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What to Do About the Scale Exercise and diet for the ultimate fitness goals for women.

Crystal Clear

Don’t get frustrated with your skin! Try these different techniques and keep your skin clean and clear.

Career in Fashion 20 AInterested in fashion? Even more intrigued by the modeling industry? Find out if it is right for you.

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Fall 2012

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What to Do About the Scale Workout

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Makeup Tutorial Crystal Clear

Editor’s Welcome 5

Editor’s WELCOME Taken by the editors themselves

CityBelle Readers, Welcome to CityBelle! We created this magazine to help young women like you to be fit, healthy, beautiful, and fashionable. We know always feeling beautiful and fit can be difficult and may cause conflicts within, but we want to help you be your best, happiest, most radiant self. This magazine will act as a guide to help with the process of becoming fit and healthy, makeup tutorials and ideas, and the latest fashions. Being three girls, we the editors have experience with the content in our magazine, and know exactly how you feel! We deal with similar conflicts to you. We all try our best to stay fit and beautiful. In addition, one of us is a model. Two of the editors are dancers, and also relate to having pressure to be fit, to wear makeup, and to have to look perfect. Overall, we want our readers to know that we go through these things, too, and that they are certainly not alone. We want our readers to not only enjoy reading our magazine, but to also learn new things about fashion, health, and beauty. We all very much enjoyed producing this magazine and we are thankful for the opportunity we were granted to create it. We all hope you enjoy reading. Love,


Minute Everyday Makeup Tutorial

LOOK stunning with this makeup tutorial for an everyday look. Whether you wear it to school, to work, or just wear it to go out, this look will make you look natural, casual, and beautiful. This makeup routine was created by Cristal Garcia Lamas, a student at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy. She gets compliments on her makeup all the time. She loves to experiment with makeup and try new trends and colors. According to TotalBeauty’s website, there are many reviews on the Urban Decay NAKED pallette saying that it’s the best thing ever. In the pictures, Cristal happens to be using this pallete. The lipstick Cristal is using is the MAC Viva Glam Gaga lipstick. According to MakeupAlley’s website, this lipstick is a very fun, cute, and girly color to use. Overall, this tutorial is basically a quick and amazing makeup routine that will be more than enough for your everyday life.

You want to start with a clean refreshed face to apply your foundation.



You then want to apply your primer.

CityBelle 6


To add a little bit of cuteness, apply your favorite shade of blush. If your skin is light, you should try a light pink. You don’t want to look like a clown, right?

Makeup Tutorial 7



Mak Add some primer around the eyes so that the eyeshadow gets a good grip.


Apply the first eyeshadow. Choosing a tannish/ beige color is a good idea. It compliments the fall season.


Make your eyes more noticeable with your favorite mascara.

To compliment the fall season even more, use a darker shade of light brown and gold as a second eye shadow.



Finally, add some lipstick. If you have light skin, it’s better to use a light pink.

Congrats! You are finished. Go out there, feel beautiful!

AbouttheWriters Rebecca Saulsberry

Becca is a beautiful, smart, and dedicated top notch model. She is currently a freshman at The Liberal Arts & Science Academy. She was born in Birmingham, Alabama, grew up in Tennessee, moved to Austin and has been living here for about a year. She loves to laugh and is actually pretty funny herself. Her smile lights up the whole room, her fashion sense has girls jealous, and her dance skills are to die for. She is a proud member of the LBJ High School First Ladies Dance Team and will soon be a part of The Campbell Modeling agency. She loves The Beatles and 30 Seconds to Mars. While she is funny and crazy, she is also very smart and is a straight A student. Taken by Julia Fennell

Leyla Washington

Leyla is a very fun, loving and crazy sophomore at The Liberal Arts & Science Academy. She was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She is a very big fan of punk music, she plays bass guitar, and Green Day is her favorite band. She is beyond funny and seems to make everyone’s day. Her favorite color is Spiceberry and she loves to share this fact with just about everyone. She can’t live without her Sephora lip gloss or her Baby Lips lip balm. She tends to make random noises at the most random times and she doesn’t even notice it. Besides being Leyla, she is also a very smart girl and people to love to be around her. She may seem shy at first, but don’t be fooled.

Taken by Rebbeca Saulsberry

Jessica Lopez

Jessica is an adorable little person with the cutest cheeks ever. She likes laughing hysterically at all the crazy stuff Leyla does. She was born and raised in Austin, Texas and her passion is dancing. She is currently on the LBJ High School First Ladies Dance Team. She loves spending time with friends and enjoys listening to music. She is very smart and makes very good grades. She has a cute laugh and wants to grow up to be a pediatrician. Even though she is just 4 feet and 9 inches tall, she is not shy at all.

Taken by Jessica Lopez

8 City Belle

Photo taken by Leyla Washington

WHAT TO DO ABOUT THE SCALE Teenage girls face issues with their weight, body image, and trying to figure out their diet and exercise plans.



ne of the biggest issues that teenage girls face is worrying about their weight, going on diets, starving themselves, and desperately wanting to be fit. Many teenagers are overweight, but many also have eating disorders. Shan Ghanem deals with these types of issues often, because she is a personal trainer at a gym called Lifetime Fitness. She discusses what realistic goals are, how to lose weight, and how to exercise. School, stress, promotion of unhealthy foods, and lack of time

9 City Belle

all tend to contribute to weight gain. There are unhealthy vending machines and lunches at school. The snacks in the vending machines are salty, processed, sugary, and filled with bad carbohydrates. Stress is known to trigger cravings and make people want to overeat. There are many signs and commercials advertising junk food, and when people are exposed to this, it can make them want to indulge. Also, eating junk food in the first place can trigger cravings. “The reason people crave unhealthy food is because they choose unhealthy options, which cause

more cravings.” Says Ghanem. She suggests to base your diet around natural, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. “These foods provide the building blocks you need to rebuild and shape your body. Avoid starchy carbohydrates such as bread, cereal, crackers, and fast food.” It is also true that eating small amounts of unhealthy food occasionally will not throw off your diet plan. Just make sure it is in moderation, and most of your diet is made up of healthy vegetables and lean meats. Portion control is also a big factor for weight

loss or weight gain. How much you eat is just as important as what you eat. “Eating too much fruit is actually fattening. Go for one or two servings of fresh fruit a day, and it will be good for you. But if you eat any more than that it can cause you to gain weight,” says Ghanem. School lunches and snacks from school vending machines tend to be quite unhealthy. The vending machines are full of chips, cookies, and candy. Ghanem says that if you look at the ingredients of these things, you will see how there is a lot of chemicals listed that most people have never even heard of. “The less ingredients listed on the package, the better.” Says Ghanem. Ghanem suggests that most of what you eat should only have one ingredient, like “orange”, “almonds”, or “celery”. Things

“Anything that gets you moving is good” that only list one ingredient are not processed and do not have any added chemicals or sugar. Also, most cafeteria food is frozen so it is less fresh, which is less healthy. One way to continue eating healthy when you’re at school is to pack your lunch so you know exactly what is going in it and you can control how healthy it is. According to the article Sneaky ways to Squeeze in the Healthy Stuff on, you should plan out your lunch before you start to get hungry. “Once you’re hungry, you’re more likely to reach for the quick stuff, which usually isn’t all that good for you,” it says. However, when you pick out healthy foods keep in mind that labels on packaged products can be deceiving. “Just because it says things like all natural, no preservatives, 100% whole grain, or added vitamins does not mean it is the better choice. It is really important to understand and read the ingredients.” Says Ghanem. Diet is the staple in a weight loss plan, but exercise is also very important. “There are some people

10 What To Do About The Scale

who are overweight, some people who are fit and in shape, but there are also some people who are skinny-fat. This means that they are thin, but they do not exercise or have any muscle so most of their weight is body fat. fcThe weight of people who do exercise is mostly made of muscle,” stresses Ghanem. This means that if you only diet but do not exercise, you may still be thin and at a healthy weight, but you will not be as toned or have as good of a body composition as you would if you exercised. Ghanem suggests at least thirty minutes of cardio, which is anything that gets you moving and gets your heart pumping. “Anything that gets you moving is good. Anything you enjoy doing like dancing and riding your bike counts as cardio,” She informs us. You also need to do some strength training as part of your workout. “Find a

weight lifting routine you enjoy. Also, there is no spot reduction, so do not expect to just work out one part of your body and nothing else, then see improvement” Says Ghanem. This means that you cannot improve only one section of your body at a time. For example, if you want a flat stomach or better looking abdominal muscles (abs), you cannot just do a hundred crunches a day and expect that this by itself will get you a flat stomach. You must do the crunches, go on a diet, and do plenty of cardio to accomplish this goal. Also, you must exercise regularly to see results. “Ideally, everyone should try to work out four to five times a week. So for a teenage girl, I would say at least for days a week.” says Ghanem. Exercise has many other benefits too. According to the article Fitness Tips for Teenage Girls on LIVESTRONG.COM, exercising benefits teenage girls by improving athletic performance, avoiding injury, and avoiding health problems later in life. Ghanem is a personal trainer with many clients, and she notices that quite a few people start their weight loss plan with unrealistic goals and expectations. Some expect to lose a large amount of weight in a short amount of time. Others think they can exercise longer and harder than they actually can. Also, some people think

Photos on page 17 taken by Becca Saulsberry


that they must compulsively count the calories they consume then burn exactly that amount when they exercise. “One thing that so many people focus on that works only temporarily is calories in, calories out...restricting calories is bad and can cause you to not lose weight. It’s all about eating healthy.” Counting calories is actually counterproductive and it is unrealistic to expect to only eat an exact number of calories a day. According to Ghanem, realistic goals for diet and exercise are to use common sense to make healthier eating choices. “Choose carrots instead of chips or salad instead of a sandwich,” she suggests. She also says that you should not overexert yourself, but you still must exercise as often as you can. “Exercise because there is always time in your day,” she encourages. “In the end, you can only accomplish your fitness goal if you put forth the effort.”

11 CityBelle

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The Best Moves for Flat Abs 13

The Best Moves for Flat Abs

Have you always wanted a flat stomach, but never knew how to get it? No worries, we put together a plan that will help you lose that belly flab, tone your stomach, and strengthen your core. Do this workout four to five times a week, and say hello to your flat abs!

Photo Taken By Leyla Washington


Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Link your fingers and put them behind your head. Use your abs to lift up your head, shoulders and chest. Make sure you use your abs and not your hands to come up. Hold for a second then go back down. Do two sets of 25 reps.

BICYCLES Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Put your hands

behind your head. Lift your legs so that your shins are parallel to the floor. Life shoulders off the the floor, then move your right elbow towards your left knee, then your left elbow towards your right knee. Repeat this 40 times, and do two sets.

STRAIGHT LEG CRUNCH Lie on your back with your legs straight up in the air so that your body

forms a 90 degree angle. Stick your hands straight up in the air and lift your arms, shoulders, and chest up until you touch your toes with your hands. Go back down, then repeat this motion 20 times. Do three sets of 20 reps.

PLANKS Get on your hands and knees. Slowly ease onto your toes so that your body is parallel to the floor. This is the same position you would get into to do a push up. Hold this as long as you can, Repeat three times.

CARDIO According to the article Get Fit Faster: Pump Up The Cardio, “Sculpting exercises tone muscles. But cardio exercises, such as walking, running or aerobics, burn the most calories.� Cardio is what will burn fat and actually make your stomach flat. Do thirty minutes of cardio follwing the exercises above.

Photo Taken By Leyla Washington

The Best Moves for A Toned Tush Ever heard the song baby got back? Ever wish it was about you? We found the best exercises to tighten and sculpt your booty. According to, your bottom is the largest muscle in your body, and the website gave us some of the best moves for your butt. We also got some good exercises from Do these workouts about three times a week, and you should see results in few weeks.

THE SQUAT Bend the legs at the knees and hips. Lower your torso between the legs, then reverse the direction and tighten your butt , then stand up straight again. Using weights is optional, but it will challenge you more which is a good thing. STEP BACKS Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Hold a fifteen pound

weight parallel to your body. Step back with your left foot bending your knees until you’re in a lunge position. Make sure your front knee doesn’t extend over your toes. Step back up and squeeze your glutes. Repeat nine more times, for a total of 10. Switch sides; place the weight in your left hand and step back on your right. Again, do 10 repetitions.


This will challenge your balance. Remember your core and think of your abdominals. The technique is a freestanding one-legged squat where the non-working leg is held above the floor in free space.


Hold a dumbbell in each hand in front of your body. Weights should be resting on your thighs. With your back and legs straight (or very slightly bent), Reach toward the ground with your weights (flat back position). Only go as far as your flexibility will allow. Stand back up and repeat nine more times for a total of 10 repetitions.

LUNGES The stationary lunge can be performed either by alternating legs or by focusing on one leg at a time for

the repetitions. The lunge can be performed with your bodyweight or with free weights. There are so many documented variations of the lunge to shape your butt and spice up your workout.

14 City Belle

15 Crystal Clear All photographs in this story were taken by Jessica Lopez.


s Katie applies her silky foundation while getting ready to perform as a member of the LBJ First Lady Dance Team at a school football game, she has a smile on her face knowing the makeup won’t damage her skin. As a member of the dance team, she is exposed to loads of makeup. According to the National Institutes of Health, acne can be the outcome of using oil-based makeup. “Makeup does not clog your pores, it basically depends on the makeup you use. All makeup should be oil free.” Katie explains. Most teenagers go through one of the worst phases of their life. The acne phase. As they look at themselves in the mirror sometimes feeling disgusted, they don’t realize they can ask for help. Some teens just don’t care and leave it alone, and some teens care way too much. Teens have a definition of “perfect” that everyone tries to live up to. But not Katie Chevez, a senior at LBJ High School in Austin, Texas. Katie has been visiting the dermatologist for about two months now and goes once a month for a special treatment. She believes that taking action towards her skin care is a lot more effective than sitting on the couch being frustrated about it.

Crystal Clear _____________________________________________


Katie says that she really tries to watch what she eats because she believes that what you put in your body, will affect the outside of your body. “I recommend drinking a lot of water, minimum 6 glasses [of water] a day. Also, not eating so many oil filled foods like, chocolate, chips, and pizza will help a lot not only in your health, but your skin appearance, too!” Katie explains. According to Discovery FIt & Health’s article, Does My General Health Afwfect My Skin?, sometimes the state of your health, and serious health issues can affect the appearance of your skin and that might be a sign of something worse. “Don’t get me wrong, I like junk food, too! But it’s better to just have a little bit of it. Remember, what you put in your body will affect the outside of your body.” Katie says. In the Advantage Models and Talent Professional Modeling Program Hand Guide’s skin section, there are many ways to help your skin look the way you want it to look, but sometimes those ways either just make it worse or don’t work. It’s better to use plant based products that bring a natural feeling to your skin. You also have to think about products that are formulated without mineral oil. Using make up with oil disables pores to “breathe” and causes your skin to produce too much oil. It can also disable your skin from eliminating toxins properly.


City Belle

It’s better to stay away from animal by-products because oil from diseased animals is incorporated. Something that will really help skin aging from happening is applying sunscreen daily on the face, neck, hands and areas of the body that will be exposed to the sun. Katie says that she prefers to use natural products. “The natural aloe vera plant is amazing for renewing your skin. Cutting a branch of the plant and getting the gel located inside of it and applying it to your face is a great natural skin care routine that helped me.” explains Katie. Many teenagers wear themselves out trying to figure out why the have acne. They blame genetics, or mother nature. But what they don’t know is that acne is considered a big part of puberty by many dermatologists. For teens, this explanation just

The state of health and presentation depend a lot on skin care. According to eHow Style’s article, Why Skin Care Is Important, by an eHow contributor, not having good skin care makes your skin look dull and for someone that wants to look vibrant and presentable, skin care is crucial. If the skin is unhealthy, then it’s easier for wrinkles to appear. Unhealthy skin also loses elasticity which makes it sag. Unhealthy skin is more likely to get diseases, infections, and is also more likely to scar. More effects of poor skin care include, rashes, sores, acne and wrinkles. The skin is our largest organ and the barrier that divides our insides from our outsides therefore it should be under good care. Katie believes that skin care is important because the better you take care of your skin,

“I believe our skin is one of the most important organs in our body!” -Katie isn’t enough. According to skin care experts, acne happens to teens because of the big hormonal changes going on in their body. Acne usually completely stops by the time teens finish growing into an adult.. Katie suggests keeping the face clean so that pores don’t get clogged up by substances we are exposed to everyday. “Using the Queen Helene Mint julep masque helps so much to get deep down on your pores and to dry pimples.” Katie says.


the better it will look. “I feel that skin care is important and every teen is going to have to go through troubles taking care of their skin but it’s not impossible finding ways to take care of it. I believe our skin is one of the most important organs in our body.” Katie says. CB

Do people care about their skin? = Women = Men 100%




0% Yes


Crystal Clear

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Cherie’s Boutique (512) 555-3691 * *

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Photograph taken by Becca Saulsberry

20 City Belle

21 A Career In Fashion

Sarah Gardner (middle, blue sweater) with her models at a runway show she worked to organize.

Photograph taken by Arnold Pompey

A CAREER IN FASHION Do you love trying on clothes or setting new trends? In careers in the fashion industry, gain experience traveling the world, meeting influential people, and modeling the next big thing.



he sun has already melted below the horizon, leaving the city dark on a Friday night. Sarah, a senior at Hyde Park High School in Austin, Texas, is frantically rushing from place to place preparing any last minute touches. Most high school students are hanging out with friends or going to have a carefree evening to celebrate the end of a week’s hard work. Sarah has a career, though. One that started at a young age. One that was started

on the side even while she was still in school. One that fits her youth and focus. She goes through a checklist in her head; music is ready to go, models are dressed and prepared with hair and makeup, cat walk is set up, and the audience is beginning to pour in. Just when everything seems to be ready to go, her mother walks by and stops to stare at Sarah. “I think everyone’s ready!” Sarah says with a smile. Her mother, Linda, laughs because she knows that everyone but Sarah is ready.

“Go do your hair and reapply lip gloss; you have to be out there in 5 minutes.” Sarah, realizing what was forgotten, feels relieved. She takes her thick, light brown hair down from a ponytail and readjusts her blue top. Wearing black jeggings, nice, leather boots, a cashmere sweater, and some accent jewelry pieces, many wouldn’t have guessed Sarah was still in high school yet, especially based on the entire fashion show she organized. She usually is one of the models

in the show, but this time she was experiencing the planning and stylizing that goes on behind the scene instead. At last, Sarah is greeted by a wave of applause as she walks onto the runway to introduce herself, be recognized for her hard work, and get the show started.

Photograph taken by Becca Saulsberry

The Basics and Categories of Modeling The fashion industry is not for everyone, but for some girls, including Sarah, they are ready for a career at their age. They love what they do. They enjoy organizing events, stylizing, modeling, and networking. They crave the eyes of an audience, the rush of

“I would love to make a career out of modeling because it is such a creative industry!” walking on a runway. They crave the excitement from being featured on a finished product, the feel of a paycheck in their hands. The fashion industry is often much more complex and exciting than some outsiders believe. The fashion industry is composed of the designing and modeling industries. Designers have their own work, but within the modeling industry there are different types of modeling. There are categories including runway, print, commercial, beauty, and fashion. Runway models walk in fashion shows, usually on a catwalk in order to show off a designer’s clothes or designs. Print models pose for photographs to use for advertisements, posters, billboards, etc. The commercial, beauty, and fashion categories are related to the style of

CityBelle 22

the modeling. Commercial modeling promotes everyday clothing or products for the “average people”. For example, modeling for commercial print could be posing for photographs to be in a department store catalogue. Beauty modeling is for modeling makeup or skincare products and consists of only print jobs, no runway. Also, photographs for beauty are usually close-ups. Fashion modeling, or sometimes called high fashion modeling, includes runway and print. Shows and photo shoots are usually categorized as high fashion when they are for well-known designers. High fashion designs are typically more outrageous and worn by celebrities for exotic events or used as inspiration for toned-down versions for everyday people. Versace and Chanel are examples of high fashion designers. Each category of modeling has different requirements or preferences. Female runway models are preferred to be between 5’8” and 6’ for most jobs

Photograph taken by Julia Fennell

and sometimes have a required dress size range. The body type of a beauty model will not matter very much, but they do need to have good skin. Sarah Gardner, a senior at Hyde Park High School who does plenty of modeling, but has also started actually organizing and stylizing for fashion shows, does mostly high fashion print, but also some commercial and more recently runway, as well. Brigid Flanagan, also a high school senior but at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy High School, started modeling doing unpaid runway shows and promotional ads. “I never even thought about modeling as a possibility until about a year and a half ago, when I got chosen to do a photoshoot with American Apparel and ended up on their website. I’ve loved it ever since,” she explains.

Is This the Right Career Path for You? Brigid says the modeling industry can be risky, with a not all models actually becoming successful with the career. It is definitely not right for some people. Responsibilities of models include paid jobs such as runway shows or photo shoots, and also networking to find new jobs and connections, promoting a client’s products, and other various tasks possibly including speaking in public or helping host an event. Although for some it is effortless, for others it’s not always easy to be a model who must almost constantly be professional and social. “The hardest part of modeling is probably being on the move constantly and being away from the normal life you knew before. It’s very fast paced and the industry is constantly looking for new faces. It’s easy to be replaced quickly by another face!” says Sarah, bringing up a helpful point that actually getting started in the industry and staying in presents a difficult aspect of modeling. Brigid says for her, “The hardest part is making time to do it all; since it’s not a day to day job with a set schedule, it’s hard to plan your life around modeling, and you have to end up missing many modeling opportunities.” For example, there are groups on social networking sites, like Facebook, that

A Career in Fashion 23 have groups created just for models in the area to have a good source to find upcoming fashion events, auditions, and open calls, but they are not always convenient and sometimes have unfitting requirements, such as a gender, size, shape, or even hair color that does not apply to you, that cause many to pass by quickly. Another obstacle in finding jobs this way is that just about all of them are unpaid. In contrast, even with bumps in the road of the modeling industry, girls have still found it to be an amazing career for them. “It is great because I’ve met so many influential people such as Ken Downing, the creative director for Neiman Marcus, the Olsen twins, of Elizabeth and James, and Carmen Marc Valvo!” Sarah says, “I also get to learn a lot about fashion, which I didn’t know before!” Many fun aspects attract girls to modeling. For instance, Brigid says for her, “The most fun part is being able to really ‘get in the zone’ with your modeling; you learn to become a pretty good actor through modeling because you have to use so many expressions in photos and on the runway. The more you actually feel it, the more it will come across to the audience.” Even girls who really love the industry sometimes wonder if it is a good thing to go into. As far as entering modeling as a career, Sarah offers the advice, “I would love to make a career out of modeling because it is such a creative industry! But I will for sure be going to college. I think a degree is so important for one’s future. People can always take your looks and age from you, but you will have a degree forever. No one can take that from you.” Many people that don’t want to be dependent on modeling as a full time job agree with this and do modeling part-time on the side while in college. In general, some find the career to be hard to maintain, but those who make it work can end up finding it to be the perfect

How to Get Started If modeling does create an interest, the first step is jumping into the industry. Signing with an agency can be useful categories of modeling.

Remember the advice about

Phtograph taken by Karen Ashworth

“New York, Japan, China, Korea, and many more exciting places!” in getting started. An agency will help you find reputable jobs and appear more professional to employers. Joining an agency may require research to ensure that the agency promotes the model and quality products with respect. After researching for a trustworthy agency in the area, go on their website and look at their open call information. Some agencies will allow applicants to simply mail them a resume and pictures, but meeting with the agency

allows them to get to know the model better and also for the model to judge the agency to make sure it’s a good fit. Once a modeling agency is found, they find jobs, auditions, open calls, and other gigs in exchange for getting a percentage of a model’s income. In other words, agencies act as a middleman. Agencies will sometimes try to get additional money for taking photos of a new model to start or add to their portfolio, but don’t assume this is necessary. More and more pictures will accumulate in a portfolio after every photo shoot job. Many auditions are held looking for new faces, and therefore will understand if new members to the industry do not have many professional photographs taken yet. “For the longest time people told me I should be a model or I look like one. I was always very intrigued with the industry, so my mom and I decided to look into it. I signed in Dallas with Kim Dawson and the rest is history!” says Sarah. Kim Dawson is a modeling agency. Also, during the agency searching process, joining a Facebook modeling group like the one mentioned earlier can be a great way to practice and get experience for your resume. An international model, Joey Eleazer, who started off with taking classes at an agency in Nashville after looking at multiple other agencies says, “I was so impressed at the training and time spent not only in the classroom, but one on one time. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Because of Advantage Models and Talent I have traveled the world! New York, Japan, China, Korea and many more exciting places!” In the end, no matter what type of modeling fits your personality, if you have passion for the industry in fashion, decide if you want to take that risk for the career. Consider the different categories of modeling. Remember the advice about the good and risky parts of the industry. And use the tips on how to get started to finally jump into it. It may be just a hobby, but it could also turn into something more serious for those who are more determined in the area. If a career in fashion creates curiosity and desire, perhaps with work satisfaction will replace a craving. CB

damage remedy leave in conditioner. For dauly hair repair. by AVEDA



2013 is quickly approaching, meaning the time for resolutions, fresh starts, exciting events, and new trends is coming up. Horoscopes, according to “What is Astrology” by Ed Grabianowski, are based on astrology, or the study of the objects in space and their effects on humans. The positions of the sun, moons, stars, and planets contribute to someone’s personality and fate. Check what’s in store for your near future, but remember to live in the moment, as well!



The American Association of Ametuer Astronomers (AAAA) says Pisces is a constellation of fish that is seen best in October of Fall. People born with the Pisces sign will encounter some bad luck in 2013. Attempts to bring their family closer together will not be recognized, says It is predicted that on March 10th, either a pie will be thrown in your face, or you will lose something that is used daily. Friends will tend to be busy when you need someone to hang out. Things will be tough, but overall, they will make you stronger.

Taurus is a Bull. You can see it best during nights in December. This year will bring you success and happiness. Mentally and physically, you will be satisfied and feel good about yourself. You might get a promotion in your work or find a new recreational hobby. The focus on yourself may cause loneliness without a relationship, but enjoy the self confidence. Your will power will grow this year. Do not overestimate your immune system, though. Health is the one category that remains unpredictable for you in 2013.

(February 19-March 20)

(April 20-May 20)


(May 21-June 20)

Gemini the Twins is best viewed in January. Your acceptance of opposites will bring you a very masculine role into your life, (March 21-April 19) but what the relationship with the person becomes is up to Aries the Ram can be seen best in the night sky of you. Also, make sure to chew your food especially carefully in November. 2013 will bring you successes in your 2013. Halloween time will bring new suspicions, but try not to workplace. Finance will not be such a burden, but pay attention to them. You may find yourself craving lemons. you will spend some of the money on other people This represents a desire for a fresh, pure, and clean start. With work, you could find this in your life. who will not appreciate the gestures as much as you want them to. If in a relationship, you will be tested on recognizing false promises and genuine Cancer interest. Be especially careful when involved with (June 21-July 22) an athlete this year. If single, situations will favor you, according to AAAA. Also, ignoring any health Cancer the Crab, best viewed in February, gives its people related issues will serve bad results. an intriguing year ahead. News will coming at you from many directions. At first it will seem exciting and fun, but after awhile, you may find yourself becoming overwhelmed. Just keep an optimistic outlook on the life events. If considering children, hold off! 2013 is not the year for you to produce offspring.


Photo taken by Becca Saulsberry 26 City Belle

Photo taken by Becca Saulsberry

Horoscopes 27


(July 23-August 22)

Leo the Lion is best seen in the nights of March. You will find surprising courage within yourself this coming year. The courage will help others face their own conflicts. Any relationship you may be in this year will heat up. Just make sure they don’t move too fast. You may find surprising opportunities in theatrical performances in 2013. Also, your attachment for animals will grow, causing you to appear more caring.

you a boost of success. Income and job opportunities look promising and you will make some new, very genuine friends. Also, stomache-related illnesses could appear in the last quarter of the year.


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(August 23-September 22) Virgo, best seen in the night skies of April, is the Virgin. 2013 will bring you new inspiration and aspects on life. You will find yourself really appreciating the small things. Clear skies, beautiful melodies, refreshing water. It all seems so great! This year will also be a year of growth. Your personality will grow as you become more and more comfortable with your originality.


(September 23-October 22)

The Scales of Libra, best viewed in May, will give its people a wave of motivation. You will be provided with enough bravery to take a big leap towards a goal you haven’t been progressing much with lately. Conflicts will arise if you take advantage of this, though, and become lazy after making such progress. You need to continue to move forward.


(October 23-Novermber 21)

Scorpio the Scorpion is best viewed on June nights. If Scorpio is your sign, in 2013 you need to give those around you extra love. You never know what they could be going through. Also, it may pay off in the aspects of bringing a friend closer into a more intimate relationship. Be wary of large amounts of the color orange and don’t rush into the New Year.


(November 22-December 21)

The Archer Sagittarius, best viewed in July, gives its people a landmark of a year. Your originality and unique personality, with the placement of the planets, will give


(December 22-January 19)

Capricorn is the Sea Goat and is best viewed in August. Someone dear to you will go through some changes that you will need to accept and adapt to. Keep your eyes open for job opportunities on sunny Fridays. Planting some trees and plants will be beneficial. Be careful not to swallow any buttons and be skeptical of offers that are to good too be true.


(January 20-February 18)

Aquarius the water bearer, is best viewed in September. If presented with bringing the striped sweater trend back, resist. Blueberry pies could cause conflicts for you in 2013, so beware. Distances will bring you closer to those far away. Keep up the work to stay in touch. They’re worth it. Make sure your diet does not go to an unhealthy level.




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