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Is Federer Getting Old? He’s getting older. Should Roger Federer retire?

The Aztex Are Back The Aztex are gaining skill, and followers as well.

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E n E rg I e d

Naveen Yarlagadda

Jared Rodriguez

Nearly each day of the week, Jared can be found at gymnastics, working alongside gravity (most of the time). In his free time he enjoys hanging out with his friends and relaxing from his normally crazy schedule.

Naveen plays tennis for fun during most of the week. He played and kept up with soccer, but quit playing after tennis dominated his life. Naveen keeps up with most sports, though, except football.


Luis Ramirez

Luis Ramirez loves to play soccer and is currently in the Lonestar USSF team. All week long you can find him at the field practicing and playing soccer with his friends.

Jose Macegoza’s favorite sport is soccer. But he currently doesn’t play a sport because of a lack of time. He spends most of his free time either on school work or practicing guitar.


Leo Praderas

Jose Macegoza

The outdoors are a big part of Leo’s lifestyle. He enjoys hiking along Bull Creek as well as fishing in the Gulf Coast. Every Saturday Leo plays tennis with his father, and is occasionally joined by his sister, Margaret, who dances ballet, as well as plays tennis. Leo is hardworking, but still fun-loving, and enjoys whatever he is doing.

Test for Fitness

By Luis Ramirez

Run 1.5 Miles in 10 Minutes

Bench Press 1.5 Times Your Weight

The Scorecard More than 12 minutes:Slow (Not Very Fit) Between10 and 12 inutes- Ordinary(Fit) Less than 10 minutes- Endurance Excellence (Very Fit) How To Do Test: Run a total of 1.5 miles without stopping. The time that it takes to run the mile is your time.

The Scorecard Less than your weight: Weak (Not Very Fit) Between 1 and1.49 times your weight: Oridnary (Fit) More than 1.5 times your weight: Strong (Very Fit) How To Do Test: Get on a bench press machine and raise the maximum weight possible. Divide the number by your weight.

Leg Strength-Leg Pressing

25 LBS 25 LBS 25 LBS 25 LBS

The Scorecard Less than 1.8 times your weight: Weak (Not Very Fit) Between1.8 to 2.2 times your weight: Ordinary (Fit) More than 2.2 times your weight: Strong (Very Fit) How To Do Test: Get on a leg pressing machine and raise the maximum amount possible. Divide the maximum number by your weight and that is your score.

The Scorecard Distance Below 20in.: Very Low (Not Very Fit) Distance Between 20in. and 26in.: Ordinary(Fit) Distance Above 26in.: High Jumper(Very Fit) How To Do Tests: Get chalk on your hands, then stretch one hand as high as possible. Jump without running. Make a mark on the wall while you jump. The measure between both of the mark you have made is your score.


Setting up goals is the key to success,but setting them up is a difficult process. Here are the eight best goals for the fitness level you want.

Do 40 Push-Ups Soldier

Swim 700 Yards in 12 Minutes

The Scorecard Less Than 25 Push-Ups: Weak (Not Very Fit) Between 26 and 39 Push-Ups: Ordinary (Fit) More Than 40 Push-Ups: Strong (Very Fit) How To Do Test: Get on Push-Up positition and lower your body to a 90degree angle where your body is parellel. Do as many as you can.

The Scorecard Less Than 400 Yards: Slow (Not Very Fast) Between 500-700 Yards: Ordinary (Fit) More Than 700 Yards: Fast ( Very Fast) How To Do Test: Swim as much as possible in 12 minutes. The distance you travle is your socere.

Throw A Basketball 75ft

The Scorecard: Less than 60 feet: Weak (Not Very Fit) Between 60 and 74 feet: Ordinary ( Fit) More than 74 feet: Strong (Very Fit) How To Do Test: Kneel on the court, just behind the baseline. Throw the basketball overhand as far as you can. The distance in between you and the ball is your score.


“10 Standards to Assess Your Fitness Level.” : Run 1.5 Miles in 10 Minutes. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2013. ““Sports Medicine Health Resources-Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center-Houston, TX.”Sports 1Web. 15 Oct. 2013 “The 3-Minute Step Test.” SparkPeople. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2013.

Run 300 Yards Under 1 Minute

The Scorecard: More than 70 seconds: slow (Not Very Fit) Between 60 and 70 seconds: Ordinary (Fit) Less than 60 seconds: Fast (Very Fit) How To Do Test:

Should Federer Retire? by Naveen Yarlagadda

In just a couple years, one of the greatest athletes of all time may not be an athlete anymore. Within a blink of the eye, his career may become nothing more than a bright legacy. “I think it’s the end of his career. I believe he reached the peak of his greatness when he won Wimbledon last.” says 14 year old tennis player Vijay Veeraraghvan. Today, Roger Federer’s career is an outstanding beacon of hope for the tennis community. But, as nobody can deny, the 32-year-old athlete is getting old. Mounting pressures such as family, age and injuries create an atmosphere very difficult to work in. Will this generation’s greatest tennis player work through the difficulties, or will he quit everything he’s worked for? There really is no easy choice. Federer has always been an icon in the tennis world. An amazing work ethic, good sportsmanship and impressive persistence have won him fans all over the

world. In the words of tennis hall of famer Dennis Ralston, Federer is “a terrific sportsman.” This is true without a doubt. Federer is someone that you would enjoy playing against. He doesn’t grunt loudly like other pros such as Maria Sharapova, complain after losses, show displays of anger, or badmouth fellow tennis players. The one thing that nobody can say is that Federer is a bad sportsman. However, he does have one quality that some people don’t like. Federer is one of the most persistent, ambitious and high achieving tennis players ever. There are many people, who if they had the same skills as Federer, would choose to “quit while they’re ahead”. Federer would never do that. Based on his track record, it seems that Federer won’t quit until he has to. This sounds like a good quality to have, but many Federer fans and critics say that Federer should keep his record untarnished, since he is widely hailed as the

photo courtesy of Bella B.

Federer at Wimbledon in 2013 greatest player ever. this idea. However, According to Veeraccording to Ralston, araghavan, “It would “Federer is still cahave been better if pable of playing great he retired at Wimble- tennis.” In comdon”. parison to different Recent losses pros, Federer really to playisn’t doing “I think it’s the ers like too bad. end of his caIn 2005, reer. I believe he before his reached the peak retirement, of his greatness”- Andre Agassi was Vijay Veeraragha- sidelined van by injuries. John 116-ranked SerMcEnroe played for giy Stakhovsky and seven years after 22-ranked Tommy his last major final, Robredo have led winning only 11 titles to stipulations that in that time period. Federer has lost his Pete Sampras did go game. Recent injuries out by winning the have also added to U.S. Open, but at



the game for a couple that time, he had months, and now not even been in the Federer looks healthy top 10. All of these as ever. pros had been numFederer’s luck may ber one in the tennis have something to world at some time or another, but by the do with the way he plays. “He [Federer] end of their careers, they weren’t close to has a classic game. that ranking anymore. He’s graceful, and it’s all not so physically All of these pros, tough on although his body.” were “He has a clasUnlike Nadamazing sic game. He’s al, perhaps players graceful, and Federer and had the chance it’s not so physi- will remain injury free. to “finish cally tough on Hopefully, on top,” his body” the maeand chose stro will not to do be able to stay in the so. game for many years Up until this to come. point, Federer has However, even if he had relatively little injuries. A back injury is injured, and does have to be sidelined, sidelined him earlier it’s important to this year, but he’s bounced back from it. remember that injuries are part of tenAccording to Ralston nis, and professional “He was lucky not to sports in general. In have injuries for a the words of Denwhile.” nis Ralston, “I think Federer might be lucky, but many of his injuries are a part of professional tenfriends on the Tour nis. These guys are don’t share the same working all the time kind of luck. Knee to be in great shape injuries sidelined and not get hurt, but fellow pro Rafael sometimes that hapNadal for the greater pens regardless.” part of a year, and a Although Federer’s bad shoulder injury tennis season this put Sharapova away year has been marred for a while. Federer with upsets by lower doesn’t have the ranked players, Fesame problems that derer is still, without they do. The one a doubt, the greatest major injury he did tennis player ever. have, a back injury, only took him out of

photo courtesy of Squeaky Knees

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A Mixed Blessing By Leo Praderas

How the quality of fishing has been effected by recent weather.

Texas has been in a moderate drought for three years. When an area experiences a long drought, usually the best thing a fisherman could wish for would be some rain. It raises the water level and ensures that the fish are as healthy as they can be because less water mean fewer fish. But sometimes too much water can be worse. Brian Berryville is a nativeTexan, and an avid fisherman in both Texas, and Colorado. He has seen the drought affecting how fish are behaving. “As far as the drought, I came down from colorado myself, but I do know about the drought. I’m a native Texan, and we moved out four years ago.” Berryville said. Flooding clouds the water with dust and clay. Debris and strong currents can also make underwater navigation dangerous for smaller fish, and can cause predators

to stay hidden. areas it is hard to “And then as far as find a place to fish fishing itself i’d say, anyway. Powerful you know, just not water surges can as fresh.” Berryville dislodge trees, and said. pile up debris on the Brian has seen shore where fisherman firsthand how the would be. quality of fishing “Because, you know in Lake austin has its fair game across decreased during the board. But with the drought. The fish a drought, i would go are just not biting more for catfish, and enough, and this can bottom-dwellers.” make fishermen go Berryville said. home empty-handed. One thing to notice “Well today what i as well is that the would notice is that drought is not very today is probably not picky on what it a good affects, “Well today what i day to Berryville would notice is that fish, talked today is probably not because about a good day to fish, the water how the is murky.” because the water is large murky.” Berryville amount of told me. rain, and He talked about how the huge rainfall proceeding flooding on the seventh in Lake Austin, and of November has other bodies of water affected the water around Texas has quality downtown. affected most of “A lot less places to the usual sport fish. fish, less dock access, There is good news that kind of thing.” though: thanks to Berryville explained. their swim bladders Also because of (which catfish can use flooding, in some to breathe as well

McKinney falls flooded Nov. 7, forcing the park to close until the water level receded back to normal levels. Photo taken by Erik A. Ellison as control swimming depth) catfish can live in water of almost any quality, meaning that they are not affected by flooding in creeks, or muddy water. “And if it hadn’t been a sunday, with all the population fillin’ up every parking spot you would want to go, we would probably be using a fishing line with a piece of bacon, catching crawfish.” Berryville said. Berryville has his own ways of dealing with the drought as well, besides catching catfish, and other bottom-dwellers he also catches crawfish,


The End of the Line Sometimes it is hard to know which lure to tie on your line. Fish are picky, and knowing their habits and appetite can really help the chances of getting a bite. This handy infographic shows what kind of lure would best be used to

Bass are found in reservoirs, lakes, and rivers. They are voracious predators, who will attack, and

found in most lakes, and fast best, considering their diet is mainly surface insects, although they will attack a lure, to defend their nest.

Pike and Muskie like cold muddy, or clear water, with a place to ambush prey. Pike will attack anything that is within reach, and are vicious hunters,

their mouth. Almost any freshwater lures will take bass, but topwater exceptionally well.

will hit. But spoons will generally hold up better to the razor-sharp teeth of Trout prefer clear streams, and a pike, or muskellunge. are bottom-dwellers found in lakes and pools. they eat mostly topwater ponds, as well as deeperr rivers.They are mostly Photos coutesy of US Fish scavengers, and if you can stand the smell, stinkand Wildlife Organization

Sometimes it is hard to know which lure to tie on your line. fish are picky, and knowing their habits and appetite can really help the chances of getting a bite. This handy infographic shows what kind of lure would best be used to catch fish in five common freshwater categories. This guide will also easily fit into a pocket, tackle box, or vest. either to use as bait, or just for the sport. “But that just comes down to the health of the water, and the ecosystem, because if you have a healthy ecosystem, any kind of fishing is gonna be good.” Berryville said. The most important factor to consider as well is the overall quality of the water to begin with. A healthier pond will more likely be less affected from a drought, and the following rain. The


more diverse, the bite, but it’s hard to better fishing it will beat an upcoming most likely “For Fishing, usually be. dawn, and dusk is, The best you know, its just like way to confront takin’ pictures, you changing need the prettiest fish habits, light, and my favorite or habitat, tip, is just ahead of a is to stick front, or just ahead with the of a storm is going to basics: be your best fishing. Fishing Its going to change when fish will be most your barometric pressure and get active. more activity out of Usually the fish. dawn and dusk will offer the best chances for a storm or front.

He said: “For Fishing, usually dawn, and dusk is, you know, its just like takin’ pictures, you need the prettiest light, and my favorite tip, is just ahead of a front, or just ahead of a storm is going to be your best fishing. Its going to change your barometric pressure and get more activity out of the fish. So, yeah anytime you see a storm coming, or a first cold front of the year, or something like that, you know its always going to be good fishing.”

Reel-Bite Almost Real


d a h

-S G e


b ob




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Deep Trouble Deep Deep Deep Trouble Trouble DeepTrouble Trouble Deep Trouble Deep Deep Trouble Trouble Background Background Background by: Jamesdisher by: Jamesdisher Jamesdisher 29 July, 292012 29 July, July, 2012 Big 2012 Glen BigBig lake Glen lake lake Background by:by: Jamesdisher 29 July, 2012 BigGlen Glen lake Background by: Jamesdisher 29 July, 2012 Big Glen lake

Often Often Often the the the best best best place place place toto find toto find fish fish fish is is the isthe the hardest hardest hardest place place place to to catch tocatch them. them. them. Often the best place find fish the hardest place to catch them. Often the best place tofind find fish isis the hardest place tocatch catch them. Here Here Here areare are five five five tips tips tips to to catch tocatch fish fish fish in in heavy inin heavy heavy cover. cover. cover. Here are five tips tocatch catch fish heavy cover.

Background by: Jamesdisher 29 July, 2012 Big Glen lake Background Background by: Jamesdisher by: Jamesdisher 29 July,29 2012 July,Big 2012 Glen Biglake Glen lake

Here are five tips to catch fish in heavy cover.

Often the best place tofish find is the hardest place to catch them. Often Often thethe best best place place to to find find fish isfish the is the hardest hardest place place to to catch catch them. them. Here are five to catch in heavy cover. Here Here are are five five tips tips totips to catch catch fishfish infish in heavy heavy cover. cover. 1. 1.1. One One One good good good way way way to to get toget past getpast past heavy heavy heavy cover cover cover 1. One good way to get past heavy cover like like like branches branches branches aisis square-billed a asquare-billed square-billed lure, lure, when when when it cover itit 1. One is good way to getlure, past heavy like branches is a square-billed lure, when it collides, collides, collides, thethe the tendency tendency tendency forfor square-bills forsquare-bills square-bills is to isiswhen to tip totip tipit like branches a square-billed lure, collides, theistendency for square-bills is to tip up,collides, up, up, and and bring bring bring thetendency the the hooks hooks hooks outfor out out ofget of trouble. oftrouble. trouble. 1.and One good way to past heavyiscover the square-bills to tip up, and bring the hooks out of trouble. 1. 1. One One good good wayway to get to get pastpast heavy heavy cover cover like branches ishooks a square-billed lure, when it up, and bring the out of trouble. like branches iscan aiseasily square-billed a square-billed lure, lure, when when it 2. like 2.branches 2. You You You can can easily easily make make make any any any lure lure lure with with with a ita ais collides, the tendency for any square-bills 2. You can easily make lure with ato tip collides, collides, thesingle the tendency tendency for for square-bills square-bills is toistip to tip stationary stationary stationary single single hook hook hook weedless weedless weedless by by adding by adding adding a a a up, andcan bring thehook hooks out oflure trouble. stationary single weedless by adding a 2. You easily make any with up, up, and and bring bring thefrom the hooks hooks out out ofto trouble. of trouble. rubber rubber rubber band band band from from the the the eye eye eye to the to the the barb barb barb of of the ofthe thea Rubber Rubber band band band rubber band from theweedless eye to theby barb of thea Rubber stationary single hook adding Rubber band hook, hook, hook, as shown. asshown. shown. 2. as You can easily make any lure with a hook, as shown. 2. rubber 2. YouYou can can easily easily make make any any lure with with a a of the band from the eye tolure the barb Rubber band stationary single hook weedless by adding a stationary stationary single single hook hook weedless weedless by adding by adding a a hook, as shown. rubber band the eyerip toyour the barb of Rubber band 3. 3. 3. “Buzzing” “Buzzing” “Buzzing” isthe when isfrom iswhen when you you rip your rip your lure lure as asasthe rubber rubber band band from from the eye eye toyou the to the barb barb of the oflure the Rubber bandband 3.hook, “Buzzing” is when you rip your lure as Rubber as shown. fastfast fast asasas you asas you you can. can. can. Buzzing Buzzing Buzzing is aisis good a agood good way way way to to stay tostay stay hook, hook, fastshown. asshown. you can. Buzzing is a good way to stay above above above dangerous dangerous dangerous areas. areas. BeBe careful: Becareful: careful: if you ifyour ifyou you dodo do as 3. “Buzzing” isareas. when rip lure above dangerous areas. you Be careful: if you do snag snag snag something, something, something, it will it itwill will bewhen be harder beharder harder to rip to free. tofree. free. lure 3. “Buzzing” is you your as fast as you can. Buzzing is a good way to stay snag something, ityou will berip harder tolure free. 3. 3. “Buzzing” “Buzzing” is when is when you rip your your lure as as fastdangerous as you can.areas. Buzzing iscareful: a good if way to do stay above Be you fastfast as you as you can.can. Buzzing Buzzing is aisgood a good wayway to stay to stay above dangerous areas. Be careful: iffree. you do something, italso will be harder 4. snag 4. 4. dangerous “Jigging” “Jigging” “Jigging” isareas. also isisareas. also aBe way a aBe way way tocareful: to avoid toavoid cover. cover. cover. above above dangerous careful: ifavoid you if to you do do 4.snag “Jigging” is also a way to avoid cover. something, itwork will harder todown, free. From From From a something, boat a aboat boat you you you can can can work work a jig abe ajig up, jig up, up, and and and down, down, snag snag something, it will it will be harder be harder to free. to free. From a boat you can work a jig up, and down, as as opposed asopposed opposed to to bringing tobringing bringing your your your lure lure lure across across across as opposed toisbringing yourtolure across 4. “Jigging” also a way avoid cover. weeds, weeds, weeds, and and and branches. branches. branches. 4. “Jigging” is also a way to avoid cover. weeds, and branches. 4. From 4. “Jigging” “Jigging” isyou also is also a way awork way to avoid toa avoid cover. cover. a boat can jig up, and down, From a boat you can work a jig up, and down, From From a boat a boat youto you can can work work a jig a up, jig lure up, andand down, down, as opposed bringing your across asaIfopposed toyour bringing your lure across 5. 5. 5. If If fish a a fish fish takes takes takes your your lure, lure, lure, then then then gets gets gets tantantanas opposed as opposed to tobranches. bringing your your lure lure across acrossgets weeds, and 5.weeds, If bringing aand fish takes your lure, then tanbranches. gled, gled, gled, a and good a agood good way way way to to coax tocoax coax a fish a afish fish outout out of of cover ofcover cover weeds, weeds, and branches. branches. gled, a good way to coax a fish out of cover is to isisto give togive give it slack. ititslack. slack. It will ItItwill will take take take thethe the path path path of of least ofleast least is to give it slack. It will take the path of least resistance, resistance, resistance, so you so you justjust just have have have tolure, to lead to lead lead itthen out. ititout. out. 5.If asoIf a you fish takes your lure, then gets tan5. fish takes your gets so you just have togets lead it out.tan5. 5. Ifresistance, aIffish a fish takes takes your your lure, lure, then then gets tantangled, a good way to coax a fishout outofofcover cover gled, good way coax aout fish gled, gled, a good aa good wayway to coax totocoax a fish a fish out of cover of cover isgive to give it slack. It will takethe thepath pathof of least is to slack. will take is to isgive to give it slack. ititslack. It will ItItwill take take the the path path of least of leastleast resistance, so you just havetotolead leadititout. out. resistance, soyou you just have resistance, resistance, so you so justjust have have to lead to lead it out. it out.

14 14

Show me the Money! Find out the best brand for you to get your sports gear from so you will have a know the best brand for you!

The graph above illustrates the largest sports companies right now and the amount of money that

their company is currently worth. These companies have earned so much money by making sports gear that their customers find to their liking through durability, style, and many other reasons included. These customers continue to buy their gear from that company and their money continued to increase. Check out the graph to find where to get the best gear! $15 billion $14 billion $13 billion $12 billion $11 billion $10 billion $9 billion $8 billion $7 billion $6 billion $5 billion $4 billion $3 billion $2 billion $1 billion



EA Sports

Under Armour


Adidas Source: Forbes


A Pyramid of Money See which sports pay the highest salaries. Look at the pyramid to get an idea!

In this pyramid, the major sports of today are organized by the average

amount of money that the sport pays their players. On the top, there is the sport that currently pays the highest amount of money and the bottom consists of the sports that pay the lowest amount of money to their players. After looking at the pyramid you can better understand which sports one can do as more of a job, and the ones that are just about the enjoyment of the sport.

NBA: $5,200,000 MLB: $2,500,000

NFL: $1,750,000

NHL: $1,300,000

PGA: $973,000

Tennis F:$345,000

Tennis M:$260,000

Source: Statistic Brain


NBA: National Basketball Association MLB: Major League Baseball NFL: National Football League NHL: National Hockey League PGA: Professional Golf Association M: Male (Men’s) F: Female (Women’s)


Golf F:$162,000

Up and Coming The U.S. Men’s Gymnastics Team and their becoming a formidable competitor. By: Jared Rodriguez As shown from

competition, helping

this year’s Men’s

them make it known

Gymnastics World

that the U.S. is a

Championships, the

formidable opponent

United States is on

and will become even

the path to become

more so in the coming

a major competitor

years. Their great

against the rest of the

performance was a


product from the hard

“[The performance

work of the gymnasts

of the team] taught

and coaches together.

the young guys that

“The guys did an

A set of the rings waiting to be performed upon.

they are world class

absolutely outstanding

and can compete

job. There were great

goals would follow

with the best in the

performances every

suit. Since the team’s

the younger members

world.” said Marc

time a guy was on

performance was

of the U.S. team,

Yancey, a major

the floor,” said Kevin

so good then the

came in second all-

contributor to Men’s

Mazeika, the Men’s

outcomes (like places

around during the

Gymnastics for many

Gymnastics National

and scores) were

qualification, trailing

years in the areas of

Team Coordinator.

very high. As the U.S.

the four-time World

The U.S. men’s

continues this way of

Champion, Kohei

coaching, judging and

Sam Mikulak, one of

the continuation of

team was greatly

accomplishing goals

Uchimura of Japan, by

the program.

focused on their

they will continue to

about two-and-a-half

performance which

move up the ranks

points. In the all-

gave the team the

and soon be a major

around final however,

Men’s Gymnastics

outcomes they


Mikulak came in

World Championships,

wanted. The team has

the performance of

separated their goals

surprisingly calm

on Floor Exercise

the U.S. men’s team

into two sections,

under pressure

and Parallel Bars.

was a perfect exhibit

outcome goals and

[on top of it being

Jake Dalton, one of

of the U.S. and what

performance goals

his] first World

the U.S.’s strongest

they had in store. The

so by accomplishing

Championships,” said

tumblers, came in

team brought home

the performance


four medals from the

goals, the outcome

At this year’s

“Sam was

sixth, scoring highest


second to Kenzo Shirai of Japan, this

The gold medal is

year’s floor champion,

naturally something

who won by four

any team wants, but

tenths of a point. In

to be a contender

correspondence with

for that top spot


is another thing

Steven Legendre

that a team has to

vaulted very well

ardently work for

through the whole

and maintain. That

stood out during the

The vault table and springboard, the two things is the vision for the that comprise the vaulting event. future of the U.S.

finals. He placed

and coaches did...

is based off of the

team and they are

second, trailing South

the intention is to

skills that they do

definitely putting in

Korean gymnast, Yang

continue to work hard

and the execution

what they need to

Hak Seon, by around

on the philosophy of

is the amount of

get there. Then when

three tenths of point.

detail refinement,

deductions that a

they do, they will be

During the parallel

be prepared...and

gymnast receives


bar finals, John

be as consistent

depending on how

Orozco, one of the

as possible,” said

well they perform the

U.S.’s older gymnasts,


skills. The gymnasts

competition but really

took third place

The U.S.’s training

and coaches have

coming behind a tie

has recently been

been focusing on

for first by around

focused on the

these aspects of their

one tenth of a

small things that

performance and

point. Through their

matter in the

as they continue,

performance, all of

performance. These

the U.S. team will

the team worked to

include the start

become a phenomenal

show that the U.S. is

value and execution


pushing to achieve

of the gymnast’s

their goals.

routine, and overall

goal for the U.S.

performance of the

Men’s Team is to]

in on little details

gymnast themselves.

win another team

in performance

The start value is the

championships in

really paid off and

highest amount of

2020 and from then

validated the hard

points the gymnast

on be in the fight for

work the gymnasts

can earn from doing

the gold medal.” said


their routine and


“The focusing

“[The future

Greater Being

By Jose Macegoza

Research has proven that exercise is really good for a person, not just for body strength but also for a person’s health. Exercise has many positive effects on our body, these are just a few reasons by comparing a fit person to an average person. There was a test comparing two people’s strength that both weigh 165 pounds. With a few simple exercises. These were the results of These were the results the person without any of the person who training. had training. Bench press 119 pounds. Squad lift 110 pounds. Deadlift 137 pounds.


Bench press 152 pounds. Squad lift 204 pounds. Deadlift 254 pounds.


25.8 million people in the U.S. have diabetes. Worlwide osteoporosis causes 8.9 million fractures annually. 18 percent of the U.S. population are afflicted by anxiety disorders. Harder time keeping weight in check. Good cholesterol, better cardiovascular health, and lowers high blood pressure. More than one million Americans die of heart diseases anually.


More efficient metabolism. Decreases anxiety disorders. “Credit:”

Stronger resistance against diabetes and reduces risks of some cancers. Increases bone (osteoporosis). Improves confidence and sex life. Improves mental ability. Greater chance of getting hurt.




By Jose Macegoza

Getting dehydrated is one of the dangers not only for an athlete but for everyone. A lot of people do not know how water helps the body and how much a person needs to drink a day.

What is dehydration? Dehydration occurs when more fluid is lost from the body than is taken in.

How much you need to drink An average adult needs to drink at least 2.2 liters of water (9 cups of water). An athlete needs to drink at least 4 ounces of water for every 10 minutes of exercise.

What water does in your Tips to stay hydrated body Drink water before and after doing Water does many tasks in our body such as digests food, carry waste products out of the body, regulates body temperature and lubricates your body’s moving parts.

exercise, avoid alcohol the day before or the day you do exercise, eat fruits and vegetables, drink a glass of water before each meal and after each trip to the restroom drink a glass of water to replenish your fluids.


Deaths from dehydration

When dehydration is moderate the symptoms are dry mouth, tiredness, thirst, decreased urine output, dry skin, headache, and dizziness. When dehydration is severe the symptoms are extreme thirst, dry mouth, lack of sweat, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing and fever.

Dehydration is a leading cause of death in children, worldwide.


20 htm

The Dangers of Sports By: Jose Macegoza

There are many

injuries related to sports that could easily cause damage to our body that could last for eternity or even destroy an athlete’s career. There are also many agencies that try to recover the injuries that athletes get. These companies, these clinics, are here to heal the injuries from these wounded athletes. Each and every doctor that work for clinics have their specific job that they focus on. Everyone of these doctors also have their own way of healing the injuries that come through their doors. The Texas Orthopedic Associates is one of the many agncies that try to help these injured athletes. One of the doctors that works for this company is James Walter, who attended Washington University in St. Louis to get his medical degree. Since then he has worked with The Texas Orthopedic Associates for about 12 years. He has also worked with doctors such as Dr. James Andrews and

Dr. Bill Clancy. Walter is a doctor that specializes on the injuries that are on the elbow as well as the arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery of the knee, shoulder and elbow. “The time an injury takes to heal depends on how bad it was, I would like to say it averages from about 3-7 months,” said Walter Some of the most common injuries that Walter has dealt with, are the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) strain and tennis/elbow pain. ACL injuries are most common with sports that extend the knee joint or have quick stops or change of directions while running, landing from jumps, and turns. The tennis/elbow pain is a common injury that happens to most athletes that play tennis. Tennis/elbow pain is caused by either abrupt or subtle injury of the muscle and tendon area around the outside of the elbow. The way to treat an elbow pain is to reduce the pain or

An injury that happened from playing football. inflammation by promoting healing, and decreasing the stress and overuse of the injured elbow. “The most dangerous sport in, my opinion, is basketball because it uses the arms and the legs, so it can easily put a ton of stress on those part of the body,” said Walter. Basketball is the number one sport in the U.S that has the most injuries sent to the emergency room, with 512,213 per year. Basketball is also related with the injuries that Walter specializes on. Like he said it puts a lot of stress on the arms and legs so those are the part of the body that have the most injuries. “The worst case

that I dealt with would be a torn ACL,” said Walter. A torn ACL is similar to an ACL strain but worse because a torn ACL has an 8-12 months of recovery time. It also happens the same way. To heal an ACL torn you will definitely need to get surgery for it, if you want to heal it. When Walter was asked about, if athletes should risk their lives playing their sport he said, “I believe that if an athlete loves what he does then he shouldn’t stop working hard and playing sports.” Sources: medlineplus/ency/article/001074. htm



here is also Austin Sports Therapy that help get these athletes back on their feet. “On a daily basis I am seeing around 15-20 patients a day,” said Dr. Tommer Arbuckle, a doctor that works for the Austin Sports Therapy. Austin Sports Therapy was created by Dr. Tommer Arbuckle on October 2008. Arbuckle has been with Austin Sports Therapy from the very beginning. Arbuckle received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Palmer West Chiropractic School in San Jose. “Being a Chiropractor who specializes in ART (Active Release Technique) it allows me to treat almost any part of the musculoskeletal system,” said Arbuckle. At Austin Sports Therapy, they specialize in a soft tissue treatment method called active release technique (ART). Arbuckle is a chiropractor that


specializes in ART which lets him heal almost any part of the musculoskeletal system. Many injuries that Arbuckle sees deals with the spine, but luckily they are ART protocols for almost every muscle in the body. “Every case is unique and requires a specific treatment plan, whether that be traditional chiropractic adjustments, ART or strengthening and rehabilitation.” The healing processes usually takes about three to eight weeks. Injuries in athletes are usually either chronic in nature or acute. Chronic injuries occur over time and are more likely due to repetitive stress which leads to injury. Acute injuries in athletes are many times violent and

The Austin Sports Therapy, out, working to help any athletes that get injured. cause a lot of damage to structures in the body. “As a primary care physician, we need to be able to distinguish between something that we can treat and something we can’t,” said Arbuckle. Over 90 percent of Arbuckle’s treatments are successful, but there are times where people come in with issues that are out of their immediate range of treatment. Some of those issues are fractures, cancers, heart issues or dislocations. For these issues Austin Sports Therapy need to refer out to a specialist. There are times were they are still able to comanage and take care of any underlying musculoskeletal issue. Some of the worst

cases that Arbuckle has dealt with are those where the patient is not cooperating with the treatment or rehab plan. Many times if you get the proper treatment and allow your body to rest, while doing rehab to strengthen, you will get better because your body needs time to rest when an injury occurs. “I believe that playing a sport or being involved in a sport has a multitude of benefits that outweighs the risks involved with injury,” said Arbuckle

heart Ppulse Many people run for various reasons such as running for a marathon, or for losing weight, but knowing at what level to run is the difficult process. Here are the necessary heartbeat rate levels needed to reach the goal.

By Luis Ramirez

City Sports Health Center - Chiropractor In Los Angeles, CA USA :: Health Resources.”City Sports Health Center - Chiropractor In Los Angeles, CA USA :: Health Resources. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2013. “Running for Fitness.” Running for Fitness. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2013. “Health Promotion Resource Center.” UHS. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2013.

recovery run 60-70% aerobic zone 70-80% anerobic zone 80-90% red line zone 90-100%

1 2



Recovery Run “Target” 60-70% Minimum heart pulse required to loose weight. Improves the ability to pum blood in your body. Body becomes efficient at feeding bodyfuel. More calories are being burned along with fats.

Aerobic Zone 70-80% Helps build endurance and speed. Develops your strengths, joints and bones. Increases cardiovascular strength. Burns more calories than any other zone.

Anaerobic Zone 80-90% Improves performance and endurance. Increases the ability to use oxygen. Turns carbohydrates and fats into fuel. 3-5 minutes in this zone per hour.

“Red Line” zone 90-100% Only do this once a week. Increase speed and agility. Improves running economy .


Getting ready for the game Before

Preparing for a match starts at least a week before. Load up on fiber and carbs but stay away from junk food.

Don’t neglect practice. Be prepared for game day. Be sure to practice regularly to build stamina.

Before game day, make sure you get a lot of sleep. It’s important to be mentally ready for a match.


Eat carbohydrates 3 hours before the match starts, and make sure to eat fruits before the match starts.

Alternate between water and sports drink, don’t only drink a sports drink.

Getting into ‘the zone’ isn’t easy. There is no one way to get into the zone, but many players have confirmed that listening to music helps you get there.



After the match, replenish your vitamins in order to prevent cramping. After a match, it’s important to replenish essential vitamins lost while playing.

The Austin Aztex Ready for the Next Level By Luis Ramirez

The Austin Aztex are back and ready to move the “next level.” The Austin Aztex have returned to Austin and after winning the PDL(Premiere Development League) they are ready to train and get ready to affiliate with MLS (Major League Soccer). The Austin Aztex have been re-born and have just won the PDL. In 2010 they were here in Austin but because of the lack of fame, they left to New Orleans and became the Orlando City. While New Orlando was thriving and winning titles with the Orlando City, David Markley had another plan. In the summer of 2012 the Austin Aztex David Markley had the first tryouts for the Austin Aztex. He established the first team, that now in command of Paul Dalglish have won the PDL and are ready to go to the next levelof competition. “Hopefully we will be in with the MLS in a few years and we want to continue here in Austin for the next 10 years,” Dalglish said. Dalglish only had two years but that is all he needed to the Aztex to the top of the PDL. Dalglish did not care about the Orlando City leaving and only cared about what he had now. “I’ve moved on from that a long time ago. It was disappointing to see what we’d worked so hard to put in place move but you can cry over spilt milk or you can move on with your life and I think we’ve moved on,” Markely said about the Orlando City.


Paul Dalglish coach of the Austin Aztex (on the left) and David Markley the founder of the Austin Aztex(on the right).

“I’ve moved on from that a long time ago. It was disappointing to see what we’d worked so hard to put in place move but you can cry over spilt milk or you can move on with your life and I think we’ve moved on,” Markely said about the Orlando City. “After I last coached Tampa Bay in 2010 I felt like I needed a challenge, then I heard about the Austin Aztex and that were trying to be made again by David Markley. I wanted a challenge and I felt like taking the Aztex to the top of the PDL would be a great one,” Dalglish said. This was a challenge that he was willing to take and make his own. The first season was a good one but sadly it wasn’t what Paul Dalglish wanted, He wanted to complete his challenge and win his first trophy with the Austin Aztex. He trained the team hard everyday and didn’t give it a rest. The championship games came and one by one they won them till the final came. It was a hard game but they overcame their rivals to a 3-1. The Austin Aztex had done it, only after two years of being Austin’s team. 25

“It felt really good. It’s that great feeling that you get after completing your challenge. I didn’t think I would complete my challenge this year,” Dalglish said. Paul Dalglish had completed his challenge but wanted to go to the next level.Not only Paul Dalglish but David Markley also wanted to play beter soccer against more competitive teams. “We do intend to go pro again. We’ll celebrate this for a day and then we’ll begin working on next season and the future but our goal is to be a sustainable team, The Ausin Aztex posing for the team photo for the we want to be here a decade from now and be Austin’s team. It is going to be back against Laredo Heat. at the pro level but anything more than that is for me to keep confidential because we don’t want to get in front of our skis, we want to make sure we do everything at the right time,” Markely said. Dalglish and Markley were ready to get more competitive. Every day since September 11, the Aztex have been practicing hard to play against the eltes of football in their upcoming friendlies. “As of now we are trying to affiliate with the MLS this is a huge jump for the the team. Hopefully we will be able in with the MLS and we want to continue here for the next 10 year,” said Dalglish JulianJacobPhoto The Austin Aztex are ready to go to the next level. Now all they need is supRaul Garcia (in the white) dribbling past a player from port to make sure they stay in the next the Thunder Bay Chill in the PDL final. level for the 2013-2014 season. “Relax for a day and then we’ll be “It’s fantastic, we even saw over the right back at it. Off-season is about look- course of the playoffs attendance increased ing at the budget for next year and trysteadily. I wasn’t sure if we’d get a crowd on a ing to see what we can do to improve, Saturday last week after we had a great crowd not only on the field but also off the on Friday and then Saturday was even bigger. field. I’m a perfectionist so there’s alThen I wasn’t sure we’d get as big crowds this ways something we can improve on and weekend and it was actually larger and then meet all of our goals,” Markely said. again today, it’s been everybody. The sponsors and everything has been ramping up so that certainly helps us going in to next season,” said Dalglish.


The Evolution of the Tennis Racket Tennis has changed a lot since its conception as a hand sport. These days, high tech tennis gear like rackets, clothing, and shoes dominate the tennis court. It wasn’t always that way. This timeline will show you the amazing change the tennis game has undergone.

Tennis’ first practitioners were French monks, who played tennis with their bare hands.

Italians saw the potential in tennis and created a wood racket with gut strings.

The wooden racket was the standard for a while, until the introduction of the T2000. The T2000 was a metal Wilson racket that had a small sweet spot, but a ton of power.

In the middle of the 1970’s, Prince rackets tooks off because they had oversized head sizes and bigger sweet spots. In the 1980’s tennis companies discovered that a compound of metal and plastic resin created a high quality material for the frame of a tennis racket. They named this new compound graphite.

In 2000, minor adjustments with graphite composition and handle length created better quality rackets. history.aspx



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