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Discover the trends of Fall from freshman Tabitha, Chloe and Chelsea.

Tips & Tricks of Beauty

Learn how to handle your makeup with advice from Sheila Jaramillo.

Fierce Fashion An Inside Look at the Life of Isabella Rose Taylor

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10 Manicures Made Easy

Learn how to do nails just like the pros! 16 5 Must Have Necessities in Your Backpack

We go through everythingyou can’t live without in your bag. 6

Fall into Fall Fashion

Discover the fall trends of three high school students Chelsea, Tabitha and Chloe. 13 Tips

and Tricks of Beauty

22 Top 10 Places to Shop

...according to the editors.

Sheila Jaramillo

Learn how to handle your make up with advice from Sheila Jaramillo. 18

Fierce Fashion

Take an inside look at the life of local Austinite Isabella Rose Taylor.

2 Careless Couture

Photo by Michelle Jaramillo

Hello Dolls, In this issue of Careless Couture you will discover many new trends and local stores in Central Texas. We will talk about boots, boys and all kinds of fun stuff. We met up with local designer Isabella Rose Taylor, and took an inside look at her life on and off the runway. Isabella is an artist, poet and designer...and she’s only 11. She tells us about her life in the industry, how she came to be and what it’s like to be a designer. Check out some of our makeup tips and advice from Sheila Jaramillo and catch up on the latest Dos and Don’ts. Get the inside scoop on the different styles of Chloe Edmiston, Chelsea Banawis, and Tabitha Vedrine-Chester, as well as some teenage insight on the fall and winter fashion trends of 2012. Ever wonder what our favorite places to buy clothes are? Well, in this issue you’ll figure it out and you might just be surprised on what they actually are. We tell you where we like to shop, why and much more, so we highly suggest you check it out.

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Who runs the show? Here at Careless Couture Our mission is for every girl in central Texas to know the name of our magazine. - Stay Careless! Michelle, Campbell, and Nina

4 Careless Couture

Get to Know Us! Name: Campbell Stuart Age: 15 Favorite Color: Green & Teal Favorite Accessory: Rings Favorites Store: Buffalo Exchange Hobbies: Competitive Dance, Shopping and Acting

Name: Michelle Jaramillo Age: 14 Favorite Color: Purple & Lime Green Favorite Accessory: Necklaces and Bracelets Favorites Store: Forever 21 Hobbies: Softball, Boxing, Manicurist and Directing Videos

Name: Nina Newman Age: 15 Favorite Color: Purple & Silver Favorite Accessory: Earrings and Rings Favorites Store: Cotton On Hobbies: Marching Band, Volleyball, Shopping and Drawing

Photography by: Odalis Cartagena Careless Couture 5

As the days get shorter, and temperatures begin to drop, the runway of life and it’s models come out. Take a look at the Different styles of Three female students at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy. Photographed (Left to Right): Tabitha VedrineChester, Will Goodwin, and Chloe EDmiston

Photography By Nina Newman 6 Careless Couture

Falling For Fall First hand experiences with fall and winter trends

Careless Couture 7 Written By Nina Newman


n high school, trendsetters are often looked upon as the most fashionable and high class students around. With trends changing so quickly, it can often be hard to pick a style that one believes defines them. Especially in the fall and winter months. When the leaves start to fall, the halls transform into runways filled with hipster chic styles and the hottest prep looks. At many schools, one specific style reigns supreme over all, but at some schools, the scope is so broad it’s like having 30 different fashion shows all zipping through the halls. At the Liberal Arts and Science Academy, or LASA, girls with style come in all types of shapes, sizes, cliques, and attitudes. For each group of styles, there is typically a title to describe them. For Chloe Edmiston, Prep is the designated title. A prep is defined as a student who shops at the Domain, wears brands such as American Eagle and J. Crew, and tends to wear pastel colors with leather accessories. From volleyball practice, Cake Club 8 Careless Couture

meetings, Powderpuff Football and doing homework and projects, it’s shocking to see how well Edmiston manages to stay so put together. With a style consisting of loose blouses, skinny jeans and eyecatching accessories, her fashionable simplicity is something to be envied. From the flowing fabrics that add motion to her ensemble, to her simple but extravagant shoe wear, Edmiston’s look remains classy, yet never prevents her from taking part in her favorite activities. “I only wear things that feel comfortable. I hate being constricted to one style, and not being able to everything I want in certain outfits,” says Edmiston. Edmiston says that even though there is sometimes a great stress on her shoulders to stay fashionable and follow the trends, she realizes that some rules are made to be broken. “I only follow trends of they work. Like, if I can’t wear it for a long time before it goes out of style, then it’s not a trend for me,” says Edmiston.

(Left to Right) Chloe Edmiston, wearing a white knit blouse and light denim shorts with brown belt, all from J.Crew. Chelsea Banawis, wearing a dark blue t-shirt from a volunteer activity and Grey washed leggins from forever 21

While some fall and winter trends are usually very cute and gain popularity quickly; others tend to be unique ideas gone horribly wrong. Such as the idea of wearing bandage skirts with tights and UGG boots. “By no means at all will I ever wear that! It makes you look trashy, and like you’re begging for attention,” says Edmiston. Moving from Edmiston’s crew, down to the school’s theater area, one could find a group of teens sitting in circles talking about the latest live music events and the newest hangouts on South Congress. These students are typically referred to as “Hipsters”. Defined by their unique personal interests, and somewhat questionable fashion choices, a hipster is often looked upon as a trendsetter, with a twist. In this crowd, one could find Tabitha Vedrine- Chester, a freshman and amaeture tour guide of the city

of Austin. Living only ten minutes away from the weird and wild shops and restaurants of South Congress, this teen truly knows how to make adorable affordable. With her high waisted magenta and cream flower shorts, a vanilla colored t-shirt with small magenta flowers along the edge, topped off with her brown and tan combat boots and a black jacket; her edgy style with girly flair catches everyone’s eyes as she strolls through the school halls. Never following a single trend, one could say Vedrine has a style all her own. In the event that people insult, or even question Vedrine’s style choice, she has this to say, “Following trends doesn’t make you stylish, it makes you mainstream. And anyone who wants to challenge that, obviously hasn’t taken the time to try to understand my style.” Despite not caring about what the majority thinks, Vedrine took in a lot of opinions when she

Tabitha Vedrine- Chester, wearing a red open knit sweater, black cAmisole, and dark denim jeggings, all from American Eagle.

completely changed her wardrobe at the start of high school. Finally removing all of the frumpy and ill fitting t-shirts and jeans from her life, she is now free to express her personality through her look and says that it feels good to finally put an effort into her clothing choices. “When you look good, you feel good,” says Vedrine proudly. Along with the extravagant styles intermingled in the school halls, there is group that remains fashionable, in the simplest of ways. They are the one’s who look good without having a specific style. One girl who could clearly define this group is Chelsea Banawis. Only 5 feet and 2 inches, this little firecracker gets noticed quite often with her relaxed attitude wardrobe. Wearing a pair of light brown Sperry’s with her loose fitting Chino shorts, her

long black hair hangs freely over her shoulders, draping over her beige and tan sweater with Aztec prints. Banawis says that feeling comfortable is always her main goal, but style is a close second. “I wear whatever feels good, I don’t care about going all out in an outfit.” Though Banawis is known for her relaxed look with neutral and pastel colors, she often questions herself on whether or not to change her style to something more eye catching, sophisticated and girly. “I would change my style, but since [my style] is a part of me, it’d be too much like changing who I am.” From Preps to Hipsters, to everything in between, the natural style of the girls at LASA is not only interesting to hear about, but also an enjoyable first hand experience. With all of the different styles flowing through the same hallways, one may wonder where each girl draws her inspiration. Whether it be from designer lookbooks, their local surroundings, or just the department store circulars in a Sunday newspaper, it is typically agreed upon, that following trends is not what makes one stylish. On the contrary, it is the unique twist that each individual chooses to include in their outfit, that makes them a trendsetter on their own.

“Following trends doesn’t make you stylish, it makes you mainstream.”

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Manicures Made Easy


anicures and pedicures are treats that are always well enjoyed. However, sometimes one doesn’t have the money to have their nails done professionally. With these tips, tricks, and fun designs from the official Orly nail polish website; doing nails at home will be easier than ever!

Glitter Xmas Tree Candy Cane Stripes

All you need is: • Red polish (Base Color) • Silver and Gold* fine tip nail art brushes (Stripes) *Silver and gold can also be substituted for white 1) Apply a two coat layer of Red polish (be sure to spread the color evenly) 2)After red base coat has dried completely, begin applying silver stripes Tip: Use a light, but quick motion to make the stripes. When painting the stripes, try alternating between thinner and thinker lines. 3) After letting the silver stripes dry completely, repeat step two with the gold polish Tip: Once all the stripes have completely dried, lightly paint over a clear base coat to help keep your candy nails sweet until Christmas!

10 Careless Couture

All you need is: • Green polish (Base Color) • Gold glitter (Christmas Tree) • Silver star stickers* *Stickers can be substituted for a white fine tip nail art brush • Scotch tape/ Masking tape 1) Apply a two coat layer of Green polish (be sure to spread evenly) 2) After the green base coat has completely dried. Cut two centimeter wide strips of tape. Overlap them to make a triangle where you want your tree to be. 3) After taping, paint a layer of clear polish into the triangle. With the polish still wet, slowly apply glitter, being sure to shake off excess from nail. 4) Remove tape slowly, carefully place on star sticker, or carefully paint on a three point star. Tip: Once everything has been placed and is dry, and a layer of a clear base coat to help make the tree shine until Christmas!

Simple Tricks

For Killer Tips Detail in Design

Texture, shine, patterns and lines are all useful elements in nail design. While a detailed design is always appreciated, one should be careful not to over do it. When a small space becomes extremely busy with lines and colors, it can steer the eyes and ruin the art.

Hard As Nails

Nails are naturally pretty strong, however, the more frequently you do your nails, the weaker they can become from the acetone in nail polish remover. Try adding a clear top coat or nail hardener over bare nails to help improve enamel strength.

Color is Key

Certain colors evoke certain emotions when seen. Color coordinating with the seasons, outfits, or even just to match your mood can make the general effect of nails much more eye catching.

This Might Get Messy

One of the biggest issues with doing nails at home is the mess. Whether it’s all over your nails or splattered against your bathroom. Some ways to prevent this are by always having nail polish remover near you. Having to find some in a hurry right after making a mistake can often make a bigger mess. By keeping polish remover, cotton balls, and Q- tips (for smaller mistakes) nearby, you can avoid further spreading the mess. Careless Couture 11

Zoya Nail Polish Lasts up to 10 days

Available at all drugstores now.

12 Careless Couture

Tips &

tricks of

beauty Take an inside look at Sheila Jaramillo’s make up story. Plus keep a look out for the tips and secrets on different ways to do your makeup Careless Couture 13


ake up is like a necessity to some women and teenagers. There are, however, some people who like to keep it simple , but do go all out on special occasions. Sheila Jaramillo, a 19 year old, wears makeup most of the time. Although this sounds over excessive, there are days where she does not. When it comes to brands, she doesn’t just stick to one. “I use a lot of brands, I’m not one of those type of people that stick to one brand.” Sheila says this is a good model to go by because “if you don’t explore makeup, you’ll never find out what makeup is good on what.” What part of her face does she focus on? Is it the eyes or the lips? The blush or foundation? The only answer was eyes. It only took two words. Eye shadow. “I got different brands out the door!” she said emphasizing that she has many different brands. The brand that Sheila has stuck with for a while now is Sephora. She had gotten a Sephora palette for Christmas last year and that’s what she


14 Careless Couture

“If I like the color, I’ll buy it, I don’t care what brand it is” mainly uses. Sheila says that she doesn’t just use that eyeshadow because she likes to explore, but she also has eyeshadows from Jafra to L.A Colors. “That’s a cheap brand but a good brand guaranteed to work!” Sheila said she also uses Maybelline and Covergirl. “If I like the color, I’ll buy it, I don’t care what brand it is.” Mascara is a big part of eye makeup as well. Sheila talked about how many people gave her compliments about how big and pretty they are she went into detail about what she did to make them so big. “I’m not a big mascara person because I wear fake eyelashes, I love fake \lashes! I wear them all the time but I have the mascara for blending my real eyelashes with the fake ones.” Eyeliner is something “you have to be fearless when applying”

said Sheila. She went into detail about what works best in her opinion. “I used to wear Almay liquid eyeliner and that burned my eyes. I also tried pencil eyeliners but those smeared.” Sheila said she tried many eyeliners before she could find the one that works best for her. “I tried this eyeliner from Revlon and it works perfectly I love it! I’ve been using it since I was in 10th grade so about four years now. I love it and I don’t ever want to use anything else” Revlon liquid eyeliner “Blackest Black” is her favorite. Some people draw in their eyebrows but have many different reasons. “ I do it to make them stand out. It gives them a BAM factor.” Sheila said. “I like it and I think it’s fun because I can make different shapes or try new shapes. Specially since my real

eyebrows aren’t dark enough to be noticed.” There are many different brands but “L.A. Colors is my favorite brand to use for my eyebrow. I fell in love with it since the first time I tried it. Its really cheap also, two pencils and a sharpener for one dollar?! That deal is bomb!” What is everyday makeup? Basic makeup? People have different opinions on what a little bit of makeup is. To Sheila, it’s nothing but her eyeliner, fake eyelashes and filling in her eyebrows. No mascara, no eyeshadow, no blush. This is what she wears to work or when she is doing things where she doesn’t have to necessarily have to dress up. What is special occasion makeup. Sheila says she goes all out. She says she takes about up to

an hour and a half doing her makeup alone because she says it has to be very well done. Females in general have that stereotype that they take forever getting ready “and I’m one of those girls” Sheila said giggling. “My makeup ALWAYS matches my outfit” Since this is the case, she said that there is a lot of pre planning before the day of the special occasion. “I normally plan my outfit first because my makeup depends on my outfit. If I’m going to wear a red dress, the dress isn’t actually a red, it’s a shade of the color red, so I have to make sure the combinations of the eyeshadows comes out just right.” Pre planning your makeup is a good strategy because “that way you don’t have to take forever making your makeup perfect and you don’t stress out the next day.” On the internet, people put up many makeup tutorials and many people watch them. “I do watch them but not to help me, but just to give me ideas.” People put them up for a reason

“and they do give me ideas because if I see a picture of a cool eyeliner design, I can go on Youtube and find a tutorial on it.” People choose their makeup very differently. There are so many different brands with the same product but why choose that one brand? When most likely, there are two brands with the same exact color of eyeshadow. “For eyeshadows, I go about the color, not necessarily the brand. Yes there might be two brands with the same exact color but they aren’t going to be side by side. If you go to the drugstore, the makeup is categorized by brands not product. If you’ve been using makeup for a long time, you’ll kind of have an idea on what brand is good for what. For example, I love Revlon’s eyeliner but I’m not a fan of their eyeshadows. In those who love doing makeup, would they make it into a career? Sheila said she wouldn’t. Not because she doesn’t enjoy doing makeup, but because “I don’t know how to apply makeup on someone else!” Sheila thinks that if she could apply it on other people and make it look good, she would make it her career. Being so careful with how she does her makeup and being a perfectionist, does give her the opportunity to do it. “I love how I feel when I’m applying makeup and the compliments I get on it, but it sucks that I can never share it with anyone else.”

Careless Couture 15



necessities in your


Don’t you hate it when its really hot and you don’t have a hair tie to put your hair up? Or when you’re really hungry but you don’t have any lunch money? Well that’s why we are here to tell you the must have necessities when you are at school! There are plenty of things in your backpack that you don’t need, why not replace them with the things you do? We here at Careless Couture did a survey where we asked girls what they carry around in their backpack that is a must have. Check out the top 5 most answered items!

1. Mirror

A mirror is a MUST HAVE in your backpack everyday! After lunch, you can make sure you don’t have any food stuck in your teeth because that embarrasing! And its a hassle having to stop by the the restroom when there is a bunch of girls trying to do the same thing... Check themselves out! Toss a mirror into your backpack, its so convenient!

2.Lip Balm Lip Balm is a necessity because chap lips are NOT attractive! Pull it out during class, you can’t get in trouble for it. Toss it in with all the other junk you don’t need. Its small but also a necessity. It doesn’t even have to be a normal boring lip balm, there is plenty of tinted lip balm that can spice up your lips and make them look cute!

16 Careless Couture

3. Hair ties

Hair ties and other hair accessories in general. You don’t want your hair looking like you just woke up! Bobby pin it down or put it up in a pony tail it doesn’t matter but you HAVE TO HAVE them. Keep them on your wrist or just toss them in there. As long as you can find them when you need them.


If you just ate lunch, and you had onions in your sandwich, gum or mints are a MUST. You might not like onions, but food is food and will make your breath stink! Whether you get them from a friend or you had them yourself make sure you have them somewhere in your backpack.

5. Spare change Dollar bills and loose change. What if you’re hungry but then don’t have any lunch money? You’re now hungry and have no food! Just toss in a few dollar bills and some coins into your backpack. No need for a wallet. Now if you need money, you don’t have to ask people to let you “borrow” money, because we all know you probably wont give it back, you can rely on yourself.

Careless Couture 17


A Look into the Life of Isabella Rose Taylor


18 Careless Couture

Careless Couture 19


While most middle school kids are out playing soccer or off at dance practice, Isabella Rose Taylor is hard at work in her studio deciding which designs to feature on the runway at her next show. “I was about nine when I started my clothing line, but I’ve always liked fashion,” Taylor recalled. She currently has about 25 pieces in her latest collection and there is certainly more to come in the near future. Being an 11-year-old artist, poet and designer, Taylor has won multiple awards when it comes to art. She has been featured in many fashion shows including Austin Fashion Week at the Driskill Hotel in 2012. She was born and raised in Austin, Texas with her mom, dad and dog, Star. Taylor was first introduced to art when she began painting at age three. She then began

20 Careless Couture

to explore the world of sculpture which lead her to mixed media and inspired her to start design. “I feel like [fashion] was just the next transitional stage from my art,” Taylor said. Taylor’s favorite designer is Stella McCartney and she looks up to her as a role model. Taylor really likes her timeless pieces and says McCartney’s designs are “unforgettable.” “My style is very classic,” Taylor said. “I like things that you could wear for many years and would never go out of fashion.” Taylor says it’s important for all girls to have a sense of fashion because it is one of the best ways that girls can off who they are. “It’s an extension of yourself,” Taylor explains. “I really think that [your sense of fashion] is something that you develop and change over time.” Taylor believes that girls be-

tween the ages of nine and 12 (tweens) should start to build a wardrobe before they get to a point where they don’t know what to wear or buy. “I feel like girls should start with really key basic pieces that they can build upon and really make their own. A really simple shift dress...cute leggings, button downs, blouses and a versatile jacket,” Taylor said. Although tween girls should dress well, they should still manage to be confident in what they’re wearing according to Taylor. If girls aren’t confident with what they’re wearing, they can’t be confident with who they are. “I feel like people my age really need comfort and individuality,” Taylor said. When designing, she likes to keep in mind that girls are very active and need to be able to feel “free” in the clothes they’re wearing.

When shopping for clothes, Taylor is always on the lookout for new trends, but if she doesn’t like them, she doesn’t follow them. “[Types of clothing] are something that people are naturally attracted to,” Taylor recalled. No matter what brand it is, if she likes it she buys it. Although she has taken a key interest in design, Taylor still connects everything she does back to her art. “My colors and textures all inspire my clothes,” Taylor said. Not only does Taylor have her own clothing line, IsabellaRose Fashion, but she is also an editor at Amazing Kids! online magazine and serves as an advisory board member for CreativeKids magazine. “Well obviously what I do takes up a large chunk of my time, but I also love to read and write poetry,” Taylor said. Taylors poetry has won numerous awards such as first place for the Torrance Legacy Award in 2010 and first place in the Haltom City Annual Poetry contest in 2010. Along with being a fashion icon for many tween girls, Taylor has made multiple achievements in her lifetime so far such as the Scholastic Art & Fashion Award and numerous awards for poetry. “I think my favorite award that I have won would be the ‘Amazing Kid’ award for January 2011. It was such an honor and it highlighted all my creative outlets which was really fantastic!” Taylor said. Although Taylor already has a full plate of activities, she still likes to stay busy at all times. “[Design] along with taking high school and college courses keeps me pretty challenged. If I wasn’t super busy I think I’d get

bored,” Taylor stated. Taylor plans on continuing design and hopes to become a better known artist in the future. She wants some of her pieces to be shown in bigger retail stores and is shooting for larger collections as well.

Careless Couture 21

Top 10 Places to Shop

1 Target

We believe the Target is one if not the best place to get clothes and accessories. Theirs clothes are cute, decently priced and don’t fall apart after the first time you wear them.


Nordstrom Rack


Forever 21



Although you may find bikinis there in December or ski coats in July, you can always find them for a good deal. Nordstrom rack is a great place for fashionable shoppers with a low budget.



Online, you can basically by anything you want at varying costs. As long as it’s not some weird illegal thing, you can bet it’s on the internet!

22 Careless Couture

At Forever 21 you can get clothes for a range of prices starting at one dollar and going up from there. Although their clothes are cute and inexpensive, some items will fall apart after one wash and others will last you four years.

by Victoria’s Secret These days, Victoria’s Secretisn’t just for lingeree. At Pink you can buy anything from underweat to suitcases. We believe that their yoga pants are the best ones around.

According to the Editors

6 H&M

As some of our readers may know, and new H&M just opened at the Domain in November. They are currently in a Texas takeover with their previous opening in Houston. Before that, shoppers would only be able to buy when traveling if they didn’t ship online, but now you can just drive on over to the store and pick up whatever you need on the spot!

7 Agaci

Some of their clothes may be out of your price range, but whatever’s on sale cartainly will be. When shopping at Agaci, almost everything on sale is at an extremely low price.

8 Cotton


This Australian based store has moderately priced clothes that are extremely fashionable. Just like Agaci, their sales are fantastic and you can always find something in your price range.

9 JC


This may sound strange if you’ve never shopped there, but JC Penny’s is an excellent place to buy clothes, especially when going back to school after Winter Break. You can always find current trends there for a low price.

10 Garage

At Garage, prices may not be the lowest, but some of the clothes are the cutest! Along with their clothes, they also have an abundance of accessories to choose from. Careless Couture 23

eos evolution of smooth

24 Careless Couture

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