kinds of statistics it has not been hard for the gaming community to make their mark on YouTube. Pewdiepie, the biggest YouTuber with over fifty million subscribers as of February 2017 made his way to fame through the gaming scene on YouTube and helped shape it to what it has become today, but what does it take to be a YouTuber? “To be a YouTuber it takes hard work and a lot of luck.” Moran said. “Being a YouTuber is a dream for almost every American kid it’s the perfect job in every kid’s eye; you get to have fun doing what you want to do, and get rich in the process,” YouTube viewer Dillon Hicks said. Many YouTubers make a very comfortable living through

“It’s all about the Game” 22

Max Moran said.

subject of a lot of controversy in the YouTube community for the “little effort required”. “But the story of a YouTuber changes dramatically with their number of subscribers,” as Max said. Max Moran is a small YouTuber who just recently has started to become more active on YouTube and because of it, his growth has increased. “I created my channel four years ago, but only started to upload regularly in September of 2016 around the time I purchased my new PC. When I first started YouTube, it was more of a chore to upload videos, but now content creating has grown on me, and I enjoy making the videos I make,” Max said, while describing the change he had to undergo to continue YouTube. Making content on YouTube can oftentimes become impossible for many people that don’t have the time. “Editing a good ten minute video can sometimes take as long as four hours depending on the footage I have recorded, so editing and posting you best is definitely a hassle I have to constantly battle,” Max said while describing his obstacles while uploading on YouTube. One of the most asked questions on the YouTube gaming community is; why do people watch other play games when they could play it themselves? Max explains his findings on the through his experiences, “Over my years on YouTube I have come to the conclusion that people watch YouTube videos for three main reasons: the youtuber may be highly skilled, they may be funny and entertaining, or they just are original and creative with their content,” Max explains. their content creation as seen in a gamespot article where it states, “Felix Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, earned 63 million SEK (around $7.5 million) in 2014, according to financial documents”. Numbers like these on the YouTube scene are not uncommon in the slightest, and in fact these high earning rates have often been the


Many students participated in the creation of the league through supporting comments, signing petitions and even making websites and logos. “This dream and plan for many students may have always stayed just that, a plan out of our reach, but after sharing it on youtube many people supported me and helped. Many commenters in the original video expressed their want for this to become a thing and others eve told me they would attempt this at their own schools to try and create a nationwide network between Austin E-sports High Schools,” Leage said Max. Logo

“Though the stage of YouTube I was given the opportunity to share one of my dreams of a Austin high school E-sports league inspired from the tv show Video Game High School,” Max outlined. Max spread his plans for the Austin E-sports league and not even a month later it had become real. At his home high school of Austin High max had gotten over 50 people to sign up and inspired other students in the Austin area to sign up as well. “This year was a test to see how much we could do in this endeavor, next year is the real thing,” explained Max.


Dr. Mike Ambinder of Valve, a popular gaming platform confirms, “I’ll watch videos of high-level play or potential exploits on occasion”. YouTube gaming has shown to have become no simple structure in its growth, but instead a complex string of creators and viewers who have run this site to hold a name to be remembered throughout generations to come. “The youtube gaming community has only been growing since I

first started and it can only grow bigger,” said Max. Being a content creator may not be an option for everyone, but with the right amount of luck, who knows who could make their rise to fame on this healthy gaming community.



By: Rigel Sidhipong

All The Numbers



Everybody plays a type of game. Young people have video games, older people have the stock market, but how can you combine the two? The stock market is a viable form of income for anybody, and investing in the video game market combines the stock market with a form of entertainment everybody loves.

The video game industry is one that started out small but promising. With the premier of “Pong”, and the initial reaction from the public showed investors that this may be a worthwhile investment for them.

“Video games affect other industries more indirectly than directly. Like in movies, companies have the ability to pay for their item to be shown, for example, the beer Heineken were used in the James Bond movie, Skyfall.

“Insecure investors made the abomination of a market that we now call the video game stock market” says Bryant Senior.

“Today, we see the repercussions of this in the instability of the gaming market” explained Les Bryant Senior.

The video game industry can be used as another form of advertisement and can boost companies or products.

His son, Les Bryant Junior, another stock broker, thinks differently. Companies can pay for their product, or one that looks very similiar to it to appear in a game which advertises for them.” says Bryant Junior.



Industries slowly release more gameplay videos and trailers to boost stock prices, but this also invites other industries to inquire to the game development group to introduce some of their product. “Stock prices raise and lower with the coming out of new trailers or announcements. Companies will also intentionally, “leak” information about a game to raise their stock.”

In conclusion, videogames have affected things from basic entertainment like movies, to advanced systems like the stock market. It is something that we will all work with at some time in our lives, and combining it with something we love, like video games, makes the stock market more manageable and interesting.

“People hear about a good game, see some gameplay and see money to be made. The more gameplay released, the more success they see in the game” adds Bryant Junior. Along with the gaming industry, marketing strategies to boost stock prices have also changed. “Marketing is more specific than general audience now.”

“We now try and single out a certain type of person or fanbase with each game.” explains Matthew Kenny. “As stated earlier, this depends on the audience and the game. A japanese game’s advertisements will be different than an American’s.” says Matthew. He adds “Marketing will usually raise prices as people see the success that there is in a game so they invest more money”.





In 2012, Nintendo lost profit from competitions from rival companies Sony and Microsoft






Stock high and low over the past 8 years, by 2 year increments

Activision Blizzard Inc

35 30 25 20 15

In 2013, Activision Blizzard bought back most of their stock and bringing back more of the control to public stock holders. This creates more profits for stock holders and the company.

10 5

32 5

Stock high and low over the past 8 years, by 2 year increments

Stock Prices with Major Points Explained In 2010 Electronic Arts shut down many of its online games, leading to a drop in profits. 4 years later, they signed a 40 million deal which lead to an increase in profits.

80 Electronic Arts 70 60 50 40 30 20 10

Stock high and low over the past 8 years, by 2 year increments


History Still By: Alex Wilson


Culture has been commonly described as a lifestyle of a group of similar persons. But what does culture do and why is it so important for not only our everyday lives, but to the people around us? The simple fact is, we shape culture, but culture also shapes us. Whenever we pick up a book, whenever we look at art, we are looking at the result of culture. Books, art, and other manifestations shape the way we think about the world, and it is no different than newer forms of arts such as video games.


A picture of Gaijin Goombah’s online Character, courtesy of his deviant art page

Constantly, people take influences from all sorts of different cultures in different mediums to create their stories, art, or in this case, games. Historical factors and cultural influences appear in all mediums, and having them present lets viewers learn from the past. A video games does the same and allows even more to become educated in a new type of way. As human beings, it is valued by many to be educated, and this new form of education opens many possibilities. But, this apparently not only creates a more culturally aware game environment, but players like it more. Game developers will intentionally put in details and references to the past to improve their game. It seems even old stories can make for good ones.

“[It is] so important to know and to remember who we are and where we come from.” -Gaijin Goombah Gaijin Goombah, an online user name for a content creator, makes videos on you tube about how history and cultural influences on video games. “Books, movies, audio books, video games, it is so important and so critical that we remember the things that we have gone through as a society and as a species, because if we don’t, we are probably going to repeat the same mistakes of the past”, said Gaijin goombah with careful thought in each word.

“It is so important for video games and any media to represent past and present culture because not only is it important to know and to remember no matter who we are and where we come from it is so critical to understand the history behind the culture so we don’t repeat historical things that have happened” says Gaijin Goombah, agreeing with George Santayana, the one who originally said the well-known line “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. This theory says that mistakes of the past can be learned from and we can move past obstacles that we have already overcome, but if not, we will make the same mistakes multiple times. George Santayana said learning in his saying in a very broad way, not implying how to learn the certain aspects of history, so video games naturally fall under the statement. Even while frowned upon by some, video games are a learning opportunity.


Reece Butler, an experienced video game player introduces his own thoughts on culture inside the varied games he plays. “I feel like it’s a way to remember events in a good or bad way, or whatever way the game is trying to present it” reflects Reece Butler. These video games allow him to experience an event in a way that the game is trying to portray. “I am a student you may believe me to be a teacher when it comes to my content and I’m honored by that sentiment but when it comes to my own personal research and my own personal work, I am still very much a student” replies Gaijin. Gaijin, while also saying that video games allow him to learn, he also claims that it inspires him to go off and learn on his own.

“The same reason authors put culture in books, the same reason directors and script writers put culture in movies, It is a good story.”

-Gaijin Goombah

“You are playing with different people and they might have different opinions on the whole idea of the game you are playing” says Reece. This statement implies that video game development allows current culture to be represented in a new light. Whether it is a smaller culture, or a bigger one, video games are a new type of platform that allows ideas to be portrayed in a new way. This, of course can happen with any type of media, but this is a relatively new type of media that immerses viewers better than any type of media before it.


Technology continues to help humans in medical fields, rendering for building, and now expression through video games

However, there are other reasons game developers put these historical things into video games, such as maybe expanding demographics, but more likely, because stories passed down over the ages were passed down because the are interesting. “The same reason authors put culture in books, the same reason directors and script writers put culture in movies….it is a good story.” claims Gaijin. When Gaijin says this, he means that every story has an entertainment value, and older stories might have an even greater ability to entertain. “[The reason companies will put culture into video games is because it] makes people want to buy the game because they are like ‘oh, there is cool stuff in this that other games don’t have’” Reece interpreted. The idea of something new definitely sells. But, if culture is passed on from generation to generation, isn’t the idea’s not actually new, rather maybe a new perspective on something. “Every single time something popular comes about i feel that if it’s a new interpretation of old culture it not only helps to remind us of where we come from as a species, but it also makes for really good entertainment, for a lack of a better way to put it.” agreed Gaijin.

Learning mistakes from the past is a very important thing to do, so we have the opportunity to not make these mistakes ourselves. Putting culture in video games not only gives many people the opportunity to learn from the past, but also lets current cultures express themselves further than the culture would normally be able to express themselves. Video games, a new media that is slightly frowned upon by some, turns out to be a fun way to learn how others live their life, how others in the past used to live their lives, and how people may envision a new way to live their life. Learning through this new platform allows us to learn from others mistakes and may prevent player from making the same mistakes.


Ca s


Gr ap hi


by A




W ils


Co n






Okami = Edo Period Block Prinitng The art style for this game heavily references wood block prints, which is a type of art used primarily in japan in the edo period. Metal Gear Solid = Planet of the Apes Both the game and the movie have strong anti-war messages, even though differences are not as extreme as being a new species in Metal Gear Solid.

Prince of Persia = 1001 Nights The connection of time and water and the conflicts of people vs. the supernaural connect the Prince of Persia game and the 1001 Nights book The Bridge = ‘Relativity’ by M.C. Esher This puzzle game has similar designs to the famous drawing relativity in the way it uses optical illusions to create an interesting perspective. Source:


S.T.A.L.K.E.R = Roadside Picnic In both the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and the movie roadside picic, there is a quarintened zone where normal laws of the universe may not apply. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is less oriented in horor, but the setting is almost identical. Source:

God of War = Real Greek Mythology In the game God of War, you play as Greek gods in a MOBA type game. The portayal of each character is suprisingly accurate when compared to actual descriptions of the gods from Greek text. Cuphead = Old Cartoons This game uses an artstyle seen in older cartoons such as Steam Boat Mickey from Walt Disney Spec Ops = Planet of the Apes Much like planet of the apes, spec ops deals with morality of warfare.

Shadow Complex = Enders Game The Universe of Shadow Complex cues to the book Enders Game with a civil war and advanced weaponry. Source: Ico = Giorgio de Chirico The artstyle of Giorgio de Chirico influenced the artstyle of the game Ico so much that they even used an artwork of his on the cover of the game: “Nostalgia of the infinite� Ori and the Blind Forest = Princess Mononoke Both the game Ori and the movie Princess Mononoke not only share the same artstyle and setting, but also both have a moral message that the forest and nature need to be defended. Silent Hill = Crime and Punishment Both this game and this book have strong ties to murders and their effect on morality and a person. Source: Spec Ops = Apocolypse Now The game Spec Ops takes heavy cues from the movie Apocolypse Now due to the themes of the hardships of getting war veterans re-aquianted with the real world Dishonored = Giovanni Canaletto The architecture of Dishonored appears to be influenced by the works of Giovanni Canaletto to give it a truly stealthy feel. Source: Halo = Culture eries Both the book seiries and halo both have artificial intelligence pllaying a big role in humanities fate.


“ It’s all

-Youtuber Max Moran

LASA E-Zine 2016-2017

about the game

Good Luck Have Fun  

This magazine explores all the aspects of the gaming industry.

Good Luck Have Fun  

This magazine explores all the aspects of the gaming industry.